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January 13, 2021


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Leftists Are Colonizing Red Towns Like Mine, And Local Republicans Are Clueless


Magnus (mag) Lowdor COLLAPSAFARIAN
hmmmm interesting i knew i had seen this image before



Jeff B., who on earth is this guy?? @EsotericCD
galaxy brain at work.

Scott Adams @ScottAdamsSays
One way to look at today’s events is that the House impeached Trump. The other way is that they just handed him the thing he wanted most: a national platform to put election integrity on trial. Senate will be like the Scopes Trial.

Scott Adams
Replying to @EsotericCD
I would leave out the reasons too.



I thought the villains didn't give speeches telling us what they intend anymore? I guess the stupidly arrogant will do that from time to time:

Hmmm. "Disarm as much as we can"?

jack @jack
Replying to @jack
It’s important that we acknowledge this is a time of great uncertainty and struggle for so many around the world. Our goal in this moment is to disarm as much as we can, and ensure we are all building towards a greater common understanding, and a more peaceful existence on earth.



Quick one, BBL.

Disclose.tv 🚨
JUST IN - Executive order from @POTUS amending EO 13959, which went into effect today at 9:30am ET.



I think I really like the thought of Joe being impeached on day 1. It’s not like he will d0 anything and we can stretch it out for months and months.

Dave (in MA)
    Welp here we go
Yellow Loon's take:
Of course she will. At least the left gets to howl about that for four years like the right howled about some idiot doing that to Trump.
Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Our goal in this moment is to disarm as much as we can, and ensure we are all building towards a greater common understanding, and a more peaceful existence on earth.--

Jack, judging by the shortage of both ammo and firearms, the widening political abyss and your side's insistence on compliance and submission I'd say your fatuous and phony goal is sailing over the horizon.
But nothing in that statement was remotely true to begin with, so who cares?

Dave (in MA)

Maybe the House can squeeze a quickie Trump impeachment into every session from now on, right between the opening prayer from the Chaplain and starting regular business.


Sorry to hear that dr. J (about your hearibg)


Since several people don't have Twitter accounts or don't like to go there, here is a link to the letter from the White House which references both the EO issued in November and the amendment he issued today.



The earlier exercise was just a beta test




SCOOP: A Cupertino elementary school forces third-graders to deconstruct their racial and sexual identities, then rank themselves according to their “power and privilege.”

I've obtained exclusive whistleblower documents from inside the classroom. They will shock you. 🧵
4:47 PM · Jan 13, 2021·Twitter Web App


How indeed

How does this not violate the 27th amendment which states:

“No law, varying the compensation for the services of the Senators and Representatives, shall take effect, until an election of Representatives shall have intervened.” ?
Quote Tweet
Sahil Kapur
· 1h
.@SpeakerPelosi says the House will impose fines on lawmakers who evade the new security protocols. First offense: $5,000. Second offense: $10,000. "The fines will be deducted directly from Members’ salaries by the Chief Administrative Officer," she says.


Dr J, the new aids are quite good and practically undetectable. I've worn them for years. They now have blue tooth ones which will be my next pair as phone conversations are hard especially on mobile phones.


That was thomas massies feed

Anyone read ben hur fairly recently.


So sorry to hear about your hearing loss DrJ. Your love of classical music reminds me of Beethoven's struggle with hearing loss. Here he advises a stranger seeking help.

One account, dated 1823, tells of the composer visiting his favourite coffee house, where he was approached by a stranger seeking guidance on his own failing hearing. Beethoven scribbled down this advice: “Baths [and] country air could improve many things. Just do not use mechanical devices [ear trumpets] too early; by abstaining from using them, I have fairly preserved my left ear in this way.”


And condolences to PD for the loss of The Greatest Dog Ever...Jake.


I'm very sorry, DrJ. That must be so difficult for you.


Big thanks for the Sheldon Adelson tribute link, MM.



Hans mancke

Much of what is happening can be traced back to the failure to deal with the Russiagate coup plotters, leakers and liars. Had anyone been held accountable, the media and the Democrats would be a lot less brazen. Fwiw, I think the failure to declassify is the biggest part of it.
Quote Tweet
BBC Newsnight
· 4h
“Donald Trump belongs in jail.”

Ex-FBI Director @Comey says while he “obviously believes” the president should be in jail, he doesn’t think “pursuing that is in the best interests of the American people”, adding Joe Biden should "consider" pardoning Donald Trump

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Also from Free Beacon, looks like Xiden gave back Trump's donor list due to blowback. Small good news is worth sharing.

Also good to hear that the "consumption room" got shot down.


he doesn’t think “pursuing that is in the best interests of the American people”

Maybe because it might involve exposing his crimes.

Dave (in MA)

Maybe he can read some entrails next,

Hmm. Trump keeps his fingers interlaced throughout this address.

Is he hiding handcuffs?

Body language meaning:

"Interlaced fingers are an indication of frustration, hostility, self-restraint and other negative thoughts."

Likely true!https://t.co/UHs0XoLqv9.

— Tom Maguire (@Tom_Maguire) January 14, 2021

Dave (in MA)

Why are Nose Ring Stalin's timestamps running a day ahead?


Is this all;



Time machine hes got some of the pym particles


I sent an email to rg and he didnt seen anything was amiss, (more than isual)

Dave (in MA)

Shift Knob makes a funny

Feminists are claiming that the amount of her lethal injection was only 70% of what a male killer would have gotten.https://t.co/Lf2ZHthhJQ

— Ann Coulter (@AnnCoulter) January 14, 2021


"Interlaced fingers are an indication of frustration, hostility, self-restraint and other negative thoughts."

So fucking what? Can anyone blame him?


Anyone else ever enjoy a Painkiller?

Pineapple, orange, cream of coconut and fresh nutmeg over ice. They're a little sweet, but they get the job done.

I'm enjoying one out of the classic Painkiller mug - with Pusser's Royal British Navy rum. The recipe is on the other side of the mug.


Why are Nose Ring Stalin's timestamps running a day ahead?

Posting from headquarters in Beijing?


Heading to bed.



Mostly likely africa whwre he operates under huawei and xtes diattibution betwork

Kathryn Anne

Yes He is our rep and we are livid.
Cheney Gita to him.
He voted against Article 25

Captain Hate

Voted against Article 25 but for impeachment? Go figure. Is he in Cheney's committee? Got anyone lined up for a primary challenge?

It sounds really dumb because his vote didn't decide anything and probably infuriated his constituents. Am I missing something?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Much of what is happening can be traced back to the failure to deal with the Russiagate coup plotters, leakers and liars. Had anyone been held accountable, the media and the Democrats would be a lot less brazen. Fwiw, I think the failure to declassify is the biggest part of it.--

Yep and yep.
The sad fact is quite the opposite of what the progs claim; Trump was not nearly a ferocious enough wrecking ball as he needed to be. Had he been he would be starting his second term.


Had he been he would be starting his second term.

Maybe. Don't see what any of the above would have done to stop the cheat.


He seems nice



Acroos one pond and one ocean https://mobile.twitter.com/LahavHarkov/status/1349367752537088003


Oh never mind


Dave (in MA)

Tick Tock,

The wheels on the bus go round and round... https://t.co/QcaLHwBuI6 pic.twitter.com/st8zCIW1jd

— TheLastRefuge (@TheLastRefuge2) January 14, 2021

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

It’s payback time. The Republican rift in the state Senate came to a head Tuesday when Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan demoted three Republican senators who have backed attempts to overturn the presidential vote in Georgia over baseless allegations of irregularities.

When the bloodletting was over, state Sens. Brandon Beach of Alpharetta, Matt Brass of Newnan and Burt Jones of Jackson were sapped of their political influence on the second day of the winter session.

As our AJC colleague Maya T. Prabhu reports, Duncan stripped Beach of his chairmanship of the Transportation Committee, while Jones will no longer lead the Insurance and Labor Committee. Neither will serve as even a rank-and-file member on the two panels they once led.

Dave (in MA)

I’m so old I remember a New York Times editor losing his job because he let @TomCottonAR suggest that these same troops be deployed to prevent mayhem by rioters that destroyed billions of dollars of businesses. https://t.co/gZSHgULEF6

— tedfrank 😷 (@tedfrank) January 14, 2021

What rush called the urinal and constipation


Hi all!

DrJ, sorry about the hearing issue. You have always been so kind. I wish I lived closer to you, and so could communicate in some other way than online. 🙏🏻

I’m in late, and so I can’t comment on much. I did have a decent day at work, not much nonsense, and my best customers are huuuuge Trump supporters.

And that’s about it. Best to all, and night, night!


What rush called the urinal and constipation

Reminds me of the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, universally referred to as the D&C.



Manuel Transmission

Welp, we’re finally back on line and with shore power. Right at 20 hrs the hard way. Apparently there are still about 150K in Merica without.

OL, I totally get your solution, particularly given your half year absences. We’re rarely gone from here and I have backup if we were gone. But the real deal is the Boss can’t keep it all running without me. :-) On the other hand, I’ll starve to death if she goes before me.

Dave (in MA)

Has anyone heard from RG?


I sent him an email yesterday he wasnt concerned


People are full of themselves


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Yields Surge As Stunned Traders Learn Biden To Propose Massive $2 Trillion Stimulus

Prepare for lots of stunning going forward guys.

Another Bob

“I sent him an email yesterday he [RG] wasnt concerned”

Still trusting the plan for the second Trump term.

jim nj


These people are seeing/creating conspiracies where there are none.


It already started.


Catherine Herridge pointed out yesterday an important addition to the timeline, that the pipe bombs at RNC and DNC headquarters were phoned in at 12:45 (RNC) and 1:15 (DNC)

That gives us:

Noon: POTUS is with supporters making speech at Ellipse, 1.4 miles and about a 35 minute walk from Capitol

12:40 -- AnteFa and BLM arrive by busloads at Capitol

new12:45 -- pipe bomb at RNC called in

12:55 -- Capitol Police move gates and start waving AnteFa and BLM in.

1:13 -- POTUS finishes talking and crowd still thinks that they are going to start marching towards the Capitol, 35 minutes away

new1:15 -- pipe bomb at DNC phoned in

2:03? -- Sullivan (JaydenX) starts video

2:40? -- Ashli Babbitt murdered

Do we know what time Trump tweeted that everyone should leave and stand down? (The tweet that Twitter blocked...)

What was the timeline back at the White House? At what time were they notified of events at the Capitol? Who said what to the thousands of people who were assembled there?

Tom R

Sounds like RG and Melinda have the same sources.


Reminds me of the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, universally referred to as the D&C.

I always refered to it as the "Dilation and Curettage" when I lived there.


We are going back and forth here with the people convinced all is lost and the people convinced that there's 37-D chess going on, but you know I am really perplexed/flummoxed/confused...

If these people have defeated Trump so decisively, why is Nancy acting like Captain Queeg with the strawberries? They are not acting defiantly triumphant, they are acting sheer batshit crazy!


I'm actually kind of puzzled that people like TM and Appalled aren't slowly backing away out of spittle range and then trying to melt into the woodwork.


Fianl thoght for this evening:

Glücklich ist, wer vergisst, was doch nicht zu ändern ist.

Roughly, Happy is he who forgets what he cannot change.

jim nj


Just over 100 rioters have been charged in the Capitol insurrection so far. This searchable table shows them all.

Sorry, no team affiliations included. The vast majority are charged with a curfew violation and maybe a secondary unlawful entry charge.

Meaning that the few people they charged with more serious charges were probably caught due to a random stop or blatant costumery found via video identification.

jim nj

I think there are 10 congressional districts where people are already getting ready to run in the next Republican primary.

jim nj


Capitol investigators try to sort real tips from noise

Typical idiotic AP reporting not worth reading. So why post it? The headline is interesting. Got anyone you want to SWAT?

More seriously there must be red and blue teams looking through all of the available videos and trying to identify people that they can report to the FBI.

jim nj


Chinese Covid-19 vaccine far less effective than initially claimed in Brazil, sparking concerns

"A leading Chinese Covid-19 vaccine developed by Sinovac Biotech was just 50.38% effective in late-stage trials in Brazil, significantly lower than earlier results showed, according to a statement published by the government of Sao Paulo Tuesday.
While the number exceeds the threshold required for regulatory approval, it falls far below the 78% previously announced, raising questions as to the veracity of the data and fueling skepticism over the apparent lack of transparency regarding Chinese vaccines."

"Analysts said the efficacy rate of Sinovac's Coronavac vaccine in Brazil -- the lowest among its global competitors -- could affect international confidence in Chinese-made vaccines and hamper Beijing's effort to repair its image from its early mishandling of the initial outbreak by providing Covid-19 vaccines to developing countries."

Yeah, I want one of those. That's like a Japanese portable radio from the sixties that advertised 17 transistors and only two of them were actually used.

jim nj


WHO team arrives in Wuhan to investigate pandemic origins

Like that's really going to do anything real.

"The 10-member team sent to Wuhan by the World Health Organization was approved by President Xi Jinping’s government after months of diplomatic wrangling that prompted an unusual public complaint by the head of the WHO."

"The researchers, who only wore face masks, were greeted by airport staff in full protective gear, complete with mask, goggles and full body suits."

Even for an AP report that's interesting. It should read like, "Probably contaminated foreigners arrive in pristine China to begin 14-day isolation while China takes second look at destroying evidence."

jim nj



I can relate to what Henry and Dr.J have said about hearing loss. I've had hearing loss since 1992. Lost most of right hearing from a virus. I've used hearing aids since about 2000. HA's help and I use them every day but don't nearly restore hearing to normal, especially in noisy environments. I keep the people I want to hear on my left side. I don't listen to music as much as I used to. The concept of HiFi is irrelevant. The BT HA's are a blessing. I get them from Costco because they have the best prices, bleeding edge technology, and good service.


I don't know about the hearing aids, but it is the next step. *Argh*

Oh, dr J--I assumed you already had researched and henry's outstanding advice was known to you.

Get thee to an audiologist---ASAP!!! That is how you SAVE your hearing.
Simplistic take here:
Your brain will shut down certain frequencies rather than try to figure them out if it's having trouble with those frequencies--hearing aides SAVE them for you.

Yes, it takes some upfront time to get them "tuned"--but once they are, you can use them as blue tooth devices! And control much of them from your iPhone.

Do it now! ;-)

For you, and the people you live with.


Good morning! Gloomy, 10C, with light rain here.

My husband has agreed to stop buying the Times. He's tired of me going through it page by page, showing how it's all propaganda. I suppose one could continue to read it, knowing the opposite of what's written is true but we've still got great internet blogs for news.

I said to him last night I was worried about the photographs of riots on inauguration day depicting antifa types wearing maga gear and he said maga people should show up wearing antifa gear.

The simple ideas are the best.

Speaking of photographs, has anyone seen the Kamala one on the pink sheets? Why blame Vogue for that? The photographer is responsible. The interesting part is - that was probably the best one from the shoot.

I get frustrated every single time someone says "they need to be primaried" or "they should get voted out next time". There will be no fair and honest elections going forward. Got that? None. We've had our Reichstag moment and the DemNazis will not allow honest elections ever again after achieving such success.

There will probably be a civil war in America. Michael Yon says it will start this spring. Good on all of you who are checking out generators and communications. The first thing to happen will be loss of internet so start collecting stationery and learning what stamps you need.

Our ancestors survived the first American Revolution and they survived the first American Civil War. Take care and plan ahead.


What Abe Lincoln said about fooling people is so right on.

Captain Hate

I'm actually kind of puzzled that people like TM and Appalled aren't slowly backing away out of spittle range and then trying to melt into the woodwork.

Nonexistent critical thinking skills.

James D.

JimNJ @ 12:53

That’s been going around on FB among the government employee “resistance” types for two days now.

Michael (fpa P4F) Stop the WitchHunt-Stop the Coup

Dr.J - So glad to hear of Mrs.J's positive news. But so sorry to learn of your hearing issues. For someone with such a love of music as you it must be especially difficult to face. Wishing you all the best.


Curfew there was no curfew that i recall.

Jack is Back (Again)!

If there is a CW2 starting in May means that the MFM needs that much time to position the cameras and reporters so they can promote it.


Catherine herridge michael yon and sam faddis all coincide on the fatuousness of this metaphor

I was asking last night if they had read ben hur recently not the film.


Sorry narrative, although the bezos has become worse than the carlos slims,


Bolsonaros protestations were on point werent they.





They got around to purging schweikarts twitter because doubleunplusgood



That kind of political retaliation fits with what I heard on a well-connected webinar yesterday that what happened at the Capitol last Wednesday merits a different kind of K-12 education so that it can never happen again.

Of course, the new kind of education was then tied to the vision I described in CtD as John Dewey's vision for a Democracy that the Soviets liked so much they had it translated into Russian in the early 20s. Mao was also a big admirer of that John Dewey vision and said so.

That was the 2nd webinar in as many days where I thought about how much lying was going on around the origination of this vision and its ancestry.

Got another one this afternoon so maybe I'll get a trifecta of deceit.

It really is alarming when you know the visions so well that you recognize where it originated and for what purpose even though now it gets pitched with completely different rationales.

Old Lurker

ManTran 11:43: "...But the real deal is the Boss can’t keep it all running without me. :-) "

There is the truth! You and I share the same reality.

Man Tran and I, and several others here, suffer from the curse that 1) we really CAN do everything we pay contractors to do; 2) we generally think we are "smarter" (more clever) than they are; AND 3) we truly enjoy doing a lot of these things just like a regular hobby.

Stir that up in a house long lived in and we are surrounded by systems that outperform off the shelf versions but only we can make that happen.

All is good until you wake up one day and discover 70 is in the rear view mirror and your wife is truly panicking about what to do if we keel over, since we are now in that place where it happens in our group.

A conversation can go thus (as she hands me my G&T): Honey, think how simple life would be if we sold this place and got a nice apartment in the Ritz Carlton Residences at XYZ. Interesting thought, dear, but where would I put all my tools?



Good. At least he seems to have a backbone.


Interesting thought, dear, but where would I put all my tools?

Half of mine are still at Jr.’s place:)


The good news is he is actually learning how to use them.

Of course the rear main seal in his Miata is waiting for me and warm weather:)


One more point from yesterday's webinar--

There really was a reflexive use of the phrase "the kind of people we are going to create". Like I said I recognized the ancestry and when I looked up the bio of one of the speakers who kept using that phrase I see she got her PhD in the program I recognize as headed by the psychologist who brought over all the soviet visions in the 80s and then called them the New Standards Project here.

It's about as coincidental as ayers being just some guy in the neighborhood.

Old Lurker

I was thinking of you precisely Buckeye!

I lament daily that I have two perfectly good daughters who are married to perfectly good men, but there seems to be zero chance either will move to DC so I can GIVE them the Potomac house. (That started as "move here and I can make you a good deal like Buckeye did for Jr. ...to today where GIVE doesn't even get their attention.

Useless children.

Old Lurker

Sorry, Buckeye. I have a hard time seeing "Miata" and "Use Tools" is such close proximity.



What Donald Trump Knows That You Should Think About The Next 7 Days

Old Lurker

Madness of Crowds:

Spanish Inquisitions. Salem Witch Trials. French Revolution. Russia 1917. Germany 1930's.

USA 2020's.


CNN's @DonLemon: If you voted for Trump, you're with the Klan & the Capitol Hill rioters pic.twitter.com/xDi7zQwt9O

— Tom Elliott (@tomselliott) January 14, 2021

Video at link, but no need to go watch it - it's all in the description.


Didnt he prove himself an idiot as far back as malaysian airlines.



Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸
Who are we impeaching for inciting this?

Antifa: Rise of the Black Flags @AntifaMovie




James D.

OL @ 8:51

You can adopt me! I'll gladly accept the Potomac house!

Old Lurker

This was at the end of MM's 8:56.

To me, the takeaway is that in 7 days we can finally stop hearing about "two weeks" and face reality.

"But, for 7 days from today, Donald Trump still has extraordinary Constitutional power under various national emergency laws. The Left may rue the day they made common cause with foreign powers, especially for filthy lucre. He can shut down entire portions of the national communications system; the internet, or at least social media. And for days, weeks, even months, until they have been cleaned up, inside out, top-to-bottom. Claiming foreign interference, (and what hasn’t China gotten its fingerprints all over these past few years?) he can simply shut the door on trade with them, including products directed toward American markets.

Moreover, he can also arrest, and even transfer to GITMO incommunicado 100’s of prominent Americans, including members of Congress, the Bureaucracy, and corporate front offices, including Media and its dozens of “Ellsworth M Toohey’s.” (Look him up)"

Jack is Back (Again)!

Veritas numquam perit!


WATCH: @FrankLuntz is forced to admit that over 91% of Trump supporters would vote for President Trump again pic.twitter.com/iNPdfWvZBq

— Trump War Room (@TrumpWarRoom) January 14, 2021

Video at the link. No surprise here.



Interesting that now that our President’s job has been stolen, everyone is starting to contemplate how old they are. Trump kept us all in our 20’s and suddenly we are all older than dirt. We’ve become the “why bother” generation. (I admit I got there first but I was still willing to push)

So the choice is we can fight fight fight or croak. Get cracking!


Mr. President! Time to release the dirt!

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