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December 23, 2020




Merry christmas all. Made my bolognese Tuesday so we could do christmas eve early since atl weather was to be bad today and my daughters wanted everything outside.

Making a huge pot of chicken broth with turkey feet I roasted early this morning and snuck in while I had kitchen to myself. Half will get turned into homemade chicken noodle soup for the actual cold christmas eve and the other frozen to make my Good Luck Soup with black eyed peas, ham hock, okra, etc on new years day.

One nice thing about being outside was it was not a duplication of previous years so my mom and fil did not feel like there were ghosts from years past in my dining room. Funny thing last year was dad did not remember me but he did remember adoring the bolognese which he devoured when I took it for christmas eve lunch.

I also took some of my open but not completely used up caspari christmas napkins from previous years with their beautiful colors to lunch last year. Handed them out to memory care residents who gasped at how lovely they were. It was a little bit of light and looking back so many from a year ago in memory care are now gone.

Dad's trajectory was not really changed beyond getting my family to understand the cachexia would still have happened if we were feeding him ourselves and has happened to many with their loved one still at home.

Others though I suspect gave up earlier than they would have. Safe but lonely is no way to protect someone in their 9th or 20th decade.


Joan - I think you're confusing "Holiday Inn" with "White Christmas." Both star Bing Crosby but "Holiday Inn" is from 1942, co-stars Fred Astaire, and is the movie that introduced the songs White Christmas and Easter Parade.

Bing and Danny singing "Sisters" is the highlight of "White Christmas," in my opinion.


Christmas Eve movie slam:

Die Hard

Boondock Saints



All Mine to Give (1957-Glynnis Johns)

3pm PST to 1a

It's a video world.


Has anyone posted this link yet? If so, I apologize. If not, it's rather interesting.


By Andrea Widburg.


MM - very interesting. It's definitely hard to know how to take the guy.


Remind me to never do Christmas again! One of my guests just called and said she’s got her table all set, because it might be too cold for my heater, on my lanai, and no problem just lug the turkey, stuffing, potatoes . Beans, gravy, cranberry over to her house a few blocks away. (No discussion - just demands,)

Then I saw her at the poopy park and she told me one of the guests, whose pup I ran to the store for this morning isn’t coming.

Then she called me and asked if we can delay dinner for 2.5 hours.

HoHo Shit!

Captain Hate

It's definitely hard to know how to take the guy.

After the last four years, it's difficult to exaggerate anything related to the control the administrative state has over the country and the abdication of the GOP to fighting it. I know "smart people" can become the Unibomber but just because someone acts paranoid doesn't mean it isn't based on reality.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

Click it to go to the NEW


Good Morning! Happy Christmas Eve! I have a knot in my stomach thinking about Mom and Nana. Both are locked down. In fact, hubby's sister just texted him to say she and her daughter went to Nana's facility so our niece could wave to Nana from outdoors. The nurse came out and asked them to leave!
To repeat what Jane said, HoHo Shit!


Jj, thank you for posting it. Very nicely done. It helps personalize JOM, too.



OMG! You sure have my sympathy. That is why we have crock pot chili on Christmas Eve. When I started hosting it back in the late 80's, We had about 20 people and when the grandkids came along we got up to 30 or so.

No pet feeding as my uncle was a vet and my dad had about a gazillion cats and dogs before their health began to fail.


It is obvious that you have no idea what was on each layer of the digital document posted on “whitehouse.gov.”

Not only is that not obvious, it isn't true. When the issue first emerged, I loaded the PDF into the Adobe program, and looked add the individual layers. Didn't you do the same?

LOL! Do your own homework, PDF Expert. Haha!

I'm not sure why not knowing where to find a copy of the BC PDF reflects negatively on my knowledge of PDFs. (I don't claim to be an expert on PDFs, BTW. I do have some experience with image editing -- enough that I can confidently state that the layers in the BC were not part of the process of creating a fake document.)

If you have a link to the PDF with layers, why not post it? You should be eager to prove me wrong by showing I truly "have no idea what was on each layer." Are you afraid I'll be proved correct?


... looked at the individual layers ...


I loaded the PDF into the Adobe program, and looked add the individual layers.

There is your problem. You didn’t use the correct program.

You are wasting my time now.


You should be eager to prove me wrong..[blah,blah,blah]...

Common leftist trick. Actually you should be eager to prove you right since you are the one who started this episode.

I probably should correct myself as well. I am wasting my time dealing with your issue.


Merry Christmas, Pin! Don't forget if you come this way--I'm not going anywhere...and Merry Christmas to you all. Have a puff-pastry brie in the oven with a friend coming over, and then I sink into family. I may be able get them to watch Merry Christmas, Mr. Bean--complete idiocy, but sometimes inspired idiocy. Plus though a liberal he is a strong supporter of free speech, especially in the UK where it is under assault.


There is your problem. You didn’t use the correct program.

You are wasting my time now.

Incorrect program, indeed. I opened the BC in program that showed the layers, but I guess they weren't the correct layers.

Common leftist trick.

Common bipartisan dodge. When someone asks for evidence, and the evidence is against you, respond with "do your own homework!"

I am curious whether after all my comments at JoM, you actually believe I'm a leftest, or if you're just engaging in name-calling.


I believe you are using a leftist tactic to cover for a problem of your own creation.


Merry Christmas, MJW. Goodnight.


I believe you are using a leftist tactic to cover for a problem of your own creation.

I can't see what that supposed problem is. I think my point is valid, and I'll immodestly say, persuasively presented.

Since I can't seem locate a version of the BC with layers (and you aren't willing to provide one), I need to rely on my memory, but I'll add one more detail.

The layer with most of the safety-paper pattern is blank wherever there's text, lines, other black-ink areas in the image. Why is it blank in those regions? That's what one would expect if the PDF were generated from a scan, since obviously there's no way to know what lies under the ink. It's not at all what one would expect if the PDF were the basis for a forgery. If it were, the entire background would be filled with the pattern. The black areas would be in higher layers, so they'd cover up the background pattern. There's no logical reason a forger would leave those areas in the background pattern blank.

I'll add that a decent forger probably wouldn't even include the safety-paper pattern in a forgery. He'd probably obtain actual safety paper of the correct design, and print the forgery on that. As I recall, I found a company that sold the exact style of safety paper. That's assuming the forger couldn't illicitly obtain some paper from a source in the Hawaii birth-certificate office.

Hope you have a Merry Christmas, TK!

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