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January 20, 2021




You aren’t a problem for me Mel. What’s going on?


Temps reach a whopping 6 degrees outside right now.. so I stayed under the covers longer.






NG garaged because of MA rep who David one didn’t wear a mask at Dunkin Donuts. Does that mean Biden has to sleep in the garage too?


Don’t know how “David” got in there. Another day - blind as a bat!


Drink on power. Devoid of competence.


Hmmm, mitochondria did it. It appears the mitochondria produce remarkable proteins when we exercise. Proteins that make you younger.




James D.

Jane @ 7:48

That is so far beyond appalling I don't even know the words.

Jim Eagle

When has "unconstitutional" ever stopped gimble-necked Pols from doing anything?

Captain Hate

The Federalist Society eunuchs, the same group of monkeys who recommended Traitor Roberts, state that private citizen DJT can face a Senate impeachment trial despite it violating the impeachment clause of the Constitution. No wonder the GOPe loves those navel gazers who'd have been tarred and feathered when the Constitution was ratified.


Today there's news of Florida financial institutions cancelling Trump's accounts.

At breakfast my husband told me I ought to stop doing anything that related to the past US election.

He cares about me and he's very wise.

I am one teeny person who can get chewed up and spit out without anyone being able to do anything to help.

So, there you have it.

There's a Netflix movie that looks great, called "The Dig". I'll watch it and report back.

Jim Eagle



Chief WH Usher was fired and 5 hours later the Bidens show up and try to get in to their new digs. The result is typical Joe-Hilarious.

Another Bob

The suggestion is Trump people fired him?


Today there's news of Florida financial institutions cancelling Trump's accounts.

I would think DeSantis could have something to say about that if they're actually "Florida" financial institutions.


I love our governor. He has ordered our NG home. Screw you Pelosi!


https://www.bournbrookmag.com/home/covid-debate-wont-improve-until-lockdowns-themselves-are-questioned is quite on point.


OMG! Listen to the 7 minute video embedded in this article. This is inflammatory rhetoric, misinformation, and propaganda. This crap won't help soften minds, especially if there actually is an impeachment trial.

Capitol rioters' clothes reveal a deeper story about possible threats


As I was watching it, all I could think of was AntiFA and BLM over the course of the Trump administration and not just involved on part of one day in Washington. Do these leftist people who write these stories side with AntiFA and BLM as they are insinuating these fringe groups represent Trump and all his supporters?


How Xiden.


The US government will stop you from returning to the US from Mexico etc w/o a negative COVID test...but the Biden is opening the southern border to all comers. Yeah, this makes sense. travel.state.gov/content/travel…



Jane 7:48 - That’s my rep! I’m so proud of him - sarc. He and his wife come in the store quite often - at least they used to. I haven’t seen either of them since springtime.


And the DHS head in charge (Palm) is now at Xiden’s HHS.


New - Gov. Evers ranked 48th in vaccine distribution by CDC. Read why here - bit.ly/398l968


Like all news I will give it the 48 hr rule. It’s just a practical thing to do these days.

I’m off - things to do.



Did I miss something?


It's a miracle! DC 's mayor just announced that even though Covid cases are rising, indoor restaurant dining will be allowed again.



"Bipartisan outrage". Yeah, sure. That banishment to the parking garage was just an unfortunate misunderstanding, no doubt.


It took six chimps to write that piece.


AB, Read the story. 5 hours before this, Biden fired him.


Swampy's here and @gab, MAGAbook,& MeWe
Beijing Building Military Drones to Rival US in War, Leaked File Shows https://theepochtimes.com/beijing-building-military-drones-to-rival-us-in-war-leaked-file-shows_3666407.html?utm_source=sharemorningbrief


And yet ever major financial institution has underwritten the rioters through the thousand currents fund

Another Bob

“ AB, Read the story. 5 hours before this, Biden fired him.”

Missed that. Did see where Meadows was supposedly unhappy that the usher was briefing the Biden people, hence my erroneous conclusion.


Catturd ™
Every single thing Biden has done so far - is going to completely destroy the economy.

Thanks Democrat voters.
So, as the economy crumbles, our foreign adversaries push into areas like Taiwan, our children suffer from poor education an the mass hysteria resulting in lockdowns and masks, the democrats have a question that must be answered:

Did Xiden voters know and approve of these policies, or did certain influential dems cheat to get this worthless, senile and corrupt politician in power to do China's bidding?

It's one or the other.


Miss marple yes.


I see they got a dig in rather quickly here in Wikipedia:

"The White House chief usher is the head of household staff and operations at the White House, the official residence and principal workplace of the president of the United States of America. The position has been vacant since January 20, 2021, when outgoing President Donald Trump fired Timothy Harleth by incoming President Joe Biden's request, who had been appointed chief usher on June 23, 2017.[1]"

There is an extensive discussion of the Chief Usher's duties here:


My question: why the hurry to get rid of this guy, as well as the Surgeon General? What was so all-important that this couldn't have waited a few days?


Um fake japper



I’m not surprised

SCOOP: Trump has given permission for the troops to stay at Trump Hotel DC if any of them need, per advisor


"Nearly half of Britons are in favour of government surveillance on people’s phones in order to enforce lockdown measures during a pandemic https://t.co/4JoCWxEHIh

— Breitbart London (@BreitbartLondon) January 20, 2021"


Dave (in MA)

"The Turtle is not Happy Together with Trump." --O'Reilly.


For some reason I got this email from change.org.

For months, MyPillow founder Mike Lindell has been making false claims that the U.S election was stolen. Following the violence on Capitol Hill, he met with former President Trump. Reports claim his notes advocated using the military to help Trump stay in power. Petition starter James wants accountability for Lindell contributing to threats to our democracy. Bed, Bath & Beyond and Kohl’s have pulled MyPillow products from their shelves. Sign your name now to ask major retailers like Walmart, Amazon and Costco to do the same.

More fascism from the left. Any ideas for a counter petition? Boycotts aren't going to work.


Its not your screenplay ben




That page has been disappeared, or the author has been disappeared. What did it say?


Alex Bruesewitz
It’s been 13 hours since the news broke about the troops being forced to sleep on the ground of a parking garage...

Still no comment from @JoeBiden
or @KamalaHarris.

I think we should just substitute "C'mon, man!" for any response in stories such as this.


It was a protest by hostages againsr restoring the iran deal.


Petition by hostages amd political prisoners


The most interesting thing I gleaned from this story, besides Abbott and DeSantis ordering their NG troops home, is that the Acting Capitol Police Chief is someone named Yogananda Pittman.



Krystle Baker
Number of executive orders signed by past presidents vs. Biden, in their first couple weeks in office:
Trump: 4
Obama: 8
G.W. Bush: 2
Clinton: 2
H.W. Bush: 1
Reagan: 1

Biden: 17. So far.


Do tell billy



""Republicans are no longer entitled to exist as a legitimate political party because this authoritarian backlash has been building since new Civil Rights laws were passed in 1964 and 1965 in response to white racist violence captured on TV that required the National Guard to quell."

"I know this because I teach a course on White Supremacy at Smith College that focuses on anti-Semitism, anti-Black racism, and the many intersecting components of white supremacist ideology."

Professor of Whoppie Studies at Schmidt College gets by with a whopper.

Bull Connor was a Democrat.

Bull's boys were Democrats.

The controlling elites in Mississippi and "their governor" during the fight over desegregation were Democrats.

Congressional Southern Democrats were by and large "anti-civil rights." And once CRA 64 passed, on a county-by-county basis, rural Southern Democrats in the USDA apparatus controlled agricultural subsidies (to the tunes of billions of dollars)which drove several million Negroes OUT of the states of Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Virginia, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina.

In effect, southern Democrat control of local pork disbursements NULLIFIED equal rights legislation which got rubber-stamped from the passage of Brown vs. BOE through the 60's civil rights/great society legislation, rubber-stamped through Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush 1, Clinton, Bush 2, Obama 1 and 2.

For 263 pages, and a line-by-line citation of this key piece of American history and the politics of civil rights, see Pete Daniel's master work entitled "Dispossessed."

No theories just blood and guts presentation from official correspondence, meeting minutes, local county USDA sponsored agencies.... the county ag system as conceived and mobilized into hyper-drive post World War II to "deal with the Negro problem."

The use of the county agricultural system to force a targeted population off their land (nearly 1,000,000 black farms lost in the 20th century largely through no access to federal capital via local agency loan and farm subsidy programs which was earmarked for white farmers by local Democrats) was a mirror image of the depopulating program installed by the Extension Service beginning in the 1860s against American Indian communities east of the Mississippi.

Professor Ross and her "intersection" nonsense are a disgrace. She is using the marxist-Gramscian ploy wherein the mythology of "race" validated in order to weaponize efforts to dismember the Constitution and the laws of our country which furthers progress of the "final solution" to capitalism.

Meanwhile, she and the legions of other so-called "anti-fascists" bear out Churchill's prophesy: "The fascists of the future will refer to themselves as 'anti-fascists.'"

Churchill loved the poem "Who's in Charge of the Clattering Train"--- which seems very apropos to the lethal shadow being cast upon we conservatives by "anti-fascist" dilletantes like Professor Ross at Smith.

An excerpt: "Who is in charge of the clattering train?
The axles creak and the couplings strain,
and the pace is hot and the points are near,
and sleep hath deadened the driver's ear,
and the signals flash through the night in vain,
for death is in charge of the clattering train"

Heard it said once upon a time: "This isn't your private moment. This is about the history of the world."

This aint about no "pendulum" of politics. This is about our destiny as a free People. To hell with social justice, racial justice, environmental justice and all the rest of the shibboleths the 6 Ruling families have spun into the fabric of our laws and institutions.

There is only justice.






That info about your rep is not getting out. You should post a sign! And the NG should surround his house and sleep on his lawn all summer!


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Remember when the Agriculture Department got disbursed to areas around the US at the start of the Trump Administration? Lots of whining from the DC employees, but I wonder if that had something to do with keeping an eye on who got the subsidies.


I liked this comment from the video at MM's 8:31 pm last night:

john Ryan 12 hours ago

I trained Don Trump Jr. before he entered the military academy in Pennsylvania... he was a perfect gentleman. I had trained several wealthy trust fund kids in Greenwich Ct. and dreaded meeting him . I was pleasantly suprised.




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