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December 08, 2020





Roscoe Davis had the story about Texas suing the other states around midnight last night. Here's the wrapped version:



Good morning, CarolininLondon! (For you, afternoon, of course.)


Two things from the last thread:

Clarice gave a link to a brilliant article.

"Republicans must stop funding people who hate them, and instead build political infrastructure that actually helps their voters."


RSE: Speaking of using assassination "as a tool of resolution", the 100 year anniversary of Michael Collins's "Bloody Sunday" was two weeks ago.


Jeff Flake

· 11h
There is long-term damage when this kind of behavior is normalized. It is not normal, and elected Republicans need to speak out against it.

Donald J. Trump
...And it’s not normal when a sitting Senator is forced to retire because his Arizona poll numbers were so low that he would have come out dead last in the Republican Primary, and had zero chance of winning the general election. Great job Jeff!


Rep. Malcolm “Biden/Harris WON” Kenyatta
· 14h
Speaker Cutler should have told the President to accept the results of the election and knock off the nonsense.

Instead, he joined a letter last week to ask Congress to overturn the electoral college.

The cowardice is stunning. https://washingtonpost.com/politics/trump
Donald J. Trump
Thank you to Speaker Cutler and all others in Pennsylvania and elsewhere who fully understand what went on in the 2020 Election. It’s called total corruption!



The original Rumble video from the last thread:



I think the big story about Dominion is it was obviously vulnerable to manipulation and some if not all the pols who chose it were bribed to do so.


Lin Wood's full of vinegar this AM:

Lin Wood
Dominion is tied to CCP. Dominion is tied to Cabala Harris.
Dominion is in every GA county.

Connect the dots GA Patriots.



Willowed from the last thread, a post by rse:

That's why digital learning is so essential to the transformational plans because you control the provided experiences and the physiological results over time gets gathered. That's not my interpretation of the effect. It is the declared purpose of webinar after webinar of every major and minor ed group since this past March.

rse, my son who is attending Boston College from our kitchen told me one of his final exams will require that the taker of the test leave his microphone and camera on, and that his eye movements will be monitored while taking the exam.

Big Brother is here!


Momto2: you recommended the Oxo brew but I can't find it here and shipping from the USA is really expensive these days.

Jack Lillywhite: Chester Close is a great location. I lived on Sloane Street for a year, off Soho's Carnaby Street for a year and a half, then Kensington about five minutes from the Israeli embassy. These days I don't live anywhere close to the centre.


Stop the Steal - Stu Cvrk
(1 of 2) On July 12, 2019, GA Governor Brian Kemp met Houston Consul General Li Qiangmin at the consulate in Houston.


(2 of 2) On July 29, 2019, GA signs contract for use of Dominion Voting Machines statewide. Think it's a coincidence?


Captain Hate

Shocking that Jeff Flake can't keep his whore mouth shut out of office.


Captain Hate,

I am pleased to see President Trump blasting him right back.


ABC15 Arizona
· 25m
State health officials are reporting 12,314 new coronavirus cases and 23 additional deaths.
https://bit.ly/2RSNbtk #abc15
Rep Andy Biggs
Frighten the masses into getting tested around the holidays, and this is what you get.

Up to 90% of these reported positives could be non-infectious/false positives.

Unfortunately Arizona health bureaucrats have shown no interest in being transparent with Arizonans.
So, who would those health bureaucrats answer to or get money from?

Old Lurker

Clarice "I think the big story about Dominion is it was obviously vulnerable to manipulation and some if not all the pols who chose it were bribed to do so."

...and that some important GOP congress critters are in office thanks to Dominion already.


Miss Marple and everybody, just changed my name to be on the safe side. Cheers.


How do the Supremes not take this case? And if they do, how does Trump lose?

Texas’ Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton on Tuesday filed a lawsuit in the U.S. Supreme Court to invalidate the presidential election results in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin and Michigan.


Old Lurker,

It would not surprise me if Dominion had a side scam in which they sold primary wins (from both parties) to the highest bidder, and then auctioned off the Congressional seats or assigned them based on CCP's wishes. (GOP winners acceptable to CCP got in on condition they would be "friendlies".)

This might explain why so much money is required to run for the House or Senate.


OK, BuffyUK, message received!


Kevin McCarthy

· Dec 6
House Democrats have scheduled 101 days of work for next year—a 25% reduction.

Let me say it again: 101 working days. For the whole year.

Laziest Congress in modern history.

Young Lurker

Though it has seemed like a s*** show (still can't curse in front of my dad!), I'm warming to the approach of throwing everything at the wall. The multitude of lawsuits from various lawyers/plaintiffs in various states/courts, plus the hearings in front of various state legislature panels, have perhaps been mostly about getting the evidence of fraud out to the public.. a challenge indeed when the media is willing to simply ignore and censor information.

If there were no credible evidence of fraud, I don't know if the supreme court would have it in them, even with so many constitutionalists, to throw out entire states' votes based on the legislative procedures taken. But now the subtext is (...AND THEY USED THIS LAWLESS LOOPHOLE TO CHANGE THE OUTCOME, AS YOU'VE BEEN SEEING THIS PAST MONTH).

I think this ultimately comes down to whether the 5 good justices actually believe there was massive fraud. If they do, now they have a way to rectify it based on the constitution alone, without having to get into the weeds about this allegation or that witness or who debunked which debunker of the video.

If they don't, they won't.

Working in our favor will be the massive power grab of the left in the name of covid (which, as Clarice has explained, they have already signaled they are NOT falling for) and their own personal experiences with just how low the left is willing to go to achieve their ends. (e.g., accusations of serial gang rape of minors).

In fact, for each justice on whom we are relying now, we have a reason to think they might not be amused with the left. Thomas' treatment (by Biden!!) during his confirmation. Alito has been flagrantly taunted by PA (they disregarded his order to keep late ballots separate, probably daring him to throw out an entire state, am I correct?). Gorsuch, not sure, but he was appointed by Trump which can't hurt, and he wrote a book entitled "A republic, if you can keep it," which also can't hurt. Kav, see above, and my own PTSD from that debacle would suggest he's probably still a little angry himself. ACB, well, I'm assuming anyone with 7 kids is short on patience and long on enforcement of rules.


Now for one hour of work in the spare bedroom/hoarding area.

Back at lunchtime.


Good morning,

Will the SC save our Constitution? I think they will, I have a good feeling about it. And when President Trump finally wins this election, all hell will beak loose. The left driven by the media has been told Biden won the election for over a month now and they're not going to buy it. So with the left's silent approval and permission from the media, riots should abound.

later, busy day.


Any word on the Alito case?


Mozart sucks.

Whoever posted this last thread is either a provocateur or a troglodyte. 🤨

Old Lurker

YL, I have argued for throwing everything at the attempt to get sworn back in.

Failing that, I am very much in favor of Trump declassifying, un-redacting, and posting EVERYTHING the government knows about Coup.v.2016 and Coup.v.2020 all in one fell swoop. Just to muddy it up more, pardon himself and anybody else involved for doing it.

Just do it and let the chips land on both parties and be done with it.

That will cement his name in the history books in a good way whatever comes. Slinking out of town quietly and complaining from the sidelines is too Obama-Clinton-esq to make even a ripple in time.


Before I leave, one last post for those who will use Twitter and watch videos. Last night I was listening to the RSBN Prayer vigil and Father Pavone read the scripture from Exodus about the Egyptians being destroyed when they arrogantly chased the Israelites into the Red Sea.

So apparently this didn't escape William of Ockham, who has constructed a 2-minute video meme which is GENIUS!

Video at the link.

Big Tech!. Set my people Free! President Trump will lead us to Social Media Fairness for all. pic.twitter.com/uF8m5Mvz39

— William-of-Ockham (4 more years) (@Will_of_Ockham) December 8, 2020

Ugh. This is the basic prog plan. (Evers has never had an original thought). thread.


DHS Deputy Sec. Willems Van Dijk today said, after COVID-19 vaccines are released in WI, measures like masking and distancing must be used until a "sufficient level" of people are vaccinated.

Willems Van Dijk said that won't happen until mid- to late-2021.



Agree, YL


lyle, lol, Captain Hate had said he enjoys seeing people put down musical tastes, so I was just being a provocateur. I love Mozart (Bach sucks, though).


Yodel and Escher disagree.



Jim Eagle


We were in our "cottage" in Chester Close on 9/11 but I was at work in the City (Pilgrim Street) and the Tube and buses were overcrowded, so I walked home along with thousands of others:). When I got there, my Belgian in-laws were visiting (they had a place over near Hyde Park on Rutland Gate).

As I was pouring a coffee in our place, I stepped out on to our balcony and there was the Metro anti-terror squad with one of those large vehichles they use with a big "cow-catcher" bumper. The officer in charge asked if all was okay. Seems we were the closest occupancy to the west side of Buckinham Palace gardens off of Grosvenor Place. Felt pretty secure and the constant hovering of the Metro helicopter was a little annoying:)

Then the next day there was a huge service at St. Paul's. My office was off of Ludgate Hill and the street was jammed packed all the way up to the Cathedral. Quite the experience.

James D.

my son who is attending Boston College from our kitchen told me one of his final exams will require that the taker of the test leave his microphone and camera on, and that his eye movements will be monitored while taking the exam.

It’s really easy for me to say this, not having any children so not having to actually do what I’m saying, but if my kid told me that, my gut reaction would be to withdraw him from the school immediately.

That ought to be totally unacceptable, for about a dozen reasons.

Old Lurker

Good one, Henry.

Still have that book.

Old Lurker

I keep that book so YL and her sister see it and think I am smarter than I am...


James D.

General Austin is an American hero and a solid pick for Defense Secretary.

If Biden’s handlers chose him, then by definition he’s not a solid pick for anything.

If he’s willing to work for a crooked dementia patient and a communist whore who stole the election, then by definition he’s a traitor.


(Bach sucks, though)

You gotta be kidding. Or better yet: c’mon, man!

Jim Eagle


Forgot to mention that Joan also lived for a while in London, St. John Woods, IIRC. Don't know if she was there for 9/11.

Soylent Red

Bach sucks, though

I will fight you.

General Austin is an American hero and a solid pick for Defense Secretary.

CENTCOM commander during those glorious years of victory in Iraq and Afghanistan, 2013-16. Including the emergence of ISIS.

You heard it here first (or maybe not): we will be in a new war within 12 calendar months of Biden taking office.

But, he sat on the board of Raytheon, so I guess invest wisely.

Old Lurker

I just tried to post a question about that voting machine's role in 2018 and Typepad rejected it twice.

Old Lurker

Hmmm. It did not like the D Word I guess.



This is a transcript of Tucker’s reveal on China that MT was talking about last night.

Tom R

my son who is attending Boston College from our kitchen told me one of his final exams will require that the taker of the test leave his microphone and camera on, and that his eye movements will be monitored while taking the exam.

I think that is the standard nationwide. I know my kid at Bama has a similar situation. The computer she uses to take online exams has a special browser that prevents alt-tabbing and opening up new browser windows to prevent the student from using Google or other websites to cheat. The webcam is active because the student is being monitored by exam proctors to make sure they don't use their phones to Google answers for the exam.



Use dates back to at least '04.

Tom R

Bach and Mozart don't compare to real classical music.



Btw, it’s chilling, but explains everything.


Jack, on 9/11, I was typing at my desk, from which I could see a Kensington Palace dormer window, got a "messenger" ie text and turned on the tv. I went for a walk along "embassy row" and everything was shut up tight, the Israeli embassy was closed up and silent, Russian embassy too, all the armed guards were blank faced, still and low key. Light traffic, quiet, nearly silent, noticeably so. I lit a candle in the Carmelite monastery, got down on my knees and cried.

Wasn't the BBC coverage vile beyond measure! "This happened because America is so arrogant". I have not watched BBC news from that day to this.

Old Lurker

Tom, let's count the ways any self respecting hacker-person can scam those protections...

Old Lurker

I know, Mel. That's why I think a lot of Congress is there thanks to Dominion...both parties.

Convince me I'm wrong...


Around the corner from my old office, from a year ago August:

𝐖𝐢𝐧𝐝𝐲 𝐂𝐢𝐭𝐲 𝐖𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐍𝐞𝐰𝐬

Reports of a fire in the Chinese Consulate building at 100 W Erie and they aren’t letting #CFD in the building.


What is it with Chinee Consulates and fires, during BLM riots as cover?


Tracking eye movements may prevent cheating but it is also a relaible indicator of what part of the brain is being used in answering the question.

I.E.--to what extent is the student's cognition tied to logic vs pure emotion vs intertwined with emotion. Once again I have been getting nas weekly new papers for about 10 years now and eye tracking and what it tells about the learner is a biggy.

Just back from a chilly walk.

Old Lurker

That also explains why they were so confident going into 2020. It had been battle tested already.

Explains all those Sh*t eating grins they had all Fall.

Tom R

OL @ 11:48

Do you have personal experience with these anti-cheating software programs colleges are using now? I don't I'm just going by what my daughter told me. Whether it is true or not the students are told any attempt to circumvent the anti-cheating software will result in getting a 0 for the exam. I'm inclined to believe the large majority of students don't possess the hacking skills required to bypass the anti-cheating software without getting caught.


On Monday, just before midnight, the State of Texas filed a lawsuit that is far more important than all of the others surrounding the presidential election of November 3rd.



Soylent did you get it.



I'm wayy ahead of you on that logic trail.That's where the "key support" term comes in.


PA SCOTUS filing:

Justice Alito, open the box 🗳️📦🗳️📦🗳️

Disclose.tv 🚨 @disclosetv
JUST IN - #Pennsylvania has filed its brief (requested by Alito) to the Supreme Court. They basically urge the court not to open pandora's box even if federal laws of the US constitution have been violated.



From a very brief look at the State of Texas' filing with SCOTUS, it looks like the Texas AG has been listening to Mark Levin. The Commonwealth of PA changed its rules without the approval of the legislature, which Levin has been hammering since back in September


I can see where this might lead. Going to be some squealing soon:

President-Elect Lori
❤️🇺🇸🏛️Treasury Sanctions Iran’s Envoy in Yemen and University Facilitating Recruitment for Qods Force | U.S. Department of the Treasury




Citing Hagedorn’s wimp out in the WI SC. Despicable.



In case you, like me, have stopped watching even TuCa on Fox. This IS damning. But utterly known to most of us.



Just yesterday President Trump told Martha McCallum that "they forgot about our Constitution."



The newly filed "Trump-v.-Raffensperger" missed a very important defendant.

Meet GA Deputy Secretary Jordan Fuchs.




Captain Hate

The Commonwealth of PA changed its rules without the approval of the legislature, which Levin has been hammering since back in September

That's been a huge hanging curveball since then...

Young Lurker

Having not looked at the TX filing myself, what are the arguments regarding the other states besides PA?


Judge in Michael Flynn Case Signals He Will Ignore Trump's Pardon



RIP, Chuck Yeager. One of the world's great badasses.

We almost named our son after him, but instead decided to name him after my dad and great-uncle, who was also a Navy test pilot/air squadron commander and a friend of Yeager's. They were almost exactly the same age.


You have GOT to be kidding me.

Open the USA
THREATS: Dominion is threatening “lawsuits against Antrim County and its 22 townships for violating … contracts with The State of Michigan.”

“Those contracts forbid access to the Dominion tabulation machines or the software and algorithms”

via @CarrollQuigley1

Password Hunter02 @BenKTallmadge
Exclusive: Michigan House Committee Threatens Dominion with Subpoena breitbart.com/politics/2020/…



Pull just one thread.....(no, that's not my leg, either...)::

Oh really now?
Mr. Raffensperger has been letting his deputy run his office?
What was her name again?

Ryan James Girdusky @RyanGirdusky
From what I’ve heard from nearly everyone on the ground is that the SoS’ office is basically being run by his deputy Jordan Fuchs twitter.com/IngrahamAngle/…




When Hitler attacked the USSR (to their complete surprise) and German tanks started rolling into Ukraine the only thing Stalin's arm could respond with was cavalry with swords. At that time Stalin had no idea that a war should be fought with tanks and airplanes.

Brings us to the present situation: a 21st century war obviously means buying top people, cyberattacks on election machines and a relatively mild biowarfare as a backup.


Meanwhile, back in OH, the wannabee NeoRed Guard misfires::

Andy Ngô
BLM activists say an Ohio black man who was shot dead was waving a sandwich. Police say it was a pistol. A gun was recovered at the scene. npr.org/2020/12/07/943…


Captain Hate

The Soviet Union was backwards in almost everything but they inexplicably were very efficient in supplying the Red Army with reliable tanks.


The squealing begins:

🆘Rev Magdalen | Protect the Results @revmagdalen
James Clyburn is bold enough to tell the truth: this is an attempted coup. While Steny Hoyer repeats the delusional Pelosi-fueled line that Trump is just having a "temper tantrum" that the other Republicans are only humoring, not really doing what they appear to be doing.

James E. Clyburn @WhipClyburn
This is an attempt to overthrow our government.

You may not call it a coup, but this is an attempted coup.

Some people say Trump is trying to steal the election.

He is not trying to steal the election.

He is in your face trying to overthrow the will of the people.


Captain Hate

Twitter is such a retarded cesspool.


Russian WWII history is much more interesting than was ever taught here with any zealotry. Lend/Lease in particular.


Well stalin had the red orchestra had demidov to tip him off, of course the top german officers were trained in russia, the soviet liasons were all executed by stalin.



It has its redeeming features, IMOO.

2013 cnbc.com/id/100440555


Brennan/Chyna featured in that click.


A decade ago, galbraith bidens sherpa though he knew better than mccrystal he got a gig while counseling the kurds from a norwegian oil company. Other rocket surgeons recommended maliki who as much against the iraq war as obama and probably as much an iraniam tool.


The common element for 16 years was not touching suleimani or fakrizedeh.



Travis Pratt
The annual book tree is up! Always with a heavy Crim-literature presence and this year topped off with a T-Rex 🦖



From bush to obama, we rightfully disbanded the larger part of the baathist infranstructure rhe ones that ran thr machinery of death, they may cut too deep.

In the key ministries they put many revolutionary guard connected foot soldiers that answered to suleimani.

Dave (in MA)

Hopefully Sullivan will wave a sandwich soon.

Robin, eff 'em all

Thank you, Melinda, for posting the full WSJ piece on the other thread.


Christina Bobb

God bless Texas!

Donald J. Trump


Now this character was supposedly irans vehicle into iraq



Today's Dilley SHow which is a little loud and rough but he has some good information, including more China connections which are important.




Click if you’re in need of an emetic.


the general's appointment maybe related to an intersection between land information warfare activity and raython just a passing thought ... seems pretty obvious to me that we have been subjected to a pretty through psyops campaign, something that an occupying force would undertake, and raython would be developing those tools at liwa.

also i'm now wondering if dominion may have had a role in the cockup in honduras (starting in 2009)-the shit midas touch seemed odd at the time (a bizarre over reaction and then putting polices in place to make the situation far worse) and the situation still limps along today.

gotta say i'm pretty discouraged today and watching that tuca clip didn't help.



Key Points

There are separate systems for wealthy and low-income entrepreneurs; wealthy entrepreneurs are recipients of equity-style cash infusions, and lower-income entrepreneurs are offered debt or other less useful instruments.
Thus, lower-income entrepreneurs are unable to properly use their entrepreneurial talents, which hurts the economy as a whole.
A new system in which low-income entrepreneurs can access equity-like cash would benefit them and the economy as a whole.
Such a system has been tried in Liberia with success and should be ported to the United States.


Wasnt esper from raytheon, cue the who.

I do not accept this cigar store indian crammed full of lesuo, is the legitimate choice and hence none of his fantasy football picks have any legitimacy.


Part and parcel of this is the notion he have any great strategy that hasnt worked in 19 years in either theatre of operations


So when sen chief gallagher durant (sic) the african american sgt) et al are persecuted for going after the enemy.

Captain Hate

I'm perfectly fine with Texas saving everything


Captain Hate

Such a system has been tried in Liberia with success and should be ported to the United States.

Tire iron therapy is called for whoever wrote that.


New drop:


Dave (in MA)

Who can spare an hour to listen to those hacks Toobining themselves?



Check this out:

Second, respect those who voted differently. We are not naïve about how difficult it will be to move past the divisiveness fomented by President Trump, nor are we arguing that abhorrent beliefs on issues like race must simply be accepted. However, no matter who you voted for, more than 70 million Americans made a different choice. If we are to heal and progress as a nation, these voters cannot all be simply written off.”

And this:

…we must respect the need to move forward. The great gift of our democracy has been that we can disagree on significant issues and still live in peace. In the face of a pandemic that has already claimed more than 280,000 of our neighbors, we need a functional government, not a Congress wracked by polarization. Win-at-all costs politics has caused us to rack up a staggering national debt, punt on badly needed reforms and erode the independence of the judiciary. In this moment, our leaders must find a way to have honest disagreements while governing constructively.”

Uh huh.

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