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January 29, 2021



David Chapman
Troops in DC until March. Prosecuting all who question them.
Censoring & banning all dissent.

The ruling class is acting like they lack regime credibility.

Another Bob

A tangent...

This old movie trailer made me stop for a second and start drawing comparisons.



Jack Posobiec
Jan 28
There used to be this guy on Twitter who tried to warn us the system was rigged.


Here's a happy picture for all of the car people:


Re. Covid. My cab driver was from Pakistan. He said that Pakistan did not have many cases, and he believed that the reason was that Pakistani's do not have access to as many processed foods as people in more developed countries. He should know because a. he is from Pakistan, b. he is a cab driver, c. he eats few processed foods himself, and d. he didn't have Covid. Did I mention he is a cab driver


MM2. Hmm. Smuggling photos out of Cuba?

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Instead of locking down citizens and closing borders, is any country supplementing Vitamin D and zinc, and prophylaxing with HCQ or Ivermectin?

Actually, yes. INDIA has provided a kit to all citizens that includes HCQ Zinc and I forgot what else. It comes in a blister pack. My guys that work for me were bragging about how they got this and US citizens didn't.


Janice Dean

So @NBCNews @LesterHoltNBC @TODAYshow censored one of my friends who lost a loved one in a nursing home. She wanted to say “@andrewcuomo
failed us” in the interview and they told her to say “New York failed us” instead. The mainstream is STILL protecting this guy. Disgusting.

Shame on you @LesterHoltNBC @NBCNews @TODAYshow. New York State did not fail us. The governor, his administration and his health department FAILED US. You are a disgrace to all families. Just like @andrewcuomo.




It’s a bad sign:)

Last night right before going to bed I heard about a 2 second clip of music in the background of a commercial. I knew I had heard it before, but just couldn’t recall the artists. Got in bed, and tossed and turned while racking my brain.

Woke up this morning and it was still bothering me. After a second cup of coffee, finally had an epiphany.


The Corrs - Everybody Hurts

Now I realize why. Back in the day, I thought the lead vocalist was a real hottie.

Now I can’t remember what the commercial was:)


Joe Bastardi
Book is #1 Barnes and Noble and number 3 Amazon in weather/climate categories. Get yours here, before its banned ( haha.. or maybe not)


From TMJ4

The Wisconsin Elections Commission released an analysis Friday that shows that 79.6% of the 216,490 voters who claimed they were indefinitely confined have a photo ID on file from a previous election or produced a photo ID during a previous election dating back to 2016, undermining allegations that they were deliberately skirting the law last year.

That is still 44,000 or so who we have no clue if they are legit voters. That exceeds Xiden’s margin right there. Nice attempted pillow.


I COMPLETELY agree that only vaccines will save us.

amom, I presume this is sarcasm? Or you mean "save us from our overlords"?


That Caddy is beautiful MM!

And it is the PERFECT color combination.

At least for a Buckeye:)



Written by Senator Roger Marshall of Kansas.


2nd Morning. Brrrr-ish, but soon to be better.

Davod, how is it determined who has standing?

Amom, I started your podcast, didn’t get far, but I think they were heading where we all seem to be heading. Freedom isn’t free!


Here's a cheerful development. I've been saying that even here on the UWS there is pushback against the loony left. The JCC here is run by people who make AOC look moderate. They were going to hold a "Defund the Police" event, with far left candidates for the City Council speaking. A group of seven women, led by at least one who is part of that "Upper West Siders for Safer Streets" FB group that I've mentioned before, wrote the JCC a letter threatening their 501c(3) status. An excerpt:

Through the IRS’ Political Activity Compliance Initiative (PACI), the IRS welcomes public participation in initiating investigations and audits of §501(c)(3) organizations that engage in prohibited political campaign activity such as the JCC’s planned February 4 forum. Penalties include revocation of the JCC’s tax exempt status, imposition of excise taxes based on the amount the JCC spent on the partisan activity, as well as personal tax liability for the individual JCC employees who approve expenditures supporting this violative forum. We intend to report the above-referenced forum through the PACI program as well as to the New York State Attorney General’s Office, Charities Bureau, if you do not apprise us of its cancellation or cure the partisan aspects of your noncompliance by close of business on Tuesday, February 2.

They cancelled the event.


Nothing says you are scared shitless like troops, fences and razor wire.

I hope there are enough “accidents” to keep the vermin in a perpetual state of panic for the next 4 years.


For those of you who like Australia, Instapundit links to a sobering article {I saw the start of this in the late 80s, but I didn't know about offshoring warship production]:

"THIS IS WHAT THE LEFT ENVISIONS FOR US: Every nation should learn Australia’s lessons."



At the same time, we have leadership that wants to twist the knife in us after the stabbing:

Car Lanes to Become Bike Lanes on 2 Major New York City Bridges

Mayor Bill de Blasio wants to add bike lanes on the Brooklyn and the Queensboro Bridges to encourage cycling as the city recovers from the pandemic.


Henry. Sorry. I don't believe the Wisconsin people, because they didn't show an appropriate level of urgency when it counted.


Tightening the noose, slowly but surely. Protecting themselves strangling us.



There is a 1957 Eldorado convertible just like the one in your picture, except a black exterior, for sale at the moment in NV.

Only set you back $252,000.


The climate change scam is something that gets me enraged.

I know what I know, and no amount of BS by commie bureaucrats and bogus climatologists and MSM is going to change my mind. That is why I posted that tweet by Joe Bastardi.

Anyone remember seeing paintings of people ice skating on a frozen-over Thames River? How about the book "Hans Brinker and the Silver Skates?" That was the Little Ice Age, which thankfully we have moved away from.

Does anyone know that the climate has ALWAYS fluctuated, as far back as geologists can determine?

I used to think that global warming was some half-baked theory created by people who had figured out they couldn't make money on oil, gas, and coal because the leases were pretty much already bought up, but now I am with Bastardi and see it as political. Much like Fauci, the NOAA bureaucrats are pushing an agenda.

(Rant written while sitting here in gloomy, cold Indiana waiting for the next winter storm with my space heater augmenting the temperature in this room.)


WI people took all this to court before the November election. (Same trick got the left another SC seat in April.. proved decisive). But courts said too late to change April, and latches on November. What do you consider “appropriate level of urgency” — armed rebellion?



https://www.brookings.edu/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/Brookings-Green-Learning-FINAL.pdf released January 6, yes, same day as the supposed Insurrection, makes it crystal clear that CAGW is merely the excuse to control all human systems and push Uncle Karl's revolution, as modified by gramsci.

When People used to ask me why I couldn't just write about education and I would answer because it's simply a means to an end. There's the readily accessible laid out end.

The center for universal education is a brookings project with unesco.


Jane. It was 21 early this morning, but at least it was not blowing a gale like yesterday.

Standing - From Black's free online dictionary:

a right of people to challenge the conduct of another person in a court.


That report was what I was quoting from yesterday. Somebody apart from the taxpayer-funded schemers needs to be reading these plans.

It's also why trump had to be taken out. Both biden and harris can be relied on to push this agenda without scrutiny..



When I was a kid my dad bought 40 acres and a 2-room log cabin in Wisconsin (90 miles northwest of Green Bay on the edge of the Nicolet National Forest, for GUS and henry to pinpoint). I found a picture which I am going to have blown up and prints made for my sisters and brothers.

In it you can see parked next to the cabin my dad's 55 Chevy station wagon and my grandad's retirement purchase, a 57 TWO TONE Ford Thunderbird, which, when I showed my sister last week immediately made her cry out, "The Little Jewel!" (He always called it that.) That picture made me remember there were a few years where two-tone cars were produced and quite the thing.

On top of that, Grandad's was turquoise and white with turquoise upholstery. I remember sitting in the front seat next to him (no seatbelts, natch) while he tooled down the road with a cigar clamped between his teeth.


Henry. I apologize. By people, I meant the courts.



These regulations and orders need to be available in plain English and not bureaucratese for the average person, so they can understand what's going on.

I am pleased to see that more of the younger set are starting to ask "Who benefits from this?" and "What is the purpose of this?"

Off for a bit more coffee to warm up before I start working around the house.



I have been in both of those models of cars during my childhood.


From marketwatch

Silver Lake was able to clear a profit of roughly $112 million on Wednesday by selling 44.4m newly minted shares of struggling movie-chain operator AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. AMC, +53.65% into a red-hot market for the company’s stock, according to a Friday filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Nice to be able to make the rules up as you go.


Silver Lake secured its new shares on Wednesday by converting into equity about $600 million worth of AMC debt it owned that was issued in July, when the movie chain raced to borrow to shore up funding as its theaters remained largely closed and its shares traded closer to $4 per share, according to FactSet data.


Alexander Muse

Shortly after Elon Musk criticized Biden for delaying the mission to Mars and stopping trading in GameStop, DOJ announces investigation into billionaire.
Gee, another one of those coincidences.


Gordon G. Chang
An intelligence unit of #China’s military, based in the now-closed Houston consulate, identified Americans likely to participate in violent protest and then sent them #TikTok videos inciting insurrection. Why do we tolerate #Chinese attempts to overthrow our government? #CCP
Gordon must surely realize that the Democrats think they are being clever and using the Chinese, while the CCP is laughing at them and congratulating themselves on using the dim bulbs to get rid of Trump so they can steamroll over Biden and grab Taiwan and secure more American property and businesses.


Richard Grenell

It makes no sense to let people fly on an airplane for 5 hours but not be inside a restaurant or a gym for 1 hour.

Open up our businesses!

@GavinNewsom must be recalled.
10:07 AM · Jan 30, 2021



So why are you suggesting only democrats have standing on executive orders, or did I misunderstand you?

James D.

Jane, the courts certainly behave as if only democrats have standing.


"Beltway" Greg Boyd
I’ll take the $jnj vaccine. #covid


Link goes to a snip of the FT on JNJ.


Juanita Broaddrick
White House Task Force Calls For Florida Restaurants and Bars To Close Their Doors - WDW News Today

I assume this latest edict will be met with total enthusiasm. Not. De Santis is going to end up constructing a border wall along the northern state line.


Jane. I didn't mean to imply that only Democrats have standing. It just seems that way sometimes. The lack of standing of conservatives gives Democrats what they needed to win the election.


Feds do not control restaurants in Florida. But, Democrat controlled areas in Florida could start using their health departments to close down restaurants.


Does White House edict apply to all military bases in Florida. Mess halls, etc.


I wish I knew the Florida political landscape better. Seems to me that this is going to open up a bevy of lawsuits as tourist areas get hit in dem areas.

For example, I assume that Disney wields a fair amount of influence in Orlando. Are they going to get a Wal-Mart type exemption? Or is Disney World going to close all park restaurants? This seems unlikely.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

But, Democrat controlled areas in Florida could start using their health departments to close down restaurants.

They can't do that. DeSantis has made it so that individual areas can't enforce more than the state allows without signoff by the state. If PC is open, FL is open. And he has said no way are they going back to lockdowns and closures. He also eliminated the fines and enforcement mechanisms that some dem areas tried to impose.

It's just the dems latest to try to close down FL as spring break is on the horizon. Thou shalt have no fun...

Old Lurker

Iggy asked me a fair question last night:

"I have a question for OL, when he stops in.
Am I recalling correctly you were or are a proponent of The Fourth Turning theory? If so, how do you square that with your new Dark Ages theory?
One runs twenty year cycles, the other hundreds of years."

First Ig, some might like to read that two part post you posted the other night from the guy writing about how the eighty years are up right now. He is a kindred spirit in some aspects.

No, you are not recalling correctly. I was never a cheerleader for the Fourth Turning for precisely the reason that he was too crisp in his turnings cycle - but I know others here were smitten by the concepts and he is not crazy.

MY belief harks back to a term I recall from some Statistics course about "A Cyclical Variation about a Secular Curve". In life and in nature there can be regular appearing cycles of events that are riding along other curves which have much longer routes. When the curves line up just right - a Cyclical Down just at the bottom of a Secular Down, then the bottom can fall out. Think Tacoma Narrows Bridge. Think Darwin and the evolution of species. Think Global Warming. The mind can imagine a number of parallels.

So yes, the normal flow of our Republic might have 20 or 80 year fluctuations of some important things - but I saw on Lucianne this morning a quote from George Washington at his first inauguration paraphrasing "God will shine upon our new nation as long we respect His word, but if we stop doing THAT, then all bets are off." The very long term erosion of "a lot" of the population forgetting that - which took way longer than 80 years (but like bankruptcy goes slowly at first and then all at once) drives a Secular Curve as George pointed out. OK, take "God" out of it and just remove from a population the accumulated wisdom passed down through the generations of other things tried before and how they turned out - RSE's documentation of the demise of History, Rational Critical Thinking, and Education in general - then make it World Wide in the time of instant communication and travel and Poof, the Tacoma Bridge falls down.

Then you enter an "Age" of Darkness.

To Eeyore here, I see stars lining up in a way that says "something evel this way comes".


U-Wisconsin canceled spring break last Sept 15th.

Think about that.

Old Lurker

got all the way to the last line without a typo...




NBC News: President Biden and Senate Democrats are vetting civil rights lawyers and public defenders to nominate as judges, embarking on a mission to shape the courts after Republicans overhauled them in the last four years

Old Lurker

Steph, counties in Maryland pulled the same stunt using there health departments to close restaurants before Gov Lockdown Larry wanted them to. A pissing contest ensured between the counties and the Governor (before he got Woke) about it all.

My tenants told me that pandemics like governors might come and go, but they have to live with their Health Dept inspectors year in and year out so they were wary about whom to ignore. Some of the smarter ones went a step further and worried about their legal liability if they stayed open should somebody get sick and sue them for "going against the advise of the Health Department."

It be messy.

Old Lurker


Old Lurker


Need more coffee

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Thanks, OL.


OL, In life and in nature there can be regular appearing cycles of events that are riding along other curves which have much longer routes. When the curves line up just right .

Echoes of biorhythms. :)



Thanks for that video link. I am going to listen in chunks as I putter about, and like you, will probably listen again.

Old Lurker,

I have a worn copy of The Fourth Turning that survived the move and hauled it out the other day. Steve Bannon is a believer in that theory.

I was much struck by it when it first came out, but am now unsure whether the rapid communications of the internet age delays such a big change in society or speeds it up. Trying to remember my political leanings when I was much more liberal (a legacy from the Kennedy years and the Vietnam War era, I am sure), I was amazed at the idea that the Trump family are now admirable and seemingly normal people compared to the creeps and criminals which head the democrat party. Maybe we have already gone through a Fourth Turning and I missed the whole thing!

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

So . . . does the COVID anal swab still need to reach the back of your throat?


I thought the same. There were some (presumably) professional types posting screen grabs of order flow. A good number of transaction sizes were ending with three and four zeroes. Didn't look like retail to this amateur’s eyes.

Yeah I thought that the way that robinhood.com was able to provide “free” trades is that they were selling the information about the “order flow” — what trades the traders were setting up in their system as the traders were setting them up and executing them.

The old saw about “free” products: “if you’re not the customer you’re the product”. In this case the Twitter mob would have been the product and the customers were the traders who front-ran them all the way up. We haven’t heard a peep about them yet— I wonder who they were? Mel, you heard any rumors?

Old Lurker

OK, EVERY JOMer should read this.

Twice or even three times.

Via Lucianne (after I said my piece above):


Another Bob

My idea of mask mania...



hen you enter an "Age" of Darkness

... that seems lit to those inside it.


Good for a laugh: As Mrs. sbw and I caught up with messages during morning coffee, she looked up from her MacAir to read a quote.

Ernest Hemingway: "Joy is the medicine of life!"

My reply: “The bastard!”

Jim Eagle

WH Task Force has no idea how RED Florida is. This edit will be accepted with a hardy laugh while having a beer at the local Jai Lai Fronton:)

Jim Eagle


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki




Cuban made another point which we also addressed previously, namely that with millions of new users signing up to r/WallStreetBets where each trader has an average brokerage account of $5,000 (soon to get another $1,400 "stimmy check" infusion), the subreddit has become the world's biggest distributed, decentralized hedge fund with a "hive mind", where all the individual traders coordinate and work as one, and one which can steamroll over virtually any Wall Street veteran. In fact, at this rate, Once WSB has 15 million or so members - which should happen by the end of the week, as it now has a whopping 7 million up from 2 million at the start of the week - it will have more monetary firepower than the world's biggest hedge fund (central banks not included)


(Holding from original)

Old Lurker

SBW "Then you enter an "Age" of Darkness

... that seems lit to those inside it."

I have always said that even in the worst and darkest of times, some people live at much higher standards of living than do others. The darker the times, of course, the closer Darwin was to who gets to live in the nice caves.

Men developing systems of justice and laws worked away from that; just as moving the other way returns us to the rule of the jungle.

Is not rocket science.


Well there are gradations



Well that’s true James.

Old Lurker

Good Cuban link, Henry.



Ken Griffen of Citadel and Steve Cohen of SAC* cutting billion bux checks to Melvin Capital, promptly, is a pretty good indication of who the biggest miscreants in this action.

*I did not know Steve Cohen's family shop, SAC, had an HFT group, but then again, most heavy funds do their own versions of Quant & HFT, so I shouldn't be as surprised as I was.


This is also a BIG indication that option exercise yesterday was a YUGE Fail.



Robinhood is probably a zombie now. Just a matter of time before the body submits to gravitational forces and thermodynamic exchange with ambient air takes place.


How many ways can they slit their throatsm


Meawhile, up north, Justine blazes ahead on the trail laid out by Dear Leader, Klaus.


Old Lurker

Mel "...cutting billion bux checks..."

Who says we live in different worlds?

Why just last week I received a water billed based, because of Covid, on an "Estimated Meter Reading". They asked me to send them $3,355 for water used in my house since May 2019. After three 30 minutes phone calls I told them they were wrong and I would email them the proof. I told them that while I did not owe them $3,355, by my readings I did owe them $1,762, so they should review my analysis and send me a corrected bill. That bill arrived today...they asked me for $240 instead of $3,355.

So I know just how Ken Griffen and Steve Cohen feel.


From Russ feingold.

President Biden has only been in office for one week, but his administration has already been hard at work paving the way for progressive change and reversing the damage done to our democracy over the past four years. Who is helping to accomplish these goals? Members of the ACS community.

Current and past ACS members are serving in key federal government positions under President Biden, from the highest levels of the White House staff to senior positions in the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security and other agencies. Our Federal Executive Branch Appointments Project is in full swing, connecting diverse, talented progressive lawyers with influential legal and policy positions throughout the new administration.

And as numerous media outlets including the New York Times have noted, ACS’s Path to the Bench Project is playing a vital role in identifying outstanding potential judicial nominees for the administration to consider. By placing heavy emphasis on identifying candidates from historically underrepresented demographic groups and practice areas, we’re doing our part to build a better federal judiciary.

Right now, ACS has a chance to make real strides towards upholding the Constitution in the 21st Century by ensuring that law is a force for good: protecting our democracy and the public interest and for improving people’s lives. ..

All across the country, not just in the federal government, ACS members are protecting our democracy and affecting true, progressive change every single day. During the fight for certifying election results in Wisconsin this past election cycle, the president of the ACS Madison Lawyer Chapter successfully represented the state’s governor in nine post-election lawsuits that sought to overturn the will of the electorate. Our community can also be found serving as legal counsel to governors in multiple states: The Secretary of State in Michigan; the general counsel of a state Democratic Party in a large battleground state; the reformist district attorney in one of the nation’s largest jurisdictions; and state legislators and council members in major cities.

Not only are ACS members uniquely positioned to take action, but we also have ideas to match. That’s why some of the best progressive legal minds in the country came together under the ACS banner to think through solutions to some of our toughest legal and policy challenges, resulting in our Big Ideas document we released a few weeks ago.


moving the other way returns us to the rule of the jungle

"Morality is the creation of those who choose to live under its protective umbrella and, in so doing, lift themselves just a fraction above the law of the jungle lived by the animal kingdom. Those who by their actions choose to reject living under the umbrella’s protection can have no expectation that morality will protect them when society turns around on them. Do not underestimate the value of the umbrella"

Old Lurker

So you are agreeing with me, right SBW?



No, Ken & Steve's firms caused most of the damage.


Don’t I always, OL?


Ari Fleischer

NY just shut down a nuclear power plant that helped supply electricity to NYC. Good luck making this work.

Old Lurker

:-) SBW

You more than most will enjoy that link I posted at 11:19. Iggy too, though he probably knew it all already.

Amazing how much more "thoughtful" I can be in my 70's compared to my college age self.


rse, what is ACS? Anti-Christ Scum?

Old Lurker

Never be too quick to assume noble intentions, even if they were.

Newsmax "Former President Donald Trump and the Republican National Committee raised $86 million through the GOP’s online fundraising platform between Nov. 24 and the end of 2020, according to a Friday filing with the Federal Election Commission.

Trump raised the money while claiming that widespread voting fraud had cost him the election. The amount was less than the $207.5 million that he and the RNC raised in the 19 days after the Nov. 3 election, but does not include all contributions to his committees or the RNC. They are due to report detailed information to the FEC on Sunday."


Russ is Jewish. Ask all of his wives.

He is a dimbulb, got to hang with the cool kids in the Senate by having a Harvard degree.
Met him many many times. Dumb as a box of hammers, and less useful.

Old Lurker

:-) Henry. Mrs. OL graduated from the American Community School in Beirut and I still see small checks being sent to "ACS"...


Great news on your water bill OL.

I’ll put a bottle of Cristal on ice so you can celebrate tonight:)


American constitution society a classic oximoron.

Old Lurker

Buckeye, every day we are reminded that our entire world has been dumbed down so it "operates" at the top speed of the lowest link in the chain.

Probably a mixed metaphor but you know what I mean.


On point




Now, these younger folks don't share my taste, but I am glad to see some have the gumption to actually DO something and develop work-arounds.

People miss interacting in person with others and are tired of staring at the same 4 walls and a computer screen or phone.


I didnt see that coming



Truth is irrelevant:



“ this is a 'plumbing' issue. It is esoteric, even for those on Wall Street."

Here is the explanation of how the toilet is clogged.



The American Constitution Society for Law and Policy (ACS) is a legal organization that is often considered the liberal version of the center-right Federalist Society. The group endorses the left-of-center view of the Constitution as a “living document,” capable of substantial judicial interpretation that critics see as improper legislating from the bench.

The group is funded by George Soros and his Open Society Foundations. [1] The organization is also a member of the Democracy Alliance, a network of left-wing organizations.


also funded by the Tides Foundation.

This is where biden's agency staffing is coming from.


So I see the Biden administration will require rapid diagnostic tests for domestic flights.

Normally I’d be pissed that Abbott was lobbying Biden’s he/she/its to pull that off, but since Buckeyette has been very gainfully employed since the pandemic started, I guess I have my price.

She has been contracting warehousing and shipping all over the world to support the RDX activity. Enough zeros past the significant digits to make your eyes glaze over, so at least it is helping people stay employed.

Besides, the alternative is she could want to move home:)



ACS is the major component of this.

biden was their keynoter a couple of years ago.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

-- Iggy too, though he probably knew it all already.--

Thanks, OL. Saw the article yesterday but was sick of reading stuff so passed.
Queued up now.
But first I need to change my tranny fluid. [May the jokes commence]



I have this book.

2005 conference took place at yale.

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