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January 30, 2021


Kathryn Anne

What fools those Lincoln Project dopes are.
Already they are no longer useful to the Dems , so one by one they will be thrown under the bus.
Pelosi’s day is coming.
Shooting her mouth off will be her undoing.
Already Naxine Waters is being targeted for giving her daughter a quarter of a million dollars.
Also We will fight back against tyranny.
Whether we use guns remains to be seen.


Not sure about an uprising yet but this was posted in my little neighborhood forum this morning:

Trump sign and home shot at!!! Last night 1030 someone shoot four shoots at our house and our Trump sign is gone. Possibly A gray or light blue Honda accord with a loud muffler. We all have the right to put whatever we want in OUR yards. And it’s pathetic people would shoot over something like this. How many Biden signs are getting shot up or vandalized? SMH

This resulted in:
Well...what did you expect?

It's over - take down your damn sign!

If you don't like it - move!

Probably just kids!!!!

*I hope she puts her sign back up - there were very few Biden signs even before the election*

Kathryn Anne

This type of violence has not been stopped by the Dems or condemned when it has been directed at Trump supporters.



Maxine has cut in her daughter for a boatload more than that.


John Weaver's grooming exploits were laid out in the NYSlimes today. Since the story's been passed around on the intertubes for months, threatening Rudy over it yesterday has turned into quite the show. All of them quite patently were aware of Weaver's actions. Lincolners now going after Rep. Greene, Wilson in particular, will probably turn out just as well.


Hey I never got my $600 check. Am I being discriminated against?



I’m dying to go to Italy. I want to go to the coast as much as anything else - and stay for a week,


I think it misunderstands their arrogance and will to power to think they'll just let anyone secede.

You don't think many will just say "Good riddance"? Also, I suspect the vast majority of the military is from states that would join the secession.

In any case, I'm not saying it's likely, but just less unlikely than a full-scale overthrow, at least not before we turn into Venezuela.


OH - and I forgot this gem of a comment - "You might as well have a big KKK sign in your yard!"


That austin powers line is inoperative noe




Trump’s impeachment lawyers quit.


In reply to The Lincoln Project statement posted on Twitter:

Arthur Schwartz

This is complete bullshit. Have been told by people that spoke to Weaver’s victims that at a minimum, @gtconway3d, @SteveSchmidtSES, @stuartpstevens & Confederate @TheRickWilson knew about Weaver and enabled him by keeping their mouths shut & cashing their checks.


The weaver story's been out for about 2 weeks.


Unsourced rumor jane


Longer than that, Clarice.


The interesting thing to me is the donations they got from big bucks hedge funds and investment firms.

Kathryn Anne

How are such corrupt and crummy people allowed to rise to such prominence without people being aware of their true nature?
Weaver will be scorned and probably prosecuted and abandoned by his so called good buddies in a heartbeat.
This scum is allowed to continue while they cheat a true reformer out of office?


This will be relearned:

Tren Griffin
1/ "Value at Risk (VAR) is one of the dumbest ideas ever put forward." Charlie Munger

"Life in financial markets has no relation to standard deviation." Warren Buffett

Hedge funds "love them some standard deviations" tho:



Great Headline! "Hijacking The Clown Car"

Pete D’Abrosca
“The GameStop revolt should serve as a message to those in charge: you are loathed by ordinary Americans who are struggling to get ahead.”

My latest column is out!




Kathryn Anne,

This is a continual argument I was having with my daughter today, who told me I sound like a democrat because I was ranting about that whole Wall Street thing, and she immediately said that I couldn't care about that stuff because I voted for Trump.

So I asked her what she believes in and it was the usual "education, helping the poor, peace, " and I pointed out that we have had no war for 4 years. Yes, but Trump is bad because some BS lawsuits from women. BUT, I can't talk about the Biden family.

These evil people get into power by demonstrating at the local and state level that they are able to get votes while willing to do illegal stuff (like siphoning money out of funds for schools, for example). If they are good at it, they move up the ladder and get involved in MORE illegal and corrupt stuff. NO ONE PUNISHES THEM if they are caught, other than fines and slaps on the wrist.

For all I know they get votes bought for them through vote fraud, even by foreign powers. Then they blame the black community for someone like Maxine Waters getting elected because the "GOP is racist." Maxine is an obvious crook and an ignoramus but she is now heading the FINANCE COMMITTEE in the House.

I am getting myself worked up again so I had better stop.


Quoth the Raven
My friend runs a major, major gold and silver dealer that’s been around for three decades. I just text him this. And his response #silversqueeze


Off to Costco for more Depends! BBL.



I first heard of the nudge when Hillary was the secretary of state. She went to a meeting of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (now Organization of Islamic Cooperation). The OIC wanted the USA to codify Islams blasphemy laws.

Hillary said that it would be hard to do because of the First Amendment protections. She did however say that people should be nudged in the right direction.

Unfortunately, nudging has become outright coercion. We are the stage where people, businesses and even those in government, are coercing people to do what they want.

The attacks need to be stopped, and people made to pay a heavy price for coercive tactics. But how to do this is the question.

Where do you find attorneys who will fight for the rights of an individual or company if attorneys are coerced into not representing anyone who is not Woke. If you can get an attorney to fight for you, what happens when the judge throws the case on some novel (made up) argument about standing.


big surprise about the lincoln log republicans ... cockroaches like that nest with their own kind. sorry rick your secret is coming out.


and dhs is signaling they are planning some attacks soon since the christmas bombing didn't getthe mileage they needed.



Manuel Transmission

Re Pin’s link to a movie about stealing an airliner, I know nothing about the movie, but had a friend who actually did it. “Ike” Eisenhower was Bobby Vesco’s pilot. Bobby bought a shiny new 707 long before anything like a G-550 was available. She was dubbed Silver Phyllis. Bobby was a pal of Nixon and Bebe Reboso and Ike proceeded to entertain the two of them by doing a slow roll flyby off a beach in the Caribbean. Then later when Bobby was under scrutiny for some of the fun Wall Street shenanigans, he initially repaired to Panama to hang out with Noriega. I don’t recall how Bobby left there, but it was without Silver Phyllis. So Ike and a couple buds went back and stole it.

The last time I saw Ike he was limping badly. Turns out he blew out a knee holding top rudder while doing a barrel roll in a B-25.

Some people live interesting lives.


A draft of an essay, not an editorial.
Headline: Looming danger you may not yet see

While socialism and fascism restrict individuality in society, they are not the major reason to challenge many who covet leadership. Once in power, they often display they cannot tolerate challenges to their perceived reality.

Normal people adapt to reality as they discover more about it. They make decisions based on a mental map of reality they refine over time to more closely match the reality their senses perceive.

Not so for disturbed people. They make arguments that are inconsequential and illogical and use words whose meanings are slippery and vague. They use unsound premises with unworthy warrants. Their premises, even if they were valid, would not lead to sound conclusions. Their twisted logic shows inability to face that solutions they propose cause more problems than they solve.

Disturbed people force incompatibilities like tolerance (imposed by repression), acceptance, compassion, empathy, and fairness (conditional and selectively applied), merit (except for special classes of people), free speech (for approved subjects) and compromise (only toward their goals) all that support their claimed reality that never matches real reality, all propped up by linguistic games never allowed to be checked for consistency or completeness.

Cultures put themselves at risk when ever-increasing threats of force attempt to impose impossible Utopian dreams. While ancient Roman philosophers considered a good citizen to be one who thought clearly and spoke well, Roman schools didn’t arm normal people to recognize, label, or have the courage to reject illogical challenges from within. Normal Romans enabled disturbed politicians who caused their great Roman civilization to decay and collapse.

Rome collapsed around 476 AD. Several hundred years later, Charlemagne’s new schools began to teach how to recognize such dangerous linguistic games. Today’s schools teach other things.

Normal people check against disturbed thinking. Normal people test premises, evaluate evidence, and refuse to accept contrived conclusions. Our country will fare better than ancient Rome only when normal people are inoculated to see when pseudo-logic and patchwork morality are incompatible with what is.

Distorted thought is unhealthy. While therapy can sometimes help, getting disturbed people to recognize the need is difficult. Individuals with a distorted view of reality often gather into groups to reinforce their pseudo-reality and pseudo-morality. The larger the group, the more difficult it becomes to protect members of the group from themselves and others in the community they pressure to conform to their perceptions.

Such groups grow unchecked because normal people tolerate them. Normal people become enablers when expect other people also be reasonable even if they display they are unable to accept reality and force others into their fantasy.

People sometimes think they are right, not because they are right, but simply because they think they are right. That is a problem for those who don’t see rationality as a way to check their work. Normal people appreciate insight others add. It’s the American Way. “Majority rules” is not so great a check on defective thinking as that America codifies the humility that the smallest voice can suggest a better way to an electorate tuned to listen. In a healthy community, others question views that conflict with facts. Checking their work, normal people revise their mental map for accurately so as not to make the same mistake twice.

Disturbed people cannot face challenges to their perceived reality. They bully, ostracize, shun, punish, and economically cripple those with whom they disagree. They treat disagreement as criminal and, if it isn’t yet a crime, they use double standards to treat it as such.

Their view of reality cannot be maintained without contorting the logic of how they think or the morality of their view of what is right. Ancient Greeks would say their logic subverts logos and their morality dominates ethos.

Disturbed people dissemble to turn away objections. Journalists would laugh at this for us, had they learned enough to know when and why they should. The press, supposedly working for us, long ago forgot what journalists do.

So it falls on normal individuals to find humor and courage to hold a mirror up to powerful people incapable of facing their failings. Point out the humor in their inconsistencies before it becomes too dangerous.

And when the powerful marshal enablers to shout you down for daring to object, laugh also at their double standards for objecting to you objecting.

Ideas can be silly, but silly ideas wielded by groups bent on twisting reality have brought down past great civilizations.

Jim Eagle

Well, Rich, if anyone knew about the consequences of a divided nation, it was Lincoln. Rick Wilson, not so much.




Rome is indeed wonderful to visit, but I think it's too much for a first visit to Italy. I'd start with less crowded, less complicated places myself. And a day or 2 in the Lake District is a perfect way to fight off jet lag. YMMV


Rick wilson is what you scrape off your shoe:



Is part of the Lincoln Project’s mission to prove that he was a Sodomite and act accordingly?



Super essay! One correction: you left out a word in this paragraph, which I have insserted in bold:

Such groups grow unchecked because normal people tolerate them. Normal people become enablers when they expect other people also be reasonable even if they display they are unable to accept reality and force others into their fantasy.
Jordan Peterson has discussed some of this, and I think this is a valid point.


So there were three different sites that hosted the the server wilhelm fay str 24, lyonestrasr 28 and 60314 frankfurt


Excellent SBW. Lots t think about!


None of the locations i thought they werr at.


Yes, Rome is urban, dirty, noisy--NOT a particularly restful place. But at SBW's age (similar to many of ours), it may well be an ONLY visit to Italy.
One bout of a fib and a resulting stroke--our traveling days can be over.

Actually, that is an EXCELLENT argument in support of Rome first--the other places can be managed with far less physical reserve than you'd want for Rome.

I do HOPE it is but his first, or that he adds another week or ten days, and heads north.


Thank you MM. I reworked the paragraph in the draft.

Jane, the essay tries to distill and extend James Lindsay’s very long piece.

And thank you for the worthwhile advice on where to spend a few days in Italy.

Jim Eagle

sbw, use the train system in Italy. First class, quick and clean. In fact, taxis in large communes are cheaper than renting a car (where in Italy if the insurance doesn't kill you, the check in girl's finding damages will:). In fact, I don't know where you would want to go that the rail system doesn't.

Plus you see the countryside un fettered by paying attention to the road and local italian drivers:)


Speaking of Rome, it brings to mind their emperor worship. It developed to the extent that citizens had to go stand before a magistrate every year and burn incense to Caesar to obtain a certificate of adulation, as it were.

It’s not quite to that point in These United States of reconstituted Rome or Sodom Egypt, but it’s getting there.

For instance, we are being placed in the position of testifying that a person, such as the former health “minister” of Pennsylvania, is a real woman. Under penalty of losing our professions literally and our professions of faith spiritually.

“Those who denied that they were or had been Christians, when they invoked the gods in words dictated by me, offered prayer with incense and wine to your image, which I had ordered to be brought for this purpose together with statues of the gods, and moreover cursed Christ--none of which those who are really Christians, it is said, can be forced to do--these I thought should be discharged. Others named by the informer declared that they were Christians, but then denied it, asserting that they had been but had ceased to be, some three years before, others many years, some as much as twenty-five years. They all worshipped your image and the statues of the gods, and cursed Christ.”-Pliny the Younger



Don't skip Cortona, sbw, across the valley from Siena, west.



Nostradamus Century 2 Quatrain 10

Before long all will be set in order,
We will expect a very sinister century,
The state of the masked and solitary ones much changed,
Few will be found who want to be in their place.


The Etruscan museum there should NOT be missed.


But at SBW's age (similar to many of ours), it may well be an ONLY visit to Italy.
One bout of a fib and a resulting stroke--our traveling days can be over.

Anonamom, have you been talking to my wife? That’s her argument for carving out a slice of a small bequest from my favorite aunt, Mardi, the one who rescued six Hungarian Vislas.

I have been to Rome before, driven Vespas down the Old Appian Way, picnicking on bread, wine, and cheese.

And JiB is right about the beauty of driving south in France [except last trip to Epernay we rented from by Gare du Nord—interesting.]



I just noticed I made a typo in your name when I was offering my correction! LOL!

Let me also suggest Rome for the exact same reasons anonamom did. Take me as an example. I thought nothing of toodling around the UK with my sister, flying to Rome and the UK, taking my grandkids to the National Parks out West with my DIL.

Now I can't even drive to Kroger! Hopefully that will end in March when I see the doctor again, but I wouldn't venture very far from my home by myself anymore.


Whoops! Rented at the Paris Airport and dropped off around the train station.


I took my niece to France while she was in college. We drove from Paris to Aix en Provence and back. Lots of adventures. , spent the last night In Paris at the Maurice Hotel, which is the first place I stayed in Paris when I went with Red Bond. Wanted my niece to see, as I did, how the other side lived. I admit that when you are with the Bonds they always upgrade you. So the first time my room overlooked the Eiffel Tower. The 2nd time, my niece simply asked to see the penthouse! She rocks!

When Caro and I were there we stayed in a B&B, but we got to meet Elliott, which was better than any hotel!


That was why the pharisees tried to trick jesus about the payment of the tax with caesars coin.


May I add Lago d'Orta to the mix? Small, but beautiful.



Jon Levine
Karl Rove had the John Weaver story back in 2004! (Atlantic dismissed it as a "lie")





This is a long thread, but the writer has posted documented instances of Biden's lies, which go back as far as he has been a prominent democrat. Links to videos and stories if you are dealing with someone who thinks Trump lied all the time and demands facts to show that Biden's lies have been memory holed.



Well, well, well.

Was Rove really a "campaign consultant" or merely a bag man to pay off people in order to get W in office?


Two scorpions in a battle.


Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸
Word coming down from the top in the Biden WH today that if you talk to the Lincoln Project you better stop, per my source.

Dropping them like a hot potato.

Psaki & Co discussing bringing up 45 allegations to deflect if they have to comment on LP.


Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

The Godfather series is on Paramount today. Brando just dropped dead. Time for the reckoning.



That comment by Prosobiec, if true, displays remarkable nervousness.

WHAT accusations about 45 (I assume they mean Trump) could possibly be a surprise? And is Psaki going to be able to counter in a press conference with any effectiveness? I think not.

Or, is this a signal not to ask Psaki about it at all?


Leaking dinghy



But enough about you tater



Simple, because "Never, ever underestimate the power of human stupidity."::

Lyndsey Fifield
Why would Lincoln Project put out a statement today claiming they had no idea about Weaver’s behavior when victims have emails and other evidence to prove they *definitely* did?

Rebecca Ballhaus @rebeccaballhaus
John Weaver, a GOP strategist and co-founder of the Lincoln Project, has for years sent unsolicited and sexually provocative messages online to young men, often while suggesting he could help them get work in politics, say 21 men who received them. nytimes.com/2021/01/31/us/…



Maybe he was soliciting them for Hunter.


So we have an overlap between the mcclellan project and the small cap wrecking project, aka robinhood.


Alexander Muse @amuse
BREAKING: The identity of the Capitol Hill police officer who shot and killed an unarmed protester on January 6th has been a closely guarded secret despite a law that requires public disclosure of officers involved in shootings. The officer has now been identified.

Alexander Muse
2/ The identity of the officer who killed the unarmed protester is now publicly available on various search engines. The officer is a vocal member of the #BlackLivesMatter movement and has expressed his desire to see Trump supporters killed on his Facebook account.


I'll wait on this one....


Posted by: MissMarple2 | January 31, 2021 at 03:19 PM

lol. now that they are no longer useful in getting trump, they are on the early liquidation list. the media will make sure to insert the republican group and forget about all the biden support. expect fbi raids on their offices and principals soon.



What is the McClellan Project?

James D.

MM, it’s the Lincoln Projedt.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--You don't think many will just say "Good riddance"?--

The less rabid certainly will, but the less rabid receive orders while the rabid issue them. The disordered ideologue does not think in grey or in how to settle. They think in absolutes and can be counted on to always and eventually do things very much not in their interest. That's one of the things that makes them irrational and disordered ideologues; they misperceive the world and their own interests and action. A disorder is defined by the head shrinkers as unhealthy and destructive defense mechanisms and perceptions of reality.

--Also, I suspect the vast majority of the military is from states that would join the secession.--

I hope so but the longer things drag out the more purged of patriots LE and the military will become. That may make things bloodier but I doubt it will effect the ultimate outcome.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Excellent column, SBW.


Within three years of chavez immaculation they had purged many of the officers some of the tmainers were the mccains at the school of the americas


Remainers my distant relative who was the brigade commander on giron beach had been a major in the cuban army


If you speak the truth, you must be silenced.


This IS a MAN, who wants to be woman.
How do we determine what your sex is. Pick a number 1-57 out of a hat.
Twatter considers my comments to be HATE SPEECH.

Trump is PUTIN'S COCK HOLSTER. Not so much.

Jim Eagle

I am so glad my health doesn't depend on that freak in PA.

Fuck off. If you still have a penis, you are a man. Unless, you want to argue the facts of Biology.


You know, two of the most virulent anti-Trumpers were Karl Rove and Rick Wilson. I understood how Rove could have been angry because he probably had a cushy job lined up with Jeb Bush.

I never understood how Rick Wilson could have been hired by anyone.

Things seem to be more understandable, now.


Doctor: "Regular masks don't work [against viruses]. The reason we wear a mask is because the fear is so massive in this country ... but I don't wear a mask because they work" pic.twitter.com/1mZrfR7J87

— banthebbc (@banthebbc) January 31, 2021
Video at link, about 1 minute. American doctor testifying despite the British-oriented screen name.

Chromosomes. SCIENCE!!!!!


MM2. Biden's lies - it's too late>

Jim Eagle

Someone I know is selling their house. Yes, I know ridiicolous. But think how you will sleep before they come for your downpayment..

Have actually been there for cocktails.


matt - deplore me if you must

Great pieces today, Clarice, but I'd change one thing. Sub the word impossible for implausible. We are in Orwell's Oceania.

I recommend all of those places in Italy that others have recommended. Really, you need at least a month.

I got over to Trieste in 9-19 to give a presentation at a W.H.O. mental health conference. Took the train from Milan; 6 hours. Passed through Brescia, Verona, Padua and Venice. Wish I could have stopped for a week in each of those cities. Verona is a favorite.

Loved Naples and the Amalfi Coast on our trip in 2010. We also drove to Montecassino and nearby to see where my uncle had fought in World War II. We'd already been to Anzio, where he died.

Next will be Sicily.

Italy is a moveable feast of the senses. I'm not sure if you can go wrong wherever you end up.


What is ROVE'S skill set and how has it served us??

Rick Wilson is a massive LOSER.

Jim Eagle

Another piece of advice on Italy, if you rent a car, make sure it has a toll road transponder. Most major higwhays are tolled.


“It never ceases to amaze me: we all love ourselves more than other people, but care more about their opinion than our own.”
Marcus Aurelius, Meditations



Did you know that some scaffolding fell on Mama Cass? It gave her a concussion and two more high notes in her vocal range.

You think we can get Lady Gaga to follow suit?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--If you still have a penis, you are a man.--

Even if you don't still have a penis, you are still a man...just minus a penis.

Imagine how many of these poor mental cases whack their pee-pee and find they're no better off. Imagine the courage it would take to admit that. Not only would you be admitting that maybe decocking your lever [a little firearms lingo there] was not the smartest move ever but you'd also face an avalanche of obloquy from the usual denutted suspects and prog enforcers.


Pin, I know EVERYTHING about Mama Cass, even her favorite mustard.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Levine has undergone elective cosmetic surgery and taken cross-sex hormones in an attempt to look more like a woman physically.--

I'd get a second opinion.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

And a medical malpractice attorney.



Another slush fund.


Rachel = Fred. For the love of GOD have you seen Fred's teeeeeth?? WOW.


Not too bad:



Kinzinger should get together with Fred Rachel, have a little something something, and go to hell.


Jerome Powell



What does Robert O’Neill do for stand up, No Knock Jokes?

Kathryn Anne

That is an incredible development.
I am getting up early tomorrow to see who else is going to take a big hit.
Read the book”The Big Short” and saw the movie.
Arrogance doesn’t begin to describe it.



Poppy McPherson


[Heads up, Lloyd!]



That is a parody account of the highest order in Finance Twitterdom.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Hey, if Burma does it, does that mean we can arrest BLM when they win their Nobel Rape and Pillage Prize?




1MDB, Iggy. 1MDB.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

New thread

Kathryn Anne

Is Robinhood in its death throes?



But I don't see how they survive this.

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