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February 19, 2021




Here is the wrapped format version of Tammy Bruce's thread, for those who can't get onto Twitter.


It's really a wonderful tribute to how much Rush affected peope's lives, and well worth readig.

Thanks for linking it!


Yeah. Bar association is just a grift these days.


A prominent corporate lawyer who served one month in prison after admitting that he paid $75,000 to rig his daughter’s college-admissions test score won’t lose his law license permanently


If anyone lives through Kung Flu.


Biden says U.S. will seek to 'end cancer as we know it' after Covid pandemic


JIB - This will be the same as Democrat era bogus lawsuits against the EPA. He will win by default, because the Biden administration will fold.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--JiB and Iggy both missed my point about the Venezuela - Texas comparison. --

No. I got it and said it was wrong. Because you have to have enough backup base line power in case all your renewable crap croaks TX has approximately what it would have had in nat gas, coal and nuke power were their renewables not there at all.
The problem TX has experienced is the slight declines in nat gas, nuke and coal from their peak production, which would not have mattered normally, happened at precisely the time they were needed most. It was the demand created by the extraordinarily unlikely temps combined with the small bottlenecks created by those same temps which caused the problem.
According to the graph, ex renewables, they went from ~25k megawatt hours to ~60k before the bottle necks reduced the total to ~45k. So they were producing more and all of what they were producing was with zero renewables but because the system wasn't designed for extreme temps like this it could generate more power but not enough.
That has almost nothing to do with the renewable stupidity or their lack of redness and essentially nothing to do with Venezuela's plight.
Natural events that only happen once every hundred years or more tend to expose those things that are not designed to handle such events. That doesn't mean there is a political lesson or even a lesson regarding corruption or ineptitude. It just demonstrates the natural human tendency to not plan for every eventuality or to believe our planning is sufficient when it isn't.

matt - deplore me if you must

Listening to the radio this afternoon John Philips had a woman with some common sense on talking about the insanity in th LA Unified School District. LAUSD is replacing the school safety officers with School Climate Coaches to support a "safe and positive school culture".

She pointed out Obama's legal machinations against schools and districts that had more disciplinary problems with black students than those of other races and that Biden is reinstating those punishments.

She mentioned that there is legislation in Sacramento to keep raise school Covid safety standards so high that they will not be able to reopen until January.

Are we paying these teachers and administrators during this crisis when they are not working? I did a Google search and can't seem to find an answer.

The public school system is at the heart of structural racism in this country. Equality of opportunity to is at the heart of a just and equal society. And yet theteacher's unions have become the most self-centered and entitled special interest group in the country.

Children are experiencing long term mental health degradation and test scores, when they are even given, are dropping precipitously. And yet the catholic schools have reopened and are proving the case for all schools to reopen.

UC Berkeley has its students on campus imprisoned without even a peep.

The teachers unions have lost all credibility and we need to go after them. They are destroying America's next generations. Leaving their Marxist agenda aside they are in one fell swoop returning our country to a peasant society.

Homer, Shakespeare, Twain and so many others will become samizdat manuscripts exchanged in back alleys in a world dominated by these creeps.

This is a winning issue with parents around the country and protesting is the right thing to do.

Dave (in MA)

So the same guy who added Don't get stuck on stupid into the popular lexicon failed to live up to his own aphorism.



Of course teachers are being paid.


As if the Taliban cares what this clown says.


Defense secretary calls for an immediate reduction in violence in Afghanistan as troop withdrawal deadline looms



Is that like "Please don't hurt me!"?


Glenn Greenwald
In light of this news, it will be amazing if Bernie - whose supporters were defamed by Neera as Russian agents, racists and misogynists for years as well as similar, endless slander toward Bernie - now votes for her (I think he will).

Neera can still be confirmed with GOP votes:

Marianne LeVine @marianne_levine
New: Manchin is opposing Neera Tanden's nomination for OMB: "I believe her overtly partisan statements will have a toxic and detrimental impact on the important working relationship between members of Congress and the next director of the Office of Management and Budget."



Gentlejim, I will pray for Violet--I was before months ago, and then I stopped because I thought she was okay. And then poor baby Stella--the world is so full of woe already without the kids being hurt...these are hard times.

At least Steph is now in Florida--that's cheering! (I'm a native Floridian and my folks, still living, aren't that far from Jane and Marlene, and narc and JIB are across the state but reachable).


Seen on Twitter and asking Texas folks because if this is true, I am going to lose it:

Lion's Biggest Fan

He actually sent diesel generators. DIESEL FUEL FREEZES for goodness sake! And ONLY 60 at that.
You'd think those flatulence barking
people he hired would freaking KNOW THAT.


#UPDATE The White House says @POTUS @JoeBiden spoke with @FEMA_Fenton about the federal effort to help #Texas after this week’s severe storms & his intention to sign a Major Disaster Declaration for the state. @CBSDFW pic.twitter.com/LpyrXH6Bgg

— Jack Fink (@cbs11jack) February 19, 2021

Screen cap of readout of call at the link. According to the time stamp on the readout, as of 5:44 Eastern there had been no disaster declaration signed.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Someone linked this twitter thread where the prog lying continues;
Replying to
This is really simple. Your framing is untrue. Renewables didn’t cause it. Greed did.

Wind and solar which had been making between 25-50% of TX power in early Feb went to ~zero.
Coal and nuke did not change significantly from before to after nd gas which had averaged 25-30% moved up to about 60-70%.
So indisputably it was the failure of renewables to generate any power when they were most needed that was the obvious cause of the problem.


Enormous crowd greets Kamala Harris as she makes her triumphant return to her Brentwood estate home.

I see 2 people.

But yeah 80 million votes, uh huh😒 pic.twitter.com/LHGGvAyviQ

— ☆•*¨*•🍃V🍃•*¨*•☆ (@V_actually) February 19, 2021

Video at the link. Why isn't she in DC working with the president* on the Texas deep freeze?

Jim Eagle


2 people is a crowd for that skank.


Did she hire them?



Probably so.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma


Not quite. We leave next Thursday for PC. The furniture leaves the day before. We get the keys on Friday and hopefully the furniture Friday, too.

Counting days.


Nice work if you can get it. Parent in SF? Eff you, Pay me.

Aaron Glantz
San Francisco middle school principal tells parents per @SFUSD_Supe "full reopening of schools in the Fall is
highly unlikely."

So even after all teachers & most Americans, are fully vaccinated @SFUnified isn't planning on allowing 11-13 year olds go school five days/week



According to the time stamp on the readout, as of 5:44 Eastern there had been no disaster declaration signed.

Biden called a lid by then. Nap time. Maybe tomorrow if someone reminds him and shoves the paperwork in front of him to sign.

matt - deplore me if you must

Diesel doesn't freeze at 32, but it does start breaking down. I had to look that up, but I have been driving diesels for a long time and never had a problem with the cold. Can't say much about below zero, but have driven many times in that 0-25 zone.


Thanks, matt!

I have never driven a diesel, so didn't know.

Jim Eagle


Not the fuel but ignition IIRC.


Does it crystalize at that temperature.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Likewise Matt.
Was at about 7,000 feet in the Southern sierras in late November once and never had a problem with the equipment though the ground was frozen solid 6 inches deep.

matt - deplore me if you must

Sounds very exciting Steph! Good luck with the move.

President LePetomaine just can't seem to help himself. Idoicy om Afghanistan. Rejoining ht eparis Accords and making the first move with a defiant Iran. All in a single day.

They have proven in record time that they are the biggest crooks and fools we have ever had running the country.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Ignition is a by compression in diesels and it doesn't take long for them to get warm. The older ones had glow plugs before fuel pressures rose high enough.
The problem is with the fuel when it is seriously, seriously cold. It tends to get syrupy or jello like which makes injection difficult.


JIB, thank you for saying what I was unable to say:

“Lets say we disagree. I am on optimist because my son and his 17 year old intellect and appreciation of our country, our valiues and our future fit me more than yours.

Enjoy the misery while I enjoy the good”

I respect OL, and today I agreed with him ( but did not post that), but my kids are 24, 21, and 20 years old. I try to explain and also not send them into full depression mode.

We have a paper subscription to The Epoch Times. Family dinner night. I left the page open regarding the CCP influence in the US. Oldest and middle son were chatting about some other art article in the paper. I defended the paper, and oldest said she was “very intrigued by the CCP influence page.” So I will take some debate, but glad at least one kid noticed the giant two page spread about CCP. But also glad the two can pick apart another article.


Good for you CCgirl. I really worry about kids these days. Particularly little kids.


I got this theory on why it looks like Cuomo is gonna get thrown under the bus.

When OrangeManBad was around he was a useful foil.

OrangeManBad no longer around.

You'd think the fete'ing would continue and prog media would give him a victory lap. Maybe another Emmy even.

Biden is Prez now but, probably not by 2024.

This would usher in Prez Kamala.

Joe was 'electable' with some media massaging. Kamala? Never.

She was, and is, the 'preferred' candidate by the left's upper management.

So if Prez Kamala is the standard bear in 2024 she needs protected.

Kneecapping Cuomo is upper managements first step in protecting their incumbent.

Sticking incompetents like Buttigieg in the administration is another, less entertaining, method of neutering other possible rivals.

If any DemProg is even entertaining the thought of running in 2024 they had best be sweeping closets of skeletons, lawyering up against the inevitable Justice Dept investigation and finding some hireable lefty agigitators willing to torch a building or two as a warning to keep upper management at bay.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Couldn't Anderson's girlfriend draw some eyebrows on the albino lookin freak?

Jack Posobiec

"I love that one of the richest people in the world and a Vanderbilt heir go on CNN telling us about the sacrifices we have to make"

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I'm sure that is a big part of it Bub, but I don't think we should discount just how big an asshole the Catcher's Mitt is.
We only see the public mitt and he total asshoe.
Imagine what a titanic jerk he is behind the scenes and the enemies he has made.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Financial writer John Rubino says massive unpayable debt has already bankrupted America, and when this happens, politics are also massively corrupted.

We now have at least four and maybe five bubbles of that magnitude all going at the same time. That’s why they call it the ‘Everything Bubble.’ . . . When this thing blows, it’s not just going to be one sector tanking. It’s going to be all the sectors tanking at once. It’s going to be astounding. I wouldn’t want to be Joe Biden when that happens. . . . This is going to be an impossible thing to govern.”

Rubino warns, “When it becomes obvious that there are no tools to fix any of these markets that are blowing up, that shifts the attention over to currencies..."

" Because if we can’t fix the financial markets, why would we want to hold these currencies when everything in these financial markets that these currencies kind of govern are going crazy? So, when this thing blows up, it will shift the pressure over to the dollar. . . . We think we have lived through some tough times in the financial markets, but we have never seen anything like what is coming.”


Thanks Jane! I too worry about the younger kids. I am so glad my kids are out of K-12. They were exposed to Howard Zinn in AP history in HS. I let the nice teacher know I was not happy with Zinn. Oldest would complain to the teacher, “When I read him I just feel angry.”

Then college and the real world had her going left. I think she’s coming back. Bit by bit. I just keep quiet and wait for it. It seems to be working.

Bubarooni, they couldn’t go after Cuomo pre-election because Trump. Disgusting that they let that happen all for politics. Everyone knew back in the spring that Cuomo, Baker (who slips below the radar due to the fake R), Murphy, and the rest were murderers. It’s a sickness that the left just looks the other way.


I think I've read accounts of Operation Barbarossa where diesel in German tanks, aircraft and other vehicles 'gelled' at really low temps rendering them inoperable at the gates of Moscow.

I think those were like -25 degrees though.

Back in '94 I lived in Nashville, IN. Resided in a quaint cabin as a newlyweds. The cabin was heated used heating oil. It froze or gelled or something and our furnace quit working.

I think it was the coldest it has ever been in Indiana. Close to that -25 mentioned above.

I remember waking up that morning in bed and seeing my breath.

Something was wrong...

Swiped a bunch of firewood from the neighbor to get a big fire going in the fireplace and opened up the oven at 250 degrees.

The heating oil was in tank about 5 feet above the ground. I rolled the dice and started a leaf fire under the tank. A couple of hours later after nearly blowing the place up trying to restart the furnace, we had heat.

I froze my azz off but my new wife thought I was a king and rewarded me as such!


Maxine Waters is retarded. This is nothing new.


Styx thinks the democrats are insane:



Ha Bubarooni!

I recall reading articles about how diesel engines can burn the recycled oil from restaurants,etc.

Well my salad dressing congeals (olive oil base) in the ‘fridge. I assume other cooking oils solidify at similar temps, which are above freezing. Is there a similar freezing temp for diesel and cooking oil?

I also wonder why Texas’ windmills froze, but those in northern climates seem to run just fine. What’s up with that?


Yep, 1994...



well, CCGirl, that prompted me to read up.


Maybe low teens things start going south for diesel?

not an expert...



My grandparents the schoolteachers retired to 120 acres and a cabin outside of Nashville, IN. They lived there for a long time.



I remember that winter! I lost a lot of roses that year.


My wife's family is from north of Fort Wayne. Pretty far north for this southern Indiana guy but, they grew up shivering in the winter.

She has a sister who lives in Fort Worth. That sister says locals have been freaking out. Says their house has just enough insulation to keep the air conditioning in during the summer but not enough to keep in the heat during this kind of cold.

She says 'layering up' clothing is an unknown skill set down there.


MM, I lived in the first house on the right as you headed up the big hill and drove west on 46 to Bloomington.

Six feet out my back door started a steep, 88 foot drop to Salt Creek.

The view of Nashville out my back windows at Christmas time, when they deck out the city in white lights, was idyllic.


Bubarooni, Interesting.

I have learned over the last year that not one thing can be predicted. We are signed up for a full-house generator this spring. We have plugged in the giant freezer in the basement, and are slowly stocking up on freezer food and canned goods.

Absolutely everything that I thought could never happen has happened. I am preparing for the worst, but also realistic that I can never be prepared, as I never seem to know what will happen next.



The first winter we were in this house the furnace went out. I slept in sweats with my trusty dog and a space heater on (of course it was the weekend). We made it just fine, however.

I had grown up in a farmhouse with no heat except a woodstove upstairs. The house had been built in 1867 and had solid brick walls 14" thick. tall arched windows with no storm windows. I think the style is called Italianate, sort of unsuitable for central Indiana. HA! Hot in the summer, too. Once those bricks got heated up, it was like being in an oven.

Central air is a great luxury to me, and I am well able to layer clothes to stay warm.

We girls slept 2 to a bed under Hudson Bay blankets, in flannel


bub, how’s the finger? (Sorry - I abbreviated your moniker).


MissM, the store is 3/4 cement block walls, and full of paint. The front wall is wooden claps, and the only windows and doors are on the front. When we go into deep freeze temps the walls and paint hold the temp low. It takes days for the store temp to come back to normal. In the summer we have fans, but it’s super hot. Same thing in reverse.

Customers are always asking why we don’t have AC. My SIL and I tell them that AC will just encourage the weirdos to hang out in the store. It’s not worth it.



HA! My kids couldn't believe I grew up like that. When my parents moved to more acreage with a 1950's house (in the 70's) all they had was one window air conditioner which my dad would NOT turn on until it got up in the 90's. My son complained about going over there (in the summer) all the time because he was spoiled because our house had central air. Pretty funny.


CC, getting better.

I have a full fingernail. I lost half of it I thought to the root but it's back. The finger is kinda lopsided but, it's turned out better than what I thought it would after it happened.

I haven't seen the 'incident' in my dreams since the fall so my mental state has improved to.

All in all, I'm much better these days.

As long as I don't bump it against something.

Like a shift key...

Still very tender.

Thanks for asking!


It’s late, but not for me. But I know it’s time for me to sign off.

Bub, glad your finger is improving. Happy you are posting again.

MissM, as I have said before, we are soul sisters. Wish I lived near you.


✟ Right Scoop ✟
BREAKING: Joe Manchin to vote NO on Biden cabinet nominee, puts nomination in serious JEOPARDY https://wp.me/pqwpd-1s1m


4 ft of snow on my deck. No melt at all in a month.
It's a little unusual that the snow will keep on adding up without some melt. We may see 40degrees next week.


Manchin is a douche bag. A blind squirrel if you will.


In case you wonder why there is nothing to watch on TV:




I hate to tell you, but piling up snow with no melt is how glaciers get started. :)


Bedtime for me, even though Miss Kitty thinks it's time to play,

Good night, all!


Yes, I've heard Miss M. Where I live was once a one mile high glacier. When they receded, we got all of the 15,000 lakes that makes Wisconsin great.
Including my precious Nehmabin.

jim nj


Dr. Fauci: There’s ‘a bit of confusion’ about when everyone will get vaccinated — here’s the timeline you need to know

Said the man that created that confusion.

I'm reading elsewhere that somebody, or several somebodies, in the Xiden* admin had a mistaken impression on just how quickly Johnson & Johnson could ramp up production of its new vaccine.

jim nj

there they go again:

Google fires Margaret Mitchell, another top researcher on its AI ethics team
The dismissal comes after prominent Black researcher Timnit Gebru was fired in December; both had called for more diversity among research staff


I think what they mean by DIVERSITY, is that THEY DON'T GET FIRED and others are picked based on their VICTIMHOOD. Jim nj. After what we've seen and heard over the last year or so, I see no reason to "UNITE" nor "AID" in any way, those who consider my son a natural born RACIST. It's absurd.
NEVER, EVER, EVER love something, that can't OR WON'T love you back.
I recognized 15 years ago, where this was all headed.


FAUCI is a clown. I recognized his SHOES and RED NOSE, the first time I saw him speak. He's a BUREAUCRAT. I repeat, since 1968, this midget and egotistical clown, has self promoted and enriched himself. PERFECT for the LIBTARD FULL COMMIES.
The love them some BUREAUCRAT. The do NOT recognize competence. Jim, there is a line in a GIN BLOSSOMS SONG, that says. "IF YOU DON'T EXPECT TOO MUCH OF ME, YOU MIGHT NOT BE LET DOWN".
Do not expect ANYTHING of BIDEN and his administration. None of these LOSERS are competent at scratching their own ass.


Ai ethics is thing on after mayorkas fudge becerras now tamdem is a bridge too far?


I remember when i gave a farthing what scoop said on things


To cook up the vaccine is rather difficult,however once you have the medium it shouldnt be that difficult.

Dave (in MA)

John Henry's typing chimps are every bit as pathetic as Carlos Slim's.

— Dave (in MA) 🧻🧻🧻🧻🧻🧻🧻🧻🧻🧻 (@DaveinMA) February 20, 2021


Finally! Someone speaks the truth about Biden!

jim nj


Biden outlines plan to ramp up US vaccine rollout while at Michigan Pfizer facility

More PR trying to convince the public that things are improving while the public can't properly, or easily, schedule appointments.

And his own supporters are pounding away at the equity issue and push for allocating vaccines to people who don't really trust the damn things.

But, hammer home that talking point, "President Biden says that the average daily number of people being vaccinated in the U.S. nearly doubled from the week before he took office to an average of about 1.7 million people receiving vaccines each day."

Yeah, yeah yeah, the prior reserved second doses are now being administered. And about 100k people each day are having trouble getting those 2nd doses.

And the push for equity means that doses are being reserved for people reluctant to take the doses.

I can understand the urge for bureaucrats to build prioritization lists, but this has become overly politicized. California is going to reserve 10% of the new supply for teachers? Yeah, Gruesome is going to need their support in his recall fight.

jim nj


Homeowners hit with electric bills as high as $17K amid Texas winter storm

It's gonna get ugly.

I don't want to insult anybody in Texas but I see video of water cascading from the second story of some homes down there on TV. Don't they know where the main water supply valve in their house is?


NARCISO, it's really quite simple.
There was a VIRULENT DISEASE created in WUHAN CHINA, that found it's way into enough countries, to ensure spread to every corner of the WORLD.
This HAPPENED. Trump was made keenly aware of it's possibilities and the damage it could inflict.
HE SAID SO. Biden called him a XENOPHOBE and a RACIST. Trump put together a group of COMPANIES, DRUG MANUFACTURERS with EXPERTISE and R and D.
He got the VACCINE INVENTED, when there was ZERO SURETY that it could even be done.
Biden, a 50 year FUCK UP, couldn't even distribute what TRUMP GAVE HIM/US. What would you expect from a demented 50 year FUCK UP??


Jim nj. One of my biggest problems with "our side", and I certainly include you, and respect you, as "our side", is that we, the collective we, have been, kicked in the balls by the likes of Biden and the rest of the FULL COMMIE cabal, yet we FAIL TO RECOGNIZE who these PATHETIC FULL COMMIE LYING MOTHERFUCKERS ARE. I'm not picking on YOU, but DEMENTED JOE BIDEN has never worked an honest day in his life. He has ZERO ACCOMPLISHMENTS in 50 years as a SENATOR and VP. Name one accomplishment. SERIOUSLY, even OBAMA called him a FUCK UP. We are all well versed in BIDEN'S lies, his exaggerations, his lies about his FOOTBALL EXPLOITS, his U/Delaware academics, his rank and his lies about SCHOLARSHIP at SYRACUSE LAW SCHOOL. We know he has plagarized.
We know his SHUCK and JIVE. So here in Milwaukee Tuesday night, he decided he was going to CURE CANCER.

What does it take to stop believing ANYTHING he says?? This has become quite serious. This pile of shit, cannot even manage a WEATHER EMERGENCY in TEXAS. He's NOT HONEST and he's NOT CAPABLE.


Jim, my sister is in SAN ANTONIO. She spent most of her life in WISCONSIN, as did her husband, who lived in WISCONSIN his entire life. Hubbie, certainly took measures with the spigots and pipes, that are/were second nature to a WISCONSIN guy.
One time about 20 years ago, I owned a farm house in NEW BERLIN. WI. A Milwaukee suburb, I had a pipe burst during a cold spell. I had a concrete floor and a field stone foundation/basement. The water was 4 ft deep, and was MY WATER, from my own well. I learned a lesson. Texans have never faced this in their lifetime. The real issue to me, is the lack of electricity/natural gas to keep the citizens safe and warm. The IDEOLOGICAL and VIRTUE SIGNALING idea that USING WIND MILL and SOLAR energy as PRIMARY, was ASSININE.
There is no reason to FORCE, solar and wind energy on a populous, when NATURAL GAS is not a threat to the environment. SAME AS COVID BULLSHIT. Don't allow ideology and politics to determine policies for POLITICAL REASONS. It's that simple. ANTI-NATURAL GAS powers that be, used their FULL COMMIE POWER to create a ridiculous and nonsensical situation.


Its like the teacher in the charlie brown cartoon, nothing he sees has any relation to reality, not about economics or history or science to pretend otherwise is frank foolishness.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

We had something similar happen here in CA back in 1990.
Temperature was close to zero, which is unheard of here and stayed below freezing for a solid week. Some of the mountain towns were 35 or more below.
Nearly everyone on a well was without water for days and plumbing supplies were in very short supply.
Never experienced anything remotely like that before or since.
Nearly nobody prepares for what "never" happens.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Let's Review 50 Years Of Dire Climate Forecasts And What Actually Happened


Ig, that is so true. However, Texas decided to make SOLAR and WIND TURBINES, their CRUX. Why did they make that choice? It's a serious question, with a non rhetorical answer. I think most of us "here" recognize the answer.

Because nothing bad will EVER happen in TEXAS. Because TEXAS is a warm climate, there is no reason to be prudent and to make decisions based on proven energy methods, TEXAS chose to PRETEND to help an EVIRONMENT, that was not in any need of HELP. Back to the question. WHY WAS THERE A DECISION to NOT RELY on a clean energy source as the FIRST line of defense.

WE ALL KNOW THE ANSWER. Bullied into green.
I do NOT agree that ELECTRIC CARS, WINDMILLS, and SOLAR PANELS, are any more necessary, than CLEAN NATURAL GAS.
The FULL COMMIE disagrees.

jim nj


Media discovers: Presidenting in a pandemic is unexpectedly difficult

I read the CNN piece he references earlier tonight and thought about posting it here. Nah, it's just too insulting to a normal intelligence. I mean how do you manage to sugar-coat a turd and maintain any credibility?

These people are having trouble maintaining the narrative. Without OrangeManBad to rely on they're getting confused.


Ig, it blows my mind that OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER.....L-IBTARD *read Full Commie experts* nearly all academics in FULL COMMIE environs, seem to know what will happen in X years from the day of their prediction. And despite being wrong over and over, the NONSENSE goes on.

What expertise does BARTENDER OCASIO-CORRRRTEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ, Fat Alphonse Gore Jr., and HORSE FACE JOHN KERRY have in this field.


The other thing about Texas is that people left their houses to go someplace warm, and didn't know that they needed to worry about the water.

(We've been playing this game all week. I put water jugs under the taps at night. Then I run the collected water through the filter, and put it in my humidifier. The essence of futility -- according to the hygrometer, I've raised the humidity from 14% to 16%...)

jim nj

I rather enjoyed that story of the Texas guy with a Ford F-150 with the onboard gen-set powering his house from the truck.

That's the kind of individual decision-making that people take that is so much better than mandates.

I would suspect that a lot of Texans will think about adding more insulation to their homes after this. Or buying the new Ford F-150 with the onboard gen-set as their next pickup.


Jim Nj. Even GUS...."me" has struggled with the level and breadth of the LIES a FULL COMMIE will tell. I've had a hard time understanding, how a LIFE LONG BLOW HARD....BIDEN....will continue to LIE and BLUSTER, and make an ASS of himself, without any regret or SHAME. I watched a video of BIDEN at his ANDERSONS' POOPER Town Hall in Milwaukee this week. I saw an out take, where BIDEN was filmed looking RETARDED, and as his DISGUSTING WIFE, sat with him and allowed BIDEN'S mental decline, without protecting him or getting him home and on the mend.
I asked my wife about it, and she almost PUKED. I asked her if I was catatonic like THE BIG GUY, would she NOTICE and PROTECT ME.
She said YES, SHE'D notice, AND, she would stop the charade.

jim nj


Over time everyone learns to adapt.

When I had the apartment where the heat failed at every cold snap I used to fill the bathtub and kitchen sink with hot water, which still worked, to radiate heat and humidity.

I could have used the gas stove to heat the place, but that would cost me money, and the extra humidity made it feel even warmer than it was.

jim nj


Consequences: Oakley school board president resigns after open-mic disparaging of parents; UPDATE: All board members on call resign too

Oakley? Let me Google where that is. Must be the place where they make stylish sunglasses.


My birthday was Wednesday. On my birthday 2 years ago, it was 30 below zero in Waukesha County.
Not WIND CHILL, it was 30 below. My Jeep Liberty had a wheel bearing go south. 3O BELOW.
I had a business closing 40 miles away, and I had PNEUMONIA. Fortunately, I got a loaner car, and my furnace stood strong. Had my furnace failed, me, Mickey and Karen, would have had some problems.
We are not surprised by these types of weather events, but they are serious. We have layers of clothes, parkas, blankets etc.
TEXAS has never had the need for this kind of stuff. BIDEN DID NOTHING. I've read about it being a RED STATE etc etc etc. Biden is very ill, and not competent. HIS ADMIN, is RED AS CAN BE, AND FULL COMMIE. Biden is not calling the shots.


Once again, this OAKLEY SCHOOL BOARD...."Virtual" meeting, clearly indicates that those who WERE ELECTED, do not represent the PARENTS, FAMILIES and CHILDREN. They represent the MONEY SUCKING GOOOOOOOOOOOOONION.
School boards are elected, and GENERALLY, they get elected because of GOOOOOOOOONION MONEY, and also, because their PERSONAL INTERESTS make them the most visible or determined candidates. Happens everywhere. Oconomowoc, my VERY CONSERVATIVE CITY, has a libtard school board.

jim nj


Cuomo-gate. I love it.

jim nj


What happens when you throw a narrative and nobody shows up?

jim nj



Another day...

James D.

Ig @ 1:42

They’re just like the doomsday cultists who keep being wrong about the day the aliens will destroy us all.

Too bad they won’t do us the courtesy of killing themselves en masse when they’re wrong like the Heaven’s Gate people did.

But on a more realistic note, I’m curious if any of these climate modelers who are predicting doom for us all ever retroactively validate their models? Take their best current algorithms and apply them to conditions from 1950, or 1900 or however far back they have semi-reliable figures, and then run them forward and “predict” what should have happened between them and now and see how closely the predictions compare to what actually happened. I suspect not, because the answers would not fit their narrative.

James D.

GUS @ 2:04

Everything about Biden is a lie and always has been. His entire life story and narrative of the grounded, down home guy who rides Amtrak and who’s suffered sonic heart loss and all the rest of it is BS and always was.

He’s been a nasty, crooked, dishonest, vicious, traitorous grifter his entire adult life.

James D.

“suffered tragic loss”

Autocucumber seems to be really frisky this morning.

Jim Eagle

Good morning JOMer's. A sunny but chilly day on Florida's First Coast. Ocean has a northerly flow, of course.


Zero degrees out. No more snow until tomorrow.


I hope some of you clicked on the link I posted last night about Xiden. It’s exactly what every reporter should be reporting,

Here it is again:


Happy Belated Birthday Gus!


The neighborhood we moved from, after living there for nearly 40 years, just added a Diversity, Inclusion and Equity official to the school administration.

To the tune of a $200,000 salary.

If the teachers who make $75,000 had any brains, they’d be pissed.

Instead they’ll give him a tongue bath.



Happy days after your birthday Gus!

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