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December 30, 2020



The FBI knows all these lone wolves. How long until we find out the FBI helped him build the bomb? Seems to be SOP for FBI “white nationalist” groups.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Your girlfriend, an eyewitness, saying you're building bombs doesn't constitute probable cause?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Before the year is out I just wanted to say this guy should have been Time's man of the year;


Yes, it becomes more and more easy to accept that our FBI doesn't seem to be the agency we believed stood for justice, truth, and security (of a sort). Even during the time of the 9/11 investigation, we were led to believe that it was Gorlick's wall that prevented the FBI 'jumping' on those evil terrorists 'already here', that there were good agents chasing the bad guys, it was just 'bad luck' the offices and other agencies weren't working as a team.

It hasn't gotten any better, if it ever was as good as we were told.

I haven't believed a word the FBI has put out since the Las Vegas murderous rampage of that 'one guy' who just happened to plot and kill and horrify a nation. No motive. ::shrug:: No reason. ::shrug:: FBI just walks away. Just like they have so many other times.

Now we have the latest crazy. Bet we're soon ::shrugging:: away his bomb making and their perfunctory ignorance ::shrug/no record on him::, with their latest explanation: We're working on it.



Your girlfriend, an eyewitness, saying you're building bombs doesn't constitute probable cause?

Once the girlfriend's attorney asserted that his client has mental problems, the police might've lost interest.


Miss Marple, 9:38 a.m., last thread:

""Conspiracy" or not, this chick has been totally MIA. She hasn't even been mentioned in passing for weeks, by anyone in the administration OR the press.

(Includes official portrait of Gina Haspel.)
So, where is she? Inquiring minds like Miss Marple's would like to know."

Bet she's investigating Trump, Trump Jr., Eric, Ivanka, Baron, Miller, and anyone else who's stuck by our President. She and Andrew Weissman are probably pen pals.

Old Lurker

Using my same yardstick I applied to Pence should he not use every tool available to him - even if SCOTUS slaps him down - to correct the election theft, I hereby name Jeff Sessions, Bill Barr, Wray, CJ Roberts as NOT honorable men in MY book.

While the tag for Pence is pending, the others are all classified for eternity.



From listening to Bannon's WarRoom, I learned that a guy from Arizona named Lyle Ropacki (will check on last name spelling) has launched a campaign called "Total Recall" to get the entire Maricopa County Board of Supervisors recalled for dodging their responsibilities on auditing the election. They have a bus headed to Phoenix right now.

My Arizona guy Dilley comes on live at noon and I may get more information from him.


rse, 10:21, from her post: "Given the massive benefits of kindness and prosocial behaviour, it is time we consciously promote and augment this naturally occurring prosocial circuit in human beings such that it is automatically activated. A spiral of numerous acts of kindness strengthens the circuit, and in return, the circuit induces individuals to perform more acts of kindness. As described earlier, adolescents and the youth are uniquely positioned because of the brain development that they undergo at that age."

Have the people writing this ever read a newspaper? Or a book, 'Lord Of The Flies", or read statistics on human behavior? It doesn't matter how they try and rewire children's brains. It all boils down to: "I'm hungry. I need food. I don't have any food. Where's the closest food. My neighbor's house. Well, let me kick the door down, knock the old lady or man to the floor. Grab some food. While I'm at it, I need a few bucks. Where's her purse?"

Eat or diel. Kill or be killed. That's the law of the jungle. There's too many jungles out in the nether regions. It will take more than brain rewiring to effect their goals.



Saw the post about the SR-71 Haynes manual. I have purchased quite a few Haynes over the years, mostly for British iron.

Do you still have the 63? I always lusted after that beauty.

It and the SR-71 are both pretty much made out of unobtainium these days:)


I linked the hearing earlier, MM. I am glued to it. One of the witnesses, who has the technical chops to really dress down the dog and pony show senators, ripped them a new one.

My link was directly to the GA website, but I will look for a RSBN link. This hearing is devastating far beyond any previous hearing from any committee in any State. The senators barely ask any questions unless they think they can trap the witnesses. The witnesses are slamming these pricks.

Posted by: Threadkiller | December 30, 2020 at 11:48 AM

GA link:


Posted by: Threadkiller | December 30, 2020 at 11:49 AM

Old Lurker

"While the coronavirus pandemic of 2020 has hit poor Americans the hardest, minimum wage earners in 20 U.S. states will get raises at the start of the new year. Four more states, plus Washington, DC, will raise their minimum wages later in 2021."

Raises? More pink slips from what my tenants tell me.


OL, 11:37: Oh, my goodness, are you right about those guys! I can't see their names without my blood pressure shooting up -- I fight not to wish really bad things on all of them. Usually I just stop and say, 'just wish a plague of boils on them, Joan, just wish a plague of boils' wishing anything worse might make you a bad person. :)

I'm convinced none of them are ever going to pay in any other way but general physical maladies we all are vulnerable to for their indifference to justice and how they contributed to what is coming for the rest of us.


OL, at least there's reasons to call those guys dishonorable. Pence doesn't join that crowd for the crime of refusing to say that courts are wrong for not taking up or agreeing with cases alleging fraud, and that he'll therefore choose electors who are voting for the certified loser in their respective states, thus assuring the election turns out he way he'd like it to. Why didn't Gore do that, for himself, in 2000? Or Nixon in 1960? Both were sitting VPs who didn't like the election result and thought there was voting fraud. Gore could have ignored the Supremes decision, Nixon could've done an end-run around the court; I guess the difference is that neither felt the Republic would crumble if they didn't force the issue?

Old Lurker

Thing is, Joan. Every person I named looks in the mirror every morning and sees George Washington or James Madison or John Adams.


Dr. Lyle Rapaki.

More from Jack Maxey on War Room:

Let's not go down this path of "UK strain" or "Italian strain." EVERY problem we are experiencing, from lock downs and school closings and the election, etc. can be traced back directly to the WuHan virus which was handled irresponsibly, and perhaps INTENTIONALLY, by the Chinese Communist Party.


When the hearing is done I will find the segment of the technical genius because his presentation was outstanding.

Right now the witness that videotaped the shredder truck and claimed that ballots were shredded is sharing pictures of the actual ballots in the trash cans.

The only question is from the resident liberal who asks if it is possible that she witnessed “two year old ballots.”

Old Lurker

Oh...so much fun can be had with this. Talk about a plethora of targets:

"Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation's top infectious disease expert, has become one of the most popular figures in America during the COVID-19 pandemic, but says he has no plans to parlay that popularity into a run for elected office.

During an interview on Ozy, Fauci, who just turned 80, was asked if he has considered a future in politics.

"I have not," he responded. "I think I'm going to stick with what I'm good at, and that is science and public health. I'll leave the politics to other people."


Now the hayseed senator notes that it is the envelopes being shredded, not actual ballots. And that is ok somehow??

Old Lurker

Hrts, I can't recall. Did I call your POV on Pence Bullshit already?



And when I read ... 'history is going to treat these men unkindly', I laugh.

Also, when I read ... we all 'let this happen', we all sat back and 'let them take over', well, no we didn't. We worked. Hard. Long hours. We had surgeries. Were sick. Were responsible. Took care of our children. Voted. Had another surgery -- major ones. Had a bout of heart trouble. Donated money. Supported good, charitable causes. Paid our children's way through college. Had cancer and another surgery. A few years later had back surgery. Fought to take care of a sick parent. Begged a doctor or hospital, 'Please, can't you admit her?! -- She's sick!' and it turned out she was eaten up with cancer and Medicare didn't want to admit her because it meant 'they'd have to pay a little more' -- the average person didn't let "this happen".

How were we to know snakes had slithered into our colleges and universities and taken them over while we were working hard and doing what we were supposed to be doing?

Don't blame me.


This lady is nailing them.


Wow, tk, I just watched that last witness, the Georgia woman, blonde hair. Thanks for linking the hearing.


They have taken a break. The GA legislative body is clearly a corrupt entity.


OL, 11:54: lol! Your post is why I love you. :)

Old Lurker

Joan, we are everywhere.

Well, 75 million anyway. Can't tell about the other 250 million.


Guess I'm going to have to take a few more sparkly Christmas ornaments off of the tree.

My pulse started pounding, first over rancid G-M then on to globalists and then to history philosophers and on to our vain, passionately self-infatuated leaders (some elected, some not.)

Don't know why I posted so much this morning. Sorry I muscled my way on this thread and took up so much space. :)

But, I will be back ....


The shredding took place at the Jim Miller Event Center.

Here is the government’s statement on the shredding:

There has been significant social media chatter about some document shredding at the Jim R. Miller Park Event Center in Marietta, Georgia where our Elections Department had previously conducted the state-ordered re-tally of votes in the November 3rd election.

The shredding company routinely responds to the Elections Department following an election to help dispose of non-relevant materials that cannot be easily disposed of. The company did work at the Jim R. Miller Event Center early on Friday, November 20th, and helped dispose of the following items:

Mailing labels (with voter info) that are incorrect or if we’ve printed too many
Copies of apps printed from OnBase if we are looking for something (the originals are filed in evidence)
Copies of outdated or changed procedures, policies, forms, notes, or form letters
Regular and third-party envelopes with voter info on them
Reports when we are finished doing ‘check off the list’ steps
Sticky notes and phone messages with voter phone #s or email addresses
White privacy envelopes after the election is certified
Printouts of old emails when we have a more current response in the chain
Duplicates of faxed applications (when voters fax multiples copies of the same app all at the same time)
There were a tub or two of applications we had copied for the December election and labels that we put in the shredder when the elections were combined and moved to January 5th
“None of these items are relevant to the election or the re-tally,” said Elections Director Janine Eveler. “Everything of consequence, including the ballots, absentee ballot applications with signatures, and anything else used in the count or re-tally remains on file. After an out-of-context video was shared on social media we contacted state officials to reassure them this was a routine clean-up operation and they could come to inspect our stored materials if they wished.”

Elections workers remain at the Jim R. Miller Event Center to help prepare for the January 5th runoff.


The witness noted that the event center was an impromptu setup because of Covid and was used for the purpose of the recount. Why would all the other records that the county claimed were shredded be in that location?

It doesn’t make sense.


Hearing is back on. Rudy is up.


If you keep up on Covid tech, this is a vaccine selling point: even BETTER than natural antibodies generated by your body from recovery. I'm guessing time will prove this false, misleading or partial-truth but it's the current conventional wisdom.
And who knows. Might turn out to be true. Pretty convenient though. Sort of like "masks don't protect you, they protect others". The ONLY reason to avoid masks is ill intent to others.

"The mRNA vaccines target MULTIPLE sites on the corona. Thus they have a greater chance of working even as the virus mutates in small ways. Immunity you acquire from illness might have latched on to any SINGLE site of the virus. So a greater chance that a mutated strain could infect you (likely why we have seen a small number of reinfection cases). Conclusion, vaccination is superior to so-called natural methods."



SuperGrift should be the next virus name...::

Rob Pyers
The Lincoln Project raised $4.8 million between November 24th and December 16th hyping the Georgia Senate runoff elections.

Since then, it has spent $1.1 million on independent expenditures in those races and paid Steve Schmidt $1.5 million. twitter.com/ProjectLincoln…



Jim_SV, my brother suggested the COVID attacks memory tcells while the vaccine increases them. It’s not that the antibodies are better, just that your immune system will have the memory to make more when needed. That is why he will get the vaccine even though he has antibodies from his own spell of COVID. YMMV.


Hunter Biden and the 'big guy': the anatomy of a foreign enrichment scandal

New evidence that surfaced in recent weeks provides a more complete picture of Hunter Biden's business endeavors and their correlation to his father's policy responsibilities as vice president.

By John Soloman.


Dilley in Arizona so far:

Went over Trump trashing Brian Kemp and Secretary of State.

Highlighting that data guy that Threadkiller talked about. I am going to go find video of his complete testimony later.

Showing clips of woman who said counties were intimidated into certifying.

He is fired up and so are his commenters in chat.

James D.

Mel @ 12:28

The comments on that tweet are hilarious/unbelievably pathetic.


No it doesntunless they have a record of all confirmed ballots sent received and recorded.

Bombing an airport (which used to be raf base going back to the 20s,) is a bad sign.

James D.

JJ @ 12:02

What you describe is a huge problem. The left does what it does for a living, and they’re paid directly or indirectly from our taxes. We have to pay them to undermine our society.

In order to fight them, we have to do it in our free time after all the things you listed, with the money left over after taxes and bills and family needs.

We’re always at a huge disadvantage and that won’t ever change..


See here:

Hostilities started on 14 December 1963, with an NLF grenade attack against British High Commissioner of Aden Sir Kennedy Trevaskis, which took place as he arrived at Khormaksar Airport to catch a London-bound flight. The grenade killed the High Commissioner's adviser and a woman, and injured fifty other people. On that day, a state of emergency was declared in Aden.

fdcol63 🇺🇸

Carried over from previous thread:

“It takes longer than we want oftentimes but it always does.”
Posted by: Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki | December 30, 2020 at 11:07 AM

Ig, I don’t want to seem like I’m beating a dead horse, but ....

I agree completely with the rest of your point. “Eventually” .... “ultimately” ..... “at some vague point in the future” ..... yata-yata-yata .... peace and love and freedom and harmony and unicorns and rainbows will out and prevail.

As you say, it always does. Even slaves conditioned to their masters ultimately tire of the whip and bondage and fight for their freedoms and equality.

Germany and Japan, though vanquished and destroyed during the hell of WW2, ultimately rebounded, rebuilt, and re-emerged as economic powerhouses and thriving societies.

However, the time issue is what I am most concerned about. Selfishly, I would prefer that this happen here in America within my own lifetime and that of my son and immediate circle of family and friends.



Wait for Bobby Piton. He's awesome.


The tech guy is back. At this moment his team has hacked a poll machine in use at a Georgia poll location. With two way communication. While people are voting. Breaking news!

The Senators seem as uninterested as they have been all day.



This is the transcript of Rudy Guiliani's closing statement in Georgia. At the end are two videos of the statement from RSBN.


They are bought and paid fot the las vegas gambling commission.


He is up now, Mel.

Technical difficulties apparently


Like the, which harry clean face reid was a part of.


Senators have warned him that “there is limited time.”



Sadly Piton has been foiled by the time limit. As he speaks quickly his methodology is getting lost.

He should tell the time keeper to go fuck himself.


Oh, gosh, just found out our niece Susan, 55, is in ICU with covid. Her husband is sick, too, don't think he was hospitalized. But, his mother lived with them and she passed away from it. :(

A friend of Susan's posted this -- thought it might have a little extra advice about dealing with the virus at home -- anonamom has shared most of it with us:

No one ever talks about how to fight Covid at home. I came down with Covid in November. I went to the hospital, running a fever of 103, a rapid heart beat, and other common symptoms that come with Covid. While I was there they treated me for the high fever, dehydration and pneumonia.
The doctor sent me home to fight Covid with two prescriptions - Azithromycin 250mg & Dexamethason 6mg. When the nurse came in to discharge me, I asked her, "What can I do to help fight this at home?" She said, “Sleep on your stomach at all times with Covid. If you can’t sleep on your stomach because of heath issues sleep on your side. Do not lay on your back no matter what because it smashes your lungs and that will allow fluid to set in.
Set your clock every two hours while sleeping on your stomach, then get out of bed and walk for 15-30 min, no matter how tired or weak that you are. Also move your arms around frequently, it helps to open your lungs. Breathe in thru your nose, and out thru your mouth. This will help build up your lungs, plus help get rid of the Pneumonia or other fluid you may have.
When sitting in a recliner, sit up straight - do not lay back in the recliner, again this will smash your lungs. While watching TV - get up and walk during every commercial.
Eat at least 1 - 2 eggs a day, plus bananas, avocado and asparagus.These are good for Potassium. Drink Pedialyte, Gatorade Zero, Powerade Zero & Water with Electrolytes to prevent you from becoming dehydrated. Do not drink anything cold - have it at room temperature or warm it up. Water with lemon, and little honey, peppermint tea, apple cider are good suggestions for getting in fluids. No milk products, or pork. Vitamin’s D3, C, B, Zinc, Probiotic One-Day are good ideas. Tylenol for fever. Mucinex, or Mucinex DM for drainage, plus helps the cough. Pepcid helps for cramps in your legs. One baby aspirin everyday can help prevent getting a blood clot, which can occur from low activity. "
Drink a smoothie of blueberries, strawberries, bananas, honey, tea and a spoon or two of peanut butter.
We always hear of how Covid takes lives, but there isn't a lot of information out there regarding how to fight Covid. I hope this helps you or someone you know, just as it has helped me."


Georgia people need to get on the horn to whomever is running this hearing. Holy shit! What a complete asshole.



Piton suggested there was enough probably cause to arrest Stacey Abrams and the Sec of State. The gave him 30more seconds and then pulled his feed.

Next witness is talking a mile a minute because of the time keeper. I am having trouble keeping up with what ever in the hell he is talking about.

It seems to be a data driven team that says they have absolute evidence of fraud. I am certain the lead senator will cut them off as well.

Second guy on the team is talking slower and making good analogies.


Praying for your family members, Joan.


More technical difficulties


The most damaging testimony is presented and the Senators have no questions.. again...



They can't think of a question that won't reveal that many were in on it.

So they just sit there like bumps on a log.


The committee votes and approves a motion to demand Fulton County turns over all paper absentee ballots to the tech wizard. Maybe I misjudged some of the senators and what appeared to be apathy.

As Jim Hoft would say: “HUGE!!!”


Of course what happens now is anyone’s guess. It appears that two of the senators that voted are geeking out in a couple days so they won’t have any power in January.

fdcol63 🇺🇸

They will probably punt, certify this election, and make promises to “fix” things for future elections.

Blah-blah-blah-more bullshit-blah-blah-blah. Rinse, lather, repeat.


Glad you are reporting on this hearing, tk, it was interesting -- watching that one woman. My heart went out to her -- you could tell she was so frustrated.


The Georgia committee was stunned because the heartfelt testimony was compelling.


Instead of Porter McConnell how about “Lingshoreman”?


Fear Pron continues.




I find it highly coincidental that Warner's "girlfriend"'s attorney is named Throckmorton.

Tom R

From the last thread...

I could certainly be mistaken but my memory is the initial design was as a refuge from the imminent herds of roving barbarians from which one would be able to pull up the draw bridge and as a last resort take the fateful plunge of suicidal freedom should the orc hordes begin scaling its walls like so many ants.
Later it was decided to make it more offensive minded with the installation of gun turrets.

Regardless, it's only a metaphor.

The metaphor for what you described is something akin to The Castle, The Fortress of the Bunker. The Ledge as a metaphor to me implies impending death for whoever is standing on the ledge if they take one step forward. People standing on ledges typically are contemplating suicide. The pessimistic theme of most of OL’s posts over the years is that the country has been slowly doing just that. At least that is how I interpreted most of his posts because of his choice of metaphor.


crabcrawler @crabcrawler1
🚨HUNTER BIDEN said: "I am friends with Greg Penner- married to Carrie Walton- who is on the board
(should be next chairman) and runs Walton family office."

With that in mind: today's political jab against
@HawleyMO from the Walmart Twitter account shouldn't be so surprising.

🚨🚨HUNTER BIDEN and Walmart Chairman Greg Penner discussed business deals together.

Hunter: "It's probably against my interest putting you two together but I couldn't help myself"

Response (from whoever): "No risk to the Bidens since your Dad would be a great leader for it!"

"BREAKING: Walmart calls Senator Josh Hawley a 'sore loser' over his opposition to election certification" thepostmillennial.com/walmart-tweets…


fdcol63 🇺🇸

Tom R,

Depends on your perspective, doesn’t it?

For some of us, we’ve recognized that we were already in a hole, and have been fighting an uphill battle, bitterly clinging to whatever finger and toe holes we could find to climb our way out.

The Ledge is the first stable, level piece of turf we came to where we could stand, regain our breath and strength, rest a moment, and prepare ourselves for the even greater struggle ahead ..... the ascent back to the top.


RIP Dawn Wells.


The Ledge is very daunting when looking up at it from The Foxhole.


Canadian Britchick 🇨🇦🇬🇧🇺🇸
@realDonaldTrump @JennaEllisEsq @GenFlynn @SidneyPowell1 seems like Mitch is a CCP sleeper.

Jim Hoft @gatewaypundit
GOP Represenative-Elect--> Word on the Hill Is That MITCH McCONNELL and Nancy Pelosi Possibly Working on Rule Change to Block Electoral College Objection @mtgreenee via @gatewaypundit thegatewaypundit.com/2020/12/gop-re…


[This, I'm told, would automatically trigger the 1887 Act.]


geeking out in my 2:12 should be “terming out.”


Now try and tell me he's an "Influencer"::

The Election Wizard
Bad mind reading.

Erick Erickson @EWErickson
It is entirely probable that there are those around the President who think it is worth sabotaging the GA Senate runoffs just so they can keep up their claims about voter fraud. If the GOP wins, it will be hard to maintain the Dems could steal the presidency, but not the Senate.



A Haynes manual for the SR-71? I didn't think they'd do one for the Blackbird. It must be really thick or big. There's a lot going on to fly at 2,000+ mph.


Senator Rand Paul
I passed legislation in the Senate to eliminate stimulus checks to dead people but Nancy Pelosi refused to allow a vote in the House.

Dead people may still get $600 stimulus checks cnbc.com/2020/12/30/dea…



Tom R, words mean just what OL intends them to mean. ;)


Here is the whole hearing from Georgia:


The tech wizard is the very first speaker. I thought he was being too much of a prick until I realized how arrogant his audience was. He is must see tv, IMO.

Tom R

The Ledge is very daunting when looking up at it from The Foxhole.

The Foxhole is a better metaphor to describe those patriots who are doing the actual fighting to defend the country.


Thanks, TK!

Meanwhile, another Fake News story blowed up real good:

Disclose.tv 🚨
JUST IN - Newsweek has just retracted a false story that claimed Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger's doesn't have a brother.

Newsweek @Newsweek
Replying to @Newsweek
Correction: This story originally said, inaccurately, that Brad Raffensperger did not have a brother. Newsweek regrets the mistake.


Jim Eagle

Its a anomaly of political society that the wealthier you are you tend to veer left (i.e the Waltons and Bezos). Now you know why Dems and Biden feel protected for doing zilch.


Haynes has had quite a few novelty manuals. I remember one for the Starship Enterprise. I think one for the Guostbuster’s car.

I wonder if there is a list?


Hiding in a hole sounds like a winning strategy.

Jim Eagle


Damage done. Lets move on.

Our “free press” in action.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

JUST IN: Rep. Jeff Van Drew says he will not vote to certify the results of the 2020 presidential election when the Congress meets after the first of the year.
"There has been ... a disrespect of millions of Americans who really do believe that something's wrong," he said. "It's not a matter of who would win or lose — maybe the results would be the same — but we should abide by the rule of law."

Tom R

TK @ 2:58

An incorrect perception on your part to believe that soldiers use foxholes to hide in. The official Army term is “infantry fighting position”.


RAFFENSPERGER GETS CAUGHT: Georgia Ballots Were Printed DIFFERENTLY for GOP Counties vs. DEM Counties — Election Was Rigged!

By Jim Hoft.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Do you still have the 63? I always lusted after that beauty.--

No, I tire of things pretty easily after they're back together. Plus in this case the 63 still had that stump puller of a transmission and the elegant bucket seats that cut the blood off to my feet.
Sold it for about a tenth of what it's worth now.


I’m only thinking about it with regards to my opinion of you and how the metaphor of a foxhole applies. Not actually military persons.


...not actual...

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--However, the time issue is what I am most concerned about. Selfishly, I would prefer that this happen here in America within my own lifetime and that of my son and immediate circle of family and friends.--

Well, I prefer it not happen at all and America come to its senses and voluntarily reclaim its heritage, but while we all have to do our part, we don't don't get much individual say in when things are ready or what those things turn out to be.
You can pull the stew off the stove after five minutes and eat it, but you'll wish you hadn't cuz the potatoes are going to be rock hard and the meat tough and raw and it will not be considered a success.
Nobody likes waiting until the time is right, but it's usually the difference between winning and losing.


muh narrative!


BREAKING: $2,000 stimulus checks likely doomed after McConnell refuses to separate them from unrelated Trump demands cnbc.com/id/106817434

Tom R

TK @ 3:18

Got it. I was also only thinking of you and how your self esteem needs compel you to try and insult people to make yourself feel better except this time your snarky insult was actually a complement.

Have a MAGA day.

Dave (in MA)

China killed Mary Ann, Mel. https://www.usatoday.com/story/entertainment/celebrities/2020/12/30/dawn-wells-dead-covid-19-gilligans-island-star-82/4090958001/?fbclid=IwAR0BG2huwOz_kHNRwD0bjsZU2QYgahRCiCVINf4D_elk-a-zudoYHCw0j30


Nunes is not a lawyer.
And a prosecution must start with an indictment. There are unconfirmed reports that a DC grand jury refused to return an indictment against McCabe. Don't know if that is true or not.

bobguzzardi @bobguzzardi
Replying to @shipwreckedcrew
Is there no evidence in the public domain that is sufficient to prosecute the perjurers? Devin Nunes seems to think he has sufficient evidence of crimes. As do others



DUMB,DUMB, DUMB move by Walmart. I was there this morning, and it is my easiest local place. Now I will have to rethink that.


If it helps you through the day, Tom, it is my pleasure.


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--BREAKING: $2,000 stimulus checks likely doomed after McConnell refuses to separate them from unrelated Trump demands cnbc.com/id/106817434--

But $600 checks are totally related to Pakistani gender benders.



Fuddy bidness::

I hope the
takes a very close look at all of the text messages of every single person at the Georgia hearings... who signaled to them... to 1) push my testimony back from 10:30 to 12:30 PM 2) to cut me off from my allotted 12 minutes....
Crazy times ahead!



Austin Mayor Adler Orders Another Partial COVID Shutdown. Texas Gov. Abbott Says He Can't.


James D.

Haynes has had quite a few novelty manuals. I remember one for the Starship Enterprise.

It will probably be no surprise that I own a copy of it.

Old Lurker

The reason I use the phrase "New Dark Age" is because I think it will take a long time (an Age) for the cycle to arrive at rock bottom before it can start the process of building it all back, combining the retained wisdom of what used to work circa 1789 to the 20th Century, with finally an acceptance of the global disaster that followed.

I say "Rock Bottom" because until then the collective comfort level is simply too high to rock the boat. I made Beasts laugh a few months ago when I noted that what we need is to have a lot of Americans, you know, starve, so that a critical mass of the population accepts that one way worked HUGE back in the day, and the replacement did not work at all.

The longer we pretend helicopter money and eviction prohibitions and laws for some but not others - just redistribution from some people to other people while stealing the liberty of all of them - can fool the people, they will not roll up their sleeves and start anew.

It will not right itself in my lifetime, and perhaps not in the lifetimes of my kids.

Until then, enjoy the free bread and the free circus. Just how much did that free stuff cost?


This needs salt:




Transcript of Sidney Powell's interview on Todd Herman's show.

Original thread with 3 audio links at the end:


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