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December 16, 2020



4Chan saying Assange's "Deadman" switch on ALL of his files has been flipped.

Captain Hate

i would add that this steal is 'we are taking it and there is nothing you can do to stop it' demoralization. so much for a republic and hello dark ages.

There's very little Team Gaylord and his Uniparty allies haven't employed this submit to authority tactic on: BLM/antifa, men in little girls rooms, homo marriage, open borders, mentally ill freaks as health directors, attacks on free speech and religion. All about being forced to accept the abnormal.


Melinda, any link to that drop?


so he was a useful idiot.


The New York State ‘Department of Health’ confirm that they have NO EVIDENCE that masks work!


Nice letter.


Dr. Ayyadurai Wins Key Victory in Election Fraud Case, By Larry Johnson, Published December 17, 2020 at 7:20am on Gateway Pundit.
No lawyer would represent him.


Looking, hrt. Nothing yet.


if a particular state has procedures that encourage untraceable fraud, another state has no business complaining about it.

Yes, but I'm wondering who, if anyone, does have standing. For all I know, even voters in a state that violated its constitution have no standing--meaning that the only remedy would be, ironically, at the ballot box for each state's legislators and judges. Seems a bit hard to swallow.


Gus Skarlis
Replying to
Here's some transmissions logs which show the voting machines were connected and transmitting data over the internet. #TRUMP2020



Posted by: Captain Hate | December 17, 2020 at 11:40 AM

glad your back and thanks for the email.

this has the feel of a psyops campaign, probably the most successful one ever launched. everything about this stinks and it will take a gibbon to unravel it all.

i suppose if i had to point to anything it would have been the bizarre congressional testimony strzok-his mannerisms, the house members-remember strzok was a high ranking counterintelligence agent and those are supposedly our elected representatives. then and there the hammer should have dropped.


Also, none of JOM's esteemed legal team answered my question from a few days back of why it's up to the campaign's legal team to investigate election fraud. Aren't crimes usually investigated by government employees (FBI, DA's office, police detectives, etc.)?


..voters in a state that violated its constitution have no standing..

I think this has come up and, yes, lack of standing is the chief impediment to individuals filing suit. Just seems crazy to this IANAL.

Seems a bit hard to swallow.

They don't make justices like Alito and Thomas anymore, maybe the three newbies think they're doing their paret to delay 15 new justices crowding the facilities.


paret = part (not parrot!)



jimmyk, the answer seems obvious to me:The election data is in the hands of the defendants and the govt investigators are as well.



Last night on newsmax I saw an ad for Howie’s show. How weird.


only some sorts of crimes jimmyk.

the coen bros militia - let us spare no expense!

a seditious conspiracy involving federal officials and i would guess at least ten states - nothing to see here.

we spend hundreds of billions of dollars a year on intelligence gathering and the federal government can't even protect its own networks from insider or outsider threats.


Dilley Show live link for today on You Tube:


I will try to give a synopsis for those who can't watch, and will provide a link to the video when it's up later today.


>>>They don't make justices like Alito and Thomas anymore, maybe the three newbies think they're doing their paret to delay 15 new justices crowding the facilities.

Posted by: hrtshpdbox | December 17, 2020 at 11:57 AM<<<

ah so it is a suicide pact after all. what are their expectations since they have let the fraud go uninvestigated and unpunished?


The election data is in the hands of the defendants and the govt investigators are as well.

Yeah, but if it's a federal crime and the defendants are state employees.... But then we're left with the FBI :(


Today’s weather forecast in the Cape Cod Times: “Windy with wet snot snow at times.”

2020 totally sucks!


but remember dr.ccgirl we are in this together!

the slush is melting off here.


and hey man nice shot starting playing!


Rich, not that bad here, but I will stay in and avoid the “snot snow.” That’s the final straw.


Or do something utterly futile and stupid:

By Ratcliffe holding up Intelligence Report on Election that was due on Friday but won't make it by then -- this will make Democrats so damn nervous you'll see their teeth rattling.

And the press won't be able to ignore it. They may try to spin in but they can't suppress it.
Quote Tweet
· 16h
Replying to @MikayesFiona
Ok Fiona !! Im confused!!



i've got to be out of my apartment this weekend and it is trashed with boxes and stuff ... so how about an early kjom and a lunch beer

terrible lie





Davod, interesting post re Dr. A. I was told that Mass didn’t use Dominion machines. I never researched it though. I know I am not alone in thinking that there should have been more votes for Trump here. But there’s also a theory that there weren’t more Trump supporters this year; they were just more vocal this year.

Anonamom - good advice this am. Thanks for scaring me straight! 😁


Deep state investigate deep state voting fraud? Pull the other one. It’s got bells.


BuffyUK, I live in Falmouth which is about as far away from Chatham as one can be while still on CC. I don’t know much about what happens there, except the great white shark issue. Interesting about the cemetery? Is it in Chatham?


rocket skates



of course the deepstateciafbi is going to investigate itself. totally honest and stuff.


and of course

hey man nice shot



maybe a filter double feature

can you trip like i do



yes, it's that kind of a day, rich.


indeed narciso. indeed.

the sound of winter




life imitates art



gotta head out to the saltmine here in a bit

limo wreck



Old Lurker

Rich "i suppose if i had to point to anything it would have been the bizarre congressional testimony strzok-his mannerisms, the house members-remember strzok was a high ranking counterintelligence agent and those are supposedly our elected representatives. then and there the hammer should have dropped."

I go back before that. The hammer should have squashed Lois Lerner for using the IRS against conservative groups. And the hammer should have squashed the Awans and every Congress Dem who used them.

When they all skated, the barn door was flung open.





Water is off hear so I decided to make 8 lbs of my famous cheese because it doesn’t need water. Oh what a mistake -

But it’s done. So is the kitchen until the water comes back on!


I believe william taylor was lerner's atty as well as the awans, it might have been another scam





(and this concludes your lunchtime beer and kjom)


Who knew the water can “hear’. How rude



One way to pay that tuition.


old lurker-

that too. it would probably take a generation of effort to figure out what exactly were the key points and why everything seemed to fail. the whole irs scandal is barely a footnote now and the awans got a nice settlement for their efforts. when we had the congress our representatives couldn't be bothered ... i wonder why?

(not really, they are controlled opposition and as much as i hate dems my ire is going to be focused on the gop. i really want them burned to the ground.)


but in my defense, stanley kubric would have had difficulty putting the strzok testimony on film ... nah, that is just too f'ing weird.


Deep state investigate deep state voting fraud? Pull the other one. It’s got bells.

You're basically saying that there's no way to prosecute crimes by government employees. While it has seemed that way, at least if the criminals are Democrats, even for Hillary there was at least a pretend investigation. Where's the pretend official investigation of voter fraud.



Here is a recap of The Dilley Show:

Review of morning presidential tweets.

Points out that President Trump is a very compassionate man, despite what the news media says.

Discusses the mysterious suicide of the agent assigned to investigating the death of Kemp's daughter's boyfriend in an "accident". Says it sounds like a Hillary Clinton operation.

WONDERFUL non-political video via Dan Scavino at the 16 minute mark, and then uses it to motivate people to physically work out and also to practice debate so that you can stand up to people who stand up to people who attack Trump supporters.

Clip of a GOP representative who reports on what was heard through the walls when the SC was deciding whether or not to hear the Texas case.

2 audio interviews of McInerney and Lin Wood. McInerney recommending suspension of habeas corpus and military tribunals, and Lin Wood saying the Supreme Court is ignoring his case, even though they requested expedited review.

Overtime has an interview with a guy who works as an insurance underwriter who points out that the anomalies in the numbers ONLY occur in counties that used Dominion machines.

Also a woman in IRAN praying for the President, Melania and Pompeo. THAT was amazing!

Jim Eagle

My Irish Soda Bread is in the oven.

Using currants which Mrs. JIB does not prefer but it will all be gone in 48hrs, after that it loses it’s texture and flavor.


While I was listening to Dilley I got 3 presents wrapped.

Now, for a load of laundry!




how can they aggregate the facts, and yet come to the wrong conclusion


Manuel Transmission

On an old subject that will come back with a vengeance if Xiden really get in (from my new pal):

Global warming models a prime example of not even knowing what factors, excepting political outcomes, to program.
The existence of undersea volcanoes spewing vast amounts of methane was undiscovered until very recently. Once surveying began, just in the near equatorial Pacific ocean, FIFTY THOUSAND were found. Methane is orders of magnitude more of a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide, and here it is, bubbling out of the earths crust in such vast quantities that small sailboats like ours up to large ships have been lost nearly instantly. The gas volume is so great that the specific gravity of the water drops so much that the waterline raises enough that any open hatch is enough to flood the ship and it's never heard from again. Another danger is the methane overwhelming the crew due to lack of oxygen. On our voyage from majuro toward Johnson island we skirted a deposit of floating pumice that was about the size of san juan island, sure sign of a recent eruption, and we were in water 3 to 4 miles deep. After we got to internet service, sure enough, there had been a volcano go off in the area.

Where is undersea methane release into the atmosphere in the ban plastic straws and grocery bag political global warming models? Yeah, didn't think so...

The climate models are always wrong, and having mapped a lot of those volcanoes, my guess is we don't have a fraction of the FACTORS that effect our climate yet much less supercomputers to calculate 20 years out. 50 years, a WAG ( that's a wild ass guess) in precise scientific terms.

There appears to be one immutable constant, however, some scum politician will try to screw us, with our own tax dollars no less.


The Election Wizard
BREAKING: UK Leaders Request Urgent Meeting with Julian Assange | The Election Wizard

Old Lurker

Rich, I name them both as important inflection points.

Lerner used the vast powers of the most feared government institution to unapologetically intimidate enemies of her state. While some, like Hoover and others, were rumored to have done such tings, nobody before Lerner used the entire apparatus of state to do it.

Awan was a point of inflection because, while spies had sometimes stolen files and such, Awans plugged the entire Dem Congressional computer network into a foreign state.

From those two baby steps came the Coup.v.2016 and the Coup.v.2020.


Ernie Plumley has a good thread with a video of Jim Caviezel (one of the few prominent Christians in Hollywood) giving a rendition of a portion of Regan's famous speech about having the courage to defend freedom.


Jim Eagle


That Caviezel copy of Reagan should go viral. I just about gave it a standing ovation:)


jimmyk@ 11:15, as part of that team, the answer is that law enforcement is looking into it:




Notice how Caviezel disappeared pretty much from public eye after it became widely-known that he is a sincere Christian? SUCH a talented guy!

He and Jon Voight should tour together. They are SO inspiring!


a light repast


Captain Hate

Notice how Caviezel disappeared pretty much from public eye after it became widely-known that he is a sincere Christian? SUCH a talented guy!

It's pretty well known Caviezel has turned down a lot of parts because he won't do nudity and other things that cut across his grain. I don't think he's financially hurting and appears in a lot of things that fly under the radar of the woke über alles crowd.



Ron (CodemonkeyZ)Reminds us that President Trump has a big decision to make.


Southern Poverty Law Center Provided Funding to Fulton County, Georgia for 25 Absentee Ballot Drop Boxes






Lin Wood
In discussing
in phone conversation in 8/19, Justice John Roberts stated that he would make sure “the mother f#*ker would never be re-elected.”

Roberts engaged in phone conversations with Justice Stephen Breyer discussing how to work to get Trump voted out.


[Sure would like to know his source for that little nuke.]


Lin Wood




Old Lurker

Mel, that is a bit of "put up or shut up" by Wood, who would be playing with fire unless he can prove that.


Lin Wood @LLinWood
What do you have here, @MichaelCoudrey?

You have documentary EVIDENCE!

Every lie will be revealed.

Mike Coudrey @MichaelCoudrey
Well, what do we have here?


[Link goes to an email discussing BillyJeff, Smartmatic, and the elections they "handled" around the world, including Haiti.]


Has Lin Wood produced any concrete results yet? We don't even know how much he accomplished for that kid from Kentucky, since the settlement was sealed. Wouldn't surprise me at all if all of this bluster is to drum up personal injury business a la Johnnie Cochrane


I think as a lawyer who handles slander biz, that might be a bit stronger than "bluff" as far as dares go.



Taking aim at the Chief Justice is pretty close to shooting at a king.


Rod Miller
@SidneyPowell1 @RudyGiuliani @JennaEllisEsq @LLinWood @CodeMonkeyZ

Dorcas ↩ @DjLots3
W O W!!!


Fulton: 106,000(94% of total votes!)

@POTUS was robbed!




Lin Wood is trying to get the MAGA Pom Pawns to start the shooting.

Once the blood is spilling no one will remember the atrocious lies spread by Wood.



My local friend texted me to check his Twitter page for that tweet. I couldn't find a source, but there was a rep speaking in the House this morning or yesterday who was talking about how the screaming of the justices could be heard through the walls. (That I picked up on Dilley's show today.)

I wondered if the details of that phone call came from whatever Julian Assange dropped.



Not behind a paywall.


I found the video clip Dilley used in his show today about the Supreme Court arguing. Video at the link, from C-SPAN, about 2 minutes:


"I don't give a #@&^ about 'Bush v. Gore'... at that time we didn't have RIOTS!"

A staffer "heard *SCREAMING* through the walls as Justice Roberts & other liberal Justices were insisting this case *NOT* be taken up..."

Wonder why Texas' case was dropped? Here's why: pic.twitter.com/rCpf5vwqSQ

— Kyle Becker (@kylenabecker) December 17, 2020

Rising serpent
Flag of United States
The liberal justices were afraid of doing the right thing, because "riots"
The message here is that being peaceful law-abiding citizens gets you screwed seven ways to Sunday while being flaming Marxist assholes ensures that the highest court in the land cowers in fear.


A different problem:


Tom R

Ron (CodemonkeyZ)Reminds us that President Trump has a big decision to make.

Justice John Roberts stated that he would make sure “the mother f#*ker would never be re-elected.”

[Sure would like to know his source for that little nuke.]

Perhaps these are both connected in some manner.

Lin Wood is either getting intel directly from someone on Team Trump or he is certifiably insane and just spewing out nonsense to gaslight Trump supporters. If Lin Wood is getting intel from someone on Team Trump and the conversation between Roberts and Breyer is legit, then it sounds like the Feds were actively wiretapping the phone calls of SCOTUS justices. That is some serious shit there if true.

If EO 13848 is Trump's Rubicon, then perhaps the evidence of foreign interference in the elections opened the door for the DOJ/FBI to get FISA warrants on US citizens involved with the foreign interference. If Roberts was part of the conspiracy then a FISA warrant would give the Feds the authority to retrieve all of his phone calls and that is how the phone call with Breyer was uncovered. Someone from Team Trump then made the tactical decision to leak that info to Lin Wood which means at some point in the near future Trump is going to go nuclear on the Swamp.

With that said, there are a lot of "ifs" in the preceding paragraph so I think applying Occam's Razor would force us to conclude Lin Wood is certifiably insane or blatantly dishonest and gaslighting Trump supporters.


We don't even know how much he accomplished for that kid from Kentucky, since the settlement was sealed.

“If you believe this kid got anything more than a nuisance fee settlement, you’re dreaming,” said national security law attorney Bradley P. Moss.



🚨🚨Take 2:19 and listen to the great Jim Caviezel drop some truth.💥💥pic.twitter.com/uIM3qR75Qc

— American Made (@2N26RTR) December 17, 2020

Here is the complete video of Caviezel quoting Reagan, including a dead-on imitation of his voice at the beginning. Video at the link.


Trump Blocks $200M In Funding To California For Violating Federal Conscience Laws, Refers Vermont Medical Center To DOJ



New York Post
De Blasio must fork over docs, testimony for COVID probe, says judge https://trib.al/56t5GiA


I find the report by a "clerk" of the SCOTUS fighting and the report of a phone conversation by Linn Wood equally dubious.As for fear of slander, why? Rberts is a public figure and it would be hard to make the case. Ask yourself what clerk would dare to repeat such a thing and how in the world would Linn have access to such a conversation. Or even how likely Roberts would call Trump a fucker.

Jim Eagle

Always liked Caviezel ever since he played the best JC ever. That and being Mr. Finch’s bulldog.

Manuel Transmission

Just found this in a comment on WUWT.



Or even how likely Roberts would call Trump a fucker.

Well, he called Obamacare a tax, so we know he does say unusual things.




Jerry Christmas, B.A.
NEW: CISA is warning the global cyber espionage op (suspected by many to be the Russians) is a "grave risk" to the U.S. & is bigger in scope than initially reported, with "infection vectors" beyond just the SolarWinds software exploitation.


(Dunleavy is a reporter for The Examiner.)

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--When TuCa mentioned the typo right off the bat in the intro of her "dissertation" without specifying what it was, it took me a few seconds to spot it: "The needs of the student population are often undeserved, resulting in a student drop-out rate of almost one third.--

I kept reading that and reading it and knew something was wrong but didn't spot it.


#SolarWindsHack NEW @DeptofDefense “To date, we have no evidence of compromise of the DODIN” from Director Defense Information Systems Agency. Tuesday, Acting SEC DEF Miller exclusively told @CBSNews about securing systems + prelim assessment no compromise pic.twitter.com/mJUMS4qzx2

— Catherine Herridge (@CBS_Herridge) December 17, 2020

Video at the link. Thirty second clip.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--An executive order put the release date at December 18th, but now careerists are letting DNI John Ratcliffe know that it won’t be ready. This comes amid “disagreements” on whether China interfered in the election or not.--

Probably fake news.
I suspect reality is they agree there was Chinese interference but Ratcliffe considers that a bug and the intelligence village idiots consider it a feature [and probably assisted the chicoms].


Good afternoon! Lovely afternoon on the Gulf Coast of Florida. This morning I called my mother. This is the one year anniversary of Mom breaking her leg. :( She is in good spirits. It has been a long year! She is in southern NH and said that there was about a foot of snow and more expected all day. I looked at snowfall totals and noticed that the schools up north consider this a snow day. Robin mentioned earlier today that the students who are virtual/remote learning in upstate NY have a snow day. The same for southern NH and Maine. I had to laugh, because I told hubby that the schools up north had declared a snow day for remote learners. The look on his face was priceless. WTF?!?

Tom R

Melinda's 3:02 mentions Pro V&V which is a company in my neck of the woods. I went to their website and found this. it's the only entry in their News section and the date of their certification is 2 weeks prior to their EAC certification expiring.


"February 10, 2017 pvvadmin
Pro V&V has completed the testing of the Democracy Suite 5.0 Voting System. The Election Assistance Commissions today certified the Dominon Voting Democracy Suite 5.0 voting system meets the voting system standards. The determination came after a through review campaign conducted by Pro V&V, the EAC’s newest voting system testing lab. Out of the six full certifications, the Dominon Democracy Suite 5.0 voting system was the most efficient process, completing the full certification in just over 9 months."

I don't think I would hire this company to perform independent verification and validation testing.


Our overlords adapted Castle Wolfenstein:


Their elevator has no ground floor: pro-abortion group creates video game where you kill pro-life women, priests, and police--so you can then shoot a fetus to win the game.


Jim Eagle

Has anyone ever ventured that Doctor-Doctor mean’t that as being “unDeserved” sort of like Slo Joe’s whole career.

Tom R

BTW on the Pro V&V website is this page:


If you click on Read More it takes you to the USG's EAC website where you get the error message: The requested page could not be found.


Old Lurker

Me Three, Clarice. Total BS, both those stories.

Old Lurker

I think those student needs ARE undeserved. Femall.



Check these quotes out:

But that precedent ended with the ill-conceived Robert Muller investigation. By spring, Biden could have done to him what was done to Trump — and what Biden himself so frequently cheered on.


Should the Republicans hold the Senate and take the House in 2022, they could do what the Democrats did in 2020. But if they were to impeach Biden as a possible beneficiary of his family’s foreign influence-peddling, a Republican-controlled Senate might not so easily acquit him.


Biden should hope that a rogue FBI does not conduct freelance investigations of him the way it did to Trump.


But Biden should hope that the opposition will not do to him and his party what the Democrats did so bitterly to Trump.

As if any of this would happen. It would appear VDH apparently hasn’t actually met too many members of Xiden’s “opposition” party...


Joel Pollak
Congratulations to @PeteButtigieg, who would be the First Gay Cabinet Member Except for That Other Guy @RichardGrenell Who Was Actually First but Was Appointed by @realDonaldTrump and Had Other Positions and Was Too Good at Everything He Did to Be Singled Out for Sexuality Alone.

Jim Eagle


Stepping on my line? Tsk, tsk.


Huh. The Howie Carr/ Newsmax hour has obviously been severed because of the Krebs lawsuit against Newsmax and DiGenova.

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