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March 19, 2021


Old Lurker

A-mom "If our friends and family STILL don't know how unrooted in reality they are, it's our job to show them."

A cynical fatalist would say just let Darwin work it out.



To be honest, I basically make sure I am not in their presence any more than necessary.

I've always preferred hanging around people who had something to teach me.


Went to Michael's with my daughter last night, to get a few craft items. Almost everything made in China and a big display of craft papers in the center aisle with a sign that a portion of the proceeds went to gender equality issues.

I am going to have to utilize other sources and think up recycled items I already have here. Very demoralizing.


Do you all realize that the top states in the United States can all be found along the Canadian border?


MissM, they are following the crowd. The MOB. It makes up for their low self esteem. They are with the in kids.





Did you hear the FBI says they “lost” Hunter’s computer?



“top states”. In what? Geography??

Jim Eagle

And the bottom states are all along the Mexican border or Gulf of Mexico.


What fresh hell:



Jane, I heard the FBI "accidently destroyed" Hunter's computer. Same difference in the end.


Chuck you




The computer guy has a copy. NG before they take him out?


Sure she did,




Thaddeus McCotter compares Woke Culture with Maoism and Stalinism and points out how they are permeating every aspect of our culture.


IIRC, there were four copies made of Hunter's hard drive.



I think Rudy Guiliani said the guy made a few copies, and gave one to Rudy.


Is the pope argentine:



Way more than 4.


Jane, it is a play on words. Geography/physical location. 😁


Crazy right



Nuke it from orbit




Bannon's War Room live. Right now Marjorie Taylor Green is on. Second hour will be on China. I am listening while doing other things. Really good program.


MTG on the entire hour w Bannon today.



You need to add the https


They have huh



DOJ drops discrimination lawsuit against Yale brought by Trump administration
The Justice Department sued Yale in October over its application process.

February 3, 2021

The complaint charged that Yale discriminated against Asian American and white undergraduate applicants.

Seems a bit racist and xenophobic to drop this lawsuit
Of course, the Biden Administration is always ready to use Asians as props


Volcano live cam:



Michael Yon from Panama on Bannon's show:

CNN International has been running video since 2015 explaining HOW TO GET NORTH THROUGH CENTRAL AMERICA AND MEXICO TO THE US BORDER.

This is news to me and as far as I am concerned, CNN should be sharged with aiding and abetting illegal entry, at a minimum.


The whole Asian discrimination thing is ridiculous. They are discriminated against by universities because they are too smart. All democrat institutions. If anyone can beat it, it’s smart people. Another democrat ruse to try and get more votes.


Its the reverse of what happened with the pulse shooter who was a muslim who specifically targeted gays because of his religion, but his father was a bureau asset


Oh, OL---

Not a republic anymore per curriculum funded by betsy devos' fed ED. https://www.educatingforamericandemocracy.org/about-us/who-we-are/

The best explanation for the new term all K-12 in any school must accept as a 'constitutional democracy' is that we are implementing the Marxist Humanist vision as a matter of law and that children must believe in their responsibilities to all others fervently.

I did appreciate the updating of the Civic Mission of Schools report I covered in my book by name and how it now ties to this Roadmap. Released in early March.

Old Lurker

RSE, there is no secret at all what they intend.

They are well on their way since, as FDCOL and I both mentioned, fully half of the US Population has no clue, and could not care less, what the flap is all about. "Gimme $1400 and Netflix and we can pretend they are Bread and Circuses."

And Asians? God already discriminated against them by endowing them with IQs 5 points higher than the rest of the world, us included. Shame, shame. (And that gap widens as the US figures move south.)



I have written in the past about the deliberate False Narrative tied to think tanks most people have been led to believe are 'conservative'. One of the main organizers of that showed up as a Co-Chair of the implementation of that report.

That certainly explains why he went to so much trouble to misexplain how conceptual frameworks work. Of course, he also used to be a Professor of Govt and Political Science at UVa before he became an "education researcher." Education of course is now how these political theories get installed at the level of students' unconscious minds.

It was a good plan no one was supposed to recognize. Ooops on that one.



California Study Advocates Injecting Men With Female Hormones To Treat Covid.

Old Lurker

RSE, that is why you waste your breath calling it Betsy Devos's Ed Dept."


Having done his best, EVERYBODY Trump appointed is in on it too.

OK, having exaggerated to make my point, when the Angel of Death sweeps through the land, you can put blood over the doors of the dozen or so actual Constitutional Patriots who draw paychecks from any level of government in the US or from any Foundation or NGO so they might be spared as Seed Corn for emerging from the coming Dark Age.

You are allotted no saving blood for Davos.

Not a drop.


Very timely metaphor, OL. And Happy Vernal Equinox to all.



Italian prosecutor seeks trial for Salvini on migrant kidnapping charges

A new strategy: preventing migrants from entering your country amounts to kidnapping.

"A word means what I want it to mean, neither more or less," said Humpty Dumpty.

Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking Glass.



A former CIA and National Security Council official called on Biden to replace Secretary of State Anthony Blinken in the wake of the US-China summit in Alaska that devolved into insults and little progress.

Former CIA analyst and National Security Council chief of staff Fred Fleitz said “it was one of the most incompetent displays I’ve ever seen by an American diplomat.”

(More at the link.)


So who would you have replaced fauci, that would be confirmed by the possums and not be whittakered.

Manuel Transmission

After spending a fair amount of time in China over a couple decades, I’ve concluded that their 5 pt IQ advantage is offset by the overhead of their language creating a -15 pt disadvantage, because it is so torturous with so many rules and the thousands of characters that can only be memorized. In a big meeting, I could say “the sky is blue” and they would spend 10 minutes haggling over whatever that finally meant.

On the other hand, they have an extraordinary percentage of their population who have perfect pitch, which is apparently due to the overly precise requirement of the spoken language to be intoned syllable by syllable.


My best friend in College was Chinese from Hong Kong. She grew up there, her Dad was in govt, her mother in the Hong Kong stock exchange. Looking back on it, the thing that blows my mind is she had absolutely no accent. Spoke perfect English - very smart, and you would have assumed she grew up here.


https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2021/03/up_the_down_staircase__biden_style.html is very good.

Old Lurker

Narc. "So who would you have replaced fauci, that would be confirmed by the possums and not be whittakered."

Not my job to come up with a name.

Not sure Fauci is a Senate Confirmation job anyway.

In any event, even though he was already in his job (for like what, 100 years???) AND his stripes were known inside the Beltway, there was no justification whatsoever to hand him the Rose Garden microphone for sixty days in a row, and especially there was no reason not to balance everything he said with A-mom and pals who could have said 1) on the other hand, medically speaking.... and 2) OK but anyway, HERE is the COST of what Fauci and Scarf Lady want the country to do.

The one thing we expected hiring Trump as CEO was to always balance any do-gooder idea with the practical cost so that a proper cost-benefit analysis would be done.

That test was never applied to the actions Trump and his government - and yes, yes, the states and their governors - imposed on the country. Even when the Marxist Ball was being run down the field by the governors and other petty tyrants, a proper Bully Pulpit could have been laying out the economic and costs that we would pay doing as they demanded.

Much as I love the guy, his failure on this single issue is the reason he is playing golf and Soros is ruining the country.


You say there was an alternative that he tefused to pick name him, the wolves have beem planning how to handle us aheep for a long time or the two legs four legs cree.


As ive mentioned mcarrys better angels and shellys heart was decidedly on point.


The red queen rules



So who would you have replaced fauci,

Jay Bhattacharya or John Ioannides from Stanford. Or Scott Atlas, who did come in, but too little and too late. I'm sure there are many others.


I would say tractor


Old Lurker

I think I just explained that Narc.

The error was not the name, it was the entire message itself, and then it was allowing that message to come mostly from one leftist mouthpiece.

Sorry that escapes you.


Mccarry writing from 1979, wrote of a culture toxic to conservatives willing to use digital methods to swing an elec5ion.

Old Lurker

Since you expanded the scope, allow me too. "...the wolves have been planning how to handle us sheep for a long time or the two legs four legs cree."

That does bring up the other great failure to head off what he saw coming in 2020. The theft of the entire election. Do you really think, now that he saw how easily they did that, how little campaign cash might have placed Legal Landing Teams in the known hot spots way before the event, and how cheap it would have been to have way more actual video than one single accidental CCTV film for some landlord's anti-slip camera in GA?

Yes, yes, local GOP staffers etc, etc.

But there is a reason the old navy always fired the captain if his ship ran aground.


What doesn't escape ME, Old Lurker, is that you think Trump is responsible for everything and will accept no excuses, like the fact that practically 90% of the people in DC are corrupt, that the media had a clamp down on information getting out, and that Fauci and Brix were already in place.

Trump put Mike Pence in charge of the pandemic response while he lit a fire under the drug companies for a vaccine. He tried to explain the use of HCQ but was countered by the media and leftist doctors saying it was "dangerous." Fauci wasn't in the Rose Garden as much as he was on CNN, MSNBC and the Sunday show, being taken as an expert authority. Many of the retired nures my sisters know thought Fauci was a Big Deal Doctor and an Expert on this. (Yes he was, but it wasn't until Trump supporters on the internet dug up his earlier failures and his connection with the WuHan lab that ANYONE out here in Flyover Country knew what a creep he truly was.)

Trump was also dealing with an impeachment, a border crisis, and an election campaign.

Stop the condescension. You are NOT the smartest guy in the universe, despite your opinion of yourself, and I don't need to read you addressing Narciso like Jan Psaki talks to the reporters!!


I will ALSO point out, since you think the scope has been expanded, that probably 2/3 of this corruption would never have been known if Trump hadn't managed to win back in 2016, DESPITE the active opposition from many of the GOP "experts" .

He is absolutely the best president this country has had in my lifetime (which goes back to the Truman era) and I will be damned if I will see everything blamed on him simply because someone wants to prove how he's the smartest guy in the room.

Jim Eagle

A little Beagle humor:


Jack, HAHA! GREAT cartoon!

John S

I am with OL that on election day, it was unbelievable that there were no teams of lawyers ready to get injunctions to stop the illegal vote counting etc. or to demand to have observers. But I am also with MM that maybe there are not enough reliable Republican lawyers and FBI agents to ensure honest elections. Insty has a link to Roger Simon relating an incident in which Republican lawmakers are blowing off demands to take action like DeSantis has.


Byrne's book shows how Giuliani was drunk, uninterested in the big election fraud issues and how Cipollione and the wh legal staff blocks Flynn and Powell from acting. Another case of misplaced reliance ,OL

Old Lurker

MM, you have a huge blind spot that you simply will never get past, even though it limits your ability to grasp reality.

That leads you to not understand how I too might, at the same time, think Trump is the best president in my lifetime, but also recognize that he himself dropped the ball and allowed the enemy inside the gate.

Narc started this by dismissing my thoughts about the COVID messaging by demanding a name of whom I would have put in Fauci's place. THAT is a Strawman debating trick that you yourself attempt from time to time with exactly the same effect.

And there is no law that forces you to read anything I say.


And i expanded the parable ths deep state is always moving on to crush us and extend their power, no matter how lives are sacrificed.


Obama pbuh through appointees like murthy and freiden turned the cdc and other agencies away from their core mission.

Old Lurker

John "But I am also with MM that maybe there are not enough reliable Republican lawyers and FBI agents to ensure honest elections."

I don't disagree with that too much, though James Carville's line about dragging a twenty dollar bill through a trailer park comes to mind, knowing as many lawyers as I do.

But really, John, my reaction to that, if true, is the same as my reaction last night to MJW's fair observation about a DC jury never finding against a Dem crime, or a NYC jury against a Media Crime. If we just don't mention obvious crimes because, you know, DC Jury, then we are a lot further gone than people realize.

Old Lurker

That I agree with, Narc.

But it way predates Obama.


Probably but there is resistance to a regime ans cooperation.

John S

OL,I do not know if there are reliable people at the FBI, DOJ or any other agency, or if laws will be enforced by the courts. It seems really bad right now, but maybe it's not as bad as it seems. Pretty poor statement, I know

John S

I want to think that the public is not on board with Biden's agenda, since most do not want renewed illegal immigration, most do not want to outlaw voter ID, most do not want cancel culture, etc.
I have not looked at Realclearpolitics in a long time, but when i did look this week, I saw that McConnell's approval has sunk extremely low and Pelosi's is higher than I remember. How can this be? Does this mean that Rs will not re-take the house and/or Senate in 2022? IOW maybe things are worse than they seem.

Jim Eagle

John S,

When Biden gets more than a handful of supporters lining his travel route in "The Beast", then I may reconsider his popularity. So many indicators the election was stolen bu the happy flag waving crowds tells me all I need to know. He is still the fraud he was as a Senator.

Old Lurker

John, surely the absence of a single whistleblower from inside the FBI or DOJ from the era of Lois Lerner onward, even when POTUS and his AGs were Republicans, answers your question about the makeup of the populations in those two agencies.

Magic Eight Ball says "nope".

Jack, fraud Biden may be (for sure), but he is now the POTUS signing all those EO's that erase his predecessor.

Jim Eagle


I am still waiting for anyone to challenge the constituionality of EO's. No one either Dem or GOP has eve done it because EO's are chicken politial way out.

Jim Eagle

John S,

A $1,400 bribe can change a lot of minds.


Old Lurker,

Maybe I do have a blind spot, and I willingly admit it. I am determined to defend President Trump, who demonstrated how much sensible policies, intelligent spending, lower taxes, and a policy of America first would work, as well as working instead of partying, cutting deals and throwing in with the China-globalist coalition.

To me, rather than throwing pot shots at Trump, maybe you could talk occasionally about how the loathsome Paul Ryan threw every delaying tactic he could to stop many of Trump's programs and then resigned at the end of his term to accept a position on Fox's board? Or maybe talk about how Mitch McConnell really didn't help very much and only due to some internet sleuths did we discover how his wife, Elaine Chou, is part owner of the shipbuilding company which depends on China for most of its business?

I care about my children and grandchildren's futures. I am not going to sit around spreading gloom and doom and a message of giving up because one man couldn't completely take care of every single problem when he had NO HELP, given the massive opposition he had not only in the government but within his own party.

I do not want this country to be a vassal of China, or even worse, depopulated by another, even worse virus that I am dead sure the Chinese are working on now, one of which will cause the deaths of everyone except Han Chinese. (THAT is a FACT, and I am quoting Frank Gaffney from his knowledge of what they had as a goal back in the 80's.) The goal was to take over the North American land mass.

I am proud of President Trump and I will never quit defending him. Most of the time I DO ignore what you post and move on, but the idea that he should have been omnipotent about Fauci just set me off.


I don’t feel all doom and gloom at the moment, but I have been out in the fresh air building the garden fence (and the rabbits are paying for it:-)

Nevertheless, I have to go with a doom and gloom future. I realize I live in Massachusetts, but a conversation yesterday convinced me people simply accept that the government and media know best. It was a woman waiting for a table. Hubs and I were waiting, and there were two chairs next to us. I invited her to sit and told her I was not worried about it. She asked if we had been vaccinated. I said we are not eligible yet, even though I have been working with the public through it all. She and the young man with her had been - she said they worked in healthcare. I’m guessing the paperwork end.
I commented that it seems silly for us to wear masks while waiting for a table, while everyone at a table is maskless. She said she thinks this is how it will be for years. “I think we are in a new era. We are never going back.” And she didn’t seem upset about it. She then told me I should watch some BLM documentary on Netflix, and another about how big tech is spying on us. I quickly said I had heard of the big tech doc. Then I told her I had quit Netflix, and have had to boycott almost everything I used to enjoy.

A table opened up, and I skedaddled, wishing her a nice day. Hubs said he thought I handled it much better than he expected.

My point here is this woman is a dime a dozen around here. I suppose the red states really need to get their ducks in a row prior to the mid-terms, as the blue states are looney. If HR1 passes we are screwed, and I have little faith that the SCOTUS would overturn it.


Via Dan Scavino:


OL: No whistle-blowers could mean that they're to intimidated to act. Alternatively, the socialist rot that permeates the education system has given people a different view of right and wrong - they don't think there is a problem with what are illegal actions.


Nice pic MissM :-)

In spite of my gloom and doom prediction, I really have no idea what will happen. Certainly gun sales have been through the roof. People are moving to free states in droves. On JOM2 I read a comment from Momto2 that seemed to indicate that people aren’t going to put up with the nonsense much longer.

What will happen? No idea. But I can’t imagine there are many in the red states who won’t go down without a fight. Blue states - not so much.



It is very hard for people to admit they have been fooled, especially when they are hit by propaganda every day. I think that there are plenty of people who don't want to admit they were fooled, as well as that there was rampant fraud.

Look at how long we were fooled by Jeff Sessions, John Bolton, Romney, Bush, etc. You know the names as well as I do. But at the beginning of 2017, NONE of us were aware of this.

What we have to focus on is the corruption by the CCP as part of their multi-pronged war plan. People need to understand that the CCP is evil. They force abortions up to the moment of birth. They execute prisoners to sell their organs on the international market. They brainwash children to turn in their parents. They consider as a goal to conquer the entire world, as they consider themselves superior to everyone else.

Surely to God at some point people will understand this is more important than Dr. Seuss or the latest rap video. I believe they will. People simply will each hit their breaking point, as I did when I voted for Reagan over a second term by Carter.


MissM, those people cancelling Dr. S are communists. They don’t care about abortion, etc. They are true believers, and there are a lot of them. So it’s internal and external. Meanwhile we can’t kick Swallwell off of the Intelligence Committee. So...

The dishwasher just stopped. Off to take a steamy bath. 🙏🏻

Old Lurker

Davod "... has given people a different view of right and wrong..."

Exactly what I said to Iggy yesterday when he was suggesting, my doom and gloom notwithstanding, that our citizens in 1776 also faced big problems yet overcame them.

The people of the colonies did have, as I said to Iggy, a semblance of a consensus on Right v Wrong and on that rock they designed a compact for associating with the other colonies and with each other, and from that 250 years of great prosperity flowed in volume greater than any other human experience.

So your words...for whatever reasons and by whomever's fault...place us right back at the Point of Beginning (that was a CE term, just for JiB) but this time without a consensus of Judeo-Christian Right v Wrong upon which to build. And the lack of consensus is not even a benign indifference; now what some think is "right (good)" is aggressively thought to be "wrong (evil)" by others, and vice versa.


From Twitter:


BORDER CRISIS: This administration is attempting to cover up this crisis in an effort to keep their image up, this alone proves they can care less about the migrants they claim to care so much for. Migrants are nothing but political pawns to them. Full: https://t.co/HYWLlv2m1J pic.twitter.com/pZMeciMK7o

— Drew Hernandez (@DrewHLive) March 20, 2021

Video at link.


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