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January 02, 2021


Captain Hate

Jerking off to the NYT again?


Grip is to Gripe as GOP is to GOPe.


Note to clarice on keto and OJ, brought over from the previous thread's end:


You probably did tell me and it's rattling around in the "Italian" part of my brain (what I call the area that made me completely forget ever being in Rome). The neurologist said that memories come back sporadically and I will continue to discover missing portions for a while, and others will come back in the meantime.

This is sort of like when I remembered which of my siblings had stitches and where, when I was talking to Stephanie last night, but didn't remember that one of my sisters had breast reduction surgery until my daughter reminded me this afternoon.

So I appreciate everyone being patient with me. This is why I don't post too much stuff from memory unless I can verify it first. It's maddening, but I am still alive and kicking.

I would be ever so grateful if the cure was a double martini! LOL!



Did I tell you that the local post office station here has TRUCKLOADS of packages that weren't delivered before Christmas and they are still backed up? They say they are "short of help."

Now, aside from me not messing with mailing anything until the lines clear out, how in the heck can they be short of manpower when people are whining about being out of work? I don't get it!


If you note in the recipe selections I posted, there's a great substitute keto granola you might like.

Account Deleted

TM: Dems did this in 2005 and 2017.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Ah, the ol 'don't do the right thing or make waves or the big bad Dems might do what they already do anyway, only harder'. It's the battered wife syndrome school of political theory and gamesmanship.

In TM's cloud cuckoo corner of CT there are two sides and they are mirror images of each other.
In the real world we look at who actually cheats and who doesn't. So if Dems squawk about cheating it's a lie that can safely be ignored as history has proven. If Reps squawk it's because Dems are cheating, as history has also proven.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--TM: Dems did this in 2005 and 2017.--

Shh...Papa Dem might get angry if he hears you say that and you know what happens when daddy gets angry.
Walking On Eggshells; The GOPe's political handbook.


Also,MM, crystal light makes a number of rather food sugar free drink powders, including orange.

James D.

Hey TM, I hope you will really enjoy all the goodies that Biden will bro g: a cratering stock market, masks and lockdowns indefinitely, an exciting brand new shooting war or two or three for our troops to die pointlessly in, and openly racist policies pushed by the feds that will probably prevent your daughters from ever getting decent jobs, oh and personal corruption from the Biden clan and their hangers on.

But at least there won’t be mean tweets coming from the White House, so I guess that’s just fine, right?

fdcol63 🇺🇸

Mustn’t enforce the law.

It will just anger criminals, and we’ll see an unending cycle of violence and retaliation, creating even more criminals. Or terrorists. Etc.

Tom R

I am still seeing commercials paid for by the Trump campaign so that tells me he is still fighting.

Yeah... those ad commission$ don’t grow on trees.

Posted by: henry | January 02, 2021 at 03:20 PM

What is your point? I've never once seen presidential campaign ads continuing to run well after the election. These are "stop the steal" related ads. As I see it there is only one way to interpret that and it means Trump is still fighting against the fraud.

Captain Hate

They want an "emergency audit" because state government don't know how to count

First of all, you need to match nouns and verbs better. Second, in some cases they obviously don't.


food s/b Good


Oh that GRACIOUS MAGUIRE, he is being silly again.

Look in the mirror MAGUIRE. Do you like what you see??

Thomas Collins

What is truly nuts, TM, is the notion that anything GOP does now will affect what AOC and Oligarch Media will do if, in 2024 or 2028, AOC has more popular votes but, on election night and the day after, Ivanka looks as if she has won the electoral college.

fdcol63 🇺🇸

Oh, they know how to count.

And they know how to manufacture enough ballots to overcome their shortage in order to steal elections.

Dave (in MA)

The TM fainting couch needs new springs.

Manuel Transmission

Finally, a decent flying joke:

May Day, May Day

This is the story of a young Seattle college student flying in the right seat of a small plane with an elderly pilot.

The pilot had a heart attack and died. The young lady passenger frantically grabbed the controls and the mike and called out, “May Day! May Day! Help me! Help me! The pilot just had a heart attack and is dead, and I don’t know how to fly. Someone help me! Please help me!”

She then heard a calming voice on the radio saying, “This is Sea-Tac Air Traffic Control, and I hear you loud and clear. I will talk you through this and get you back on the ground. I’ve had a lot of experience with this kind of problem. Just take a deep breath, stay calm and everything will be fine!”

“Now give me your height and position.”

She replied, “I’m 5’ 4” and I support Joe Biden.”

“O.K.” said the calm voice on the radio. “Now slowly repeat after me...Our Father, who art in Heaven...”


"This is playing with fire"

As compared to stealing an election?

Thomas Collins

I have a confession to make. I really try not to wish bad things will happen to people, even if I strongly disagree with them on political matters. I am developing an exception. I really hope that those who profess classical liberal values but dump on Trump and Trump's supporters live in neighborhoods that will bear the full brunt of the Biden Administration's HUD critters' view of overriding local zoning in the name of social justice. I am coming to the conclusion that those who have Lincoln Project type mindsets need to get it good and hard in the next four years. Alas, I fear that Team Biden will be savvy enough to attempt to destroy only those neighborhoods with insubstantial political clout.

Captain Hate


I said when it became obvious that they had no ability to connect dots, what is the NeverTrump end game? Under what fanciful scenario are they anything but outlying points, rejected and considered untrustworthy by everyone?


News flash...74 Million of us have a "GRIP" and aren't letting go!!!

fdcol63 🇺🇸

Any GOPe who will support a Dem - ANY Dem in today’s radical, extreme leftist Dem Party - has proven which side they are REALLY on.

The elitist UniParty oligarchy’s side.


Thomas Collins,

These are the people who stuck their noses up in the air because my dad wore coveralls to work and my brother became an electrician instead of getting a pre-law degree at IU.

Newsflash: my dad knew far more history than any of them, and my brother learned all sorts of math skills as an electrician. And both were far better company than the noses in the air types.

I am thinking that these are people who want to establish a new "nobility" composed of people like them, while we remain in the serf class. I refuse, on behalf of my children, grandchildren, and the average working folks of this country.

Thomas Collins

At this point, CH, much as I hate to think it, the end game Never Trumpers intend is simply to have a POTUS who mouths the correct post-modern platitudes. For example, in the Middle East, it would be fine for a POTUS to once again tilt towards the Iranians and undercut the Abraham Accords as long as the POTUS enunciates the platitudes about Israel making nice to the Palestinians.

I hope you're correct about outlying points.

Thomas Collins

If that's their goal, MM2, many are going to be disappointed at having been left out of the nobility, but having HUD knocking at their door about insufficient diversity in their neighborhoods. Unfortunately, I don't think it will be the Kristols of the world who will need to deal with this.

Jim Eagle

Joe Biden will never be President. Take it to the bank.


Gordon G. Chang
Please do not think we are a country at peace. We are a country that thinks it is at peace. That’s not the same thing. #China #CCP #CCPChina #Russia

Thomas Collins

I really do have to admire the Never Trumpers who have helped implant the meme that Trump is trying to overturn the election results, when the effort on behalf of Trump is to have a count with integrity. Slick rhetoric from those claiming Trump is trying to overturn the results, I must admit.


JIB. But will he still be alive when not being president.




Just watched the "Airplane" vs. "Zero Hour" video. Who knew??!!

Tom Bowler

I really do have to admire the Never Trumpers who have helped implant the meme that Trump is trying to overturn the election results...

It's the left, not just the Never Trumpers, TC. Like accusing Trump of colluding with Russia while they're colluding with Ukraine, Italy, England, and Australia to influence the 2016 election.


Len. I knew it was supposed to be satirical, but to be so close to a real movie did surprise me.


Loved it Man Tran!

Buford Gooch

We own the Republican party now. 74 million legal, counted votes, and another few million votes switched away from Trump underscore that. The Uniparty is the opposition, but I'm pretty sure that there are actually more of us than there are of them. It will take a while for the New Republican Party to coalesce, but it will. If we still have a country at that point, the Uniparty is history.


David - It's actually pretty amazing to have word for word dialogue and image by image scenes and yet such different movies, ultimately.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Retweeted Jim Jordan:
New rule proposed by House Democrats:
Members can’t share anything on social media that’s been “distorted or manipulated.”
Who’s making that call? Liberal fact-checkers?
Give me a break.


Tom Bowler, how much snow in Whitefield? The Mountain View Grand Resort is one of my brother's favorite golf courses. Well, not in January. :)

Tom Bowler

Hardly any snow, Marlene. No cross country skiing. Some downhill in the area because they can make snow, but not much. The weather really hasn't been cooperating, even for that.

We've driven by this place a lot but it's our first stay here. The resort is elegant. We'll come back, maybe in summer when we can try out the course. There's a summer theater nearby that I've wanted to go to but haven't gotten around to.

Dave (in MA)
    Just watched the "Airplane" vs. "Zero Hour" video. Who knew??!!

You'll want to check this out, then:


Manuel Transmission

Buckeye, saw your note on the dead thread. Pretty cool. I wonder if the Harlem name came from that tribe. Jim nj might have some details on that.


Someone on Twitter could post this link to @TomMaguire.

Turns that Sen Hawley's totes insane Electoral College challenge ... has been done multiple times by Dems. Just since 2000.



Well worth the 25 minutes. Leigh Dundas (blond w red glasses, human rights attorney) giving an update about where things stand now.


I know I thanked our host for providing a place where we can all converse, and sometimes fight, but jeepers! Please get your head out of the sand, TM! The dems have been fighting the Trump admin tooth and nail since he WON in Nov, 2015. Are 70+ million of us supposed to keep quiet and bend over? NFW. That post just made my blood boil. 🤯

Keto peeps, I generally eat low carb, but it’s a bit tougher with all that’s going on these days, and all the eaters in this house:-). Plus hubs has been doing most of the shopping. I generally stick with complex carbs when I eat them, but somedays one just needs a Reuben and fries! I did see a keto granola recipe that looked great. Once things settle down here I can focus again.

FIL is at the ER with SIL waiting in the car. She called his primary and the on -call doc punted her to the COVID hotline, where she was on hold for almost three hours. The hotline person told her to get him to an ER for another eval. So hopefully he will get what he needs and go back to his apt. We are waiting. I feel for SIL as she has to do this all by herself, and she’s pretty wiped out at this point. I made a big pot of chicken soup from scratch. We dropped it off with some Gatorade.

Man Tran - great joke!


Dave in MA - I guess if I'm looking to become a comedy screenwriter I need to start watching old melodramas!


Leigh Dundas has convinced me that things are happening.


A month ago I wrote:

From [Never Trumper's] POV you can see how the fact the election was stolen is actually a silver lining. It means Joe and Kamala will be subverted by angry Trumpers at every turn and getting reelected virtually impossible. Easy peezy in 4 to elect Jeb or Dondi or Niki or ...
IOW they just don't care about the steal.

Dave (in MA)

#Dallas police will no longer respond to stolen cars, criminal mischief, reckless damage, runaway kids and child custody escalations, among other offenses. A complete surrender to the attack on policing. Good luck, Big D. https://t.co/heIdrk9Tjs

— Mark Davis (@MarkDavis) January 2, 2021
Manuel Transmission

Speaking of old movie scripts, my ex-pres of the Bel-Air CC pal was regaling us with stories last night that included one about one of the top screenwriters that he used to drink/party with and eventually finding out that as often as not his story would end up in a sitcom or movie almost verbatim. The one that pissed him off was the apocryphal story of showing up on the bus at boot camp and having the big black sgt climb on the bus and ‘invite’ them all to come out and play. What pissed him off was turning my bud into a Navy Lt, instead of a Marine. Heh.

Captain Hate


Morgan Wootten. Class of 67.

Captain Hate

Nothing illustrates the GOP disconnect more than the Georgian Senators DJT has been steadfastly supporting couldn't care less about the Presidential race. Party of ingrates.


Anonamom, I am not one to watch videos, but I felt I owed you:-). She certainly makes a case, and if anything it’s a great pep talk!


CH - You are absolutely right about the 2 Ga. senators! The last time there was a rally, I know they heard the crowd yelling and chanting "Fight for Trump!" They obviously believe that's not necessary to win.

I'm even receiving recorded ads of "voters" saying they voted for Biden but now will vote for Perdue/Loeffler for a "balance" of power! Does anyone think they didn't sign off on those ads?

Captain Hate

Momto2, I don't know how a party that hates its base so much can expect to succeed. For once in my life I underestimated their stupidity.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

"The inability for states like PA, GA, WI, MI and AZ to prove the integrity of their votes is on them, not on us.
If officials allowed records to be wiped, tossed out and shredded, then that, in no sane world, becomes a default "win" for the cheaters.
It's the exact opposite.
Your cries of "stolen election" will fall on deaf ears when states can't do simple things like show chain of custody for ballots or match signatures.
We are preventing theft, not enabling it."

fdcol63 🇺🇸

I always thought the Nick Park/Peter Lord Wallace & Gromit-esque "Chicken Run" was awesome! Lotta adult humor in that.

So much went over the heads of kids who'd never been exposed to "Hogan's Heroes", "The Great Escape", "Stalag 17" and the whole oeuvre of WW2 movies like that.



I've been listening to great drummers over the last couple of days. Charlie Watts, Keith Moon, and Ginger Baker. But my favorite still is John Bonham. Shame he was part of Zeppelin.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I don't think there are too many country music fans here in KJOM land. Regardless, in this world of pop schlock and hip hop country there isn't much room for Loretta Lynn songs sung by someone like Kelly Willis who IMO has about the perfect country music voice.
Fist City; and she's awfully cute too.

fdcol63 🇺🇸

" ... I don't know how a party that hates its base so much can expect to succeed ... "

Like FB and Twitter, they think they have us over a barrel and that we have no alternative, no where else to go.

I've stopped using FB, deactivated my account, never used Twitter. I'll look for other alternatives, but if there aren't any, I will continue to do without.

Sure, I miss the contact with my friends and family and others, but if they're going to censor me, shadow-ban my thoughts and opinions, or openly hate me, I don't need or want to continue to support them.

We need to create an alternative to the GOP. A hard choice, and a difficult task, I know. But it must be done.

I've given up on thinking it can be done by a "hostile" - or "friendly", if you'd rather use that term - takeover of the existing entity.


MT - At least he didn't make him a soldier!


Nashville bomber's bizarre writings reveal belief in aliens and lizard people
Our Reptilian Overlords don't to be trifled with


I don't think there are too many country music fans here in KJOM land.

As you may recall, I am in a mixed marriage. MrsJ likes country. I prefer Verdi.


"Chicken Run" was great!

I don't think we need a new party. We need to seriously assert ourselves in the existing party.

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