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April 29, 2021


Jim Eagle


Plus, no, I did not waste my time and watch Biden last night. But what I have read about itt, I didn’t miss much.


Hard not to view biden himself as "the worst crisis to democracy since the civil war" when we think about the actual implications of the electoral fraud pushed under cover of the Pandemic.


How many bills costing trillions, but paid for by “taxing the rich” does Biden have stacked up?


Sal Mercogliano 🚢⚓🧭🐪🚒
MV #PresidentEisenhower of @APLShipping AIS went dark about 8 hours ago.

Tug #ShirleyC along with #DeltaBillie and #ElizabethC are enroute LA anchorage with an ETA of early AM 30 April. twitter.com/mercoglianos/s…



I think huey long said it best


Isnt this the way all viruses work



Civility nah broh



The WSJ says Biden is up to $6 trillion already.



That moderation thing. Thanks, #nevertrump.

Yet the Biden ad­min­is­tra­tion acts as if it has a broad man­date to pur­sue the most am­bi­tious left-wing agenda in his­tory, in­volv­ing a mas­sive ex­pan­sion of the fed­eral gov­ern­ment and un­sus­tain­able spend­ing in-creases.


Well then



Cnn and msnbc continued to have its way with the truth regarding operation warp speed


The last time there was a real attack on the capitol, guiliani charged the perpetrator, susan rosenberg with 58 years, clinton sprung her and she hired the rioters last year, this is the bearded spock universe we find our selves in


It seems the ministry of love is working for her for the dragon for the lion but not for the people


So its full lysenko then



Typical blonde (redacted)



And hes running the zoom calls


It makes a perverse sense


Not allowed



The collaborator with eastlamd and byrd lectures us on 'systemic racism' time to get the hook


Are you not entertained mittens



Glad you're keeping up on social distancing,TM. Me, too. I'm even tempted to wear masks outdoors--over my eyes--when passing those idiotic virtue signaling posters on my neighbor's manicured lawns.


How much eye rolling can anyone do clarice.

Maybe you should include the guiliani rosenberg reversal in your pieces

James D.

narc @ 8:45

I read that Althouse post. And I will ask again: why on Earth does ANYONE consider her intelligent, or thoughtful, or provocative, or even remotely interesting?



New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio says the city will fully re-open on July 1


Boy Narc, you’re busy this morning!

Beautiful day here. Off to Sarasota airport later then I get some time off!


Its kind of like the opening to i an legend its kind of beyond the point

Tom Bowler

Did you notice how the January 6 protest was the "worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War?" I would have said stealing the 2020 election was the worst since it may yet prove fatal for America.

The other Biden highlight was how white supremacy is the most lethal terrorist threat to America. I I haven't heard of any white supremacist terror attacks since Robert Byrd was in the Ku Klux Klan.


Thats like a glenane question



well, the Althouse post was nothing exceptionally unique, but there was nothing wrong with it I can see. Biden was certainly a bait and switch candidate.


It was mostly to dunk on romney, which is easy pickings

James D.

clarice, it's not so much wrong as her airy, aimless, above-it-all, "on the one hand, on the other hand, on the third hand" style that is like nails on a chalkboard x1,000.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Michael Smith
"For ourselves, we consider that Government is and ought to be nothing whatever but the united power of the people, organized, not to be an instrument of oppression and mutual plunder among citizens; but, on the the contrary, to secure to every one his own, and to cause justice and security to reign."

~ Frédéric Bastiat, "Government" (1848)

Sadly, I missed Geriatric Joe’s “Make America Feel Good” (according to ABC) speech of last night. But the media assures me it was the equivalent of one of Winston Churchill’s wartime messages and everybody in America is on board. They tell me that it is impossible to attack Biden because he is just so darn focused on fixing the damage Trump did, he is boring. Presidentin’ is hard work.

Their reaction is hardly surprising. The sycophantic throne sniffers in the media would have issued effusive praise even if President Joe Exotic had crawled to the podium and passed gas for an hour. “Standing room only!” the members of the Democrat Party’s propaganda machine would have shouted – even though there was plenty of room in the Pandemic Theater.

The media began the day with battlespace prep, CNN calling the speech “moderate radicalism”.
Nothing Orwellian about that.

Not. At. All.

And he banned menthol cigarettes - which are apparently preferred by black Americans exercising their freedom to choose.

Apparently, the Democrats see blacks as children.

C’mon, man! Senile Uncle Lunch Bucket Joe just loves all of us – except the dog-faced pony-soldiers out there, of course. America is 100% behind his plans to destroy the economy by spending 6 or so trillion dollars.

Potemkin villages all the way down.

Nor am I surprised by their reaction to Tim Scott. I mean, Social Justice Joe told us that if a black Americans did not vote for him, they “ain’t black.” I’m not even surprised that the Democrats and their propaganda organs are so lacking in self-awareness they don’t get that their reactions prove they are nothing but racist ideologues.


Same song, different verse.

I quoted Bastiat’s essay “government” to begin this post because I was thinking about how the Democrat’s beliefs that social bribery is a workable plan. I thought about how they absolutely confirm that Bastiat was spot on when he proposed this definition of government:

“Government is the great fiction through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else.”

Biden, of course, trotted out the “fair share” false rhetoric when talking about how he was going to fund the $6 trillion of orgiastic spending – without defining what “fair share” actually means (the fact is the wealthiest are already paying the lion’s share of income taxes – the top 20% are paying around 88% of the taxes).

In this 1848 essay, Bastiat also identified two forms of political systems we ostensibly must choose between, but a third that exists that lives by sucking blood from either system:

- There is the system where “Government ought to do much, but then it ought to take much”.

- A second where “this two-fold activity ought to be little felt” – that Government ought to do little and take little.

- The last is, in his words, that “which partakes of both the others, and which consists in exacting everything from Government, without giving it anything, it is chimerical, absurd, childish, contradictory, and dangerous. Those who parade it…are only flattering and deceiving you, while they are deceiving themselves.”

Wow. Just when you think the Democrats could not get any worse, they exceed expectations.

These people have got to go. 2022 cannot get here fast enough. Clearly, neither President Alzheimer McDementia nor his party have ever heard of Frédéric Bastiat. I wish I had confidence the Republicans have.


Yes its an old card, they had michelle fields accuse allen west of being a sexual assaulter similar witb tbe late herman cain, truth they dont tolerate in these parts


Rand paul has, very likely maybe cotton the rest think hes some new hip hop artist


Good morning!

Rainy day here, but we need it. I think we are supposed to get an inch.

My local friend said she had been looking everywhere for the ratings to last night's Biden speech but couldn't find any. I assume they were, therefore, abysmal.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Biden was certainly a bait and switch candidate.--

Sorry, but that's bullshit. He was quite clear what he intended to do and he's doing it.
No one from either side of the aisle unbridgeable abyss took any of his meager disclaimers seriously, nor were we meant to, anymore than anyone in the Soviet Union took their five year plans and constitution seriously, least of all the Soviets themselves.; "We pretend to work and they pretend to pay us."
We're at that stage in an impending disaster where the tyrants tell us lies that we know are lies and and they know we know are lies and dare us to do something about it.
Eventually we do.


Carrying over



Iggy, it's a mistake to think most voters are as inoculated from Media fantasy as we are.

Old Lurker

Problem is, Iggy, the largest chunk of the Bell Curve of the total population has very little understanding of the real dangers confronting us from every direction all at the same time. Perfect Storm applies.

And we are woefully short of loud voices who can articulate that, Trump included.

If "51%" liked that speech last night and you add to that number the number of dislikers who do not really understand "why", then I rest my case.


ABC News

Pres. Biden: "We won't ignore what our intelligence agencies have determined to be the most lethal terrorist threat to our homeland today: White supremacy is terrorism."
David Reaboi
You should think of all those insane articles with titles like, “_______ is white supremacy,” when you hear this.
Miss Marple:

Trump support = white supremacy = terrorism

I am so done with these people. If anyone has white privilege, it's Joe Biden, who is not only a serial liar and traitor but is in advanced dementia, yet is stood up like he is some sort of savior.

And may I say, we are going to have to deal with this crap for quite some time. With this type of rhetoric, it will be quite in line for these people to define advanced math, European history, English literature, financial solvency, home ownership and many other things as"white supremacy" and therefore terrorism.

And for this I blame the corrupt and clueless GOP people who failed to hold the line and defend election integrity when it mattered the most.



From NYTimes corrections:

An item on Tuesday about the capture of Benito Mussolini misspelled the given name of the Nazi dictator of Germany. It is Adolf Hitler, not Adolph.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--(the fact is the wealthiest are already paying the lion’s share of income taxes – the top 20% are paying around 88% of the taxes)--

That's a very bad thing for "democracy" but it's also the natural result of democracy. It's also a bad thing for something that isn't a democracy; our constitutional, representative republic.
It creates a situation in which that loathsome word "stakeholder" applies to the non wealthy only in the sense that their stake consists solely of what goodies they receive from Uncle Sugar Sam.
And progs being quite adept grifters have now figured out through the magic of QE infinity and MMT that they can dole out huge chunks of free money to their connected oligarchical patrons while keeping the skim for themselves and then "taxing" the free money to buy off the lowly stakeholders, who are ever so grateful at the crumbs that have dropped off the ruling class's table.
And so we come to the impending disaster we face where the train of a system of unsustainable patronage and graft along with the increasingly authoritarian means of keeping it levitated meets head on the locomotive of the accumulating anger of the millions who have no desire to sell heir birthright to a piece of shit like Joe Biden for a mess of Silicon Valley's and Wall Street's pottage.
It's not going to be pretty.


I may die from laughter.


Tom Barrett screwed up so bad, the city council members have just been told that they’re going to have to fire, like, 14-hundred city workers over the next four or five years. newstalk1130.iheart.com


Old Lurker

"the top 20% are paying around 88% of the taxes)--"

And that is BEFORE the Brownshirts at the IRS get the additional $80 Billion from Biden so they can get that figure to 100% or higher.



First hour of Bannon has Eric Geitner with Raheem, critiquing the speech last night. Bannon says the model "CCP light".

I missed until this morning the clip saying adding free additional 4 years of post K-12 education.


You saw the raw form of what the treehouse notes in absense of malice 40 years ago

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Let me try to be clear, we are very quickly approaching [and may already be there] where 51% no longer matters.
When self governance disappears and the old order is swept away a tiny percentage of the population from several directions determines the course of events.
At that point it is the force, passion, will and persistence of the most committed faction that prevails.

And I don't know about anyone else but every morning when I get up and read down through the accumulated insults to God, man and country the previous day produced I get just a bit more forceful, passionate, willful, determined to persist and above all filled with a righteous anger and indignation at what these bastards are doing to our once great nation. Above even that I am pissed off beyond measure at the blatant lies and injustices and Marxist bullshit these moral pygmies are trying to force feed us.

And here's the reason we'll prevail; people who had something wonderful and great and who wanted that same thing for their kids and their kids' kids and who loved and cherished what we were given by our ancestors will fight ten times harder and if necessary ten times nastier and more viciously for our kids and the wonderful heritage and liberty being stolen from us by a bunch of pseudo Marxist pukes and their billionaire allies than the thieves ever conceived of fighting. And that's because they're fighting for superficial and pointless power and graft and they're doing so by stealing things that were never theirs to begin with.
It isn't going to be pretty but the whirlwind history demonstrates they are going to reap is going to be much uglier for them than us. Change my mind.


Except say with the engaging miss watkins she cuts out the middleman


Amanda milius daughter of john calls it information laundering


Gannetts fishwrap touseled it



The Biden Department of Justice (DOJ) reportedly had plans to arrest former Minneapolis Police Office Derek Chauvin in court and charge him with civil rights violations if the jury were to find him innocent of murder.


Old Lurker,

I watch our street out the window and have come to the conclusion that at least 5 homes on this block are running off-the-books businesses, paid cash only.

1. Collection of scrap metal items for resale.
2. Car repairs in a guy's garage.
3. Babysitting.
4. Grass cutting and snow removal.
5. Re-rental of rooms within rental homes. (Person who has a credit rating rents a 3-bedroom home and then rents 2 rooms for cash to others.)

You might have all these situations one person who has a job which withholds taxes, but the other person gets additional income from off-the-books work. (This is maybe why they want the IRS to get more funding, to go over each person's returns, looking for discrepancies in lifestyle vs. declared income, and it's not going to be rich people going through this, I guaran-damn-tee it.)

The dems make a big mistake thinking people without degrees are stupid. I personally, the longer I live, think they are smarter.

Instinctively they have done a cost-benefit analysis, said "Nope, not going to go in hock for a huge bunch of money to see our kids either brainwashed or belittled".(That snippet of Biden wanting free post K-12 education is a sign of how important mind control is to them.)

Enough of my observations and ranting. This was triggered by Kroger suddenly asking if I wanted to pay via debit or SNAP on grocery pick-up.



Last half of first hour included interview with the woman who spearheaded the school board takeover in Colorado.

Old Lurker

Iggy "if necessary ten times nastier and more viciously for our kids and the wonderful heritage and liberty being stolen from us..."

And yet ALL those children (minus homeschooled) have been allowed to wallow in the abyss where the Constitutional Republic that was the USA that 2020 brought us is now. Public school kids have had no school...which wasn't much even when it was open... and Private School kids have received the wokest of the woke guilt tripping imaginable.

Seen anything like a BLM-Antifa assaults on any school board, public or private in the last 15 months?

Me neither.


Burlington (WI) school board got BLM treatment this winter. They immediately caved to CRT. Naturally.


Old Lurker,

Colorado parents took over and elected a new school board. They showed up en masse and demanded to be let into the meeting (their right by Colorado law). The board had sheriff deputies there to prohibit them.

They refused to leave without any violence, but stood their ground. The board finally fled. Since the board refused to abide by law and abandoned their positions, the parents elected a new school board on the spot.


CBS News poll: Most viewers approve of Biden's speech

Most viewers who tuned in to watch President Biden's speech liked what they heard and came away feeling optimistic about America.

... no bias there /snark


I forgot to point out that the Colorado parents OPPOSED CRT education.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Seen anything like a BLM-Antifa assaults on any school board, public or private in the last 15 months?--

The problem with this view point OL, as I've pointed out many times, is, the last fifteen months don't predict the next fifteen.
History demonstrates explicitly that trends run their course and the actions taken in that trend never continue indefinitely but they do influence to a large extent the reaction and course of the following trend.
It's Newton's third law of motion, politics, the economy and, pretty much, everything.
And as a corollary, it is just when trends seem most permanent and inevitable that they are about to crash to earth. Call it Ignatz's third law; a "bubble" is simply an identifiable manifestation and description of universal human irrationality in the economic realm. Right now we are experiencing an economic bubble but it is born of a larger political bubble of irrational grift and power acquisition. It has not yet reached its peak but it is approaching it. And the destiny of every bubble is to pop; either from the weight of their own irrationality or from being popped by those on whom the irrationality is being disproportionately showered.


Durham Using Subpoena Power to Go After DC Swampers…And What’s Been Uncovered is Disturbing

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Most viewers who tuned in to watch President Biden's speech liked what they heard and came away feeling optimistic about America.--

That would peg out at an eleven on the sado-masochism self selection bias meter.

As an aside what were the ratings for Joe's all you can eat extravaganza?



"Most viewers". What's the actual number of viewers? How many people did they have to call before they found a person who watched the speech?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I'm not exactly clear on what it is Durham is investigating since the SOL will have run on pretty much anything he is looking into.

jim nj


Consumer-fueled economy pushes GDP to 6.4% first-quarter gain



I still can't find any viewership ratings on the speech.



Mike Lindell on discussing his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel last night.


MM: you caught that cleaver 'stupid lawyer trick'


Henry 8:52am. NYC to open July 1.

Will MA be the last state to open up? Between Baker and Biden I am slowly losing my mind!

It’s hard to know what the general population thinks when living in MA. Based on conversations with my customers I’d say that those who are aware of the situation speak up, but they are the same people who always have been aware. I’m constantly amazed at the number of customers, who are well-educated and well-employed, that have no clue about anything regarding current events. They think they know. “This will end soon, and I think all will be fine in a few months” is the common sentiment.

Meanwhile, prices increase, inventory becomes harder and harder to find, fewer people are working, raw materials shortages are impacting manufacturing, government grows more authoritarian, crime rates rise...

“How come you can’t get it? When do you think you will get it in? Why is it so expensive?” And my favorite, “You sold it last year, so why don’t you sell it now?”

One nice customer was ranting yesterday. I asked another man if I could help him. He was wearing a mask that read, “Semper Fi.” He was mad at the first customer, which surprised me because of his mask.” He said “I need a six gallon pail.” So I showed him a five gal pail. “Does it have a lid?” I pick up a lid. “No! Galvanized!” I should have popped that pail over his head! He was so rude!

jim nj


ACLU warns Biden administration against menthol ban, cites 'racial justice implications'
The letter, written by the ACLU and dozens of other organizations, said the ban would lead to 'unconstitutional policing'


BIDEN: "No amendment to the constitution is absolute. You can't yell 'fire' in a crowded theater."

You absolutely can. This guy is a law school graduate, and he keeps repeating a line from an overturned scotus decision used to throw anti-war demonstrators into prison to rationalize his own attack on the Constitution.


jim nj


China orders fintech firms to stick to the rules as clampdown widens

Chinese financial watchdogs on Thursday summoned 13 internet platforms engaged in finance business, including heavyweights Tencent (0700.HK) and ByteDance, to order them to strengthen compliance with regulations, the central bank said.


Baker banned menthols last year, pre-covid. Howie Carr likes to say, “First they banned menthol cigarettes and we said nothing.”

I also heard on Howie’s show that Baker wants to allow police to pull drivers over who are not wearing seat belts. It’s contradictory to the “less policing” narrative, so it must be related to payoffs. I don’t wear my seatbelt. Police give me a ticket. I pay it, and I assume a three-year surcharge on my insurance. More money for the state, and more money for the insurance companies, which then give it to politicians. Everything is such a racket.


I wear my seatbelt, so I’m safe.

Off to keep busy!

Jim Eagle

I remember a tobacco discussion where it was noted that menthol cigs were favored by the AA community. So banning them is racist.

Old Lurker

But Iggy, my point as I have stated every time you make your point is that when a big bubble pops, the great sucking sound that follows can approach Black Hole gravity.

The global economic bubble is now so much bigger that a slow release of pressure now is impossible.

The Character Bubble wherein it seems everybody thinks somebody else owes them a comfortable life, especially because that followed the bursting of the God bubble, will leave in the ruins almost everybody except JOMers (and even some of them will be lost, bless their little hearts).

The Political Bubble, now that the Founders and the documents they produced have been ridiculed and ignored into oblivion, and now that all of their warnings about what would happen if men stopped enforcing the documents have come true, where does one turn to say "we should just do what worked before, minus the slaves."

The Accumulated Knowledge and Wisdom of Man bubble has already popped and with that, we might as well have had a fire in the Library in Alexandria. What good is history if nobody knows what it was?

You see a goal line save, and I see a Dark Age.

And you know I hope and pray you win.

matt - deplore me if you must

If Obama is in charge I don't understand the menthol ban at all.

There is going to be a Rude Awakening in this country sometime in the near future as the bubbles burst and the bills come due. My kids who voted em are going to realize that they are the patsies footing the bill and they are going to be pissed. I told them that before the election, but they, of course, know better.

Biden gave $1,600 to every taxpayer in Q1, so naturally most of them ran out to spend it as fast as they could. The economy is picking up regardless, but is is also an inflation driven economy. Pray it doesn't go Weimar.

Reality is going to show it's grizzly face and it won't be pretty.

But in the meantime Joe is gonna be printing 100,000,000 Zimbabwe notes.



Lyrics and music to "Concord Hymn",which Bannon has been playing at the end of each hour.



If Biden's plan to raise long term capital gains taxes were to happen, there would then be no distinction between short and long term gains, so expect increase volatility, as traders, big and small, go after short term gains, the quick profits. This means long term investment in R&D will then be in peril. Generally, it's a really bad idea with a plethora of bad consequences.


The left politicized Officer Sicknick’s death and used it in the second phony impeachment trial of President Trump. America was lied to about the deaths associated with the riot. Among the casualties that day was Truth and someone needs to be held accountable for her death.

Holding Capitol Police accountable for false narrative about Jan. 6 Capitol breach

Manuel Transmission


Your above comment about businesses run at home reminds me of a sporty car racer pal I had back in HS who ran a repair garage in his one car garage in a nice middle class neighborhood down in Phoenix. Two unrelated reasons I remember him: 1) a couple years later I met the future Mrs MT who lived about a block away, and 2) this guy was asked to build up an Indy car engine for Clint Brawner for Mario’s backup car. That’s the only car Mario ever won Indy with. And it happened only because that engine was suffering from poor oil cooling and Mario had to hold back to keep from burning the engine up. Not a habit he ever perfected.


Styxenhammer analyzes the speech last night, making cogent points:


Eleven minutes.



Defrauding the Govt has no SOL, nor a timeline limit.



Hah! I love it when things connect. One of my great uncles was a riding mechanic back in the early days of the 500, when it took about a bazillion hours to complete the race, and if a car broke down half-way around the track they would jump out and try to fix it.

One of my sisters had a connection to the 500 through having an in-law who worked in Foyt's garage crew.


Well, National Post won't link here any more.

I suggest you go to their site, where they are reporting that the dems are introducing a bill to deny funds to federal contractors who perform criminal background checks.


I meant The National Pulse.


Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador on Thursday suggested the U.S. government offer temporary work visas and eventually citizenship to those who take part in a vast tree planting program he hopes to expand to Central America.

In remarks at a White House virtual climate summit, Lopez Obrador said that Mexico aimed to expand his administration's signature "Sembrando Vida," or "Sowing Life," program to Central America, which he said is planting 700,000 trees.

Calling it "possibly the largest reforestation effort in the world," Lopez Obrador said the program aims to create 1.2 million jobs and plant 3 billion additional trees through expansion into southeastern Mexico and Central America.



Yep. Hold them to the law.


.@WILawLiberty sues Biden Administration for race Discrimination in racist Farmer Loan Forgiveness Program will-law.org/wp-content/upl…



You have to jump through hoops to get the truth out



Thanks, Narciso. I should have done that, but just got a phone call.



Still no ratings numbers. I wonder if the Nielsen company is being held hostage.


House Democrats introduced a bill to block forms of federal grants from going to employers that conduct criminal background checks, or even “inquire” about the criminal history of an applicant.

I can't speak for other states, but Pennsylvania requires a background check for anyone working with children. Seems that if the goal is to get federal money out of schools, they may be on to something.

Old Lurker

Mel "Defrauding the Govt has no SOL, nor a timeline limit."

That is not true.


I had no idea this was still being broken down, on site.



It is indeed so.




Last sentence is key.


The Epoch Times’ credentials were revoked by the House of Representatives press gallery, though Philipp said that they are yet to receive anything in writing pointing to specifically why this happened.

Chinese state-run media outlets including Xinhua and People’s Daily, both associated with the Chinese Communist Party and its propaganda, still have their credentials and are allowed to cover Congress.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Neo's 1:30 is all anyone needs to know when Biden or Pelosi talk tough about China.
Total bullshit.


That wasnt the one that went through the canal right



Id forgotten about that one

Old Lurker

That last line tells me the SOL is five years unless further acts associated with the old crime occur within the most recent five years.

So commit the crime, wait five years, then shut up about it.




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