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March 20, 2021



West sanctions China over Xinjiang abuses, Beijing hits back at EU http://reut.rs/3cVoO7L


Unemployment Scammer Spills Secrets: Illinois Easy Target Because ‘They Don’t Verify Anything’


Blood test could detect Alzheimer's years before symptoms, mouse study suggests

Maybe the oldtimer-in-chief could use this



I think Kurt's hit the nail on the head, at least with that segment of the population which keeps asking me if I have had my vaccination yet, and telling me about theirs.


Cracks me up::



I feel like the only type of covetousness I have for other people is related to their USDA Climate Zone.

So like every once in a while I seethe with envy over Kev’s Latitude and Longitude, but then I meditate on California’s gun laws and taxes and I’m completely at peace again.



Doctor Savage had a sleep expert on who said Alzheimer’s is correlated with lack of sleep. Your brain basically goes thru a cleaning phase during deep sleep that, if interrupted, leaves behind residue-if you will.

Jim Eagle

Thi guy Kimme with Gonzaga reminds me of Bill Walton

Jim Eagle

..This guy....



Since President Trump is well-known for sleeping only 4-5 hours per night, I assume this is yet another effort to make him sound mentally out of it, unlike that astute current resident at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

(Sarcasm intended.)


"They're destroying it with woke. When China looks at woke, and they see the biggest problem we have is Dr Seuss. In the meantime they're building factories and trying to kill us in so many different ways." --
President Trump. pic.twitter.com/JmOI83xJN1

— 🧢Mac (@beingrealmac) March 22, 2021

Video at the link.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

New thread


President Trump hosted some sort of classic car event at Mar-a-Lago today. This thread has 2 1-minute videos. The first is a view of quite a few of the cars, which you car folks will enjoy. The second is President Trump walking through the event greeting guests. (Wearing golf clothes and a red hat, getting his pic taken with guests.)


Do not bother reading the rest of the thread, as it's full of nasty leftists whining about how the rich are enjoying themselves while people in the US are suffering, blah, blah.)


Holy cow: 42% of Americans report undesired weight gain during Covid 19.

What percent report undesired weight gain in a normal year? :)


which keeps asking me if I have had my vaccination yet, and telling me about theirs.

OR the ones who go to great lengths to insert it into any conversation. A couple was telling me about their dog's neurological issue and said, "Honey - remember the first time she fell off of the bed? It was the day after we got our 2nd vaccine shot!"

So I guess they expected me to chime in about my vaccine shot but were disappointed.

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