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December 29, 2020



Donald J. Trump
Hearings from Atlanta on the Georgia Election overturn now being broadcast LIVE via @RSBNetwork!


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OMG, Les Miserables is rhe most appropriate CD for today. Best motivation for a revolution ever!


I linked the hearing earlier, MM. I am glued to it. One of the witnesses, who has the technical chops to really dress down the dog and pony show senators, ripped them a new one.

My link was directly to the GA website, but I will look for a RSBN link. This hearing is devastating far beyond any previous hearing from any committee in any State. The senators barely ask any questions unless they think they can trap the witnesses. The witnesses are slamming these pricks.


GA link:




"... neural plasticity is just another retarded utopian prog myth. Were it so we would see a large change in human nature"

If it's myth it is a dangerous one. What we do see in radical Islam is people programmed to be suicide bombers and commit savage violence. IMO the left admires how they are able to mold "neural plasticity".


I believe leftist attempts to mold neural plasticity are actually stripping away mostly beneficial Western civilization. Trying to replace it with some untested theoretical (but unworkable) system ... the result seems to be return to barbaric norms of behavior rather then their Utopian fantasies.


... rather than ...


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Tom R

I could certainly be mistaken but my memory is the initial design was as a refuge from the imminent herds of roving barbarians from which one would be able to pull up the draw bridge and as a last resort take the fateful plunge of suicidal freedom should the orc hordes begin scaling its walls like so many ants.
Later it was decided to make it more offensive minded with the installation of gun turrets.

Regardless, it's only a metaphor.

The metaphor for what you described is something akin to The Castle, The Fortress of the Bunker. The Ledge as a metaphor to me implies impending death for whoever is standing on the ledge if they take one step forward. People standing on ledges typically are contemplating suicide. The theme of most of OL’s posts over the years is that the country has been slowly doing just that.

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