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January 04, 2021



jim nj, you need to post. I count on you,


It begins



The former isnt the enemy from their point of view



Narciso???. The XIDEN REGIME brings back JOHNNY PURPLE FART KERRY KOHN HEINZ, and the IRANIAN PAY OFF. A billion on unmarked air craft in Switzerland, and 150 Billlllllllllion to the MULLAHS. MEDIA COVERAGE= ZERO.
Unless you are RETARDED, you recognize that PEEEEEPS GOT PAID.
So now we have XIDEN completely beholding to CHINA, and KERRY et al.

What is wrong with US??? This is OBVIOUS.

jim nj


South Korea Sending Troops, Contacting Other Nations After Iran Seizes Ship

"The incident came just as South Korean Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha was reportedly set to travel to Tehran.

South Korea was one of Iran's top oil buyers prior to the imposition of sanctions by the Trump administration after the unilateral exit of the U.S. from a 2015 nuclear deal in 2018. Tehran officials have since urged Seoul to release of billions of dollars of Iranian assets frozen by South Korea as a result of its adherence to U.S. sanctions, though South Korea has so far refused despite successive meetings on the issue."

If so, the timing is curious.


My MOTHER worked for their biggest rival.
Foley and Lardner are akin to GLOBALISTS.
They have no LOYALTY to ANYTHING, except CASH.
Secondarily, they are part and parcel of the FULL COMMIE LEFT. I think the term is ......EVIL.


Like that taiwanese tycoon that tried to evade the sanctions thats why they hired black cube to leverage obama officiala

jim nj


GOP group targets 21 vulnerable House Dems who helped Pelosi win speakership
Pro-GOP super PAC targets vulnerable House Democrats who backed Pelosi’s Speaker re-election

"The Congressional Leadership Fund on Monday announced they’re spending five-figures to run digital ads in 21 congressional districts against Democratic lawmakers who on Sunday supported Pelosi’s re-election."

Sounds scary. Was that a ten grand buy or a 99 grand buy?


Im guessing 150-200k


Jim, the rancid FULL COMMIE media, refers to the OBAMA/KERRY corrupt cash handovers to IRAN, AS
unilateral exit of the U.S. from a 2015 nuclear deal.

A BILLION DOLLARS IN CASH on an unmarked plane. Unmarked and unregistered piles/pallets OF CASH, sent to a MURDEROUS CORRUPT REGIME. WHY??
Not approved by CONGRESS nor the SENATE.
FULL COMMIES, do as they choose, and the AMERICAN FUCKTARD MEDIA, does not hold them accountable.


Thats 7-10 k per race.


Ballpark that doesnt seem like much of a committment


Jim and Narciso. Sounds like the LITTLE e. Heh heh, the little GOP..."e" is really mad and fed up.
Their spending some serious CASH on "digital ads".

It's sickening and disgusting. Who is the leader of the GOP/GOPe???? Where does all their MONEY GO??


So the GOP leadership fund, spends chicken feed to target some who backed PELOSI'S, continuing SPEAKER election in the HOUSE.
Pelosi, shits when CHINA says "SHIT!" Pelosi is as bought and paid for, as any SPEAKER ever. She is dishonest and she is 80 years old. Pelosi's days are certainly numbered. WHAT'S NEXT??

jim nj


Judge described his belief that it would be disrespectful to his players and the entire league -- which made sacrifices to make this difficult season happen -- if they went out and didn't try to compete for 60 minutes in order to try to win a game.

"We will never do that as long as I am the head coach of the New York Giants," Judge said Monday at the end of a two-plus-minute answer to a question about whether he thought the Eagles did anything wrong.


They thought they were going to win 25 seats they lost 40 bAllpark.

jim nj

I don't know what digital ads costs but a five figure buy tops out at $99,999. That's less than 5K per target.


Jim. You're smart. Did it not occur to you, that when Pederson, had a 4TH and goal from the 4, down by 3, and did NOT kick the chip shot tying field goal, that PEDERSON was playing some DOUCHE BAG game??? I have zero dog in the hunt, in fact DOUGIE PEDERSON was FAVRE'S back up in GREEN BAY.
But stupid is as STUPID DOES.
I've heard some peeps, try to defend PEDERSON by saying "he won a SUPER BOWL".
His injured star quarterback COULD NOT PLAY in the SUPER BOWL, and NICK FOLES did.
Who was responsible for the EAGLES getting there and winning. CARSON WENTZ. Yet PEDERSON, sat down his new STAR, Jalen Hurts, he did not TAKE THE FIELD GOAL, that would have tied the game.


I was being charitable. I guess at 100 k


Yes that makes no sense gus, you leas with the best bench specially in the last quarter.


jim nj. It's silly. It's to pretend that they have a strategy or actually expect to make a difference. Chicken feed.

jim nj


I don't know about that math. They thought they were going to win every seat of a retiring republican congressman plus more, so maybe your 40 works for their expectations.

Some of those republican seats just weren't winnable for a democrat, so they wound up losing some of their own seats instead.


Narciso, Doug Pederson had some nonsensical idea, that playing a NOBODY in a game that could have been won by NORMAL PROCESSES, with a new youthful qb wasn't worth winning. Again, I have no dog in the hunt. My PACKERS ended up #1 in the NFC. They hammered the BEARS, and our next MVP, 3 time MVP...Aaron Rodgers played the entire game and was fantastic. PEDERSON is a disgrace. What he did goes against the SPIRIT of the game.

jim nj


I didn't watch the game. I'm just going on the news reports.

As long-term NY Giants fan who hasn't been paying attention lately, Dallas has always been our most hated enemy. I think that just changed.

We've lost some really weird games to Philly in the past due to karma or the NJ Turnpike or the Jersey Devil, but this is inexcusable.


Jim nj. It goes against any logic or understanding of statistical probability.
MILWAUKEE shut down the counting, kicked out the GOP observers. WHY. Tens of thousands of votes were found and added to the COMMIES TALLY.
Atlanta, the exact same thing happened. HOLY SHIT, and EMERGENCY, a water main was broken. All GOP observers kicked out. VIDEOS of boxes and suitcases of ballots arrive, the TALLY MAGICALLY flips to BIDEN.
the FULL COMMIE has no fear of being held accountable. You'd need to be seriously mentally compromised, not to see it.

jim nj

This featured prominently on the local 6 and 11 o'clock TV news. Amazing how hard it was to find the story using Google News.


Gov. Cuomo blames de Blasio, city hospitals for slow COVID-19 vaccine rollout

"To light a fire under slow local distributors, like Health and Hospitals, the state Department of Health on Sunday sent a letter establishing a use-it-or-lose-it position, Cuomo said.

Providers must use the supplies they’ve thus far been allocated by week’s end or face fines of up to $100,000, Cuomo said.

And going forward, they must use all vaccines within seven days of receipt or face fines — and being cut off from future shipments of the vaccine."

Cuomo must be pissed off that Florida is administering the vaccines faster.

I reiterate my earlier suggestion: states that can't keep up should have their scheduled vaccines delivered to the more efficient states.


Jim, the NY GIANTS, did their thing and should have had a fair chance to get into the playoffs. Phillie dropped their pants, and DENIED the GIANTS their due.
For honesty sake. My Grandfather emigrated to Phila from CORK IRELAND. He grew up and made himself a MAN in Phila. His career took him to CT and MANHATTAN for work, and he ended a GIANTS and later in FLA, a DOLPHINS FAN. I witnessed the GIANTS beat the PACKER below zero in the NFC CHAMPIONSHIP game in GREEN BAY.
I just believe in competition and the reason THE NFL exists. Goodell sucks. And his DADDY was a CT Senator. IT'S ABOUT THE MONEY NOW.
I still root for the PACKERS, and I think Aaron Rodgers is unbelievable. HE WILL BE MVP THIS YEAR.


Jim, Catchers mitt Cuomo, is not right in the head.
He's so ignorant and egotistical, that he makes everything a PERSONAL ISSUE. Cuomo tries to create punishments for those who do not follow his FIAT.
It's not about CATCHERS MITT, and his EGO. It's about the people. Cuomo is threatening DiBlasio and NYC, instead of getting the VACCINE to those who need it.

jim nj


NJ Adds Positive Antigen Tests to Coronavirus Case Totals
New Jersey has added more than 50,000 coronavirus antigen tests to its state total

That's stupid. If somebody tests positive on an antigen test they get a PCR test to confirm it. That's double-counting.

Nytol, the bouncing internet is driving me nuts.


One minute clip that's funny: "I never thought I'd walk into a bank wearing this...I'm here to make a withdrawal...."



"We will not allow people to incite violence, intimidate our residents or cause destruction in our city," Bowser said during a press conference. She also told people to avoid confrontations with anyone "looking for a fight.


Unless they intimidate Josh Hawley's wife and child, also in Washington DC, because, you know, that's a-ok.



"Questioning masks is murder." I can't believe twitter will let this stay up for long:



As you've figured out, everything at CitizenFreePress.com today is interesting.


My grandfather was an tax consultant in the 50s and did Eisenhower and Mamie's taxes amongst others. He would go to the Pentagon to meet famous WW2 generals. The only gossip we got out of him was "being a top general does not mean you're good with your money".

He was a teetotaler so was appalled when Mamie would meet him in the day time, in a DC hotel bar, where she would drink throughout the meeting.


Mel, in the future---PLEASE put the disclaimer ahead of what you are disclaiming.

Thank you.


Tell me you're already getting the signatures to recall this scumbag, Rse and Mt2:



I think he's a sociopath from his comments a'mom. He was also insisting david perdue owed his wife an apology because perdue's call that he resign because of the way November 3 was handled led to "death threats". Turns out it was not her being threatened, but people saying he deserved to be "put in front of a firing squad".

No metaphors allowed for these pudding brains.

The world would be a better place if perfidious politicians of any party paid any kind of genuine price for their deceit and what voting fraud does to the votes of existing people paying their taxes with a knowledge of history.


Posted at Insty:

POLITICO REPORTS BIDEN, DEMS EXPECT GEORGIA LOSS TODAY: If Politico is reporting it on election day, the Dems must know something.


OK Catholics--- if this day doesn't call for a rosary--on our knees-- I can't imagine too many others that do.

Remember "Savior of the World, save Russia"? at the end of every novena?
They had me convinced by age seven that the Leftists were evil, with six short words.

(I guess why I find Scott Adams on persuasion so credible. I sure wish somebody was a regular viewer. Or that he'd go back to blogging. Yes, I have asked him!)


Red Moon


Buford Gooch

Clarice, I need your help on this.

There is an easy way to "fix" the election problem. Instead of Pence deciding which votes to accept, he should accept all of them. That is, he should accept both sets of votes from the competing states. Those seven states make up 84 votes. Remove those from Biden's total, and he has 222 to Trump's 232. Add them back in to both and Biden has 306 to Trump's 316.
The Democrats are put into a no win situation by this. If both Houses of Congress accept this result, Trump is President. If only one House rejects it, my understanding is that it stands, and Trump is President. If both Houses reject it, it goes to the House for a vote, and Trump is President. If the Supreme Court is called in and rejects it, it goes to the House, and Trump is President. The only other option is to have each of the states in question choose which set is legitimate. The legislatures are supreme in this situation, and Trump is President.

I have no means of getting this solution to Mike Pence. You are probably no more than 2 or three degrees of separation from Pence. You could get someone to suggest this directly to Pence (not his staff: I trust almost no one in DC).

If no one else has suggested this to the VP, it's critical that it get suggested today, before the count tomorrow.


Veritas News Feed
Evidence of Voter Manipulation found in Italy..
CIA, MI6 Involvement..

Italian Press uncover story..News is being heavily suppressed..



Veritas News Feed
Replying to
Full Video clip..



Buford Gooch - Tweet that to @RaheemKassam



Best result is a lopsided GOP win that begs the question, "how did Trump lose this state?". We should expect, though, that the same nonsense we saw in November will repeat, i.e. big early Trump lead and the races called for the Dems a couple of weeks from now.


Big early GOP lead, I mean (got that Trump guy stuck in my noggin).


I wonder what they’ll do when the totals come in higher than in the General Election. Start auditing and tossing Republicans, only?

They messed this up and will be scrambling to “fix” it, live.

I might need some popcorn with dinner.

Buford Gooch



Anyone else have other suggestions I can also send this to?


Love what Ed Driscoll does to Carl Bernstein IRT B's reaction to "the phone call" here:



I used to pray my Rosary every night at 9:30 but as I get older, I find my mind wandering when I should be concentrating on the various mysteries. So I bumped it up to 9:00 but that still didn't help. Maybe I'll start my day with it from now on and see if that helps my concentration.

When I first started praying the Rosary, I used this helpful webpage to memorize the mysteries. Now I know them by heart.



http://asenseofplacemagazine.com/2020-the-year-that-was/ from Australia is quite good.

Hubs just voted and said there were about ten people in line. Very fast. Will go a bit later and then report.


Good Morning!

It’s 5,233 degrees below zero on my lanai today. But don’t worry! I have a heater! I think I still need mittens tho. (Romney - come sit on my hands!)

Gonna be an interesting day!


Buford Gooch - Tweet that you don't care who gets the credit.


From the link--

The year that was. A year of cultural maskism. Of politicising health and illness.

Demonisation has often taken the form of actual suppression of views. The shutting down of debate. Censorship. Shadow banning. Cancellation. Non-platforming. In other words, we are in an age of supine “controlled opposition”.

The role of Big Tech has been widely discussed, if little understood by those who maintain a naively benign view of technocracy and of platform companies whose businesses have evolved from localised chat groups to behemoths which constitute core media infrastructure. Back in the day, governments used to legislate to prevent legacy media monopolies, in the interests of democracy.

Where is the state action to tame social media companies that now rig elections and censor opinion deemed to be against the interests of the global elite? Achieving social control through spreading Covid hysteria is right up there at the top of the ruling class’s bucket list.

Branch Covidians, the masters of the cult, have come up with the ultimate insult for those who dissent from Covid orthodoxy. We are called spreaders of “misinformation”. By we, I include professors of epidemiology and virology from Oxford, Stanford and Harvard, world experts, respected scientists and much published scholars. Published in the holy grail of the politically correct – peer reviewed journals. Never mind that what these people are arguing is in lockstep with what the World Health Organisation has prescribed and proscribed in the past.

Branch Covidians IS a useful phrase.


Buford, I have a friend whose husband was a lobbyist. I'll see who he can come up with.


Buford--?Frankline Graham???



“PCR is just a process that’s used to make a whole lot of something out of something… It doesn’t tell you that you’re sick and it doesn’t tell you that the thing you ended up with is going to hurt you.” Kary Mullis, awarded the 1993 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for inventing the PCR test.


Good morning!

UGH. We are back to gloom today After yesterday's welcome burst of sunshine.

Jim Eagle

We are looking out on a flat, deep blue sea today. Starting to warm up. Nice day to take your coffee out on the upper terrace.


Good Morning! If you watched the rally last night, then you saw Marjorie Taylor Greene speak. She's quite a character. She got into an argument on the House floor about not wearing a mask, then said, "oh, I've got a mask." Then put on her TRUMP WON mask.

Buford Gooch

Thanks to anyone who can help get the message to Pence. I don't care abut who gets credit, I just want this to get fixed.


When does stuff begin in Congress?

Dave (in MA)

Has Fox News called it for Orsoff and Rev. Wifeknocker yet?

Another Bob

Buford, how do you think you’ll get away with having certain states voting twice?


Hoe you do it



I hope tomorrow some “regular guys” set up a defensive perimeter around Josh Hawley’s DC residence.

And then invite Antifa to “come out and play”.


I still say the people in DC should surround the Capitol and sing "Can You Hear the People Sing?" from Les Miserables.


We need something stronger than that



https://knowablemagazine.org/article/mind/2020/how-change-behavior-during-pandemic-personal-habits-public-health is scheduled for January 15 and is part of a Sloan and Moore Foundation Initiative called "Reset".

Social distancing. Mask wearing. Vaccine acceptance and uptake. The pandemic may be medical in nature, but many of the public health tools we’ve used to combat the virus, and the tools we’ll need to eradicate it, are behavioral.

Adopting these public health behaviors en masse is anything but straightforward, though critical to protecting essential workers and other vulnerable people. Shelter-in-place orders and masks have divided us, often along political lines. We’ve heard pleas to adhere to public health recommendations and witnessed protests against them, as well as fatigue. Why has collective behavior change in the name of saving lives been so hard and felt so personal?

And we’re not only grappling with new public health behaviors. With the New Year, many still have individual goals — eat healthier, exercise more, be better partners and parents. Can people achieve personal behavior change, set new habits and chart out new routines at a time when our “normal” world is turned upside down?

If we didn't already know this is about mass behavior change and consciousness the bios certainly are a tell. Angela Duckworth was a MacArthur Genius grant winner a few years ago and is all over the place in the actual ed reform template. The first speaker at Penn works with her at the Common Good Center and the moderator did.

Voting was in and out but with those filthy plastic gloves that make the wearer think they are being safe while constantly contaminating everything they are handing out. Steady traffic though. I think I will base today's walk from there and observe coming and going. I started doing that during Lockdown so that I could drive to where I could walk to and then walk from there to get a wider variety of walks in.


Possums gotta possum


Buford Gooch

Another Bob, I don't think they will get away with it. I think the most likely result will be to have that count refused by the House and the Senate. That should throw it into the House, where there is one vote per state, not one vote per representative. Trump wins. And in the Senate, where they would vote for VP, even if the Republicans lose both Georgia seats, the vote would likely come to a tie, where Pence would vote to break the tie, and remain VP.


Now its allowed


Hes otherwise chock full of nuts, but arent they all over there

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--"We will not allow people to incite violence, intimidate our residents or cause destruction in our city,"--

That's our residents' job dammit!


On the ballot, the electronic page informs the voter that "they cannot change their ballot once it is printed".

I thought "Right. Then only Dominion or Fulton County officials can." Or a hacker.

Then the woman as I was checking out said "feed it to the machine and watch it go in." I rolled my eyes and then realized that looked rude so I told her I was not rolling my eyes at you but I no longer trust those machines.


How is the sudden rule change by Mitch und Nahncee not automatically invoking the elector Act of 1887?

It's a mystery to me.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Why has collective behavior change in the name of saving lives been so hard and felt so personal?--

1. You're demanding not asking people to give up essential freedoms.
2. You've prevented no compelling evidence any of it saves lives.
3. You're not doing it to save lives but to seize power.
4. It's always hard to subjugate people...or at least it should be.

Buford Gooch

Mel, what rule change is that? I must have missed that.



This smells like clickbait for the exasperated. It's a little too poetic for me.

Example: A Delta Force unit commander describes the interior like this:

“The windows were covered in a hoarfrost glaze, and the place had a catacomb chill about it,” he was quoted as saying.

However, the stories are so weird that I felt compelled to link this for you guys' opinion. It WOULD work with all of the other bizarro stuff in the Ukraine.

I think I will go get another cup of coffee and start a load of laundry.


Mariupol is in tbe russian zone. Kyev is not. So its like flying from west to east berlin.

fdcol63 🇺🇸

“The windows were covered in a hoarfrost glaze, and the place had a catacomb chill about it,” he was quoted as saying.”

I guess your language gets more poetic in SF. Regular Army grunts and field artillerymen would have just said something like this:

“Shit! The fucking windows were so fogged up we couldn’t see through ‘em, and it was colder than a witch’s tits at Graf inside.”


Ah, Grafenwoehr, I've done my share of guard and range duty there (not to mention live fire drills).



Was posted here: https://www.zerohedge.com/political/congress-approves-rules-regulating-jan-6-electoral-vote-count

I seem to recall as part of the Electoral Act of 1887, there was a trigger if there were last minute rule changes about it, the Act was immediately invoked.

And here we are.


hunh, wonder what's up.....

Maggie Haberman
This contradicts everything Pence's folks have said. Let's see if it stands.

Roll Call @rollcall
NEW: Iowa Sen. Charles E. Grassley, the Senate president pro tempore, says he and not Vice President Mike Pence will preside over the certification of Electoral College votes, since "we don't expect him to be there."


[Who's messing with whom's head....]

Buford Gooch

Thanks, Mel.
Looks like my plan would work, since they seem to be accepting both sets of electors from the contested 7 states. I guess they intend to sort them out and deny the Republican ones, but Pence should have quite a bit of control of that process.


Does paradigm have ukrainian investments that would encroach on burisma wouldnt it.

Buford Gooch

So Grassley could pull the "count all of them" trick instead of Pence? Cool!



Last week I bought a CD player just to hear that song! perhaps I’ll play it all day tomorrow on my lanai at top volume.

fdcol63 🇺🇸

Maybe it’s just me, but I think Pence should NOT be involved since he’s on the ticket and has a conflict of interest.

Would be better handled by the other Republicans ... but yeah, I recognize the problem there: UniParty.


This whole Pence thing is creeping me out.


Did they contact pences office, rhetorical


After being prematurely declared dead yesterday, Tanya Roberts is now dead


If both Houses reject it, it goes to the House for a vote, and Trump is President. If the Supreme Court is called in and rejects it, it goes to the House, and Trump is President.

Maybe I'm missing something, but how would Trump prevail in a House vote?


There are more r vote delegations on paper


Dave (in MA)

Some protests are not like the others,


Looks like Bowser’s bricks got delivered to DC in time:


This is DC by Freedom Plaza ... they say it’s for construction work but it’s left out over night ! 🤔🤔 be aware patriots.. watch your 6



Porch. Because each state gets one vote.


12th Amendment, one vote per state in House, Porch.

Buford Gooch

Porch, if the electoral vote isn't accepted, the vote for President goes to the House. For this vote, each state gets one vote. The individual representatives don't vote individually. There will be 50 votes, one from each state. More than 25 states have majority Republican delegations.



You and I aren't the only ones. I fully expect when it dawns on the commies that the song speaks to our hearts, this You Tube video will be taken down:

59) You cannot make me look away or close my eyes. I will not listen to or sing goodnight lullabies any longer over the fate of my nation. And I know you won't either. Now is the time to sing the song of angry men.https://t.co/eTmtUr6UHW

— Pasquale "Pat" Scopelliti (@ThyConsigliori) January 5, 2021

Video at link. Lyrics and music to "Can You Hear the People Sing."


Re Pence:

I cannot imagine that he would stab the President in the back UNLESS he is being blackmailed or has a family member held hostage. His home town is Columbus, Indiana, about 40 miles south of Indianapolis and heavily GOP.

Should he do so, he nor anyone in his family would be welcome in this state, and would be greeted with boos, rotten tomatoes, and worse should he even dare to appear.

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