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March 31, 2021



The camps are right next to the salt mines.


Biden’s $2.25 trillion infrastructure package could shorten your daily commute, some experts say



Think how easy your commute will be when you are totally without work!

Dave (in MA)

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--JP Sartre and de Beauvoir not only passionately promoted pedophilia, but they were child rapists.--

IIRC the Frankfurter slime Marcuse and deconstructed dickhead Derrida were both on board with not just lowering, but eliminating the age of consent, as well.


I bet, henry.

"Unemployed, at home." until forced to sell to cover bills that are coming anyway.


Don't forget Foucault, Ig!


#CRIMEA: A large convoy of russian military vehicles seen heading into the crimean peninsula. Said to have been filmed on the 31st of march 2021. pic.twitter.com/u4tRiOn8nn

— Mikhail D. (@Eire_QC) March 31, 2021

Video at the link.


This site won't allow the link to my latest article for the pipeline.org

titled the-electric-vehicle-booglaoo/


Donald Trump Jr.
Will vaccine passports be required to enter buildings where you go to vote?


The Epoch Times
The @USDOT Secretary @PeteButtigieg joined #Virginia Gov. #RalphNortham to sign a $3.7 billion deal with Amtrak and CSX Transportation to expand passenger and commuter rail between #WashingtonDC & #Richmond.



Clarice’s article

John S

that is the best article by Clarice that I have read, Henry


Very succintly put clarice.


It's underpants gnome analysis.

1. Subsidies galore for "emissions-free" (ignoring all the emissions from electricity production) vehicles.
2. ?
3. Enough electricity for everyone!

It's like people who think electricity comes from their outlets, so just add more outlets.


Adding more outlets won't do it? Who knew, jimmyk?


Right you are Clarice.

Until JiB and Frederick get their thorium reactor perfected, there isn’t going to be enough juice.

As a side note, now that I have no commute, an EV wouldn’t save me enough in fuel to pay for the premium for the registration in Ahia.

Forget about the car:)


She was destined to work at NASA with those initials:

Freshman year I had a 2.33 gpa and was extremely depressed and suicidal. I thought my major was a mistake, that I wasn’t good enough. Now I have worked for NASA and am a Brooke Owens Fellow. Please, never give up on your goals. You are capable of more than you think❣️





Plus your great aunt was a suspected soviet spy


matt - deplore me if you must

The Biden budget disaster reads as if it was dreamed up in a college dorm room where everyone was smoking weed and drinking Boone's farm.

Dave (in MA)

Charlie Baker, who used to be a Republican, took a break from decimating small business in his state to applaud Biden's massive tax hike and encourage the president to fix the weather. Charlie thinks we have too many storms. https://t.co/GC9kf81e52

— Gerry Callahan (@GerryCallahan) April 1, 2021

“ In 2019 and 2020, local convenience store Witness interviews reveal Mr. Arbery became known as ”the jogger" for his repeated conduct
and behavior of running up, stretching in front in, and then entering several convenience stores where he would grab items and run out before he could be caught;”



doesn't it though, Matt?

Dave (in MA)
The Stop Asian Hate people and the Empty The Jails people are the same people.

Video evidence of dropping kids off

Wouldn’t happen if we had border patrol or #ICE allowed to do their job

Better yet, if National Guard were here instead of D.C. pic.twitter.com/RMrz9u5QaM

— CONNIE’S CORNER (@CRRJA5) April 1, 2021

Video at the link. This is just awful. Thankfully BP rescued them.



matt - deplore me if you must

I hate to say it, but I will.

A huge number of the assaults on Jews and Asians seem to be by African Americans. The history with Jews goes back 75 years or more and the history with Asians probably started around the same time in Chinatowns.

When are we going to be unafraid to confront the sad facts?


I'm not afraid to confront it, but I'm not the corporate media.



The guys on Timcast were discussing this tonight. No easy answers. Bad parenting and absent fathers account for a lot of it, plus socially acceptable ethnic hatred within parts of the black community.

One guy paraphrased a gag from South Park: Chinese kid of about 10 doing his homework. Door opens, father sticks his head in,says "You doctor yet?" The kid says no and the father slams the door.

Dave (in MA)

You forgot to close your bribe bag, Joe...😂 pic.twitter.com/LhhMsRWgKM

— ilDonaldoTrumpo (@ilDonaldoTrumpo) April 1, 2021


When you get to why they mandated "Smart Meters" first, you'll have your answer why they're promoting PIEVs, now. (Plug In Electric Vehicles)

Political control over who gets to charge up means control over all movement.

Also why Mayor Pete backtracked on the outdated "Pay per mile" tax. It won't matter.


Maybe, Mel. I'm sticking in the meantime with high on dope and graft.


Watch the Exelon/Madigan dance that’s just starting, it involves automatic rate increases AND the grease for installing the Smart Meters.

Should prove entertaining....


G’night all.



NBC’s Lester Holt declares that “fairness is overrated” and that “the idea that we should always give two sides equal weight and merit does not reflect the world we find ourselves in.”


Watch the clip before it gets pulled.

Now it’s G’night!


I’ve never encountered anyone high on dope that was as stupid as Xiden’s plan.


If we didn't know what he really means, what Holt said is perfectly valid. The problem, of course, is that he doesn't believe it for a second. NBC gave full weight to unsupported BS like the Trump-Russia collusion story, "no evidence of election fraud," "masks work," and so on and so on. So all he means is "We are going to tell you whatever we decide we want you to hear, and label anything we don't want you to hear as 'fake news' or 'not what the science says.'"

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

If you read between the lines just a bit deeper what Holt is really saying is 'We're taking over. Let's see you stop us'.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

The Chicoms are making a bit of a problem for their Dem proteges.
The longer they keep pushing this anti Asian cant and the suspects keep turning out to be blacks they're going to have two of their constituencies warring with each other.

jim nj

The anti-Asian thing doesn't feel organic. It feels like another ginned up protest that certain people are only to happy to oblige by beating up on Asian-Americans.

I mean it's not like they're complaining about the institutionalized Asian racism at our elite universities. And elsewhere where it is official policy.

I tend to think that our home-grown professional protestors are increasingly being duped by foreign interests.

jim nj


Mizuho investigates possible losses from Archegos collapse
Bank at threat of becoming third Japanese institution caught in New York stock sell-off

"The internal probe at Mizuho followed warnings this week from Nomura and Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group that the Japanese lenders faced respective losses of $2bn and $270m from exposure to an unnamed client."

"As well as Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and UBS, which have indicated their losses should be minimal, the group includes Credit Suisse, whose potential losses are estimated at about $4bn, according to people close to the Swiss investment bank."

Archegos might better be spelt Arch Egos.

Some of the banks they dealt with recognized this and liquidated their exposure quickly. I'm still curious if it was one bank or more, but any exposed bank should have recognized what the huge block trades meant. That recognition would have created a cascade of sales at lessening prices.

Basically, whoever pulled the trigger on selling probably came out whole. Probably the same for the next out. Last to sell took most of the loss as the stock prices declined.

Looks like most of the hit happened overseas.




Good morning, Jane!


April Fools Day. Or in the modern calendar, the Day of the Democrat.

Old Lurker

These two are Bookends of my own thinking.

The fastest way for me to trigger Cap'n Hate's outrage was for me to suggest that our population itself is responsible for our demise. To my Lil Abner, he countered with "bad leaders" foisted on us by bad parties.

Alicia Colon gets it:


And as always, VDH is spot on:



Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up excited about what’s happening in this country. Such a distant memory now.



Apparently the dems first move was to convert 2021 to April Fool’s Year.


So, Old Lurker, got any suggestions?


Sun this morning but very cold. My sister the teacher is picking me up for lunch today. Got to get moving!


“At the time @JoeBiden was announcing his run for the presidency, his son Hunter was a crack addict who found himself at the end of a gun while trying to buy the drug in a homeless camp.”https://t.co/z9ewWSrEZw

— Jason D. Meister 🇺🇸 (@jason_meister) April 1, 2021

Link goes to London Times article.

Old Lurker

MM. Peanut butter and tunafish in cases?

Seriously, no, I have no suggestions. Just observations and predictions.

This is a flood tide sweeping the planet of epic, biblical scale and implications...but not unprecedented except in its details.

Hence "Dark Age A'comin".

Because "LUNACY".

The always moving Bell Curve is gonna do what the always moving Bell Curve is gonna do, and assuming you know your Darwin, we are now in an every man and every family is on their own situation.

Perhaps I will see some of you on the other side.


Its the anti life (or properly free will equation)




Old Lurker,

My family (younger generation) has been heavily impacted already by the societal and educational deterioration. I have already expained that my daughter knew nothing of the Oklahoma Land Rush, that we once owned the Panama Canal, or WHERE the Suez Canal is or its importance in international trade. (Foolish me, I thought attending a top 10 high school in this state would produce a graduate with basic historical and geographical knowledge.)

However, I seem to have discovered a way to get her, at least, to wake up. If anyone here has clueless friends or relatives, I recommend this approach.

When I told her about the Border Crisis, I used the "think of the CHILDREN" approach and she got upset. Yesterday, when I explained about the vaccine passport, she got upset again because she doesn't want something else to keep track of. Her new boyfriend, an Indian guy, HATES China and wile she won't listen to me, she does listen to him.



All American Girl
Facebook bans 'content posted in the voice of Donald Trump.' https://althouse.blogspot.com/2021/04/facebook-bans-content-posted-in-voice.html

Old Lurker

Any progress is a good thing, MM.

But that editorial cartoon from a few years ago showing a little boy asking his Grandpa, who was reading a book by candlelight, "Grandpa, how did people read at night before candles?"

Grandpa "We had something called Electricity".

Applies to our future.


Here's Jill Biden speaking to a minimal group. Note the Nazi-looking flag in the background. It's the United Farm Workers union flag. Several people on Twitter pointed that out.

When the outraged woke group called that a smear, one guy on Twitter researched it. Cesar Chavez designed it after looking for the most effective color combinations and designs. He used the red, black and white because the Nazis had used it and he thought that it had been effective, along with the stylized eagle.

Ta da!!


dropping in for a minute to get cheered up. excellent stuff everyone.

Old Lurker

Hi Rich


"Anyone who is using the term 'surge' around you consciously is trying to invoke a militaristic frame." -- AOC

OK, we'll call it the "Blitzkrieg on the Border"


Clarices MAGIC CAR BOOGALOO ARTICLE was beyond fantastic. It is a primer for those with ZERO INTUITION. Things these bastards are FORCING on us, have ZERO CHANCE of being a success for a variety of reasons. This should be obvious to anyone with a brain. Our country is filled with and becoming over filled with those who can't think themselves out of a wet paper bag.
From clean energy coming out of an outlet on your garage wall, to California Brown outs, this simply cannot CAN NOT work. So we will go down this road akin to STALIN and end up with PUMPERNICKEL. Or perhaps PUMPERNICKEL.



Think about that for a moment.

Or consider the COAL component.


Smart meter sez mebbe.


As usual, I have to agree with OL.

I grew up being explicitly told that I was “on my own”, and that my survival and well being were totally dependent upon my effort.

Today, kids are basically being told their well being is only a car jacking or border fence excursion away.


I just listened to a 5-minute interview with Joe Kent, who is running for Congress in Washington State. Very impressive in explaining why he would be a good candidate.

Very impressive. I hope someone can find a video later today. The interview was on the Real America's Voice network on the Just the News program about 10 minutes ago.

Green Beret vet who explained how his experience could be used to oppose the Democrats in their multi-pronged attacks on America, including the co-opting of the media and institutions of learning. He was very clear and unflinching.

Of course, first impressions aren't always accurate, but I hope someone can find a video of this guy so others can take a look and give their opinions.


Marjorie Taylor Greene coming up on first hour of Bannon's show. She is (among other things) proposing a full audit of Fauci.


OL, it ends with GRANDPA being handcuffed and taken away for possession of GREEN EGGS and HAM.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--The fastest way for me to trigger Cap'n Hate's outrage was for me to suggest that our population itself is responsible for our demise. To my Lil Abner, he countered with "bad leaders" foisted on us by bad parties.--

Those are not mutually exclusive. They may not be complimentary of either group but they are in fact complementary of each other.

Old Lurker

Oh, they co-exist for sure, Iggy.

Cap'n's problem was he wanted to absolve we the people for giving the scorpion a piggy back ride.


Nice summary of Zuckerfraud in the WI election. The “nonpartisan” Wisconsin Elections Commission staff helped set it up, then claimed no jurisdiction over the activities.



Dr jill speaks jibberish in many languages its a u not a w gah




GA house strips Delta of massive tax breaks for lying about voter integrity law. “Throughout the legislative process, we spoke directly with Delta representatives numerous times,” Kemp said the corporation was involved in the law’s development."



This is not an April’s Fool Joke!

Biden Border Facility Has Children Sleeping in Dirt Under a Bridge

Watch and Share this! I bet AOC will have nothing to say! @AOC




That action by Ga Legislature certainly implies clear knowledge of the progenitor of the latest CEO noise, my good and dear friend, Larry.

Aside from my current food poisoning bout, I may need some popcorn....


Snow flurries!!!!!



I hope you are enjoying your warm weather in Florida. It’ s 30 degrees here with SNOW FLURRIES!!!!

matt - deplore me if you must

Not one of the leftist buffoons has mentioned Chavez's intractable opposition to illegal immigration.

So those farmworkers and activists listening to Dr. Jill's medicine show yesterday were complete hypocrites.

St Cesar was a hard man. The UFW was a tough group in a tough business. In later years he suffered from delusions and conspiracies.


Part of the subplot in harper were ranchers smuggling in illegal labor, if memory serves


It's the Cubs opener, today. It will either snow for it, or the White Sox opener on April 8th. Never fails.

And since it snowed last night and no clouds today, I'll be betting it's next week for snow.


It’s gorgeous here in Florida MM. 83. Cloudy - actually foggy this morning. And as always I’m spending the day outside.


Henry, no big deal because it isn’t a “surge”.

Make AOC go live down there.


Wait is this a repeat



It's the Cubs opener, today. It will either snow for it, or the White Sox opener on April 8th. Never fails.

I thought MLB had figured out that they should not schedule the first week of the season with games in the upper midwest (or Denver). I guess the schedulers assumed global warming had kicked in.


"Will vaccine passports be required to enter buildings where you go to vote?"

If you don't have one, one will be provided, depending upon your voting record, and racial category.

matt - deplore me if you must

C'mon man! Baseball in the snow is a tradition. 35 Degrees at Wrigley or Minneapolis! 25% capacity would be an order of magnitude improvement in those places.


A day ending in y



A key witness who was with George Floyd when he was arrested is refusing to testify against the ex-cop accused of murdering his longtime friend, court documents show.

Morries Lester Hall, 42, was one of the passengers with Floyd in a car in Minneapolis last May when the 46-year-old was arrested — insisting in interviews days later that he was “going to be his voice.”

But Hall filed a surprise motion in Hennepin County District Court late Wednesday asking not to be called in the murder trial of ex-cop Derek Chauvin — and insisting he would not answer questions even if called.

In the filing, Hall’s lawyers say he “hereby provides notice to all parties in this matter that if called to testify he will invoke his fifth amendment privilege against self-incrimination.”

“Therefore, counsel for Mr. Hall respectfully moves this court to … release Mr. Hall from any obligations therein,” the papers said.



"Biden Border Facility Has Children Sleeping in Dirt Under a Bridge"

Because the UV emanating from the bridge will protect them from COVID.

John S

I wish it was true that the Ga. legislature yanked Delta's tax breaks, but alas, the Ga. House voted to cancel the breaks, but the Senate didn't take up the measure and it has died for this year.


Meanwhile back at the border, a full fledged non-crisis debacle is underway ...

Federal Agencies Seek Workers for Humanitarian Relief at Border

Old Lurker

John "...the Ga. House voted to cancel the breaks, but the Senate didn't take up the measure and it has died for this year..."

Which of course was known at the start to the House proponents who were just huffing and puffing for theater. PT Barnum, etc.


So, are those humanitarian volunteers being vetted for child porn , pedophilia, and criminal connections of other sorts?


NEO that clearly admits that there is a problem at the border CREATED BY THE XIden admin, that they cannot handle.


Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine is delayed by a U.S. factory mixup.

Blame Trump in .. 3 . 2 . 1


Biden Administration really does have (more than) one real sh*t-show going on.

I bet they wish they have a real leader running thing just about now.


Neo, union activists at the plant in Baltimore?


Neo, they are at FULL COMMIE ramming speed, because no one is even trying to stop them.


Why what are they doing wrong by their standards except getting caught.


Perhaps being noticed by some.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Michael Smith
Democrats are lying about the Georgia vote integrity law. Everything they say about it is either a willful misrepresentation or just an outright lie. Point of fact, the new law actually EXPANDS access to voting and is far less restrictive than laws in states like Delaware.

Delta Airlines CEO Ed Bastian reveals the real reason they oppose the law: "But Trump!"

In a memo to employees, Bastian wrote: "The entire rationale for this bill was based on a lie: that there was widespread voter fraud in Georgia in the 2020 elections. This is simply not true. Unfortunately, that excuse is being used in states across the nation that are attempting to pass similar legislation to restrict voting rights.”

Bastian is the head of a company where it is required to provide a federally approved picture ID and have all your body and your belongings scanned and x-rayed BEFORE you can even use their service. Once you are approved, you are prohibited from bringing any liquid over 3.4 ounces on the plane. You have to wear a mask for the entirety of the flight. You surrender your liberty to the captain and the flight crew and must stay seated while the seatbelt light is on.

Don't have to do a fraction of that to vote in Georgia. Bastian's statement is dripping with hypocrisy.

Fortunately, it is easy to read the law and compare it to the laws in other states.

The Georgia bill does nothing Biden and the Democrats claim, but even after being given four Pinocchios by the Washington Post, Biden continues to repeat the lies.

The media is lying, corporations are lying, and the leftist punditry is lying.

Through their teeth. Out their asses. From every orifice on their bodies.

And they don't give a damn. It is not that they don't know the truth, they just do not care. Not even a bit.

But you really have to admire their commitment to the lie.

They seem to be a bunch of pussy hat wearing, gender confused wussies on the surface, but when they go in, they go all the way in. Honey badger mode, 24/7 and all the way to the core.
Republicans always have trouble deciding what hill is worth dying on. In the past 50 years, I can't identify one. Hell, we can't even make a stand to end Obamacare, much less abortion. Republicans wear the costumes of tough guys, but will fold while putting on a good show. Kabuki theater. Every. Single. Time.

Democrats have never seen a hill they weren't willing to die on. Every hill is a fight to the death. If there is even an inch of elevation that gives them an advantage, they won't give an inch. That's why they define "bipartisanship" or "unity" as agreeing with them - it works for them. They never are made to pay a penalty for their perfidy and intransigence.

And that is why we lose.

That is why we are on the verge of losing our Republic, and with it our liberty.

And stopping that is a hill worth dying on.

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