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December 16, 2020




Yet the MFM doesn't touch it.
One of the reasons I haven't been posting, is the ongoing discussions on how all of this ELECTION CHEATING at a GINORMOUS LEVEL gets made RIGHT.
It's not going to happen. The MEDIA and some intrepid reporter could get WEALTHY by doing the right thing. IT'S NOT HAPPENING.


The final episode of this sky series has the authors voice massimo ruggiero ascend to the head of the bank as he defeats dominic who fills him ed rooney style on the nature of the global order.



This site has upheld me during some of my darkest times. I've made life-long friends, too, and am grateful to all of you.




Weve debated on occasion henry whether chiang was worth the investment that the us put into him, he was at best a good lizard rising out of his environment over the other warlords

Captain Hate

I've been ok but I'm going back on break after well wishing.


OK. CH--be well.


Lovely Miss Marple. You and Capn' are how I got here. You certainly must know that I love you. You've had ups and downs. Most of us have. You are a real trooper, and your faith, love and intellect are priceless. For many years, you have been my morning news update, and specifically the conduit by which I knew and read POTUS DJT's TWEET.
You and Henry that is. You are ALWAYS in my prayers.


I linked some of byrnes previous research re his deep capture, he probably touched some high wires without rubber gloves and a ground re middle east and russian finance.



I’ll order that, but will send it for signature after completion. Clearly, my imagination of the deftness of Dodgson needs a bit of polishing besides the better lighting. I get his inferences a tad differently, but it’s been a very long time since I’ve actually read his work.

Thank you for the reminder of it and our lost friend, daddy. He of the wisdom of the first stall.


Captain Hate,

Please don't absent yourself permanently. You have been one of my oldest friends on the internet, and I would hate to lose track of you.

Merry Christmas!


Mel, I never had the extreme pleasure of meeting DADDY. He and I kept in touch, and often we would be the only 2 on the "late shift". He cracked me up with his "gif's" as the kids say. We would post back and forth for hours. He was such a warm and happy soul. When I heard he had passed, and I knew he was having a meet up in NYC, I was stunned, and I cried. I contacted the funeral home in ALASKA, and I sent flowers. He was such a wonderful man, and it's hard to understand how after all his bitching about having his yearly re-certification, that his health could be ONE and DONE. I truly miss him, and I feel a little jealous not having ever met in in the flesh.



We’re going to the precipice. And a few of “our friends” won’t be joining us on the walk back. Not my plan, but I’m comfortable with it.


I forgot to tell you guys, my sister called today (the dem one) and HER cat (a little older than ours) climbed the Christmas tree just as they got done stringing the lights and had plugged them in to test them. (Her younger son was helping her.)

Anyway, the cat BIT the lit light string, blew out one set of lights, and POOPED all over the artificial tree! Can you even imagine the mess?

Fortunately, she hadn't put the ornaments on yet, but what a commotion, plus she had to find the cat who had taken off in fear and was hiding under the bed! Also, she had to clean up the cat, who had pooped on herself as well, in addition to the tree!


Paul erdman had the perfidy of the swiss down back in the 70s, he had the misfortune of running afoul of them,
Among one of the live wires byrne struck years ago was a certain mr qadi, who had connections to other players



I’m so sorry about your brother. I hope you are doing okay.


Capn Hate, has been a friend and a sounding board for me, for many years. I've told him and now I'm telling all of you, that speaking to him, the many times I have, HE STILL SOUNDS MARYLAND. I too am a MARYLAND NATIVE, but I've got SCOTLAND, MARYLAND and mostly WISCONSIN in my ACCENT. Capn sounds just like MARYLAND. I once told him so, and I guarantee, it made him smile. If he threatens to leave us, I would make it my business to stay friends, and if he pisses me off, I'll give EVERYONE his PHONE NUMBER.

Nah. We all have times that we need a time out from this place. MAGUIRE doesn't keep us together....WE DO.



My heartfelt prayers for your brother.


There is a twisted logic



Are we still on this ouvno



Miss M, is the cat named Biden? Or Kamala?


Jane, you have been so strong. Can you see any better than you did at your lowest point??
I was born cross eyed and unable to see much with my left eye. As a bairn, I had surgery at JOHNS HOPKINS, to correct the physical effects of being CROSS EYED. My left eye vision, was not able to be truly corrected. Amblyopia or lazy eye. The neuron paths don't develop and it becomes uncorrectable.
I have been legally blind in my left eye since the age on 1. It never slowed me down, because I didn't know anything different. I wore a patch for several years, until it was learned that the neurons were no longer going to work.
I COULD HIT A CURVE BALL, and I NEVER EVER EVER felt myself to be a victim. Most people who know me, don't know my story.
You've been awesome Jane, I just hope your situation has some upside.
You'll need vision, when we go fishing together.
You'll have to put the bait on my hook!!!!


Miss M! That’s a funny story.

Merry Christmas to CH while he’s here!

Sbw, if your brother is as kind as you are he will be just fine on this Earth, or after. I pray he comes through. Miss M said siblings are close (or some such). Ig has other opinions. I have four brothers; we have had difficulty and disagreements we are all still speaking. Sibs, like parents, are the people you have known the longest. No matter what happens, or what kind of relationship you have, it is a powerful issue when a sib is not well. 🙏🏻

My previous posts were directed at RSE and BuffyUK.

Rse, you posted about the Vatican. It does not surprise me. I’ll keep it that simple. My other post is at the end of the last thread. No easy way to get back there, as far as I know. I appreciated your post immensely.

Buffyuk, something about 15 peeps in a bar conspired to start the American Revolution. Well, if the same holds true Revolution should break out on Cape Cod, specifically the upper Cape, any day now! (Not holding my breath)


Thats why they are locking down the churches bars and meeting halls.



No, and I am grateful those names didn't surface here!

The cat's name is Daisy. (And she sure wasn't as fresh as one after that episode!)


Was that wrong?


I can think of stronger words for her whole crew


Well, the democrats are STILL threatening the Trump family over on Twitter. All sorts of preposterous and vile accusations about Don Jr. and Eric. I don't engage - just hit the old "block" button and they are disappeared.


So it appears they made it easy to detect the malware they didnt want to do anything about it, thats all.




CC, my beloved older Sister, oldest of 5 and the only female, is precious to me. She is a PHD in Psychotherapy. I do not call my own Sister Doctor!!! HA!! My sis has 4 younger brothers. I am the middle CHILD, and I am most definitely the HUB of the family. I am proud of that.
My upbringing was not optimal, but my Mom and Dad, did not come with a guarantee of perfection. OH DEAR, nor did I. As I grew past my teens and early 20's, I recognized, that MOM and DAD, weren't given a handbook on raising children.
IT HELPED ME LOVE THEM UNCONDITIONALLY, and in my time here at JOM, I lost both of my parents.
I miss them, but time moves on. What they taught me, has helped me to be a better DADDY, than I otherwise would have been.


Heh, Narc. I bet that’s the truth! I laughed with SIL today. We started the day hauling 50lb bags of ice melt out of the basement. (Two mid 50s 5’3” women). It was a workout. Later at 4pm we made fake coffee cups, but were a nice end of the day drink. We worked hard today! I said to her that this business is now a gym and a speakeasy, as well as a hardware store. 😉


Its like the mutants worshiping the cobalt bomb or the eloi rushing back to the bunkers


Hey Clarice!! Cruz is 100% correct. The FULL COMMIE POWERS that BE, have no intention of letting any POWER GRAB or CRISIS going to waste.

As Elvis said.



Lovely Miss M. I have a twitter handle, but the only time I go to the COMMIE CESS POOL, is when I look at a TWEET that YOU or someone else leaves a link to.
Thank you Miss M.



My friend says her daughter out in California is absolutely terrified of the virus, particularly because she is afraid that her parents would get it when visiting (which is also my daughter's fear for me when I go out).

I see that Indiana has had an uptick (probably because of our proximity to Chicago) but I absolutely think this is engineered, and would not be surprised to discover vials of the stuff are being smuggled in and surreptitiously seeded in certain areas of the country by Chinese agents.

It's gotten so ridiculous that the sign at Kroger now says you have to wear a CLOTH mask, not simply a mask. So if I make a mask out of burlap, I suppose THAT complies, but the disposable surgical masks worn at the hospitals here do not.

As Old Lurker says: LUNACY!


You know until i read greaneys latest i didnt know venice has its own mob the mala brenta, it figures considering their geography.

Gentry comes across a 'taken' type conspiracy while capping a yugoslav general and he goes all robert mccall


sbw - sincere wishes for a good outcome for your brother.

MM - cats and Christmas trees! That was a good one.

Another Bob

“you have to wear a CLOTH mask”

Well MM, the hospital system in my neighborhood now won’t let you in with a cloth mask. Must be a disposable paper mask.



Miss Marple, many of us have been in MASK LOCKDOWN.
We have been made to wear a mask without regard to our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS.
Even ANECDOTALLY, if we've been required to wear a mask for months. HOW HAS THIS "FLU" continued to PROPAGATE???

Not difficult. This has NOTHING to do with SCIENCE!!!!!!!


I'd like to see the CLOTH MASK SCIENCE. I never will. It does not exist. This is a FRAUD and a HOAX.

A power grab.

Dave (in MA)

Sorry to hear about your brother's health trouble, sbw.


Thanks Gus. Your family is the opposite of mine. I am the only girl, and youngest of five. Your equivalent is my business partner brother - the one in the middle. LOL, you two could not be more different! He has strong opinions but avoids confrontation like the plague. (Sorry for the plague metaphor.)


“why would you be any less likely to contract covid dining inside a plywood and plexiglas box then dining inside a heated, properly constructed restaurant?”

Because you’ll catch pneumonia first?

Prayers for your brother, sbw.


A-Bob, good to see you. It's not insanity at all, it's a hoax, and a conspiracy. If you've witnessed a cloth mask mandate, WHERE DID THAT "SCIENCE" come from? It's as I've said for months. The FRAUDSKI'S of all of this, make it up as they move along. TONY FAUCHI, has ZERO RECORD of INTELLECT, nor any DECISION MAKING capability. He is nothing but a BUREAUCRAT, who the FULL COMMIE has bought and paid for.


A-BOB, not to bloviate, but TONY FAUCHI, is no less a huckster than any CELEBRETARD on any COMMERCIAL.
Where does his GRAVITAS or EXPERTISE derive from??

Dave (in MA)

TuCa on Doctor Jill, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VRfb2TU2SGA

Young Lurker

I was on a Zoom reunion last night with a handful of friends from high school. All very liberal OF COURSE (and as a side note- it's a bit disturbing how they all feel so empowered to make several digs at republicans and Trump, even though I don't know them very well). Anyway, one of the ladies is a very smart (graduated top of our HS class) doctor now (ACTUAL doctor).. and she mentioned how great it is that the flu is so low this year. I said why is that. She said "because everyone is wearing masks and distancing." I said "so why is covid so high?" She had to think about that one. (insert head exploding emoji here)


.OL. I was a young boy when I was in Hong Kong. We lived in the New Territories, not on the island. First in a rented farm house out in the country, which was very adventurous, then in an off base married quarter. Honk Kong was where I first listened to US radio shows, like Superman.

My older brother, and I traveled everywhere by ourselves, using buses and trams.

Communications were not as efficient as they are today, and one day, my brother, and I were on a tram and someone started banging on the window - it was my cousin. My uncle, who was in the British Army, like my father, but in a different corps, had been in Honk Kong for a couple of months. The mail had not caught up.

Hong Kong was the place where I first noticed beggars. Very young children came to the house begging for food and money.

To get an idea of what Hong Kong looked like you might want to watch an old movie like Love is a many splendored thing.


PS. My father, who was in the Royal Artillery,
told me a story many years later. He said that they had all the likely approach points targeted. But that, in the event that the Chinese came over the border, it was highly unlikely that they could have slowed them down for more than twenty minutes.


Following up on an old post. Is it true that Fauci’s wife is G Maxwell’s sister? If true that’s some crazy shit.

Dave (in MA)

Urban Legend, Dr. CC


That's Hong Kong, not Honk Kong.


Another Bob,

Meanwhile, I have 2 CLOTH masks sent to me by Humana Health (my Medicare supplement insurer).

My daughter is so paranoid about this that she is driving me crazy. She has a doctor's appointment tomorrow so maybe he will calm her down a little bit.


YL, I am a not so shy JOMer, and I have had very little interaction with you. I love OL, I hope he knows that. I love your LOGIC, and the perspective you bring. Your ZOOM pals, may be wonderful additions to society, Doctors, Lawyers, Grocers, and Lumberjacks. The key to life is LOGIC and the ABILITY TO THINK independently. My 19 YEAR OLD SOPHOMORE in ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING, can THINK. He peels right thru the bullshit, that his "peeps" want to believe. HE GETS IT.
LOGIC: Tell me where this egotistical clown FAUCHI, has been correct about anything.
TELL ME, why MASK MANDATES have not FIXED or slowed down "CASES". Tell me what "cases" mean, and how we are to get over this virus, without people being exposed to it ONE WAY OR ANOTHER.
I'm a POLI SCI/MBA GRAD. I don't need to be DOCTOR JILL BIDEN, to understand logic vs bullshit.

Dave (in MA)

The unindicted co-conspirator is stepping down, https://www.nbcboston.com/news/politics/mass-house-speaker-robert-deleo-stepping-down-for-job-at-northeastern-university/2259372/ , so we won't have 4 indicted Speakers in a row after all. Can any other states top 3 in a row?


Nothing to see here, Dave.


YL - I am always amazed at how comfortable lefties are saying horrible things about President Trump and making nasty generalizations about Republicans in general and Trump supporters in particular. People say these things like it's obvious and all good people should feel that way. My civility and restraint are tested.


So now it's CLOTH MASKS.
Tomorrow it will be CLOTH UNDERWEAR.
Friday, it will be PINK CLOTH MASKS.

She blinded me with SCIENCE!!!!!!

I only believe what THE GOVERNMENT tells me.


Where else was he stationed davod.


LEN, I was talking to a colleague last week, and another colleague, who had described himself to me as having mental issues, over heard me mention something about JOE BIDEN'S lifes track record.
The self described mentally ill dude, looked at me and said. JOE BIDEN is a GOOD MAN.

It's dumbfounding. Name one thing in 50 years, that JOE BIDEN has been correct about.

It's bizarre.


Oh really



Well from his perspective gus.


YL, Isn’t it funny how (mostly) women inject generalized “anti Trump” comments into any situation?

One brother and I attended our aunt’s funeral for her second husband (not sure that was the best way to word it). After the church service a small group went for lunch. My cousin’s wife kept dropping anti Trump comments into the conversation. Brother and I, who are not typically reticent, rolled eyes and kept quiet. Not the time or place. I don’t understand the need to throw anti Trump into everything. To be fair, it happened with Bush. We all know that. Too bad Bush is a globalist as well. But what happened during Bush has gone nuclear under Trump. It’s so sad, because as we all know he is not corrupt.

And we all know that we never have denigrated our leader to our relatives while at a funeral. We have always been polite, and kept quiet. Hmm. Maybe we should re-think that. Sad to say.


Gus. India, UK, Germany, N. Ireland, Hong Kong, Malaysia during the emergency, Singapore, Borneo during the confrontation. He also provided additional air defense support on an aircraft carrier during the Korean War.


Gus. My previous post should have been addressed to Narciso.


That was me, the only one left out was aden.


Davod, my Grandfather was German for 2 years. After he was SEVERELY WOUNDED at EL ALEMEIN.
Grandad's Father in Law, whom he never met, was killed (also Egypt) Oct 23 1918. Buried Damascus.
I am named for my Great Grandfather KIA OCT 23, 1918 buried BRITISH WAR GRAVES DAMASCUS.
MY MOST BELOVED SON, has the same name as me, in HONOR of my GREAT GRANDAD, and my sons GREAT GREAT GRANDAD. IT is a point of UNBELIEVABLE LOVE and PRIDE to me. I have my Great Grandads MOA from BRITAIN, I own that and his other medals. I own his pay book and note book from WWI. I have his deaths proclamation from the KING on the wall 8feet away. IT'S VERY REAL TO ME.


Thats about 30 years right?


Sorry, that was not well stated.


cc, we need to be aware, that many many peeps, and even some that we are related to and love.

ARE IGNORANT of what they speak.
They love the freedom to run their cake hole's without any idea of what they say.

Did they fight for that right??

Dave (in MA)

I wonder how Buttigieg's husband feels about him becoming Trans?


Narciso. He might have been there as well. I just don't immediately recall. The days of a declining empire. As an aside. A long time ago, I discovered that the UK had 200,000 troops supporting the Borneo campaign. A very closely held secret.

jim nj

Dave (in MA)

How about Newark, NJ mayors?
Hugh Addonizio, Kenneth Gibbons and Sharpe James were all indicted and convicted after leaving office.

Corey Booker came next. I'm still hoping.


CC, I have no doubt, that you and your husband, have raised your children to be PROUD and decent Americans'. The problem is, ONCE, you've set your children free, to be their own persons/adults, they may be drawn to the EASY and the SMARMY.
My son, does not necessarily like to hear my screeds about PATRIOTISM. But he is a wonderful boy/MAN, an EAGLE SCOUT, and an excellent UNIVERSITY STUDENT in very very trying times.

Dave (in MA)

Fingers crossed, jim nj.


Corey Booker is a dimwit. And he is gay.
He doesn't have the balls to be gay.....YET.
It was quite humorous for BOOKER, to pretend to have a HAWT non-gay GIRLFRIEND.
Booker was unable to run as himself.
Every single DEMOCRAT is the same. FAKE, LYING and incapable of intellect nor honesty.




This is a compilation of the most important facts produced by Jesse Binalli today at the hearing about Nevada voter irregularities and outright fraud.There are 3 videos at the end, but the high points are listed in the text before you get there.


Night, night. Storm is a brewin’ and I am tired. Thanks for listening to my rants. I love this place!



Got to bed, I am. This is all on someone else’s schedule. It’ll wait.

Dave (in MA)

I'm guessing that even the ones who flunked out of the Community College had a better understanding of simple percentages and fractions on average than the author of the dissertation.



You are right, and I am heading to bed, too.

Good night, everyone!


That seems a sizable force, i can understand malaysia and aden because they were choke points in the indian and arabian ocean

jim nj


The Growth Machine West of the Hudson
While New York City struggles to produce limited new housing, Jersey City is booming.

I thought this was interesting. When Daddy visited NY and we went on the Staten Island Ferry I brought a 1970 Hagstrom's map with me so I could point at the huge difference in the Jersey City skyline since then.

So I'm pointing out to him that in the 1970's when I worked there as a news photographer roughly 6,000 feet of the Jersey City Hudson riverfront was all railyards. Several were hundreds of yards deep. Others weren't quite so deep because there were manufacturing plants in there that shipped out to the rest of the country. That rail network supplied NYC by barging railcars across the river and the empty cars came back to Jersey City and shipped its' products west.

Liberty Harbor which is also mentioned in the article was another 4,000 foot railhead with manufacturing including the infamous "Black Tom" site that was sabotaged in WWI.

Anyway, Jersey City decided some 50, or so, years ago that it would have a much brighter future if it redeveloped the railyards, closed factories and brown-fields. They are still doing it.

So Daddy is comparing the map to the rows of skyscrapers sitting on the railyard and he's impressed.


Jill Biden, is an idiot and a whore.

jim nj

When I was covering Jersey city circa mid-70's I used to call it Fire City. It was on a downward path and certain property owners saw arson as an answer to their problems.

I was telling some friends from Bergen County about that and on an off day I drove them down there one night. Sure enough I found a fire to show them.

There was even a pattern to the fires. They always seemed to occur in the areas of Jersey City that were transitioning from white to black. Call me a racist for noticing.


'S up Sug? Strange days. Praise Jesus and pass round more clops.

Hope yer well, 'mano!


jim nj

I'm still catching up today, but with all the testimony about people double-voting, these people should be investigated and prosecuted if the allegations are correct.

If memory serves me correctly double-voting in a national contest is a felony. Felons lose the right to vote.


I meant clops 😜




My brother sent this along, and it immediately made me think of daddy -- it's like something he would post! Sure do miss him...

(Sorry you'll have to right-click on the picture as I don't know how to resize it without copying it somewhere else.)


Ghostly circles in the sky can't be explained. And astronomers are excited.

By Ray NorrisFirst Published 19 hours ago
Are they 'throats' of wormholes?

The ghostly ORC1 (blue/green fuzz), on a backdrop of the galaxies at optical wavelengths. There’s an orange galaxy at the centre of the ORC, but we don’t know whether it’s part of the ORC, or just a chance coincidence. (Image credit: Bärbel Koribalski, based on ASKAP data, with the optical image from the [Dark Energy Survey](https://www.darkenergysurvey.org))
In September 2019, my colleague Anna Kapinska gave a presentation showing interesting objects she’d found while browsing our new radio astronomical data. She had started noticing very weird shapes she couldn’t fit easily to any known type of object.

Among them, labeled by Anna as WTF?, was a picture of a ghostly circle of radio emission, hanging out in space like a cosmic smoke-ring. None of us had ever seen anything like it before, and we had no idea what it was. A few days later, our colleague Emil Lenc found a second one, even more spooky than Anna’s.

Anna and Emil had been examining the new images from our pilot observations for the Evolutionary Map of the Universe (EMU) project, made with CSIRO’s revolutionary new Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder (ASKAP) telescope.

EMU plans to boldly probe parts of the Universe where no telescope has gone before. It can do so because ASKAP can survey large swathes of the sky very quickly, probing to a depth previously only reached in tiny areas of sky, and being especially sensitive to faint, diffuse objects like these.

I predicted a couple of years ago this exploration of the unknown would probably make unexpected discoveries, which I called WTFs. But none of us expected to discover something so unexpected, so quickly. Because of the enormous data volumes, I expected the discoveries would be made using machine learning. But these discoveries were made with good old-fashioned eyeballing.

Hunting ORCs

Our team searched the rest of the data by eye, and we found a few more of the mysterious round blobs. We dubbed them ORCs, which stands for “odd radio circles”. But the big question, of course, is: “what are they?”

At first we suspected an imaging artefact, perhaps generated by a software error. But we soon confirmed they are real, using other radio telescopes. We still have no idea how big or far away they are. They could be objects in our galaxy, perhaps a few light-years across, or they could be far away in the Universe and maybe millions of light years across.

When we look in images taken with optical telescopes at the position of ORCs, we see nothing. The rings of radio emission are probably caused by clouds of electrons, but why don’t we see anything in visible wavelengths of light? We don’t know, but finding a puzzle like this is the dream of every astronomer.

We know what they aren't

We have ruled out several possibilities for what ORCs might be.

Could they be supernova remnants, the clouds of debris left behind when a star in our galaxy explodes? No. They are far from most of the stars in the Milky Way and there are too many of them.

Could they be the rings of radio emission sometimes seen in galaxies undergoing intense bursts of star formation? Again, no. We don’t see any underlying galaxy that would be hosting the star formation.

Could they be the giant lobes of radio emission we see in radio galaxies, caused by jets of electrons squirting out from the environs of a supermassive black hole? Not likely, because the ORCs are very distinctly circular, unlike the tangled clouds we see in radio galaxies.

Could they be Einstein rings, in which radio waves from a distant galaxy are being bent into a circle by the gravitational field of a cluster of galaxies? Still no. ORCs are too symmetrical, and we don’t see a cluster at their centre.

A genuine mystery

In our paper about ORCs, which is forthcoming in the Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia, we run through all the possibilities and conclude these enigmatic blobs don’t look like anything we already know about.

So we need to explore things that might exist but haven’t yet been observed, such as a vast shockwave from some explosion in a distant galaxy. Such explosions may have something to do with fast radio bursts, or the neutron star and black hole collisions that generate gravitational waves.

Or perhaps they are something else entirely. Two Russian scientists have even suggested ORCs might be the “throats” of wormholes in spacetime.

From the handful we’ve found so far, we estimate there are about 1,000 ORCs in the sky. My colleague Bärbel Koribalski notes the search is now on, with telescopes around the world, to find more ORCs and understand their cause.

It’s a tricky job, because ORCS are very faint and difficult to find. Our team is brainstorming all these ideas and more, hoping for the eureka moment when one of us, or perhaps someone else, suddenly has the flash of inspiration that solves the puzzle.

It’s an exciting time for us. Most astronomical research is aimed at refining our knowledge of the Universe, or testing theories. Very rarely do we get the challenge of stumbling across a new type of object which nobody has seen before, and trying to figure out what it is.

Is it a completely new phenomenon, or something we already know about but viewed in a weird way? And if it really is completely new, how does that change our understanding of the Universe? Watch this space!

This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. Read the original article.

Follow all of the Expert Voices issues and debates — and become part of the discussion — on Facebook and Twitter. The views expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the publisher.

jim nj


Supply issues hampering Pfizer providing additional vaccine faster

Interesting in the context of why the government didn't quickly commit to ordering a second tranche of the Pfizer vaccines.

Oh, wait a moment. There are extra doses of the vaccine in every vial.


Stat News reported earlier that hospital pharmacists found themselves in the position of throwing away one in every six doses of the first Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccines distributed this week in the United States because of the confusion over labeling.
The Pfizer vials are supposed to hold five doses, according to the labeling, but media reports said pharmacists had found a way for a sixth or even a seventh dose.
Without clear approval from the manufacturer, the extra dose had to be discarded.

My exacting finance professor would have flunked these people. If my math is correct we ordered 100M doses. 5 doses per vial means 20M vials. 1 or 2 extra doses per vial = 20-40M extra doses. What a bargain! Trump strikes again.

jim nj

Without lifting a finger Trump has ruined another brand name.

I don't listen to Russ Limbaugh, but I understand that he is not well. If Russ needs a guest host I hope Trump takes over if he has to step down.

This business of ex-presidents being politely quiet shouldn't obtain if you are cheated out of office.

And if it comes that and the Senate doesn't Kavanaugh every single dodgy cabinet nominee that Xiden proposes Trump can lead the charge against them.

jim nj


Air pollution a cause of UK girl's death, finds global landmark ruling

Huh? She died in 2013? And now they have decided it was from air pollution? Well at least Trump can't be blamed for that. It's Obama's fault.

jim nj

I'm tired. Kind of punch-drunk. Nytol.


PSA here, for all of us of a certain age--pretty much everybody posting here except YL--answering this question of GUS's

He was such a wonderful man, and it's hard to understand how after all his bitching about having his yearly re-certification, that his health could be ONE and DONE.

I suspected immediately what likely happened to daddy, based on the wonderful post jim nj had made, chronicling the previous day's adventure through Manhattan. LOTS of walking, a fair amount of watering hole stops.

It could happen to ANYBODY.

As a matter of fact, it happens so often in the next few weeks, not to mention around the SuperBowl, it's called Holiday Heart, as I posted March 2018.

Alcohol and dehydration (and probably big swings in sugar/insulin levels--fudge, anyone?) causes electrolyte imbalances. Electrolyte imbalances cause cardiac arrhythmias.
Cardiac arrhythmias can cause cardiac perfusion issues.
Cardiac perfusion issues can cause more serious arrhythmias, which completely prevent ANY perfusion--

and you are DRT--DEAD RIGHT THERE--as one of my colleagues from the hill country calls it.

And yes, that can happen plum right out of nowhere, without any symptoms ever.

Moderation in all things. ;-)
(and--we know not the day nor the hour, do we?)


I’m much more appreciative that every day is a gift. Appreciation Itself a gift of Age. When our task is complete we move on. The separation in death is an illusion.


+1 hoyden!


There is a wide spectrum of closeness among siblings.


In one household I am extremely familiar with, one person is one of five who have a group text that is used almost daily; the other is one of eight, and only has contact with one sibling.

Toxic personality disorders are something to witness up close.
When one of those people watched Hillbilly Elegy the other day, she may have texted her children:

When you watch that, you are seeing your aunts in action. Those are your people too.

Robin, eff 'em all

We’re going to the precipice. And a few of “our friends” won’t be joining us on the walk back. Not my plan, but I’m comfortable with it.

Melinda, I do appreciate your posts, but this one is a head scratcher.


Agree Robin, but it's far from the first for me.

Robin, eff 'em all

Anyway, one of the ladies is a very smart (graduated top of our HS class) doctor now (ACTUAL doctor).. and she mentioned how great it is that the flu is so low this year. I said why is that. She said "because everyone is wearing masks and distancing." I said "so why is covid so high?" She had to think about that one. (insert head exploding emoji here)

Ugh, yes. Last night, I asked my daughter (whose virtual public school district has a snow day today) if she was going sledding with friends. She detailed the two separate invitations she had received and I commented that they should all go together. She rolled her eyes, "We can't, Mom. That's too many people together. Corona."

Seriously. This makes me even more angry than closing schools. Her friends' parents (my friends!!) are f--king idiots.

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