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April 27, 2021


Manuel Transmission

Finally had a chance to tweak the pix from last night's Pink Super Moon.

What a treat!

jim nj


I think many of us have been paying more attention to medical issues over the last year and have come away disenchanted with the medical "science" as commonly explained by our betters.

I'm a natural-born skeptic of authorities, so that probably colors my opinion, yet much of what I've been hearing seems to be aimed at low-information types.

So it comes across as highly-regimented -do this and this and this and stop asking questions or you'll confuse other people who already have trouble following simple instructions.

And even there the supposed coordination of the messaging has been breaking down. Federal, state, county, city and private messaging have lost cohesion. Public service ads often are behind the latest advice but continue to run anyway.

I don't think it's unrelated that Fauci got grilled two weeks ago about masks and the theater of them that the CDC has now revised its' masking guidelines. I don't think it's an accident that we've already hit peak inoculation and the CDC wants to throw us a bone that if you get the vaccine you can abandon the mask.

Since I already had Covid I really don't need a mask now or the vaccine.

It raises an interesting point though, instead of getting looks for not wearing a mask outside I can now give looks. Why are you still wearing a mask, didn't you get the vaccine?

People wearing masks are now a threat.

Ponder that for a while and tell me if I'm wrong.

jim nj

Continuing with the idea that we are paying more attention to medical issues I have been educating myself on my own condition.

It's really cool that I have a portal that allows me to see my test results before I do a tele-health with my cardiologist.

So I learned that my heart is basically good and that the issue is restricted blood flow in my legs. I knew that the latter was the issue. It's nice to know it's not the former too.

So I can do some research of my own before I talk to my doctor or his PA. I can have an intelligent conversation.

Last conversation was that an angiogram was indicated. Fine, roto-rooter my leg arteries. No, the insurance company didn't approve the abdominal MRA (an MRI with dye) so we still want to do an abdominal aortic ultrasound to see if there is an aneurysm.

OK, that was the first thing the doctor thought when I described my symptoms. Got the ultrasound last Tuesday and he was right.

"A fusiform aneurysm is detected in the distal abdominal aorta. The maximal AP and transverse dimensions are 3 x 3 cm. The aneurysm is approximately 5 cm in length and terminates just above the bifurcation."

In English, there is a bulge in the aorta about double its' usual size that isn't a sac, but is uniform in expansion. The bifurcation refers to where the aorta transitions to two iliac arteries. One iliac artery services your internal organs, the other provides blood flow to your lower limbs.

Researching further - it's right at the point that "watchful waiting" or a stent can be done. It's a toss-up. Bad, but not that bad. Yet that can effect blood flow to the legs.

So I get to ask intelligent questions when I do my Thursday tele-health call.

I guess my questions will be mostly about how aggressive my doctor wants to be when he does the angiogram I already expect.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Stampeding cattle are always a threat, jim. Primarily because their minds aren't much to write home about even before they lose them.

Who had a better brain Antony "Capuchin" Fauci or Richard "Science is the belief in the ignorance of the experts" Feynman?

jim nj

That was the second time I went to the hospital and Holy Name Medical Center in Teaneck, NJ, was one of the first in the nation to confront a Covid cluster.

Both times I've gone there technicians have commented that they have seen a lot of people with secondary issues after being exposed to Covid.

I read something awhile ago, Covid goes after the ACE 2 receptors in yours lungs to bind. Apparently, arteries and veins also have ACE 2 receptors that Covid can bind to. That could be why blood clots seem to be a problem.

I think it's why I have a problem. I'm guessing I was borderline and the Covid pushed me over the border.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

One anecdote about how effed up our economy is before I hit the sack;
A 4 bed, 4 bath house down the street sold last year. It was listed at ~$950K.
It's on only 1.8 acres and has a little crackerbox next door on one side, a bit of a mess on the other and some family with a bunch of smelly horses on the other.
It's a nice house with a nice pool and there are other nice houses on the street but I would never have built that house on that portion of the street.
Went back on the market four or five days ago at $1.3 million. Went by it today and there is already a "pending" sign on it.
I believe a day of reckoning is on its way like none just about anyone alive has seen.

jim nj

"Stampeding cattle are always a threat, jim. Primarily because their minds aren't much to write home about even before they lose them."

Yeah, but I had a good laugh at that.

The stampeding cattle are being told to stay home, don't go out, unless you have to, and if you do wear a mask, no, wear two masks, but keep six feet away from everybody else.

It's not much of a stampede as I think of them. In the old westerns the bad guys would fire their pistols to drive the herd away from the noise. Now it's like they surround the herd, fire their pistols and drive the herd to the center.

All the stray cattle turn and look and wonder what those fools are doing running into each other.

jim nj

If you decouple work from the need to live near work all kinds of interesting things can happen.

Lots of fine old houses in depressed, but not dying, communities.


Good morning,all!

MT, what beautiful pictures! Thanks for posting them!


Cheer up, folks! All is not lost. Short video at the link.

Meanwhile near Chicago 👇 pic.twitter.com/ST2Io2OJuN

— VeBee🇺🇸✝️ (@VeBo1991) April 27, 2021

JPMorgan, DBS Bank and Singapore government-owned investment company Temasek are teaming up to create a new blockchain-based joint venture for payments, trade and settlement.


Daily Mail US
Joe Biden will use his first joint address to Congress to propose FREE preschool as part of a $200 billion investment


Conditioning preschoolers to hate each other based on skin color strikes me as a poor investment option.



The girls from the projects came over to earn some money yesterday evening by spreading mulch and pulling weeds. In the course of our conversation, I discovered that not only do they not know where Greece is, they didn't know WHAT Greece is!

This came about because they wanted to know about where Hercules came from (TV movie no doubt). I tried to explain but they have NO geographical information like maps or globes.

These are good girls who are not stupid; they are simply uneducated due to the crappy schools. I am trying to open their eyes to the wider world but it's almost hopeless. They get good grades in stuff that is no doubt both dumbed down and full of critical race theory.

When you deal with actual kids like this, it's just infuriating.



One of the things I like about Trump is that he will say the stuff that everyone is thinking (and we have the ratings to prove how they have driven people away).


Michael Yon's view of what is coming:





Sky News host Andrew Bolt says the “stupidity” of US President Joe Biden is now a “threat to the West”.



moar coffee


Indonesian President Joko Widodo officially established the Ministry of Investment to attract overseas money to aid the country’s pandemic recovery



I never thought I would long for the days of John L. Sullivan and Jimmy Hoffa.


I know several JOM commenters have ties to the U of the South. The SmokeHouse restaurant and the adjoining motel was engulfed in flames yesterday afternoon and is gone. Saving the cabins was iffy. I don't know what ahppened during the night. Apparently 11 different fire companies were there.

The pictures were stunning.


https://newschannel9.com/news/local/video-smoke-house-in-monteagle-catches-fire-sending-up-clouds-of-smoke is one glimpse.



Why is this woman still in leadership? Why is she still in office?

Jim Eagle

On my iPad while laptop is updating with macOS Big Sur 11.3...
And 15 minutes remaining. Why so long? Because of the time zone queue?



Coincidentally, this landmark where I used to live burned down yesterday. My sister told me last night.


Abandoned now, but it had been a part of the town's identity since it was built. My dad and I used to go there to buy sheep and chicken food.

Total loss.


From Twitter:

An old Gary Larson Far Side cartoon.



After a trip to the dentist, My niece and I are off to Boca Grande Beach! Sadly, Britt Hume was in DC yesterday, so he won’t be there to greet us. How rude!



Biden pick to head up ICE froze out federal agency as county sheriff

As top lawman in Harris County, Ed Gonzalez scaled back his office's cooperation with feds on deportation



Did anyone know that these things sometimes appeared after nuclear reactors were disabled/off-line/malfunctioning?

Jim Eagle

Didn’t Jane live in Sturbridge before moving to Florida?



Fox News
Kamala Harris has gone 35 days without a news conference since being tapped for border crisis role


New York Post
Man in Chewbacca costume wanted for stabbing in New Orleans https://trib.al/XIwM8hR


I did Jib. Dave told me about that a few days ago. Impossible to imagine.wonder how5 long before they add my law firm - although since Amy is gay there could be pushback. I cannot imagine something like that going on in Sturbridge. Of course I can’t imagine what’s going on in America either.



Don't think your schools are safe from this stuff if you live in a red state.


I am off to get some work done.

Back later.


Before I go, regarding food prices:

Yesterday at Kroger the standard size jar of Cheese Whiz was $5.29!!!

I wasn't in the market for it but it happened to be at eye level on the shelf and caught my eye. I was dumbfounded.

Don't forget my peanut butter and canned tuna recommendations!


If you have responsibility for capex or procurement in a manufacturing enterprise, and you're not working feverishly on nearshoring or reshoring some/all of your Far East/SE Asia production to North America or LATAM, how are you still employed?

zerohedge @zerohedge
"It's About To Get Much Worse": Supply Chains Implode As "Price Doesn’t Even Matter Anymore" zerohedge.com/markets/its-ab…


Soooo, Greensill was the canary...


Its like the police chief in miami, hes an import from houston the rank and file call him avocado, not a compliment


They havent taken over tinyurl yet



Another bond villain



Schools grift in detail. tl:dr. send mo money, lots mo money. don’t measure our students.



It would be said if something happened to your practice



More virulent strain (he went up against the virginia machine)



But he gets a hearing



Minnesota sends its love to Gov Cuomo for killing so many New Yorkers that they got the last Congressional seat, instead of New York


Beautiful pics, MT!
NYPost story about Kamala book give away appears to have been false.


Cnn was all verkempt about it




A fascinating thread, with some interesting comments, about John Singer Sargent's "Portrait of Madame X".

If you don't go to Twitter, here is the Threadreader version, although no comments included:


First posted in January, but with all of the hoopla about the election, I didn't see it. The author has an amusing screen name, too!



A pretty funny round-up of current political events.



Video included - interview with Jason Miller and Sean Spicer. Information I hadn't heard: the President will be at Bedminster for the summer.


Epoch Times. Not credentialed. There NEEDS to be a war my Foggy friends. Getting hot yet.

WTF does GUN UP mean?

Manuel Transmission


If you thought Hume was in DC because you saw him on Tucker, I’m pretty sure TuCa’s studio with the rough wood decor is at his place near you.


guess who?



The science is settled.


Sorry kids, but it's SCIENCE! "White Liberals More Likely to Have Mental Health Problems, Study Shows" Newsmax.com


Jim Eagle

Finally, will have to take a 1 1/2hr drive each way but its worth it.


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--The stampeding cattle are being told to stay home, don't go out, unless you have to...
It's not much of a stampede as I think of them.--

Just think of it as stampeding in place, jim.




Who’s in the market for a Classic Chevy?


Here is one Chevy that could be purchased by the U.S. Govt. and displayed in the Capital to symbolize the workings of the government:

"Among the most unique cars on the auction is the 1965 Chevy Impala that was the getaway car in the 1965 Big Springs, Neb., bank robbery."



So far, Boris is on and they are discussing all the legal ins and outs of the Arizona Audit.

Interestingly, a Cobb County, Georgia election official is making a big stink about it, which normally would make no sense since all of this is Arizona state business. Except if you see the audit train heading for you next. (And, he's a Rino.)

Next hour is going to discuss the Thomas Friedman column on going to war with China.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki


I didn't trust the government even when it was killing commies, trying to make Castro's beard fall out and didn't hate America or Americans and so I sure as hell don't trust it now, in the era of when it does and also hires or is run by jerks like pint sized Christopher Steele, Bull Dog Dumbond John Brennan, Stretch Comey and POTUS Puddinhead on the Potomac.
So while Gidney and Cloyd [h/t Rocket J Squirrel] may be real and scooting about in the sky and under the sea, I also recall that the organization most proficient at propagating stupid hoaxes is our very own US Gubmint.
That the vast majority of "credible" accounts are from gubmint/DOD sources does not allay my suspicions.
Until some dude with a head way too big for his neck and eyes like one of those creepy kitten paintings shows up in person, I'll file this report away with Sasquatch and Moscow's peeing hookers.



MKE's Groundhog Day: A perpetual cycle of violence, hollow sanctimony, inaction, and then more violence. @DanODonnellShow - The Greatest Threat to Black Lives in Wisconsin maciverinstitute.com/2021/04/the-gr…




Cobb County is the affluent suburban county just outside the atlanta city limits where the new suntrust braves stadium was located after it left downtown. The head of its county commission secretly had county taxpayers on the hook for devt of the complex there. Anyway, there was a big deal made of traditional Rep stronghold going for biden.

If it went for biden because of fraud, it defeats the narrative that Rep's can no longer win in close-in affluent communities which supposedly now contain TOO many educated voters.



Cobb county is a lot like Gwinnett these days. A lot of the less affluent have been moving in. It's easy to forget, if you live in East Cobb (the affluent part), that much of Marietta has gone Hispanic and South Cobb (Mableton, Austell, Lithia Springs) is filling up with apartment complexes that vote Democrat en masse.

Just as an aside, I don't see why a GOP establishment in Cobb would cheat its way out of a job. As you note, there were good reasons to vote the bums out if you were a Cobb county resident.


BLM / AnteFa did it, soon domestic terrorism involved.


What a crock: @GovEvers denies open records request from @EmpowerWI on the $$ done in damage to downtown Madison's state-owned buildings. Evers claims he can't disclose because the cases are still "open" according Dane Co DA. Since when does that matter?



Indeed clarice, thats what i noted first.


soon = so no



Is it unfair if I link you with this opinion?

My primary reason for refusing the vaccine is much simpler: I dislike the people who want me to take it, and it makes them mad when they hear about my refusal. That, in turn, makes me happy.

Here's the link again:


That quote in no way misrepresents the article. He repeats the same thought in somewhat different language all the way through. And illustrates that certain among the MAGA elect want to make every gosh darn thing a stupid political issue. Just like the wokesters on the Left.

Is that how you think of yourself Ig?

By the way, I found the article through memeorandum. That probably explains the lefty influx.



DO those in apartments vote Dem en masse, or is their presence an excuse for explaining Democrat wins? Remember, Trump got a large bloc of Hispanic votes and a fair increase in black votes.

In Indianapolis, Marion County usually goes dem, although of the 9 townships, only Center Township votes dem. I have wondered for years if the black residents are a smokescreen for fraud.

If a GOP official has committed some imprisonsble offense, or if the bribe is large enough, there are people in every state, both parties, who would look at the chances of rising higher in the party and would either do so to avoid an arrest or take the money and run.


At least the romans didnt put their own citizens on the hook for stadiums


They voted for less reliable electricity higher taxes less police presence,


An overall lower standard of living, why would people willingly do that.



1. Misunderstanding of math.
2. Lack of education on cause and effect.
3. They didn’t vote for it, but the blacks are blamed for fraudulent results.


Miss M:

Elections have certainly been stolen in our history. So it's possible that:

1. The vote in Cobb was still majority Republican, despite demographic changes; and

2. A Republican head of elections did stole a lot of votes, somehow, in favor of the Democrat.

Is it likely? Plausible enough that it would make a good surprise element in a best seller. The odds are against it, though.

The theories about Georgia concentrate on Fulton County for a good reason. Elections there have been a mess for years, and there are a lot of Republicans in the County whose votes can be identified and excluded. If it were me, I would work on stuffing ballots in Democratic strongholds like Clayton and DeKalb counties.


A-huntin' we will go...

Kirsten Danis
Breaking: The FBI has seized records from Rudy Giuliani's Manhattan apartment.



Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Cobb County has a small pocket that is going apartments and immigrants. The vast majority of Cobb is single family residences going up ALL over the East, North and vast parts of West Cobb.

There is a vast millennial contingent that is in those single family residences that buy every piece of crap that the lefties spew. They are all interconnected through the 'new wave' churches and daycares and are all smug about their new found compassion for others.

Count my son in that with his idiot wife who is a clueless dolt and has him wrapped around her pinkie finger. She is terrified of Covid and is an excitable hysteric who screams at the sight of a bug landing on her leg or anything else that mundane. ALL of her friends are just like her and they all try to out do each other. It is a shameless display of racing to the bottom that for any other generation would have been unthinkable.

We haven't seen their two kids in person in 1 1/2 years due to Covid and RSV before that, and our son had the audacity to be offended that we were moving to S FLA where we can't come visit them easily. Say what??? We couldn't even get them to commit to a date to allow us to come visit CAUSE WE DON'T MASK AND DON'T TAKE COVID SERIOUSLY - HERETICS!!!!

We suggest they drive down for a short vacay to see the new house, and the wife gets the vapors over an 8 hour drive - OMG with kids (like we don't do that with Ariel frequently). Even enticements with FREE Busch Gardens tickets won't budge them. F em both. Life is too short to cater to idiots.


Palestinian President Goes On Insane Rant, Calls China “A C–nt” Says All Other Arabs Can Go To Hell…

Leaked audio recording of Mahmoud Abbas cussing out Russia, the Arabs, and China (Fatah Central Committee meeting April 19,2021)


RIP Michael Collins, Apollo 11

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Appalled, if I note you cherry picked a quote and ignored the rest of the article it doesn't help your case to do the same thing again.
Bookending that quote was his first noting he has no particular risk and poses close to none to anyone else and afterwards explaining that doing the opposite of authoritarian busybodies who have proven themselves over and over to be not only wrong but wrong for base political rather than ignorant reasons is neither petty nor stupid.
"A pox on both their houses" is the unfortunate default conceit of the appalled middle. It's unfortunate because it preempts a lot of thought and moral deliberation that one who does not take the lazy method of triangulation to arrive at their views must engage in. The authoritarians engage in no such labor either as their ideology replaces both thought and moral deliberations. The problem for a triangulator is in doing so you are committing the geometrical logical fallacy of equally distancing oneself from on the one hand brainless malignant ideologues and those who have given some thought and consideration to the state of the world. And that leads to a veritable cornucopia of erroneous beliefs, because equidistance from rationality and irrationality places one, unavoidably, closer to irrationality than is optimal. This occurs because the poles you distance yourself from are somewhat intellectually arbitrary because they generally represent the two major political parties.
A more balanced method would be to triangulate between the two irrational ends of the political spectrum [that "spectrum" being a concept I deplore, but most indulge, so I will for now also]. Those poles are now the mainstream, largely Marxist inspired Dem party and their ideological counterparts among actual white supremacists and fascists and neo Nazis.
In doing so you'd find yourself a lot closer to the actual rational center which these days is somewhere between the GOPe dopes and JOM types.
The people that author is trying to piss off have ventured beyond the point of debate and there is no more dishonor or irrationality doing something to spite a person who is either implicitly or explicitly inspired by Marx and the irrational left than it is to do so to Richard Spencer [who repudiated Trump and voted for Biden BTW] or the Stormfront goons.

Churchill's Hun is a universal archetype, and it is our duty as patriotic citizens to discriminate between those who wish to join us in peaceful self governance and those who will be forever either at our throats or our feet. The latter must be dealt with differently than the former. To pretend otherwise, as you and so many others have, by acting as though the adoption of the New Left's Frankfurt school Marxist lunacy as just a harmless phase the Democrats are going through that should be placated and tolerated and that is is no greater threat to the USA than the monstrous Orange Homunculus, is what has at this horrendous impasse.
The Cassandras of traditional America have been warning of where this would lead for years and so when one who has turned a deaf ear to those warnings for those same years is troubled by some guy doing something to spite our would be overlords you shouldn't be surprised when Cassandra shrugs her shoulders, shakes her head and wonders just exactly what it will take to wake the appalled masses up.


What could they possibly be getting ready to stage, I wonder...

Actors needed for Research Project (maricopa county)



Multi-state bomb threats coming in: S Carolina, Florida, New York, & CA



I have NO trust in most of the people in politics anymore. GOP elites and apparatchiks are not only disloyal to their party, but I believe a fair number are also disloyal to the nation, for sale to the highest bidder.

It would not be a surprise plot twist in a novel, at least to Trump supporters. We have seen too many turncoats in the GOP. The level of corruption is astounding.

There are a lot of downright evil people in politics. I will never believe that rosy picture of how government works as used to be shown in cartoon PSA’s when I was a kid.


SPLC accusing Posobeic of promoting "Muh Russia" conspiracy sites? Quit smacking me with that iron...

John Hultquist
Despite working with GRU on MacronLeaks (while cleared and in the military) and always finding his way back to Russian ops he's faced zero consequences.

Michael Edison Hayden @MichaelEHayden
NEW: The U.S. named an obscure website called "SouthFront" as being the product of Russian military intelligence.

Jack Posobiec linked to it 28 times in 10 months during the runup to the election, serving as a central source of its spread to Americans: splcenter.org/hatewatch/2021…



Michael Collins, Apollo 11 astronaut, has died at 90


Posted on Facebook by some preppers who swear it's true:

Many patriots have been talking about how the government will cut off the food supply and gasoline. Robyn Openshaw Dr. Mercola and many other patriots. They will do it which is why hundreds of thousands of my readers have gotten off the grid, don’t rely on any utilities whatsoever and grow 80% of their own food so that when the gasoline stops which it will and the grocery stores say they are out of food which it will happen. None of them have to worry and most of them were severely in debt they have been following this page for 16+ years now with six or even seven figures
In the bank or in other investments or whatever they do with their money but they have 6 to 7 figures in savings and are completely off the grid and aren’t worried when the grocery stores run out and when the gas stations well which sadly will be sooner than later which I said here at least 2000 times on this page in the last 19 months.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

From a subtwit of Mel's 12:56; Reminder: The Russian GRU - the guys behind all the murders, acts of war, and cyberattacks on NATO - is who the Republican Party partnered with to cheat in the 2016 *and* 2020 elections.

Now there actually was a prolonged and adjudicated, in depth investigation of the Russian Hoax by some of Trump's most rabid enemies which turned up precisely zero [except that Paul Manafort apparently is alleged to have sent some polling info to some russkie, like the russians couldn't read a newspaper] and yet if you claim the 2016 election involved "cheating" jack thinks you deserve no discipline, but if you make an obvious observation about the 2020 one you're banned.
LOLGF @jack.


Dumber that other twit seth abramson, Kthough the prize goes to his editof



The rest of this



This surprises anyone? Claims of moderation and bad tweets...this is your fault.


From @WSJopinion: Donald Trump’s raucous Presidency and the pandemic’s end have let President Biden sell a radical agenda in the soothing tones of a return to normal


Last fall, California governor Gavin Newsom signed The Transgender Respect, Agency and Dignity Act, a bill which, among other things, would “allow incarcerated transgender, non-binary and intersex people to be housed and searched in a manner consistent with their gender identity.” Since this law went into effect back in January, in a new case of “rapid onset gender dysphoria,” over 200 prisoners have requested to be transferred from men’s prisons into those detaining women. As of April 6th, not a single request has been denied.


But of course



Shes all about white nationalism


Like a hydra


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Since this law went into effect back in January, in a new case of “rapid onset gender dysphoria,” over 200 prisoners have requested to be transferred from men’s prisons into those detaining women.--

Orange is the new dick.


But of course


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Claims of moderation...--

Perhaps not in every particular, but he's pretty much selling now exactly what he was selling then, ya WSJ morons.


Wallace just hatrison bergeroned any difficult question


That analogy doesnt make any sense, neither does cnn


Arent they more like eunochs


James D.

Michael Collins, Apollo 11 astronaut, has died at 90

I can't even imagine what he felt when he was all alone in the Command Module on the far side of the Moon while Armstrong and Aldrin were on the surface.

He was the most isolated and lonely human being in the whole history of mankind at that point.

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