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February 22, 2021



Just to give equal time to so called Republicans, does anyone else remember when George Herbert Walker Bush made this breathtaking declaration:

PUBLIC LAW 102-268

"Whereas Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson is universally revered by all faiths, respected as spiritual leader of world Jewry, and his 90th birthday falls on April 14,1992;"


Turtles all the way down






What a deal

Phil Kerpen
· 1h
Wow. The BidenBucks bill pays federal employees up to 15 weeks of paid leave at $1400 per week if they have to stay home to virtual school kids.

You get $1400 once. They get it every week for 15 weeks. Swamp takes care of swamp.




BREAKING: ANDREW CUOMO is looking for a new spokesperson, according to a new job ad posted by Cuomo's team.

*Cuomo's PR team isnt successful at covering up his corruption. He needs help. 😂😂😂



And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how to kill a thread of the Internet sort.



You'll always find someone to shovel, whats lis smith doing now.

jim nj


A generally balanced article. It mentions that heat pumps lose effectiveness at colder temperatures. I didn't know that.

"My group’s projections, studies and analysis supported our plans to meet customer demand under forecasted peak load conditions. We had seen considerable growth in residential and commercial heat pumps. At colder temperature these units stop producing heat efficiently and switch to resistance heating which causes a spike in demand. Our forecasts showed that we would need to plan for extra capacity to meet this potential demand under extreme conditions in upcoming winters."

I presume they are talking about the heat pumps that work off the difference in indoor/outdoor temperatures. Not the ones that cycle water deep into the ground.

If I'm correct it's interesting that a nominally low-cost, long-term payoff, efficient system could have such an adverse effect when multiplied by many adopters.

That something can be efficient until it suddenly isn't is an odd concept.

I'm somewhat surprised that many aspects of the energy market can be compared to short-selling in the financial markets.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--That something can be efficient until it suddenly isn't is an odd concept.--

That's why there's a redline on tachometers and proofhouses for firearms. :)

jim nj


jim nj


Good analogies.

So everybody is compelled to buy an EV automobile in the near future. And just like in the old days the first cold snap drains a bunch of car batteries so bad they won't start the car.

In the old days you called AAA for a jump-start and hoped for the best. Maybe you thought it was a fluke event that you could recover from. Maybe you drove straight to a service station to have the battery tested and, if needed, replaced.

In the near future the same thing will happen, everybody late for work with an EV car will shift to fast-charge mode at the same time to recover and the grid will fail.

People will learn that you can't park an EV auto outside when a cold spell is coming. So you'll have to park the thing in your un-heated garage. Hmm, that won't work either. You'll have to upgrade the garage with a new heating system.

jim nj


Tom Bowler

Jim nj @2:20,

Regarding the "The Fascist Democrats & the Fake Insurrection" that you linked, Declaring the January 6th protests an "armed insurrection" and calling Trump supporters "domestic terrorists" is likely a justification for FBI spying on Americans. Garland testified that domestic terrorism would be a high priority, right after civil rights. Isn't that funny, civil rights.

We must never give up, but we're going to have to be careful, I think.

Jack Lillywhite

Good morning, sunrise is spectacular today. Well, not yet. We are getting that pinkish glow that precedes a fulll sun.

Nippy but tolerable.


Good morning. Moon (waxing gibbous) set is nice. Another day of snow melt ahead.

FBI grabbed Republican Congressional phone records re insurrection. (But not Dems?). Do MAGA hats become mandatory?


Must be jealous of Texas... MI shutting pipeline which delivers 55% of all propane to the state, and blocking permits for the replacement. Locals may have to burn the government for heat next winter.


Tom Bowler

Good morning, JOM. I've finally finished an essay I've been contemplating and working on for weeks, maybe months. It Was a Market Before It Was a Conspiracy is my perspective on the nature of the swamp, and what might be done to drain it. Spoiler alert: I propose some constitutional amendments. Maybe not the best approach, but it's an approach, hopefully one of many.

Anyway, I welcome any comments you would care to make, whether here, or there, or both. Thanks.


Tom, on setting government pay at CEO levels... that just increases the draw for greedy grifters and in no way guarantees competence. A Congress of Immelts, Gates, @jacks would be worse than what we have today.

Tom Bowler

Henry, Maybe not, if sources of income are off limits. Probably a hard sell. We might want some other reforms in congress, like one of Jane's favorites: congress shall not be exempt from any law it passes.

Tom Bowler

"Other sources" I meant to say.

Old Lurker

JimNJ re Heat Pumps "I presume they are talking about the heat pumps that work off the difference in indoor/outdoor temperatures. Not the ones that cycle water deep into the ground."

Spot on. The traditional heat pump moves BTUs of heat from inside air to outside air in AC mode and the other way around in Heat mode. In Heat mode the problem is that it is easier to extract BTUs from warm outside air than it is from very cold outside air (think low hanging fruit). At a certain point the physical ability to extract BTUs from cold outside air using the Refrigerants and Compressors available uses so much energy that it becomes cheaper just to turn on the backup toaster elements. (That is what "Emergency Heat" switch on the thermostat means.

JimNJ is also right about "Geothermal Heat Pumps" that do not have that problem because no matter how cold the outside air is, not far underground the temperature of the dirt and ground water stays pretty constant in the mid 50's. (that is why wine cellars and root cellars are underground) So a Heatpump that can expose its refrigerant to "sink" of BTUs always at 55F can pretty efficiently add to or take away the BTUs needed to heat or cool the house.

The problem is that moving BTUs to 55F dirt say 10' underground requires exposing a very long pipe (think radiator) to a massive amount of dirt and that is easy enough but requires digging up a whole lot of land. So the other option is drilling a well down into the water table and using pumps to move the water (sometimes a LOT of water) up into the Heatpump and back into the ground via a second well. Those pumps use a lot of energy and the pipe loops and pumps have to work flawlessly for more than 20 years for them to be economic. Good luck with THAT. And the upfront costs are WAY more than just using what everybody else does.

Really rich people will use them anyway because they are silent (no outdoor AC unit) and that IS nice.

More than anybody wanted to know, right???




Great piece. I need to read it again later because my eyes are being rude today!

Bit chilly here this morning - but that will change!


Biden aims to tackle chip shortage
Biden is expected to sign an executive order aimed at addressing a global semiconductor chip shortage that has forced U.S. automakers and other manufacturers to cut production.

The order will launch a 100-day review of supply chains for four critical products: semiconductor chips, large-capacity batteries for electric vehicles, rare earth minerals and pharmaceuticals.

This is what happens when so many depend on Taiwan’s TSMC to make their chips

Tom Bowler

Good morning and thanks, Jane. Sorry your eyes are bothering you today.

It's early spring in Nashua, 40s toward 50s over the next few days. We didn't have a decent winter here, just raw weather and slush. Warmer weather will be welcome.


Good morning from the soon-to-be rainy central Indiana, although we do have sun this morning.

I fell asleep listening to a couple of YouTube podcasts and it went into autoplay. I have to tell you there are some really crazy people making videos for You Tube. I mean straight-up loony tunes!



Lindsey Graham tells Greg Kelly he doesn't think Biden is in charge. Video and article.




Looks like the Biden administration's answer to the lost jobs from the Keystone pipeline is making money from marijuana.
So, according to him, drugs are a better way to make money than having jobs that make us energy independent. pic.twitter.com/z33qBM4uNh

— Jan V. (@commonsensejan) February 25, 2021

Video at link.



I wonder why Amazon declined to appear at this hearing.


Consist with the values he passed on to Hunter.


From last night:


- Federal Reserve Bank Computer Crashed
- GameStop stock halted after gaining 100%+
- Redditt servers hosting WallStreetBets are down


Hackers follow the Willie Sutton theory. They hack Solarwinds, Microsoft Office365, and Amazon Web Services because that is where the data is.

Manuel Transmission

OL, great explanation of the various heat pump solutions. I’d only add that each generation improves on its efficiency a bit. We built our last home outside Cowlumbus in 77 at the beginning of the efficient home trend. That initial heat pump had a gain, or Coefficient of Performance of about 3. We replaced it about every ten years and the last one was maybe 4.5, but still had to switch to the toaster strip around freezing, which would aggravate the load change for the power company.

I think the new wall mount units that don’t have any ductwork are now good down to about 5F.

Our geothermal one-off design here is only good to about 27F per my specs, because we couldn’t justify drilling deep holes in the live rock to get stable ground water. Of course we have an infinite supply of 53F water off our front porch, but borrowing that heat would kill the fish, or sumpin.


Her office orchestrated it.

Jonathan Turley
NPR reported that there were concerns the Pelosi's commission on the Capitol riot would "favor" Democrats without mentioning that Pelosi wants a ridiculous 7-4 Democratic majority. The 9-11 Commission was split 50-50. npr.org/2021/02/24/970… Why 7-4? jonathanturley.org/2021/02/22/a-d…



Bo Snerdley @BoSnerdley
Bill would strip pension for president convicted of felony thehill.com/homenews/house…

Replying to @BoSnerdley
So that’s their next play. It’s already in motion & the Supreme Court is allowing Dem Manhattan DA access to #Trumps taxes. They are planning a #FakeFelony either through twisting something in Trump’s taxes and/or pinning the Capitol riot as a felony on Trump (that they set up)


Old Lurker

Good additions, ManTran.

I also should have mentioned that not only is it harder to extract heat from outside air as the temperature falls, the Demand for heat to maintain a constant temp inside the house goes up at the same time. So...double whammy.

Old Lurker

First, strip the pension. Then strip the contributions to "Former POTUS" office expenses. Then take away his lifetime SS protection and hope somebody kills him.

Do we have any idea how many millions are spent each year JUST on the Clintons?

Can you spell Banana?

Manuel Transmission

Oh, I forgot to mention out current system has no toaster because it is water to water. Instead we have a propane boiler that I switch over to when we have our week of winter each year. As it turns out, it gets used more for when the heat pump compressor fails, which this year was more like six weeks. Pfft!

Old Lurker

ManTran, yes, there is no rule that the backup heat has to be toaster elements. Propane works. Nat Gas works better. Oil works too. Henry burns wood.

As you know, of course I know you know, that all depends on what other energy source you have available, and then what the relative cost per BTU is for each...and THEN what the cost of having that other source on site and ready to go and the cost of the equipment to burn it. Burning anything means chimney...and storing Propane or Oil means tanks. The toaster element is dirt cheap to install, but the cost per BTU is much higher from Electricity than burning anything is.

Go down this rabbit hole even more, and the mind starts thinking "say, if the heat I need is inversely related to the outside temps, then perhaps I should double my insulation and replace all my windows so my demand goes down". Or tell the architect to face a lot of glass toward the sun and use a lot of concrete inside the glass to soak up what heat the sun offers for free.

OR just buy a place by Jane in Florida and go there when it gets cold.

Fun stuff...



I guess they ifinally couldn't ignore the numbers any more. This is an article from our local NBC outlet via AP.

Note how they say offer several reasons for why there was no flu this year, except the obvious one that many flu cases were labeled as Covid due to financial incentive.


Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out STEVIE WONDER.


Propane for base load, then wood. Double pane windows are nice. But don’t help much when the walls are actual logs piled on top of each other. The gaps can get drafty. :)


Congressional Black Caucus & Biden HUD Nominee Sent Constituents on Chinese Govt-Paid Trips to Laud “Amazing Communist Country.”


Old Lurker

...and to further complicate it, the "relative cost" per BTU from the alternative sources can/will change relative to each other over the years, so the equipment costs and life spans have to be considered.


For nine months the country is burning and all these november criminals say 'it'll be fine'


Catchersmitt gets a reprieve


Old Lurker

Henry, I use Nat Gas in MD and Propane in MA for the base load all the way up and down.

My new neighbor just built a house with ground water wells since he did not want to hear AC units during the summer, then he uses propane to heat when the heat pump needs a boost in January.

My house in MA stays heated all winter from propane, but THAT requires keeping the electricity on at all times. Hence my generator. In turn, THAT required a calculation of "how long might the grid power be out at worst? Then how much propane has to be in the tank to run both the generator and the boiler during the outage and then the boiler alone after the power comes back on...?" Take what the propane contractor says then install a tank twice that big and stop doing the math..."


Um that name sounds familiar



Turnabout is fair play



My youngest sister is a bit of a libtard.

She is enough younger than the rest of us that she got my mom’s undivided attention. Poor thing. My mom had three graduate degrees, including a Master in Divinity from a Methodist seminary school, tells you what you need to know.

Little sis is the one married to the ER doc. He used to be a “regular guy”, and had a Kentucky birth certificate to prove it, but she has been a bad influence:)

They are always looking to do the “socially responsible” thing, and are early adopters of green energy or transportation. Geothermal HVAC (for a 6000 sq ft. house), bought an early Prius, just bought a RAV4 plug in hybrid, and on and on.

Kevin calls me all the time to discuss the technical merits of his latest acquisition. His undergrad was engineering, so he likes propeller head stuff. But somehow, the conversation always gets around to the tax credit he is going to get.

Lately that has got me thinking. While I don’t really want a plug-in car, I just might buy one to screw the Feds outta $7500:)

Does that fall in the category of perverse pleasure?


What would we do without 'experts'




Now do Tesla.


Tou know even zombie kurt vonnegut would be hard pressed



Ignorance is...the thing



Kurt Vonnegut spent a great deal of his life mocking the very people who gave him his financial security when he first got started as a writer.

Vonnegut was the son of the people who started and ran Vonnegut's Hardware in Indianapolis, later bought out by Ace Hardware. I can still point to the building where the south side branch was located.


Yes but he set some of his stories around cornell.


I was very cursory about vonnegut i found slaughterhouse 5 bewildering and the film even more so.


Those words they are using



They cant even pretend anymore



Hes an alien change my mind


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I always thought Vonnegut was a journeyman on his best day and a hack on his worst.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

New thread.


i hate mondays

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