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March 22, 2021



They miss the point






CALL IT A DAY? White House Calls Press ‘Lid’ at 1:13PM, Rest of Biden’s Day Closed to Media

matt - deplore me if you must

It seem that Europe is doing as bad as it possibly can regarding the crisis. They are in a virtual war with the UK. They won't take the AZ vaccinator. There are massive lockdowns along with protests.

All of that Pan-European Transatlanticist hokum is proven to be just that. And now they are in a trade spat with the UK and are coming off as the bad guys, but completely incompetent as well.

It's not a good look on them.

Sleepy Joe is napping. Let's hope there not a crisis.


Of course I posted this at the end of the last thread. While Biden is napping and memorizing his predetermined answers to staged questions for Thursday...

President Trump hosted some sort of classic car event at Mar-a-Lago today. This thread has 2 1-minute videos. The first is a view of quite a few of the cars, which you car folks will enjoy. The second is President Trump walking through the event greeting guests. (Wearing golf clothes and a red hat, getting his pic taken with guests.)


Do not bother reading the rest of the thread, as it's full of nasty leftists whining about how the rich are enjoying themselves while people in the US are suffering, blah, blah.)


Yes europe has roughly the same population, yet they cant get it together.

Derek thompson well you know.



Holy cow: 42% of Americans report undesired weight gain during Covid 19.

What percent report undesired weight gain in a normal year? :)




Ro je bilo 2010.
A evo ti i priča o tom događaju.https://t.co/yQH4SQTuji
A tebi poruka, ne nasedaj ili ne seri ...

— Slobodni Sufler (@SSufler) March 22, 2021

Somebody on that car video thread dug up this old interview. I don't know who the guy is, but obviously an event promoter. It's very interesting in how he got his start organizing the Palm Beach Super Car Weekend and part of his success was due to Donald Trump. Video at the link, about 15 minutes.


Dan Scavino

Greg Kelly

· 24m
TONIGHT AT 7pm. President Donald Trump. With me on @newsmax.


Stop coming back for los free donuts Chris Christie... We already know it´s you


Rising serpent
Wood is the new Bitcoin.
Ha! I KNEW that new Indian-run convenience store was a good tell. Earlier in the winter they got firewood to sell in bundles out in front of the store. Then they put up "Bitcoin sold here" signs.

They are as good as watching the financial shows on cable! I will let you all know the next thing I notice.



For the first time, a victim of voter fraud in Wisconsin is speaking on the record after launching an investigation into who has been voting for his mother, who has dementia, at her nursing home.


Dave (in MA)
    CALL IT A DAY? White House Calls Press ‘Lid’ at 1:13PM, Rest of Biden’s Day Closed to Media

A few hours of rehearsal for his presser, then a session of stairs practice.


Just a little bit more....

Tom Nelson
This isn't really about climate, is it?

Young EcoSocialists AZ 🌻 @YESGP_AZ
The only way to truly address the root causes of climate change, economic and social inequality, and the rising tides of neo-fascism is through a series of radical societal changes. From competition to cooperation. From inequality to equality. From capitalism to #EcoSocialism. 🌻


Thomas Collins

Heaven's basketball team has gotten a lot better.






UPDATE FROM #BOULDER: Reports of 7 deceased at a supermarket shooting in Boulder, Colorado. A bloodied, possible suspect was led to an ambulance in handcuffs.

Thread with multiple videos:


Dave (in MA)

When a family is given a settlement for a family member's wrongful death, it's often calculated on the basis of their loved one's lost wages and future earnings.

George Floyd's Family Settles Suit Against Minneapolis
for $27 Million
That's a lot of counterfeit twenties.

Dave (in MA)

MM @ 6:19, we'll never hear the end of it if any of them were Asians.

Jim Eagle

As a young man, younger tham Baylor, i would practice is signature layup.

God rest you. One in a million.


Mike Pompeo

China chairing a meeting with John Kerry on climate change is like joining a human rights Commision with Iran as a member. Ludicrous. And the Biden administration is doing both.

China is the world’s largest polluter by far and has no intention of reducing its emissions and destroying its economy. To believe otherwise is foolish and bad for American workers.

11:12 AM · Mar 22, 2021


White Supremacists and Proud boys. Just like Portland, Minneapolis, Kensha etc. etc.

Prolly shouting TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP.

Charlie Sykes and AHOY (H/T CAPN) Bill Kristolnacht, got the scoop just before the STINKIN' PROJECT.


If they were WHTIE PEOPLE, you've already heard the end of it.

Manuel Transmission

The kids across the street claimed that Baylor stopped by to shoot a few hoops in their alley setup. I never saw him and only knew of him by name as he was still playing for Seattle U. Time and place was right, but likely kids telling stories.


Nothing to see here:


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

From Saturday's TWIP. Made me laugh out loud;


Nothing to see here

Logan Ratick
“The Press Secretary’s sister, Stephanie Psaki, was appointed as a Senior Advisor in Human Rights and Gender Equity at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of Global Affairs this month.”

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Progs take over and all of a sudden there's crazy guys shooting up the place.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Biden is going to get a whole lot of people killed;
Biden Torpedoes Abraham Accords Summit
The new administration turns its back on peace between Israel and Arab states in order to pursue deal with Iran

Jim Eagle

I don’t care. Trump won in a landslide while we accepted a fraud as POTUS.
For me will always be.



I still don't accept Biden. If he came down my street, I would stay inside and pull down the blinds.

Trump is the greatest president in my lifetime, and he DID win the election.

The democrats are liars, cheats, crooks, communists and perverts.


He does look like they fused them together

fdcol63 🇺🇸

We didn’t just accept a fraud as POTUS.

By doing so, we have made ourselves complicit in the fraud and share the responsibility of the destruction of America.

If we all had the desire and guts, we’d have had a series of “Battles of Athens, Tennessee” everywhere electoral fraud was in evidence.

And we would have started with the lying bastards in the media.



You didnt see this coming



Not sure if some of this was from the end of the previous thread. Re: the dropping of the “I’ve been vaccinated” line.

Working in retail. 🤯. Does that sum it up?

Also the damned masks. WTF? All day long I hear about what kind of mask I should be wearing - still - today several times. I want to whip off my bandana and tell them all to go to hell! But I don’t, and generally they are good customers who are perfectly nice and in fact are great under normal circumstances.

I feel like I am living in the Twilight Zone.

My “new guy” (he’s been with us five or six months) must have a thing for Bill Gates. It sets me off every time he mentions him. I feel like Kramer in Seinfeld, when he has the seizure hearing Mary Hartman’s voice :-). Today I began yelling counterattacks from my perch at the computer. I could here all of the conversations, and I just kept shouting my two-cents. My fav was, “ So were are all supposed to keep wearing masks even though we have been vaccinated?” I’m only surprised I didn’t follow it up with, “Bull shit!”

Clearly, I need to get better prepared for the full season. Yikes!


Hear, not here 🙄


Hard rains gonna fall




Somebody here (Jack, maybe?) sat next to someone from the company and who said that Gates's MOTHER was really the brains of the company. This would not surprise me, because Zuckerberg is also a moron.

Bill Gates is consumed with population control. My personal opinion is that he is obsessed with it because he has a low sperm count. (Hey, if the entire MSM can do armchair psychology, so can I!)


That’s awful, Narc.

I am done complaining. Sorry about that.

Jim Eagle

Will go to bec wagvjng a final four game. Life od good. I am in the


I agree this is insane about the masks i would snap if i was still working in retail



Terrible story. If this had been back in the Clinton era, the press would have been all over that story and an "FBI out of control."

I didn't know about it until you posted it here.


Don't quit complaining! You do a lot less complaining than I do!!


Thanks! I still try to count my blessings.

And speaking of, Hubs just arrived home with takeout!

Be back later.


Its a sick joke



Adam Kredo
Hmmm: Jen Psaki's Sister Gets Cushy Government Job Despite Biden's "No Family Members" Pledge via ⁦@nataliegwinters⁩ ⁦@RaheemKassam


Guess what I am doing:

"This is ridiculous. Nobody has Covid. They've all been tested."

"I am sick of these masks."

"You the man Juwan. (Mask on his chin) Just take the damn thing off."

Yes, watching LSU-Michigan, with my "I have had enough of this BS Covid" spouse.

Honestly, it's been non-stop diatribe.


Hi all, just checking in to let everyone know I'm ok, just a bit burnt out with politics. And also to correct one of the last posts I made. I noted that I had received the 1st Moderna shot and was scheduled for the 2nd on 3/21, a day before TC was to get his, I believe. That's wrong, I'm scheduled to get the 2nd shot on 3/31.

Hope all is well and cya in a bit.


Anonamom, heh!


Good news there Rocco.



Good to see you. Glad you are ok!


Good news Rocco.


Rocco! Glad all is well. Glad you checked in, and I get the “burnt out” bit.

How is your grandson? I was thinking of you, and him, the other day while listening to my daughter talk about her pharmacology class. We discussed Kepra.

Hope you are well also.

Don’t feel the need to reply - at least right away :-)


John Solomon
Breaking: Former Missouri GOP Gov. Greitens announces bid for state’s open Senate seat | Just The News

This guy has been a co-host several times on Bannon's show. Resigned from governorship in May 2018 due to alleged scandals for which he ultimately was exonerated, as I understand it.



Just had my first - of many, JOM locals dinner! What fun.mr&Mrs marlene, Mr & Mrs Stephanie - and the TV remote hider Ariel! Can’t wait to do it again! Thank you all, and special thanks to Mr Marlene for doing thr bbqing!

You guys are the best!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I read something about that Greitens guy that was pretty disturbing.
The lawless bint that ran him out of office should be in prison but he was still a punk IIRC.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

J. Christian Adams;
Read the Shocking Pentagon Training Materials Targeting Conservatives in the Military


Wonderful jane

Was there any actual evidence, or was he just merely a fool


I’m jealous, Jane!

Ig, God help us. (I haven’t given up on him:-)

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Dinner was excellent, Jane! So sorry Ariel hid the remote. She made it most of the way home before falling asleep in the car. ( I found her earlier in Jane's bed under the covers LOL)

Mr Marlene was awesome.


I think I worked at that KING SOUPER in Boulder where the shootings were. Made 60 cents an hour!


I’m off. 🙏🏻


Josh Caplan
AP: GOP Rep. Mo Brooks enters Alabama Senate race



Your recollection above was me. I sat next to one of the then heads of one of the bid tech cos. on a flight to west coast from ATL.

His comment of bg's mom was just one of the revealing comments. And yes there is a forbes or fortune cover of the man I chatted with (1st class was one of my insistences to try to go fix in person). I also learned a lot about lou gerstner.


I guess its to be expected



Heading to bed.

Good night, all!


Still up, but yes rse, I remember reading that post.

Bg. The most annoying person ever. I will admit that I thought he was using his wealth to help with vaccinations in 3rd world nations early on. I thought it was a benign plan. I still think that. Now he thinks he is God-like. Gag. And a bit scary that so many think it’s important what he says. 😳

matt - deplore me if you must

Shocking Pentagon training materials??

Sally has two machine gun daddies?

matt - deplore me if you must

I had a passing acquaintance with Elgin Baylor when he was GM of the Clippers. A real gentleman working for a major scumbag, Donald Sterling.

EB was always out there with the players and fans and had to endure endless criticism from his boss, who was a nightmare of an owner. Not that Ballmer is any better. Just a different type of a-hole.



Did you see that a whole cadre of MENA “tunnel rats” were gathered at Ft. Hood for “training”. Largest ever training exercise on tunnels, per others. I found that an interesting coincidence.



Dave (in MA)


Microsoft is paying $10B for a company I've never heard of, whose corporate logo is Mickey Mouse's pants.


My attempt to post a kjom:



Its one of those messaging apts.


Discord is a Free Speech platform/browser that Gates et al would prefer not emerge from pillowland again.

Precisely what MSFT’s “Edge” is not, nor will ever be.


I’m clearly moving on to music now. But I love this place. Thanks all. 🙏🏻


Sidney Powell moves to dismiss Dominion lawsuit. Forget Axios spin and go to the linked copy of the motion:https://www.axios.com/sidney-powell-dismiss-dominion-lawsuit-cf25a9bd-5aed-4908-959e-c5f9ea9aa425.html


Its not a typical piece of his


jim nj


Even liberal media fed up with Biden administration over lack of access to border crisis, absence of pressers
‘There’s a responsibility issue here that he has just been completely ducking,’ a veteran White House reporter said

jim nj


Most of the press are spinning the Sydney Powell filing.

I was going to link something but I couldn't find anything reasonable. Thank you for the link to the document.

jim nj


Bangladesh: 'massive' fire in Rohingya refugee camps forces 50,000 to flee

Probably an accident.

jim nj


Evanston, Illinois first in US to pay reparations to Black residents
The Chicago suburb’s City Council voted 8-1 to distribute $400,000 to eligible black households

They've updated 40 acres and a mule. "The Associated Press reported that qualifying households in the city of 73,000 would be eligible to receive $25,000 for home repairs or down payments on property."

"The funding for the program will come from the 3% tax on the sale of recreational marijuana and donations."

Donations and a marijuana tax? I'm sure I could riff on this, but why bother.

I mean it's not like they are forcing people to donate money or buy Marijuana.

jim nj

Microsoft Outlook on-line is still verklempt. I always thought that a portion of the functionality was local.

You get the message and whatever you do with it is localized on your PC.

Apparently not. If you delete an e-mail it appears that the process sends it back to Microsoft to re-direct that e-mail to your deleted folder.

The formerly seamless process is all screwed up now. It won't let me read e-mails at times. When I can and delete them it doesn't stick. When it doesn't stick they wind up in my inbox again.

When I can get them into the deleted folder and delete that folder that doesn't work lately. Deleting... deleting...deleting. The icon spends hours rotating... rotating...rotating.

jim nj


Biden regularly consults with Barack Obama on a 'range of issues', Psaki says
Press Secretary Jen Psaki said she expects the pair will continue to consult throughout Biden's presidency

That's reassuring.

Cheap Domain Registration

I think the AstraZeneca vaccine is a good and safe vaccine. Europe made the mistake of postponing the vaccination and that caused the poor mentality and confusion among people.


TM found an issue with AZ. Links to Reuters story.


Oh, ffs: Astra Zeneca resumes its role as the red-headed stepchild of vaccine candidates.




Enjoyed the Bonnie and Honey Horns link:)


Never knew this was the purpose of a history curriculum.

If the goal of history education is to empower students to think critically about the structures that organize American society today, there is little to find in this report other than ideological handwringing that a fuller American past will turn students away from a libertarian future.



ccgirl, you might enjoy some of The New Neo's recent posts on music. Multiple ones over the past few weeks have been on harmony, and the one I am posting below introduced me to Steve Goodman (and brought me to tears--to think there was such a man; that there are so many such men).
Commenters there make valuable contributions too.
They are more of our people.



Steve Goodman's "Dying Cubs Fan's Last Request" is one of the saddest, and funniest, folk songs you will ever hear.

And I personally have played with the Lincoln Park Pirates. Expensive lesson.



Here's Lincoln Park Pirates: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OV7HlPT8Eic

And That Cubs Fan's request, after Steve had started treatment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7xBxZGQ1dJk

Manuel Transmission

Back in Cowlumbus our local PBS station WOSU carried Austin City Limits. Saw Steve Goodman on there at least once. Given that it was 40 some years ago, I vaguely recall that that his dad was somehow associated with City of New Orleans. Either rode with him, or maybe he worked on the RR.

In my scanning of pix I found a shot I took in southern IL down in Kev’s old stomping grounds of what looks like a drag race of two southbound Amtrak trains. One was our test train and the other was the CoNO. This was back in the days when Amtrak had a nasty habit of dumping their locos in the ditch a little too often.


Good Morning! Thanks Jane! So great to meet Stephanie and her hubby and Ariel. Good food and good people.


I stand kerrected, Steve was near hospice when that was taped. I can't recall if it was a WGN or an ABC, or even WTTW clip to begin with...

Manuel Transmission

My other fave was John Hartford. He ultimately passed too young as well. I just checked and my tribute album for Steve is ... Tribute to Steve Goodman. Wonderful stuff.


You all see why I was crying. Such talent! Such artistry and feeling.
And he lived, fully, right up til he died, from what I learned.


Good morning all!

Melinda, thanks for the link to Arlo Guthrie and "The City of New Orleans." I have always loved that song.

WhenI was in 3rd grade, our entire grade school rode a train from the old Union Satioin downtown to Camp Atterbury and back. Sack lunches! Kids sticking their heads out the windows and waving to people in the cars we could see when we rounded a curve! Obviously it made a big impression on me, as that was 1956.

KITTEN UPDATE: All are going to their new homes this weekend if possible, since they are all now able to climb the baby gate and are running all around the house this morning! Kittens in the bathroom, kittens in the kitchen, kittens climbing on the sofa!


AMom & MT-

If you can find the Steve Goodman Anthology, get it. I believe John Prine (actually spelled Pruyn at birth) pulled it together from his favorites. Prine was a Chicago postman who wrote, and played only one night a week, originally, at his local corner dive's open mike night.

Story, here.



Manuel Transmission

I’ve got a ton of Prine stuff. Saw him 2-3 times in Cowlumbus as well. Kinda an early Dylan in many ways. My fave song is Jesus, The Missing Years. Such an outrageous mixing of modern and ancient visualizations all balled up.

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