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February 05, 2021



The DCCC is running "insurrection" ads against Brian Fitzpatrick on Philly stations


Why don’t they worry about the country instead of their seats? Worthless power seekers to a worm.


I don’t think anyone believes the right is the crazy party, TM. But maybe Guam will fall into the ocean this week.

Jim Eagle

Congress has become a personality cult?

JM Hanes

I love all you guys, but I'm torqued into such twist about what to do next, I've had to step away from the political keyboard. I'm working on a letter to the president of my alma mater telling her why they will never see another dime from me, but even that pitifully inadequate effort reduces me to spluttering rage so fast that I have to put my pen down too.

What we're really battling in this country is liberal privilege. It has nearly every hallmark of the putatively damning white privilege, from job discrimination all the way down the scale to micro-aggression.

My hypocrisy gauge is busted. My irony meter is stone cold dead.


Well, the Crazy Difficult Trivia quiz by Playbuzz seemed easy to me.

Boy am I a nerd.

Yesterday I took a break from a book I was reading and I looked into the background of the author to see where he was coming from beyond what I already knew. Turned out he is also chair of the board of the tides foundation.


Hi jmh.

Time for another walk along the High Line.

Red and I were going to order teas earlier in the week only to realize a blizzard was not a good time to order from a shop in NYC.



Conrad Black and Biden's already floundering administration.


JM Hanes,

My sympathies on your spluttering and rage. Thanks for checking in!


This is a confession

The secret history of the shadow campaign that saved the 2020 election


Windy 7 degrees here. Next week will be below zero.

Life under Xiden sucks.


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Yeah the party that lost every contested House race and had to cheat to win the WH and is infested with actual and professed Marxists who they happily accommodate and believes men are women and America is a nation of Nazi racists and that violent criminals shouldn't be in jail and not having cops is a good thing and that selling out to China and Iran is in our interests is NOT the crazy party.
And believing for one second that anything Marjorie Taylor Greene tweeted at some point will negatively effect any future race is perfectly rational political analysis.
Sure it is.


A random factpicked up on Twitter:

"OK cool That doesn't change the fact that there are 48 million kangaroos in Australia and 3,457,380 inhabitants in Uruguay. So if the kangaroos decide to invade Uruguay, every Uruguayan has to fight 14 kangaroos."

Now I am off to get some work done!


Crazy right



Re. Article about Schmidt joining an ultra-right group. Immediately thought of an organization being destroyed from within.


You can go to further posts ahowing her ties to al shahaab or how about red princess cortez who demands god knoed what.


That was ironic remark how they arent practicing quality control.


Remember which district you are in


Captain Hate

Hey JMH. I understand completely which is why I plan on commenting here almost never.


The chairman of the finance committee honeymooned in the soviet union


as of February 4th, 2021 shows:

- There are 80 court cases to date based on the 2020 election
- In 28 cases President Trump was/is the plaintiff
- In 48 cases President Trump was/is not the plaintiff
- In 4 cases President Trump is the defendant
- 21 of these cases have been decided on merits
- Of the 21 cases decided on the merits, President Trump won 14 of them or two-thirds of the cases
- 25 cases remain active





JM Hanes


That was a great walk, wasn't it? It's definitely time to hit the great out of doors again. Fotunately I've got some to hit. It always helps put things in perspective. Oddly enough, I've actually been in New York during 4 out of the 5 worst blizzards they've had in at least 50 years, maybe more. What are the chances?


Thank you for being here! I feel so lucky that when I come back from my occasionally extended absences, JOM is still up and running and fighting the good fight!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

The sane half portion of the country is right there with you in the spluttering rage department, JM.

The rest of the country writes stuff like this and apparently believes it;

Swing seat Congressman and plenty of Senators are more worried about losing a general election because the Greene baggage is too heavy to lug past suburban voters who might normally be Team Red.

I can't stop laughing that this concept is actually taken seriously.
Especially considering the way the Georgia seats were "won". Let's say for the sake of argument that fraud did not make the difference. What did? Marjorie Taylor Greene? I doubt many people outside of her district in GA had even heard of her prior to that election. GA was won [excluding whatever fraud occurred] by legal Dem fraud of vote harvesting, mail in ballots, voting "assistance" etc.
The Dems have invented a vote farming system in their heavily blue [communist] districts much like the localized soviet system of the Russian revolution.
Will the Reps be smart enough to adopt the same system to wipe the progs out?[which they could easily do if they set about doing it]
Probably not. But the idea it has anything, Any. Thing., to do with anyone tweeting about Q-anon or any other prog boogieman only exists in the fever swamps of the left and those who have been lured into its various fevers.





Captain Hate,

I am sorry you won't be here much. You're one of my longest-lasting friends on the internet. Please check in once in a while.

By the way, there really ARE almost 50 million kangaroos in Australia, at least according to National Geographic. I am dumbfounded.


A federal judge has dismissed Walmart Inc’s lawsuit seeking to preemptively block the U.S. government from blaming the world’s largest retailer for its alleged role in fueling the nation’s opioid crisis.
U.S. District Judge Sean Jordan said the government had not waived its sovereign immunity from Walmart’s “sweeping” challenge to the Department of Justice’s and Drug Enforcement Administration’s enforcement of laws governing opioid prescriptions by pharmacies and pharmacists.


B.C. billionaire given the green light to sue Twitter over 'Pizzagate' tweets

Judge says Frank Giustra's connections to province and Twitter's reach give B.C. court jurisdiction


a few weeks old, it seems important

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Comment by some twitter dude after that Cary Elwes baby from The Princess Bride had a little dust up with Ted Cruz;

Replying to @tedcruz
Q: What’s the difference between The Princess Bride and a cow?
A. You can’t milk a cow for 34 years.


"Conrad Black and Biden's already floundering administration."

This headline represents so much BS. Floundering - He has two years to change country. He has already had nine months of Covid Marxism to build on, which makes the population more amenable to extreme policies.


JMH: What we're really battling in this country is liberal privilege


Yes, nonsense. Underneath their gaslight is jibberish. Pseudo-politicians spout it. Pseudo-journalists ignore it. Educationists teach it. The opposition can’t see it. And most citizens never learned to recognize, label, and laugh at it.

These frauds force on others incompatibilities like tolerance (imposed by repression), acceptance, compassion, empathy, and fairness (conditional and selectively applied), merit (except for special classes of people), free speech (for approved subjects) and compromise (only toward their goals) [h/t James Lindsay] all to support their claimed reality that never matches what’s really real, all propped up by linguistic games never allowed to be checked for consistency or completeness.

They pose arguments that are inconsequential and illogical, use words whose meanings are slippery and vague, and accept unsound premises supported by unworthy warrants. Even if their premises were valid, they would not lead to sound conclusions. Their twisted logic shows an inability to see that solutions they propose cause more problems than they solve.

They claim to stand for all that is “good” in society” but don’t believe in society at all. They forsake society with others for temporary power to impose their incomplete pseudo-reality and half-baked pseudo-morality on the rest of us.

They push into the distant future evidence that they just don’t measure up. As self-appointed judges, they force on our gullible population that their words are authoritative and the only ones that count.

Yet they cannot validate their claims and anyone who dares ask is subversive, racist, or subject to some other unprovable accusation.

Laugh at them. Make them squirm. They are charlatans worse than politicians.

Laugh because they will label anything beyond laughter as subversive and further reason for them to clamp down. Everything is a reason for the defectively powerful to clamp down. Coping with their pseudo-reality, they don’t need real reasons.

If enough people laugh, they’ll lose whatever elective legitimacy they ever claimed.


Will the Reps be smart enough to adopt the same system to wipe the progs out?[which they could easily do if they set about doing it]

The courts would suddenly find “standing” if Reps tried to play that game.

FUD factor would be far more effective.


50 here is sunny NVA.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki


Yes, nonsense. Underneath their gaslight is jibberish. --

I prolly otter let JMH answer but I'll shove my oar in anyway; I think she means through their dominance of the culture, society and our institutions, progs have attained a rank of, yes, privilege.
I not only don't think that's nonsense, it seems so self evident to me I'm not even going to give examples, as I was going to do, because they don't seem necessary.



I don't consider this "boasting", but the color scheme and redesign WILL have his mark all over it. Includes a 3 1/2 minute video excerpt from the special, which is pleasant to see.

I like the new color scheme, too. The current color was chosen by Jacqueline Kennedy.




I listened in on a zoom parents' mtg with a MN (DFL) senator tonight. The topic was schools. I'm not going to name the district or the legislator; I was a guest and that's their business.

The thing I will tell you: However bad/sad/depressing I thought it would be, it was worse


Old Lurker

Davod "Floundering - He has two years to change country."

Agree with Davod. 40 going on 50 EO's implemented in his first two weeks and nary a court challenge in sight (not even for show, knowing they will die from some fancy word known only to lawyers). And a Congress that has already announced they will legislate with just Dems, and be guided by Marxists.

If this were a honeymoon, his wife would be exhausted.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--The courts would suddenly find “standing” if Reps tried to play that game.--

I'm not talking about the clearly illegal tactics. I'm talking about the legalized but suspect practices. Reps in CA decided to do their own vote harvesting this time around and improved their results considerably.
If the GOP had harvesters where legal and pushed vote by mail and had an army knocking on doors and neighborhood bins for collecting ballots and all the rest of the crooked but legal crap they would "find" millions of votes too.

Old Lurker

Ig "I'm not talking about the clearly illegal tactics."

Dammit Iggy. There are no such tactics depending on who is using them.

Lois Lerner.


Who can out crazy Maxine and AOC?

Old Lurker

Also Iggy, while you are killing time.

In my sleep I reflected on your Thirty Tyrants and the Sparta lovers who invited them inside the tent to help Sparta rule Athens.

Yes, our Bidens and Feinsteins and all the tech guys and all the institutions that have been tools of the CCP for lo these decades are right now just as Athen's Tyrants. But think about all the Kennedy and Texas Oil Guys and so many others who actively attempted to play that role in the US for Hitler before 12-7, ditto England where even some royals did the same, ditto the Vichy French in WWII and then same in the Napoleonic Wars and I suspect back through every other war that was slow moving enough to have those cards played. Not to mention how the militant Popes did the same.

PS, yes, Nixon (and Kissinger) opened the gates fifty years ago. BTW that was right about the time he completed to move away from our gold standard and with it all the constraints on Government spending and borrowing.

Some chickens take a long time to come home to roost.


OL. Re. legal challenges. Texas has challenged the immigration EO and a judge has issued a stay on them.

The real dangers of Biden's EOs is that it appears as if he doesn't know what he is signing. At least with Trump, I may not have liked some of his EOs, but I was never worried that he did not know the content.

JM Hanes


You can park your car on my turf anytime. Thanks, I can pretty much just say ditto, ditto.


Ditto, ditto what Ignatz said.

I'm really not here to argue (surprise, surprise I know), I just dropped in to hello to all my JOM pals, 'cause I do miss everybody when I take a leave of absence.


Now that's funny!

Old Lurker

Davod, I think their real plan is to flood the zone with so many plays, players and shots, that having one or two shot down means nothing to the War Strategy (and actually helps the enemy because it distracts our side for the effort and, as the Trump Era proved, a big chunk of the 75 Million could and were silenced for years #2weeks at a time.)

And NOBODY, NOBODY had or has any expectation that Biden would need to know, grasp, have an inkling, or even be able to read from note cards about every action done in his name. He is the perfect "auto-signing robot like banks use to sign checks".

JM Hanes


The honeymoon analogy, that is; the roosting chickens are serious business

Old Lurker

:-) JMH. Missed you.


Ig: I not only don't think that's nonsense

“Nonsense” is what they speak. “Serious” is the problem of how to deal with the nonsense they speak. We have not yet reached peak power or peak crazy.If you can suggest a more productive approach than pointing out where what they recommend is at odds with reality, please do.

You understand psychological problems better than most. You appreciate that the tighter damaged people get wound up, the more dangerous they are.

The issues are not policy issues. Nor are they issues of privilege. This is about how they think and how they want the rest of us to think.

The reason they can’t admit their flaws or their mistakes is psychological, and not my area of expertise.



That wasn't the headline on Conrad Black's article but my assessment of Biden's pseudo-presidency. He's already got international relations in a turmoil. (I honestly think the Mexican president may have claimed a Covid infection to avoid meeting with him, myself.)

When President Trump was elected, very early on he went on a foreign relations trip to Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the Vatican. (Remember the Sword Dance?) Over the first year, many, many foreign leaders visited him. Where are they now - talking on the phone, maybe?

Every single time Biden appears, he has negative things to say about this country. By the way, have we heard when the State of the Union speech will be, yet?

Unemployment numbers are bad, stock market is down, hiring in many surviving businesses is on hold. Illegals are heading for the border in droves.

So, I DO consider this floundering. He doesn't know what he's doing and succumbs to the crooked schemes of various elected officials and bureaucrats and signs anything placed in front of him, without questioning anything.


MM2. Thanks for the clarification.


I find it remarkable that one party in congress can decide who in the other party can sit on a committee.



Let's call this never-ending show The Rigged Game: "Oregon teachers unions insisted teachers get vaccinations before schools reopen, so the governor put them at the front of the line. Now, they're refusing to go back to work."


Old Lurker

Davod "I find it remarkable that one party in congress can decide who in the other party can sit on a committee."

You should find it even more remarkable that the other party is just fine with that.

That's how we got here in the first place.


"Crazy right"--those people who think 42 EOs in 14 days--more than ALL presidential EOs in history--are a bad thing.
And think electoral integrity matters.


Love ya, JMH--I feel as full of outrage as you. Glad to see you again.

Here's to upping the outrage meter for today:https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9224113/Hunter-Biden-moves-family-5-4million-canal-home-Venice.html


FBI submits a doctored photo from Jan. 6th.

I’ve studied extremism for 15 years, I’ve reviewed mostly every court record for decades. I can honestly say very little surprises me. That said, I have absolutely no idea what to say about the Internet image the FBI used in a criminal complaint of the picture hanging on the wall



BREAKING: Joe Biden has just restored the "catch and release" policy. That will just open the borders to more illegal immigrants and allow drug lords, sex traffickers and other criminals to flood the United States.

11:00 AM · Feb 5, 2021
I wonder if this will include those 11 Iranians they caught a few days ago crossing the southern border.---MM


If china and The soviet union had conquered us, would they do anything different


Add another puppeteer



Mark Wauck on the Time article:1) Because they realize they've been unable to control the public perception of the Big Steal,
2) So they're putting out a counter narrative to the Big Steal to make it look legit. It's another attempted exercise in perception management that tells us that they know they've failed so far.



Also on Bloomberg:



I think the stink of it, is more noisome in salazar jimenez and mallotrakis going along with the unpersoning of greene.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

So instead of having us believe that some people skewed the Dominion results and mail ins (RICO), they are going to admit to a different RICO violation of manipulating information and flooding the zones with dollars to manipulate the ease of some voters getting their votes delivered and counted vs others that didn't have a harvester or drop box on every corner and that makes it all better???

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Well, that, plus as the power and commensurate arrogance [not to mention loonieness] grows, quasi-legal but utterly immoral and anti-democratic, authoritarianism seems more and more reasonable to them.
So you end up with them saying things that they think bolster the case for their innocence and benevolence but to the sane it reads like a confession.


I gave you the 411 on boushey when she was picked.


See the moves on yemen the possible selection of duss bernie zampolit


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--and I suspect back through every other war that was slow moving enough to have those cards played--

There's nothing new under the sun. Every age has its version of social media and tech oligarchs who seem advanced for their day [and they are] and are swept aside later, as our current mosquitos will be.
But our struggle is the same one they all fought and the fact is we are better equipped and in a far better position and our enemies far weaker [and stupider] than many who fought and won before have been.


Compare and contrast



Yes the erruptive psycho who threatened to nuke gun owners maybe that was the pillow talk fang fang used with him.


I think thats the right descriptove for szechuan swallwell.


Chuck Callesto


(Prints a Daily Caller article and links to another story by Breitbart.) Mumblit appears to ba a new web site .


My instincts about this gal was on point


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--“Nonsense” is what they speak. “Serious” is the problem of how to deal with the nonsense they speak. We have not yet reached peak power or peak crazy.If you can suggest a more productive approach than pointing out where what they recommend is at odds with reality, please do.--

I misunderstood you to be saying what JMH said was nonsense.
I have no problem with your tactic of ridicule. However when we do reach peak power and peak crazy I believe it will take some considerably more grim tactics to dislodge our would-be autocrats from our necks.

--The issues are not policy issues. Nor are they issues of privilege. This is about how they think and how they want the rest of us to think.--

But how they think and how they want the rest of us to think manifests itself in our lives through their horrible policies. And that thinking and those policies produce their nascent privilege.
Just because white privilege is a crock does not mean the concept of privilege itself is. Since they are irrational, they bring up the issue of illegitimate privilege for the same reason the irrational usually accuse others of wrongdoing; they are projecting the very wrong they are in the process of committing onto innocent bystanders to cover up their crime.
Every autocrat and authoritarian is so for the very basic reason, regardless of their rhetoric, of setting themselves and their kin up in a a state of maximum, sustained and unshakable privilege.


So what was the real story here



Hong Kong has unveiled controversial guidelines for schools in the Chinese-ruled city that include teaching students as young as six about colluding with foreign forces and subversion as part of a new national security curriculum https://t.co/odpyWOOh1q pic.twitter.com/mwIch873gx

— Reuters (@Reuters) February 5, 2021

Video and article at the link. CCP is worried about dissent, so they are beginning a new brainwashing program.


Christopher Plummer has passed.

91. Sound of Music's Von Trapp.

Jim Eagle


I respectfully disagree. Biden does know what he is doing. What he has always done, even as Corn Pop's lifeguard.

Sit on his ass and do nothing, and claim you're a "dog face pony soldier".

Old Lurker

Ig "Every autocrat and authoritarian is so for the very basic reason, regardless of their rhetoric, of setting themselves and their kin up in a a state of maximum, sustained and unshakable privilege."

Only the words "maximum" and "unshakable" makes that apply, perhaps, to autocrats and authorial.

Take those two words out and I think they apply to me and everybody like me who works within the (Judeo-Christian) rules so that my children might live a little better than I have, and so my wife and I will not be a burden on our neighbors or our children.


And he gordon getty in the film where he replaced kevin spacey

Old Lurker

is "authorial" even a word? Shame on autocucumber.


Its perfectly cromulent


"Video and article at the link. CCP is worried about dissent, so they are beginning a new brainwashing program."

Hong Kong education reverts to Chinese education.

Nothing to see here.

The real trouble will occur when CCP adopts US education methods.


Well weve adoptee soviet teaching methods so.


Malley wrote that the only way to prevent war was to go back to the JCPOA and to Obama’s policy of strengthening Iran at the expense of US allies – particularly Israel and Saudi Arabia.

The Zuljanah test Monday demonstrated that Iran doesn’t share Malley’s view of its position. It didn’t spend $250 million on a rocket/missile that can hit Europe because it is scared of Israel and Saudi Arabia. It developed the Zuljanah because it wants the capacity to attack Europe. And it wants to attack Europe because it is a revolutionary, rather than a status quo regime that seeks global domination, not regional stability.

As for the timing, the Zuljanah was tested in February 2021 rather than October 2020 because Iran was deterred by Trump and his maximum pressure strategy and it is empowered by Biden and his maximum appeasement strategy. The prospect of war decreased under Trump. Now it increases with every pronouncement made by the likes of US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan. In recent days, both senior officials have warned that Iran is moving dangerously close to independent military nuclear capabilities. And both have made clear that to deal with the problem, the administration intends to go back to the JCPOA.

This policy is irrational even when assessed from within the closed cognitive circle of the Biden/Obama team. They intend to make an irrevocable concession to Iran – billions of dollars of revenue which will flow into its coffers once the sanctions are removed. And in exchange they are asking Iran to make a revocable gesture. Iran reinstated its nuclear enrichment at Fordo and raised its enrichment level to 20% at Natanz at the drop of a hat. If it turns the switches off to get the sanctions relief, it can turn them right back on after the money starts to flow.

This will almost certainly happen in June at the latest. On June 18, Iran will hold presidential elections. President Hassan Rouhani and Foreign Minister Javad Zarif will both leave office. All of the current viable candidates hail from the Revolutionary Guards Corps and they can all be guaranteed to abandon the JCPOA. So at best, the JCPOA’s remaining shelf life is four months.

Biden, Blinken, Sullivan, Malley and their colleagues all must be aware that this is the case. The fact that they are moving ahead with their failed strategy all the same indicates that they are ideologically committed to their plan and will stay with it even as it drives the region to war.


Dave (in MA)

Until they catch on,


    Beautiful Things: A Memoir Hardcover
    – April 6, 2021
    by Hunter Biden (Author)
    #1 Best Seller in Chinese Biographies

InstaDriscoll has the screen shot if they clean it up before you click. https://pjmedia.com/instapundit/430572/

Dave (in MA)

Effin typepad,



Based upon reading what Ace quoted, the Time piece on the election, I believe it is an attempt to hide the actual role of the Democrats in the election centers, and the Dominion machines showing changes to the votes.


She mispelled capitulation in the middle east,

Dave (in MA)

MSDNC wants to conduct drone strikes against their political opposition in the US.


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki


But you can bet Biden and no other Dem will be expected to denounce them.


That was my point at 9:34,

JM Hanes

♥ Clarice!

Jim Eagle

Dave's link to Amazon and Hunter Biden's "No. 1 Chinese biography" comments are brutal. A must read:)

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Take those two words out and I think they apply to me and everybody like me who works within the (Judeo-Christian) rules so that my children might live a little better than I have, and so my wife and I will not be a burden on our neighbors or our children.--

That might be advantage [though too much of pretty much anything is often a disadvantage] but it isn't privilege in the sense the word is used these days.
Privilege in the present sense is an unfair, unearned, illegitimate and abusive advantage that is obtained by oppressing and harming others and to which others are barred from acceding.
That's pretty much the opposite of what you describe.


Melanie phillips

Some people are fretting that US President Joe Biden has not yet picked up the phone to call Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. They worry that this may betoken a new coolness by the United States towards Israel.

To which one can only wonder: what planet are such people living on?

For Israel scarcely needs the absence of a phone call to tell it that it has a grave problem with the new occupant of the White House.

The Biden administration has resumed funding UNRWA, reopened the Palestinian mission to Washington and recommitted itself to the “two-state solution.” It has thus re-empowered the Palestinians’ agenda of demonising and blackmailing Israel in order to destroy it, and afforded the Palestinians status while they do so.

It has also said it wants to return to the disastrous 2015 Iran nuclear agreement, brokered by former President Barack Obama, whose terms allowed the regime to obtain nuclear weapons with only a short delay while enabling money to pour in to fund its war against Israel and the west.

Although the administration is currently saying that Iran must first return to “full compliance,” the regime’s continuing breach of that deal by increasing its number of advanced centrifuges to enrich uranium suggests it believes that America will soon cave in.

This is doubtless due to Biden’s instant moves against Iran’s foes in the Gulf. These moves include America’s “temporary” pause on the sale of F-35s to the United Arab Emirates and its “re-examination” of the Trump administration’s designation of the Iran-backed Houthis in Yemen, against whom Saudi Arabia is fighting, as a terrorist organisation.

Even more telling are some of Biden’s appointments. The new American envoy to Iran, Robert Malley, whitewashed Yasser Arafat’s duplicity at Camp David and, as Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) has observed, “has a long track record of sympathy for the Iranian regime and animus towards Israel”.

More sinister yet is the appointment of Maher Bitar as senior director of intelligence at the National Security Council. A long-standing anti-Israel activist, he spent years promoting the BDS movement and its campaigns. As a student in 2006, he was on the executive board of the poisonous Muslim Brotherhood-linked Students for Justice in Palestine, which hounds Jewish students on campus and disseminates antisemitic propaganda.

As Daniel Greenfield pointed out on FrontPage.org, while studying in Britain at Oxford’s Refugee Studies Centre Bitar wrote in a paper that Israel’s “political existence as a state is the cause for Palestinian  dispossession and statelessness”.

In other words, far from advocating a two-state solution, Bitar thinks that Israel —America’s key ally in the Middle East — should not exist at all.

Yet this individual will now handle some of the most heavily classified intelligence available to the United States. He will decide what information America’s intelligence community shares with foreign intelligence services.

As Greenfield observes, given the way the Obama administration spied on Israel when the NSA eavesdropped on Israeli leaders’ communications during the run-up to the Iran nuclear deal, there is now a real danger that under Bitar America may obstruct Israeli efforts to curtail the Iranian nuclear program.

Israel is therefore staring at an administration that is an active threat to its security —so much so that Jerusalem must surely be concluding that it can no longer share its most sensitive intelligence with the United States.

At the same time, administration sources have tried to smear a US Jewish cyber expert with the charge of dual loyalty. Anne Neuberger, director of cyber security at the National Security Agency, was appointed by Biden as deputy national security adviser for cyber and emerging technology on the National Security Council.

“National security experts” then told the Mother Jones website of their “concerns” that her family foundation had donated money to AIPAC.

Mother Jones duly saw fit to list the Neuberger family’s significant charitable activities in the Jewish community and its connections with AIPAC before reporting these anonymous experts’ claim that the Israeli government maintains “an aggressive campaign of espionage against the United States and has a deep interest in U.S. cyber policy”.

Yet having deployed the dual-loyalty weapon against a Jewish official, the administration announced that it “embraces and champions” the definition of antisemitism developed by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance.

The examples involving Israel provided by this definition, including comparing Israel to the Nazis, calling Israel racist and applying a standard to Israel that isn’t applied to other countries, have caused Israel-bashing progressive Jews to object to it.

Its adoption by the administration has accordingly delighted Israel-supporting Jews. Yet events have already suggested that it’s a meaningless gesture.

In addition to the Neuberger smear, a case in point is the vaccine libel — the claim that Israel is resisting its legal duty to provide Covid vaccines to the Palestinians in the disputed territories. In fact, it has no such legal duty; yet it has indeed provided the Palestinians with vaccines and other equipment to protect against the virus when they have asked for it.

Denying all of this promotes the lie that the Jews of Israel are deliberately helping cause the spread of disease and death among the Palestinians by refusing to make available to them a life-saving vaccine.

It thus plays into the appalling history of antisemitic blood libels over the centuries —claims that Jews have poisoned wells, murdered Christians to consume their blood or otherwise spread death and disease to the world.

This presents Jews as evil, a mortal threat to others and a blight on humanity. It incites the impulse to eradicate such an evil, which over the centuries caused countless massacres, pogroms and eventually the Nazi attempt to wipe the Jewish people off the face of the earth. And presenting Israeli Jews as similarly evil fuels exactly the same impulse to destroy them.

Yet Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.), who regularly bashes Israel and supports BDS, told a news programme: ]

I think it’s really important to understand Israel is a racist state and that they would deny Palestinians, like my grandmother, access to a vaccine, that they don’t believe that she’s an equal human being that deserves to live, deserves to be able to be protected by this global pandemic.

This odious set of untruths fits the alliance definition of antisemitism. Yet the Democrat leadership has made no moves to censure Tlaib or other members of “The Squad” of congresswomen who regularly make anti-Israel or anti-Jewish comments. Instead, the Biden administration has appointed people who sympathise with Israel’s antisemitic and even genocidal enemies.

Adopting the alliance definition is part of the administration’s strategy of sowing mind-twisting confusion to cover its anti-Israel tracks. This strategy has been noted by Alex Joffe of the Begin-Sadat Centre for Strategic Studies at Bar-Ilan University, who says it was a signature of former President Barack Obama’s tenure.

He writes that the Biden administration’s “blatant and two-faced” approach is “classic Obama”. It involves “ample rhetorical support for Israel” intended to fool Democrats and some American Jews, which creates “creates cognitive dissonance and paralysis when actual policies that affect Israel negatively are implemented”.

It also involves giving up leverage, such as removing sanctions or resuming funding of organisations like WHO, UNWRA and the Palestinian Authority, but characterising those moves as a means of regaining leverage through direct engagement.

As some of us always feared about the result of the presidential election, this is indeed shaping up to be Obama’s third term. And once again, Israel is on its own in a diplomatic minefield where friends and enemies blur in a nightmarish haze.


What a clown


BREAKING: @GovEvers says he will veto the #COVID19 bill just passed by the Senate.

“Wisconsinites know a compromise when they see one, and this isn’t it," Evers claims. He demands the legislature send him the "compromised" COVID-19 bill he agreed on with the Senate last month.


The combine runs the cadaver no?


Teachers unions / SEIU run him.


Six of one,

My novella ends up in doha

Dave (in MA)

MM 1:01, like Howie Carr says, if I ever get jammed up with the law, I ask for no special treatment. Just treat me like an illegal alien.


This guy did many of the exploits, and more, displayed in the Hornblower novels:

Thomas Cochrane: The craziest sea captain in history.

https://youtu.be/pU-kFUJoJEU [1:17:35 long]


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