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February 19, 2021



I know that Jib. I just wanted to know where on 41 you were talking about.


Gee, how convenient.


BREAKING: #SCOTUS won't review PA election cases. Declared moot. Thomas dissents bit.ly/3sntHNf



Boy that pisses me off Henry. Of course just about everything pisses me off these days.


Disclose.tv 🚨
JUST IN - Supreme Court ruled that prosecutors can get Trump tax records.



Sure... fishing expeditions are just the thing for manufacturing crimes and punishing political opponents.


Supreme Court rejects Trump effort to shield tax records from NY prosecutors



This is a mild criticism of Jnah Goldberg's attack on DeSantis.

I take exception to this statement:

"The idea that Trump’s character was/is a blight on the Republican Party is much more defensible, and while most of Trump’s supporters don’t really care because of the victories he brought them, there is some legitimate cause for concern yet."

Let's review the stellar character of the non-Trump wing of the party and discuss THEIR character, shall we?

Mitch McConnell
Mitt Romney
Adam Kinzinger
Lisa Murkowski
Pat Toomey
Brian Kemp

Mr. Cunningham also proves himself clueless with this passage:

" I have believed pretty much since he left office that Trump was actually not going to be that big of a factor going forward because he was deplatformed and because the scraps of his movement are being fought over by Josh Hawley, Nikki Haley, Ted Cruz, and others. Much of the same is happening in the pundit world, especially with the tragic loss of Rush Limbaugh last week."

Who is the main speaker at CPAC? President Trump. Who else is speaking at CPAC? Mike Pompeo, Ric Grenell, Scott Presler, Adam Nunes, Kristi Noem. I do not see Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney, or any of the other traitors on the list. Furthermore, polls show the President's support as strong as ever.

As far as pundits, people are migrating to podcasts and other venues. The audience is there and Cunningham doesn't see it.

Sorry for my rant, but there is far better analysis here on JOM than in this article.


They are not a free press. They are the prostitutes in Prog Inc's world of racketeering.

That’s why they need to be at the top of “the list”.


Who is this Cunningham character? Didn’t the Fonz stuff him in a locker?



No kidding! I wish you would take over for the Fonz.

Honestly, how that guy could consider Nikki Haley getting a portion of the Trump base is beyond me.

And this pecksniffian snark about Trump's "character" when we have a long list of shady types in the GOPe Senate and Congress, not to mention conservative media, is a ridiculous criticism.

By the way, if there is anything irregular in Trump's tax records, wouldn't a good accountant or attorney have already told him? Not to mention that with all of the Obama fans in the IRS, there should have been a leak by now, if there is anything bad.

Furthermore, it's not like Trump was sweating over his 1040's late at night with a number 2 pencil and a calculator. Good grief!


Two Way Street:

Bo Snerdley
Exclusive: New York City tax agency subpoenaed in Trump criminal probe reut.rs/3ualHkl



Miss M, don’t forget a small army of bankruptcy lawyers went over those records a time or two.


This is from a hard anti-semite account, but it looks like Israel got hit with an assymetrical chemical attack:

Why is Israel claiming "someone" dumped oil into the Mediterranean which is washing up on their shores, as well as into Lebanon?



Manuel Transmission



War Room with Steve Bannon. You can listen live or scroll down for the video:


Mike Lindell was just on and he is NOT backing down. He has even MORE evidence than he put in his video "Absolute Proof."

Steve Cortes at the bottom of the hour who says that Trump is the presumptive nominee in 2024.


Excellent ideas for. Beating down the government:


Ht Jim in Sunnyvale

They are not a free press. They are the prostitutes in Prog Inc's world of racketeering.
They are not even prostitutes— prostitutes get paid! The press debases themselves for free, which is why they are going out of business!

People totally unclear on the concept of Faustian bargain. Do you think that Satan ever stops laughing his ass off at these morons?


Link to NEW:


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