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February 15, 2021



I have two fireplaces, so can stand a cold spell without power. How many homes down south can safely burn wood to keep the house warm and pipes unfrozen? Without local wood and a place to burn it, you hope the NG transports you to the camps early so you get a bunk instead of floor.

(I have a well, loss of electric means no water on tap. I also have a pond and emergency water filtration stuff... I’m good for a couple weeks).



I hve a few pictures from 78. My son was 10 that year and my daughter wasn't born yet. My son remembers the depth of the snow really well.

Back in a bit. Got to go clean up the kitchen!


‘78 I remember epic snowball fights on old campus in New Haven, plus great skitching on car bumpers through campus.


Why don’t gun manufacturers get the same immunity as vaccine manufacturers?



He’s really found his niche. It would be kind of fun to drop in to the middle of a series in kind of exotic locations.


Cathyf, I believe 2016. Not sure when Jane left Mass, but as far as I know most of Mass was buried. Sturbridge may have had other worse winters - as I recall that my daughter in Hartford, CT that year said it wasn’t too bad. Hartford is not too far from Sturbridge (but she was in college so take that with a grain of salt!). Also it was easier for us since we had two high-schoolers to help us shovel out. If I had been a single woman I definitely would have left the state!

Of course, our bad winter may be nothing compared to many places in the mid-west. I guess it’s all what we are used to.


I’m surprised you don’t have a generator, henry. I bought a propane one to get around the problem of long periods between usage. I still had trouble getting the thing started. Just a tip, I learned you can stick a glove into the air intake to add negative pressure to the regulator. It fires right up.


Ha Pin. I accuse my hubs of having a man crush, but I think he’s simply a bit jealous.


henry, do you remember stealing dining hall trays (temporarily) to go sledding with? I was from Florida so the whole thing was interesting! That poor governor of CT later died of cancer...


Sledding on cafeteria trays is scary! We had this little hill at Bates, called Mt David. Lots of trees. All I could think of was “Ethan Frome.” “I am going to hit a tree!!!



Who could stand on two trays the longest was our challenge. No helmets allowed.

In Austria, the restaurants up in the hills, that you have to hike up to for dinner, will rent traditional two runner sleds for the trip back down. Was 10 schillings back then. (Not dating myself too much). Schnapps, beer and gluwein will make an interesting return trip. I would kill to go back, just once. Hewn Log cabin with a 3 meter square grill in the center for cooking. Spectacular place. Prix fixe, naturallement.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--I’m surprised you don’t have a generator, henry. --

That's what I was gonna say.
Not to worry; after Xiden Californicates the whole country everybody and his brother will have a propane, diesel or gasoline generator to charge their earth-saving EV and survive the summer AND winter blackouts.


The Bias News
JUST IN: North Carolina Republican Party Central Committee unanimously votes to censure Senator Richard Burr over his vote to convict former President Trump.


At Colgate University in the late 1960s the freshman dining hall was located at the bottom of college hill. No railing. No rope. A road across the middle of the path and a big tree you had to negotiate on the way down.


In my obligatory calls as the oldest daughter to check on everyone, I discovered my son is out driving a plow tonight. One of his crew is at the hospital with his wife who is having a baby, so he got called in.

They have contracts for subdivision streets and parking lots. He is going to be up almost all night.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Lunch trays.
Out here we just use our butts.


My mom said all the wind turbines are frozen.


Florida @GovRonDeSantis on Tucker:

"When I go around Florida, I will see New York license plates here. I doubt you see very many Florida license plates making their way to New York right now." pic.twitter.com/3KiBsT2opD

— Daily Caller (@DailyCaller) February 16, 2021

Video at the link.


You know what that means



Miss M, Just saw him say that on Tucker! LOL


"calling for a Boycott"? Heh Publix is owned by its employees and is very popular in Fla.

When I went to the University of Wisconsin it seemed all my classes were at the very top of a steep hill (Bascom Hill). The kids took the dining trays and rode down it turning it into a sheet of ice. I used to be black and blue for much of the winter because I had so much trouble navigating it.


Szechuan orders rice and pork



But or course


Catsmeat, “borrowed”. Sure. That’s the ticket. The hill at the Div School was awesome!

RE generators. Assumes a fuel supply. I rig for full cutoff, save fuel for important things like chain saws.


Narc, none around here, but add it to the list. We have cancelled:

Tj maxx and their cc card
And any other site that pisses us off.

We were never huge consumers but one must have principles.


I’m pretty sure you don’t call a White horse a White horse, Taylor my dude.


Do you know anything



Pin, you can drive from Philly to Atlantic City on White Horse Pike or Black Horse Pike. White Horse to the north end of the island (Harrah’s), or Black Horse to the South (Margate). Taylor could be a shoebie. (Local AC for Philly tourists with shoebox lunches).



Video at the link of his interview.


In case you think I’m nitpicking, the actual Greek calls the horse Death rides in the Apocalypse “livid” or tinged green.

The other other White horse, I don’t know what to tell you. He can ride whatever color horse He wants.


Night, night.


Night, CCGirl!


In ‘78 I lived in Newton with 3 guys on the 2nd and 3rd floor of a house. I worked at Liberty Mutual in Natick and struggled to get home. We were out for a week and I remember being so scared I wouldn’t get paid. We were the youngest people in the neighborhood and helped everyone shovel. I remember walking to the grocery store which was quite a distance away.

One of my roommate;s girlfriend was there the first night and they sent a snowplow to pick her up in the morning so she could work at IHOP. It was a very cool time.


I’ll be here 6 years in October - so is that 2015 or 6. I don’t remember. I’m not sure the snow forced me out.


Come on, Tucker!

Old and Busted: Jury Rigged

New and Relevant: Election Rigged


I have a gas fireplace, stove, grill, and hot water heater. Temporary power outage will be unpleasant, but survivable. We camp in weather this cold.

When all else fails, get Poogan to hop up on the bed, he’s good for at least 500 watts:)


Wow, TIL, this explains Hollywood:

“... hypocrites, (hupokrités); from hupokrinomai; an actor under an assumed character (stage-player), i.e. (figuratively) a dissembler ("hypocrite" - hypocrite).”


Nothing to see here



The Federalist: Trump's lawyers put on the whole Trump statement:

“Destroying the Charlottesville “fine people” hoax,” Donald Trump Jr. tweeted, “Make sure you watch this all the way through and see if it aligns with what the media told you Trump said. Hint: IT WON’T Today’s media is a disgrace.”



Ig, I will NOT show that descent to my son, who would have the same reaction as the lunatic in the film: "let's do that again!"

henry, I always gave my trays back--usually at the dead end of the semester when they could be safely sneaked back into the fold.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I'm kinda thinking about doing Mt Whitney, next year, but probably would not do the glissading thing. One guy went over a rock in another video. Ow.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

LONDON, England, February 15, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – People in the U.K. with learning disabilities have been told they will not receive resuscitation if they contract COVID-19, according to learning disability charity Mencap.

Last November, the Care Quality Commission (CQC), the Health Department’s regulatory body, launched an investigation into “Do Not Attempt Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (DNACPR) decisions taken during the COVID-19 pandemic,” following similar concerns about “the blanket application of DNACPR decisions, that is applying them to groups of people rather than on an assessment of each person’s individual circumstances, and about making decisions without involving the person concerned.”


I think daleks are running the place, change my mind.


Backed up by Cybermen.


Odd how they aremt making a fuss now, sarc



Looks like we have about 7 inches of snow right now. Still coming down.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Biden is like that grammar school teacher most of us had who would always chop his hands just so and drone on trying to sound authoritative but who every kid knew was dumber than everyone in the class, including the kid in the corner eatin his boogers.


You try to get ahead of them



There was no leadership


Dave (in MA)

ccgirl, here's a pic from 6 years ago this week, when I had to dig a trench over to my shed in case I needed the generator that's in there. https://scontent-bos3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/10959795_10205189522470475_4705901793181560277_n.jpg?_nc_cat=111&ccb=3&_nc_sid=cdbe9c&_nc_ohc=LbQWpp5t_M4AX-LfoTG&_nc_ht=scontent-bos3-1.xx&oh=14e8cdcd8ba0172bf0d9f7b074444b91&oe=60505F6E



I’m sure there were no electronic comms and practices for letting AnteFa flow in the fore.


Stephanie. These bastards in the UK have been doing this for years. It is despicable.

Dave (in MA)
    During the 2014–15 winter season, Boston broke its all-time official seasonal 107.6-inch (2.73-meter) snowfall record from the winter of 1995–96, with a total snowfall record of 108.6 inches (2.76 m) as of March 15, 2015.
Record-breaker in Boston, or about average in Rochester and Buffalo.

Updated NWS forecast here. Now adding an additional few inches, so we will probably hit 12 inches.

Tomorrow is out trash pick-up day. Since I am pretty sure those guys are diverted to snowplow duty and our street won't see a plow for a day or two, I didn't bother to take the can to the curb. We will just have to tough it out until next week.


Commenting on Cuomo's press conference:

Donald Trump Jr.
Where the hell are the fact checkers on all of his BS? Did they take the weekend off or something? I mean the vast majority of what Cuomo has said is demonstrably false.


Heading to bed.

Good night, everyone!

Dave (in MA)


— Kurt Schlichter (@KurtSchlichter) February 16, 2021

In some mirror universe






Found at Ace:

Oil truck escapes down a hill. Did the woman release the trucks brake?


Dave (in MA)

I finally got back onto Parler. The feed extends beyond the page, but there's no way to scroll down. Maybe Matze was in charge of scrolling.

Another Bob

“Texas frozen wind power – outages ensue“

I’m surprised at some of what I’ve read.

Wind turbines iced over. Get it.
Solar panels covered with snow, sun not out. Get it.
Coal piles at power plants frozen solid. Get it.
Plumbing to gas turbine plants frozen. Kinda get it.

Nuke plants shut down? Not at first getting it. Doubts about offsite power and diesels frozen over? Cold enough to freeze cooling towers?


LinkedIn is a pretty open site so that’s not too complicated.

jim nj

Yesterday there was an AP article in my Sunday paper titled, "States say they need more doses, not sites."

It was rather critical of the Xiden* effort to open 100 federal vaccination sites. After initially welcoming the idea governors found that the sites were going to use the states already allocated doses.

Unsurprisingly I can't find a link for it today. I did find this though, with that link embedded within:

When the plan was first announced it sounded like a PR move to me. Apparently the governors agree. Xiden* wants to swoop in, use their vaccines, and claim the credit. I'm sure the governors all loved that.

jim nj

Having a mild "senior" moment here.


WTF. The "Scooter" former NY Yankees shortstop and later on-air announcer for the same is running for NJ's highest office. Isn't he dead?

Google, Google, oh that was was Phil RizzUTo. Never mind.

jim nj


jim nj


"The small ammo manufacturer, Fenix Ammunition, has a word for those who supported President Joe Biden: if you want ammo, you're going to have to go elsewhere.

In fact, when you visit the company's website, the first thing that pops up is a question asking if you voted for Biden. Only those who click "no" can proceed."

jim nj


"Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg wants to make the United States the “global leader” in high-speed rail. That’s like wanting to be the world leader in electric typewriters, rotary telephones, or steam locomotives, all technologies that were once revolutionary but are functionally obsolete today. High-speed trains, in particular, were rendered obsolete in 1958, when Boeing introduced the 707 jetliner, which was twice as fast as the fastest trains today."

jim nj

A late response written in Notepad last night and I never got my internet connection back.


Back in the nineties when I attended the annual SIA (now FINRA) trade shows in NYC "latency" and "liquidity" were new buzzwords. "Latency" referred to the speed of your connection to the financial markets. Firms realized that with a faster connection to markets their orders would get a better chance of being executed first. "Liquidity" referred to attempts to adjust the costs of trading among the trading firms. The basic idea was that firms that provided liquidity to the markets should benefit from that "public service" and that those who "used up" liquidity should have to pay for that.

Firms routed orders to buy or sell for their clients in several manners but were required to offer their clients "best execution." For the New York and American stock exchanges that was relatively straightforward. You bought or sold into those market flows or to the regional exchanges that also traded those stocks. Firms acted as agents in those orders.

In the NASDAQ, OTC and "pink sheet" markets firms could act as as a principal or as an agent. In the former they entered the order into the market and charged you a commission. In the latter your order was routed to an internal "market-maker" at the firm who sold or bought from firm held inventory and profited from the bid-ask spread without charging you a commission. If an internal market-maker didn't have the current best price they could execute the order elsewhere or adjust their bid-ask and execute the order in-house.

That's not front-running. Front-running is having your order in hand and trading before you in a way that moves the price against you and then executing your order and pocketing the difference in price.

Back in those days when stocks traded in incremental fractions market making was profitable even though it required dedicated capital and people. Big stocks like Microsoft and Intel would have many market-makers providing liquidity. Smaller stocks might have only a few market-makers. Maybe only one. Some 'pink sheet" stocks were said to trade by appointment only unless they were the "stock du jour" of a bucket-shop.

The decimalization of stock trading altered that market's bid-ask spread and led to the loss of many market-makers.

At the same time alternate trading systems arose. Prior to that only Instinet and AUTEX existed. Instinet was purchased by Reuters and was the first alternate trading system that allowed firms to bypass the market by trading directly with each other. AUTEX was used for order indications, primarily on large block-trades. Firms could anonymously advertise the intent to buy or sell a large block of shares and ask for a counter-party.

How could such a thing possibly work? The classic example is some firm that invested on "value" principles and has seen the company recover its value. It now has some other under-vlaued company in its sights and wants to liquidate one investment to invest in the other. The gain in "value-investing" has been achieved and the expertise now suggests a better candidate. Who might want to buy such a stock? Someone that invests on the basis of "momentum." A classic successful "value" investment will show the two characteristics that interest a "momentum" investor. A rising price on rising volume.

If the two can connect, anonymously at first, they can both achieve their aims. The deal can be done at a price unaffected by a market trade. Perversely, the "momentum" buyer may even pay a slightly above market price to gain a large block of shares all at once. they can suck in more "momentum" buyers with one large trade. It's a first-mover effect.

I'm currently off-line so this is growing bigger. Paying for order flow addresses both "latency" and "liquidity." Robinhood isn't just offering information about the trades it has in hand. It is routing them through Citadel for execution. To my mind, Robinhood, and Citadel still have the "best execution" requirement in their hands.

And there you get to the oddity of the front-running question. Is Citadel using that order flow to front-run? Ahead of the Robinhood accounts, or in front of everyone else?

I don't know. If they are treating the Robinhood accounts fairly, have they beaten everyone else at the "latency" game? That is, are they front-running the rest of the market? I don't know. It does suggest that it would be near impossible to identify proprietary trading from customer order execution in such a large order flow.

Something else to look at. One used to be able to specify if your brokerage account was cash or margin. If a firm decided to only open margin accounts and your account opening documents reflected that I can understand why a clearing corporation might freak out and demand more money from that firm to cover its trading exposure.

Why would a firm only open margin accounts? Because shares can be borrowed from margin accounts, but not from cash accounts. Was Robinhood a share borrowing "cash cow" for short investors earning money on that too?

The mad dash to raise capital and impose trading halts on specific stocks? Weird. Robinhood managed to raise 3 billion in capital to meet the clearing house concerns. People don't invest that kind of money without due diligence. So why the trading halts? Did they need even more money? Did the new investors impose conditions on Robinhood?

I don't expect any Congressional or Senate hearings to resolve this, those people are too stupid to understand this.

jim nj

It's almost a given that firms engaged in stock or bond trading will gain a profitable niche advantage that may be unique or wide-spread. Either way it's usually lost because of some rule change or some new competitive strategy.

Going back to the above in the nineties "heat maps" became a thing of interest. A normal snap quote for a Nasdaq-traded stock would show the best bid-ask spread and the size of the bid-ask. A "heat map" showed all of the bid-ask quotes and their sizes. It showed the depth of the market rather than just the top line.

So you can add information asymmetry to "latency" and "liquidity" issues around that time. Knowing the "depth of the market" for a Nasdaq stock did nothing for a simple trade, but it did make a difference if you were doing larger trades.

We're still in an intuitive regime where experienced "eyeballs" are making decisions as the algorithms haven't arrived yet, but all of the themes are in place.

Find a faster way to trade, with better knowledge than your competitor, in a deeper pool of liquidity.

Now with that knowledge everybody sought to build faster trading systems with better liquidity that also preserved for themselves the advantage of the information asymmetry.

IOW, an imperfectly acceptable trading system fractured into multiple flawed systems.

I was there watching the beginnings of these systems and the funny thing was, even if they were developed independently, instead of in-house, they all required order flow to work. How do you get order flow? You approach people with order flow.

OK, if I give you some (all) of my order flow, what do I get. Umh, I don't know, heh, would you like to be a partner?

Some of the larger investment banks were partners in several of the new trading systems as they couldn't figure out who would succeed.

And that's kind of where we are today. Firms used quants and software to take advantage of the quirks in the various trading systems for small, repeated gains daily, rather than the old buy-and hold.

It's a software war vs. Graham-Dodd.

jim nj



Good morning!

Over 350 closings this morning. Sun isn't up, so I don't know if it is still snowing.



A 5000 year old brewery seems interesting. However, looking at the pictures, I don't know how they determined it was a brewery.


Good morning Miss Marple!



Cuomo is becoming a liability to the dems, I think.


Good morning, Bela1!

NWS says we will probably get an additional inch of snow yet this morning before it stops. I still can't find what the total we received is, yet.



Conrad Black points out that the President still has the support of most of the party.

I am still befuddled by this constant insistence that President Trump needs to be more dignified. Other than an occasional snarky tweet directed at Pelosi or Hillary, I have found him to be completely outstanding in presidential behavior and demeanor.

I do not expect a president to sound like an Oxford don. He certainly is light years ahead of Bill Clinton in dignified behavior, and far more intelligent than Bush 43.

I am gratified, however, that Black sees McConnell's behavior in the same light as we do.



I would say the obsession is solely with CNN, who seem to have a permanent encampment in Palm Beach in order to stalk both President and Mrs. Trump.



Yeah. THAT will energize the base.



Hiring these clowns even before the scandal broke demonstrates a lack of discernment.

Plus, I can't imagine they have much expertise in Israeli elections.

Sammy Small

Woke up in Texas to a 3F morning temp and made coffee, then had another power drop a while ago. Yesterday was pretty challenging with loss of power, cell service, and hot water from the outside mounted tankless water heater. I feel like we're in the running for third world status here.


Sammmy Small,

Yikes! That is way cold, especially for Texas!


just sayin!

I remember when I was a kid I could go to the store with $1 and come home with 3 bags of chips 2 candy bars 6 packs of starburst and a cold drink.......nowadays they got cameras everywhere.


Citizen Free Press
Don jr grants first interview since trial… Pissed off and fired up… Fantastic TV http://youtube.com/watch?v=zFoL4S
Dom Jr. has mastered how to keep going and not let Hannity interrupt.

James D.

Plus, I can't imagine they have much expertise in Israeli elections.

But, MM, they're EXPERTS, don't you know? They don't need to know anything about the local issues or candidates, because all voters everywhere are exactly the same: are ignorant sheep who will be awed by their clever marketing techniques.



DeSantis is attracting more national attention. I cannot see Mike Pence winning anything, despite what pollsters say.

You can sort of feel the disdain for DeSantis lingering in this reporter's mind, but nothing negative - perhaps because, like Trump, they are afraid of a candidate!

Another Bob

“ outside mounted tankless water heater ”

Sammy, why mounted outside?

Old Lurker

JimNJ gets the bumper sticker: "It's a software war vs. Graham-Dodd."

Says it all, in so many ways.


Cheaper install/service costs if outside, for a number of reasons.


Go read Michael Lewis' "Flash Boys" if you want to understand the real advantage of "Latency" and the algos that do indeed front run at Citadel and their "Liquidity provider" competitors. Eric Hunsader broke all of this down some years ago, to the point of DOE level of time management. You are completely off on how it all works.


Good Morning. Stay safe everyone. I hope Porchlight and her family are okay. Freezing temperatures without power and water is a terrible situation.
I was thinking about all the years in northern Maine and the severe winter weather. After a nor'easter hit Boston and Portland, the big blank area on the map north of LLBean would never be mentioned. :) Oh,a snowstorm up north? A day ending in y!


Sammy, why mounted outside?

In Texas it’s usually warm enough you don’t have to heat anything. ;-)


Crete having its own issues with snow::




It’s just a taste of Xiden world!

I’m on my deck overlooking the ocean having terrible coffee. (It’s tough when you can’t see). Breezy, overcast and 77.there is nothing like hearing the roar of the ocean, even if you are in mask paranoia.

Wonder how warm the water is. I might have to take a dip later. Poor me!


Unusual contrast between weather in the heartland and the northeast. We've had no particularly cold weather, and none in sight. In the mid 40s today, highs in the 30s the rest of the week. I guess there will be some snow on Thursday, but nothing major here (3-5"). Sorry for what you folks in flyover country have to deal with. But at least you don't have to contend with the likes of DeBlasio and Cuomo.

Sammy Small

Probably both reasons mentioned above. Rinnai makes both inside and outside models. I didn't get a choice when they built this place.


We have a niece in Austin. My sister-in-law just told me she has power but a frozen pipe in the kitchen. Five inches of snow on top of ice. So, maybe Porch has power.


Well we have a lovely dusting of snow here in atlanta, which was not the weather report. On roofs and cushions of lawn furniture.

About 28 degrees here. As much as I enjoy walking this may be a treadmill day.

Old Lurker

If I were getting rent checks from tenants, in the Age of Covid, Year 2, this would really tick me off. Seems like a brilliant marketing plan:

"The U.S. Postal Service is planning to raise postage rates and alter the way it delivers first-class mail as its leaders are looking to boost revenue following a challenging 2020, a report says.

The strategic plan, which Postmaster General Louis DeJoy is expected to unveil soon, comes after the agency lost $9.2 billion last year because of a decline in mail volume sparked by the coronavirus pandemic, according to The Washington Post.

The newspaper reports that USPS is looking to eliminate a tier of first-class mail in which letters, bills and other envelope-sized items can be delivered to local addresses in two days. All first-class correspondence would instead be grouped into a slower, three-to-five-day window, it adds."

Old Lurker

...and we all know what "3-5 days" means to the public servants who serve on the front lines at the Post Office, right? Govt employees count in their own secret code.

Jim Eagle

62F on the First Coast.

Heaping misery on misery, South West Power Pool is doing controlled outages.

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