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December 08, 2020



Two sugars please



The expert class in the cities that can’t even repair a leaky faucet. FIFY Brooksy.


But of course



The expert class in the cities that can’t even repair a leaky faucet. FIFY Brooksy.

Frederick will make some serious money this summer.

No better out here in far suburbia.

Everyday there are messages on Nextdoor looking for a handyman.

If my investments go “poof”, and Social Security goes bust, I guess I could at least work for my supper:)


Patch Tuesday brings bug fixes for OpenSSL, IBM, SAP, Kubernetes, Adobe, and Red Hat. And Microsoft, of course



Pfizer Admits COVID Vaccine Document Leak, Blames EU Server "Cyberattack"


Jim Eagle

Thanks for the encouragement Buckeye. Passed it on to him. Its the electrical work i worry about:)


Insty links a paywalled Roger Simon piece:

Tennessee Republican voters are certain to remember this cowardice among some of their leadership…As many states as possible should join this suit. Kansas, where are you? Idaho? Wyoming? Montana? West Virginia? Oklahoma? Iowa? This lawsuit, when it plays out in front of the Supreme Court in the coming days, must be conducted with the utmost thoroughness and transparency. Get it wrong and the United States of America may not have a second chance.”

Wherefore art thou, Brad Little Balls?


Heard John Yoo today
Say the Texas
Law suit is unlikely to prevail for reasons
I , of course forget . Yoo is very smart
And very conservative, so it worries me.

2inchkeyboards should be outlawed )


16 states are amici in the Texas lawsuit:https://www.supremecourt.gov/DocketPDF/22/22O155/163215/20201209144840609_2020-12-09%20-%20Texas%20v.%20Pennsylvania%20-%20Amicus%20Brief%20of%20Missouri%20et%20al.%20-%20Final%20with%20Tables.pdf


Correction 17 states are amici

Captain Hate

I guess that gutless coward Yost ignored my email. Or was overruled by DeWine.


Isn’t Yoo a NTer?




People with 'significant' food or medicine allergies are urged NOT to have Pfizer shot after two UK healthcare workers suffer 'anaphylactic reaction'.

My God, that's at least half the Karens in the Western world. And their kids.

Or at least, that's the category they think they're in.


Yes, I think Yoo is NeverTrump and has been pooh-poohing the fights to stop the steal since they began.


Here, I’ll save you a click:

Cheryl... why? Why did you lie to me? We had something great!" Swalwell said, tears in his eyes, as President Xi activated his jetpack and escaped.

Swalwell defended his actions, saying Xi was a tender lover and a great kisser, and "WE WERE IN LOVE, OK!? YOU JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND! THE HEART WANTS WHAT IT WANTS!"

Jinping's plan was reportedly to get close to Joe Biden to tempt him to sniff his hair, apparently not realizing all the Chinese government has to do is ask Biden and he'll surrender any information they want.

CNN called the development a "non-story" and criticized right-wing media for "pouncing" on the revelation that China's president was sleeping with congresspeople, saying it would only be a story if it were Putin sleeping with Swalwell.


Young Lurker

i'm glum and my husband just said to me in a soothing manner, "don't worry sweetie, this is all just the start of a new global war. it'll be ok!" hahah, i had to laugh.


Hi everyone,
Just dropping in to say hello & hope everyone is doing good. I'm quarantined for another few days due to a positive Covid-19 result. It sux to be ostracized but I'm pretty much almost over it, but I'm so glad I took Anonamon's advice and loaded up on D, Zinc & Queritin (SIC). Forgive my spelling but I still have brain fog although I did gain my taste & smell back. IDK if that's a good thing considering the major stink sewage seeping up from the bowels of the deep state these past two decades. The disgustingly corrupt DNC, MSM, with Biden & his ties to China have got to go. And, with that lying, corrupt, gasbag weasel Swalwell caught sucking face with Chinese spies? When will they ever be held to account for any thing? Never? I don't think this madness is over anytime soon, even if the Supremes fail America...I'm just saying...
Take care


Evan Kilgore
Flag of United States

17 states have now joined Texas in efforts to sue Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, and Wisconsin.

North Dakota
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia
Glad to see my state has joined. Phones were ringing off the hook at the statehouse.


Amici curiae are the States of Missouri, Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, and West Virginia.

We need:

North Carolina

Jim Eagle

Welcome back, Bela 1. You haven’t missed much:)


Take care, Bela 1.


I see MY state is conspicuously absent...

Young Lurker

Everyone should read what Clarice linked at 3:39! Unlike the TX filing the other day, this one gets into specific allegations of fraud that were able to occur as a result of the extra-legislative changes that were allowed to occur. No typos in this one... :-)

Dave (in MA)
    My God, that's at least half the Karens in the Western world. And their kids.
I have an acquaintance who is actually named Karen who orders gluten-free for her kids, not because they have any celiac problem, but because she thinks the fact that there are gluten-free foods available means that gluten is bad for you. One time we were out to dinner with them and another relative who has celiac disorder, and when Karen was ordering I glanced over at him and he gave me a nice eye-roll.
Young Lurker

We just finished the latest season of The Crown.. we decided to next go back and re-watch The Americans. Inspired by the news about Swalwell et al, of course!


No, Yoo is not a never-trumper

Dave (in MA)

Yeah, lyle. Ditto the Peoples' Republic of MA.


PA Governor Wolf has tested positive for the Kung Flu


Ask your acquaintance to define what gluten is sometime, Dave. Should be interesting...


Speaking of needing a handyman, I need computer advice.

There is a CD player at the top of my HP hard drive unit which I used to be able to use to play music. I have a large collection of classical, religious and Christmas music which I do NOT want to deal with on You Tube and thought I would play on the HP CD player. It will not work.

When I push on the button it pops out so that I can load the CD, but when I push it in the way I used to, nothing happens. No sound.

With all of the Microsoft "improvements" they have offered with all of their updates, is there something I should do that I am not aware of? I am so darn aggravated!!


The americans were loosely based om the koechers, they were czech but worked with the kgb.


The pods have landed in idaho havent they lyle.


Ditto the Peoples' Republic of MA.

Speaking of which, I was talking to my 50 year resident of said Republic cousin briefly yesterday and he was railing hard on your governor and the masque mandate. Out of curiosity, I axed him why his obvious vote for Senile Joe would help. To my utter surprise, he yelled at me that both he and his (quite townie) wife voted Trump! Which is, BTW, complete proof that the election was stolen! 😉


Apparently, narc...


Referenced here


Young Lurker

thanks Narc!


Don't get me started on the glutards, Dave (in MA).

Dave (in MA)

lyle, what town is your cousin from?



The driver for that CD/DVD drive has probably not been updated since you took that PC out of the box on day 1.

That's your problem. Ask your son to update the driver.


Imagine that!

D.R. Lewis 🇺🇸 🦅 America First

Matt Couch @RealMattCouch
BREAKING: After denying that they had ever seen Seth Rich’s laptop the FBI now admits to my Attorneys that they have the laptop and are in the middle of extracting files and information....



Dave (in MA)

Maybe as likely as a driver issue would be there's no app set up to autoplay, and if something like Media Player is opened up, it could possibly play the CD. I forget the name of the 'App' that Windows 10 insisted would be the default music player that I disabled/deleted.


Yossi Gestetner
Hunter Biden should welcome the investigation because it gives him an opportunity to exonerate himself.

This line is what @jaketapper @chucktodd and @jaketapper used on Trump as Mueller ran amok.

BREAKING: Hunter Biden under federal investigation over taxes


I would say that The Americans is my favorite show. Hubby liked Bosch and we both really liked Justified.

Jane! The beautiful plant that you kept all summer died! It has a nasty mold on the leaves and looks sickly. UGH! I don't think the recent cold nights helped. :(


Linkie: https://twitter.com/YossiGestetner/status/1336782138851594245

Dave (in MA)

Stinky linkie

This Tweet is unavailable.



Probably true. I didn't even know that it WOULD need updating, since it seems a mechanical device. Oh, well.

Son is under a "no drive" restriction, too, due to his accident. Maybe we can communicate via smoke signals.


Duxbury, Dave.


MM, you can get a new outboard Blu-ray player to plug in for $20 on Bezos; you just plug in ti to a USB port


I may be wrong about Yoo. Am reading that he started out NeverTrump but has come around to Trump as a defender of the Constitution.


I recommend the DVD/Blu-ray plug ins. So much easier than dealing with drivers etc.


Thats about right:



Bela1, hang in there! Glad you are recovering. Please keep us posted!


My son just called and had to take a call but will call back.

So far it looks like the guy who hit him didn't have insurance. The attorney who my sister-in-law recommended can only find an expired policy and the address he gave the police looks to have little in assets (my son said it was right in the middle of "meth-opolis".)

Also, they are waiting on the surgery for a bit.Hoping he doesn't need it as everyone who has had that type of surgery that he knows seems not to have gotten better but only worse. Won't know on that until some time in January.

Tom R

Trump's legal attempt to intervene in Texas lawsuit.


Assuming the SCOTUS allows Trump's request AND they expedite the Texas lawsuit, will Trump be allowed to show the SCOTUS the evidence of Dominion vote switching?


New thread.


The Supreme Court orders states to respond to the Texas lawsuit by tomorrow afternoon.
Jay Sekulow YouTube




That’s awful! Did I kill it? I have a few of those and they are all fine. Maybe it just missed me!

Anyone else watch Howie? Now that was hopeful!

I’ve worn long pants all day! I’m sure that’s a record!


Just perusing while I cook dinner. I’m only at 3pm or so.

Mel, I saw your post re the s&p shakers. I thanked you last night, but we can’t see all the posts all the time! I love Campmor. We discovered it when son was in scouting. (I still haven’t mentioned the new badge to him - he might blow a gasket).

TK, so sorry about the pooch. Enjoy the time you have with him.

“If my investments go “poof”, and Social Security goes bust, I guess I could at least work for my supper:)”.

That’s life in hardware, but it’s okay if I work all the time. I love it, and I help people. My father worked the last day of his life. Just 81 for a month. He of course had no idea it would be his last day. Plus it keeps me moving. And I do make some money! The plan is to not do it forever, but I can if needed.

JIB, your son can make a bunch doing handyman work. But be aware, a lot of people won’t pay after the work is done, or they will say the work isn’t worth the price quoted. I know. I see it every day. He needs to be firm, and learn how to tell people “no” if necessary.

Back to cooking and catching up!


Oh, I forgot. Mel, yes perhaps the natives were helping the English on that hill in Quebec.


“i'm glum and my husband just said to me in a soothing manner, "don't worry sweetie, this is all just the start of a new global war. it'll be ok!" hahah, i had to laugh”

YL, I joked about WWIII the other day! Glad I’m not the only one thinking this is all leading to more than CWII. I pray I don’t have a clue, as is usually the case! 😏


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