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December 06, 2020



I say ... nuke the pretender "President-elect".
Just my 2c.

I plan to try this out soon!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Sort of willowed;
Mutual Maskerbation


That little suggestion about forgetfulness is from Tito Purow on Gab.


I am absenting myself for a bit to do some more cleaning and tossing. Thanks to kiwinews for suggestions on other causes to donate to at the end of the last thread.


IF (God forbid) Biden is installed in Jan. and he is nuked and disoriented - how would anyone know the difference???

(Obviously, I broke my rule about scrolling past the headline but with a title like that...)


Dang, "Puraw" not "Purow".
Hmm, "Tito Puraw"

I wonder if it's a name or an anagram or ...
Backwards: War up, O'tit!
Can you imagine soldiers going into battle with a such a cry? Maybe.


Our son told me the auctions are great -- they come in and trash all of the junk and only bother with the good things.

My impression is that none of that is happening now due to covid hysteria. We'll either have to put everything remotely valuable in storage, or just pick out a few things and pay to have everything else hauled out and either donated or disposed of.


OK, even more disoriented, either this guy of the next...

President Trump is NOT disoriented! Some lies cannot be allowed to stand. (sorry Jane if you find this insulting to TM)


...we need to be ready to move if knees become an issue.

anonamom, that is depressing - my wife has two fake hips and one fake knee, my knees aren't feeling so great themselves, and we plan on doing plenty of traveling. It's too cruel to imagine that infirmities that come with age could actually short-circuit plans, hmmpph.


why Durham was stymied--impossible to convene grand juries because of Covid.


Plus one, to Momto2's comment at 12:08.


(OK, even more disoriented, either this guy of the next)

This guy or the next, TM; all the oriented people proofread.


Due to the depression talk on the previous thread, I am reminded of one of my favorite YouTube channels. Clara and Great Depression Cooking which I probably have shared here before. She was in her 90's when her grandson started filming her cooking things that her family ate during the depression. She sprinkles her demonstrations with stories of what her life was like.

Her sweet spirit and make-do attitude are somehow soothing and encouraging to me.


henry "...The real danger of the GOP's phony anti-fraud campaign is that it could lead to tough new voting restrictions in the states that could disproportionately affect voters of color..."

Snark aside, what if our Black fellow citizens could get honest gov't. Decent schools. Thriving economies with plentiful jobs.
Instead of perpetual Dem rule.

What if reformers like Kim Klacik (sp?) had a real chance? I assume that people like her are cheated systematically at every level of the precincts they run in.


Yes, Jim, that counterfactual claim of racism should be batted back hard.


Reminded of something I thought of when I put on some hymns to listen to while I cleaned.

President Trump grew up Presbyterian and for several years his family attended Marble Collegiate in NYC, whose pastor was Norman Vincent Peale, the author of "The Power of Positive Thinking."

The album I am listening to is "Hymns Triumphant" by the London Philharmonic and Choir.


Captain Hate


One of these days, I'll pack up his junk and just mail it to him.

That's what my wife did with the kids crap and it cost way too damn much imo. Frankly I didn't think it took up that much room and I was willing to let them deal with it after we croak. Lacking that I really like OL's solution.


jimmyk: Oklahoma, sadly is always among the bottom ten states in every metric, but we are still doing estate auctions (you have to wear a mask, also social distance to get in the front door.) I'm sure experts would say it's because we're stupid and for sure uneducated and unwashed, ignorant, too. :)

I notice on this list that Washington in number one state, and we are 43rd in total state rank, however, Washington is 15th in crime and we are 41st (must be all those guns) :).

It's an interesting list. Texas has a 38th, 33rd in crime. :) The low ranking, especially in education for Texas is surprising. It's a great state to live in -- we lived there and my sister lived there over 20 years. I love Texas and would move back there in a minute. (I think healthcare dooms both states I love, along with NC and SC, where we lived.)



Note, that was some nbc guy.

I now have 6 separate loops running trains. Added two on the dining table, to complement the four on the pool table. Room for one more there if I can find my box of ancient transformers... then my floors get crowded.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Here is a scenario I never have seen properly presented to a prog;
They claim requiring an ID to vote is discriminatory and racist and they therefore oppose it.
The SCOTUS has held that keeping and bearing a firearm is a fundamental constitutional right.
One must not only present a photo ID but also pass a background check to buy a gun.
Why don't they oppose requiring photo ID for firearms purchases because it discriminates and is racist?
Why don't they oppose NICS checks as discriminatory due to the much higher rate of black incarceration?
If the reason is gun related crime is dangerous, isn't the lack of integrity of our electoral process dangerous? They thought so in 2016.


Alito moves up date for Penn to respond from Dec 9 to Dec 8:https://lawandcrime.com/2020-election/alito-demands-briefs-in-pennsylvania-congressmans-lawsuit-to-flip-the-election/

Captain Hate

>>How good is the media at covering up things they don't want people to know?

As we speak the Trump team is doing a forensic audit of 22 Dominion voting machines in Michigan based on an order from a Michigan judge last Friday. He would not have given the order unless he thought there was some evidence of wrong doing.

How many people know this?
Posted by: JackStraw at December 06, 2020 12:52 PM (ZLI7S)


"Why don't they oppose requiring photo ID for firearms purchases because it discriminates and is racist?"

I have heard the original incentive for "gun control" was to keep "Saturday night specials" out of the hands of black folk.


They are really on the mark


Old Lurker

I told YL that if she ever has to just convert the contents of the Potomac house, net of what she and her sister want, she just has to invite MM to come live here for free (send an Uber to collect her) for 6 to X months and tell her she can have X% of whatever she can get provided she and everything in the house are gone at the end.





This was w fictional take about 30 years ago




How much of this is going on? I really thought this was some weird, rare sexual aberration and not rampant throughout the land.

James D.

MM, our "elites" are much, much worse and far more depraved than we could ever have imagined.


And there was plenty of denial in the times in vanity fair in other blank page media.



Not a bit. The only thing that bothers me are personal insults to TM. They are unnecessary to almost everyone, but Hillary.


Collins was a correspondent for upi then newsweek wrote those non fiction tomes about paris jerusalem and delhi before moving into fiction


Why i wrote my story that way.


Manuel Transmission

Wow. Just woke up in our own bed for the first time in #twoweeks. About 6K miles and 22 hrs on the tach. Less than ten minutes of cumulative mask time. One restaurant meal, which was not worth the effort.

Our return home from the Front Range yesterday was spectacular. 300 mi. visibility, tailwinds (never before going NW), and great blues on the XM channel.

Trump flag still flying out front. All weapons fired at our usual Thx session in NC working well and ready for whatever comes next. 30 rounds in a 3” bull at 100yds on first try. Last time was with Caro and ED a year ago.

matt - deplore me if you must

Ratzkiwatzki, Ratzkiwatzki....I remember that name from long ago....


I’m friends with a guy who’s Dad was a small town dentist. When Dad died it fell upon the two sons to clean out the house. The Dad had a big library that the boys were loading into a pickup to take to the dump. A stack of books got dropped and money fell out of the books. Change of plans! They went through all the books and ended up with over $15K.

matt - deplore me if you must

There should be a rule that anyone dumb enough to chase a dog buck nekkid through the house should be ineligible for the highest job in the land.

That breaks kosher, halal, Amish law, and the laws of man and nature.

I swear, we are getting our first Special Needs president.


Jane, what about the personal insults the Darien Dem inflicts on our President on a nearly daily basis, including in this post? Are those okay?


The First Son elect:



Rush H. Limbaugh
After watching the rally last night, there’s just no way this man lost! @realDonaldTrump
Video (2 minutes) at link with aerial view of crowd, by Dan Scavino:


— Dan Scavino🇺🇸🦅 (@DanScavino) December 6, 2020
Jim Eagle

I agree with Rush.

Hard to believe a basement dwelling, gaffe machine, without any notable public rallies, if the POTUS-elect??? I guess it is possible but not probable.e w

We are watching a 3rd world country election in a 1st world country.


I say ... if they have to cheat to win they can't complain if they don't get the prize.

If there's going to be violence over this, make them start it.

Dave (in MA)

So people who are losing their life savings, who only want to go work and earn a living are ... babies. This from a talentless asshole who hasn't missed a paycheck. I can only assume his drug dealer is still open for business https://t.co/rK0rkFpc2d

— Gerry Callahan (@GerryCallahan) December 6, 2020

Pleasant cultural appropriation. This is MY dream of America.
No boundaries. One People for Freedom.



I've been correct about MAGUIRE all along. I haven't shit on him, I've merely pointed out that he is not GRACIOUS to ME/US.
Jane is a wonderful lady. She is entitled to like praise and appreciate Tom Maguire.


Even I was a bit flabbergasted when Mrs. Buckeye showed me auction listings for old needlework pieces. The prices they command are shocking.

She has a fairly large collection of antiques, reproductions and over 3,000 patterns and/or kits.

This explains why when we move, the guys said it was the biggest batch of rubbermaid tubs they had ever seen.

She has been collecting for about 50 years, and most she acquired for peanuts. She keeps binders with documentation of the inventory.

The kids ears perked up when she told them that in today’s current market, easily north of quarter million.


Boris the violence started long ago.
The question is, when, do we fight back?



We insult Biden all day long, and it’s TM’swebsite. You do what you want, I sure as hell am not in charge. The fact that I find insulting TM on his website, when he’s not involved in the conversation, is clearly my problem. I- just think it’s rude.



Here's some plain talk from a woman who worked in mining, engineering, and retail:

All of the crap that has been heaped on Donald Trump is nothing but utter fantastical BS made up by progs who have concocted this caricature of Trump from their dismal mythology.

A billionaire who still looks as good as he does in his mid-70's and who was a handsome guy when in his 30's would have had women throwing themselves at him, whether from the secretarial pool or from the Miss Universe pageant and everything in between. I will NOT accept the idea that he is some sort of sexual predator who harasses women. (And as I said a day or two ago, don't these women know how to say "Knock it off!" ?)

Joe Biden is a weasel who is NOT attractive, charming, or skilled in anything except crooked schemes using his drug-addicted son as a bag man.

You cannot convince me that most women look at those two and choose Biden, unless they have been brainwashed by the media and academia. No and no again!

What I need to do is compile a bunch of New York Post and other photos from the 80's and 90's showing all of the people who sucked up to Trump because of his money and charm, and that would include Bill and Hillary Clinton, Oprah, Jesse Jackson, and Mike Tyson.

I am fed up with the hypocrisy and villainy of the Democrats, the stupidity and naivete of people who believe what the media says (and that would include my long-time friend from high school, one sister, and my daughter) and who have swallowed this BS hook, line and sinker.


I just got back from my BILs house. He is the General Contractor who has been building custom houses for as long as Mrs. Buckeye has been collecting the needlework.

One of his long term clients is a wealthy retired Doc who has had Jim do numerous remodel jobs in their main residence and a couple of vacation homes.

He is getting ready to build them a new “cabin” on a lake about an hour south of here. They have an existing cabin on a big waterfront lot, but it was built almost a 100 years ago, and lacks a number of modern conveniences, like central heating.

Jim will start the new build in January. He just installed a furnace in the old place so he has a place to stay this winter:)

The initial estimate for the new place is 1.5 to 2.0 million. The Doc said fine, I’ll set up an account for you to draw on for whatever is needed.

Jim wanted to know at what milestones he wanted to do inspections. “We’re going to Florida until next summer, just us your judgment”.

Not many clients like that!


There is no way in hell Trump lost this election - that possibility should not even enter your mind. Anyone with 1/10th of a brain knows that. If you think Biden should be president you are either dumb as a rock or corrupt as hell. You choose.


Driving on I94 today, a 20 something in a silver coupe passed me with a bumper sticker that said.


I wondered what DJT did to this fella. I mean I thought these FULL COMMIES were all about LOVE.


JANE 2:44.

Jim Eagle

Not many clients like that!

Only because he has earned their trust. Which is a declining commodity.




Donald J. Trump
@FoxNews daytime is not watchable. In a class with CNN & MSDNC. Check out @OANN, @newsmax
and others that are picking up the slack. Even a boring football game, kneeling and all, is better!


Joan 12:36 thanks for the interesting state link.

Does anyone know about property tax in TX?
Someone said 5%, which sounds like a bunch. Due to Prop13 ours is 1.5 I think.
CA makes it up with LOTS of other taxes of course



He is honest, competent, capable and is one of the most pleasant guys you will ever meet.

My sis was lucky to snag him.

Dave (in MA)

Note to TM:

    There is no way in hell Trump lost this election - that possibility should not even enter your mind. Anyone with 1/10th of a brain knows that. If you think Biden should be president you are either dumb as a rock or corrupt as hell. You choose.


FOX is in the toilet on purpose. They have sacrificed ratings and tons of cash for ideology, and the whims of a spoiled billionaires son.
I'm not a MURDOCH, so I don't know their reasons, but it's clearly ideological. I do not watch anymore.
Chris Wallace is a joke. I've asked HERE several times, if anyone could explain WALLACE'S credentials. Never got an answer. He's a lightweight cocktail party attendee.

Dave (in MA)
    WALLACE'S credentials
A legacy hire in the news business.

Hello Lovely Miss M. You are absolutely spot on about BIDEN. I've followed his career, as long as I've been kickin'. I and nearly every ALPHA MALE HERE (and at JOM, most of the men are alpha), recognize what an INSECURE PUNK, Biden has always been. Anyone who criticizes TRUMPS hubris, merely hate that TRUMP walks the walk.
Biden made out of bounds comments about his first wife and their sex life. INSECURITY/Bragging.
He has lied about his FOOTBALL prowess and MADE UP DELAWARE football career. He has lied about his educational accomplishments in the open. He has lied about his ranking and NON-SCHOLARSHIP at SYRACUSE LAW. He talks like a tough guy, because he is PROTECTED. His "LYING DOG FACED PONY SOLDIER" comment indicates his bullying nature.
He had an affair with a married woman, who is now his wife. She was married to someone else.


I refused to watch Wallace long before I refused to watch Fox, last time I saw him when he sat in for Biden during the debate.his father would croak.

Dave - rude, rude, rude!



[email protected], by far the greatest mayor in the history of NYC, and who has been working tirelessly exposing the most corrupt election (by far!) in the history of the USA, has tested positive for the China Virus. Get better soon Rudy, we will carry on!!!

Dave (in MA)
    his father would croak
You have a higher opinion of Mike than I do.

Chris Wallace snaps when HHS secretary doesn't refer to Joe Biden as the 'president-elect' https://t.co/yvgy2uzNDF

— TheBlaze (@theblaze) December 6, 2020

This is from a few days ago, so may have been linked, but too bad:


He’s talking to TuCa about Florida’s approach to COVID. He’s very good, so the media will surely try to destroy him.

Jim Eagle

Rudy with CoVid while he was on a roll? Saw that coming.

Texas Liberty Gal

On the way to chuch this am heard that the wideclaims about election fraud in Nevada are about to a hearing in court. Has anybody else read that?? Haven't heard much more since we've been home.


Chris Wallace snaps when HHS secretary doesn't refer to Joe Biden as the 'president-elect'

Does Chris Wallace snap when other "journalists" disrespect the current President of the United States?

Texas Liberty Gal

You can find the whole article in the Federalist. I was so hopeful but there has been no more info.


After my maternal grandmother died, and their two children had decided what they wanted of estate furnishings, the grandchildren were each given one color of a set of dot stickers.

We went around sticking dots on any object remaining that we wanted. That meant we only had to negotiate over objects with multiple dots. Very amiable.

Jim Eagle

Jags are reminding me why they are 1-10!


I was talking to a neighbor yesterday who worked at thr polls in CT. He said he witnessed a bunch of votes brought in for Biden. Only 2600 people in his district. I wonder if the non-fake votes for Biden were over a million.


No, SBW, he nods his head and laughs.



The link has a JP Sears video where he explains E = MC2. Wait, you think this is about Einstein’s famous equation? Nope...

Elites = Masses Controlled Squared

I think you can figure who’s who...


I have a friend, who married relatively late, then proceeded to have 8 kids in 8 years. He and his wife had a terrible break up, and she made claims to the court and got all the kids. He doesn't get to see them. He is a pediatric cardiologist by EDUCATION, and has been teaching kids at a Catholic school for years.

As I was driving today, I thought of him. I don't know the details of his marriage, but, his situation is awful, and the school is close to closing. I thought about HIM and prayed. I am not in his shoes, but I empathize and care.
LIBERALS DO NOT DO THAT. CHRIS WALLACE et al are examples. They do not consider the choices they make, and the harm they cause. BIDEN IS A NICE GUY TO THEM.

Jim Eagle


Mrs. JiB, who know, has 5 siblings, and partitioning her father/mother's estate was a joke even Benny Hill would find odd:)

But, she mostly got what she wanted.


Does Chris Wallace snap when other "journalists" disrespect the current President of the United States?

Yep. He snaps his fingers, taps his toes, and sings Zippity Doo Dah.


When you need 240 characters to say “Avodah Zarah”:

Saying “Happy Holidays” this time of year does not denigrate Christianity. It simply acknowledges and respects the great diversity of our nation and includes each and everyone of us who call ourselves proud Americans.


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Thanks for that Billy Hill v grizzly youtube the other day, Pin.
The state is evil.


Room is cleaned out. We put an old book case out front for free. I am bringing three boxes of stuff to store to give away. People LOVE free stuff. I am considering giving away all of my extra yarn and fabric. I don’t seem to keep up with my sewing or knitting, and I can just buy more if I get back into it. Simplicity sounds good these days. Room will become an office plus extra tv room. Moving up from being the “kid” room all these years.

Thanks for the motivation. I needed it.

Old Lurker

Jane "...If you think Biden should be president you are either dumb as a rock or corrupt as hell. You choose..."

Jane, Jane, Jane. Watch the CCTV of Ruby and her daughter and tell me you don't want to change your "or" to "and".

Jim Eagle

Any progency of the fake newsman Mike Wallace, is also a fake. Fox just try's to resurrect some semblance of respectability. Won't work. Chris Wallace is a partisan hack and even he knows that.


What's the take on this from Alito, today:

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito asked officials in Pennsylvania to file briefs by Tuesday at 9 a.m. in response to a lawsuit filed by Rep. Mike Kelly (R-Pa.) in a bid to overturn the state’s election results.

Tuesday, notably, is the “safe harbor” deadline that requires controversies surrounding elections to be ended so states can choose their electors before the Dec. 14 meeting of the Electoral College. Alito initially called for response arguments by 4 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 9, before it was changed.


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Saying “Happy Holidays” this time of year does not denigrate Christianity. It simply acknowledges and respects the great diversity of our nation and includes each and everyone of us who call ourselves proud Americans.--

That would be true if people were simply saying Happy Holidays as a way to acknowledge and respect, blah, blah, blah...

But there is societal pressure to say it because saying Merry Christmas is wrong and bad and not inclusive and blah, blah, blah...

Dave (in MA)

Mentioning that Rudy has the Wu Flu is as effective as typos in getting the MSM to pay attention to his tweets.


Can I no anything to stop zoom from showing up
On my ipad?


"What Bill Barr Didn’t Say"
Another view of AG Barr's recent actions and statements. It makes sense.


Jim Eagle

Happy Holidays, to you Iggy.


But there is societal pressure to say it because saying Merry Christmas is wrong and bad and not inclusive and blah, blah, blah...

Really. I'm not very religious, but when someone says "Happy Holidays", I feel like responding "Hallelujah, Christ is born!".


They are playing the "Cases" to the hilt.
So many cases. So so so many cases.
People are being exposed to the virus.
Is that bad?


JACK!!! Oluwadare Ogunbowale of the JAGS went to MARQUETTE HIGH, where Mickey played football.
Then to WISCONSIN. Great kid

Jim Eagle

Pardon my language here but I am listening to the Jaguars game and some lady is broadcasting it. But in my opinion she should stick to tennis or golf or something less manly. A fucikng disaster for commentary.

And I will not apologize to any woman who disagrees. This has to stop.

Dave (in MA)

Part of Howie Carr's shtick is to italicize a word or phrase by raising the pitch of his voice when saying it, so you could say "Happy Holidays" back to 'em, hrtshpdbox.

It works with a lot of things, as in "Joe Biden won the election when the votes that were counted on November 4th gave him the lead in several key states overnight."


They call him DARE. Pronounced DARAY.


JACK, my wife said the same about the woman.

Dave (in MA)

I wouldn't mind a woman announcer for football if she was any good. Is this the one who sounds like she's trying to do a Marv Albert impersonation?

Soylent Red

INSECURE PUNK, Biden has always been.

I have always wanted to get nose to nose with him and dare him to throw a punch.

"C'mon tough guy. Let's do it the Scranton way you candy ass."

Maybe not now. Would be sad to deck an old man.

I am not in his shoes, but I empathize and care.

My gawdawful Democrat sister, who is a first class Branch Covidian shutdown Nazi is a perfect example of this. Knowledge worker, works from home for the last decade, never missed a paycheck.

Here where I live, it is a very depressed economy to start with, and most people are blue-collar have to go to work types. SO missing work has a real, no-shit downstream effect two or three layers deep. Sister's response when I point that out?

"Well the government will have some kind of aid package for them. They'll be fine."

Jim Eagle


Yep! A disaster.

Dave (in MA)

Just flipped on NFL Red Zone, and it is her.

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