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February 15, 2021


Kathryn Anne

Just think about those young girls that Maxwell groomed and pimped out and her suffering now is justified.
The tributes to Rush on Fox are really good.
Today I will watch for his accolades.
GameStop people testifying on Capitol zHill tomorrow.
Should be interesting.
Get the vaccine shot tomorrow.
Will report back.

Jim Eagle
Jim Eagle


You cannot post Washington Times articles. I wonder what that algorithm is?


I am SO frustrated! Cannot get the on-line web site for the electric company to accept my saved password and name. This is how I have paid my bill every month.

So I called and had to wade through all of the options (twice because I kept getting disconnected) and then FINALLY got a real person, who wanted my account, number, bank routing number, etc. so got that and gave it to her. She was reading back my account number and got the numbers wrong, so I said NO that's wrong, and then we were disconnected.

When I called back, I got a recording saying customer service was closed so they could do training and so I should call back TOMORROW!

And then, of course, I wil have to pay a late fee. Gosh darn it! Every time the IT guys monkey around with anything - Kroger's on-line ordering, power company bills, on-line banking, they get it messed up and I have to learn a whole new system!

Sidney Whitehead

Yes, Len the current format is different but any new host will have develop a show format tailored to their own strength.

Jim Eagle

Welcome to the 18th century, MM.


So when to they put in the moat


Sidney Whitehead

What’s the url for JOM2? Bing is unaware.


Circling back



If Panem can have ’em Pelosi can have ’em.


What i was referring to:


Kathryn Anne

When I saw the clip of Rush receiving that Presidential Medal of Freedom, I choked up.
Yes to make all the Democrats witness it was a stroke of genius.


Sid: http://www.elevendayempire.com/JOM2/


When I was a kid, I read about how customers could pick between various companies to be their supplier.
I thought .. if companies can be picked, why can't the labor force be picked .. like selecting the services of various labor unions.

Kathryn Anne

We need a Rush Limbaugh thread.




The energy crisis began similarly the pretext of the esso spill


And the ban on off shore drilling which gave gadaffi some notions that was followed up by yamani after the yom kippur war


Shuri cant be wrong



Seems to be a pattern



With Bongino, Sara Carter, & John Solomon:

Michael DeLauzon 🇺🇸 🦅
HEADS UP: President Trump will be calling in to Sean Hannity’s Fox News show at 9:00pm ET.



Great tribute by Mark


matt - deplore me if you must

So Biden was a complete ass last night on Anderson Cooper's town hall. Selling out human rights, demeaning people of color because they can't use the inter webs....

Someone posted a short clip of him and Jill and he's looking vacuously into space. Harris is fielding his calls from foreign leaders.

This is pretty damn scary shit.

In the meantime the leftist juggernaut is dialed up to 12. Never in our lifetimes have we seen such a naked power grab and institution of utterly crazy ideas.

A radical agenda led by a pair of complete fools and an utterly corrupt Congressional leadership does not bode well.

The Chinese just threatened to cut off rare earth products, so things are getting hotter.


A lot of guanxi



MM2. I received a recorded phone from a company instructing me to logon and change my password. So I did. All my online passwords have the ampersand included. Only problem, as I discovered today, is that if you ring up to check your account there is no ampersand on the phone keyboard.

Dave (in MA)

Biden finally called Netanyahu today, just shy of a month in office. Trump called him two days after taking office, and even Obama called Ohmert on the first day after taking office and Netanyahu a few days after his 2nd term started.




baby steps::

Jenna Bentley
NOW: AZ House criminal justice committee UNANIMOUSLY passes HB2810 which requires law enforcement to get a criminal conviction BEFORE taking someone's property under civil asset forfeiture @TravisGrantham @GoldwaterInst @IJ @USJusticeAction @laurenkrisai @azfec



I see theMurdochs cashing in by going woke:


News Corp reached a three-year deal with Google to license content from its publications and produce new audio and video products for Google platforms

Jim Eagle


We are creating our generation of little Hitlers. Fauci for one has let his notoriety overwhelm his intellect and sanity. Biden seems to caught the disease but is too far gone to know what to do about it.

This may be the first administration in history where we go through it laughing our asses off.

Dave (in MA)

The people who spent four years whining about Trump's "mean tweets" sure have a lot of interesting thoughts on Rush Limbaugh's death

— Greg Price (@greg_price11) February 17, 2021

Jeffrey Anderson
D Street NE is now cut off by security fencing as well.

Scott MacFarlane @MacFarlaneNews
US House committee aides say there's *still* no estimate for removal of razor wire fences surrounding US Capitol complex or completion of the US Capitol Police interview review of failures on Jan 6

And six weeks later... still ZERO public briefings from Capitol Police


Kathryn Anne

Your posts have been spot on today.
Totally agree.
Your comments have been thoughtful and informative.
You always get the scoops!
Great job!

Kathryn Anne

I have read all of your links which have been most helpful.

Kathryn Anne

Thanks for the link to Mark Steyn.



I’m so sorry.


New thread -2

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