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April 16, 2021



Putting floyd into why pelosi was so excited about his role--

The Response proceeds as follows. In Part I, I lay out the conceptual framework of non-reformist reforms, its origins, and its current articu-lation in abolitionist, antiracist, and anticapitalist organizing.50 In Part II, I turn to defund the police as one example of a non-reformist reform. In Part III, I explain that movements are making demands for the public to have greater say in the commons: our collectively generated wealth, the land, and our shared built environment. These demands for redistribution reflect the deepening of anticapitalist and antiracist critique in many of today’s movements and a shift in thinking about the nature of reform that creates greater self-determination for poor, working-class, Black, and brown people — and a more just and sustainable future for us all.


So the mirror image of prog views isn't mine, it's the neo Nazis who decry white Chauvin's prosecution [because he's white not because he was denied a fair trial] but would cheer black Chauvin's.

The difference is, of course, the progs represent a solid 30% of the population, while the NeoNazis are about one in a million.

On this point: I was watching a cable show last night on free speech. The guests were Dersh, Floyd Abrams, and Nadine Strossen. The interviewer asserted, quite correctly, that all the attacks on free speech were coming from the left. Dersh and Strossen tried to claim that the right and left are equally bad on free speech, but when challenged with any examples of it coming from the right, the best Dersh could come up with was "McCarthyism." The host said, "I mean now, today. Name a single leftist censored by Twitter." No answer, just repeating the assertion that if the shoe were on the other foot, the right would be just as bad as the left. I don't buy it.

Dersh has been great on these due process issues with Trump and Chauvin, but he'll never give up his delusions about the left vs right more broadly.




Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--our collectively generated wealth, the land, and our shared built environment--

They going back to the '40 acres and a mule' era?
Everything else in rse's last two comments can be distilled to;
'mo money, no work'.

The other emerging theme is a slight variation on the Marxist trope; self governance and economic 'justice' or 'equity' are inseparable which in practice means democracy = socialism, so that if you oppose socialism you oppose freedom. And those who oppose democracy and freedom of course must be silenced, purged, eliminated, extirpated, etc as enemies of the people and the state.


E pleb nista




They are literally citing Trotsky and Rosa Luxemburg in the footnotes, while talking about the utility of Floyd and Breonna Taylor for advancing this transformational vision.

This all comes out of the macro-levels Hewlett is financing that coordinates with the K-12 curricula and assessments they have also funded.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--They are literally citing Trotsky and Rosa Luxemburg in the footnotes, while talking about the utility of Floyd and Breonna Taylor for advancing this transformational vision.--

Communists? Nah, it'll be fine. Just ask Appalled. There is no more practical difference in maintaining a principled middle distance between Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter than there is between Donald Trump and Leon Trotsky.
In the coming intersectional gulag I'm sure he'll keep a tidy middle distance between the zeks and the guards as a trusty trustee.


The next to last FN in law review article is to this book. https://marxandphilosophy.org.uk/reviews/18540_critique-and-praxis-a-critical-philosophy-of-illusions-values-and-action-by-bernard-e-harcourt-reviewed-by-michael-maidan/

but by all means let's pretend that marxism is only what happened in the USSR, mao's china, or cuba. It's the west that was always the real aim because we had the needed technology and material wealth. Or at least we did.


A bit of engineering coolness:

Francois Mayor nudged back on the power and made a subtle adjustment on the wheel as he coaxed his cargo vessel through a narrow point in the Suez Canal — not the Egyptian one, but a replica in the middle of a French forest reut.rs/3en36dA 1/5



Hi everyone.

I apologize for sending links to pictures that you cannot read. I thought they were ok because I could read them. Apparently, this is because I have Google on my system. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where I should store my photos so they available to others?



Since you insert my name into the conversation you are having with rse, let me comment:

1. It is not fine that Amna K. Akbar was allowed a platform in the Harvard Law Review. A brief scan of that article did not do my digestion any good.

2. Sometimes, the easiest way into someone's soul is through their twitter feed. Make your own judgments.


3. She does a very twitter rush to judgment on the Columbus case. But it wasn't her kid that was about to be knifed, so I guess that's ok.





Did you see the POS sos was a speaker yesterday at aei in a forum on how to prevent election conspiracy theories about stolen elections?

We also have a commissioner of labor in this state refusing to pay out on valid unemployment claims for months at a time and when there are stories about lives being destroyed financially from NO unemployment as amounts due pile up, he complains about people going to the news outlets "because we had a nice meeting on Monday" or that they are only suing him because "he's a Republican."

Absolutely no empathy for the unemployed who have valid claims, but no money being received.

It's as if every mediocre state legislator thinks he'll just head a state office without any competence whatsoever in his or her job or the consequences of their ineptness.

It makes abrams look good as an alternative.


Does that Commish of Labor include HF, PE, or Real estate developers as donors, if that's an elected office, or does his political sponsor, if it's appointed?

Asking for a friend...


It's elected as is the sos. The sos has an engineering company that does a lot of PPP infrastructures and was also a contractor to the state farm megaplex here (their new HQ in US) that is now mostly finished. I saw trucks there as it is a bridge most people seem unaware of and avoids active h'way construction zone.


The Postal Service is running a 'covert operations program' that monitors Americans' social media posts

The law enforcement arm of the U.S. Postal Service has been quietly running a program that tracks and collects Americans' social media posts, including those about planned protests, according to a document obtained by Yahoo News.


The details of the surveillance effort, known as iCOP, or Internet Covert Operations Program, have not previously been made public. The work involves having analysts trawl through social media sites to look for what the document describes as "inflammatory" postings and then sharing that information across government agencies.



Possibly you have a point about the black community.

What I also see is that some comments by white conservatives could be interpreted as “he had it coming to him”.

Incidents and trials like this have been used by the race grifters since at least the LA riots of ‘92 (I may have the wrong year) when Maxine Waters did her best to fan the flames. I am afraid the technique is now being used by infiltrators on the right , funded by the CCP.

Seems to me that everyone has ready talking points and the media is all too happy to aid in the pot-stirring, no doubt also funded by the Chinese.


Appalled, since you insert your head into your ass,
I will note you are not very bright. But you do like to pretend to be. World salad is what you are asshoe.


Kristen clarke is the same sort as abkar, and shes going to head the civil rights division,


Broward County Schools Superintendent Robert Runcie and General Counsel Barbara Myrick were arrested Wednesday as part of a statewide grand jury probe into the district.

Runcie was arrested on a charge of perjury in an official proceeding, a third-degree felony. Myrick was arrested on a charge of unlawful disclosure of statewide grand jury proceedings, also a third-degree felony.

The grand jury’s primary focus was to review school safety in the wake of the Parkland school shooting, but it has expanded its scope to include corruption and mismanagement in district operations.

Former Chief Information Officer Tony Hunter was arrested in January, charged with bid rigging and bribery. Prosecutors say he directed a $17 million technology contract to a friend. Hunter has pleaded not guilty and denies wrongdoing.



One of my co-workers who had previously called up for National Guard duty in DC, once again got called up (to contain the riots of the police, I suppose).


No, rse, I did not see that.


Fight 501c fraud? Fight uncontrolled federal spending? Nah.


Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is pledging a "whole of economy" approach to fighting climate change. @ylanmui has the details. cnb.cx/3apjbyn

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--1. It is not fine that Amna K. Akbar was allowed a platform in the Harvard Law Review. A brief scan of that article did not do my digestion any good.--

OK, but do you not see that what might have been ten years ago an infrequent if at all type of platform is becoming the default worldview of more and more institutions?
Antifa and BLM are explicitly Marxist organizations. CRT is pushed into schools and employers across the fruited plain.

I take you at some level to understand that while Nazism and fascism were a profound threat to the world for a decade or so 80 years ago, they have been and still are essentially toothless ever since, except in isolated backwaters, while Marxism in its various forms has been at least as brutal a threat and a far more successful and insidious one for over 100 years.

CRT is a direct outgrowth of Marxist ideology and Biden and the Dems are trying to ram it down the country's throat. If he was trying to ram some outgrowth of Nazism down our throats would you have voted for him or be so sanguine/complacent about where a country mainstreaming this extremist totalitarian doctrine is headed?
There is a difference in particulars in the Marxist inspired systemic white guilt ideology vs Nazism's non-aryan systemic guilt cult, but not in kind. Would you indulge the silly conceit of imagining someone like Biden pushing the latter was somehow worth voting for in order to avoid the wretched Trump? Because from my perspective it is functionally the same conceit you indulged in last November and continue to try and justify.
If you perceive a difference I don't, is it because the difference exists in fact or because your political philosophy may actually, if extended beyond the limits you apply to it, lead to the totalitarian temptation we see rearing its ugly head across the Dem party and our major institutions?

Dave (in MA)

JFC, you stupid commie hyrax, the knife was inches away from entering the other girl's torso.

Just because an officer can use deadly force does not mean the officer should. Let’s spend more time responsibly training them to de-escalate violent situations, and if force is required, use the minimum force necessary.

— Valerie Jarrett (@ValerieJarrett) April 21, 2021

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I wonder if the Jarret would say the same had the cop shot a girl about to plunge a butcher knife into her hyrax guts.


from a commenter at this new neo post


We are all Donald Trump.
We are all Michael Flynn.
We are all Ashli Babbit.
We are all Derek Chauvin.


Iggy, you require too much thought from me today. I'm still getting my head around Demi Lovato (whoever she is) complaining about a frozen yogurt shop that also provides sugar free and fat free alternatives.Sheesh--keep you eye on the Big stories, man.

Dave (in MA)

e plebron nista

LeBron James is now sharing a picture of the Columbus police officer who shot the woman wielding a knife and attacking another woman.

With zero regard for facts, he’s solely focused on dividing the country. Total scumbag. https://t.co/Ymxk3xeEJs

— Caleb Hull (@CalebJHull) April 21, 2021



Dave (in MA)

Of course, the ball-bouncing behemoth won't get suspended by the nosering douche.


Amazing fact: in 2016 18 Unarmed Blacks were killed by police; 78 Unarmed Blacks drowned in bathtubs; 118 Unarmed Blacks died from accidental firearm discharges.

I may have that last part wrong.

Dave (in MA)



I wonder if the Jarret would say the same had the cop shot a girl about to plunge a butcher knife into her hyrax guts.

I’m OK if the cop stands down.


LeBron James is also touting some sort of food charity run by Walmart. I think it looks like a tax deduction for Walmart coupled with profits thru their grocery division.

Dave (in MA)

I just tried to use maps.google.com to check what county a nearby town is in

    It's now easier to find women-led businesses near you
    Search for women-led businesses in your community
Oh, fuck off.

Jim Eagle

The only reason he went Canton Catholic was because he could dunk a basketball. The decline of a rigorous Catholic education had its starting blocks.


Jr. is working at OSU East tonight, which is smack dab in da ‘hood.

Things get outta hand, and he might be busy.


The girl who didn't get stabbed--or killed--and her family should step up and thank the LEO for saving her life.

(yeah, right)

Dave (in MA)

My 4:16 PM had a tweet from LeBron JaMes with a picture of the cop who saved the life of a girl about to get stabbed. Maybe Xi or Soros advised him to take it down, so he did, but the damage is already done.



Good job, Dave!


She was an avowedly christian entertainee who had to dissavoe because she wemt to the holy land she put out an 'ironic' anti trump single, because thats brave, you know


Stupid or nauseating


Dave (in MA)

Biden regime response to the cop saving the girl's life:



Would raffenberger know the truth if ot bit off his nose.


I learned yesterday that the camel was Obama’s choice, and Biden obeyed. You guys probably knew that. We are clearly in Obama’s 3rd term. This time with no restraints.


Mollie @MZHemingway

"The White House said, without evidence, that Tuesday’s police shooting of a black teenage girl who charged another black teen with a knife was motivated by racism."

Megyn Kelly
Replying to @MZHemingway

The dishonesty is stunning, though I realize it shouldn’t be.


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

As I explained, Demi Lovato, who was in some Disney show when Little Ig was little apparently has several mental illnesses/manifestations of mental illness as far too many Disney child stars do.
So I looked it up.
Let's see, bipolar, ADHD, bulimia, cutting, cocaine and alcohol addiction. Claims to have lost her virginity at 15 to a rape by a Disney costar, but it sounds suspiciously like a regret "rape". Also discusses her abandonment issues with her father and her bipolar as a misdiagnosis. BPD is often misdiagnosed as bipolar. The underlying issues are an irrational fear of abandonment, an unstable self image and interpersonal conflict, all of which she demonstrates or admits. The majority self harm, abuse substances, have eating disorders and engage in volcanic episodes of anger.
I'd guess BPD is probably her bottomline problem, as with so many girls who are abandoned and abused.
Unfortunately they are also about as unreliable spokesmen, witnesses, narrators as a person can be simply because pathological lying and a complete misperception of themselves and others are defense mechanisms/aspects of their disorder.




Pneu Fred.

matt - deplore me if you must

child actress? predatory older adults? Hollywood? problems???

There needs to be a special protective agency for child actors. The parenting skills seem to be minimal.


From Ace's pictures. How kids fool the teacher.



From Ace.

A well-rounded diet.



Lol to both Davod.

Pretty lonely around here.


Jane. I feel I am out in the cold.


Emotional support dog.




Go check out JOM2. Usually people posting there at this hour - and it’s warm.


There's also this: NEW

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