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March 22, 2021




Mind the hype on Turkey, it's at the fringe of the risk curve, and has all the right moths dancing closest to the candle flame.

1 yr note rate is 21.40%, 5yr is 20.12% and their 10yr's at 19.235%. A slight curve inversion, implying that all the risk is in investing today, but the elevation across the curve, compared to US rates which range from 0.013% for 1 month paper, to 2.365% for 30 yr paper, implies that investing Anything there risks both return of principal and currency shifts.

I had opinions on Erdogan and Turkey, but all of that's been thrown out since I've been shown the gaslighting from a number of angles, and all are strategic. So I have no clue as to what path they're actually on....


Years of research into CNN first 24 reporting confirms that this is not parody.

The Babylon Bee @TheBabylonBee
Unclear How Bad Mass Shooting Is Until Authorities Release Details Of Everyone's Skin Color babylonbee.com/news/uncertain…



Microsoft Outlook on-line is still verklempt.

The Outlook app on the iPhone also broke down. I ended up deleting it and going back to the native Mail app, which is also crap, but at least usable.



Someone on Twitter says Boulder was a Langley operation. Twitter won't let the article post, but supposedly it's on Bitchute.

Also now 10 dead.



Also, I know nothing about financial stuff, but when I see something I post it, especially when it's hair on fire type.

I figure it's important, either as something about to happen or a a distraction.


Just played the piece for Mrs. sbw.

Sent it on to my brothers. Beautiful poetry and history.


Since we were talking about music...

Jim Eagle

I know that grocery store in Boulder where the 10 were killed. I bought $100 worth of food for Eric when he was at U of Colo. That night we had dinner at Flagstaff House. Talk about a meal with a view:)



She has said nothing at all about immigration since mid-February, which seems odd for such a grandstander as she seems to be.


What crackerjack box did they find that guy, high interest rates dont correlate with inflation neccesarilu.

Manuel Transmission

Heh. Reading that piece on Prine that Mel posted, I discover that John was born two days before Mrs MT.


But of course





Biden’s State Dept Just Deleted a Website Which Chronicled China’s Genocidal Human Rights Abuses.


This seems ironic on so many levels...

Daily Mail U.K.
Prince Harry gets new job as Chief Impact Officer for mental-health company that works with US giants from Hilton to Chevron https://trib.al/LiRxkeT


Once in a while, my Twitter account pops up some gems:


Insanity in Evanston. Northwestern cheers.

Read this shit. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/evanston-first-in-us-to-pay-reparations


WATCH: Massive fire engulfs nursing home in Spring Valley, New York pic.twitter.com/zSk0SOwNKf

— The Post Millennial (@TPostMillennial) March 23, 2021

Video at link. Massive fire started early this morning.


The erotic poetry reader waxes prolix







Bannon War Room. Live link.

Already showed Scarborough in a melt down and Fox calling it a pedophile's dream.

Co-host is Erik Prince. This should be very interesting. Bannon is ballistic about the Border.



If you pay for it, you'll get more. Evanston is about to turn into Altgeld Gardens.


This was yesterday



Jan Wolfe
It sure looks like DOJ is gonna get scolded for its "recent statements to the media" about the Capitol attack. The judge ordered a last-minute court hearing in the Oath Keepers case.




Personally, I would like to see some firings or resignations, but oh well.


And they're thin-skinned to boot.

Nicholas Molodyko @molodyko
Remember the week that Americans cared, more less believed, what the media told them? twitter.com/MaxAbrahms/sta…

This Tweet is unavailable

Nicholas Molodyko
America does not have a race problem, it has a fascist elite minority who dominate the majority of Americans. It shows up in places like Ukraine, too. Big corporations, the media, the tech industry, think tanks, management consulting firms, and Wall Street. @MaxAbrahms



A Ford suddenly comes to mind....

Medical Xpress
Planting #falsememories in people's minds and then erasing them @PNASNews medicalxpress.com/news/2021-03-f…



I just got my second shingles shot. It cost $170.00 on Medicare, and they said to expect to feel like shit tomorrow.

How rude!


We know Narc. A divided country gets the democrats votes.


The architect of the Evanston reparations who is on their city council was on a webinar on atl housing policy a couple of months ago recommending it for ATL.

https://www.city-journal.org/do-we-need-mask-mandates is worth reading. Neighborhood HOA held annual meeting last weekend outdoors with chairs 6 feet apart and masks required.

I chose not to attend.


And no one engaged a sprinkler system?

What a wasted opportunity....


Blinded by the light.
Revved up like a deuce, another runner in the night.

What's a deuce???


Add Evers to the list.

DHS for months had reported 26 percent of nursing home residents died from the virus, but over the past couple of weeks the agency quietly raised the death rate to 45 percent.



“Deuce”, Ford hot rod. See “Little Deuce Coupe”


MM, I think very few people who post here have the luxury of listening to Bannon live, if at all. If they do, many have expressed that they do NOT have the inclination.

If you would make a three sentence summary every time you do listen, it would be a real service.

Saying Bannon is "ballistic about the border"--my interest is not Steve Bannon's emotional status.
That doesn't tell me a thing about why.

I do listen to him--at 1.5 speed--when I can, because he gives me factual information from Michael Yon who is in Central America reporting, he reports on "normals" who are following that other fellow's instructions for how to take over the GOP by becoming precinct chairman, things like that.

Three sentences summarizing factual, actionable information from his program would be a real service.

Ditto with Timcast. (Or Bongino)
I had a chance the other day to listen--again, at 1.5 time--to a segment of one of his podcasts, and I see why you follow him.
A few sentences about true news--who, what, where , when, how, why, right? ---would be most appreciated by me.


Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Michael Smith
If you have noticed how the Woketeers are constantly consuming each other, you are not alone. This is an inescapable outcome of collectivism. As power becomes the objective, fewer and fewer people are seen as pure enough to wield their sacred weapons of destruction. Stalin had his purges, Mao his "Great Leap Forward" and now, America has the Woketeers and their Cancel Culture.

Think about how they use identity politics to increase their power, not through multiplication, but by division.

It is easy to show, through simple math, how identity politics is both contradictory and self destructive.

Mathematics teaches us that division by zero is undefined, so the least common denominator for any fraction is the number 1.

Identity politics is about slicing populations into fractions, separate groups that are parts of the whole, based on physical, mental and economic characteristics to create some sort of political advantage.

But let us say we keep doing that until reaching the true endpoint.

We first separate by race, then by biological sex, then by sexual preference, then by economic status, then by educational level, then by job, then by age, then by location, then by political affiliation, then by philosophy, then by religion, then by...well, whatever. It doesn't matter what order, we are just trying to sort people into groups.
The point is that there is no end to the grouping, regrouping and the crossovers between groups in a nation as large as America. Every population has groups, those groups have subgroups, those have subgroups, and so on, ad infinitum.

The process continues because identity is about finding groups of people who are unique in who they are and what they believe - but even that is contradictory because only an individual is truly unique. Only the singular individual is truly unique in all aspects.

But that is the point, identity politics carried all the way to its logical endpoint ends with an individual, not a group.

Ayn Rand said that the individual was the smallest minority, and even the practice of identity politics confirms she was right.

To collect individuals into a group, one must focus on the very small items of shared agreement, not the differences. We, as a nation will never agree on everything, but there is a very small number of things we can all agree upon. Those are the things upon which we are willing to voluntarily compromise a bit to achieve.

Individuals in all groups, no matter how disparate, do share some core commonality in wants, needs and desires, even if those things are an extremely small number and have nothing to do with any specific identity group, but as a general proposition, are common to all people.

Regardless of race, color, creed, sexual orientation, or anything else, we can all agree that we should stand together for justice, peace, protection of ourselves, our families, our property and our nation, we want our opportunities to succeed protected and we want to assure those same things will be available for our kids and grandkids into the future.

Most probably have noticed but the paragraph above is my rewording of the Preamble to the Constitution of the United States of America.
The only way to govern a nation of individuals is to limit governance to the absolute minimum number of shared needs, wants and desires and leave the rest to the individual.

Doing anything more guarantees constant conflict and chaos.

Our Founders knew this much about the combination of governance and human nature and gave us a blueprint to best manage both. We ignore that blueprint at our peril.



It was in a pool pavillion in homeowner back yard, but yes sprinkler image makes for a fun remedy.

Homeowner is a big fan of Next Door.

Dave (in MA)

The Trumpy white supremacist mass murderer has been identified as Ahmad Al-Issa.


Ahmad Alissa ID'd as Boulder shooter.

Obviously a Latter Day or Lutheran problem again

Dave (in MA)

I just checked MSNBC.com, and they still haven't IDed the guy.

Dave (in MA)

They've probably got a squad of pajama boys looking for a Darrell Issa connection before they put his name out there.


Ahmad Alissa, sounds so PEACEFUL. Or mostly PEACEFUL.
Mel, when I posted that EVANSTON link, I thought of you.



Summary so far:

Prince says that the problem in Central America is that the cartels are at least as strong or stronger than the military of the governments. Yon seconds this, and the people fleeing are using their heads and trying to get out.

The cartels buy weapons from the Middle East, as well as smuggled across the US border. They have 50-caliber machine guns mounted on trucks, for example. Their motto is "silver or lead." (In other words, pay me or you're dead.)

Betsy McCoughey on now, says 75% of the minors are teen boys. "Think tattoos, not teddy bears." They will, by law, have to be enrolled in public schools and will, again by law, have to be provided tutors. Most don't speak English, and quite a few don't even speak Spanish but some obscure Mayan dialect. School systems will have to pay for the tutors and you will not have money for other programs, like band.

Prince says we are still in Afghanistan because the Pentagon is stuck in the "drop bombs, use armor, etc." conventional warfare. Bannon says the conventional wisdom is that Prince is crazy. Prince says he wears that as a badge of honor.

Did you know that we have a Baskin and Robbins and 3 Starbucks in Afghanistan? FUNDED BY OUR MILITARY?

Also: Daily Mail reports shooter in Boulder is 21-year old Achmed al-Issa.


Raheem says he finds it odd that the media seems to be mispronouncing the name.

What Miss Marple would like to know is how this guy, age 21, got into the country. Born here? Came in with parents as a refugee legally?

Or maybe came in over the southern border?

Dave (in MA)

Ahmad Al-Issa
Ahmad Alissa
Achmed al-Issa

I wonder how many permutations we'll see before they standardize on one name?



They provide videos of each segement on that same website when the live shows are over. I will try to provide the link in the afternoon if I remember. If you don't see it pop up by 3 or so please remind me.


Our first concern now must be for the Muslim community and the inevitable retribution inflicted on them by white males.

Dave (in MA)

MSNBC now says:

    After 10 people were killed in a mass shooting at the King Soopers grocery store in Colorado, Boulder Police Chief Maris Herold read the names of the victims and identified the name of the suspect before promising a "thorough investigation"

...but NBC still have not provided the name.



You have gotten really good at progspeak!

Dave (in MA)

jimmyk, this would be a good time for all of us to reflect on how we might have been able to personally and collectively have suppressed our white privilege so that Mr. Issa would not have felt that he had no other recourse than to carry out this act.


Excellent post Stephanie!


Why do you all hate MUZLIMS, is it because of JOHN KERRY and BI-BARRY OBAMA.

Shame on you.


Raheem got the guy's account from Facebook, archived it, fortunately, because after he went to the account and looked at it Facebook took the account down.

He is pretty sure, although not positive, that this is a radical Islamicist who immigrated from Syria.

Raheem says that he cannot be positive about this because it is raw information. Bannon says that the fact that it was taken down so quickly was that law enforcement was working with Facebook to get it removed.

Raheem reports through Jack Prosobiec that Biden has been briefed.


Also apparently the guy has Isis sympathies and hates the LBGTQ agenda.


I want more information
; did he live in Boulder? Did he go to school at CU?

How long has he been there? Where did he live? With who? Where did he come from?

It gets weirdly personal when you’ve lived there.

I did like that they stripped him down to his undies, with no shoes to walk him to the arrest car. Snow on the ground.

Dave (in MA)

Maybe MSNBC is too busy sifting through members of the Boulder Police Dept.'s online T-shirt purchase histories to bother to type in "AHMAD AL-ISSA".


MissM, I think you mean ISIL.


Biden has been briefed.

I feel better already.

The White House staff is now busily putting together an explanation of why this is Trump's fault.

John S

the national tragedy is the coming backlash and hate attacks against Muslims.


By "Briefed", do you mean DEPENDS.

John S

has anyone heard what kind of weapon was used?

Dave (in MA)

Is that the same as being pantsed?


I'm to bizzy hating ASIANS and QUEERS. I have no time to hate MUZZIES.


Dave (inMA),

Prince says he had a long gun. Policeman died armed only with a hand gun, running towards the perp.



"Jack Posobiec
· 30m

BREAKING: Biden has been briefed the Colorado shooter had ISIS sympathies, per WH official"

Dave (in MA)


    Suspect Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa was from Arvada, Colorado and had lived most of his life in the U.S., said Boulder County District Attorney Michael Dougherty
Another spelling.


And anti-Trump. pic.twitter.com/yRrNWdedgp

— Ducky ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (@thatjerkme) March 23, 2021

Screen cap of Facebook pages at the ink.


So Ga is deemed a hate crime contrary to evidence and Boulder cannot be ?



The FBI coming after conservatives.


Now the suspect's brother says he believed that the guy was mentally ill.

Raheem says that diagnosis was awfully quick.


In case anyone has an hour on Thursday--


With a remit set out in law to be “the guardian of the interests of future generations in Wales”, Sophie Howe is the world’s only Future Generations Commissioner. Described by The Guardian as the “World’s first minister of the Unborn”, her role is to provide advice to the Government and other public bodies in Wales on delivering social, economic, environmental and cultural well-being for current and future generations and assessing and reporting on how they are delivering.

Commissioner Howe will join Capita Board member Nicole Biondi for a conversation about what governments owe future generations and how to build the capacities across government, business, and civil society to act with responsible stewardship on behalf of the billions of children yet to be born both in this century and in the centuries to come.



Head of Heritage steps down.




WSJ story says shooter had "AR-style rifle." It actually names the perp.

Dave (in MA)

Yesterday there was an audio clip with a civilian bystander of the shooting who mentioned the "AR-style rifle".

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Achmed al-Issa

I keeeeeeel you.

Somewhere Jeff Dunham is not surprised.

Dave (in MA)

Has anybody asked Kamala about Boulder yet, so we can get some nice, inappropriate Kamala Kackle audio?



That’ll leave a mark!



The shooters intent was to ratchet Trump supporters, but the rally was cancelled.


Biden has been briefed explains the underpants on his head.


One Flu Out Of The Wuhan Nest
March 23, 2021 Kate

Claws of the Panda
Gain of Function
Wuhan Flu 9

A funny thing happened on the flight home from Alaska. The lab leak hypothesis is a conspiracy no more.

Out: “China Virus”

In: “Made in China Virus”

Science, like journalism, is supposed to be about facts and about getting to the truth. But those who dare seek answers to reasonable questions about any lab accidents in Wuhan are accused of peddling conspiracies.

Let me be clear: Labs in Wuhan might not have played any role in the origin of the pandemic. But a year later, no source has been found, and the world deserves a thorough, unbiased investigation of all plausible theories that is conducted without fear or favor.

Via our oft-cited Yuri Deigin, co-author of this recent publication: The genetic structure of SARS‐CoV‐2 does not rule out a laboratory origin

Nikolai Petrovsky also bucked the narrative — More than a year into the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, some scientists say the possibility of a lab leak never got a fair look.

I’ve added Yuri and Alina to the sidebar as your best follows on the developments.


Dave (in MA)


How does he know what goes on in the Trump bedroom?


Nathan Wurtzel
"The Louisiana Purchase" brought to you by (rhymes with Shmomas Shmefferson).

This goes nicely with the Gaza Bridge. Apparently you have to fail history and geography to work at Vox.

And for you MSM who RT this guy: what is your excuse? Why even follow him?

Aaron Rupar @atrupar
I don't think the Founding Fathers had any intentions regarding South Dakota either, and yet twitter.com/SenatorRounds/…





I think James really shot herself in the foot with the statement she put out in conjunction with the release of the George Floyd video.

I doesn't help either that more and more people are catching on to the role of a public policy think tank and all the deceit involved to act as the Right Pincer of a coordinated vision.


Caleb's on a roll::

Caleb Hull @CalebJHull
THREAD: Here are all the idiotic leftists who immediately jumped to politicize the tragic Boulder shooting to push their narrative, only for it all to fall apart when it turns out the shooter is muslim...

Deadspin Editor:

Caleb Hull
Deadspin Editor + USA Today Editor

What makes this one even more ironic is that the shooter posted to his FB about needing a girlfriend.



Parler games coming to light:

Bobby Allyn @BobbyAllyn
New: Former Parler CEO John Matze sues the company and its leadership, including Rebekah Mercer, in Nevada state court claiming his 40% stake was taken away in an "arrogant theft." Suit says he was subject to intimidating threats and bullying and is owed millions of dollars.

As he's stated before, Matze said his spat w Mercer was over content moderation. In particular, the suit says his push that QAnon, neo-Nazis, incitements of violence and domestic terrorism be moderated was resisted.

Matze says Mercer and others disagreed & "hijacked" the site

A lot of odd details about Parler's financing. Suit claims Mercer initially hid her investment stake in Parler behind NDMASCENDANT LLC. And Mercer's money was allegedly characterized as a loan, so her 60% stake was being claimed as both an equity stake and debt.

Investor Jeffrey Wernick had entities provide "convertible debt agreements" with Parler, including one such firm, Dream Seekers Limited, based in Shanghai. The amount is not disclosed.

Bobby Allyn @BobbyAllyn
There was a push from Wernick to give Dan Bongino an ownership stake in Parler in exchange not for money but for his "media presence and various media platforms" to promote Parler. The suit says it's unclear whether that ever happened, but Bongino did purport to be an investor.


I'm sure more will be coming out of these mudslinging events.

Dave (in MA)

If some moron was willing to shell out $2.9M for the NFT of Nose Ring's first tweet, imagine how much Trump's last one would bring in.


Mel knows this, but Rebekah Mercer is on the Board of the Heritage Foundation.

This is very good as to whether NYC will EVER recover. https://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/2021/03/terrified-nycs-future-ronn-torossian/

Stayed with former neighbor in Fla who keeps an apt in NYC so what has happened there was a big topic. She did tell me they are finally opening up the 2nd floor of the Frick. Would love to see that at some point.



Bongino, whenever he has mentioned Parler on his podcast, has always disclosed he was an investor.

I haven't heard him mention it lately, though.


Tractor rupar, ah lol.

Dave (in MA)

BOOM!, as they say.





Stayed with former neighbor in Fla who keeps an apt in NYC so what has happened there was a big topic.

The city seems much more alive than it did, with restaurants (but not bars :( ) essentially fully open indoors and out, streets busy with pedestrians, etc. But that's in my mostly residential neighborhood. The city will continue to die until Broadway and other indoor venues are allowed to reopen, tourists come back, and most important, people return to work in midtown and downtown. Those areas are comatose.



Baffling? After the horrid statements she made about this country at Emory last Friday?


Yes, jimmy. Her apt is near Manhattan Marymount area in a co-op.


Yet Boebert is evil for arguing against “gun control”. More guns = fewer victims.

Dave (in MA)


"assault rifle"


Mike Pompeo
Cancel culture has infiltrated our schools and threatens the freedom of speech that millions of Americans fought to protect at our Nation’s founding. It has no place in America.


Carmine Sabia
Atlanta sex workers killed by sex maniac who frequented the establishments.

Media - Race Race Race Race.

Colorado Shooting. Done by ISIS Sympathizer Ahmad Al-Issa.

Media - The Race is not important.

And the Colorado story will be gone from the media by the end of the week.

matt - deplore me if you must

MT, I was lucky to see Prine a couple of times at the beginning of his career at a small club outside Philly. He was touring with Steve Goodman and they were both conversationalists. Their stories were as much fun as the music, which was superb.

Have been a fan of both to this day. Goodman died of cancer a while back and John just left recently, but even when considering his own mortality he had a sense of humor.

"When I get to Heaven" is a classic, "Gonna smoke a cigarette 5 miles long" was subversive.

There are almost too many Prine or Goodman classics. We have lived among giants, or at least Cubs fans.

Dave (in MA)

Even though the Atlanta Neckbeard has admitted to the cops that he did it out of shame that he shares the same hobby as Bob Kraft, he's still conveniently white, so they can bitterly cling to that narrative, but Ahmad Achmed Abu al-Issa Alissa is problematic.

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