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April 29, 2021



...legal steps to challenge the subpoena warrant?

matt - deplore me if you must

The Russians have been stealing American designs for decades. We used to have 10-12 different aircraft in production until the 1960's, You could even say that the F-16 took some of the best features of the F-5 and other single engine jets.

The upgrades such as the F/A 18 continuations and now the F-15EX are refinements of the original designs and extend capabilities significantly.

One of the intriguing possibilities is the Valkyrie drone. Linking a couple of F-15EX's or 35's with several Valkyries (disposable) opens up a lot of options.

It seems the Navy is putting a huge amount of effort into ship killing. having a fully loaded squadron of Valkyries do a kamikaze at 800-1,000MPH into a nice Chinese formation sounds like good bang for the buck (pun intended).This would even the odds pretty quickly.

Remember, if the Chinese fleet loses it is a huge loss of face. And Xi has that exact kind of hubris to think he's got the odds beat.


Its just so absurd, there was no assault on democracy except those rotten boroughs as trollope called them, and equally rotten media companies engineered.

Leaving out alexandria for a moment, there was the attack on the capitol building in 1983, there was the faln doing a similar thing a third of a century earlier in the notes of the winter soldiers they planned the assasination of pro war senators


Now we see what was dismissed in havana has migrated to the mainland which officials were targeted when which would tell who are the perpetrators or narrow down chinese cuban venezuelans


Pebbles screws it up


jim nj


I've been trying to follow all of the various arguments about what fighter planes to field and I think they all go back to the decision to build a joint fighter with variations for each service.

I'm not aware of the Navy or Marines raising as much of a stink as the Air Force about this lately.

I hate to use the word, but the F-35 was built to be modular, not just in its' 3 variants, but because each year the plane would get better as they upgraded the software and its' newly developed armaments.

The newest F-35's are more capable that the early ones. The older ones now need expensive upgrades. All of the services understood that in the beginning. Now the Air Force seems to be balking at the cost.

There is one line of thought out there that makes some sense in acquiring new 4th generation fighters - that if you pair them up with the F-35's ability to network you can turn the 4th generation planes into 4 1/2 generation planes.

The counter-argument to that is then you should spend that money on small stealthy unmanned drones to serve as F-35 outriders.

Somewhere in all the arguments comes the lobbying. How many fighter manufacturers do we want to have remain and if the US buys something other than the F-35 does that make that plane more saleable overseas?

In any event we're still in better shape than Canada.


They were going to by F-35's back in 2010. Then the Bombadrier cluster-fuck, Trudeau and now the GREENs and they still haven't selected a new plane.

Last I heard they were buying used Australian fighters and refurbishing them.


Thats pretty messed up,



It stands to reason the newer models would perform better

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Tomato tomatoe if i recall the f 16 was based on the mig 25 that landed in japan in 1976--

I don't think so.
The Mig 25 was a large, twin engine, maximum speed, high altitude interceptor/reconnaissance plane built primarily to defend against the U-2 and B-52s.
The F 16 was a small, single engine, highly maneuverable fighter bomber.
It may have influenced the F 15 but that plane was started 10 years after the Mig was and years before 1976.
What was revealed in 1976 was how heavy, fuel guzzling and primitive in the avionics department the Mig 25 was.


I do almost all of this from memory sans notes so i caveated.


So instead of that we are spending incalculable gobs of cash on a starter set for the green new deal, which involves in part tearing down some roads so you have a gravel path out of new orleans and houston?


Some time the hair dye must sink into her brain pan



Thats a tattoo needle and even those are filled with ink


The opposite of how evangelicals are treated


jim nj

I think the big bifurcation on fighter acquisition is whether the next conflict will be with China, Russia or some low-intensity thing that doesn't require a top-line stealthy fighter.

Do we waste the limited lifespan of an F-35 on low-conflict high-cost missions or do we not have enough of them for a high-conflict who cares about the cost war?

I'm not a fighter pilot and I don't need a billet so I'm a little partial to the idea of drone outriders commanded from an F-35 as the next worthy project to spend money on.

That's the next logical move. Take the pilot out of the plane and you no longer have to worry about G-forces. The thing will instantly be capable of more radical movement without worrying if the pilot is still conscious.

Without the most valuable component on board - the pilot - you can sacrifice the craft to attain a kill. Use all the weapons up and there is still the kamikaze option left.

jim nj

And China is building a new space station. I'm sure they haven't given any thought as to how they could militarize it in its' final stages.

jim nj


Uber, Lyft, DoorDash stocks close down after U.S. Labor secretary says gig workers should be classified as employees

is he from California?

jim nj


Michigan Gov. Whitmer announces plan to tie coronavirus vaccination rate to reopening
Michigan will fully reopen when 70% of Michiganders have received at least one COVID-19 vaccine dose


This is even sillier than NYC mayor deBlasio announcing that NYC will reopen July 1st. Why July 1st? Why not earlier? That's two months away! I'd have add in the requisite deBlasio fudge factor here. Yes, by July 1, if not sooner, NYC will be a low Covid risk, it's all the other NYC risks I would be worried about.

Michigan is never going to reopen if they are waiting for 70% vaccination rates.

jim nj

Saw an interesting comment on the NY Giant's general manager.

Paraphrasing, "Based on his record NASCAR will allow right turns before he trades down in an NFL draft."

He traded down today. Got some good swag in the process.


Worse rbose island the beatings will stop when morale improves

The whole point of a gig is flexibility


Doordash the compamy theyve been counting on for food delivery.

jim nj

I may be over-sharing. I got up early for a 10AM tele-health call. Which I received at 3:30PM.

The Aortic aneurysm, as I suspected, is in the "watchful waiting" category. "OK, when do we we do the angiogram so I can walk for more than 5 minutes at a time?" "Well, we have to wait for an approval and that often takes some time." "The insurance company sent me a copy of the approval dated April 6." "Oh, let me have Sandra call you back."

I'm scheduled for May 18th and looking forward to it.

In local news Hackensack is scheduled for a non-partisan election for mayor and all council races on May 11. 3 slates. The one who brought, as the campaign literature agrees, one billion dollars worth of residential development to Hackensack. A slate I know nothing about and another that seems to be well financed.

The last is absolutely apoplectic that the evil real estate developers won't pay a cent of taxes for the next 30 years after investing all that money.

Sonofabitch, they're right. What a freaking rip-off. I should vote those bastards out of office. Oh, wait a minute, all those evil real estate developers signed PILOT (payment in lieu of taxes) agreements.

Technically, the last group is correct. The real estate developers won't pay taxes for 30 years, they'll pay the rough equivalent and the library and school board can't demand their share. They'll have to ask for it. How demeaning. Or as Jane might say, "How rude."


I don’t know if you guys know about Nasturtiums, but you should. I’ve grown them before, but it’s been a while, so I did a little reading. The main thing to know is when and if you get tired of looking at one, you can eat it.

Apparently they have as much Vitamin C as Parsley, but who uses Parsley as a metric? Not I.

I guess the most interesting fact is that they are the richest source of Lutein in the edible plants world. Now, if you’ve heard of Lutein before it’s because it’s an important Carotenoid. Chances are you’re looking at some now through your Macula Lutea. The main thing that interests me is that Lutein is what makes egg yolks yellow.

I read that hens store Lutein in their retinas and as their laying cycle progresses their eyes change color-until they molt, but I can’t find the source off hand. There’s no getting around the ridiculous difference between commercial and farm raised eggs, though. You can’t feed those caged birds enough Lutein.

If you like reading scientific papers, maybe you can make head or tails of this:


Personally, I’m going to try adding Nasturtium flowers to my omelets and see if they let me into Stanford.


jim, what I’m hearing is that even on a Tele-Call doctors are ridiculously over booked.

jim nj


I get to talk to the doctor's PA's, not the doctor.

After calling to remind them of the scheduled call that didn't happen I finally gave up and took an afternoon nap a few hours later. Then they called. I had the phone in bed with me. I'm going "Hello. Hello." They hung-up, so I got out of bed and called back.

It's really weird. I get to talk to a person with a heavy Spanish accent after I've already read the diagnostic reports through a health portal and I know what they are going to tell me and then i tell them what they need to do next. Weird. Very.

jim nj



Jim nj, how long ago did I tell you what was wrong???? ;-).
Remind me.
Like, a year now?
(Your symptoms are what I would call classic.)

Who is this magic person that "lets" you have a test every two months or so??
Have you had a referal to an endovascular surgeon or radiologist yet?

The dilated aorta isn't technically causing blood flow problems, though the process that led to that--atherosclerosis--is why you (extremely likely) have the stenosis in the iliac arteries.

IIRC, TK has an abdominal aortic aneurysm too. He posts at




The nasturtiums stuff is fascinating/


Good Morning! This is your morning laugh or maybe cry, depending on your frame of mind.
Falmouth (Maine) High School will no longer use the nickname "Yachtsmen" as the school's nickname. The mascot "Yachtie" wears a bearded sailor costume. The name (used for 70 years) implies gender-based bias and elitism. A new name and mascot will be announced.


Anyone ever seen a fire truck at these walks before?



"Yachtie"? How about "Fruitcake"?



I posted a long post on JOM2 and it disappeared. Does anyone have an explanation, or is moderating involved?



Nope, and I am sure if there had been one prior to Jan 20 we would have had numerous articles about it.


Michigan is never going to reopen if they are waiting for 70% vaccination rates.

Precisely. That's the point.


Re: marlene's post above.

Please, please please Leftists and D voters--agree that we have irreconcilable differences. Let us peacefully divide.

You insane, immature, math illiterate people can have all the blue. Every single bit of it.

You can wear masks forever, revel in your microaggressions and Karening, decide which victim group you belong to based on a color chart and learn how to change your own lightbulbs.

If you even have electricity.

( I read an article a while back and the author postulated that we can be super magnanimous about this, as they will not last five years on thier own. They'll be begging us to come in and take over. Or the Chi Coms will come in, and we can fight them there.)



Coincidentally Midsomer Murders, which seems to be tracking much of JOM's observations, had a murder last night based on rowing rivalries and the local regatta. Apparently in England the sport is very much like polo as far as upper class involvement and big money involved.

I derive much pleasure from the interiors, all of which have items I recognize like pairs of Staffordshire dogs, Waterford crystal, and bar carts in every home stocked with Bombay Sapphire gin and various brands of scotch and whiskey. LOL!



I think that's an excellent idea! Meanwhile, stock up on peanut butter and tuna! They will be trying to disrupt supply chains and hijack food shipment trucks pretty soon.


MM, I've never had that happen.

I'll copy your post and post it for James D to see.



They're going to get a face full of "Your's too." in short order. No need to separate anyone over it. Of that I'm quite certain. The mob, on it's way to the new 1%, won't be able to control itself.


That SouthPhilly Mom AGAINST Heroin Injection Site
Roll Call: Kenney: hell no Shapiro: nope Outlaw: yeah right Wolf: hiding from PA Republicans Tumar: has anyone seen him Any city councilmen besides the squad: nada So no one from Philadelphia is endorsing Krasner except the Reclaim Philly nuts🤔

LarryKrasner4DA @Krasner4DA
I am so blessed to stand with these folks today. Please vote, vote for me, and vote for justice to keep us moving forward. We cannot go back. krasnerforda.com


James D.

MM @ 8:18

I haven't moderated anything. what time did you post it? I'll see if I can figure out what happened.


James D.,

I think about 15-20 minutes ago.




This happens in mecca not jerusalem



Very interesting snippet of an interview with MBS released by the Saudi Foreign ministry. About 1 minute, with subtitles at link.

#CrownPrince: Iran is a neighboring country, and we aspire to have a good and distinguished relationship with Iran. pic.twitter.com/c45eTNMvFg

— Foreign Ministry 🇸🇦 (@KSAmofaEN) April 29, 2021

Thats like the right honorable gentlemen tropes, some no named journal reporter named bradley hope who is so far in the pocket of doha its embarassing put out a big 'expose' of salman like the tattaglias talking about michael


Another blindspot it says nearly nothimg about the king who was the big guy of salafi promotion

fdcol63 🇺🇸

Dems have to perpetuate the mask charade to keep hiding Biden’s drool.

And signs of his strokes.


Oh pbs has a whole series on krasned that would have embarassed procopius


Other detail the book jacket has praise from robert lacey who we now knoe as khashoggis frontmam


Recommended by Mollie Hemingway. Private citizens doing what the FBI SHOULD be doing. Local news covering is a surprise, but maybe the reporter is an infiltrator into ABC:



There are also said tales of the bin laden s 'happy fun' incarceration at the ritz carlton, violins


Carrying over

What probably happened was parnas who has the same hooping habit got pinched, and then he 'gave up' rudy'to save his own skin, remember an outfit run by mccains finance chair larry noble campaign finance center sic, the ones who pushed mccain feingold flagged these two parnas and his partner because they got in the way of the grift from the privat bank bustout which was 6.6 billion


Michael baden hold my beer



Hard-hitting news here:

Sara Cook
NEW: @POTUS and @FLOTUS confirm there will soon be a First Cat at the White House. "She is waiting in the wings."

In their NBC interview, the First Lady said that they took Major to a shelter that had cats to see how he interacted with them, and "he did fine."


Has anyone ever heard of this before? (Looking at you, Iggy.)


"First she discovered the wood wide web. Now Suzanne Simard has found that underground connections in a forest are like a brain that allows trees to form societies – and look out for their kin."


Am i close to the mark melinda.

They dont go substantially after kolomoisky the hammer but they go after firtash associates who pulled off some minor business in austria and bribes in india they say they were trying to flio firtash but lisa page messed up the paperwork



Salim Furth
NEW RESEARCH: Which cities have the best ADU ordinances? Jess Remington and I have an answer:

Salim Furth @salimfurth
One surprising trend: three of our leaders are Southern college towns. The others are mostly on the West Coast.
(We could have included Portland and Seattle, too).

Salim Furth @salimfurth
Here's something special about each:
DURHAM: North Carolina case law has eliminated owner occupancy restrictions.
GAINESVILLE: Recent reform follows Durham in having no major restrictions: no parking reqs, no owner occupancy reqs, even Airbnb is allowed.

Salim Furth @salimfurth
SOMERVILLE: There's actually no "accessory" concept here. Instead, it's an excellent form-based code, which allows up to 3 units in a detached house and allows a backyard cottage as one of those units.

Salim Furth @salimfurth
FAYETTEVILLE: An ADU can be up to 1200 sq. ft, the size of a starter home.

Salim Furth @salimfurth
LOS ANGELES: Unlike in Pacific NW, it's dry -> garages aren't full of mold -> garage conversions work. Thanks to @pearlremodeling for photo! LA's big market allows builders like this to specialize & improve speed, price, and quality.

Salim Furth @salimfurth
HUMBOLDT COUNTY: The "Redwood Coast" allows tiny houses, Park Model RVs, and HUD-code homes as ADUs. The latter two are much cheaper than modular ADUs, because those industries are at scale. Rural places should copy this code.

Salim Furth @salimfurth
VANCOUVER: The ADU capital of North America was a story of bottom-up change. The lovely laneway homes (thanks @Lanefab!) are vastly outnumbered by interior secondary suites.

Tim McCormick @tmccormick
Replying to @salimfurth @JohnInfranca
Portland City Council meeting 2pm PST today will likely vote to approve Shelter to Housing Continuum #S2HC reforms allowing RVs & Tiny Houses on Wheels to be residences, 1 per residential lot, citywide portlandoregon.gov/auditor/26997. Not classified as ADU but effectively so.

Salim Furth @salimfurth
Replying to @tmccormick @JohnInfranca
We left out Portland mostly because it's already very well-known as a model. We're hoping this product will be helpful when we engage with small jurisdictions that can relate to Gainesville more than Portland.


{Or, How to flood your city with Section 8 voters, while increasing tax levies!}



My street is doing that organically, as I explained a day or two ago.

I think the southern towns are not in league with Los Angeles, nor are their motives the same.


Well the west coast is totally farked ths seed pods are three deep


No, I think you're looking at it from "normal" approaches, instead of letting bad actors "Do Thar Thang" as expected.


Soesking of farked



The FULL COMMIE pulls out all the stops and goes ape shit over a fake insurrection, SIMPLY BECAUSE THEIR BASE BELIEVES. Their base believes WHITE SUPREMACY everywhere, they believe that TRUMP is responsible for 12 million Americans beind dead because TRUMP FUCKED UP on covid, they believe we can spend 6 TRILLLLLLION dollars on COMMIE handouts, they believe TRUMP manufactured cages for ILLEGALS. They believe Pissacky, and the VOTED for BIDEN. It's not rocket surgery. The AMERICAN FULL COMMIE lies it's ass off, because it works.
And the MEDIA reports it as fact. Biden is a wonderful CATHOLIC, except for ABORTION and COVETING HIS NEIGHBORS WIFE.


New book out that seems a bit frightening. Being pushed in one of this week's newsletters.

How to understand a media environment in crisis, and how to make things better by approaching information ecologically.

Our media environment is in crisis. Polarization is rampant. Polluted information floods social media. Even our best efforts to help clean up can backfire, sending toxins roaring across the landscape. In You Are Here, Whitney Phillips and Ryan Milner offer strategies for navigating increasingly treacherous information flows. Using ecological metaphors, they emphasize how our individual me is entwined within a much larger we, and how everyone fits within an ever-shifting network map.

Phillips and Milner describe how our poisoned media landscape came into being, beginning with the Satanic Panics of the 1980s and 1990s—which, they say, exemplify “network climate change”—and proceeding through the emergence of trolling culture and the rise of the reactionary far right (as well as its amplification by journalists) during and after the 2016 election. They explore the history of conspiracy theories in the United States, focusing on those concerning the Deep State; explain why old media literacy solutions fail to solve new media literacy problems; and suggest how we can navigate the network crisis more thoughtfully, effectively, and ethically. We need a network ethics that looks beyond the messages and the messengers to investigate toxic information's downstream effects.

Paging sbw. Book is You Are Here:
A Field Guide for Navigating Polarized Speech, Conspiracy Theories, and Our Polluted Media Landscape

Told you the whole point is to have approved beliefs and anything else, no matter how documentable, is a conspiracy theory. What should we expect when the word 'government' gets redefined as something we all do together to change our common world.



If you were talking to me, probably so. Sometimes I need to ramp up my cynicism more.


No, that was for narc. Sorry.


Pin, I’ve been growing and eating nasturtiums for years :-). Still too early to plant the seeds this year. They are pretty toppers in Caprese salads. They have a slight spicy taste. Just check for ants before popping them in your mouth!

Re-opening. I’ve complained about Baker. He says August re-opening, but maybe earlier. They are all covering their asses. As more and more states re-open the pressure will be on these lousy commies to open up. They will “open,” but with 10,000 caveats.

Marlene one of my college roommates is from Falmouth, ME. It’s about as blue as Falmouth, MA.

Local elections: We have one coming up. I haven’t paid attention. I will vote, and if all candidates are lefties I will write in names like Abraham Lincoln and Donald Trump. The neighbors have their BLM sign out again along with two candidates’ signs. So I know who I am not voting for!



Milner's under the umbrella at Brookings, if that helps "clarify" things.



I was on their Earth Day webinar put on by their center for universal education partnership with unesco so yes, it fits.



Alaska primary challenger to Murkowski is on.

Interesting point: She thinks the disparity between 11 million and 22 million in the Biden speech ratings is the counting of channel changers (looking for something else to watch) as separate viewers. HA!


I should have noted she is on Bannon's show.


The Florida Legislature passed a sweeping election bill Thursday night that would make significant changes to mail voting in the state after a record number of Floridians voted by mail in the 2020 election.

Governor Ron DeSantis said on Fox News Thursday night that he plans to sign S.B. 90.

If he does, Florida would become the latest state to overhaul its election system in the wake of the 2020 election.

The bill would add ID requirements for voters requesting to vote by mail.



EXCLUSIVE: Trump supporter shares what he uncovered after infiltrating anti-fascist group in Sonoma Co.


Today's homework assignment: Fisk this piece of trash:https://www.washingtonpost.com/national-security/rudy-giuliani-fbi-warning-russia/2021/04/29/5db90f96-a84e-11eb-bca5-048b2759a489_story.html

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--You insane, immature, math illiterate people can have all the blue. Every single bit of it.--

I hope no one minds if the many millions of us living in red areas of blue states don't intend to have our lives, livelihood and property donated by someone else to the blue cause.



They are coming for us. Just a matter of time before every Trump voter is labeled a “white supremest” and our voting rights taken away.


The Mass Media Will Never Regain The Public’s Trust

April 26, 2021




UWM hosting a "workshop" on "confronting whiteness" & "anti-blackness". For those of you playing at home, "whiteness" means rejecting actual racism. "Anti-blackness" means rejecting the lie about systemic racism. All of it is, of course, "white supremacy"




And let us not forget that white supremacy = terrorism, according to Biden's speech.


Rudy Guiliani will appear onn Bannon's show this next hour.



If they think Coke is woke, wait'll they get a full load of Pepsi's management:

Has Pepsi had an increase in sales? I hope so. They don't care about our skin color as long as our money is green.

Kambree @KamVTV
Woke Coke. A new Rasmussen poll shows 37% of Americans buying less Coca-Cola


The "No Politics At Werk." is going to go global before they know it. Best of luck with that ESG scheme, Mr. Fink.


Rasmussen Reports
Coming Up Today:

@JoeBiden daily presidential job approval % is - down again.

By More Than 3-to-1 Margin, Voters Say Capitalism Is Better Than Socialism


I think that's going wider, sooner....


Ben Shapiro
If by "dragging one on his hood," you mean "a person jumped on the hood of his car and the driver didn't stop because he is not an idiot," you are correct

Maranie R. Staab @MaranieRae
A car just drove thru a crowd of protesters, dragging one on his hood, during a peaceful demonstration in SE #Portland.

The group of approx. 25 temporarily occupied an intersection in an act of civil disobedience in a demand for the abolition of police.

#pdx #portlandprotests



Turkey President Erdogan – Claims All US Nukes On Incirlik Base Belongs To Turkey


This ain’t small potatoes.


Idaho Makes History, Becomes the First State to Ban Critical Race Theory


Mike Pompeo

Threats to pack the Supreme Court, Iran appeasement, a border crisis, shutdown of the Keystone pipeline, rejoined the Paris Climate Accord — @POTUS’s first 100 days were a disaster for the American people.
11:00 AM · Apr 30, 2021·

Art in Newport

.. Idaho makes history ..

Been quite busy of late, but one of the items on my 'in process' list is a move to Idaho. Have a son and DIL in Boise, as of last December. They give the town and state high marks.


Sounds great Art!



Workers eager to see corporate bosses speak out on politics: Poll


But the data also shows that many senior leaders remain reluctant, as do more white employees, and workers are less supportive of CEOs expressing ideas that don’t match their own.

You must be of Landrew.



Jason Brodsky @JasonMBrodsky·19h


@IranWireEnglish reports this morning officers from the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Intelligence Unit raided the offices of President Hassan Rouhani and Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif.





EXCLUSIVE: The Carnival is Coming to Town! Suddenly Booked and Now Open Right Next to Where the Maricopa County Election Audit Is Taking Place


The ad looking for clowns is even weirder. Will link when I get one.


The pollsters are not using the correct terms to measure the views of Americans today. The terms republican, democrat and independent no longer describe the categories that divide people politically in this country. I doubt that liberal and conservative apply either. Consequently, these polls which are skewed at best and tainted by over sampling are not an accurate reaction to Biden's speech. Moreover, comparatively few people even watched his speech. I wouldn't grant these 'polls' any weight.


So some blue haired asshole got on the hood of a car and got dragged.

Call the Police ass hole.





Who i was referring to earlier



The 'crime' was deigning to renove jovanovich keeper of the grift


Dave Weigel @daveweigel
AZ GOP chair Kelli Ward has suggested similarly that BLM and Antifa want to shut the audit down. washingtonpost.com/politics/2021/…

Jeremy Duda @jeremyduda
Cyber Ninjas planned for possible antifa or militia attack on the election audit. Though it acknowledged that the probability is low, it contemplated a possible attack on a nearby chemical tank facility that allow a "perimeter breach operation" abc15.com/news/state/cyb…

Dave Weigel
On Bannon’s show and other pro-audit media (OAN etc) the idea that antifa could target this audit is very widespread. The more boring reality is that anarchists don’t care at all about a belated 2020 recount, just as they didn’t care if Biden beat Trump in the first place.



Weael weigel paraphrasing kelli ward


Zarif and rouhani got the silly notion they run things probably didnt give a oiece of the action to the ayatollah


I'm still sorting out the Ukrainian players, where everyone plays for keeps for hisself, it seems. And yes, I know it's a cultural thing.


Ah thats the ticket


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