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February 11, 2021



If I started to attack, defy, resist and shit on DJT or anyone else I used to be in line philosophically, THERE WOULD HAVE TO BE A REASON.
Why would I go from being a CONSERVATIVE, to a SHIT ON CONSERVATIVES money grubbing nut job???

The MFM prolly wasn't smart enough to ask themselves that question.

jim nj

I mean if I'm an illegal in this country I don't want the government to allow more illegals to enter the country if the country will spend the money on them instead of on me.

I'm sure the democrats are aware that illegals already here are hurting and want to open the next round of Covid funding to them, but the democrats will offset that loyalty payment if they let in new illegals to take the old illegals jobs by under-bidding them.


Jim, there are no DEMOCRATS. They have gone FULL COMMIE. No one in their party strays from ABORTION YES!!! Not a single one. It's not a coincidence that BIDEN'S handlers, have had him sign a LET 'EM IN, you cannot SEND 'EM out policy.
You are making logical points. THEY ARE NOT.

The BIDEN admin, is as OUT OF CONTROL as any in HISTORY. Biden is NOT in control of it.

jim nj


Tucker Carlson: From Andrew Cuomo to The Lincoln Project, media protected the worst of politics
Two of the sleaziest, most vicious entities in America get their comeuppance

Apparently I wasn't the only one to think this.


Jim, CATCHERS MITT FACE, is the mobbed up son of a mobbed up FATHER. Andrew Cuomo, is not an ABLE MAN.
What he did vis a vis NURSING FACILITIES, has OBVIOUSLY BEEN CRIMINAL. the FULL COMMIE has no shame, because they are EVIL. Andrew Cuomo, is the obvious result of CORRUPTION. His HUBRIS should hang him.
What is wrong with US, that we do not see evil and recognize ANDREW CUOMO?


Jim, the LINCOLN PROJECT, was ALWAYS, always obvious. The douche bags that belowned themselves, were DONE.

Who in the MAIN STREAM MEDIA noticed these LOSERS?

jim nj


Scientists find clump of black holes inside the heart of globular cluster (video)

I half expect to hear sometime soon, the way that black hole research seems to be going, that there is a black hole galaxy out there somewhere.

Maybe a few visible stars still circling around waiting to collide with with the black holes that are circling around each other.

The research baffles me. We think that black holes can be this big, but not much bigger, except for the ones that are really huge.

I mean they have models. This big OK. That big OK. That big not possible. More huge possible, if we skip the intermediate not possible.

Do black holes really care what we think?



Poison by any other name would be just as sweet:

In a crafty marketing move, Aspartame can now be labelled under "AminoSweet", to fool consumers into thinking a product is Aspartame-free.



“There are perhaps still ways of keeping this Republic from being lost. Let every man make an effort to summon back his strength; let every man do what he can. For my own part, I am going to do whatever I believe to be within my power.”—Babeuf: Irony Bro


“The great and good ends proposed by the Illuminati as the ultimate objects of their union are the overthrow of religion, government, and human society, civil and domestic. These they pronounce to be so good that murder, butchery, and war, however extended and dreadful, are declared by them to be completely justifiable if necessary for these great purposes. With such an example in view, it will be in vain to hunt for ends, which can be evil. Correspondent with this summary was the whole system. No villainy, no impiety, no cruelty can be named which was not vindicated; and no virtue which was not covered with contempt.”—Dr Timothy Dwight, President of Yale 1795-1817


Former Gov. George Pataki unloaded on Gov. Andrew Cuomo, calling the COVID-19 nursing home death reporting “cover-up” scandal “one of the worst things I have seen in state government.”


Morning! Apparently all the MSM are pretty much covering up for Cuomo. Gee, I’m shocked.

Sammy Small


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