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January 09, 2021



Says who?




The end of the republic.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

RIP Kathy Shaidle

Captain Hate

Didn't know who she was but this is a well researched article


Manuel Transmission

It begs the question if it's all true, why didn't Trump expose Pence's treachery when he learned about it?

I can’t imagine any conceivable way he could have done that prior to a (fanciful?) roll up that the true believers are expecting.

I’m actually praying for it, given that it’s the only possible way we aren’t shedding major blood in our own streets.


One or the three canadian dissidents along with levant and steyn


And this site



Double willowed:

"Suppose we have only dreamed, or made up, all those things-trees and grass
and sun and moon and stars, and Aslan himself. Suppose we have. Then all I
can say is that, in that case, the made-up things seem a good deal more important than the real ones. Suppose this black pit of a kingdom of yours is the only world. Well, it strikes me as a pretty poor one.... That's why I'm going to stand by the play-world. I'm on Aslan's side even if there isn't any Aslan to lead it. I'm going to live as like a Narnian as I can even if there
isn't any Narnia.."

"I'm on Trump's side even if there isn't any Trump to preside. I'm going to live
as like an American as I can even if there isn't any America."

joan, I love this so I'm posting it again. Thank you!


They are coming after us.

Social media including Parler and Gab
Payment platforms

Pretty soon you won't be able to get a hunting license without impeccable social credit scores.

Who will stop them?

Does TM approve?


Cant even wear horns in public anymore.


Jake Angeli, photographed wearing a horned helmet and headdress, has been arrested and charged.


Porchlight, joan,

The source of Joan's quote is, I believe, from C.S. Lewis's book "The Last Battle", in which Lucy speaks to the witch. It's from the series "The Chronicles of Narnia." (Except for the Trump part at the end.)



Jimnj. Agree. They will have the Stasi in the streets to stop this.

"Perhaps even more dangerous is that we become unconnected and engage in individual conspiracy theories.

Millions of lone wolves with no one to talk them down and no social history to peg their motives on.

Everybody goes off-line and the NSA suddenly becomes clueless."


Well why would he?



Daughter is out running errands and called me. She says that Half-Price books is closed for #twoweeks as they had a Covid exposure. Also the jewelry store where she was going to sell some gold jewelry she owns, same reason.

I assume that now, should you express an unacceptable opinion, someone can just call the Board of Health and get a business closed. (The jewelry store happens to be owned by a family which is pro-GOP and pro-2nd amendment. The book store is probably charged with culling anything like "1984" and "Farenheit 451" from its inventory and substituting more Obama books in their place.)

Time to put another load of laundry in while I let my paranoia simmer down.


This may be tough to read on a phone but here are screenshots of people on reddit claiming that they have ratted out family members to the FBI for simply *attending* the DC rally:


Does TM approve?


Yes, MM, I read all those books many times as a child and deeply regret not reading them to my children (they don't pick up books voluntarily). I guess it isn't too late with my son.


Remember which hunger games district you are in.

Tom R


Do you get a Cloudfare DDoS warning when you access The Donald website? I get that every time and even worse yesterday I was getting the Cloudfare warning plus having to do the Captcha bullshit to identify all the pictures with boats in them in order to get into the website.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

It was a good article except for this -

"I defy even Richard Spencer to sit through this scene without cringing. But for the accidental-on-purpose intervention of some random Caucasian kid, certain African-American musicians would never have composed their own songs? The “Magical Negro“ trope is troublesome enough; in Back to the Future, it slathers on whiteface. Just appallingly insulting and ignorant....Back to the Future is racist!”

Is there a sane person on earth who thought the movie was seriously suggesting black people stole rock and roll from white people? The point of the joke was precisely how idiotic, unlikely and contrary to reality it was. You would only cringe at a black dude calling his cousin Chuck and letting him listen to Marty McFly on the phone if you thought you were watching a documentary rather than a movie about a mad scientist and his young sidekick and their time traveling Delorean.
Made the rest of it hard to read.


Technical questions (which I will also post on JOM2):

I need to consider getting a new computer. This one is TEN YEARS OLD and I have used it so long that the letters on the keyboard are starting to be worn off!

I have no idea where to start. My preference is for a desk top as opposed to a lap top. I also don't know how to go about saving pictures and documents I have on this one.

Also, Mozilla has pissed me off but I have used Firefox as my browser for so long that I don't know how to get a new browser nor which one I should use.


Oh facepalm with an old one.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Technical questions (which I will also post on JOM2):--

This is becoming a problem.
I don't have the time or inclination to go back and forth.
I don't have a problem with this site. In fact I might have less of a problem with this site than one that can more easily become an echo chamber. And I'm a pretty loyal person so long as someone hasn't torched me which I don't consider TM to have done.
But I'm not going to comment to myself and I'm sure as heck not going back and forth. Somethin's gotta give.

Guess I'll step back to wait and see what that somethin is.


Yes thats very silly, can we get out of this python sketch now.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

That donald website pissed off parler, too. So much for no censorship there.


Its like animal house.


Good morning and Happy Birthday Marlene.

And welcome back Ext.

Thank you Michaelt for the GMSR link. I may just take the ham radio course online and the exam as well. It may not be this one, I want to search a bit more.




Sorry. I will be here a lot because of familiarity of use and because a lot of people are still here.

JOM2 is my second choice but I joined because some posters here got so PO'd that they aren't going to come back; also, Janet has shown up on JOM2 because she can log into it, unlike here.

However, in case this site has too much of a conservative profile and gets taken down, I wanted somewhere to find all of my friends who I have met here.

This is a problem, but it's been exacerbated by the paranoia that the bigshot tech companies have instituted, no doubt at the behest of (choose one or several) the DNC, China, Iran, Hillary, Peloci, or Obama.



Been trying to get a christmas present exchanged that had a usps label. Red says "it's showing PO is closed." I said "try pharr road." It shows open so I drive and she runs in. While in the car I notice an audi driving backwards through the parking lot.

She comes out excited about the atl utd soccer player she has just seen and then she points and says "that's him in the audi ahead of us." I told he had been driving backwards through parking lot for at least 40 feet or so.

Then she says "The only time I see an ATL Utd player all year is at the post office. What a year."

Also saw a brand new bentley white convertible while we were out that started at a mere $205K. Tis the day to run errands apparently.


Yes, Tom R.

You will get a lot of captcha and cloudflare nonsense at TheDonald.win. It's partially because of huge server load (it's a big site and homegrown) and also DDOS attacks from the usual suspects.

Visit it while you can, and try to have patience. I'm not sure how long it will be around.

Dave (in MA)

The Boston Globe would like you to boycott New Balance because its CEO donated to the inauguration four years ago and buy Nike whose products are made by slaves in Chinese concentration camps.

— Gerry Callahan (@GerryCallahan) January 9, 2021

And watch the nba which trains in urunqi

Captain Hate

And now she's on Drumpf's side?



Too late toots.

Captain Hate

Nike is 100% behind all the problems with the UniProSports.

Captain Hate

Bobby Few RIP

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

I bought the hubs NB shoes for Christmas. :)

Captain Hate

Made the rest of it hard to read.

Love the art not the artist. Chuck Berry was not a nice person in real life, at all. Would only accept payments in cash; suitcases of it if need be.





You cant wash the unipartys dirty laundry



And I'm a pretty loyal person so long as someone hasn't torched me which I don't consider TM to have done.

TM has torched a group of us.

From an earlier reply to MJW[emphasis mine]:

--I don't believe for one second there's going to be a civil war. That's just fatuous bluster. My sister's a Trump-hating liberal, and as annoying as her politics are, I have no plans to take up arms against her.--

This is an example of how even the most logical among us [and by us I mean every last one of us] are fundamentally irrational at times.
Extrapolating from our own personal feelings about a sibling is not the best way to judge the future course of a country.
I'm almost certain that neither George Washington nor General Grant contemplated shooting their sisters [assuming they had any] in 1770 or 1855 and yet a few short years later they were commanding armies that were shooting their countrymen.
There is no guarantee that there will be an armed insurrection but barring a political resolution it takes a person to believe the US falls farther on the side of the sheeplike populace than the many countries with no history of freedom or revolt who have thrown off their oppressors.
To believe the millions of people with hundreds of millions of guns and who were raised from birth on the teat of America's heritage are engaging in fatuous bluster is to repeat in a different form the claim by socialists that it's never been really tried and this time it will be different.
The history of the world is tyrants applying the yoke and the populace throwing it off. It takes longer in many cases than others but anyone who thinks the US is going to tolerate 72 years of a Soviet yoke is extrapolating their own blinkered vision to millions who in no way share that vision.

If there is still an internet when it happens, I will try to refrain from I told you so as I load up my guns and ammo and head out the door.

Posted by: Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki | January 06, 2021 at 10:49 AM

I know that the bolded part isn’t necessarily contradicting what you posted today. To me, though, I interpreted what you wrote to MJW to be a compelling reason to question my personal feelings about TM vs the direction TM wants this country to head.

Jim Eagle

I am starting to believe all I have been hearing about The Bills and Josh Allen. He was cool as a cucumber on that TD.


Porch, at first a feeling of sadness swept over me reading the backstabbing little fuckers who turned their parents in to the feds. Then I thought, I hope the mother/mothers have money. I hope they disinherit the little commies and leave their money to 'Home for Stray Cats' or 'Retirement Center for Racehorses' or some such place.

And, I hope they take attorneys with them if they are questioned.


Good to see that Mozilla tweet almost universally derided in the responses.

MT on the last thread: “it might turn out to be just a quiet organic sequence of this or that owner being encouraged to take a run at it and having a group ready to patronize along with staring down any county hump who tries to pull a license.”

Back in March I was imagining there would be speakeasies on NYC as in prohibition. Little did I know how easily frightened people are, to the point that they would rat on any effort like that.


*in* NYC.


I am putting up the Frameworks Institute statement as I have quoted from them before and they are connected to so many govt entities and philanthropies. Notice the reasoning on why the word 'protesters' must not be used.

We are deeply troubled by yesterday’s events at the United States Capitol. We affirm our commitment to nonviolent, democratic approaches to advancing social justice, and condemn any attempts to overturn or delegitimize the results of a free and fair election.

The attack on the Capitol is an extension of events and trends that have been unfolding for years, but the severity of the moment calls for all of us to speak up. What we say now and how we say it can shape what happens next. People who participated in yesterday’s violence put resentment, entitlement, and intimidation on display. In response, we need to communicate and demonstrate our highest values.

We offer our support to those who are communicating about yesterday’s events—and some considerations in framing these responses.

Make this a moment about mission. What are the implications of these events for the causes you champion? Why does a peaceful transition of power matter for children and youth, for families, for climate action, for immigration, for racial justice and equity, for justice reform? How does political violence and extremist rhetoric undermine our shared progress as a society? Focus on aspects of the events that connect to your issue and make the connections clear and apparent.

Make all your words count. Choose terms with care—thinking through their meaning and the effects that they will have. ‘Protestors’ suggests action that is essential to the health of democracy. The breach of the Capitol was not protest; we should not refer to it as such. ‘Trump supporters’ includes too broad a group. Use terms that make it clear that these actions are well outside the boundaries of civic participation: talk about riots, mob violence, extremists, white nationalists.

Make a clear, well-explained point. These events are complex and there are a dizzying array of problems they illustrate and solutions they demand. But be judicious. Decide on a specific point to make and elaborate on it, rather than attempting to cover all of the facets of yesterday’s violence. One good explanation has more impact than a long list of problems.

Make this a moment in a movement. What are your immediate objectives and your long-term goals? Will the language you use now serve only in the short term, or can it advance the narratives and ideas your work needs in the long term? A dramatic recounting of the events, for instance, could evoke emotional responses in the short term, but will age quickly. Thoughtful observations about the meaning of the day—such as the causes and consequences of political extremism, or the connections between racism and mob violence in America—advance ideas that always need to be in the public discourse.

We believe in democracy—and think of you, the mission-driven sector, as an essential part of making it work. As you work to elevate the conversation about what this moment means, let us know how we can help.

I also put up a lesson idea from Facing History ( on my blog), that the Obamas have long been involved with, that was released before 9 on Wednesday night that explains the need for the lessons to target head, heart, and hands so the students will believe certain actions are part of their ethical agency going forward, while others quite frankly are sedition and not to be tolerated.

How can we not end up in a civil war with these lesson plans and constant refrains of racism?

fdcol63 🇺🇸

“Everybody goes off-line and the NSA suddenly becomes clueless."
Posted by: Davod | January 09, 2021 at 12:17 PM

The current efforts to silence Conservative thought and to actually hunt us down reminds me precisely why the Knights Templar and the Freemasons developed a lodge system, secret symbols and phrases, and oaths of silence and mutual protection with severe punishments for treason.


I see that Capitol protesters are being charged with crimes. I’ll bet already more have charged already than in Madison, Portland, Seattle combined.


I never thought of that, fdcol. Thanks for the insight. Time to work on some high signs.

And yes, jimmyk, we have come a long way from original Prohibition (also a prog crackdown).

fdcol63 🇺🇸

“ .... backstabbing little fuckers who turned their parents in to the feds ...“

Welcome to our Stasi overlords. See how easy it was?


Because human contact is the contagion, except for approved activities.

I was thinking it was thaf long ago the good prosecutor engaged in crimethink of varioud sundry kinds they havent forgottem.


Miss Marple: I am not technical. Every time I've purchased a new computer, I've gone to PCMag or some site like that and searched for top ten laptops (or desktops) of 20__. Then I go back and forth to computer websites or places like amazon or walmart, etc., and read reviews.

I was going to say why don't you ask your son -- then I realized I hadn't heard how he's doing. Is his recovery from the wreck complete? I hope so.

Jim Eagle

New series on TV: Clarice!

Not our's but evidently a chaser for Silence of the Lambs. They won't be able to replace Jodie Foster though, IMHO.


No the spies are the correct department.


“When you tear out a man's tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you're only telling the world that you fear what he might say.”

― George R.R. Martin, A Clash of Kings.

Old Lurker

Iggy, I thought (and was hoping for the same reasons as you) that JOM2 would just be a life boat against the sinking of JOM1.

I am a loyal "just one blog" kinda guy myself.

I registered over there to reserve my seat in the life raft, but I hope we can live here for awhile longer.


The same lads and lasses will burn down a store front for reasons.

Old Lurker

Besides. Here at JOM the orchestra out on the back deck is playing a wonderful rendition of "Nearer My God, to Thee".


I’m actually praying for it, given that it’s the only possible way we aren’t shedding major blood in our own streets.

Same reason I am a fan of the 500 yard head shot.

Far better to let a few highly talented guys extinguish the commie’s macho than sacrifice a bunch of simply patriotic guys in the street.


Probably linked already, but just in case:


Similar in spirit to Whitlock’s piece, but homing in on Paul Gigolo.

(That wasn’t autocucumber, I just thought he needed a nickname)


The ratbags have won. Now the US government will spend more time hunting down the 'extremists' in their midst, and less time watching the Chinese/Russians, etc.



I talked to my son last night. Thanks for asking! He's still sore in a couple of places and still has the tingling in one arm and hand. (Unfortunately, his left, and he is left-handed.) Still has to wait a bit on driving.

They had him take another nerve test which involved sticking him with a big needle hooked to an electrical line and sending shocks through different areas to see his response. (Can you tell I am not a neurologist.? Ha!) They are pleased with his progress.

The doc said they would hold off on surgery a little longer since he seems to be healing and think that MAYBE it won't be needed.


It’s crystal clear that @jack ass and his ilk have been chomping at the bit for an excuse to silence conservatives, and they’ve seized on this, blown it up out of all proportion to the actual seriousness of it (which is their SOP), and now with help of the Ds are acting like little Robespierres. Hopefully they will meet with the same fate.

Old Lurker

No Davod. The Russians and Chinese will be pointing out the targets.

Old Lurker

Jimmy "...they’ve seized on this..."

Come on Man! It was as preplanned a catalyst as Covid was. Before the Russians created false flag threats to Russian Citizens so they could invade a neighbor, Hitler taught them exactly how it was done.

Nothing new under the sun.


Conservatives - the new untermenschen.


Maybe, OL. I’m not quite ready not concede that level of cleverness on the r part of Democrats. But planned or not, we need more voices like Surber and Whitlock fighting back.


This resembles the kaplan hit in early soviet russia but played as farce


Well, it's time for another song from the sainted Jean Ann Carson's songbook of my 1950's grade school days!

Lyrics by Thomas Moore, written for the Irish Rebellion:

The Minstrel-boy to the war is gone,
In the ranks of death you’ll find him;
His father’s sword he has girded on,
And his wild harp slung behind him—
“Land of song!” said the warrior-bard,
“Though all the world betrays thee,
One sword, at least, thy rights shall guard,
One faithful harp shall praise thee!”

The Minstrel fell!—but the foeman’s chain
Could not bring his proud soul under;
The harp he loved ne’er spoke again,
For he tore its cords asunder;
And said, “No chains shall sully thee,
Thou soul of love and bravery!
Thy songs were made for the brave and free,
They shall never sound in slavery!”

This is the video (music only) which is sung by John McDermott.


Apparently it was also used in the movie "Black Hawk Down" which I have never seen. Here's another version with stills from the movie (I think):


I loved this song so much when I was young that I taught myself to play it on the piano.


OL. You have that back to front. Hitler would have already seen what communists do to their enemies.


Its a very intense film specially the last 3rd like 13 hours


I now have TWO songs which I can sing while they try to take my rights away! The other is the selection of "Can You Hear the People Sing?" from "Les Miserables."

If I could find five or six more maybe we could produce an underground album!


A couple of observations about the radio discussions.

I have played with GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service), FRS (Family Radio Service) and Ham radio in the same general spectrum (from approximately 140 megahertz and above).

These bands are used for short distances. Anything beyond 25 miles without a repeater is a miracle. Think handheld 2 watt walkie talkies for communicating with your little kids in a theme park. That’s how I used them:)

The bulk of Ham radio is in the spectrum from about 1.8 to 30 megahertz. And unlike the walkie talkie stuff which is FM, the lower bands are dominated by CW (morse code) and SSB (single side band - voice).

Propagation characteristics are completely different. The lower frequencies use the ionosphere as a skip tool for long distances. This is what you use for talking to your mate in Australia, or your cousin in Europe.

Also means you need a big rig, 1000 watts and 100 foot antennas.

Old Lurker

Good point, Davod. I was only thinking of recent Ukraine actions. Forgot about how they got to the Ukraine region in the first place!


And if you think Ham radio sounds like a bunch of nerdy propeller heads, you would be correct:)

Old Lurker

MM, the right song to play when that happens is the sound of a shell being racked into your shotgun. THAT can be music to our ears.


Is it Groundhog Day yet? CDC saw its shadow so we get another year of lockdown.


Covid killing nearly 3,000 in U.S. every day as CDC warns of 'surge event' from Capitol riots

Manuel Transmission

jimmyk, had a long chat with my 40 yr healthcare CEO, Marine bud about the local situation to get his wheels turning. He’s buds with our sheriff and just got acquainted with our new, kickass doc (Dr. House!) who is a lot like Atlas in thinking that the WuFlu is all noise. So, between those two we hope to ‘pay a visit’ to our sleezy health magistrate and suggest he has a nice little scam going on here, hate to see anything happen to it. First pass suggests that about the only thing that might interest state level goons is revoking liquor licenses.

Of course we have a massive Karen population here, so we might have to develop a serviceable doxxing strategy to shut them up.


Schlicter was more effusive than i


Silicon Valley is getting unionized.

Manuel Transmission

BTW the same guy has been carrying the ball on our lawsuit to shutdown the slugs controlling the local senior center. Final round of paperwork due in early February and in front of a judge in March. Lots of checks being written to keep that going.

Old Lurker

"serviceable doxxing strategy to shut them up."

Threaten their access to White Wine.


Made a run to the car wash, then the liquor store* for beer. In the liquor store, no masks and most were practicing open carry. All smiles inside.

*the one across the street from The Bunker.


“ Silicon Valley is getting unionized.”

Talk about mixed feelings. I don’t like unions, but it will be fun seeing the SV prog owners and managers get a taste of their own medicine.


Simple grift related trade... allow unions (the grift vector) and you can keep Section 230. Oh by the way... the unions want you to silence these people.

Jim Eagle

Back in the CB radio craze of the 70's how many people obeyed the law and got FCC licenses?


It’s snowing in Casper. Looks like my Al Gore Effect magic ran out.


I'm thinking of starting a hand-written diary this year. I previously thought that if any of my great, great-grandchildren cared to delve into my thoughts and beliefs, they could easily search online. Now, I have no assurance that will be the case. So, I'm having to consider whether to use cursive as it is being erased from our educational system. I can write faster than I can print!

Happy Birthday, Marlene!


Use cursive. The decoding will open their minds all on its own.

Manuel Transmission

Buckeye, several of my buds are gearing up with the walkie talkies including sharing the codes to access the two repeaters we have on island to pretty well cover the whole thing. Apparently the antifags are way ahead of us in knowing about buying six packs of radios cheap, like $150. Haven’t taken that leap.

Old Lurker

Use cursive...Mirror writing. Make them work for it.


McTurtle says any Senate impeachment trial would occur after Jan 20. Schumer would run it. Not clear who presides for a former President. (IE Chuckie gets to make up rules there as well). It is more about unpersonining Trump than anything else.


Jim Eagle

Technically, MT, even walkie talkies require FCC licenses.


So this event yesterday https://belonging.berkeley.edu/askobi?mc_cid=779a6bc180&mc_eid=631b4234f1 called "Storming the Capitol: The Last Stand of Trumpism" was "livestreamed on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or directly on our website with live captioning. Viewers are encouraged to submit questions, either live during the discussion (in the YouTube and FB chat boxes) or beforehand here. Be sure to click on the notification icons on YouTube or Facebook now to be alerted the moment we go live! "

They are only platforms for certain kinds of political speech.

"john a. powell, director of the Othering & Belonging Institute and a professor of Law and African American studies at UC Berkeley; Contributor to Trumpism and Its Discontents (2020)
Ian Haney Lopez, Chief Justice Earl Warren Professor of Public Law at UC Berkeley, and an OBI affiliated faculty member; Author of Merge Left: Fusing Race and Class, Winning Elections, and Saving America.
Emnet Almedom (moderator), research and policy analyst with the Othering and Belonging Institute"

Powell was at ohio state for years and worked with major philanthropies along with LDH to make sure they did not donate to causes not conducive to the race revolution. I think it was philanthropy roundtable.


Gawd I love my JOM friends! Thanks to Mr and Mrs Malene for sharing Marlene’s birthday and their 421st anniversary with me. Great time, great foods and great friends.

Jim Eagle


Cold as hell over here, how is your weather?


Thanks for the birthday wishes and thank you to Jane for sharing my birthday lunch with us!


Plus isn't it good to know this https://childmind.org/blog/helping-kids-understand-the-riots-at-the-capitol/ was immediately made available in spanish too!



Happy birthday marlene!

I am just excited to finally get to take the tree down. It went up before Thanksgiving and now it is closer to bonfire material than fresh.


I love The Minstrel Boy. Steve Bannon used a great rendition of it to open his film about Palin (Undefeated).

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