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March 20, 2021



Susan rosenberg the godmother of the black bloc, but that was clintons bag





Thanks, narc, yes, that's who I was thinking of, but you're right it was Clinton. Obama commuted the sentence of Oscar Lopez Rivera, the PR terrorist.


Who blew up the same theatre his fave lin miranda actually performed in


Irony having gone zombie,

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Them Orthodox Jews need to figure out an angle to get qualified for victim status like those dirty little yellowbellies [oops, wait, that's what progs called Asians last week]. I meant to say 'noble victims of white racism who hail from the Orient'. Can we still say "Orient"?
Let's see...hmm...what could they use? Several thousand years of persecution and attempted exterminations?
Nope; they're honkies.
Hmmm...it's gonna be a tough nut to crack, all right.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

From twitter;
"Bill Maher Says America Is Becoming Segregated Again, And Leftists Are To Blame"

They, you, were to blame the first time, dumbass.
Woodrow Wilson was a proud progressive.


Bill maher makes me want to hurl, and theres not enough ipecac to stop it.


Now henry rodgers calls asians (white adjacent) makes tennessee coates seem almost polite.


Thats ibrahim x (shirley) kendi.

jim nj

Kind of an indication of how far behind I am I just read Clarice's article and have a nit-pick.

"Tinhorn Flats is a family-operated bar and restaurant in Burbank. Burbank has had a death rate from the Wuhan virus of 2.8 percent of which 80 percent were of those over 65 who had, on average three co-morbidities."

With respect Clarice, that's a poor paraphrase. Yes, the underlying article used that 2.8% figure. However, the context was that of the KNOWN Covid-19 cases the fatality rate was 2.8%.

Burbank population > people who tested > people who tested positive > % who died after testing positive.

jim nj

What US idiot announced a cyber-attack on Russia ahead of its' launch?

How do they even know that the "Solarwinds" cyber-attack on the US was a Russian operation? It could just as easily have been a Chinese false-flag attack.

Even this idea of launching cyber-attacks to punish cyber-attacks is lame. "If you attack our computers we will attack your computers," is like a juvenile playground retort.

This is silly. If we're any good at cyber-attacks we should go after China and make it look like the Russians are doing it and go after Russia and make it look like the Chinese are doing it.

Ultimately, if this is the way that the future is to be played we should move to a kinetic response.

The idea that some country can attack us electronically and that we need to abide by some low-level response is suicidal ideation.

There really needs to be a plan to take out, permanently, our opponent's human talent quickly and lethally. Like a neutron bomb strategy. Who cares if their computers still work if there is no one to operate them?

jim nj


jim nj


"A European Union official said Sunday that the United Kingdom will not be receiving shipments of the AstraZeneca vaccine that have been produced in the Netherlands, as the EU attempts to reserve doses of the vaccine for its citizens."

The EU must be run by zombies. "Oh, this vaccine kills people." Nobody can have the vaccine. "Oh, it works?" Well the UK can't have any then.

jim nj


Somebody mentioned that the Turkish Lira was falling.

Firing the head of the central bank over the weekend will do that.

jim nj


Railroad megamerger would create the first Mexico-US-Canada freight rail network

"If the deal is consummated, the rail companies would join their networks in Kansas City, Missouri, giving customers access to Canada, the US Midwest, the US Northeast, the South Central United States and Mexico. The interchange point in Kansas City could remove a roadblock, speeding up shipments by allowing some cargo to remain on the same car. Currently, cargo being transported from one rival's network to another may have to be swapped out to a new car to continue on its journey."

I'm a little surprised that they may have to off-load a freight car and transport it to another freight line to be placed in another railcar.

I mean they would have had a century to fix this. Maybe there is a third-party rail-line that serves as a shuttle?

jim nj



When you hang out next to a volcano. (Vid)



jim nj, I am not aware of any need to swap cargo from one car to another except when the journey involves changing between standard gauge and narrow gauge. There is saving and efficiency having a single road handle freight from origin to destination.


Heads up here friends--catching up, I click on a link to Mollie Hemingway tweet posted here last night--when it opens, her Tweet is NOT there--instead I have a message that says I have muted her.

NO WAY--because I have never muted ANYONE.
I didn't know it could be done!

They're at it again--what do they call it ???
"Fortifying" or something.

The stealing the election article in Time had some word for the censorship.


sbw, were you eating magic mushrooms yesterday?
Or just trying your hand at fiction?
Oh, that your vision of what these recounts and rulings of uncosntitutional elections result in comes true!

It does energize me to continue to speak the truth to all Blue Anons , every opportunity I get. Because they wouldn't be doing ANY of this if we had crumpled on Jan 6th.

Good for every person here who refused to buy the Insurrection BS they have been shoveling, who writes their Congress critters demanding that the we have electoral integrity, who refuses to pretend this election was not fraudulent. Massively fraudulent.


To your point a'mom.


James D.

From twitter;
"Bill Maher Says America Is Becoming Segregated Again, And Leftists Are To Blame"

If you put enough monkeys in front of enough typewriters, eventually by random chance, one of them will bang out the first act of Hamlet. That doesn’t mean you hire that monkey to write for you.



I think the term is "shadow banning".

When I used to post President Trump's tweets here, I always had to go to his home page on Twitter to see them. They never showed up on my timeline. I never thought to see if he was listed as "muted."



Lead Capitol riot prosecutor says Trump could be culpable for his role

Stated on that noted arbiter of truth, "60 Minutes". I can see that this ass, judging from his picture, is going to end up being on TV as much as Fauci.

For one thing, I want to see that "soccer mom from Ohio" who said she was in the Capitol building because "President Trump told us we have to take back the House."

This is a bigger load of BS than we have seen in some time.



This is an excellent article by Andrew Malcolm.

One thing he noted that I have not read anywhere else:

"You saw much media attention last week on Biden’s exclusive network interview with a handpicked former Bill Clinton aide. It was taped Wednesday but not broadcast until Thursday. What you likely missed in the avalanche of adulation was a tiny italic note on ABC’s transcript—“Edited for Clarity.

James D.

MM, that Hill story just demonstrates yet again what cowardly, treasonous trash both Sessions and Barr were.

We saw and heard Democratic politicians openly inciting violence, and providing financial support to violent rioters and looters, and there wasn't a goddamn peep from DoJ.


James D.,

I sat here and watched all 5 hours of coverage. That wasn't a riot, it was a bunch of people who got a little vocal with some agitators mixed in. No one was armed. Arrests were made after the fact after our crack FBI (sparing a moment to find Lady Gaga's dogs) tracked down from video and photos and then stormed their homes like they did Roger Stone.

No looting. One broken door window. One jerk sitting in Pelosi's chair. Meanwhile, who shot the woman who was a Trump supporter?

Sammy Small

MM, I wish there had been some tech savvy individuals that could have "swatted" a bunch of progs when the FBI was asking for help identifying Capitol rioters. There needs to be ways to throw sand into the Fed gears when they target Trump supporters.


Sammy Small,

As long as the FBI and DOK are controlled by the Left, it is wise to be very careful about counter moves.

I watched an interview with General Flynn yesterday by one of the editors of Front Page. General Flynn confirmed much of what we have discussed here, but I couldn't get the link to post no matter how I framed it.

The gist of what he said is that this is a multi-front conflict: China, Russia, Iran and their allies, and we have infiltrators in every facet of the government and at every level.


That should be "DOJ."


Department of Klan does fit these days.



I truthfully hope both Bill Barr and Jeff Sessions are humiliated whenever they step out in public.


The Daily Wire
WH Physician For Obama, Trump: Biden ‘Hiding’ From Public A ‘Major Red Flag,’ ‘Something’s Not Right’ http://dlvr.it/Rw76R6


EU agrees China sanctions over Xinjiang abuses; first in three decades http://reut.rs/3vRe5UO



She’s not a data scientist.

She’s a grifter.

save DEMOCRACY @VippusaO
Former COVID-19 data scientist for the state of FL Rebekah Jones says she’s turning herself into police Sunday after a warrant was issued for her arrest

The warrant didn't come from evidence the FDLE had sought during the search of her home in Dec. miami.cbslocal.com/2021/01/17/fir… 03



Oops.Jim. I tried.



Black, who appeared to be a main client of Jeffrey Epstein, is stepping down citing "health and other interests".

I bet his "other interests" are in preserving his health through exiting to an undisclosed location.


Darwin Applicants present:

Disclose.tv 🚨
NEW - Iceland's newest volcano collapses as hundreds approach the magma fissure.




Miniluv is my name for it.

The last time one of the blacks exited a conpany was 40 floors down.




As noted last night strenz is part of the malta gang that galitzia had been investigating.


Two Lazard-backed SPACs aim to raise $500 million in IPOs http://reut.rs/3lEt5AH


What are they investing in, prpbably more vaporware.


Richard Grenell

I’ve now had a few DC reporters text me to say “the editors” decide what they cover.

We are making progress!

Reporters are embarrassed enough by the media bias to start blaming the editors.
4:39 PM · Mar 19, 2021
Note the date. I haven't checked Grenell's page in a while, and this only showed up on my Twitter feed because someone retweeted it.



Chip plant closure pressures Japanese car output

Published date: 22 March 2021

Japanese car production is expected to come under more pressure over the coming months after a fire closed an automotive chip production line operated by Japanese chipmaker Renesas Electronics.




Grenell's on to something. Recall some years ago, all the major news organizations fired their Copy Editors. Those are the ones responsible for making sure the Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How's are accurate.

So, who are the REAL editors in their stead?


Well thar would be logical, but why did it ahut down

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--From twitter;
"Bill Maher Says America Is Becoming Segregated Again, And Leftists Are To Blame"--

You know, it occurs to me that a great many 20th century conservatives and pretty much all the first, non-imbecilic wave of neo conservatives started out as Stalinists and Trotskyites and were sufficiently repulsed by the reality of who and what they were supporting that they turned their back fully on what they had so incredibly stupidly first believed.
Perhaps the reality of this so far not nearly so brutal, but in many ways far more loony and possibly more dangerous form of communism will get some of these Berniebots who are already having misgivings about the fruits of progdom to go full sanity.


Human trafficking under color of law.
Money for all sides. From cartels to the politicians. Each soul is a cash machine for these "Rescue" organizations and they kick back to the politicians.
I suspect a link between the cartels and the NGOs. Would crooks spend 5K to make 40K?


(That’s in response to a very good Intercept piece. Link gets you to both.)

Manuel Transmission

Jim NJ and Hoyden,

That merger story is just silly. The reporter prolly mistook ‘units’ for rail cars. Today, the big Class 1 types are playing a Precision Railroading game developed by Hunter Harrison at CP which has migrated through most of the others that focuses on fixed timetable operation like a passenger RR. With that is the FRA’s mandated Positive Train Control (PTC) that dictates operational procedures and upgraded motive power. So, bottom line is trains that run through end to end until blocks of cars are switched out for destination differences. Mexico equipment might be out of date on several levels that would get sorted out along the way. For instance, the RRs have been playing with ECB (electronic controlled brakes) for decades that improves train handling, but I doubt that is a factor here.

As a side note, we’ve had an interchange system with common rules for car ‘health’ etc. forever, but as inferred above, the Mexican rolling stock may have had to be set aside for failed inspection. There are also scanning systems to spot contraband crossing the Southern border. Rumor has it you can see ‘dogs playing poker’ right through the walls.

The Finns tried run through interchange with the Soviets 50-odd years ago and gave it up when all the Finnish cars disappeared going out and never returned.


The genius of JOM is the breadth of experience of participants. Thank you, TM.



I am glad to see someone else has noticed that "human trafficking under color of law" situation on the border.

Michael Yon noted Indians from Columbia heading north with children last week on Bannon's show. Not only do those children not speak Spanish, they speak some obscure Indian language that in all of the US there might be 100 people who speak it.

So how would those kids wind up in approved foster homes? Meanwhile, here in Indy there are signs posted at shopping center parking lots saying they need foster parents and you can get paid for doing so. This seems to me to be another venue for pedophiles.


New scam: ROBOT art!!



From the Project Veritas photos, it looks like "The Mayorkas Disaster" has "Biden Tacos"




The Epoch Times
#Russia’s ambassador to the US arrived in #Moscow on Sunday for discussions on how to address sliding US-Russia relations after President Biden said he thought Putin was a killer, the TASS news agency reported.


Janice Dean
Mar 21
N.Y. Nursing Home Deaths: F.B.I. Investigating if Cuomo Aides Gave False Data - The New York Times


Chris Barron
If you want to know how truly bad the border crisis is for Biden, look no further than the deployment of the DNC’s rapid response team aka CNN.
Jack Posobiec

· 1h
CNN racing in to save the Biden Border PR Crisis like it’s a 5-Alarm Fire

Jim Eagle

Janice Dean is on the nursing home story like a hounddog on a hambone:)


Yeah, this was legit. Bear in mind the same group ran Milwaukee, Madison, Racine, and Kenosha elections.


Leftwing political operative who bought his way into control of Green Bay's election process using Facebook money was ALSO given secret network IDs and information on all sensitive, secure networks. Why? empowerwisconsin.org/emails-green-b… @empowerwi




Project Veritas got pix of inside the border camps. The ki-do look like they are being barbecued.

Dave (in MA)
    Michael Yon noted Indians from Columbia heading north with children last week on Bannon's show. Not only do those children not speak Spanish, they speak some obscure Indian language that in all of the US there might be 100 people who speak it.
Future drunk driving killers who lack the enzyme, who get prosecutorial roadblocks based on the inability to find interpreters.
Manuel Transmission

Has anyone else heard of worldwide protests?


All instigated by MAGA and Qanon extreme RIGHT-wing radicals!!!



The news media 'bias' is simply their leg of creating the desired Mappae Mundi that I covered here with respect to education. http://invisibleserfscollar.com/mappae-mundi-psychological-governance-and-21st-century-citizenship-priming/

They are the other leg of Communication and Myths, Maps, and Models as covered controls language, images, and perceived connections among events. Just like we see with respect to January 6.


MT- They've been very large, and very pillowed here.

Hanna Trudo
Classic Clyburn quote and great story by ⁦@natashakorecki⁩

“I don't like people telling me how important I am. You gotta show me.” politico.com/news/2021/03/2…



Off for follow up on the broken leg. BBL.


But of course




That's good news. He bought name recognition in 2018 lending to his campaign. Now the name is infamous.


Mel, what did you do. I'm sorry, I'm not here as much and I just heard about your injury.
Can I deliver falafel or sumpting.


Something having to do with skiing if memory serves.


Boy Mel,

I forgot you broke your leg. How’s it going?


So they got nuthin


Jim Eagle

Yeah, lot of broken bones in skiing. That's why I stick with Luge, Bobsled and Ski Jumping:)





I have never attempted skiing, due to my fragile knees. I've already had one knee surgery just from twisting my leg funny while doing gardening, back when I was in my 40's.

It always looked like so much fun, but I knew better than to even try. Of course, not much opportunity here in the flat lands.

matt - deplore me if you must

Does this merger mean that the cartels can now move illegals in bond between Mexico and Canada? Will this help relive Joe's border fiasco?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Last Tuesday an acquaintance was skiing at the local resort with his wife and daughter. He's apparently very good but on a run he and another guy realized they were vectoring in an unhealthy manner. Unfortunately they both chose the same path to avoid each other and collided. Friend had his helmet on but stll suffered a pretty severe concussion. Was airflighted to the nearest hospital with cerebral swelling. Get's out of the hospital today but needs to be watched 24/7 for three months and no driving for those three months. A year off work. He's pretty stubborn though so I doubt it will be anywhere near that long. We'll see.



Some replies said that tweet was made unavailable, so am going to copy and post it here:

Julie Kelly

Once you know Kristol is bankrolled by an open borders leftist billionaire, this tweet makes all kinds of sense.

She was commenting on a tweet by Bill Kristol saying that there is a plan, more humane than Trump's and not a crisi. Pfft!


Jonathan Rauch
Holy cow: 42% of Americans report undesired weight gain during Covid 19. The average weight gain is 29 lbs. And 41 lbs for Millennials! This will ramify for years to come. https://mailchi.mp/20625980cc22/f

Not as a RESULT of having Covid 19, as he inferred in his tweet, but actually during the lockdowns. What did they expect?

Jim Eagle

Some of you may know I love to cook. But I have been doing this for years with elementary cookware. Now more and more recipes are calling for slow cookers

Any advice on the best ones? Its normally, for just wife and I and/or when Frederick is home.


3 weeks ago, a ~40 mph GS turn when it was 55 outside, hit a big clump of crud with my downhill ski and the sudden stress transferred into my knee. I sheared the top of my fibula instead of the tendon and ligaments. After getting up and skiing another run, the walk to the parking lot in my ski boots started screaming “Fibula Problem!”. X-ray the next day we’re negative, MRI 3 days later exposed the break. Brace and physical therapy followed.

Today is 3 week follow up.


Johnny was all for the lovkdowns wasnt he?


I wasnt far wrong


Jim Eagle

Busy day here. House going up next to us between our dunes and us.

Pouring the footers for the upcoming block work.


This lady asked people what their "woke breaking point" was. Here are 55 of the best and most eye-opening responses.


Jib, happy with the Hamilton Beach.

Also consider a small InstaPot for your steel cut Oatmeal and Instant Vortex Plus Air Fryer.

Got a sous-vid thingy for Christmas but haven't used it.

Add everything up and it probably cost as much as Clarice’s Thermomix that we haven’t bought yet.


I skied 167 days in a row in 1972.

Beat that!


Jack - I would still go with the large size slow cooker because you will need it for a whole chicken or a roast.

The two features I think are crucial are a removable insert for cleaning and a selection of low/med/high/warm on the temperature gauge. I don't find the timer useful because it's usually going to cook for 6-8 hours anyway so why would you want to delay the start?

Mine is a 7-quart "Crock-pot" brand and it's been used about once every 2 weeks for several years. Insert with lid pops in the refrigerator with left-overs and into the dishwasher for clean-up. Currently, it's $35 on Amazon.


That’s a nice streak Jane. Before or after your JD?

(Don’t ask the question unless you’re pretty sure of the answer ahead of time.)


Jack, Momto2,

I second Momto2's recommendations!


Before Mel. Lawschool was in the 80’s.. Part of the reason I could do it was I worked at the top of the mountain (Keystone) so I had to ski home every day.


Regardless of which slow cooker you buy, ignore those recipes which don't have you searing the meat first. Was Sonoma has a more expensive model that allows you to do that right in the pot. I don't find that feature worth the extra expense .Use the range.


Williams Sonoma


Matt Walsh

· 28m
Kristi Noem says she doesn’t want to ban males from women’s sports at the college level because it might make the NCAA mad and they might “punish us.” That is the most Republican line of reasoning I’ve ever heard. Sick of it. Nauseated by it.
I listened to part of her press conference this morning. The NCAA is apparently a private corporation and her concern was for South Dakota colleges and universities being sanctioned by the NCAA and a loss in tourism and revenue for business owners. She HAS put together a group of athletes, doctors, and famous names who oppose transgender participation in women's sports, including Herschel Walker.

I am not sure that during the tourney is the best time to call attention to this, anyway.

However, I do go with the girl who has a soccer scholarship who said that she couldn't see putting in all that time and effort to get a second place medal.

As near as I can tell, this is primarily a mental problem. I am not going to castigate those who feel they are in the wrong body, but that doesn't change the fact that males who go through adolescence grow taller, stronger, with more dense bone mass and heart size. It's an unfair advantage those individuals have when competing with biological females, pure and simple.


Still seems on spot ..


Mr Producer
Rep #Tlaib: It’s Shameful #DC Isn’t A State Because Of Our Racist Founders. #DCStatehood

This is a ridiculous an historically inaccurate comment.

Jim Eagle

I suspect an American cow-girl like Kristi Noem knows exactly what she says and what she is doing.


Energy giant Shell was impacted by a data security breach related to using Accellion’s file-transfer software



AP Top 25
Not rusty: Oregon soars past Iowa 95-80 and into the Sweet 16.

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