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March 17, 2021



A summing up



What is weaker than beer muscles? Xiden boasts. Just when he pisses off Vlad (or makes Vlad die laughing), he does similar bs to Xi. Xiden will end life on Earth before we get vaccinated at this rate.



Zack snyder is a serious idior, but we already knew that.


What can go wrong


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Some of the borrowing is fixed rate, but I'm trying to imagine what kind of fool locks in 1.5% for 10 years, or 2.5% for 30 years.--

Thirty trillion in debt will never be paid off so even the 30 year is variable rate in that it will rollover into new debt rather than be paid off when due.
And when it's due we'll more than likely have exited ZIRP because of the inexorable market, which is just another name for reality.
That's why Gruber's BS about 'ooh, let's go into lots of debt now when rates are low' is so insane. Rates are so low, not least because we're already being crushed with debt. How do you survive that debt burden when the market says it's time to pay the piper?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Just so we're clear this whole 'anti-Asian' bromide may be parroted by domestic progs but it is a product of the CCP just as much as the Wuflu is.


Melinda, thanks for letting me know about the other Burns.


I’m getting frustrated. We know we are loosing our country. We know any attempt at rebellion is met with immediate jail time with no civil rights. And apparently everyone has just decided to back down.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Had a great time with Jane today. Ariel talked about her all the way home and was just jabbering away at the golf cart ride Jane gave us. She says she wants to drive next time. LOL

Lovely lightning up towards Sarasota right now, but it looks to pass us by to the north.


Jane, don’t fire until you see the whites (how raysiss) of their eyes.



Tell Ariel she can drive any time she wants!





RCD heading "Army’s New Aim Is ‘Decision Dominance’Sydney Freedberg, Breaking Defense.

Decision Dominance, who else would be making the decisions?

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Michael Smith
i ·
“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.”
~ Marcus Tillius Cicero (106 to 43 BC), Roman statesman, lawyer, scholar, and Academic Skeptic

One might assume the singular defining characteristic of the contemporary Democrat Party is its devotion to authoritarian collectivism, but one would be wrong. I separate their goals and objectives from their modus operandi (method of operation) because what they want is separate and apart from how they plan to achieve it. They do have a singular goal and objective - when all things are considered, the only goal and objective the Democrats have is total and absolute power, the ability and capability to use government tell you how to live according to their ever-changing ideas of how your life best serves them.

Authoritarian collectivism is a disposable concept, a means to end, the modus operandi of their will to power, but it merely is a plug and play accessory, the same as new versions of video games plug into the same console. I am more convinced than ever that their fecklessness and hypocrisy runs far deeper than anticipated, to the point that if authoritarian collectivism did not provide the possibility they could achieve total power, like the snake in the Garden of Eden, they would shed that skin and adopt a new method that better suits their quest.

My observation of their actions has led to the conclusion that the singular defining characteristic is their alliances with the enemies of our representative republic, the democratic processes upon which it is based and the Constitution that is the glue that holds us together.

A historical sampling of Democrat Party perfidy would include:

- During the Cold War, the Democrats allied themselves with the Soviet Union, so much so, Teddy Kennedy, a sitting US Senator, asked the Soviets for help to stop the reelection of Ronald Reagan in 1984. In 1983, Kennedy wrote the letter to Soviet General Secretary Yuri Andropov asking for the USSR’s help to defeat President Reagan.

- Throughout the 1980s, America saw Democrat support of Daniel Ortega and Nicaragua's Soviet-aligned Sandinista regime grow, as the Sandinistas became the darlings of leftist Americans, left-wing American politicians and those around the world who sought to harmonize Christianity and Marxism through liberation theology.

- In the 90’s, the Democrat alliance with China flowered as the Clintons were caught up in a campaign finance scandal that featured Chinese money being funneled into the Clinton campaign coffers. Then Vice President Al Gore was also fingered from picking up bags of CCP cash from an event at a Buddhist temple. Democrats continued to build up China after the USSR collapsed on itself and satellite nations began to break away.

- In the 2000’s, after the shock of 9/11 wore off, the Democratic Party largely gave up on cultivating an ally to take down America from the outside and took a lesson from the radical Islamic terrorists who took down the Twin Towers. Since the fall of the Soviet Union left America as the singular world superpower, the Democrats gave up on the idea that America could be conquered from outside and shifted their focus to taking down America from inside as they shifted policy support to socialist, Marxist, radical Black Nationalist Groups, the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR operating within our borders.

But radical Islamic apologia is so yesterday for the Democrats. Making excuses and blaming America for terrorism is more difficult these days, especially after attacks continued across Europe and the muscular position taken by the Trump administration effectively ended the ISIS threat to America. Now the darlings of the Democrats are the anarchists of ANTIFA and the radical black separatists/nationalists of BLM (the Dems love the Persians, but that is because Iran wants to destroy an enemy common to Iran and the Democrat Party, that being Israel, the only functioning democracy in the Middle East).

The Democrats have long believed the old Arabic bromide that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. More than at any point in my lifetime, the Democrats are overtly supporting enemies of America through policy, funding, and legislative support. They are openly supporting racism by blacks against whites, are providing material support for the teaching of hatred of white people through Critical Race Theory in public schools and the military, direct race-based payments to black “farmers” that are not available to poor white farmers and have even attempted to structure vaccination efforts that are race based rather than vulnerability based – all in the name of “equity” and funded by taxes collected from you.

They have conscripted an army of useful idiots and fellow travelers who are willfully ignorant of their role in their own destruction. Democrats plan to ride the scorpion across the river.

The locus of power within the Democrat Party is made up of old white men, the very group of people they alleged to hate and want to eliminate. There is only one reason that they are calling down Hell upon themselves – they expect to be the sole survivors of the cataclysm. They believe they will continue to control the radical revolutionary forces after the walls fall. Kings and Queens of smoking piles of rubble – but whether they can survive is the real question. After all, the true lesson of the Arabic parable of the frog and scorpion is that the scorpion will always sting – it is the scorpion’s nature.

Allying with your enemies is what happens when self-hatred, delusion and cynicism combine with a lust for power in a political party.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

LOL Jane, we'd all have heart attacks!

We let her swim when we got back, but the sun disappeared about 5 minutes after she got in, and about 10 minutes later, she was shivering and ready to get out. Can't wait for the new pool heater in two weeks.. of course by then, I bet we won't need it til next fall.


"“Decision dominance … is the ability for a commander to sense, understand, decide, act, and assess faster and more effectively than any adversary,” said Army Futures Command chief Gen. John “Mike” Murray."



Sydney Freedberg is a jerk. His father was a famous art historian who married a women who inherited a great deal of money. Sydney was a roommate of my son's for a while--he majored in either art or the classics and how he is considered a defense expert I can't imagine.


Stephanie, this afternoon at the store my brother and I discussed the “state of the union.” I asked him why did we bother to fight all of the wars against communism, Korea, Vietnam if we were just going to surrender within?” He said, “They said they would win in the end, they would consume us from within.”

They were right. So sad.


I miss DrJ's take on chemistry and biology thingies...


I miss his posts on his wife’s garden, and what she had cooked up for dinner.


how he is considered a defense expert I can't imagine.

The same way Ben Rhodes was a national security expert with his MFA in creative writing.


They dont understand this country, much less a foreign culture to our experience.

About zac snyder even though he deliverec on his endgame scenario he pointedly dissed a cross section of fans of his work, in a charity stream.


This goof




I don't know when it will happen for some of these younger folks, but it WILL happen with many of them.

I was a liberal democrat back in the 60's and 70's. I first started re-thinking things when I lived in West Berlin and looked over the border and saw a man plowing a field, and his wife was pulling the plow. Lived through Watergate and the hearings and saw Nixon resign. Then Jimmy Carter got elected.

He gave away the Panama Canal, which we had built and then stabbed the Shah of Iran in the back, allowing the rise of the mullahs in Iran.

I didn't know beans about Reagan's record in California other than he gave good speeches. However, we were still in the Cold War and I knew another 4 years of Carter would completely destroy the country.

So I pulled that lever for Reagan and have never voted for another democrat, not even for school board. (My disappointment with the GOP comes from how they behaved with Trump, and what we discovered about the GOPe through the last 4 years.)

These kids are starting to see how phony many of these people are, and how they spout platitudes of how caring they are when it's really simply a means to acquire money and power. They also see how angry an unpleasant so many democrats are, and how old so many of them who are in leadership are. I think they will switch, one by one.

Dave (in MA)


The Twitter replies are about what you'd expect.


"Scary! Dr. Fauci Wants to Start Vaccinating Little Babies with the Government’s Coronavirus Vaccine; By Jim Hoft, Published March 18, 2021 at 8:25pm"



Hes not wrong, when did boston change from cheers to (redact yourself) im guessing around the time of boston legal.


Well shes learned the first rulr of politics as truman put it



Pin, I own a Marshall Stack, Mickey uses it far more than me. You can borrow it. It goes to 11.

fdcol63 🇺🇸

“I’m getting frustrated. We know we are loosing our country. We know any attempt at rebellion is met with immediate jail time with no civil rights. And apparently everyone has just decided to back down.”

Posted by: Jane | March 18, 2021 at 08:41 PM

I’m disgusted. Especially after watching just how “woke” our military now is.

I haven’t said much lately, because there’s nothing left to say, really.

Nothing positive or optimistic, anyway.

Sure, “America” will survive. But that’s like telling a German or a Japanese in 1938 that their countries will be okay in the future, too .... minimizing the horrors to come.


MissM, I hate to say it, but the younger generation has been completely corrupted. My son has not been corrupted. My youngest tries to avoid any discussion. My oldest too. I don’t picture any of them being leaders in fighting back.


Fdcol63, yup, things are not good.


Heading to bed.

Good night, everyone!


Re Covid restrictions. Imagine being posted over here to what is essentially a dream location. Two years when you can spend your free time travelling within the states. Hopping over to the UK and Europe is also in the cards.

Instead, you and your family are essentially locked away with no hope of any benefits from a dream posting.

And then you go home.

Sammy Small

Looks like another disaster in dementia Joe's foreign policy in Anchorage today.



Looks like a vienna level snafubar.


Do we expect COMMIES that fight for people KILL BABIES and for us/US to pay for it here and in foreign countries....do we expect ANYTHING of these bastards?? They are sick.


30 every day items with a secret use.

Very interesting selection. Especially the reason for the lines on the Solo cup.



Kevin Kloth
Fraron Cornelius.
Kevin Schmidt.

Can anyone guess the 2 victims and the MURDERER??



From Ace.

The maned wolf. Not a fox, nor a wolf.



Amish and eskimo gus?


Note. Infogalactic is a former Wikipedia founder's response to the censorship on Wiki.


Kevin and Kevin. White supremacist.
Fraron, victim of White supremacists.


I expect riots.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Be of good cheer.
Perhaps we should look at it as being given the opportunity to remake America along the lines of its glorious past after 100 years of subversion and destruction.

The Founders didn't say woe is me; all is lost. And they didn't subscribe to the deterministic view of inevitable decline. They said these tyrants are a pain in the ass, pulled up their big boy pants when the time was right, commenced to shootin them some Red Coats and Hessians and drove the tyrants out; the tyrants being the most powerful military in the world at the time.

We certainly have an overbearing deep state upon us but back then they actually had British soldiers stationed in their homes. Authoritarians and tyrants are almost always overestimated and the reactive groundswell they cause is not only underestimated it is very often barely even seen until it erupts.


The day to day policy was run by sackville west (the great great grandfather of the writer) and lord north, king george might have bee mildly gaga but not excessively so.


Yep Ig. The INSURRECTION COMMIE ERECTION, had zero shooootings. Except for the bLACK cop who hasn't been named yet.
Not a single gun was seized.
The COMMIES are playing with fire.
WWGW do. George Washington took down Britain.


Not even pointed sticks gus,


Narciso, the COMMIE PARTY is reduced to shrieking and using every ounce of power that they can wring out of the AMERICAN FLAG. They have backed themselves into a corner, as I have predicted for 14 years. They f@#$ed up everything they have touched, yet they crave power and blood nonetheless.
The whole RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA escapade gave comfort to whom??? Russia. The FOIA FELON FUCKERS paid NO PRICE for EXTREME CRIMINALITY and NO ONE has been punished. Shit, I'll stop bloviating because we've all heard it before.
They backed themselves or painted themselves into a corner of lies and treason. The RANCID MEDIA aided and abetted, and still does. NOT A F@#$ING thing has been done about it. Even Maguire got sucked in. BIG TIME. So we head down the road to HELL (MOSCOW/BEIJING) because a small group of mostly elderly elites were willing to F234 all of us for their gain and for power. Most EVER HERE, have become numb to it. WHAT CAN I DO???
Well we start by challenging everything they LIE ABOUT. Or when can continue to BOHICA and allow ourselves to be SODOMIZED. I am no Saint, but my strident realistic views have proven true.
JOM is losing peeps, and the division continues.
We can stick together and fight LIES via TRUTH no matter how the odds are stacked against us, OR we can hang separately. Don't think that is not coming.


Oh, one more thing Narciso. It is not VIRTUOUS to rip someone who is honest and honorable, to pretend...."THAT'S NOT WHO WE ARE".
I don't intend to be a victim, while PAUL RYAN at 50 has a lifetime pension and millions post CONGRESS. "THAT'S NOT WHO I AM".

jim nj

Typhuspad just ate my post.



jim nj

It had links and a quite clever analysis. Short form:

XIden* and team f-cked up in Alaska when a 4 minute photo op turned into a a one hour diatribe.

Diplomacy isn't as easy as it looks, especially when you have no core values.

Speaking of which, I further linked an article that explained that during a conversation with Mexico's president, both the border enforcement and Covid vaccines were discussed.

According to the article AMLO asked for US "surplus" AstraZeneca vaccines on March 1.

Yeah, right, AMLO asked for a vaccine from the US that the US hasn't approved yet.

I'm sure he asked for the US approved Moderna, Pfizer or J&J vaccines.

And wouldn't it piss off the EU if we were stockpiling AstraZeneca vaccines that we can't use but they can?

Diplomacy, not as easy as it looks.


Hello Jim nj. Can you tell me what SKILL SET Biden and his CLOWN POSSE have??
Can you name a SINGLE ACCOMPLISHMENT from BIDEN in 50 years in D.C.???

What business would allow a total bloviating and lying fuck up like Biden to be promoted?
My youngest bro protected BIDEN and KERRY over the years STATE DIPLOMATIC SECURITY. He flew with both of them from AMMAN to PETRA, when he was in charge of JORDAN'S Embassy security.
My bro recognized the lack of any skills nor leadership, but he kept them alive.


Diplomacy is akin to any NEGOTIATION. The person with "hand" owns all the cards.
AMERICA HAS HAND. Obama, Kerry and Biden do not have a back bone/spine, and they CRAVE F'ING CRAVE being FELATED by the LEFT and the MEDIA. WTF is wrong with us. Obama even said, don't underestimate JOE'S ability to fuck things up.
Kerry went to Paris and sold out his fellow VIET NAM VETS as rubes, despite being a commissioned OFFICER. Again, WTF is wrong with "us". THE COMMIE PARTY WINS HALF THE TIME, because they have created DIVISION and LIES.

jim nj

At this point in time, with Trump still in office, he could have gotten away with diverting vaccines to Mexico or Canada.

Not a lot of them at first, but enough for Mexico or Canada to build a reliable distribution system for their border communities.

In order to protect the people of California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas we want to begin building a Covid wall at our southern border.

Lots of people would think that makes sense. Others would blow gaskets at the mention of another wall.

jim nj

I think Iggy is right. Be of good cheer.

XIden* is doing horribly. It's hard to watch. It's necessary now for what is to happen later.

The democrats are acting like they only have a few months to accomplish anything. That sounds about right.

The backlash will come soon enough.


Jim, Trump would have NEGOTIATED with MEXICO, GUATEMALA, COSTA RICA, et al, from a position of STRENGTH. Harken back to the pallets of CASH. Literally pallets of cash on an unmarked jet from U.S. to SWITZERLAND, that OBAMA and HORSE FACE LERCH sent to IRAN. Why??? What did WE get for that capitulation that was hidden from US???
These bastards are pussies. They want adulation, and they don't have skills NOR good intentions.
They lied, they hid, and even later gave BILLLLIONS to IRAN via electronic bank deals.
They said that the UNMARKED AIRCRAFT with FOCKING LITERAL PALLETS OF EURO'S, AMERICAN BILLS and BRITISH POUNDS, was OK. NONSENSE. Kerry and Obama are both weird and dysfunctional people. THEY PAID NO PRICE FOR THIS. ZERO. The reason was supposed to have been a lack of a banking relationship with IRAN (WHEN CAUGHT). But later BILLLLLIONS WERE TRANSFERRED by WIRE.

Who believes these lies??? Idiots, fools, and low information clowns.


Jim, I somewhat disagree. Whatever the get accomplished thru a majority and a tie that goes to the COMMIE, is being DONE quickly. They are just getting started, WITH NO PUSHBACK. They have over 3 and 3/4 years to do or attempt more unbelievable damage. Hopefully this over reach will cost them the HOUSE and/or the SENATE. But right now and for 2 years for certain, they are on a rampage.
What good cheer should I feel?? Is there any sign of a CONSERVATIVE (gop, pfffffft) blow back???
Not with McConnell or McCarthy. TALK IS CHEAP.

jim nj


EU regulator declares AstraZeneca vaccine safe, but experts fear damage has been done

Way to go in inspiring confidence. Is that how the US got "surplus" AstraZeneca vaccines that we can give to Mexico?

Just kidding. Although it is amazing that the CIA spent the last 4 years convincing us that it was totally incompetent, only to pull this off.

jim nj


With Biden Under Fire for Border Crisis, House Unveils Path to Citizenship for Undocumented Immigrants

The timing of this is exquisite.


EU REGULATOR. It's hilarious. EU Regulator WOW, HOLY SHIT.
I have several friends that are real life pals of mine, from this blog. EACH AND EVERYONE is smarter more talented and more honest than some F@#$ING EU, weanie pretend govt layer upon layer REGULATOR.
HENRY, MELINDA and PIN are all dear to me, and have been real life friends for years. John H, JimNorCal, ANONAMOM, Momto2, Cathyf, Clarice, Catsmeat and many more, are intelligent people who do not eat this HORSE SHIT. I Could not possibly list all the JOM'ERS whom I completely respect. CC, Miss Marple, Lurker Susie, Jack, Sweet Jane, Marlene, Stephanie on and on and on and on. Forgive me, I'm not going to keep on listing the GREAT PEOPLE here. Matt, Dave in MA, Bub, Narciso, Jim NJ, JimNorCal, Gentlejim (LEO), Ignatz of course, Capn (very great friend), KEV, A WONDERFUL MAN, Tom R, the beloved Beasts, no offense for not naming everyone. Cathyf, plenty more. Each of OUR PEEPS have the values and love of our COUNTRY, that is being ripped from us.

I've long believe that WE need a LEDGER of SCAMS CONS and LIES we've been subjected to, and for whom the FULL COMMIE fully expects to blindly follow. Let's stick together as best we can for support and encouragement. WE FACE DESTRUCTION.


Grandpa Corn Pop said this.
president Harris and I took ..." Biden said, before momentarily pausing, "a virtual tour of a vaccination site in Arizona not long ago,
Word salad. 50 years of bullshitting, and acting like he's tough guy. VIRTUAL TOUR???? WTF is wrong with these COMMIES??


ONE THING THAT STRIKES ME, is PEOPLE LIKE Jenn Pissacky. This pathetic loser, seems to think that her COMMIE sensabilities are PROFOUND. That scares me. This useless whore seems to think she is SPECIAL and that her MINOR LEAGUE banter is SMART and GLIB. She is unprofessional, she is not glib, she is not smart and prepared, but she seems to think her SMARMY CRAP is EPIC.
Yes she seems sure, that her smarmy comments are EPIC.


No News Is Good News:

Do people outside of media know that we have about 50% fewer journalists today that we did in 2010 and they make about 50% less than they did? I feel like there's this weird thing where no one outside of media talks about that. If it were any other industry, people would worry



Re the Alaska Summit, my Russian friend informs me “Blin” means pancake.



No big deal to them, if they are getting subsidized by the democrats through the CCP.

Which I believe they are.


Good morning!

I didn't know that plastics were a commodity like metals.



First Words
Ron DeSantis is making the job a lot easier for all other red state governors. Whatever Ron does, do the same.
Excellent advice! Are you paying attention, Governor Holcomb?


The Guardian
· 16h
'Takes one to know one': Putin-Biden spat escalates over 'killer' accusation
Dr. Gina - RAV (@RealAmVoice)
I never thought I’d see the day an American president were called out by a foreign leader, & I shudder to agree w/ the characterization.

People are DYING due to this administration’s horrendous socialism.

I’m always #TeamAmerica.

But alas, it does take one to know one.



Fauci Has ‘Outlived His Usefulness’: Ben Domenech Says Demand For Masks After Vaccines Is ‘Dangerous’


Pierre L. Gosselin
Swiss daily reports: Putin now challenges Biden to live debate after "murder" accusations. Most important geopolitical question: "Who runs Joe Biden's teleprompter?"



While nobody expected the first U.S.-China meeting after Donald Trump’s presidency to be a lovefest, the unusually vitriolic start to talks in Alaska still managed to surprise.
It didn't surprise me. China has no respect for this crew and they wanted to demonstrate who's in charge. Coupled with the deliberate insult to Putin, the recalling of the Russian ambassador, and Putins mocking public response, I have no hesitation that added to their leftist programs, their crooked dealings, and their their thuggish behavior, we can add INCOMPETENT FOREIGN POLICY to the list.


Megyn Kelly
Courage in politics. An all-too-rare phenomenon these days. Good for ⁦@RonDeSantisFL
Will any other governor have the spine to stand up for American children?

Megyn Kelly!




New Thread



This is a neighborhood which has gone through several transformations. It used to be nothing but a dime store and small homes and apartments. Then it went to antique and vintage clothing stores. They got the fountain restored and re-installed. Now it's mostly artists.

I suppose it's my increasingly cynical nature, but the guy talking about how much publicity he got PLUS the GoFundMe which they raised the limit on after it got so much response seems a trifle suspicious to me.

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