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January 30, 2021



Clarice, Mrs. sbw says, “You’re so sweet!”

She also says “We have to meet her.”

So if it’s six feet distant as we pass by Washington or in Florida for a more civil exchange, plan on it.


“Whatever their foibles, the Hunts make for an interesting cast of characters. Evidently CBS thought so; the family is rumored to be the basis for the Ewings, the fictional Texas oil dynasty of Dallas fame.“




When renting a car in Italy, which is way worth it, use AAA to make the reservation AND the car insurance before going over. It will be 1/2 what it might cost by doing it before hand, and they’ll do the International driver’s license for next to nothing.

jim nj

Two similar articles:



I heard earlier about two of the lawyers leaving. Now it's up to five. Apparently, the whole team.

I love the drama.

The lawyers wanted to argue that the proceeding was unconstitutional? What's the point in doing that? Somebody can argue that later before the Supremes. This is a war, not a polite legal debate.

Trump should wade into this and defend himself pro se. What a platform. Now that would be must-see TV.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Trump reminds me of Godzilla with thousands of little Nips firing tiny toy rockets and flying tiny model planes on strings around his giant orange noggin and bouncing little depleted uranium rounds off his bloated shins from tiny toy tanks. But like Godzilla, the creepy twins with the Mothra larvae eventually subdue him with miles of silk and he goes down for the count. And the chicken little Nips rejoice and...roll credits.

But before the little Dem Nips get carried away, what always happens?
Yep, some bubbles from the Stygian depths signal his GI tract is still working and the Big Guy rises forth from the sea once more to stomp on little lego houses with impunity. And with a purposeful grimace and a terrible sound he pulls the spitting high tension wires down. He even picks up a bus and he throws it back down as he wades through the buildings toward the center of town.

But here's the bigger thing. Even after all the carnage and after the talking heads warn about what a destructive brute he is, he eventually becomes a hero to the very Japanese people the big cheeses tried to convince he was a deplorable monster.


Maybe more like kong who is the antagonist in skull island but actually comes to the rescue sort of at the end.


I saw that in thr jerusalem post of all place, theyll print anything except the truth.


Lol are you kidding me? @StevenACohen2 is involved in propping up the hedge fund side of this GME debacle and then TAUNTING people about it on Twitter today...

...despite getting tapped for insider trading before and paying $1.8B in fines...

...the time he got caught


Dave (in MA)



Dave (in MA)

All you Never TruMpers who felt morally compelled to endorse and vote for Biden own the 40 EO’s he signed in his first 9 days. Every single one.

— shipwreckedcrew (@shipwreckedcrew) January 30, 2021
Dave (in MA)

Skull Shift Knob is all excited at the prospect of Raccoon Viking Guy testifying at the 2nd Shampeachment trial.


Wow, who’s seen this movie?

How to Steal an Airplane or One Day Before Tomorrow https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0067220/


Hilton Valentine, the original guitarist for the influential ‘60s band The Animals, passed away in Wallingford, Connecticut at the age of 77.


Portnoy spearheaded the Twitter assault on Cohen by suggesting that the Mets’ owner was behind the shutdown of GameStop trading in an effort to rescue his hedge-fund allies. Since then, Cohen had been on the defensive before finally deleting the account and releasing Saturday’s statement to explain.


Just in time for my Deadrise second cuppa

You Will Be Made to Believe Implausible Things
By Clarice Feldman


“The greatest blow to religion came thru public education which eliminated God from all textbooks as a partner in the development of human history.”-Emmanuel Rackman


Trump should wade into this and defend himself pro se. What a platform. Now that would be must-see TV.

Alternatively, Trump could just ignore the entire thing, since the Senate has no power to do anything to him. Why lower himself to their level by participating or responding?


Woke up at 5:30 to hear a snowplow in front of the house. That almost never happens. Went back to sleep.

Looked out the front window just now. He didn’t even make a dent in this mess.

Won’t be going anywhere for awhile.

Jim Eagle

Lake Como can get run over with northern Europeans. An alternative to consider is Lake Garda. The Veneto to its eastern shore and Lombardy its western shore.

Tip on renting a car. Do it in France and drive down to the Lakes. Much cheaper. Plus you get gorgeous scenery. Torino is a foodie paradise. Spent a lot of time there. Our partner, Impregilio had it’s HQ there.


Very good Clarice.

I see you led with MM’s pet peeve:)



63 here on t7he lanai, and very nice. Already took a shower, a walk and went to the store. Trying to change my habits.

Gonna make Boueff Burginone today. (Spelled wrong). You should all stop by.


Good morning,JOM, and thanks.

Snowed last night, still snowing. DC will be tied up for days in what people in Wisconsin would consider a tiny spring cold drip.


It occurred to me this is what they are trying to suggest



GREAT GREAT Pieces Clarice! Thank you!


I have a good friend in Germany who, like me, is recently retired.

We have been making plans for extended vacations once the pandemic is history.

The idea is that we will swap homes and cars for the duration. That gives us both a home to us as a base of the “operation” and won’t need to rent a car.


Home to use...



Weeds and Worms. Worms and Weeds.

World Economic Forum @wef
5 reasons we need to start nurturing – and eating – weeds bit.ly/3mrd0xS #agriculture #BoldActions4Food



Nicely buried in snow, 3-5” more expected today. Rads will be clear by lunchtime.


I didnt catch that joshua gelzman twist the first time around.


6" of the really wet stuff. Heart attack moisture content. 3" still to come.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

A nice complement to Clarice's Pieces this morning:

Michael Smith
Americans can sense the irrationality of the current gestalt.

The first step in recovering the sanity of our nation is to stop accepting the irrationality. Rational people must learn to recognize how certain factions of our society are continually venue shopping for minds that will accept their irrationality.

The issue is that those behind such irrationality are very logical. There is a method to their creation of madness.
They never participate or believe in the intellectual bilge they produce. Their goal is to create and propagate internal and external chaos and confusion – because confused people in the midst of chaos are very, very easy to control. Force and coercion are not required when suggestions will do. Force of arms is not required when pliable minds can be “nudged” in a particular direction.

Cass Sunstein, former Obama official and the husband of Samantha Power (the former Obama UN Ambassador and currently Biden nominee to head USAID), co-wrote wrote a book with economist Richard Thaler on the subject a few years ago. Titled “Nudge: Improving Decisions about Health, Wealth, and Happiness” which dealt with the subject of “choice architecture”, which proposes that people can be directed to the “right” decisions if only the choices are structured “correctly”. Sunstein and Thaler noted that people tend to err in predictable ways, and influencers/leaders/regulators should intervene to correct those cognitive failures by nudging individuals toward optimal choices while still preserving the freedom to choose.

“Nudge” asserts that something the authors call "libertarian paternalism" which aspires to prod people toward outcomes that rational people would select if they only knew what the “experts” know and they only possessed the self-control to act on such information.
I am not sure there is a more obvious oxymoron than “libertarian paternalism”. Given my own understanding of libertarianism and paternalism, those two words seem to me to be exact opposites of each other – at least they are consistent with the contradictory nature of progressivism.

When one runs across such an oxymoron, one that forms the primary basis for an entire book, one should be very skeptical of the conclusions the authors draw.

What was ignored is that their definition of “nudging” requires one to answer the same question Vlad Lenin supposedly posed, the “Who, Whom?” question. F.A. Hayek described this question as “Who plans whom, who directs and dominates whom, who assigns to other people their station in life, and who is to have his due allotted by others?”
Hayek also identifies the real issue when he writes, “These become necessarily the central issues to be decided solely by the supreme power.”

In the case of Sunstein’s “Nudge”, who decides what is the “right” choice? Who are these “experts” who are so wise in the ways of science? Who chooses them and by what authority? How can people know what the “experts” know is true, accurate and in the proper context? What accountability and responsibilities do these “experts” have to the people?

How can people be sure the choice architecture is not designed to advance the goals of the supreme power, rather than resulting in rational choices while letting the proverbial chips fall where they may? How can the people know that the goal is the best choice and not the satisfaction of a particular sociopolitical agenda?

The answer is obviously that the people cannot know.

Clarity is not the objective of the politicized “science” and “experts” these days. If our society were honest and rational, Anthony Fauci’s multiple reversals over the past 12 months would end his career – and yet, he is running the pandemic response and is the highest paid federal employee at $417K a year plus bennies (more than the president).

Anything having a political objective or component can be, and often is, corrupted to the benefit of one faction or another – and that is what the current irrational gestalt is all about.

In the past, the media was a bulwark against such irrationality. It was their job to ask questions like “How are elective abortions healthcare and how many cancerous tumors have been born as humans?”, “How does forcing law-abiding firearms owners into restrictions stop criminals from using guns?”, “From whence will the electricity for all those electric cars be coming?”, “Why do you classify your opposition as ‘domestic terrorists’?”, “What is to be gained by impeaching a former president?” and “Is Ted Cruz really the Zodiac Killer and did he really try to murder Sandy from the Bar with his finger guns?”

The job of rationality falls to us.
We must demand our representatives, all up and down the political spectrum, answer our questions. We must also demand they ask those questions of their peers and superiors – and if they don’t, we need to replace them with people who will.

If I were in the House, when Sandy accused the House GOP of being run buy “white supremacists”, I would have immediately challenged her to name them, produce the evidence, or shut up.

The GOP response to AOC's slander was so tepid as to be beyond belief. Every challenge must be met with a challenge. As Saul Alinsky wrote, make your opponent live by their own rules.

This is the way.


Sounds perfect Buckeye. Where in Germany?


4 inches on the ground. Looks like some of it has melted, judging by what is o the streets and the car. If we have more moisture I bet it's rain.


Yes, that's how it's always been, just more blatant, now.

Mercatus Center
"To abandon the system whole cloth — as Mr. Biden did last week — is to state that there should be no limits. It’s hard to see how any president could think this is a good idea. In essence, it’s as if our money belongs to them and not us." merct.us/3poeni1


Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma


NOTE from the award-winning historian Victor Davis Hanson that to this day remains applicable: "Trump alone saw a political opportunity in defending the working people of America's interior, whom the coastal elite of both parties had come to scorn. And Trump alone had the instincts and energy to pursue this opening to victory, dismantle a corrupt old order, and bring long-overdue policy changes at home and abroad-a fact that explains the furor directed at Trump by the political and media status quo."

Biden will never shake free of it. He isn't capable. Nor does he have the will. He cannot see the horizon of the possible. He is not a born leader. Trump is.


Too late veruca



Fun from Our Betters:

Luka Ivan Jukic
Wow it's really true. The European Commission's "redacted" copy of the AstraZeneca-EU vaccine contract is not redacted at all because you can just see everything in the bookmarks bar on the left.



Like the starr report, just follow a fews chapters.



Aid to the hedge funds cloaked as looking out for the little guy. Despicable as usual.



Peter lives in Koblenz, which is between Bonn and Frankfurt.


Codicil to bookworms warning



Eggs, laying in one basket is not a strategy:

Edward Harrison
Melvin Capital Lost 53% in January, Hurt by GameStop and Other Bets wsj.com/articles/melvi…



Dont they tell us to diversify.



There is a reason sunstein is now on the faculty of harvard law, in addition to the kennedy school of govt. Both call for the law to be normative and install the desired nudging in at least what is called 'soft law'.

These are mandatory conformities in places most people don't see, like Intl standards asscoaciations. ISO is SO past an interest in measurements of the physical world.


RIP Hilton Valentine

James D.

Mel @ 9:26

Correctly redacting sensitive documents like that was a big part of Mrs. James D’s duties at her last job, and she knew to check the bookmarks and other metadata every time before releasing a document.

I bet the credentialed genius who screwed up in this case has a Ph.D and makes well into the six figures.


These are mandatory conformities in places most people don't see, like Intl standards asscoaciations. ISO is SO past an interest in measurements of the physical world.

And of course China just thumbs their nose at all of the Int’l conformity bullshit.

They have their own standards for their peons, and they don’t think twice about enforcing them with a billy club or a gun.

James D.

There is a reason sunstein is now on the faculty of harvard law, in addition to the kennedy school of govt.

On any list of people who. The world would be improved by getting rid of, Sunstein should rank near the top. He’s so dangerous because his poison doesn’t appear as poisonous at first glance, and many supposed conservatives buy into his evil.


Steph, very very good stuff this a.m.

I think the FULL COMMIE would respond to Michael Smith and Victor Davis Hanson with.

STFU, you've been banned, you violated our community standards that OUR experts set.
We are nudging you into non-person status.

Btw, I believe there is no way out of this fascism without massive violence.


Wikipedia also says this is her position and she is Manchin's daughter.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Thanks, Gus. SOME of my FB friends post excellent stuff. Tis one reason why I refuse to abandon that platform.

Every time Michael posts something it speaks to me and for me. He's excellent.



If people haven’t figured it out yet, Washington is just a cesspit of nepotism. A large number of those in powerful positions are all related in some way, it’s one giant criminal “family” covering each others backs. This is why trump was crushed.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

More Michael:

Almost every comment I hear about the new administration from the media is that they "don't lie", meaning that the Trump administration did - but the real problem the media had during the Trump years is that they never were able to take him or his people anything less than literally - they classified jokes, sarcasm, opinions and speculation as "lies". I suspect it will be the opposite for the Biden administration, as it was for the Obama years, and the media will go back to explaining for us "what they really mean" as a way to avoid reporting the lies.

Scandal free again, one assumes.

Never forget that to contemporary progressives, conservatives are guilty until proven evil.

Have you ever noticed that at the very tip of the root of pretty much any progressive pronouncement about conservatives these days, at the very start, is this premise:
“Everybody except me is evil”.

For ideologies that profess to be for equality and tolerance, they sure expend a lot of calories lecturing to those who don’t agree with them. Don’t believe me? I dare you to watch the most pervasive outlets of “progressivism”, CNN and MSNBC, for one night and tell me that is not the basis for this pseudo-religion.

Own a gun? You are a killer in waiting. Want to protect Social Security? You want Grams to starve. Oppose the takeover of the healthcare system? You want people to die in the streets. Want to protect the security of voting with a picture ID? You hate poor people and don’t want them to vote. Want secure borders? You hate immigrants.

None of these examples have any basis in, or any relationship to, real progress, they are all based on the thought process of “you are evil, I am not, and therefore you must pay, do, comply, agree and/or submit to whatever I want, for I am a caring, compassionate progressive.

At least the historical progressivism had real progress at the root of its big government programs and dreams – contemporary progressivism has just become a religion for the arrogant, the smug and the self-righteous, solely for the purpose of trendy self-aggrandizement.

Somehow, it was always Bush’s fault…or Reagan’s and now it will be Trump's. Trump is now so eponymous, everything the progressives propose, do or say (including the media) cannot be proposed, done or said without referencing President Trump. It is so pervasive that going forward in history, a "Trump" may become a unit of measure for the failures of progressivism.


Btw, I believe there is no way out of this fascism without massive violence.

Come on GUS, “all we are saying, is give peace a chance”.

We could even make a Playing for Change video.

Sure that will make everything icky go away:)


Ronny Jackson
Jan 29
The Biden Administration has cut off funding for the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program with NO explanation.

This funding is vital to the farmers and ranchers in #TX13.

needs to answer for this and get those payments back up and running — NOW!

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

A little levity this am.

"Why was the blonde depressed when she looked at her driver's license?
She got an "F" in sex."

And I am out to brunch. Vanilla French Toast and Strawberries. Maybe with a mimosa. Then it is back to start packing up the fine china and waterford.

The inspection came back yesterday with only a few items that need fixing by the seller. Fingers crossed that the appraisal comes in where it needs to be. It would be a bitch to have to unpack all this shit.


Normal people would think this is obvious, but it's Xiden at the helm:




There are 10. Mostly the usual suspects but one of my senators, Todd Young, is also on the list.

Romney's idea of negotiating with Joe is "What do you want me to say on CNN?"


This is an interesting thread about how Sylvester Stallone went from being homeless to being worth $400 million. Short ad at the end, but otherwise a good tale:



Right, nobody that matters would lose their job.


Yellen says job losses from raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour would be ‘very minimal’



This has an excellent, boiled down explanation of how the middle class has had their wealth transferred to the "elite" over the last 50 years. Well worth reading.



Let's remember that $7.2 million she got in speaking fees to big corporations over the last 2 years. Quite the way with words she has, isn't it?

I bet she's a crappy tipper, too.


dylan matthews
Want to feel old? The baby for whom Zoë Baird hired an undocumented nanny, sinking her chances of becoming Bill Clinton’s Attorney General, is now a China adviser on Biden’s NSC

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Didn't that Shkrele guy receive universal condemnation for pumping the price of some obscure drug for parasites and eventually enough scrutiny that he was put in jail?
Prolly a safe bet such will not happen to a Senator's daughter, even though she's jacking up a common, life saving drug.


Travis Tritt

· 8h
If we are going to hold Trump and ALL of his supporters responsible for what took place at the US Capitol on 1/6, then we should hold Pelosi, Schumer and ALL Democrats responsible for shooting @SteveScalise and other Republicans on a baseball field in 2017.


Saw a fox in my backyard again. Its footprints are still in the snow.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Now, Janet Yellen is not so stupid that she doesn't know any worker who does not produce $15 per hour of services rendered [plus other associated employer-born costs of employment] will probably no longer be a worker and that there are millions of such workers at millions of small firms.
More importantly she also knows there are some jobs that simply must be done and the result of minimum wage laws is either, off the books, often illegal workers or a general inflation and increase in the cost of living such that a MickeyD's burger slinger makes $22 an hour in Copenhagen and lives worse than one making $10 in Topeka because of the general cost of living.
She knows that but doesn't care because...prog.

Show me a Medieval pope or peasant as irrational and impervious to reason as our Enlightened prog brethren.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

The DC mandarins sound remarkably like the Russian ruling class in the lull between 1905 and 1917.
A small upheaval, that was easily quashed, has them terrified. And they should be, because they are dead set on a course that can only produce the same thing the Russian oligarchs and Tsarist government produced, except this time the socialists and communists are the old, ossified, fossilized order.


Glenn Greenwald
Someone is feeling nostalgic and blue about the departure of the prior president (and note not one above-the-fold mention of the current Oval Office occupant, like media outlets know he generates no interest & thus need new villains ("get me another article on Rep. Marjorie!")

Screen cap of front page at link. Too small for me to copy.


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Re Biden giving unlimited power to the regulators and Mercatus saying this in response;

Mercatus Center
"To abandon the system whole cloth — as Mr. Biden did last week — is to state that there should be no limits. It’s hard to see how any president could think this is a good idea. In essence, it’s as if our money belongs to them and not us."

Our money?
Regulations determine what industries even exist and how we live.
It's as if our lives belong to them and not us.
Para bellum.



Line on some of the Twitter feeds is there is no "right wing populism". They are intent on painting all conservatives and GOP and Trump supporters as Nazi racists, while the dems are all that is caring and holy.

We have to start talking to tese kids with examples of WHY things are the way they are, how this division is what the Uniparty elites want, and how we can work together.

The MOST offensive thing to me is that they paint themselves as caring for the little guy and helping the poor while using taxpayer money money to enrich themselves and their cronies.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

It's a very short trip from "You don't get to drive a gas powered car" to "You don't get to advocate for a gas powered car" to "You don't get to advocate" to "Don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes".

It is the curse of human history that the authors of those first three sentences never think the people they're bossing around will say the fourth.
Of course the worst of the authors do and see the fourth sentence as a good excuse to eliminate the troublemakers. It seldom works out the way they [or anyone involved] want it to.



Study the system, understand its rules, jump out of the system sounds precisely like the methods use to force biden into office at this critical time for sought global transformational change.

Same with the insistence that covid is a result of "zoonotic transfer".

That just conveniently happened to occur when it did at the beginning of a seminal year in a seminal decade?



I put up a link on my blog this morning that the curricula created both for C'ville and now the 'events' of January 6 bears a striking resemblance by function that cannot be coincidental to what Alexander Christakis (Nicholas Christakis' dad) called Structured Dialogue Design Process.

The language used is intended to create a desired semantic understanding that's actually not grounded in facts. It's also very much bootstrapped by Images and emotion.

We know that the obama campaign in 2008 used the SDD Process with voters for what it referred to as creating bottom up democracy.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Prog bottom-up-democracy in the early part of this century also bears a striking resemblance to the supposed bottom-up structure of the small "s" soviets of early 20th century Russia.


I'm wondering if Mr. Dimon is day drinking yet....


This beautiful lady has Alzheimers. She is a former ballerina. Watch what happens as she listens to the swan lake. 🩰 it’s magical 💫


— Kevin W. (@Brink_Thinker) November 11, 2020

To those who have relatives with Alzheimer's, here's a reminder of how much music means to some of them. This woman was a premier ballerina in the New York Ballet.
Video at link is a minte and a half.


1,200 reports of racism, only 8 were valid (for academic standards of valid, whatever those may be).



Farrell Ross I FOLLOW BACK
I wonder who did this? It was ok when it was Trump

Link to offensive pic of Kathy Griffin with Biden's head substituted for Trumo's:

I bet this tweet disappears shortly.


Well this is quite something.


I had no idea that GameStop shares had nearly 2 million shares that were declared "Fail To Deliver" in December. That's a big problem and is very 9/15/08ish.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I can't remember who pointed out that the "UK strain" and the "South African variant" of The Virus That Has Nothing to do With China are apparently perfectly acceptable non racist terms for the press and progs.

The Chinese are pretty good at this stuff.


On any list of people who. The world would be improved by getting rid of, Sunstein should rank near the top.

And his wife with him.


sbw If, some years from now, Mrs. sbw and I were to have a few days free in Italy, how would one choose between Bologna, Florence, Tuscany, and Rome?

Having been to all the places in Italy mentioned (except Lake Como), my hope is that you can do it all!
I have a different opinion though.
Yes, the small towns of Tuscany are beautiful; yes the food in Bologna is the best--but that's not why you are going, is it?
All warrant "a few days free," but if you can do only one--start with Rome.

You want to risk dying without ever having experienced St. Peter's, the Sistine Chapel, standing at the foot of the Pieta, sitting in the Colliseum, walking through The Forum?
Those visits were not a matter of "checking the box" for me; they were all profoundly physical and spiritual experiences, connected to hundreds of years of humanity.

Rick Steve's self guided podcast tours are wonderful. Stay in or near Piazza Novana, and you'll be able to walk everywhere you want to go.


You sure it was Russian, because you've mislabeled that stuff in the past.

The Associated Press
The massive Russian hacking campaign breached the U.S. court system’s electronic case files, forcing changes in how sensitive documents are filed and raising fears about what information was compromised and how it will be used. apne.ws/GVEaoCD




Is Risk Steve on You Tube? As you know, that is the portion of my memory I lost and I thought perhaps if I watched a video or two, it might come back.


Rick Steve, of course.


Looks like The Lincoln Project finally and fully imploded this AM.

Just desserts has been served.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Just a subjective opinion of course, but I find Rick Steves so endlessly annoying it is impossible to get past the annoyance.


It's a very short trip from "You don't get to drive a gas powered car" to "You don't get to advocate for a gas powered car" to "You don't get to advocate" to "Don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes".

My take would be that things have to get a lot worse before that's a short trip. We are collectively a bit too comfortable to risk a genuine uprising on the scale that would be required to take down progressivism. I think secession is more likely than revolution. There the argument goes the other way: The coastal progs are too comfortable to take up arms to stop it.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Former British Prime Minster Tony Blair has said that the British government should take advantage of the fact that it is to preside over the G7 this year to implement a global vaccine passport system.

Blair’s globalist institute issued a report urging the UK government to “place the creation of a global Covid-19 travel pass as a key item” on the G7 agenda.

In an interview with the Telegraph, the Iraq war architect himself stated that vaccine passports are “inevitable” and that British government needs to “take the initiative” using its “fortuitous” G7 presidency, and implement a “critical first step” toward global adoption of the scheme.

Blair argued that without a global standard on vaccine passports, there could be two problems.

“One is that everyone just does their own thing, which is much more chaotic and difficult to manage. Or secondly, there’s a set of rules in place that you may not be that happy with,” Blair said.

What a horrible prospect, sovereign nations ‘doing their own thing’!

Summit News


Melinda, cryptic posts by narciso are more than I can handle without add ons by you. How did Lincoln Project implode?


Government issued papers for internal travel? What a novel idea.


Nice client list.

21 Men Accuse Lincoln Project Co-Founder of Online Harassment

John Weaver, a longtime G.O.P. operative who advised John McCain and John Kasich, made sexual overtures to young men, sometimes offering to help them get work in politics.


James D.

Clarice, maybe this?




Looks to me like The Lincoln Project might be drawn into the Wall Street scandal:

Joe Gabriel Simonson
what is demented here is how quickly the lincoln project is turning on weaver when, and i don't think im exaggerating, everyone in their business knew he was a total creep. impossible they didn't know

Lincoln Project: "John Weaver led a secret life that was built on a foundation of deception at every level... Like so many, we have been betrayed and deceived by John Weaver." pic.twitter.com/lwvRki0hh9

— Andrew Solender (@AndrewSolender) January 31, 2021

Link goes to a screen cap of The Lincoln Project's Statement.
Jack Posobiec
Hollywood producers and Hedge Fund billionaires were the bagmen for the 'Principled Conservatives'
Nick Short

Reminder, several longtime Democrat megadonors are funding the Lincoln Project. In its first few months, the group raised more than $16M from Dem activists such as investor Stephen Mandel & Hollywood producer David Geffen. Do they condone Weaver’s
Jack Posobiec
Some of the top donors to Lincoln Project:

Sequoia Capital
Lone Pine Capital
Aberdeen Inc
David Geffen Co
Bain Capital
Geolo Capital
Senate Majority PAC
Sixteen Thirty Fund
Do Right Inc
John Cardillo

@MittRomney⁩’s Bain Capital gave ⁦@ProjectLincoln⁩ $326,000.

How much of that went to John Weaver who is now accused of grooming 14 yr old boys?
Sorry this is so long, but I was afraid some of these tweets or posters would be deleted. I am particularly pleased to see Mr. Self-Righteous Romney's company on that list.---MM

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--My take would be that things have to get a lot worse before that's a short trip. --

I mean a short intellectual and moral trip. It took 18 years to get from the 1905 Russian revolution to the Bolsheviks in power.

--The coastal progs are too comfortable to take up arms to stop it.--

Their comfort depends on them ruling the roost. Their calling up the NG after a guy glued horns on Ralph Kramden's lodge hat and all five people who died were apparently their enemies indicates they intend to stay comfortable on the backs of the plebes. I think it misunderstands their arrogance and will to power to think they'll just let anyone secede.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Those 21 guys would already have 50 lawyers suing the Lincoln Project for $21 billion were the Lincoln Log Boys progs.

Kathryn Anne

Totally agree about Rome and for the exact same reasons.
Anyone who has taken Latin wants to see Rome and the history of this wonderful city.
Have never been to Tuscany but Florence and Assisi are just beautiful.
I had the best spaghetti and meatballs ever in 1975 just outside if St Peter’s Square.
Biden with his abortion orders is on the outs with Catholic teaching as it now stands. Whether or not he still gets served communion depends on where he goes to Church.
Now to express my held back feelings regarding the 2020 Election.
I agree with Hawley, Greene and Cruz wrt standing up to these progs currently in power. Rand Paul said it best with Steffy.
You don’t get to call us all liars and spew your venom.
Do not be slaves to their Facebook and Google and Twitter platforms.
Do what the Reddit gang did.
Inflict pain by boycotting their enterprises.
Work as a stealth liberal in the midst of the progs like I do and Porch does.
I had to correct a liberal friend with her assertion about which President raised insulin prices.
That would be Biden I stated and she was very surprised to learn that fact.
As to President Trump and his future.
This impeachment joke is going to be a loser for Dems.
He can run again but I don’t believe he will.
The rotten swamp is too much of a cesspool for one person to drain.
I believe I warned about putting all hope in one person to turn the Washington corruption around.
Because he didn’t have an established loyal team around him and so many people became backstabbers he had no one other than family members that he could count on.
If you go back and watch Apprentice episodes, you will see his low tolerance for excuses and ineptitude.
Some people can’t take criticism and when he let them go, they became vindictive.
He needed to be a better judge of character.
Funny that Brannon stayed true to the end as did Rudy.
They simply ran out of time at the end and treacherous people at the state level thwarted his attempts to expose voter fraud.
The fraud should still be exposed and the Durham Report published.
After Clinesmith , I don’t expect heavy sentences, but I believe McCsbe, Comey and Strzok will be indicted,
Each day I am rewarded with another Biden screw up and I know 2022 will turn the tables.
There will be a reckoning for Hunter Biden and his father will have to pardon him. That’s the payoff Biden agreed to in order for Harris to share the term.

Jim Eagle

If you want a smaller village to base your motor car sightseeing in Italy, we like Gaiole in Chianti. Its near Siena and in Tuscany. IOW's - food and wine:)

We stayed in separate private quarters at Castello di Spaltenna. The restaurant is superb and you sit outside in the courtyard enjoying the incredible weather and climate of Tuscany. The bar is well stocked:) and not just the Eponymous wine.

Jim Eagle

Just saw Mary Rose's comments which begs the question "how can you not have visited Tuscany" but have been Firenze and Sienna?

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