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December 19, 2020




I hope you see this. Great picture posted on Twitter this evening of B52's over the Baltic, which seemed a little coincidental:

BTF B52s over the BALTIC Sea. A1C Duncan Bevan


Jim_nj, the open windows... free heat courtesy of the Feds ? Hear about that every year in WI. Not even Green Nude Eel can stop that.


Donald J. Trump
What would Bolton, one of the dumbest people in Washington, know? Wasn’t he the person who so stupidly said, on television, “Libyan solution”, when describing what the U.S. was going to do for North Korea? I’ve got plenty of other Bolton “stupid stories”.


Donald J. Trump
As badly as we were treated in Georgia by the “Republican” Governor and “Republican” Secretary of State, we must have a massive victory for two great people, @KLoeffler
& @sendavidperdue, on January 5th. I will be having a big Rally for them on Monday night, January 4th. WIN!

Captain Hate

I honestly can't think of anyone other than DJT who would be a more natural extension of every fucking thing I'd want those nutless wonders of the GOP to do with a massive testosterone injection.


Donald J. Trump
Why isn’t Congress giving our people a Stimulus Bill? It wasn’t their fault, it was the fault of China. GET IT DONE, and give them more money in direct payments.

Another Bob

It’s amazing that nobody currently flying a B-52 is older than the airplane.

First flight of a B-52 was 68 years ago.


I missed this earlier: video at the link, about a minute and a half. OAN calls it "The Art of the Steal".


— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 20, 2020

Well all the successors like the b 1 b 2 have been shown to inadequate for the missions.


Retweeted by the President:

Greg Kelly
So there’s ⁦@TTuberville
⁩ —on his way to the US SENATE. I hear we should be able to COUNT ON HIM on JAN 6th. He’s a world class COACH. Unlike most of the Bozos in the SWAMP—he’s going to Do something, not Be something. Go TOMMY!


I am so disgusted with and disappointed in Bill Barr.


The soviet tu 2badger bomber was good for about 60 years comparable to the b 52

jim nj

Dispatch 52



From earlier this week in Washington, DC


Replying to
“The Bank War”
President Andrew Jackson announces that the government will no longer use the Second Bank of the United States, the country’s national bank, on September 10, 1833. He then used his executive power to remove all federal funds from the bank and redistributing them to various STATE banks.

The above was posted in reference to Scavino's cryptic photo (with no comment) of President Trump on the phone with the portrait of Andrew Jackson behind him.


My mother is furious and shes nearly as tickec off at barrett who was it robert barnes who thought ahe would fold.

Captain Hate

Still waiting for RG to admit he was wrong on Jeff Sessions being on the same page as DJT. And no, links from Ed Meese don't change that one fucking bit.


Okay, so now it works. Goodnight all. My fav Eagles tune. (And I have only been drinking chamomile tea these last few hours just to keep Anonamom from worrying 😉).


Never mind. It didn’t work.


Donald J. Trump


I tried again. I don’t get it. I can’t link a post from youtube. I’m not an idiot. I know how to. Anyway, it was a link to the video of the Eagles acoustic live Hotel California in 1994. Night, night!

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

"Northwestern playing better than Ohio State.
Helps when you don’t lose guys and get to play.
Probably find out the team has been on hydroxychloroquine and zinc since day one."

As someone who doesn't follow sports at all, honest question, no agenda, how many college and pro athletes have died from Covid?

jim nj


My old apartment complex was built a little after WWII. Back when fuel was cheaper. The systems weren't built in a sophisticated manner. They just relied on brute force. Push a lot of heat out to satisfy the furthest building or the highest floor. People near the boiler roast so that the people furthest from the boiler can at least be comfortable.

Not much you can do with with those old systems. Put a recirculating pump at the end of the run to suck steam besides just the steam pressure forced out from the boiler. Maybe switch to natural gas and get a more efficient boiler.

And this steam system used separate pressure and return lines. So it had two recirculating pumps.

Captain Hate

As someone who doesn't follow sports at all, honest question, no agenda, how many college and pro athletes have died from Covid?

None. It would be all over Disney sports if there was any.


I am heading to bed, too.


jim nj


55 sec video

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--It’s amazing that nobody currently flying a B-52 is older than the airplane.--

My KC-135 [which refueled primarily BUFFs] was a 55 model, three years older than me. :)

jim nj


"Gabbard released legislation on Friday, known as the Pandemic Crisis Excess Profits Tax, to ensure that corporations such as Amazon, Facebook, Walmart, and Google are not profiting off economic shutdowns that have helped clear the market of their competition.

“Big tech corporations and big-box retailers are among those who have made excessive profits during the COVID-19 pandemic, while mom and pop shops are being forced to close their doors due to government-mandated restrictions,” Gabbard said in a statement."

I can support that, especially since most of those companies are big democratic contributors.

To my ear someone saying they have THE Covid sounds stupid.

So, my question; why do we have A cold, catch THE flu and come down with NO MODIFIER Covid?
Nobody ever has THE cold or A flu but they can have either THE chicken pox or just plain chicken pox but I've never heard of anyone having THE small pox.

The rhyme and reason seem wanting.

Well I call it the "CCP virus" (abbreviated CCPv) and using "the" seems required.

On reflection, "a CCP virus" is terrifying.

Dave (in MA)

Oh, go trip on a gangplank,

This is the dumbest serious shit of my lifetime. https://t.co/UcyLVTaZQx

— Jonah Goldberg (@JonahDispatch) December 20, 2020

Dave (in MA)

There is one trigger that practically guarantees civil war: Avoidable Economic Collapse through incompetence, cowardice, and sabotage. https://t.co/e1FTtGhG25

— Michael Yon (@Michael_Yon) December 20, 2020
Dave (in MA)

Monolith mystery revealed pic.twitter.com/mRT4LjeWBo

— NautPoso 119 🚀 (@NautPoso) December 20, 2020

jim nj


Apparently they have settled the issue of the Fed's lending authority.

When they refer to the 900B bill I hope they mean that the two bills are up for consideration, not that the republicans have agreed to vote for the state and local government aid part of that.

If the end result is that the House votes for both bills and the Senate only votes for the one I can live with that.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

You gotta admit the prog tolerance for cognitive dissonance is pretty impressive.
On the one hand they cry "martial law! Trump is a facist!" while at the same time begging governors to announce orders forcing people to stay at home and wait until the boss says that he'll allow them out.


So I have to wear a shirt to enter Denny’s but I can take it off at the table, right?

jim nj


Hell if I know. Why should I even care? Is this a human Schrodinger's cat?

It's on Google News. It must be important. Or click-bait. Oh, let me look.

It's that nurse who fainted after getting the Covid-19 vaccine.

never mind.

jim nj

As long as you keep your face-mask on.

Dave (in MA)

She'd probably faint if she got sniffed by Joe.

Dave (in MA)

Convergence of the Twitter Pantloads

Every word of this is right. Kudos to @RichLowry and @RameshPonnuru @NRO. https://t.co/NS7J4Vv0Il

— Matt Franck (@MatthewJFranck) December 18, 2020

jim nj


The frigidaire rfrigerator which is only 4 years old weve had to replace the door handle twice, that never happened with any other appliance.
We had a frigidaire when we bought the house and I hated it and swore that when it died I wouldn't get another one.

But it died, and somehow we bought another one. 🙄

The first thing that happened is that the bottom shelf in the door is held on by a ridiculously flimsy shallow knob in a shallow divot. The force of opening and closing the door causes it to pop off and everything on the shelf tumbles onto the floor. The half-full bottle of white wine that shattered was quite the mess! Some red duck tape fixed that.

Then the door kept being held open because the switch that turns the light on and off was preventing the door from closing. Because the whole door is hanging a bit askew and it doesn't line up right. I taped a pencil atop the door seal and it pushes the switch which allows the door to close and the light goes off, too.

That was all in the first week that we had it... We've had it for a dozen years or so I think. Over the years pieces of the drawer slides have broken off, so those fit a little strangely now, too.

To add to the dysfunction, some years ago I had pulled the drawers out to wash them and they were perched precariously on the dish drain. (Yeah, I play dish-drain jenga. Usually I'm better at it.) One of the drawers went flying and the front has a big crack in it. It turns out that using the spot as a cubbie works ok.

When this fridge breaks, can you guys please smack me if I look like I'm going to buy another frigedaire?

Dave (in MA)

We had a GE(I think) for ~20ish years that worked fine, but for several years had broken shelves in the door that were held together with pieces of leftover vinyl soffit and white duct tape, and a piece of plexiglass over the shelf above the drawers.


Wow, catching up takes a long time!

Love Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress, just a 5'9" beautiful tall.

I love Hotel California and have been known to play it through three times in the car.

When people take the piss out of Bread, I think of a single that makes me gag: "skyrockets in flight, afternoon delight". Same era.

Glen singing Witchita Lineman makes me cry. So does Johnny Cash singing Hurt.


Michael Yon has been saying for a while that civil war is coming.


Michael Yon has been saying for a while that civil war is coming.


Joan, I've read all Jilly Cooper's books too. She based Rupert C-B on Camilla's husband, Andrew P-B, who was some kind of sex god back in the day.

When I moved here I learned that lots of nice married guys had mistresses. My husband says you can't have a mistress if you're a finance director as noone would trust what you say. That's a very wise thing to say to me.

We used to go to concerts at the Albert Hall all the time. Another venue that is having serious financial problems these days.

Fun fact: Michael Yon thinks highly of Camilla, our future queen. He told me this when I got to have a drink with him, years ago, said she writes the parents of British soldiers.


To my ear someone saying they have THE Covid sounds stupid.

So, my question; why do we have A cold, catch THE flu and come down with NO MODIFIER Covid?
Nobody ever has THE cold or A flu but they can have either THE chicken pox or just plain chicken pox but I've never heard of anyone having THE small pox.

The rhyme and reason seem wanting.

Posted by: Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Ig, my quick thought (not having seen yet if it was already offered) is that colds are so prevalent and mild and recurent and common in a year's time that it is A cold;
they typically do NOT get isolated, named, nor do they sweep the country.
(Like I have A headache, A cough, A sore throat.). More of naming a symptom than the illness, maybe?

FLU--much more illness with it, rarer, more serious; do often get named--Spanish Flu was named early.

So THE flu means a specific one. THE one that is going around right now.


Double posting is an interesting phenomenon.


Clarice's latest:



Clarice's latest is spot on. Frail is a great word for Biden, "Frail Joe Biden" has a ring to it.

Amy CB was questioned about the Declaration of Independence and said it was not part of the law of the land. My husband says it's the only place where "consent of the governed" is mentioned. I haven't done any more research on this but will report back.


Gabbard released legislation on Friday, known as the Pandemic Crisis Excess Profits Tax

Gabbard has been doing some interesting things lately. She's introduced bills outlawing late-term abortion and post-partum murder, and also to "protect women's sports" from the invasion of men calling themselves "women." She's at least declaring her independence from the leftist herd mentality.

James D.

Dave @ 2:52

I wonder who they think their audience is at this point? Do they really think leftist billionaires will keep sending them big fat checks when the Democrats are in power and NR, the Bulwark and all the rest of the never Trump outlets are no longer useful to them?


Good morning, JOM and thanks!

Robin, eff 'em all

Romney wasn't a real candidate; more like a stick figure to gull the marks. The GOP overplayed their hand with that shithead, thinking that people like me would just say "oh well, we gave it our best shot".

I vividly remember him knocking Obama from Solyndra's headquarters and his first very strong debate performance. He connected with the voters that would evolve into Trump's Deplorables. And then he chickened out. I wonder if in 20 years (or maybe Jan. 6, 2021) we're going to find out that he was blackmailed with his money tied to China.

Jim Eagle

The UK and Europe are freakling out big-time over CoVid and the new strain. Now it is all political replacing medical. They are trying to deal with the logistics of distributing the vaccine.

And of course, the big consideration is whether to cancel Christmas!


That dalton education really helped out yglesias didnt it.


Good Morning! Perfect Pieces Clarice. I posted it on Parler!

Seems like it’s going to de a beautiful day!

We need a revolution!


I'm glad im not the only one, cathy f with appliance problems it came with the house.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

An 85-year-old man was requested by his Doctor for a sperm count as part of his physical exam. The doctor gave the man a jar and said, 'Take this jar home and bring back a semen sample tomorrow.'
The next day the 85-year-old man reappeared at the doctor's office and gave him the jar, which was as clean and empty as on the previous day.
The doctor asked what happened and the man explained, 'Well, doc, it's like this -- first I tried with my right hand, but nothing. Then I tried with my left hand, but still nothing.
'Then I asked my wife for help. She tried with her right hand, then with her left, still nothing.
She tried with her mouth, first with the teeth in, then with her teeth out, still nothing.
'We even called up Arleen, the lady next door and she tried too, first with both hands, then an armpit, and she even tried squeezin' it between her knees, but still nothing.'
The doctor was shocked! 'You asked your neighbor?'
The old man replied, 'Yep, none of us could get the jar open.'

Robin, eff 'em all

The kids on TheDonald are organizing via Discord state by state. Lots of good info and ideas.

I realized that I am old and am having trouble navigating Discord, LOL.


This is the channel. You will have to set up an account.

Robin, eff 'em all

I should add that this is for the Jan. 6, 2021 call by Pres. Trump to descend on DC.


Day ending in y



Good morning! I am grateful to this Twitter user for making my case, which I have griped about for four years:

Jon Robberson
· 49m
America they think you are stupid.

And blind.

And if they get their way you can add broke to the list.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

"To my ear someone saying they have THE Covid sounds stupid."

Along with all the other explanations, it could be a SoCal-ism.
Given a freeway named I-80
In NorCal "I take 80 to get there"
In SoCal "I take THE 80 to get there"

Ig, nice Santa Clara chart. That's my county.

Jim Eagle


My wife and I laughed for about 5 minutes over your 9:01. Scared the hell out of the Beagles.


note the category error here,



Lol Stephanie!


A long thread here



Well, this is interesting. Retweeted by Ezra Cohen:


#OTD 1946, US Army cryptanalyst Meredith Gardner and his team began cracking VENONA, the KGB’s diplomatic and spy communication system, by decoding a KGB message on the list of scientists working on the Manhattan project. VENONA decrypts revealed massive Soviet spying in America.


not this carp again



December 20, 2020
Who has the power to appoint presidential electors?
By Leo Donofrio

Now that inferior election officials in Arizona have rejected a legally issued legislative subpoena from the Arizona Senate Judiciary committee to turn over Dominion machines and software for inspection, the Legislature of Arizona must use its enforcement powers to compel these officials to respect their plenary authority over presidential elector appointment.

But what enforcement authority is available to the Arizona Legislature? It's not the Judiciary. And it's not a sheriff, or state capital police. The Arizona Legislature has plenary authority over appointing presidential electors. All it has to do is self-convene by quorum in each branch, or by joint ballot, then vote to send Trump electors; then send the slate to Washington, D.C. That's how you enforce the subpoena.

But then you do one more thing, Arizona Legislature. You sprint into federal district court, and you demand a Writ of Prohibition against Vice President Pence, ordering him not to open the previous slate of presidential electors sent by Arizona. And you will win that writ. Here's why:[more at link]



the irony of course is that william wiesband, an army sgt in the nsa predecessor had revealed to the Soviets that we had broken their code, so after 1947, we were in the dark,


A follow up to the post at 9:56:



'go to hospital ... he was taken to hospital' use to be the vernacular in England (still might be)

and never sounded right to me, but what do I know :) ??

I was used to ... go to the hospital or he was taken to the hospital.


“There are many issues where we may disagree with Robert Kennedy Jr., the weaponization of COVID fear is not one of them. In this short video Robert Kennedy Jr, a passionate advocate against forced vaccinations of all types, talks about how professional politicians will lie to create the underlying source of their power, dependency. WATCH:”



Yeah Robert Kennedy Jr. doesn't like getting shots.

Oooooops. https://www.nytimes.com/1983/09/17/us/robert-kennedy-jr-faces-charge-of-heroin-possession-in-s-dakota.html


Speaker Pelosi and I were briefed together by the FBI for more than an hour about Eric Swalwell’s ties to a reported-Chinese spy.

Anyone who heard what we both heard should never allow him to continue serving on the Intel Committee. pic.twitter.com/xEEopxT2CR

— Kevin McCarthy (@GOPLeader) December 19, 2020

Video at link. 42 seconds.


This guy




Democratic memo declares 'rise of white Christian nationalism is a national security threat'


Live feed at Stonehenge now:


We had a sunny afternoon so the sky looks great.

The sun will set in about 15 minutes


crazy jamie, is the son of marcus raskin, fmr state department official, and cofounder of the institute of policy studies, the leading soviet front group from the 70s to the 90s,

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

The Populist American Powder Keg Is Primed But Will It Be Lit?
Interesting argument that comfort not freedom or lack thereof is the motivating force in the world.
I don't agree with all of it but a lot of it rings true.
To the extent it is true, MMT and the bottomless Fed well may keep the standoff going longer than many expect. Having lost any semblance of fiscal or monetary restraint the elites, climbing ever higher up their opulent ivory towers to escape the clamoring deplorables, can keep the peasants at bay by helicoptering just enough funny money to distract them for some time.
But ultimately Herb Stein always wins. And then the boom, as in kaboom, not a period of rapid economic acceleration.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

White - guilty as charged.
Christian - ditto.
Nationalist- likewise.

a person who advocates political independence for a country.

"Nationalism is an idea and movement that promotes the interests of a particular nation, especially with the aim of gaining and maintaining the nation's sovereignty over its homeland."

So breaking the prog position down; they now openly declare everything upon which and by which America and Western civilization, were founded and maintained are a national security threat, ie "the enemy" or presumably terrorists at some point.

It's not comfortable girding ones loins but just the same, loins girded.


I would like to thank whoever it was who posted that cool vid of a B-52 taking off in crosswinds. The landing gear swivel up to 20 degrees. coolest plane ever?


Interesting argument that comfort not freedom or lack thereof is the motivating force in the world.

The other day I said the left is winning the entertainment battle.

PS5 indeed:)

Comfort is a more accurate description of the tool used to control the West.

If you get kicked out of your apartment and your credit cards are maxed out, that “comfort” will become much more elusive.

Ranks of the disenchanted growing every day.

Manuel Transmission

BuffyUK, thanks for that link. As it turns out we are almost exactly 1/3 the way around the world to the minute from Stonehenge so our sunrise was synced with sunset there on this shortest day of the year.



The guy who retweeted that link to the "white nationalist Christians" being a security threat said much the same thing as you did.

We now know what they intend.


Since this is the shortest day of the year maybe as we see more light each day we can perk up a bit. I slept in, and it’s very gray today. So I’ll see at the most seven hours of gray before sunset. I looked at my phone and had a text from Boatbuilder to all the sibs. Our father would have been 90 today. I almost lost it. I wasn’t thinking of him, and then a sudden hit of emotion. Something I know I am not alone in feeling, and I will keep plodding along.

There is so much to worry about, but it’s going to be a busy week. Hub’s turns 55 on Wednesday. I need get a lot together before then, plus work. Just keeping busy, and trying not to dwell on the craziness. I plan on making this Christmas one of the best, even though small.

I saw a meme, can’t recall if it was posted here: If you think 2020 is bad, wait until it turns 2021, and starts drinking!

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

Tito on Gab



Indiana is #7, Notre Dame #4, and Texas A&M #5.

bubarooni, wouldn't you know that Indiana FINALLY has a good team and the football playoffs are sort of on the back burner?


What I'd like for Christmas, in case anyone is feeling especially generous: a 1961 Chrysler Station Wagon



Report: The Director of National Intelligence gave the Biden Transition Team, and ONLY the Biden Transition Team, a piece of made up intelligence.
Within 24 hours, the piece of made up intelligence showed up on intercepts of Chinese intelligence traffic.
Within 30 minutes, the Director of Military Intelligence suspended ant further briefings of the Biden Transition Team.


From Clarice’s Pieces:

The debate by those in the field provides some shocking admissions. Marc Lipshits argues...

No comment. 😂


We clearly have enough indisputable evidence (after the Navarro report) that the election was stolen, and no place to take it.

Time for the revolution!


Retweeted by the President. Video at the link.

BREAKING: Defying McConnell, Sen-elect Tuberville suggests he will challenge Electoral College, while stumping in Georgia pic.twitter.com/1z5wJ2ajVP

— Lauren Windsor (@lawindsor) December 17, 2020

Donald J. Trump
David is a great guy and patriot. Thank you Lauren!

Lauren Windsor
· 20h
SCOOP: GA Senator David Perdue told me today that he will keep fighting for Donald Trump and challenge the Electoral College on Jan 6


Retweeted by the President:

Jim Hoft
Nov 4
FYI - We are reporting irregularities in ballot counting in pivotal swing states. Do not be surprised if the tech gods silence us today.

Please check https://thegatewaypundit.com for updates


Neo@11:53 Source?


Sorry 11:43


Retweeted by the President:

Mindy Robinson
Flag of United States
Votes were changed overnight using USBs in Nevada, of course the fake news media doesn’t want to report on it because it proves voter fraud. We’ve got to audit this election now. Or none of our elections will ever count again.

#AuditTheVote #DominionCheats

JD Rucker

An immediate, rapid, comprehensive forensic audit must be performed on all Nevada voting machines.

We need to see what was changed and by whom.

This is one of the bombshells that's being missed by most, even Trump supporters. h/t @jbinnall @iheartmindy



Many people, including some smart people of good will, are impatient with Donald Trump. They are impatient, above all, with the 2020 election. They want it to be over. They want to get on with “normal life.” They believe that ceding a stolen election to a geriatric talking mannequin represents normality because it wears a familiar face. In fact, it is terra incognita. Or, rather, it is unknown only in an American context. History provides us with many, many examples of what we may expect from acceding to such a betrayal of freedom. It is a mournful, and usually sanguinary, alternative that awaits those who barter freedom for the simulacrum of normality. I think that Donald Trump understands that. I am convinced that many of his 75 million supporters do, too.

I trust everyone understands the meaning of the word “sanguinary.”

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