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April 29, 2021



Holy cow Neo. But I’m not surprised. The most uninformed people on the planet.

jim nj

We're #1. We're #!.



Man they can screw up everything cant they, i mean i had some pizza in union city it was ok, but better than ny deep dish.


Although that was so long ago i domt remember what that tastes like.


They could have said i told you so



Wow Ig! And she had that bod prior to the modern ways of sculpting, etc. I never looked like that, and so I am a bit envious. But she is probably a dumb blonde - at least I hope so!

Although it seems to be that some of the prettiest women, like Melania, are pretty smart.



LOL! I loved where she was pointing to the HOT TUB!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Despite my close studies, CC, I was never able to ascertain her IQ measurements.

She did claim Bob Barker was a total pervert, as did not a small number of other models on the show. He was an animal rights fool so, ipso facto, of course he had to be a total heel.


I guess id notice the difference between them



Might have been true, who can say anymore,


Daily Mail US
Worst chlorine shortage in history that is driving prices up 60 PERCENT threatens to sink swimming pool season


How do you run low on chlorine?


And rhode island whitehouse is waging war on amicus briefs


California program overestimates climate benefits of forest offsets -study http://reut.rs/3nE2GDL

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--who can say anymore--

He held a political/social position that I disagreed with therefore any charge made against him must be true. N'est-ce pas? and QED and all that rot.
Pretty sure that's how it works.


MissM, this came up on jom2. There was a huge chemical plant fire in New Orleans two years ago that ate up a bunch of chemicals. Our painting customers buy pool shock to wash siding, as it’s cheaper than bleach. We could not get it in for a bit, and now the price is $10 more per five gal pail.


And then there is this deep slop






Chuck Woolery
I have stated many times before that I never trusted Frank Luntz. I met it then and I mean it now. He is a snake and a shill for the Democrats and he is advising the Republican Party leaders? So what's wrong with this picture? He also denounced President Trump.






The Daily Mail attributed it to people being at home and using their pools more.

Can't say that people in Michigan or New York have been using their pools over the last 7-8 months, though.

Thanks for the more reasonable explanation!


Yes that makes more sense, sometimes they just mail it on (groan)


Speaking off



Tucker Carlson & @nedryun Discuss The GOP Continuing To Rely On The Terrible Advice Of Frank Luntz & The Need To Replace GOP Leadership

Ned: "Let's have real America First leadership in the House & the Senate, & then let's get a real America First back in the White House." pic.twitter.com/EOpUNEiWBB

— The Columbia Bugle 🇺🇸 (@ColumbiaBugle) May 1, 2021

Video at the link.

I 100% endorse the opinions of Tucker Carlson and Ned Ryun.



Please warn me when you are linking a Peggy Noonan article! Gack!


New York Post

John Kerry invested in oil companies prior to becoming Biden's climate envoy, financial disclosures show https://trib.al/CiGkswQ


The python reference wasnt enough, captain oveur was sound and fury signifying nothing told by an idiot' actually as julie kelly points out it was insulting ignoranr and dangerous to the body politic


Heading to bed.

Probably won't be here early, but will try to provide a few links when I get moving.

Good night, all!

jim nj


How appropriate.


Speaking of Luntz. He looks like FRED FLINTSTONE, and is as dumb as Barney Rubble. What does LUNTZ have that REPUBLICANS, would want, like, trust or agree with. A fact many here will PROLLY agree with, is that MOST, Republican elected peeps in this country, got elected/selected, B because the couldn't win as a Democrat where they are at. There are numerous exceptions....HOWEVER.
FULL COMMIES will shit all over AMERICA over and over and over, then moderate their campaigns for re-election. THEY ARE ALL IN ON FULL COMMUNISM, so long as THEY are NEVER required to life like serfs. The GOP is the only choice we have, and overall they are better people than COMMIED (DUH!) but, where are the MEN??? Where are the normal traditional 50ish MEN. (AND WOMEN). How do all of us see what's going on, and these CUCKS NOT.


Cleanuo track 12


When luntz last had a clue seinfeld 'a show about nothing. Was in its first season, the rear admiral had a clue back then too.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Was it more like this;

or this;


That was from the last part of the lone ranger reboot right.


The GOPe recruited people to run, and my guess is they said, “We got you. You just show up...”. Enter Luntz. What we need are grass root candidates. Easy for me to say as I live in a deep blue state. I see a few popping up, and they are all women at this point - Greene and Boebert. If I’m leaving someone out please correct me.


Looking back who crazier in that cast, arnie hammer or johnny depp (hammer was supposed to be the straight man, playing off depps crazy indian)


2020 Election Integrity: Arizona - Senate Forensic Audit

Senate President Claims Media Photographing Volunteer Worker Faces

is outside Coliseum - and doing just that.

No faces pixelated as volunteers arrive for duty.

'Smile, you're on CNN!'



Goemert gosar (whose family has denounced him ti speaking the truth about soros) this new guy kent seems promising


Goemert gosar
Narc, good for him. I did not find him in a google search, so that means nothing, Glad he is running.

I’m out 🙏🏻


Jim nj, it is hard to even watch this P.O.S. attempt to talk intelligently. Sloppy "that's just Joe" Biden has always been a blowhard, liar and pretend tough guy. Now, he goes back to the 50 year practiced tactic, of turning a glaring mental deficiency into a change of subject. He loses his train of thought and tries to create bull shit, to buy time. He never finishes that thought, that he completely lost, due to mental decline. We've seen it time and again, it happens every time he is not standing at a lectern with teleprompters. All men AND WOMEN are created equally, and errr, I played QB for the STEELERS, errrr HELP ME OUT HERE CORN POP???
Well you know the deal.

Honestly what person of an i.q. over 80 doesn't see this. Teacher Jill must be a horrible person, or incredibly stupid and selfish to allow this to continue. Biden knows he's not well, but this was his dream. And our NIGHTMARE.
One last thing, whilst I am still blabbering. Sloppy Joe Biden is clearly scared of COVID.
Personally scared. His aneurysms and resulting surgeries have him extremely fearful.


And i thought he was a yutz in high school during the bork hearings now hes a yutz dialed up to eleven, of course i didnt know he was a soviet tool then or he had worked with eastland and byrd


If he was a screenplay hed be jupiter ascebding



A lot of what we are witnessing, is the natural result of $$$$ CORRUPTION. The SKIM, kick backs, campaign cash, money laundering, and many other sick rackets that the MOB has always used to become wealthy and protected. We have seen insider trading, etc etc etc. HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of people are involved in government skim.
Does any refute that the FBI and JUSTICE DEPT, top level career people, and the UNIONIZED/GOVT JOB CLASSIFIED people, are not all in on the SCAMS??
Any semi honorable CONSERVATIVE or GOPer, scares the shit out of them.
For the love of GOD, look at what they did, to take down DJT. Twice they IMPEACHED with ABSOLUTELY ZERO EVIDENCE of ANYTHING. Got the votes??? Do the deed. This isn't merely ideology. It's CORRUPTION and it's been over played. I doubt this will ever be made right in my lifetime. I may witness the second coming of RECONSTRUCTION, and the CAPITOL being moved to KANSAS. But I doubt it. For most of us, we need to pray for our children and grand children. What our generation DID NOT DO, they will be the victims of.


SLOPPY JOE, threatens a UKRAINE PROSECUTOR on FECKING CAMERA for CRIPES SAKE. He brags about denying U.S. aid to UKRAINE, unless the prosecutor who was eyeing up BURISIMA was fired. HE WAS.
Then DJT has a FAT COLONEL who worked in THE WHITE HOUSE for NSA or sumpting, pretend to whistleblow on a PRESIDENTIAL CONVERSATION with his UKRAINE equal. NOTHING. The MEDIA, as FILTHY and COMPLICIT as they are got on board.
IT'S ABSURD. Where are the men, where are the LEADERS on our side? Bitch McCakehole??? Cryboy Boehner??? That's not who WE are Ryan?? McNobody???? We have a few grandstanders, Cruz, Rubio ETC. WHERE ARE THE MEN.
I'd take POMPEO over 99.9% of these CUCKS.


Well ron johnson rand paul maybe cotton some of the time but not enough


Yes a bank was looted to the tune of 6.6 billion dollars and thats not the story its goinf after the guy like derkach who brought us the info about the lootinf and who they paid off

jim nj


Yeah, when I first suspected venous insufficiency and you mentioned that it might be a problem of blood getting down to the legs, not blood not getting back up I revised my thinking.

When I finally got the approval for a venous ultrasound I was miffed that the technician did an arterial ultrasound instead after listening to my description of the problem.

Turns out she did me a favor. When I went back to my new primary care she had the results and set me up with a cardiac-vascular surgeon.

Where I go for primary care is a clinic, not a private practice. From 2011-2020 I saw the same doctor whenever I went there. So it was like a private practice as far as I was concerned. I got decent care with a doctor who was skilled at listening.

Well, that doctor left just about the time of, and maybe because of, the onset of the pandemic. The new one doesn't listen well and told me that I hadn't had Covid-19 after I mentioned having the runniest nose of my life. That was all she had to hear. Runny nose, hah? Admittedly that was in July of last year but that had become a listed symptom by that time and given the opportunity to argue the case I would have mentioned the loss of the sense of taste and smell, shortness of breath, yadda yadda.

I just wanted a referral for the ultrasound at that point and she gave it. Except they didn't process it. So after a suitable wait on the mailed referral I went back and had them process it again.

And if I hadn't been so pissed off at the ultrasound technician and gone back to the clinic to complain I'm not sure the clinic would have followed up with me on the results of the ultrasound.

So then I get an appointment with a cardiologist that I had to wait six weeks for.

Jan. 15 I meet with him. He seems to grasp what I'm trying to tell him and mentions that I may also have an abdominal aortic aneurysm.

He sets up the tests he wants and we wait for the insurance company to approve them.

I get the approved tests. I find out I need an angiogram to clear my leg arteries. Ask for approval from insurance company and oh, by the way, since you nixed the abdominal MRA can we do an abdominal aortic ultrasound?

Got that done. And I can understand the doctor's reasoning. If I have to cut him up to get to the arteries in the legs do I have to also go up at the same time for something in the aorta?

So in my Thursday call with the doctor's PA who told me they needed an insurance approval for the angiogram procedure in order to schedule that I reminded them that it had already been approved.

I'm scheduled for 5/18.

If I had this all to do again I'd present myself at ER at Hackensack University Medical Center and tell them that I identify as black and would sue them unless they fixed me NOW.


Wow what a runaround jimnj


This was todays offering


jim nj

Long post because I value anonamom's input, but also as an indication of how broken the medical system has gotten during the pandemic.

I didn't need a Covid test to undergo diagnostic tests at Holy Name Medical Center, but I will need one before my surgery.

I had to reschedule a colonoscopy because of Covid. They forgot to pick me up for the required Covid test. So no rescheduled colonoscopy. I've been preoccupied with the leg issue so I need to reschedule that.

Ditto for a basal cell cancer on my nose. I scheduled a tele-health appointment and they never called. Got to restart that. I mean, hello, dermatology, how do you do a tele-health for that? Wouldn't you at least like a look-see?

Rational and irrational fears crept into the medical system and Xiden* isn't doing anything to relieve them. He's going to kill more people by depriving them of a normal health system and focusing on masking.

The spike in deaths caused by Covid is going to be repeated by lack of care deaths resulting from Covid induced health care rationing.


Jim, I'm sorry, but Hackensack Medical has DECLINED YOUR RACE CARD. It's a SOCIALIST THING. We used to let the bLACK folks take a cab and get treatment gratis, but NOW, we screen out the WHITE SUPREMACISTS. How did we get to the place, where normal middle class people could not get treatment for serious conditions, because, they were in line, behind people who HAVE NO INSURANCE. How did the costs get to be prohibitive, so that people who have insurance and referrals from a physician, are scrutinized more than once, before getting an appointment???
This is not EQUITY is it??? How did Obamacare improve ANYTHING??? Bottom line, if your care is delayed or not scheduled and you are not served.
WHY DO YOU HAVE INSURANCE. Has bigger GOVT, created better health care???


Good news Jim!!!! I just learned that YOU get to keep YOUR DOCTOR. I hope DR JILL, is not your DOCTOR.


Indeed, if the murder governor is running the zoom calls well he does know the subject.


Narciso the CADAVER and his DNR (dept of natural resources) advised lazy fat gubmint employees, to wear masks at their HOME on ZOOM. They said it sent the "right message". KABUKI.
If I am required to wear a MASK, by FULL COMMIE retards, as I do my job in the safety of my own home, and ALONE. I am not intending to send a MESSAGE. I am trying to do my job, and I am completely safe, and SOCIALIST distanced from any human on my property. THE CHINESE VIRUS, has given FULL COMMIE FASCISTS opportunity to NOT LET A CRISIS GO TO WASTE.

jim nj


Yeah. Run around. Back when I was suffering from depression I would have given up.

Fighting a system can be debilitating. You have to be able to get angry to fight through it all. I am of the opinion that many people may not have fought the system and their health has been impacted by the pandemic fear environment.

There will probably never be a true account of the people saved via lockdowns vs. the number of people lost by them.

We know they intentionally, or stupidly, amplified the panic by botching the safety of nursing homes.

How many more will they kill by prolonging the panic?

jim nj


If they decline my "black" identity I can always fall back on my documented "Mohawk" identity even if it was 15-16 generations ago. You're still persecuting my people.

You know I was in good health until some guy gave me a used blanket.

jim nj


Endgame: I'm not for D.C. statehood, says Manchin

Good explanation of why it wouldn't be legal anyway.


Jim nj. Why are you against SCIENCE!!!!!!!?
At my office, there is a break/lunch room. Very very well appointed with ovens, refrigerators, Microwave ovens. Air fryers, and a YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGE TV. Over the air, I think, I've never used it other than to see what's on when I walk in there. LOCAL NEWS ON.
Hysteria DAY after DAY, after week, month, season, year, and STILL GOING BOMP BOMP BOMP. All CHINESE FLU ALL THE TIME. CASES!!!! and MOAR CASES!!!!!
A long long time ago, my logical brain had me pointing out, that CASES MEANT NOTHING, except to be used for MOAR HYSTERIA, all day, all the time.
Professional Sports and NCAA (who the fuck are they?) all squealing, like STALIN PIGS, making rules and MOAR RULES, OMG CDC guidelines. Same CDC that has RAPED OL and his 40 years of building a business for himself and his FAMILY.
PROTOCOLS. Cancelled games!!! No fans. BUBBLES. Did I mention PROTOCOLS? BENITO IL DUCE FAUCI, most loved celebreTARD. Birx, flying to DELAWARE to her 3rd home on the beach. VIOLATING THEIR OWN "GUIDELINES". Unilaterally dissolving LEASES and CONTRACTS because OL, is a WHITE CAPITALIST. THE NATION SWOOOOOOONING over Benito Fraudski and DR SCARF BIRX.
WHO ELECTED THIS GARBAGE, and what is THEIR PERSONAL EXPERTISE, after 30 and 40 years of self advancement and media garbage??
THE GUBMINT ELITES. Benito Fraudski over 40 years of CDC and NIH "service" making over $400 thousand today at 80, after 40 years of SUCKING DOWN THE SLOP. At a Washington Nationals game, no mask, less than 6 inches of SOCIALIST DISTANCING on either side of his seat. HE'S OUR LEADER???

jim nj


Prolonging this hysteria is counter-productive. NYC expects to be fully open by July 1. Good luck with that. Workers, let alone tourists, won't be comfortable with that for some time.

Unless they come to watch the black guy beating the Asian person Olympics.


You are wrong Jim. The WHITE SUPREMACIST OLYMPICS are scheduled for NYC. Today until moral improves.
Seriously, NYC will NEVER be the same. Warren Wilhelm, was accepted and known as an idiot and agitating pretend COMMUNIST. His wife relatively likewise. HONEYMOON in HAVANNA.
WARREN WILHELM was elected despite this knowledge and info.
My grandfather of my same last name, was a resident of GREENWICH CT and a commuter to MIDTOWN for 20 years. He was SENIOR VP of SALES and MARKETING for GAF CORP. Cameras, VIEWMASTER, roofing materials ETC. He lived for his career, and the money he made in the 50-60's he used to build a CATHOLIC CHURCH in fledgling STUART FL.
St Josephs. De Blasio makes me vomit. Even the FAKE NAME. NEW YORK will NEVER RECOVER from this and the COVID opportunity for more FASCISM. NEVER. I deal with the general public on a daily basis. SO MANY PEOPLE have been scared on purpose, or the DAY TO DAY HYSTERIA, has people unable to separate themselves from the LIES and MANIPULATION. They are terrified. And the 20 and 30 somethings do not recognize this crap as destructive to AMERICA. They don't know what AMERICA is and was. I spoke to my son at college less than an hour ago. HE KNOWS, but the COMMIES are in control now.


Jim nj. On the day that SLOPPY JOE bans travel from ASIAN INDIA to THE U.S., we are to believe that WHITE SUPREMACISTS are attacking ASIANS willy/nilly because of CONSERVATIVE HATE.
Biden called DJT a XENOPHOBE and a RACIST, at the very outset of the CHINESE FLU. DJT was RACIST and XENOPHOBIC for stopping flights to the U.S.from CHINA, the very country that CREATED the CHINESE FLU/COVID 19. It's so ridiculously stupid and obvious, that BIDEN was huffing and puffing and bloviating that a BLIND CHINESE DUDE could see it.
THE MEDIA DID NOT ALLOW THE PUBLIC TO KNOW, and twitter banned truthful refences to what actually occurred. So now SLOPPY JOE bans flights from an ASIAN COUNTRY. Who is the RACIST???????

jim nj

For Mel,

A long time ago I realized that if I wanted to find a useful article from a magazine again that I couldn't just keep stacks of magazines around.

So I clipped articles and put them in 3-ring binders organized with subject divider tabs so I could easily find them again.

Lots of subjects. So I'm going through them to see what I can get rid of now as too dated.

And I came across my "market data" binder. 20-25 year-old articles that recount the birth of some of the ideas that drive the stock markets and the trading upon them now.

Oh, let me see if this old article was digitized, nope, but the publisher is still out there.


Well at least they are still in business, I bet Mel reads some of their stuff today.

jim nj


Banning travel from some Muslim-majority countries with poor ID control was racist.

Banning travel from Covid-infected China was racist.

Banning travel from India is just, well, common sense. Apu can hire Americans to work in his 7-11 instead of his cousins.

jim nj



Harvard University / Harris Poll: 77% of Democrats say they believe the Steele dossier was accurate.

There’s your cult.

Now do Republicans in the House and Senate and their aides.
Honestly, Liz Cheney is still in leadership.
Explain that to me.


Gee, what a crazy thing to happen to Twitter.
I wonder why?




Besidea their bias, censorship, and tolerating death threats, did they not have to admit that the return on their advertisements are not what they claimed?


Only thing I want to read about Twitter is that someone took care of @jack.




BREAKING: The Florida House has passed a bill that prevents tax dollars from going to the NCAA or any other business/organization that boycotts the state
2:49 PM · Apr 30, 2021

Tom Bowler

Biden hyperbolically called the January 6th, breach of the Capitol “the worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War.” He overlooked...

Posted by: sbwaters | April 30, 2021 at 03:02 PM

sbw, great editorial. I'm sure I've missed the deadline, but I would add to your list of attacks on our democracy the 2020 election theft. It may yet be the fatal attack.



That guy is on my Top 10 list of people who should suffer that punishment.

I wonder if anyone has pictures of him before the nose ring and scraggly beard. It would be interesting to see the transformation, just as we have seen Zuckerberg transform from a fairly attractive college kid with curly hair into an android who shows little emotion, has slicked down hair, and a blank stare.




I’m still laughing at this one.

Within a week, Basecamp’s loathed no-politics-at-work rule has escalated to a mass exodus. This afternoon, reporter Casey Newton tweeted that around one-third of the company’s employees accepted buyouts following a “contentious all-hands meeting.” The software company behind Ruby on Rails, Campfire, and HEY was, until this week or so, generally perceived by outsiders as one of the good ones.




Includes clip of interview.


The truly funny bit: all the woke developers at big tech use Ruby on the Rails as part of their woke identity. This to the point that it is the only skill acceptable for hire at many startups. Now an embarrassing skill to have.



I would support buyouts of federal employees. In the long run, it might be cheaper. Think of how much money we would have saved if Fauci had gone into retirement.

Somebody would have to do the math, but if we offered buyouts with no one hired to replace those who left, couldn't this be worked into a profitable way to make government smaller?

It's already been established that a lot of people go for cash in hand vs. a long term outlook. It would be pretty hard for the federal unions to argue against it, and power in the bureacracy would be diminished.


Yep. Zuckerfucker is on my list too.

Jim Eagle


I disagree with Trump in your 7:07. Of course we have seen those types of raids before: The Nazis and Soviets for one, then I guess you add in the ChiComs.



Pretty soon someone will have to start a go-fund me page for Jack, if Twitter keeps tanking!

Meanwhile lovely John Kerry made between 3 and 14 million $ on oil stocks last year.

Ahhhhhh socialism is great, isn’t it?



He makes the argument that the Church of England has fallen for CRT when, in fact, the Church has been opposed to slavery going all the way back to early Medieval times. He documents the actions of saints, monarchs and missionaries.

Here is an example of how the Church has been infiltrated and also why they don't want children learning history and their heritage.


Credit Suisse CEO Thomas Gottstein pledges to restore calm at the Swiss bank after the Archegos scandal caused a $5.5 billion hit and further damaged its reputation




Apparently, Bill Maher did a “limited modified hangout” over RussiaGate Friday night on his show.

"We, like, thought that it had to be more of a conspiracy. It may turn out that most of it really was just what he did in public," Maher continued. "Because it's so insane that he was, 'Russia, if you're listening... ,' and when he admitted he fired [FBI Director James] Comey, when I look back, I'm like 'Wow, we lived through this?'"

He is so kind to himself.

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