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December 10, 2020


Tom R

RTR #1


So we’re all just supposed to pretend like Mario Lopez didn’t make a Lifetime Movie where he plays Colonel Harlan Sanders? That never happened?


James D.

Safe except for the side effects and except for the demographics who weren’t part of the test and except for any longer-term problems we won’t know about until it’s too late.

But by all means, let’s conduct try another uncontrolled experiment t on the whole population of the country to combat a virus that poses little actual danger to most anyone under age 50.


This vaccine looks to be safe and effective against a virus with a .004% chance of killing you.

Oh, BTW, you still have to wear masks and socially distance. And you could still get it. But whatever

I actually heard that getting Covid after getting A vaccine could intensify your body’s reaction to the virus. Not interested.


But will I be able to play the piano?


Not to mention you might turn into a light averse zombie, otherwise.



Stay out of those places, sbw.


The bit about avoiding the vaccine if you have allergies... which is one of the preexisting conditions that Kung Flu uses to kill people. Especially when a vaccine card is required to leave home. This is despicable.


That Jackie Nosering. What a GRACIOUS HOST.


Another Wictor video:


Wictor has a lot of fans and I often find interesting information in the comments to his videos. Here's one that piqued my interest:

"COVFEFE is cobalt, vanadium, iron, and iron. What's that got to do with anything?


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

The oligarchs and ruling class are making a shooting war seem much more pleasant than it might otherwise be;

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

And PA v DE on the undercard.




Derek lowe the one that was agita over hcq.


Who the fuck is Melinda Gates, and why should I care what HE thinks.


>>>But by all means, let’s conduct try another uncontrolled experiment t on the whole population of the country to combat a virus that poses little actual danger to most anyone under age 50.

Posted by: James D. | December 10, 2020 at 09:16 PM<<<

this has reminded me of a st:tng episode "Unnatural Selection" ...

Tom R

Trolling like this is one reason I think Trump still has an ace up his sleeve.


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Columbia Journalism Dean and New Yorker Writer Calls For More Censorship


melinda gates was one of the first and most vocal saying that 'viruses don't respect borders' (like keeping out someone who is sick was against science) ... the tree of liberty is mighty thirsty.


Gus, Melinda Gates is the guy that thought a paper clip was smarter than everyone but xer.


Because the gates foundation was an integral part of this sham narrative in conjunction with john hopkins u, imperial college and the who.


Oh i thought you were going to bring the eloi like civilization and its swamp irish counterparts who have been fooled into taking the medicine.


Yeah. Otherwise known as days ending in “y”. The difference is these won’t be caused by a hijacked airplane. Or by the flu. These will be caused by top down idiocy from you and the other two disease stooges Fauci and ScarfGirl.


CDC Director Robert Redfield: "For the next 60 to 90 days, we're going to have more deaths per day than we had in 9/11."



I really don’t get around much. Everyone comes to my lanai.


Even better, mon amie!


Really its going to be worse than last time!

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Here’s the play. Obama has had the goods on Biden all along. He always wanted Kamala but knew she was unelectable. He is going to eliminate Biden sooner rather than later. Biden is already appointing all of Obama’s old retreads. Why keep him
around now that he has served as the midwife to Obama’s 3rd term?
Because Obama thinks he’s Putin. President for life by proxy. In the pocket of Xi and Soros among others.
That is, unless Texas comes through again in the Supreme Court. God help us. - Verner

Steph is not watching the game. I just got back from shopping. Put Ariel to bed and handed the monitor to the hubs and said bye! I think I'm done. YaY!


>>>Because the gates foundation was an integral part of this sham narrative in conjunction with john hopkins u, imperial college and the who.

Posted by: Narciso | December 10, 2020 at 09:48 PM<<<

part of the psyops campaign i think ... baizuo isn't a term of endearment. massage and stroke western intelligence and health bureaucracies and tell them nothing but lies all while making sure the west did everything they could to kneecap themselves.

good idea everyone lets put all those people in charge!

what could go wrong.


The core of the episode is here:
a gesture of goodwill following the demand of compassion from Crusher, the Brekkans offer two doses of felicium for T'Jon and Romas's immediate needs. Langor explains that the entire Brekkan economy and industry is devoted to producing the medicine for Ornara, whose inhabitants provide Brekka with the necessities of daily life in return. After T'Jon and Romas take their doses, Dr. Crusher realizes that felicium is actually a highly addictive narcotic, and the plague itself was cured long before, so the symptoms believed to be attributed to the plague are actually withdrawal symptoms. Crusher wants to offer assistance to aid the Ornarans in breaking free of their addiction, but Picard warns that the Federation cannot intervene due to the Prime Directive. He and Dr. Crusher later question the Brekkans alone and confirm that the Brekkans know the truth regarding the plague being eradicated, and the addictive


What about those vaccine users who got paralyzed faces? Didn’t sound safe to me.



Boy, they are hauling out all of the nay-sayers, anti-Trumpers, and gloom merchants, aren't they?

Redfield? (Massive eye rolling here.)

Think I will head to bed.


jim nj

In case any one is interested. Here are the replies from the four states and Detroit.

Detroit is about 3 times as long as the others.


Standing and the Texas case. In case you needed more anxiety.


Captain Hate

Fuck off, Redfield. You can fool idiots like DeWine and Sundown and the clowns wearing masks out in the bright sunshine but those of us who haven't seen one person keel over from this DEADLY PLAGUE aren't buying it.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Israel’s Second Constitutional Revolution
Basically, the court decided Israel should have a constitution 25 years ago. But then the Knesset passed a constitutional law the court doesn't like.
So now the court is set to decide the constitution is unconstitutional.

Young Lurker

TM, from Endpoints News:

For eight and a half hours, a panel of outside advisors debated Pfizer’s vaccine data, questioned endpoints, poked holes in post-authorization plans, interrogated safety signals and debated sub-groups, but in the end voted as most expected them to: recommending the FDA should okay Pfizer and BioNTech’s mRNA-based vaccine as the first inoculation for Covid-19 in the U.S.

The final vote was 17-4, with the strongest debate coming over whether there was enough data to authorize the vaccine for 16 and 17 year olds. "Among all the scientific data presented, I thought that the thinnest was for the 16 and 17 year olds," said Archana Chatterjee, the dean of the Chicago Medical School, who voted no. One member of the committee abstained.

The vote likely points to an emergency use authorization within days —or even hours —for the vaccine, marking a turning point in the pandemic and kicking off the complicated and arduous task of distributing limited doses across a country embroiled in the worst phase of the virus to date. Although the FDA is not required to follow the committee’s recommendation, it usually does.

If OK'd, 2.9 million doses of the vaccine, dubbed BNT162b2, would immediately be shipped across the country, with the government promising to distribute 20 million doses before the end of the month. A CDC committee will meet tomorrow to discuss who should get the vaccine first, although HHS Secretary Alex Azar has said states will have final say on the question.

Another advisory committee for Moderna's mRNA vaccine, is scheduled for next Thursday. Pfizer said they are aiming to file for a full approval in April.

The committee and FDA representatives raised several key issues, including how to handle long-term follow up and what to do with placebo arms after an EUA, but members were only asked to vote on a single question: “Based on the totality of scientific evidence available, do the benefits of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine outweigh its risks for use in individuals 16 years of age and older?”

On that question, there was little debate. Participants raised concerns about rare safety issues in the trial, including four cases of Bell’s palsy — a form of temporary facial paralysis or weakness — that appeared in the vaccine arm, compared to zero in the placebo arm. And others wondered how rigorous the study’s endpoints were, noting they didn’t test whether the vaccine prevents asymptomatic infection and that their definition of a “severe” Covid-19 case didn’t require hospitalization or death.

A handful also drew attention to the subgroups, questioning how diverse the study was and whether there was enough data on how the vaccine could help people of color and people in nursing homes.

Yet, they noted the vaccine was 95% effective in preventing mild disease, as the companies announced and publishedtoday in the New England Journal of Medicine. At times, they prefaced tough questions around the vaccine with stipulations that the data is nonetheless overwhelmingly strong.

"I agree, the benefits outweigh the risks," Paul Offit, director of the Vaccine Education Center at the Children's hospital of Philadelphia, said as he proposed Pfizer do a new trial to address a safety concern. "I'm fine with it."

And although they would have liked longer follow-up, they argued the two months follow-up was sufficient to show safety, particularly given the state of the pandemic in the U.S. Cody Meisner, a pediatric infectious disease physician, said in previous vaccine, virtually all adverse events appeared in the first 60 days.

“I think the safety is pretty well demonstrated," he said. "And balance that against over 2,000 deaths a day, 2,500 deaths per day? I’m comfortable.”

Still, an EUA, if it arrives, will raise new questions. Most immediately: What should Pfizer do with its ongoing Phase III study? The FDA asked the committee to discuss but not vote on it.

In an October meeting, the committee was skeptical of Pfizer's plan to offer a vaccine to the placebo group after an EUA was granted, fearing that it would prevent regulators from getting a good look at how safe and effective the vaccine was in the long-term. In their EUA application and new briefing documents, Pfizer specified they would only offer the vaccine to participants once CDC guidelines suggested they could get the vaccine — i.e. a participant who is a healthcare worker over 65 may receive it this month, while a 30-year-old analyst may be offered in March.

The FDA, in its own review, emphasized the need to continue trials, and officials noted that a long-term placebo group can help illuminate not only what adverse events a vaccine causes, but also what adverse events are not attributable to the vaccine.

But Steven Goodman, associate dean of clinical and translational research at the Stanford University School of Medicine, offered the committee an alternative solution. It wouldn't be unethical to keep the trials unblinded, he said, but it could become infeasible as more vaccines become publicly available. To avoid having volunteers drop out, he argued that the sponsors could give vaccine to the placebo group and placebo to the vaccine group, allowing investigators to still collect some randomized data on key issues like durability.

Pfizer vaccine executive William Gruber said the proposal had been "front and center" for them, but they determined the benefits may be overplayed and the logistics difficult. Some members of committee, though, appeared sympathetic to the view.

Committee members also emphasized the need for a long-term followup, noting they only had a median of two months follow-up on the participants. They fretted over how to communicate the side effects, such as fatigue and headache, that occur as the immune system kicks into gear, and questioned how the paucity of long-term data will affect uptake.

"There's such a limited risk assessment that I think the uptake is going to be fairly poor, unless something better is done," A. Oveta Fuller, an sssociate professor of microbiology immunology at the University of Michigan, asked.

The FDA also disclosed during the hearing that they had asked Pfizer to follow recipients for cases of anaphylactic reactions, an adverse event that occurred in the UK and prompted the regulators there to say no one with a history of severe allergic reactions from getting the vaccine.

The FDA's Marion Gruber cautioned that the UK cases were not severe and said they would only recommend against people with a history of allergic reactions to ingredients in the Pfizer vaccine. But Offit argued that the UK incident and comments made immediately afterward by Operation Warp Speed chief Moncef Slaoui had made many with allergies concerned. He suggested they run a trial on patients with history of allergy.

"You're talking about tens of millions of people who are not going to get a vaccine because of the comments that were made both by the UK and by the comments made by Moncef Slaoui here," he said.

In their presentation, Pfizer disclosed plans to address key lingering questions around their vaccine's efficacy. Within days, they said, they would finish the DART preclinical studies that would allow them to test the vaccine on pregnant people. And they said they plan to do a form of antibody testing that should tell them whether the vaccine protects against asymptomatic infection early in 2021.

Questions, though, came around the vaccine's ability to prevent severe disease. Sheldon Taubman, an attorney and the consumer advocate on the panel, noted that the FDA's internal review determined that Pfizer's data — nine severe cases in the placebo group and one in the vaccine group — only suggested the inoculation can prevent the disease's worst manifestations, rather than offer conclusive evidence.

“Frankly almost nobody cares about Covid-19 if all it does is give you a sore throat,” Taubman said. "The data is just not sufficient."

Taubman proposed a limited EUA for healthcare workers and the elderly to allow Pfizer to collect more data on severe cases. But Doron Fink, deputy director of the FDA’s vaccine division, said that all their experience with previous vaccines suggesting protection against mild disease translated to protection against severe disease.

"Protection against disease of any severity is actually a pretty good predictor," he said. "And the data that we do have is all pointing in the right direction."


Geminid meteor showers pre-dawn this Monday


Surely pildes cant be serious, this court has rearranged every onstitution has even rewired understanding of biology.

Captain Hate

From peter's link

“[w]e should be ever mindful of the contradictions that would arise if a democracy were to permit general oversight of the elected branches of government by a non-representative, and in large measure insulated, judicial branch.”

All of these arguments could be applied to judicial review but they never are. Sorry ambulance chasers and black robed tyrants; you can't have it both ways.


Thanks young lurker.


the episode i was thinking of was the kids with the bioengineered immune systems ... thinking that it will protect the receiver of the vaccine but also make him a superspreader of it.

(i don't want this to go off on an anti vax tangent so i'll drop it after this)


Well 'symbiosis' also works



Posted by: peter | December 10, 2020 at 10:07 PM

might be a bit late but jupiter and saturn are converging in the south western sky and mars is still shinning brightly starting in the east and setting around 5am or so.


When you got the first case wrong, you dont get a chance to try again.

Captain Hate

Did anyone see the northern lights last night? It was too cloudy here but the ionosphere was supposed to be very agitated.


Shocking no one:

EXCLUSIVE: Facebook’s ‘independent’ fact-checking certifier exposed as Hillary Clinton supporter


[But they are getting outed all over the planet, which is a nice thing.]


Across the pond


When did the irish become so blanc mange


i'm too far south unfortunately ...


i should kick off some kjom ... filter hey man nice shot ... thinking, thinking.


Needs some salt:

The Epigenetic Whisperer aka bodhisattva bastard
Your mRNA vaccines have nanoparticles which not only wreak havoc in your organs but conceivably can be used as part of a 2 way nanotech communication eventually. Welcome to the Great Reset!



What fresh hell is this



Ok that sounds like something out of that terry hayes potboiler i pilgrim


i'll have to watch it later. surprised it hasn't been taken down by the youtube censors yet.


Hes on odyssey as well as other platforms

Young Lurker

lipid nanoparticles are just a way of delivering a molecule into a cell. it's a tiny little bubble made out of lipids, just like your cell membrane. i suppose it's technically nanotechnology, in as much as that would refer to anything we have built that is small ;-)


Have there been other successful mRna based vaccines.


Your mRNA vaccines have nanoparticles which not only wreak havoc in your organs but conceivably can be used as part of a 2 way nanotech communication eventually. Welcome to the Great Reset!

Utter pablum from the unknowledgeable.


As I said, it needs salt. Coincidence of Billy G's desires notwithstanding, I do grok the nano. (Ask me about the sponges and towels!)

Meanwhile, back to where IANAL!

Lin Wood
As one of We The People, I have standing to file suit against Sec. of State when election is conducted under rules not adopted by state legislature.

GA unlawfully diluted my in person vote & violated equal protection. Your votes too.

My writ to SCOTUS.




This may have been the test case, or maybe virginia




No, there have been no other RNA-based vaccines. This is a first, and it is very clever. I still have many concerns about it. I encourage using teachers as Guinea pigs.


My college roommate who worked
at the NIH under Fauci told me this years ago.
Fauci doesn’t understand medicine.

Jordan Schachtel on Twitter: "Newly surfaced clip shows the brilliant scientist who invented PCR technology absolutely roasts Fauci. "He doesn't know anything about anything & Id say that to his face. Nothing ... he doesn't understand medicine...



i catch him on bitchute ... dave has been lights out during this.


Yes i originally caught his movie and tv commentary likr with thr drinker bit then he opened up this whole new avenue.


Posted by: Narciso | December 10, 2020 at 10:34 PM

definitely virginia ... the unwashed had to show up at the capitol armed for the bought and controlled legislature to not pass sweeping gun control and the klansman and his rapist sidekick are still polluting the state.


Bevin lost by only o.4 percent while every other race swept.


Kamala Harris is the mRNA strand inserted into the Presidential Cytoplasm.



It's a sidewise glance into what Gates has proposed as a nano "vaccine" as an ID. He's long supported this. I won't go into his Malthusian dreams, those are well documented. What the goof in the clip I linked describes as "proof" because the word appears has no credence, I know. It's the people involved and just what they're selling has me pulling up short.


he'd had been bringing up politics (and the rot) in some of his earlier cultural commentary and focused mostly on the abuse of technology when he did, but wow, he is taking a scalpel to what has befallen us these last couple of months. he really is a dissident over there.



You need to look at it like your face is half unparalyzed.


History unwritten:

Ben Shapiro
Um, Lincoln shut down more than 300 newspapers

Michael Beschloss @BeschlossDC
Abraham Lincoln never told an esteemed reporter, "Don't talk to me that way! . . .I’m the President of the United States. Don't ever talk to the President that way!"



Lol pin!



Sure, one can embed what the community calls a "barcode" into nanoparticles, but that has nothing to do with vaccine delivery.

These days "nanoparticles" is one big buzzword. They are useful for some things, but not nearly as much as the proponents claim.


Those brainslugs in the watercooler are really taking their toll


i'm just stumped at the bumsrush for a vaccine for a virus with a .4% fatality rate and a grab bag of prophylactics which have some 70-ish years of clinical data ... but nah, lets make everyone a lab rat because the corrupt practices at a chinese lab, screwing around with something known to be dangerous, and unceasingly arrogant about it when they got caught out.

and some ten months later we still can quite 'flatten the curve' ...

good time for some kjom


hey man nice shot


>>>Now that the smoke's gone
And the air is all clear
Those who were right there
Got a new kind of fear
You'd fight and you were right
But they were just too strong
They'd stick it in your face
And let you smell what they consider wrong<<<


Arthur Schwartz
When @kenvogel of the NYT called Tony Bobulinski, his focus was on discrediting the Biden-China docs & emails. He was disappointed when Bobulinski told him the emails were authentic. Vogel chose not to report what he was told.

I know this because I was listening in on the call.

Bobulinski told Vogel, “On background, those emails are 1000% authentic.” Vogel asked him about the 10% for the big guy email & Bobulinski told him, “Yes, the big guy is Joe Biden. I met with Joe on multiple occasions.” Vogel never reported any of that.



can't quite ... whatever.

drinks on me.


Speaking of viral


Vogel is still soros organ grinder, he previously told half the story about klimnik.


I know! I bought several versions of the useful stuff! The sterilize with just water nanotowels are awesome. I had to use UV lights to prove to my spouse that, yes, biological stuff gets on the cabinets ALL THE TIME. Much fun!

It's the nano'd RFID carp I'm not looking forward to...


any requests ...





Well this is newish:



Theyve dialed to eleven here



ha you found the exozone!

that is a live stream ... gary and doomcock will talk about this for hours!

they were trying to get dave on the stream ... that will be must listen (though it could go on for 12 hours an efap stream!)


ha you found the exozone!


On my initial reading, I thought you referred to "exosomes," a topic I enjoy. I've no idea what an "exozone" might be.


Governor Whif in PA has re-upped his tyranny as have other Democrat governors. Is that just in case we don't already hate them enough?

Captain Hate

Same with Mini Mike of Ohio, Len.


the exozone is a podcast hosted by nerdrotic and doomcock about the paranormal and aliens, but mostly aliens!

x-files wasn't science fiction but science fact!


Now tell me that Salesforce hasn't sold itself to CCP:

Jess 🇺🇸
This is the owner of Time Magazine.

Marc Benioff @Benioff
Optimism. China has done an amazing job eliminating the virus from their country. They are back to work and out of their homes. All new cases are now imported. All arriving international passengers will be tested to screen for the coronavirus. Well done. reuters.com/article/us-hea…



Looks like The Street is going to self unmask. This might get fun.


and if my future self would go back in time and say my 11:21 to my past self i'd wonder where it all went wrong.

Dave (in MA)

Van Morrison/Eric Clapton anti-lockdown song:


the exozone is a podcast hosted by nerdrotic and doomcock about the paranormal and aliens, but mostly aliens!

Is this written in the English language?


The former is a sf comic shop owner who has moved away, the latter is a chtluthu like figure whose goal is works domination



md is closing sit down dining again. it wasn't enough that restaurant owners had to take names and numbers ... i suppose it is far too many have tried to remain open against all odds.


not really ...


Proof that Presidential Pardons do indeed have a function on timelines, and only looking backwards:

TX - 41-year-old Texas Syndicate Lieutenant Hilario Nieto previously pardoned by Obama arrested with a large group on drug trafficking charges & including with MX Mafia members.

Federal, state and local authorities have arrested eight individuals on federal drug trafficking charges, including 41-year-old Texas Syndicate Lieutenant Hilario Nieto who previously received a pardon from President Barack Obama justice.gov/usao-wdtx/pr/p…



A Covid vaccine is so benign the Brookings Institute wants to pay you $1,000 to take it.

Well, they don’t want to pay you. You know what I mean.


Think of it like siskel and ebert doing very selfaware commentary on a whole host of topics, previous slicing through pretensious cultural norms.


sort of in english ... maybe english with beer and a southern drawl.

nah, not english ...


I encourage using teachers as Guinea pigs.

Hey ~ now just a minute...

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