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April 21, 2021


Jim Eagle

Nice, cool no’easter blowing thru our little section of the sunshine state.

Good morning.

James D.

Perhaps if the Fauci Regime had not moved the goalposts suggesting even after being vaccinated lockdown rules and masks should continue, some of the public might not have concluded "what's the point?"

And if the MSM didn't report every single bad reaction to a vaccine in blaring front-page headlines.


Good morning!

No precipitation as of now, but the current temperature is 36 so it looks like no yard work today, since the high will only be 52. (That's too chilly for my arthritis.)

However, the extended outlook is for 80 n Tuesday!! Yay!

Old Lurker

James, imagine if they posted bad WuFlu reactions as compared to Birth Control Pills. Or Viagra.



Speaking of ads:

It’s time to free ourselves of the burden of overconsumption. Buying better and keeping the things we buy longer can reduce waste for the planet on the whole. #buybetterwearlonger

— Levi's® (@LEVIS) April 21, 2021

Short video ad at the link.
Comment by Miss Marple: If this isn't the damn stupidest ad campaign I have ever seen, I don't know of a dumber one.

1. Make customers feel GUILTY about buying your product.
2. Encourage them to NOT buy.

This is why I foresee a booming business in garage sales this summer, in which people buy used items at cheaper prices and sellers get CASH which is not traceable or taxed.

When I give an extra, unrecorded cash tip to the kids who deliver my groceries, I always thank them and point out that they don't have to declare it on taxes. HA! The young black woman who delivered yesterday thought I was sweet and hilarious. LOL!

Also, if you own Levis stick, sell it.

James D.

The MSM (and the Democrats, and plenty of Republicans) have no one but themselves to blame for any public distrust of vaccines.

The MSM and Dems (and many in GOP) have railed for years and years about the evil and greed of Big Pharma.

Combine that with the requirements to list all common side effects in every drug commercial (without any context as to the actual probability of those effects occurring), so that at least half of every ad is comprised of "you may experience migraines, vomiting, loss of appetite, leprosy, spontaneous human combustion or other harmful effects"

Is it any wonder that a lot of people are hesitant to sign up to take a new vaccine that's been created in a crash program by the same companies they've been told for years are evil and careless?

Old Lurker

James, for me, the entire government at all levels has achieved the "If their lips are moving, they are lying" status.

All of them.


They work directly for OFA now. Their own Color Revolution (Purple):

Jerry Dunleavy
omitting a key fact like the knife being clearly visible in her hand as she swings it at the other girl is willfully & intentionally deceptive

Nicholas Fondacaro @NickFondacaro
In their report on the officer-involved shooting in Columbus, Ohio, NBC Nightly News deceptively edited the 911 call to leave out the part where the caller says a girl was "trying to stab us." They also don't show viewers the knife in the attacker's hand just before the shots.



Good Morning! I have the lanai door open. The birds are singing their morning songs.

VP Harris will be in New Hampshire on Friday to promote the American Jobs program. Huh.NH is about 2,500 miles from the Texas border.
We are headed to Maine on Saturday. We'll be busy packing the car and cleaning the house, so I'll be mostly lurking. Be good!

Manuel Transmission

Re the WuFlu in India, had an email from a customer yesterday indicating they are getting 300K/day positive tests. No idea whether that is using our bogus 35 or 40 cycle count.

Certainly has the country shut down again.

James D.

James, for me, the entire government at all levels has achieved the "If their lips are moving, they are lying" status.

No question. What's the most insulting about it is how they really seem to believe that they can change their lies 180 degrees from one day to the next and we'll all just uncritically swallow it.

On the other hand, half the electorate does precisely that, so I guess they're not wrong to believe it.


Dave, CCgirl, et al,

Read yesterday that MA is the snobbiest state in the union. All of NE makes the top ten.

Marlene, have a good trip and hurry back!

Morning. Off to the pool.

fdcol63 🇺🇸

At some point, we must recognize that Lefty “journalists” are Fifth Column propagandists and enemies of our freedoms, and start eliminating them.

Their lies, omissions, misinformation and sedition must be stopped.



Who's paying for the editorial "adjustment"?

Old Lurker

James, as Orwell's discussion with Winston made clear, this will continue until we are all willing to repeat that something we know to be false is true.

fdcol63 🇺🇸

Melinda, good question.


Adam Milstein
How did the "Party of Science" has become anti-science?@RogerDKlein writes during the pandemic, Dems took advantage of fear and confusion to expand their authority and adopt self-serving policies that under ordinary circumstances would never be accepted.




Morning all! It's a chilly 34 degrees here in my little corner of Ga. My baby bluebirds are keeping the parents busy delivering bugs and removing waste. Off to school soon - we're reading/discussing Fahrenheit 451 which is proving to be a timely selection!


Family business passes to the next generation:

Julián Castro
In the 1970s my mother Rosie helped compile research for a House Judiciary Committee hearing on the reauthorization of the Voting Rights Act.

Today I’ll testify in front of the very same committee on modern voter suppression and a new Voting Rights Act.




Maybe this is why our mailman ignored me when I yelled out a "Thank you!" when he dropped off our mail, driving on like I didn't exist.


YOᑌᖇ ᔕᑭIᖇITᑌᗩᒪ ᒪOᑕKᔕᗰITᕼ🗝

· 14h
I knew they had a purpose
“Barney Rubble Activate!”


The cigar store indian wants 50% emission cuts yikes between now and 2030.

Old Lurker

Mel "Dems took advantage of fear and confusion to expand their authority..."

WAY WAY too passive. Makes it sound as if "fear and confusion" just appeared as if by virgin birth, then the Dems took advantage.

The Left CREATED the fear and confusion intentionally and then took advantage of it.

How many times did Nazis and Russians hurt Germans and Russians in neighboring lands just so they could invade to protect them?

Been done since man came to covet the property of his neighbors.


There may have been coffee aerosolized on that one....

Is that what you have your male interns wearing now?

The Lincoln Project @ProjectLincoln
It would be a shame if we ruffled some feathers today



Asymptote of the vax curve in Ahia near flatline.

Too busy protesting and knifing the neighbors.



Give a teenager a red Sharpie and tell them they can have a dollar for every red mark they can put on you in 30 seconds. Then you try to take away that Sharpie without getting “cut”. I use this for my self defense class as an example for how hard it is. The record is 42 marks.




This is a thread showing how NBC News deceptively edited video in the Columbus knife attack shooting. Videos of all major newscasts and how the story was covered.

If you have relatives or friends which are listening to NBC/MSNBC as their primary news source, this should get their attention.


The contracts, according to the complaint, also required the cities to employ ‘voter navigators’ to help voters ‘complete their ballots.’ The navigators would later be “trained and utilized as election inspectors.



Detroit police chief (African American, by the way) on Tucker last night. Video of about 3 1/2 minutes at the link.

@ChiefJECraigDPD ~ ‘No Cop Zones’ aren’t allowed in my city. pic.twitter.com/yFxlKU1v2D

— SgtPepper1964 (@SPepper1964) April 22, 2021


Victor Davis Hanson


So what are they good for


fdcol63 🇺🇸

The Left lied about the “armed insurrection” of Jan. 6. We now know the truth.

But guess what? Most people will still believe the lie. Corrections to the story later, buried under the fold or on Page D43 or aired in a blurb at the end of a broadcast, don’t make a difference to most people.

You get one chance to make a “first impression” that forms people’s opinions and emotional responses.

The media knows this, and exploits it to their advantage.


Stinky fish



Well you get the gist

Meanwhile judge sullivan is bringing his inner vyshinsky


This one



In other places my fishwrap pretends not to know while there is a vestigial defenze against dysmorphia


Carried over



First 1/2 hour of Bannon is Michael Yon in the Darien Gap. First thing people see when coming out of the jungle is a Western Union Moneygram store.

He has seen people from India, Senegal, Congo, Haiti.

Next will be Natalie Winters and Raheem goinog to discuss the CCP payoffs to reporters.

Also, Pope Che is going to discuss climate at the virtual meeting in DC.



Happy Earth Day! "climate activists" to dump cow poop on White House to protest Biden "bullsh*t" climate plan. Who knew I could agree w/the actions of nutters like Extinction Rebellion? 😂climatedepot.com/2021/04/22/bul… @climatedepot




EXCLUSIVE: A complaint has been filed w/WI Judicial Commission against WI Supreme Court Justice Brian Hagedorn alleging he prejudiced the Trump recount case (which was still active) by speaking to multiple press outlets--and trashing the campaign and case. @judgetroupis


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki


I hear you, but I tend to think that there isn't a right to be homeless and be left alone about that. And that seems to be the LA gestalt.--

This isn't directed at you Jim [or Matt] but at a lawless judge - tough shit.
The answer to the legislative or executive branches not doing their jobs is not for a judge to start doing it for them. It is the voters' job to hire guys to do so. And if they don't care enough to do it then it is up to the private sector to [of course it should be up to them in the first place].
But even if no one at any level cares to do it then it should simply not be done rather than having our system of government usurped and corrupted.
That's how we frickin got here, and here is not where any country should be.



This is the couple who defended their home on the front porch in St. Louis.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Was at my local grocery store on the afternoon of the Floyd verdict and one of the checker girls said to the other 'No verdict yet' and my impression was they were not hoping for a 'guilty' one.
And I have been impressed that except for the usual suspects there has been widespread rejection of the verdict by the sane portion of the citizenry.
The great unresolved question of the age is - is acquiescence growing, leading to surrender or is anger growing leading to a revolt?
Most of us have our positions staked out so no point rehashing them. Time will tell.


There go the lights!


When my right hand calms down from writing up the quotes from brookinfs, the aft, and the nea I will explain what just came up at earth day conference on the plans for us. Anyone who has read my most recent post will realize how much I appreciated the quote on the need to use education to create new 'belief systems' so that those can converge with desired public policy.

Climate justice is only achievable with environmental justice which requires racial justice and there we go. The necessity for electoral fraud gets explained because now they have a President creating the needed public policy and enacting it.

Had two webinars yesterday. At a certain level everyone agrees the revolution is on and they sometimes even say that if you are listening as I have been.


Tiki lit service?

Chris 🇺🇸
Daunte Wright funeral: Rev. Al Sharpton to delivery eulogy at Minneapolis service dlvr.it/RyD18q via @6abc



Do NOT interfere with the skim!

Luca Dellanna
More craziness re: Wirecard, the German bank that had a market cap larger than Deutsche Bank when journalists discovered it was a fraud. Instead of investigating, German regulators sued the journalists.

Francine McKenna @retheauditors
Wirecard employees removed millions in cash using shopping bags ft.com/content/31a8ed…



Biden is allowing this to happen.

(1) VeBee🇺🇸✝️ on Twitter: "THIS ! Thousands upon thousands 👇👇👇Sound on ! https://t.co/5xTFH1Cb7e" / Twitter


My wife saw a Facebook posting about somebody trying to buy tickets to a New York Mets game.
I understand now that to get into a Mets game, you have to prove you don't have COVID via recent testing or have been fully vaccinated.


I see that NBC News has been trying to regain the crown for "deceptively edited videos"


NBC is despicable.

Decided to take a break from cleaning and am watching Inspector Barnaby deal with snooty locals upset that Travelers (sort of like Gypsies) are encamped on public land.


Alright, the Germans are taking this “freshness” competition way, way too seriously:

Beat that, Lidl, Aldi, et al.



Do you get a discount if you milk the cow yourself?


At least a third of French wine production worth almost €2bn (£1.7bn) in sales will be lost this year after rare freezing temperatures devastated many vines and fruit crops across France, raising concerns over the climate crisis.

“This is probably the greatest agricultural catastrophe of the beginning of the 21st century,” the French agriculture minister, Julien Denormandie, said this week as the government declared an “agricultural disaster” and began preparing emergency financial measures.

The unseasonal wave of bitter frost and ice hit suddenly after a bout of warm weather, which worsened the damage. The warmth had encouraged vines and fruit trees to develop earlier than usual, only to be withered by the sudden cold.



Neo, the world may not be concerned about the solar minimum but climate cooling doesn't care. Stock up your pantries and wine cellars.


More glowbal warmening please.

Jim Eagle

Hmmm! Frederick is supposed to intern this summer at my SIL's vineyard in Burgundy.


How true:



The cookbook is the infrastructure bill, green nude eel is mogwai form


This is only moderate raysiss, no problem.



The north dakota governor is even more blanc mange then noem


But of course


Dave (in MA)

DJIA nosedive after Xiden's pledge to jack up capital gains taxes.


But of course


matt - deplore me if you must

So our new Presidential Theme Song is "Only A Fool Would Say That" again.

This guy and his clown show are driving the train at 100MPH into a wall.


Science we much.


Biden Climate Envoy John Kerry: "We Need to Get Carbon Dioxide Out of the Atmosphere" OK, John. You go first on this. Show us how awesome it will be to LIVE w/o carbon dioxide. 🤦‍♀️



In Defense of Teenage Knife Fighting

By Charles C. W. Cooke NRO
Since when do we need the cops to intervene in the recreational stabbings of our youth?

I haven't decided if this story is satire.


He may be from remulak


Security video



Clarice is right. Cool summers and cold winters, and add to that all of the volcanic ash.

I wonder who has investments in coal and oil companies in the US.

Whoever does will make a tidy sum once it becomes obvious that the cooling is coming.


So does that mean it’s okay for adults to fight each other with knives? How’s that working in GB?


Jane. Remember when the Brit female film star saw people breaking into her backyard? She looked out the kitchen window and brandished a carving knife at them. The Brit cops were going to arrest her.


I was watching The Family Feud the other night and “Carpetbagger” was the third most popular anti-Semitic Dogwhistle on the board.

I was trying to keep you out of trouble, Mr Melinda.


Now where was I?

SCHUMER: "Bigots, we're going after you."


*Bavli has entered the chat


Dems must not be able to see themselves in mirrors.

Jim Eagle

I have an Eye of Round Roast with taters, celery, carrots and onions in the
slow cooker. This is my first roast in the cooker. The inaugaral chicken came out succulent. Now is the big test. Doing a 5 hour on high.

I hope I have enough horseradish:)


Get this, Schumer actually said that God put him in Congress to be a guardian of Israel.

Dave (in MA)

Great news, taxpayers. Our Congressmen are spending some of their valuable time listening to the crackpot theories of a teenaged truant from Sweden. https://t.co/e2upcaz8Em

— Gerry Callahan (@GerryCallahan) April 22, 2021

Moderation in Dekalb County.

So, here we are with Home Depot in the spotlight. There are four specific demands leveled at Home Depot in order to avoid further action from the activists.

Rev. Lee May, the lead pastor of Transforming Faith Church, said the coalition is “fluid in this boycott” but has four specifics requests of Home Depot: To speak out publicly and specifically against SB 202; to speak out against any other restrictive voting provisions under consideration in other states; to support federal legislation that expands voter access and “also restricts the ability to suppress the vote;” and to support any efforts, including investing in litigation, to stop SB 202 and other bills like it.

“Home Depot, we’re calling on you. I’m speaking to you right now. … We’re ready to have a conversation with you. You haven’t been ready up to now, but our arms are wide open. We are people of faith. People of grace, and we’re ready to have this conversation, but we’re very clear those four things that we want to see accomplished,” May said.

The Rev. Timothy McDonald III, senior pastor of the First Iconium Baptist Church, warned this was just the beginning.

“It’s up to you whether or not, Home Depot, this boycott escalates to phase two, phase three, phase four,” McDonald said. “We’re not on your property — today. We’re not blocking your driveways — today. We’re not inside your store protesting — today. This is just phase one.”




Charlie Cooke is from GB.


You are vipers filled with venom, iguess in the model of resist we much.


Children of the Corn.

The Civilian Climate Corps Act, introduced along with the new deal Tuesday says that a civilian army should exist “to mobilize the next generation of conservation and resilience workers and maximize the creation of accessible training opportunities and good jobs.”




I can fit both of my feet in my own mouth, so trouble's no stranger to me...


Well, the tuition at Alinsky College was getting too high, so they better well nationalize it...


Biz markey and sandy cortez dumb and dumber electric boogaloo.


Thank Goodness? Really? LOL

Thank Goodness, LeVar Burton Is Finally Hosting ‘Jeopardy!’ | Vanity Fair

I can feel the oceans receding

Jim Eagle

Mosf of those people boycotting Home Depot probably never had a reason to use it.

Jim Eagle

Who the hell is LeVar Burton?


Has more to do with Leon Cooperman, I'd wager.


How quaint...

Spying on Americans – The USPIS Included “Lists of Donors and/or Potential Donors’ In Warrants to Arrest ‘We Build The Wall’ Leaders



Was LeVar Burton the one who played Alex Haley in Roots? I know he played the lead in a movie about Ron LeFlore, who went from prison to the Detroit Tigers.


LeVar Burton played Kunte Kanye in Roots series on TV.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

This is a room full of nerds..

Levar Burton played Jordy from ST Next Generation...


K u n t a K e n t e

Damn phone autocorrect.

matt - deplore me if you must

Who is Kunta Kinte for $500, Levar?


He also wore an air filter over his face in that goofy Star Trek next gen thing.

Dave (in MA)

Kunta Kinte/aka "Toby".

My wiseguy neighbor calls me Toby when I'm working in my yard when he passes, and then we exchange greetings using 10% of our fingers.


Frontpage heading:

"The Dice Are Rolling in Afghanistan - We Americans may have the watches, but they have the time."

This is the problem or virtue of the Taliban and Socialists.


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I see Sundown wants to double cap's gain taxes on those making over $1 mil.
That will capture approximately 10% of what they project it will.


Look how they have corrupted the pets. Or maybe it's a European pet.



Dave - It's fist bumps or tentative handshakes when I meet friends.

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