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January 12, 2021




Dave (in MA)

"Strong stuff" excerpt:

    Donald Trump deserves to be impeached.



Stolen from GAB:

They did a hit piece story about Gab in the Washington Post yesterday and named me in it - using this tweet of mine as an example of the "extremists" over here 👇

I bet Nancy Pelosi's breath smells like vodka, moth balls, and satan.

I laughed my ass off reading it.



It is strong stuff. In scanning responses to the article, I don't see a lot of cheering and clapping (though there will be of course, because the National Review has turned from a true Conservative Republican site to a bunch of GOPe President Trump haters who seem to support projects like the 1669 lies that even the NYT acknowledges was filled with falsehoods.

Here's one good comment:

"Nice job, Jim. Maybe the Lincoln Project won't blacklist you after all.

"I'm not condoning the vandalism, unlawful-entry, theft of Nancy Pelosi's lectern, or the tragic deaths of Officer Sicknick and Ashli Babbitt. But Donald Trump is not responsible; those adults who made a conscious decision to engage in this activity are responsible. In fact, what happened at the Capitol reminds me of a few miscreants who once broke into my high school. They vandalized property, stole a few souvenirs, and even left a turd in a drawer of our Welsh P. E. teacher's desk to show their misguided contempt for him. But no one made the entire student body responsible for their actions.

"Humiliating Trump with a symbolic impeachment might make his political enemies feel warm and fuzzy but it won't help the nation heal from a contentious election, COVID-19 lockdowns, and months and months of riots and violence that were committed exclusively by the hard left and which our new president thought was merely an "idea" and our new VP openly approved and financially supported.

"The real goal of Pelosi's latest unhinged stunt is simple: she wants to destroy and discredit the only viable opposition to her and her party's radical agenda."

Captain Hate

"Our Andy McCarthy"?



Just remembered: This is the day when four years ago President Obama ended the U.S. policy of allowing Cubans who escaped Communist slavery in Cuba to stay in our country if they reached our shoes. It became a 21st century Fugitive Slave Law.

Unfortunately Trump did not change the policy.

Captain Hate

Jim Geraghty on the pro way to work a dick.


Geraghty doing ads for legal weed?


We just put Jake The Dog to sleep - a Tricolor Black Border Collie with brown eyes. He was a great dog and had a great life - we were his 3rd rescue parents. So very grateful to have shared life together, he made it to 13. We had a great walk in the woods this morning, but he stopped eating 3 days ago so it was time (except for a little BBQ chicken and ribs 1-2 days ago).

When I got him, I was told he didn't like water. When camping a few months later, I found out that was true - he didn't like water he LOVED it! When I was swimming in the cove, he was whining like he wanted to come see me. He finally got right in and swam out to me, trying to climb on me but I said no. For the next 15 minutes, he would swim out to and around me 1-2 times then back to shore. I couldn't stop laughing and he loved it when I laughed. The guys camp that year dubbed him Greatest Dog Ever!

He had a floppy left ear that would only go up halfway high. That and his happy go lucky smile will be with me for a long time...

Captain Hate

Jake RIP


PD, I'm so sorry to hear about Jake.

Captain Hate

Anybody feel like helping the FIB numbnuts?


Me neither.


Schumer, interruptus:

Mike Carter
BREAKING VIDEO: Protester interrupts Chuck Schumer presser in NYC. @newsmax


[Clip at the link]

Dave (in MA)

Jake sounds like a great pooch, so sorry PD.

Jim Eagle

Jake RIP, squared.


Sorry Jake has gone to the big lake in the sky, PD.

Dave (in MA)

Wasn't the fire extinguisher story re: CP Officer Sicknick discredited? There are still sites with fairly current articles reporting it. Are there any sites that report his cause of death?


That "Armed March On Capitol Hill" seems to be the work of one @KennethBrooks1911, who has been tagged as a Boogaloo Boi.

Google has a number of photos of @KennethBrooks1911 (looks a little like Trey Gowdy), but it seems all of his accounts (TicToc and Parler) have been shuttered.

If this is why Parler got shutter, then why didn't Big Tech shutdown Tic Toc ?


RIP Jake

NEW: FBI says it briefed law enforcement within an hour after discovering online warning about 'war' and storming US Capitol (via AP) trib.al/qnwGRbO



Neo, tictoc is Chinese owned. They don’t shut down the boss’s toys.


James O'Keefe
Full PBS Statement. “This individual in no way reflects our values or opinions”

CEO Paula Kerger describes @Project_Veritas as “a far-right activist group’ known for ‘deceptive videos’

Paula should be thanking us. She’d never know about violent rhetoric in her ranks otherwise!



Captain Hate 03:36 PM:

The photo looks like the bad guy in "The French Connection" Alain Charnier (played by Fernando Rey) but he has been dead for almost 27 years now.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

- - a Tricolor Black Border Collie with brown eyes.--

Sounds quite a bit like TK's pooch.
Sorry to hear that, PD.


Donald Trump might already be ineligible to serve as president of the United States in the future. That’s true even without an impeachment process that ends with a formal ban from future public office.

The relevant constitutional provision is Section 3 of the 14th Amendment, enacted in the aftermath of the Civil War and mentioned in the article of impeachment proposed before the House today. The provision bars a person from holding any office “under the United States” if the person has sworn an oath of allegiance to the Constitution and then “engaged in insurrection or rebellion” against the government or “given aid to the enemies” of the U.S.

Did he actually "engage" ?


PD--beautiful tribute to your Jake. Condolences on your loss.


It was a hit:

Professor Zhaung Zhou’s Crooked Yet SteadFast Tree
A play on 4 acts : Act I : Infiltration :

watch as a “crazy” guy appears from behind the secure part of the Capitol from behind police lines : Inserted

Act II: Action : Fargo Hat over Maga hat Pirelli top, previously crazy man gets given a Kevlar helmet to bash in windows .. (videographer also gets to the front by telling people he has a knife 🔪 😳)

Act III: Exfiltration: Ashli Babbitt shot: our Fargo pirelli Hat guy talks to and and gets permission to walk past the arriving police :: gets behind their tactical line into their tactically cleared space ..

Act IV: Change Disguise: The Fargo hat Pirelli guy having been allowed to safe space landing behind 6/7heavily armed police manages to change his gear and pack it in a bag .. behind police who aren’t looking on there six . (And leather coat lady notices)

What you have just seen ladies and gents is an undercover operative Agent Provocateur (AP) Being inserted into and exfiltrated from the crowd .. original video here youtu.be/PfiS8MsfSF4


blissful warrior @Kristen00812341
Replying to @politicalwilli @FilipinAnswers
That guy is friends with Jaydenx. Jayden says to a masked woman in his film, "I told you we'd get in, I couldnt say too much but i told you"


That tweet from 3:50 is unavailable.


Sorry about Jake, PD.

Just wanted to note this day in history:

I think that’s the one Neo posted earlier.

(from the last thread)


Rip jake



I’m so sorry.


This armed protest deal is nothing more than an excuse to have armed Police and National Guard forces in every State Capital all at the same time the inauguration is occurring. Even if no one shows up, it is a victory for the powers that be. They were able to control the situation and then demand more restrictions on Firearm Rights. First 100 days, here we come!

We already know this is coming. Has anyone heard from Beto lately?

Michigan is already at it: https://www.clickondetroit.com/news/politics/2021/01/12/michigan-capitol-is-not-safe-ag-dana-nessel-warns-new-ban-on-firearms-is-insufficient/


I retweeted that series of videos you linked to purporting to show the psych ops.

If they come to take me away tomorrow, It's all on you bud.


PBS has fired Michael Beller, a mid-level staff attorney who was filmed by Project Veritas calling for the children of Trump supporters to be "put...into re-education camps."

AKA a Kinsley gaffe.



Sometimes you have to refresh the page for it to go through, narc's links get shadowed for me all the time, sometimes as many as 5 refreshes (Ctrl-R) to get them to load.

Unless they've suspended O'Keefe already.


Ron Coleman

Jan Jekielek @JanJekielek
A group tied to Beijing [CUSEF] has organized trips to #China for more than 120 journalists from almost 50 US #media outlets since 2009, as part of a broad campaign to deepen the #ChineseCommunistParty’s (#CCP) influence in the [email protected][email protected]



Not the Bee:

Twitter Public Policy
Ahead of the Ugandan election, we're hearing reports that Internet service providers are being ordered to block social media and messaging apps.

We strongly condemn internet shutdowns – they are hugely harmful, violate basic human rights and the principles of the #OpenInternet.
1:22 PM · Jan 12, 2021·


Captain Hate


This doesn't talk about his death but gives a full account of who he was



Porch and others on the vaccines--

https://sebastianrushworth.com/2021/01/10/are-the-covid-vaccines-safe-and-effective/ is something I put up over the weekend that is full of useful info I was unaware of. The people most at risk are not the ones who participated in the trials.

On christmas eve my sil was talking about how her dad in memorycare would be getting the vaccine the following monday. Next thing I hear he's developed pneumonia and he passed away over the weekend, less than 2 weeks after his 1st dose. May be related. May be coincidental.

My youngest is determined to get my my vaccinated and was trying to get me to drive her to S Ga where she was able to get an appt. I pushed it off by saying it was too much driving to do twice vs waiting two weeks for something closer. I also wanted 2 more weeks of info.


PD, sorry to hear Jake is gone.

WI deployed NG at the Capitol... after letting the left run amok there all summer. They aren’t fooling anybody.

Dave (in MA)
    “engaged in insurrection or rebellion” against the government or “given aid to the enemies” of the U.S.

He helped McConnell up the stairs

Dave (in MA)
    CEO Paula Kerger describes @Project_Veritas as “a far-right activist group’ known for ‘deceptive videos’
She whacked a guy as the result of Project_Veritas work.


RIP Jake. My Maggie will be there to greet him. Those Border collies and English shepherds (close cousins) are the BEST.

If I didn't have to worry about having 2 cats in the house now, I would be looking for a new dog. However, should something happen, there is no one to adopt a pup, so I guess I will become a cat lady.


Had seen this before ..
"On Monday, the FBI released new photos
showing the suspect or suspects allegedly responsible for placing pipe
bombs at the Republican and Democratic national committee offices
in Washington, D.C., around the same time the rioters stormed the

The agency is offering a $50,000 award for any information that leads to
the location, arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible
for placing the suspected pipe bombs...."

Dave (in MA)

I finally got Gab.com to load, but the posts in the timeline won't resolve and there are a bunch of broken images.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

There is a story on ZeroHedge about a nursing home where they dosed the patients and now they are dropping like flies. Coinky dink? I think not.


Bring nunchucks. Then use them on these drama queens. /sarc

The only recent gun use against Congress was by a friend of Durbin.


That metal detectors were just put up outside the House Chambers comes after House Dems expressed concerns about GOP freshmen violating gun laws, and amidst fears about possible complicity w the Jan 6 terrorists by some House Republicans


On Monday, the FBI released new photos showing the suspect or suspects allegedly responsible for placing pipe bombs at the Republican and Democratic national committee offices in Washington, D.C., around the same time the rioters stormed the Capitol.

Seems awful bipartisan


I'm still waiting!!!!!

What did TRUMP do or say to INCITE VOILENCE?

The lie has spread around the glove. It's a LIE.


Now the banks cut Trump off. We’re next.


Deutsche Bank will no longer do business with Trump or any of his companies. Trump reportedly owes the bank over $300 million.

Meanwhile, Signature Bank called for Trump to step down.


Why would TRUMP step down. Please explain to me EXACTLY what he has done.


Apparently CNN Airport Network is shutting down. Victim of nobody traveling because of Kung flu quarantine.


Another statement. Hard not to think of the Radio Project where hearing the same thing 3 to 5 times makes people assume something is true.

ChangeLab Solutions strongly condemns the violent actions perpetrated at our nation’s Capitol on January 6, 2021. As an organization whose work focuses on the critical role of law, policy, and good governance in advancing health, equity, and justice, we stand in community with those who are taking action to address this nation’s legacies of slavery, racism, and discrimination. We will not be deterred from our goals of strengthening our democracy and fighting for equity.

We are outraged by the president’s — and other lawmakers’ — attempts to delegitimize a national election and bypass the will of the people. This subversion has destabilized our democracy and enabled violence at the Capitol by right-wing extremists and white supremacists. White privilege was on full display, given that the security response to the violent mob was largely nonexistent, with security personnel who were possibly even complicit in the attack — a stark contrast to the forceful way that Black, Indigenous, and People of Color across the nation have been treated during peaceful protests against racism. This racist double standard in enforcement is inexcusable.

A similar double standard undergirds the devastating inequities in COVID-19 deaths in our country. On the day when lawmakers voted to certify the national election despite the threat to their lives and our democracy, 4,000 individuals across the nation died from COVID-19 due to the lack of a coordinated and equitable national response. Effective leadership is crucial; indeed, we are seeing that it is a matter of life or death.

Our democracy isn’t perfect, but it holds great promise. At ChangeLab Solutions, we will continue our work to help fulfill the promise of democracy by providing leaders with the tools to break down inequitable barriers to health and prosperity in our communities, our institutions, and at all levels of government. All of us who work toward public health must join forces to dismantle structural racism and create new laws and policies that will ensure equitable opportunities for all.


Link for last.



Inequities in Covid19 deaths? The mad because Cuomo killed so many in nursing homes?


Here's another--


Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Apparently CNN Airport Network is shutting down. Victim of nobody traveling because of Kung flu quarantine.

Next up MaxHeadRoom type announcements on all those idle terminals by the government. Bets?


Animatronic Uncle SloJoe says “wear your mask you dog faced pony soldier”


CIA black vault on UFOs (?)



Major power outages in Iran. pic.twitter.com/XMLGHAubw1 https://t.co/ABmK9TYUDM

— 🇺🇲 Brandon Beckham #HoldTheLine (@BrandonBeckham_) January 12, 2021

Short (25 seconds) video at the link.

Dave (in MA)
    Why would TRUMP step down. Please explain to me EXACTLY what he has done.
  • He got elected
  • He prevented Hillary from being elected
Is that not enough!?!?!?
Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

According to the Beacon, “In July, Arizona librarian Ron Kelley received an email from the American Library Association—the largest librarian association in the world—soliciting individuals to join the Black Lives Matter movement. Kelley, replied to the list-serve with an email titled “Keep Politics Off This Discussion Group,” in which he argued that libraries should remain neutral and apolitical. Following two complaints to the Flagstaff Library regarding his email, Kelley was fired from his job.”


Some good news, because of diminished air traffic CNN is killing its CNN airport channel.


Josh Caplan

WSJ: Google sued by YouTube rival Rumble over search rankings

4:57 PM · Jan 12, 2021

Dave (in MA)

But how will I know what's on Fox now? pic.twitter.com/qdIRvn9arf

— Stephen L. Miller (@redsteeze) January 12, 2021
Dave (in MA)


McConnell is said to be pleased about impeachment, believing it will make it easier to purge Trump from the Republican Party."

Although they're probably right.


Sorry to hear about Jake. My condolences, PD.


Where do the Biden's need to send flowers?

Bloomberg Quicktake
Pompeo publicly confirmed for the first time that Al-Qaeda’s second in command, Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah, was shot to death on the streets of Tehran last August trib.al/Kh5iyKQ



That's not how you spell Gulen:

Massive Turkish construction corruption in Libya reaching to Erdogan’s inner circle and family, exposed by former Turkish counterterrorism police chief.

#Libya #Erdogan #Turkey #Occupation

The Investigative Journal @TIJournalism
Massive Turkish construction corruption in Libya reaching to Erdogan’s inner circle and family, exposed by former Turkish counterterrorism police chief @ahmetsyayla and a Libyan whistleblower investigativejournal.org/erdogans-sinis…


Old Lurker

Dave "McConnell is said to be pleased about impeachment, believing it will make it easier to purge Trump from the Republican Party."

Sure he's right. And in doing that he frees 75,000,000 Trump voters to find a new home where Trump would be welcome too. If Teddy Roosevelt had had a kick start of 75M for his Bull Moose party, he'd be president still!

Bring it!

How many does that leave McConnell in his little pretend party then?

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Countdown til the call from communists to take Pompeo before the UN courts for the Abdullah death.

Old Lurker

Sorry about Jake, PD.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I guess I should just quit posting.
Every time I read something from a clueless advice columnist like Appalled or the increasingly and intentionally provocative and authoritarian Dem mandarins and cultural NKVD shock troops, all I can think to write is the same thing I have a thousand times.
What's the point?
The people who can see the plain and obvious writing on the wall can already see it.
Those who don't at this point won't until they're diving for cover.
Either you understand the Dems and the left and the roots of their ideology and the inevitable place it always ends up or you don't know, or, worse, do but have chosen to pretend reality is otherwise.
They have the bit in their teeth and they will not quit. They are doing everything in their power to divide, segregate, humiliate and bring to heel those who will stop them.
All they are doing is increasing the anger and outrage and destroying any chance of political accommodation because they do not seek accommodation. They seek absolute power.
There is however one thing virtually all conservatives and all progressives and communists agree on. The dopes in the middle don't, but that's why they're called dopes.
That thing is "political power grows out of the barrel of a gun".
The Dems have a probably insurmountable problem in they know that to be true but they will have to risk everything to disarm us to reach absolute power. But I do not doubt their ambition, thirst for power, crooked methods and basic totalitarian default impulse will override whatever reticence they have and will try.
At that point I won't have any reason to write my Cassandraesque comments anymore anyway.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I'm counting on Yacov[sp?] Appelbaum[sp?] to ID those two punks who broke the door glass at the capitol and then faded into the scenery. If he proves they're Trump guys then I'll concede antifa /BLM had little responsibility.
But I'm highly doubtful that is the case.

Old Lurker

Iggy, Iggy, Iggy.

Nothing good ever comes from engaging with Appalled.

You used to know that!

Dave (in MA)

OL, I wasn't saying McConnell was right; I was saying that the Sulzberger Gazette was probably right that McConnell would be pleased about another impeachment.



The dems have proposed an amendment to abolish the Electoral College. (This may have been linked from another site earlier.)

Let me point you to the most hilarious portion of their statement justifying the amendment:

"Before revealing what the constitutional amendment would look like, the bill rebukes the electoral college as created in “an era of limited nationwide communication and information sharing” and resting on “an antiquated theory that citizens will have a better chance of knowing about electors from their home States than about Presidential candidates from out of State”

“The development of mass media and the internet has made information about Presidential candidates easily accessible to United States citizens across the country and around the world,” the bill also notes.

Now, you can tell me they are just trying to satisfy their supporters, but it looks awfully much to me like another effort to poke a finger in the eyes of anyone DARING to question their authority.


Tyranny of the majority full speed ahead. Name a minority which would have chosen that path 60 years ago?

Dave (in MA)

Liz Cheney - pro-impeachment.


Dick Cheney, guilty of corruption and war crimes, I now have no doubt.

matt - deplore me if you must

It's been a lousy year for us and out dogs, that's for sure. I'm sorry PD for your loss.

Maddie is sleeping beside me right now. That's what hound dogs do. We've become closer now that her brother is gone, but she can't sleep on the bed.

Usually a corporate counsel is supposed to keep management from stepping on their D*ks. This gut sure stepped on his.

If ever there were words to sum up their fascist intentions, his are.


Sheesh you guys - I was hoping you would cheer me up.

Jim Eagle

I think the Trump team has taken it just a little too far:)




Pretty soon the word "trump" will be removed from card games.


Bitch McCakeHole, could you explain exactly what DJT did to INCITE VIOLENCE?? After you explain, please go DIAF.

Captain Hate

The electoral college was put in place to prevent mob rule and protect minority rights. The democrats are still upset over losing the Civil War and having their slaves freed.


"It's heartbreaking that this manatee was subjected to this vile, criminal act," said Jaclyn Lopez, the centre's director, in a statement to local media.

Yes, and I hear the "SEA COW" was GAY.

Homosassa I'm told.


Bitch McCakeHole is trying to pet the CROC.

Did anyone here ever trust the old jack ass?


This makes me feel better about Gorka:

Evan Semones

Sebastian Gorka, then an aide to the president, yelled and got in the face of journalist @BrianKarem on the White House grounds in July 2019, calling him “a punk.” https://youtube.com/watch?app=desk
Sebastian Gorka DrG
I did.

Because he swore at the President, insulted his guests, and had verbally abused @SHSanders45
for the last 2 years.

And I’d do it again.

Because Karem is pathetic punk.

Your point?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Iggy, Iggy, Iggy.

Nothing good ever comes from engaging with Appalled.

You used to know that!--

Even though I mentioned him, that comment wasn't directed at or to him nor precipitated by him.
It came from reading some story or another on the Dems latest crazy-ass scheme and having to admit we're past the point where jaw-jaw will make any difference.
They are hellbent on where they're going and where they think they're going to take us.
Ironically, the Great Insurrection of 2021 by GI Joe, Buffalo Wings and the Podium Kid will in the long run most adversely effect the Dems.
Every new event that removes a bit more of their inhibitions or gives them more justification for their crazy crap will make the final result more extreme and more detrimental to the kooks and criminals trying to overthrow America as it was Founded. This just whets their appetite for their own little Final Solution to those creepy patriots standing in their way.


Jordan Schachtel
Debunked: There's no evidence of a planned 'huge uprising' of pro-Trump ‘armed protests’ in all 50 states
The FBI and news media is exaggerating and playing politics.


Jack, hubby said the manatees are more of PITA than gators while kayaking. The manatees will move around and bump a kayak. The gators are sneaky and won't bother the kayakers. Manatees are fat ugly blobs.


The dolphins are endearing. Gators are gators. I don't know what the manatees are good for, but they are gross.

Captain Hate

Glad the beeb is covering important stuff.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

One last point, don't know if I've made it before. I've said I'm not in favor of secession and I'm not.
But it's not on the table anyway. It is a fundamental misreading of progs to think it would ever be offered. The only time it might be is if things descended into a second revolution and were not going well for them. Then you can bet they would sue for peace if they were about to be pushed into the sea.
But as long as they think they have the upper hand peace and a peaceful division are no more possible with them one was available to me with my brother.
To think otherwise is to completely misunderstand the nature of the beast.

Tom R

RG has either been banned from Twitter or all of his followers have been zapped. I can get to his account but there are no tweets.


Regarding the FBI and "right-wing extremists".

The FBI currently defines "right-wing" as "anti-goverment". Anarchists have always been defined as anti-government. Ergo: Antifa and their ilk are right-wing.


Interesting. RG is no longer in my “following” list. I didn’t do it either.


I hope RG registered at


so we can start looking for him now that he's been disappeared.


How to make money depend on social credit score. Yes big tech wants this (and the sweet 50-100 point piece of every transaction):


China is incentivizing its citizens to try a new state-backed crypto currency that will allow them to both monitor how people are spending money on a macro level, as well as on a more individual one #WSJWhatsNow

Captain Hate

The Jeff Sessions chariot should be here shortly.

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