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December 19, 2020



The Daily Wire
Biden: Pope Francis ‘Has Been Incredibly Generous To My Family’ http://dlvr.it/Rp4G78



Peter Navarro interview

Navarro: I've seen the deep state," Navarro said. I've looked it in the eye. It's these bureaucrats who [were] around long before we were there and after we're gone. But it was also some of the people that we appointed that we shouldn't.


Heading back to bed. Didn't sleep well last night.


Jane: can someone explain to me where the hatred of Jews came from?

I suspect multiple historical reasons, among them a quirk in Christianity that disallowed collecting intrest when lending money. So the Church, well into the Middle Ages, got around the ban by using Jewish moneylenders who were going to Hell anyway.

That was aided by the Jewish diaspora that, while there were no banks or common currency, facilitated Letters of Credit for merchants in other countries. This put Jews at the center of the international business community and built their reputation as venal when they demanded high interest rates and reimbursement.

Also remember that, previously, King Herod, who conquored Judea, was Roman and not Jewish but converted while there. Pontius Pilate, who tried Jesus, was not Jewish, but tried him under pressure from the Jewish high priests. Those were the high priests of the sort whose money lenders Jesus kicked out of the temple.


Good Lord
Since I’m unemployed now I’m playing catch-up only to come across Mitt Romney’s disgusting comments about Trump
If I was a man, I’d punch him right In the mouth! Bet I could floor that puppet with hand hand tied behind my back, anyway. Grrr he’s no good!

JIB great to see an updated pic of your son. My, has he grown! Great you’ve shared his story with all of us. Thank you.



"ccgirl, the israelis have nukes these days. anyone who wants to pogrom them these days has to do the math first."

Only if you have right Israeli government.

Hudna is why I worry about the peace agreements with Muslim countries. One - the Israelis will weaken their defense posture. Two - the Muslims will use their new weapons programs to eventually attack Israel again.

James D.

Bela @ 8:30

If dueling was legalized, Romney would never open his trap in public ever again.



It’s the double end x46x that’s the speed tool for a finish carpenter.

Now you tell me Mel!

I just finished adding baseboard and new shoe molding to the kitchen island.

Took forever.

If I had just used my folding Lufkin (I have one that is so old I can barely read the numbers):)

Actually an adjustable protractor in combination with an adjustable power miter saw is the cat’s meow:)


"My fear is losing my job if I don't get the vaccine. "
A good point, JamesD, one which I had left out.

My attitude is that when you consider ...
Will I get exposed?
If exposed, will I get infected?
If infected, will it be a bad case?
Am I already immune, from a previous asymptotic or undiagnosed mild case?
... when you add up those factors WuFlu is not terribly scary for many. The vaccine is, also, not terribly scary. So my attitude is that it's not a big deal, not a crucial decision based purely on medical factors.
If your job requires the vaccination that's a much heavier consideration. The rest of us can decide based on non-medical factors ... including "what is the best way to cause trouble?"


"Replying to
Seems anti-Semitic to close all the Chinese restaurants right before Christmas."


So now Cuomo wants a travel ban? I thought that was stupid





As well as climate change, to which urbanization has a causal relationship, the COVID-19 pandemic provides further reminder that our relationship with the natural world cannot be taken for granted. Wherever the virus has taken hold, it has highlighted, and in many cases compounded, existing disparities.

How can we ensure that, in resolving the immediate tensions between economic and epidemiological recovery, we build an urbanized world that delivers better outcomes for people and the planet? Here are four principles that can form the blueprint for a cleaner, greener and more inclusive built environment:

(1) Redefining value for social good...
(2) Standards as a vehicle for responsible growth...
(3) Diverse user- and community needs at the heart of projects...
(4) Realizing the transformative power of technology and data...


...and racist when Trump imposed one in January, I meant to add.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

New Thread


The Pope will declare Biden a saint for the miracle of January 20, 2021. COVID will disappear from the world. The declaration will be made quickly because the miracle will be seen on TV screens around the world.

Cases and deaths will continue at the same rate.

Another Bob

“The vaccine is, also, not terribly scary.”

Objection your honor, assumes facts not in evidence. May well be the case, I don’t think we know just yet. I’m a little skeptical of development processes that get mixed up in politics.

I’m also trying hard not to think certain thoughts that this “new” strain magically gets lots of attention the day after the vaccine appears.


Quick way to read Joan’s short story.

Follow the Amazon link. Pay the 99 cents. Select Kindle Cloud Reader target.

Will immediately launch the reader in a new “tab”, and the first page of her story will magically appear. Scroll right to successive pages.

Will surprise no one that I didn’t identify with “the III”.

What could be more “regular guy” than the dude with the bowling alley?:)


Explains why Trump must keep up the fight.

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Tom Bowler

“The Superior Person’s Complete Book of Words.” Peter Bowler

No relation.



ABob, point taken


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