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December 27, 2020



rse, I moved it in as a comment.


https://www.zerohedge.com/covid-19/china-slaps-citizen-journalist-jail-over-virus-reporting-wuhan certainly fits with china being an ESS and desperately wanting the West to submit to being an ESS as well.

Like I said, it fits with so much going on around us and ZH only posted that an hour ago.


Robin, yes Rogan reminds me of that article that came round a couple years ago about kids who loved freedom but had almost no connection to or even knowledge of classic conservative philosophers or the American Revolution.
I think it was called "The kids are alt-right"


ccgirl: "I like playing with favorite words better than theorizing about the near future."

lol -- so do I except when you run into weirdness. I checked the spelling/definition of a word a couple of days ago on Merriam-Webster or some site, and it had several quizzes. One was answer these seven questions about books and this quiz will tell you what recent movie you should watch. So for fun I took the quiz (I like these little games that pop up, usually spelling, etc.) Can't recall all of the books, but To Kill A Mockingbird and several other normal ones were on the list.

The quiz results told me I'd enjoy Carol. I thought 'Carol', never heard of it. So I checked it out --

"Carol tells the story of a forbidden affair between an aspiring female photographer and an older woman going through a difficult divorce, starring Cate Blanchette, Rooney Mara, Sara Paulson."

Now what in the hell was that about? There weren't any 'gay' books in the list. I was so irritated -- I thought about taking the quiz again to see if the creature that created that quiz would suggest a porn flick the next time.

Stupid people.


I think it was a patricia highsmith adaptation, if memory serves.


Yes it was called the price of salt.

Captain Hate

Does Not At Albright's book explain how she turned Arafat homo?


peter, if you're willing to share, how is your recovery?
The Rogan/Berenson talk (3 hours!) included a section on Long Covid which made me think of you.


"Sunset". Will have to dig into that one.

Lin Wood
There seems to be a pandemic of poorly reasoned rulings by Title III judges in 2020 election fraud cases.

I wonder how many of those judges are familiar with the surveillance program named “Sunset?” Or what that illegal spy program revealed about them?

Asking for a friend.


Robin, eff 'em all

Oh, I love Patricia Highsmith. The book sounds like a good read.


He married at age 60, maybe thats why sakharovsky was able to recruit him


Raheem Kassam
Top Pandemic Scientist Admits Emulating Communist Chinese Model to Strip Civil Liberties Away thenationalpulse.com/politics/chine…



ps, peter my city library is like yours. Few conservative authors. Plus before the flu they announced stuff like transgender story hour. And "we represented Sunnyvale at the LBGQT Parade!", which technically they rep themselves. Not me.
The County Library is far better in that regard.

Robin, eff 'em all

That American Thinker article was good. Our "betters" ought to be considering this likelihood:

Reason 3: The election fraud–denier was afraid of violence that investigation of election fraud may lead to.

Unfortunately, many of those in positions of power who could order serious and impartial investigations of the alleged election fraud and possible overturning of the results, if proven fraudulent or invalid, were concerned with a threat of violent riots of left's militant organizations, like BLM and Antifa. Some could have been trying to save our country a civil war or something equally horrible, while others were afraid for their own safety. As much as I disagreed with their decision to support the cover-up of election fraud, their position had a dose of rationality.

Imagine that you are a judge or a justice, and you have a family to feed and protect. Wouldn't you be concerned that your controversial judgment may irritate BLM or Antifa into bringing their "protests" to your neighborhood and trying to harm your spouse and your children or burn down your home? It seems likely that without violence by BLM and Antifa earlier this year, the well orchestrated election fraud would not have stood a chance to be left uninvestigated. If a thorough investigation proved that the results were invalid, Mr. Joe Biden would not stand a chance of being declared the winner.

The above realization implies that we are seeing a dawn of mobocracy in the U.S. as a replacement for our Constitutional Republic as a form of government. That spells out bad news for virtually everyone, including even the mobsters. We need brave leaders who will put the safety of law-abiding Americans in front of these leaders' personal safety and political interest.

The mobocracy goes both ways and I think that Birx, having multiple homes, won't miss one. Fauci too no doubt.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

A teacher goes around her class asking each of the kids what they need at home.

Joey says, “A computer.” The teacher replies, “That would be very useful.”

Jenny says, “A new lawn mower.” The teacher again replies, “That would also be very useful.”

Little Johnny pops up and says, “At my house we don't need anything!” The teacher asks him to think again carefully, as everybody needs something.

Little Johnny replies, “No, I'm sure we don't. When Biden was elected, I clearly remember my dad saying, ‘Well, that's the last fucking thing we needed!"


Biden was NOT elected. To believe he was is ridiculous.

Jim Eagle

LOL, Stephanie!

We just hit another milestone. Today we drove to Flagler Beach to get Frederick's permanent driver's license. Watch out, world:)

Jim Eagle

Today, we drove to Flagler Beach to get Frederick's permanent driver's license. Watch out world!

Captain Hate

Biden was NOT elected. To believe he was is ridiculous.

Making us accept such an absurd result is part of the demoralization of the citizens. Like wearing masks.


PE jim, my recovery is coming along. Nerve damage heals slowly so not expecting a miraculous breakthrough. For now, I am able to read books and computers and go to work. I am not going to drive for another month as my eyes don't see peripherally as well as they should and my car is not equipped with those fancy devices some of the new cars have which keep you in your lane, warn you of objects in the blindspot, etc. So I commute to work by train, which takes longer and is less convenient, however, I have been able to do more reading. Finished the novel Stoner, which several JOMers were discussing about a month ago. Enjoyed it. Now working on the new DeLillo novelette, more like a short story.


JIB, good luck with that.

Captain Hate

Glad you enjoyed Stoner, peter. Was the nerve damage caused by covid?


Did you know California SOS allowed the use of the “ImageCast Remote” system in the Nov3 election to “allow voters to mark their selections using their own compatible technology to vote independently and privately in the comfort of their own home”?




Listen to the HORSESHIT that Joke Crapper said about McEnany. The lie so BLATANTLY. They've figure out that the DUMB SHIT COMMIE ARMY listens to the lies and believes. How about the WHITE SUPREMACISTS being responsible for burnings, beatings and lootings. THEY BELIEVE. Since the day these pussies were born, they've been coddled and lied to. Every week it's something new. LGBTQFBIBLT one week. Black Commies Matter next week. Auntie Fay is just a concept the next. Biden won, there is no evidence of FRAUD the next.
On and on and on and on. They feel empowered to go for the kill. Teachers skeeeeered of covid ON AND ON AND ON AND ON.



Read the headline, read the story.

Whitey is to blame.

Captain Hate

Tapper's always been an asshole, even when Princess Maybee was bragging about being his Twitter buddy.


Reading with interest re the "coming" hot civil war.

Is it likely that we'll have more than a few Harper's Ferry scenarios against federal tyrrany with affected states testing efficacy of using Guard troops in response?

Retired spec ops warriors who still honor the Constitution:will they prove a deterrent to Antifa/BLM rabble using stealth deployment strategies?

Big Gov and some governors will try and push to seize weapons and arrest gunowners: will owner voting records be favored for non- seizure blue over red?

Did The Rat hollow out federal military leadership in preparation for this eventuality? This boulder took him and his bitches awhile to move into place on this hill where Dems now dare us to charge against them for real.

How much land and title will the USG be compelled to sell off to get the financial resources necessary to "win" this civil conflict?

What's likely to happen to the USD's reserve currency status?

How many Boomers and members of "the greatest generation" ( and our libraries- mine is at 10,00 plus volumes) are likely to survive purges and pogroms ordered by petty bureaucrats much like the way shutdowns by fiat have rolled out during the WuFlu hoax?

Grim stuff. This civil war, once it begins will be fought in populous counties everywhere.

Almost forgot: on whose side will those jihadi cells come down on?

PS: isn't it odd that "our" FBI has been so Comey-on-the spot re that Nashville bomber? But of course, they've got DNA evidence, vin numbers and everything. Lone wolf. We can't talk about it cuz we're a nation of laws and due process.




"Shut your black a** up could just as easily, and more probably (if you ask me), been said by a black guy.


Good morning,

A handsome boy JiB!

My youngest is all wound up and planning a trip to DC on the 6th. He hounds me all day with texts that I struggle to read or watch on my phone. But I'm glad he's engaged and getting involved. His plans are to rent a car, drive 8 hours, sleep for 4 hours in the car then join the march.

I'm not sure I trust Pence and haven't since that story about Rosenstein offering to wear a wire and suggesting that Trump be removed via Section 4 of the 25th amendment. That would have required the approval of Sessions, and a percentage of Cabinet members. And Kelly was chief of staff at the time, another snake. So IMO, Pence would have been aware of any of that discussion. I wonder if he hasn't been a plant from the get go. Please convince me I'm wrong.

Comey's book should be a huge success thanks to Barr's get out of jail free card.

Back In 87, trying to make baseball fun for my oldest, we started collecting TOPPS baseball cards. I'd bring Jesse to Fenway with all the SOX cards and when the gates opened, we'd rush to the rail between home plate and the dugout. And as we waited for autographs, we'd watch Wade Boggs throw knuckleballs to Ed Romero. I could see the stitching on that knuckleball that Boggs threw.

We picked the wrong sport!


Captain Hate

Did The Rat hollow out federal military leadership in preparation for this eventuality?

Absolutely but it was more like ramped up a process the Uniparty, including GWB, already started. That and weaponizing every damn bit of the derp state, which got casually overlooked by "non alarmists".


Swearing and acting out in front of children VS. Someone telling him to sit his black ass down, don't compare.

Even if the "BLACK ASS" stuff was actually said.

26 year old Prince's and Princess's writing copy knee jerk in unison.



I was discussing Pence with my local friend this morning. He is a question mark. Whether intentionally or because of his ambivalence, we don't know.

No family wealth or extra homes and such, like Bernie Sanders.

Karen went with him almost everywhere in DC when he was a Congressman, before he came back here to run for governor, so no opportunities for sexual shenanigans.

Karen's only money comes from whatever partial pension she got from being an Indiana public school teacher.

He did have a radio show on Rush's carrier back in the 90's and was pretty conservative.

He has one son in the Marines.


Comes from Columbus and used to be a democrat, heavily influenced by JFK but switched parties when Reagan ran. (So did I, so on that I can't criticize.) Possible influence of Cummins Engine.

Rose quickly in the House after his election in 2000, maybe because of deals or maybe because he wasn't an old geezer.

Some of the articles on him seem to have been planted by democrats or GOPe types. I don't trust anyone in DC except Trump and a handful of others.

Pretty fair biography here:



Ed Romero played in the 82 Series for the BREWERS.


Hearin' you CH.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Pretty sure Mike Pence is not going to try and overturn the [admittedly fraudulent] election.
Law and order guys are the last ones to cling to law and order, even when there no longer is any.


You're full of shit CAPN'. The DEEP STATE is merely a theory. Kind of like Auntie Fay.


I thought Ed Romero made horror flicks. 😏🐧😏

Jim Eagle

Rocco @11:03.

You know half of that value is the bubble gum🥸


NASHVILLE, one killed in self inflicted bombing
Chicago 8 killed 30 wounded in shootings.
Nothing in the news about Chicago. Wonder why

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--The report aims to advise government actors (or other guardians of reliable information production and exchange) in preserving a society's ability to organise timely and well-informed collective action in light of the threats and vulnerabilities described above.--

Orwell's vision was so limited.
Imagine writing that what a democracy needs to be "resilient" is a government that dispenses, determines and safeguards what is reliable information and its exchange.
A proper rephrase might be something along the lines of;
Congress shall make all manner of law it sees fit respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

But don't dare imply they're anti American or despise the Constitution.


Agreed. Mike Pence is a good man. Sort of. He will not run for President unless he is squeaky clean and a UNIPARTY MEMBER in good standing.
I like Mike. I think he'd make a good talk show host. He is no Donald Trump.


GUS, I pushed my son too hard the year before with hockey. It was a learn to skate/hockey thing with teams. He wanted to quit but I wouldn't let him, I felt it was more important to be there for his team than to quit on them. If it were just an individual learning thing, I wouldn't have pushed him and let him quit but I made him stick it out telling him he wouldn't have to play the following year. So I learned a lesson and tied to make baseball fun.

MissM, normally I'd put Pence's faith under the plus column too but then again, I thought that about Romney.


Terrific Greenwald, explaining how Trump has proven he's not interested in abusing power (unlike the tech giants).

The Threat of Authoritarianism in the U.S. is Very Real, and Has Nothing To Do With Trump


JiB, I have a case of unopened 87 TOPPS baseball cards in the attic. I know the gum in that case is worth more than the 87 TOPPS cards. TOPPS printed a gazillion cards that year...worthless. But, it did help make baseball fun for my kids. (and me)

Old Lurker

Iggy "Pretty sure Mike Pence is not going to try and overturn the [admittedly fraudulent] election. Law and order guys are the last ones to cling to law and order, even when there no longer is any."

And the irony is that he will then go down in history as the last person standing who could have saved the Constitutional Republic using the tools written into the document by the Founders. That he did not (assuming he does not) should record him for all time as the exact opposite of a Patriot or honorable man.


Shorter OL: does Pence play fiddle?


Good Monday morning (almost noon here...)

Not much to say but like Jane, I'm expectant that something will happen today.


This is for OL especially. https://www.gettingsmart.com/2020/12/designing-schools-for-shared-use-a-pandemic-silver-lining/

Published yesterday.

The second force that is driving us towards shared facilities is a national and global shift from shareholder to stakeholder capitalism. Milton Friedman’s 1960s economic philosophy that the only role of business is to deliver profit to shareholders is rapidly evolving to an acknowledgement that business needs to serve shareholders as well as customers, employees, communities, and the planet. As stated by Martin Lipton, senior partner at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz, in a September 2020 New York Times article, the shift is illustrated by The World Economic Forum’s adoption of The New Paradigm in 2016 and, in 2020, the publication of the Davos Manifesto which embraces stakeholder and E.S.G. (environment, social, and governance) principles.

As a result of this paradigm shift, there is an increasing appetite across all markets for more holistic thinking that acknowledges the benefit of reorienting decision making to include the ‘greater good’ and social responsibility in the fiscal calculus of a business. In this new economic environment, schools and school districts are poised to leverage their position as a public benefit enterprise to partner with businesses and organizations that are embracing this new philosophy. (More on shareholder vs. stakeholder capitalism)

The third force that is driving us towards shared facilities is a growing awareness in the educational world that the most effective learning is tied to purpose—to solving real-world problems. Problems such as racial equity, food and housing insecurity, health care, mental health, substance abuse, and the sustainable use of resources are rarely solved by focusing on a single discipline. Real problems and solutions are inherently interdisciplinary. This can be seen clearly in the UN Sustainable Development Goals, 17 goals that span numerous disciplines that are necessary to create a more sustainable world. Informed by the intrinsic complexity and interconnectedness of today’s problems, the OECD emphasizes interdisciplinary knowledge as an important aspect of the future of education in its long-term initiative, OECD Future of Education and Skills 2030.

Schools as stand alone entities may be easier to govern but they are not well suited to solve complex, real-world problems. Integrating school programs with community organizations, businesses, universities, and public recreation organizations offers the synergy needed for world-class learning. Shared use facilities more easily facilitate a cross pollination of ideas through shared programming and expose students to businesses and organizations already working to address pressing local, national, and global problems.



Thanks peter
Sounds life changing.


...record him for all time as the exact opposite of a Patriot or honorable man.

He's not that, though, he is a patriot and an honorable man. History is unlikely to portray him as a traitor for not mounting an insurrection to keep his job.


Mel quotes CodeMonkeyZ
Did you know California SOS allowed the use of the “ImageCast Remote” system in the Nov3 election to “allow voters to mark their selections using their own compatible technology to vote independently and privately in the comfort of their own home”?

(Raises hand) I did! I did!


Here's how I imagine the Harris brain trust--"Kamala , polls show blacks don't really identify with you, and most voters need to see you more human. why not send out a Kwanza message with your jewish white husband at your side, to show how warm and inclusive you are?"

Old Lurker

Henry, you were reading my mind since I almost made exactly that remark.

But fiddling while Rome burned was way more passive aggressive than Pence not using the powers vested in him to right a grievous wrong.

If that is what happens, the three takeaways for what even low IQ people can conclude after these last four years are:

1. Laws only apply to some but certainly not to others.

2. Elections will never again protect WeThePeople from runaway government, and along with that the Constitution itself is of zero value post 2020. We are all now servants to our betters.

3. Money, which seems like just yesterday was tied to gold so that there would be limits on printing more, and just to be sure there were things like Debt Ceilings, Regular Order Budgeting, Bond Markets, and a Federal Reserve with some common sense ALL of which have now conspired to convince even "smart people" that money grows on trees and there is nothing immoral whatsoever about handing the bills to grandchildren.

Convince me I'm wrong.


Old Lurker

Hrts. "He's not that, though, he is a patriot and an honorable man."

Bullshit, Hrts. He could have pushed the baby carriage out of the way of the speeding truck, saving himself and the baby, but elected to save himself instead just to be safe.

That is not an American Patriot, and there is no honor in that.

And just like that a life well lived goes up in the smoke of history.

Captain Hate

Pence might not be the guy we think we need but ultimately the responsibility for getting this country on track is as much on our shoulders as his.

Old Lurker

Furthermore, Hrts, it is not an insurrection if what he does is written into the documents for this purpose.

And not doing it to "save his job" is easily solved by doing it to save the country and then resigning.

That is what honorable men do.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

What exactly are Pence's powers?
And by that I don't mean what some guy says some guy who knows Sidney Powell's pool guy's cousin says they are.

Captain Hate

Tony Rice RIP

Old Lurker

OK, Cap'n, but our task proceeds in one direction if last minute Checks & Balances provided in the Constitution are used to affirm that elections mean things, but it takes an entirely different direction if we let it burn.

Old Lurker




Still reflecting on the wide-ranging conversation of Joe Rogan and Alex Berenson.
Two observations
1) There are are a few thoughtful and intellectually honest people on the Left, they mentioned Glenn Greenwald approvingly. I haven't thought this through but even allowing for heroes and knaves on both sides, I would bet my bottom dollar that a Movement that protects freedom for all will only come from the Right. Bernie, BLM, Antifa, Harvard professors, NextDoor/Twitter Karens and so on and so forth will never come forward to protect liberty and justice for all. It's just not in the cards. Has someone written a book on it?
2) Berenson is a lonely voice talking about Covid. He doesn't have a medical degree, he's an intelligent layman who worked as a reporter. So he's regularly assaulted and a bit shell-shocked (though stubborn and correct). This shows on a few issues where Rogan probes him, triggers a forceful response then calmly but firmly presses again. Those are some of the best parts of the talk ... examples: masks, long covid.
Rogan also pushed on the topic of "can kids infect adults?" (for example, grandparents in the home). Berenson said most infections go the other direction but could not elaborate why. From my reading, I know 2 data points. One is that kids tend to get mild versions. Thus, they are not sneezing and coughing like crazy and perhaps not infecting others so easily. Also, when the first shutdowns hit, childcare for Essential Workers was allowed to remain open. A number of critics worried: one nurse gets sick from a patient at hospital. She infects her kid. The kid goes to daycare and infects all the other kids. Now great numbers of Essentials are knocked out. Either they get sick from their kid or they are home taking care of the sick kids. This was a worry but it didn't happen. It was one of the first indicators that kids-infecting-others was well below expectations. At first they said "It's weird but it doesn't happen." Later they found a few cases and said "It does happen, another Right-wing talking point demolished." But there's something there, even if not a 100% principle. And Berenson missed his chance to get into more detail on this topic.


Congrats frederick

As jeff goldstein pointed out she was lying about kwanza fancy that.


This is a weird thing he knew "RV" 👁️



Who is this SIDNEY POWELL you speak of???


CH @ 10:22: yes, caused by covid; probably could have used hydrochloroquine, but Orange Man Bad ruled the medical profession

Iggy @ 12:25 Pence's powers as President of the Senate are listed in the Constitution at Article II, section I, "...shall, in the presence of the Senate and of the House of Representatives, open all the certificates, and the votes shall then be counted." So his power is to count. The question is can he count like a Democrat and (two for me, one for you) or is just cis-counting.

CH @12:26 indeed RIP


"NASHVILLE, one killed in self inflicted bombing
Chicago 8 killed 30 wounded in shootings.
Nothing in the news about Chicago. Wonder why"

I guess our MSM only cares about damaged buildings, not damaged people.


Newspeak dictionary 5th edition.

Captain Hate

The country should have gone Article V a long time ago, OL, to curb the administrative state. Hell, even when you and I were wee tykes we were brainwashed about how great the FDA was with nary a peep about what that has to do with freedom. Now we were stuck with hoping one man could curb it.



MENGELE had a medical degree.


What exactly are Pence's powers?

My impression from what was posted here last week, I think by JimSC, from the US Code is that he doesn't necessarily have the power reject the EV counts as certified by the states. Something about if the Senate and House fail to agree, the count stands as certified.

Now maybe there are other ways to throw the election into the House, but the Senate alone rejecting the EV count won't do it, apparently.


peter, sorry you're still dealing with that, hope you have a full recovery and soon.


October's Ukrainian Press Conference:



Berenson is a lonely voice talking about Covid.

He's not that lonely, really. There was the Great Barrington Declaration, and many others who have been saying similar things, so many I can't remember them all, but they've been linked here. It wouldn't surprise me if a poll would show that the majority is at least skeptical of if not anti-lockdown. But the people making the most noise are still the panicky "We're all gonna die!!" Karens. And the governors have tasted unlimited power and quite like it, thank you very much.

Old Lurker

I agree with you there, Cap'n.

The Greatest Generation, returning from WWII and with the 50's and 60's before them, should have used Art V to cleanse us of the Wilson-FDR big-state-itis. They were the last generation of pure patriots, who had seen the most evil the world had to throw at us, who had lived through the Great Depression, and whose kids were still learning civics, pledging allegiance to the flag every day, and who had not yet been corrupted by the late 60's.

Alas. They passed on that opportunity. Now the numbers make it almost impossible to fix quietly such as with an Art V. We cannot even agree that elections should be fair.


Always wanted one of these ...

Captain Hate

Staying vigilant about freedom is a thankless job, OL. Hell back even then you could be smeared as a John Bircher by *our* side.


The reece committee showed welch was more right than he knew.


"Schools as stand alone entities may be easier to govern but they are not well suited to solve complex, real-world problems. Integrating school programs with community organizations, businesses, universities, and public recreation organizations offers the synergy needed for world-class learning. Shared use facilities more easily facilitate a cross pollination of ideas through shared programming and expose students to businesses and organizations already working to address pressing local, national, and global problems.

It's more like unionized faculty and bloated aministrative staffers are not well-suited.

There's not been found in the last 60 years an effective substitute for reading, writing, and arithmetic in the primary grades. The prima donnas with Ed Psych, Public Policy, and other Ed folderol degrees are so enamored with "critical thinking" as the fruit of "learning" that they forget it doesnt get taught in a cafeteria style subsidy out of DC. It growths out of the 3 R's.

Further on whose taxpaying dime will " businesses" "share use?" (Davos Man will conjure some kind of subsidy scam involving advisory weenies and Treasury financing.)

The world falls for the Greta Toonberg con. The second coming of a Children's Crusade.
It's "their future" let them figure it out while we get paid.

Old Lurker

Tru Dat, Cap'n.


Just saw this, phil Niekro RIP.
Many a Giants batter looked lame tryin to hit that knucklin beast.


Happy New Year, OL. You've been on my mind.



All the Karen's saying "we're all going die",
and all of the FULL COMMIES plus Fraudski and NICE TEETH DR.BIRX!!!!! saying.
"You're all going to die, unless you surrender your CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS to the DEEP STATE".

Another Bob

I'd never been a fan of the streaming services like Pandora/Spotify, but I created an account today to listen to the Rogan/Berenson conversation. Three hours (which I think will turn a lot of people off, but I thought that was a feature not a bug), but well worth it.

Berenson appears to be chalking up the nonsensical response to a relatively pedestrian combination of human nature and cynicism. (He used a line "I don't believe in conspiracy, I do believe in correspondence" or somesuch. I wish he'd dig deeper. A FinTwit guy (that got my attention with a theory that passive investing is killing the markets), said - almost in passing - "I don't know what it is about, eventually we'll find out, but this response is not about the disease."

Sure seems we know what it was about now, no?

Dave (in MA)
    I always thought it was funny that Madeline Albright dated Tim Pat Coogan
      Eew, the image of her dating anyone is a bit hard to stomach. Mind bleach, anyone?
I wonder if she put out?
Old Lurker

Thanks Kev...you too!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

That AT piece strikes me as likely erroneous.
My reading of the 12th amendment indicates no VP power to do other than count the electoral votes as delivered to him.
If there is a conflict over which slate of electors to count it seems unlikely to me that the VP has the power to decide that.

Old Lurker

Iggy, do you see any remedy that does not involve guns or submission?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Davos Man needs to slip tragically off of the endangered species list into the oblivion of extinction...with extreme prejudice, if necessary.


Question: How many times has Barack Hussein Obama publicly called his wife “Michael”?
Face with raised eyebrow

Answer: Too many times for it to be a coincidence. Jfs.


Today's the day, back in the day, we'd take out stacks of vinyl and give Casey Kassem a run for his money.

Still got it goin on here.

Freddie King Live " That Woman Across the River


Drone strike might do the trick, like the spectre compound in hmss

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Iggy, do you see any remedy that does not involve guns or submission?--

Possibly. The robustness of authoritarian progressive movements is almost always overrated and history is chock full of political trends reversing, short of civil wars.
The progressive totalitarian temptation always produces an inclination to them issuing an explicit or tacit ultimatum to those who disagree of submit or else but they often lose control before they can enforce it.
If the populist impulse continues to build, if China continues to overplay its hand, if the progs continue on their open and blatant theft rather than reverting to their previous incremental theft, the last two of which will enflame the populist impulse then there might be momentous political realignments occur.
Populism has received a justly poor reputation as a continuing political ideal upon which to govern. But as a provisional strategy in times of oligarchic, authoritarian and collectivist overreach it is really the only hope of salvaging a political resolution from the crises the oligarchs and collectivists always force.
Populism as a temporary reaction by the populace to band together, often in coalitions of groups that would otherwise not typically affiliate, is the natural and proper reaction. Too bad so many idiot conservatives are too stupid and/or unprincipled to understand that. They'd prefer either to join the authoritarians against the hoi polloi or devolve into irrelevant debating societies that watch as their "principles" allow the destruction of everything they claim to be conserving.

My guess is the progs have enough power to force a conflict. We shall see.


I think Mike Pence is one of the most honorable men in DC. He will follow the law, and won’t break it.imagine if we replaced the swamp with that!


You Ready To Revolt Yet America?
The Market Ticker ® - Commentary on The Capital Markets

By Karl Denninger


Bright Moments:


My guess is the progs have enough power to force a conflict.

Not to mention hubris.

Old Lurker

Jane, so you don't think the AT thing is legal either?

matt - deplore me if you must

My father used to say that a degree was a box checked on the way to real knowledge of whatever you want to do in life. Most kids, even pre- indoctrination era, came out of college without any readily usable skills. They had to be taught and mentored in whatever career they chose.

Now they are fed complete mush. The list of books on the SJW pyre now includes Homer, Dr. Seuss, and Fahrenheit 451. They cannot think for themselves and follow the herd.

Critical Thinking is really just another name for the toxic mess of Gramscian x Derridan Marxist/nihilist bullshit. Our academicians are on a par with Jim Jones and Trofim Lysenko.

But unless Trump has an airtight case and many smoking guns we have to reconcile ourselves to the fact that the election was stolen unfair and square. We should concentrate on a mass movement for voter ID and in-person voting just like most modern democracies. The Europeans may be Socialists, but at least they know their voting process is secure.

Limbaugh may be on his last legs. I hope not. For there is no successor visible. He has a common sense that Hannity et al lack and an incredible presence, with 20 million fans.

We need pamphleteers, orators, and iconoclasts to bring the system as it is down. The samidzats were powerful beyond comprehension. They resonated with the people, the dispossessed, the subjugated. We need to have that same effect.

It doesn't necessarily take money. It will take powerful arguments that can't be refuted stated so clearly that those same mush-headed college kids can understand.

The Left has been successful in it's "are you going to believe me or your own lying eyes" propaganda. This has to be exposed and mocked and pilloried. Behar, Tapper, Maddow, Colbert and the rest should be objects of derision.

I read this morning that the CDC that homicides by gun were the #31 cause of deaths in the country in 2017. This was just posted by CBS News. 14,542. According the the FBI stats, @ 6,400-8,200 were committed by African Americans against African Americans.

The homicides in Atlanta, Chicago, New York, Minneapolis, Detroit and elsewhere have skyrocketed. Residents are fleeing at a record rate from the onerous conditions in California, NYC and other urban disaster areas. The Left is all in on no cash bail, decriminalization of misdemeanors, and defunding the police.

There was another news story of a Salvadorean illegal murderer who had been deported multiple times who was released from the Santa Clara County jail and went out and murdered some poor young woman.The County by law does not allow illegal criminal aliens to be turned over to ICE for deportation.

These are horrific trends.

The time is ripe. The thought leaders of the Left; academia and Hollywood are on the ropes. No income means less influence. The teacher's unions have made their beds as well. Who needs them?

That should be the message.

Let's stop fantasizing about what if's and work on what can be's.


Imagine we arrested law breakers.


jimmyk@12:55, thank you, I am coping with the whole situation. It's just a little maddening, as I googled my diagnosis, and read about a similar case occurring in Morocco, of all places and the patient recovering faster than I did and listed in the patient's history is the fact that she was administered choloroquine, and that was standard treatment in Morocco. So because of Orange Man Bad, I received care that was materially worse than that received in a third world country.

Also, just wanted to add, that throughout my whole medical ordeal, amom was extremely helpful to me.

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