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April 06, 2021


jim nj




Okay - I missed the “daily showering” joke! Fair enough!


Well thats a natural reaction if we were in constant contact with our neighbors wed feel the same way

Dave (in MA)

Thomas Collins | April 06, 2021 at 06:54 PM

Gerry Callahan.




Dave (in MA)

The Mrs. put on one of her doctor soap opera shows, and some guy went to meet with the hospital "Diversity and Inclusion Officer" about "equity".

The Mr. put on headphones.


I clicked the button. My Epilogue is available on Lulu and will we "reviewed" by the other websites for them to market.

Tomorrow I'll put up the ebook at a considerably lower price.

"Individuals, Journalism, and Society Epilogue—Lessons learned" by Stephen B. Waters.

My stand up to Leftists, Postmodernism, CRT, political mendacity, and foggy thinking.

Comanche Voter

Well DeSantis is working on building momentum--but it's a long way to the primaries in 2024.

But he's an interesting guy to watch. I like to look at facial mannerisms and gestures when first hearing or seeing a politician (or other public speaker for that matter). DeSantis's face is very animated--in fact with style he's a salesman. He could be selling real estate, or used cars or stocks and bonds. But those mannerisms means that he is always "closing" the sale. That's not necessarily a good thing--but a lot of people will probably "buy" what DeSantis is selling.

Contrast that with the deadpan and dead eyed delivery of Shufflin Senescent Joe. I've seen more life in a Great White Shark's eyes than I see in Joe Biden's eyes.

fdcol63 🇺🇸

Biden’s not just a lame duck.

He’s a dead man walking.

jim nj


Not much else is going his way.

jim nj


John Schroeder

"Currently we are celebrating “sound and fury signifying nothing.” This seems to be the current modus operandi of the Left."

jim nj


Going with what I know about NJ police officer's pensions I suspect that most other states work the same way. That pensions are done on the state level and if you transfer to another municipality your pension accrual continues.

Most PBA contracts base the pension on the last year's earnings. So cops load up on overtime in their last year. That was probably easy to do last year.

I suspect most of these cops who are resigning, not retiring, are going to end up working in the suburbs of the cities whose force they are leaving.

Less hassle, maybe more money and probably a lot more respect doing the same job.





Those LEOs leaving the Austin force will be able to find security jobs all over town--any and every establishment that deals with money and is open to customers is going to need to fund their own means of protection.
We've become a third world country.


Time for reasonable Americans to fight:



Indeed, after the judge dismissed Mercil from the witness stand, Prosecutor Schleiter appeared visibly shaken and angry—and he ought to have, given the mauling his case just received. At one point Mercil testified the he himself had personally kept a suspect physically restrained until EMS had arrived on scene, behavior which the state has been arguing for over a week was misconduct on the part of Chauvin.

Even worse, not only did the cross-examination of MacKenzie by the defense also go badly for the prosecution, it went so badly that Nelson informed the court that he intended to re-call MacKenzie as a defense witness when he presented his case in chief.



Good morning, all.

anonamom, Thanks for the articles.I particularly appreciated the one about homesickness.

Thomas Collins

Kusnierek and Callahan, Dave (in MA). With Greg Hill and Wiggy as the referees!



This is in the UK, but it seems to me there is a similar situation going on here, especially in large cities.


Washington Examiner
“I'm sure everyone will be very introspective about getting this one wrong, too.”

CNN and Washington Post said Trump's claim vaccines would be available to everyone in April was "without evidence."

Now, they're getting slammed after the latest news.


Either this was an elaborate, well-timed car stunt, or this guy is very, very lucky. Video at the link:

Someday I am going to buy the supplemental insurance policy at the car-rental counter, then drive out of the lot in my Hyundai Sonata and try this: pic.twitter.com/aKRwoG4D3r

— Graeme Wood (@gcaw) April 7, 2021




Miranda Devine, an actual investigative reporter, goes over the so-called memoir and details all that Hunter Biden either left out or totally twists into something sounding innocuous. This is well worth reading.

I would also like to point out that a $2 million advance for this book sounds to me like the publisher was functioning as a money-laundering vehicle to cover a bribe to the Biden family.

Old Lurker

Good one at 4:29 A-mom.

Bell Curve.

Even in a Dark Age, some will do just fine. Those girls will be very able to care for themselves and their families, but when the village starts demanding they make all the huts in the village and the next village over just as warm as theirs, then those pictures of them with their guns and bows will become important.



Hundreds of restaurant owners in Rome scream 'Freedom!' as they clash with police over lockdown rules that have forced them to close until at least May


United Airlines

· 22h
Our flight deck should reflect the diverse group of people on board our planes every day. That’s why we plan for 50% of the 5,000 pilots we train in the next decade to be women or people of color. Learn more and apply now: http://uafly.co/UnitedAviateAcademy

New company spokesperson: Josh Earnest (former press secretary under Obama)

Add United to Delta in the "Airlines I Won't Fly" category.



That story on Hunter is under a paywall. How dis you get access?


Amom’s link made me proud to ba an American - in the olden days.



This is an account of two Slovak Jews who escaped from Auschwitz. I believe their account of what was going on saved the lives of a lot of Hungarian Jews.

Old Lurker

Yep, Jane. That was the spirit that brought us to the dance in the first place.

Gone now.


Scott Creighton
What Are Black Strands in Face Masks? Graphene Nanotubes? youtu.be/UcboZJ3TIkc via @YouTube




Miranda provided a link on her Twitter post. Here is a link to her tweet. See if you can access through clicking on it.



Hey, remember that story about how a lot of insulting notes were left for the Trump staff back in January, 2017? Seems like it was true, despite media debunking:



New York Post
China warns Washington not to boycott Winter Olympics https://trib.al/wcNTXKd



Talks with Ethiopia aimed at breaking the deadlock over a giant hydropower dam have made no progress, Sudan and Egypt said https://reut.rs/3cYPENM


In 100 years the buried history books will say:

In 2o2o America was at it’s prime. A free country, full of success and happiness, flourishing just how the founders imagined.

Then China sent in a virus. Paranoid medical “leaders” (tied to China) shut the country down (for years in some places). And destroyed businesses, the economy and many many people. That was when the mask requirement (still continuing 100 years later) began.

That year the election was stolen, a democrat plot that had been in the works for years. Trump, the most successful president in decades was replaced by a dementia ridden, corrupt, lifetime politician with no accomplishments in 50 years. The puppet masters took the strings and began to implement their (China inspired) goals. The borders were opened letting in millions of illegals who brought massive poverty with them. The government spent trillions and trillions of dollars to pay off their friends, and make sure people were kept down. Freedom was extinguished like a bad bug.

Attempts to regain freedom were consistently thwarted by corrupted military, FBI and DOJ. Two standards of justice were implemented. If you supported the regime, all crimes were forgiven. If not, you could be jailed for life for waving a flag. The world laughed at was once the greatest country in the world.

And so it continues today.

Tom Bowler

For the worriers, I would suggest they take zinc, vit D and quercetin daily, and wash their hands alot.
Find a physician who will prescribe either HCQ or Ivermectin if they contract Covid.

Amom @ April 06, 2021 at 05:41 PM,

My wife and I have been following your advice for months, now. Thank you!

I don't believe doctors in my state are able yet to prescribe HCQ, though I never asked my doctor about ivermectin. I was able to buy both online eventually. Searched for Canadian Online Pharmacy where I was able to get ivermectin, HCQ, and doxycyclin which are all safely stored away in a cabinet along with Dr. Z's dosage recommendations.

Since then we've both been vaccinated, but in the meantime we've both had a high level of confidence in survival.



An article showing how the Trudeau government is intimidated by China.


Steve Milloy

Voting controversy shows Democrats and Republicans agree on one thing:

Democrat voters aren’t very smart.



Charlie Spiering
Today, Mike Pence launches "Advancing American Freedom” policy group "to merge traditional Conservative values with the Make America Great Again policy agenda that propelled the Nation to new economic heights, and unprecedented strength and prosperity."
A new way to worm into the MAGA movement and water it down, just like so many so-called supporter did in the White House.

I bet Navarro has a LOT to say about this!


Scott Wong
Trump endorses "MAGA Mo Brooks" in Alabama Senate race: "Few Republicans have as much COURAGE and FIGHT as Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks.

"Mo Brooks has my Complete and Total Endorsement for the U.S. Senate representing the Great State of Alabama. He will never let you down!"


If anyone's curious about overnight rate markets, this is the guy to learn it from, Scott Skyrm:


Jim Eagle

Racism by those who demand it be stopped or destroyed:




Now we know why CBS tried to frame DeSantos.





I believe that is a satirical piece substituting CVS for some of the PUBLIX donations and democrats for GOP, written in the innuendo style of CBS and 60 Minutes.

However, it's too well-done and unless I had missed the "Satire" notation above the headline, I would have taken it for real, too.


Our debate with the Governor of Arkansas, a man who vetoed a bill which bans doctors from prescribing puberty blockers to children.https://t.co/g5izzkasZI

— Tucker Carlson (@TuckerCarlson) April 7, 2021

For those who (like me) didn't see this last night, video at the link (about 11 minutes). Hutchison is unimpressive. Whenever I hear the "principles of William Buckley and Ronald Reagan" raised, I grow suspicious.

Asa Hutchison was one of the impeachment managers in the Bill Clinton impeachment trial. So was Lindsey Graham.

In case you're interested, here's what happened to the rest of them:


Jim Eagle

There are plenty of stuntmen and daredevils, then there is this guy:



Nessun Dorma flashmob featuring Rafael Rojas in Leeds. ❤️😭pic.twitter.com/OFsaUuXuO4

— Rita Panahi (@RitaPanahi) April 7, 2021

A video to cheer you, done at a shopping center in Leeds.

Jim Eagle


Thanks for your 9:49. I think Rojas' version of Nessum Dorma is even better than Pavarotti's.




Warroom (Bannon) first hour:

Richard Berris, pollster, dicussing the failure of most polls. 3/10 Americans are very uncomfortable talking to pollsters about anything political.

GOP very ineffective in conveying their message, even though Americans support their issues. GOP leadership VERY unpopular.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

The Real Clear Defense link was not entirely wrong but it was more of a Ukraine propaganda piece than sober analysis.
It does mention Biden's dumbshit, pointless provocations of Putin but it doesn't mention that the Russian mobilization began after Ukraine signed and made public decree 117/2021 which establishes Ukraine policy to officially be reconquest of Crimea and Sevastopol. That may or may not be historically justified, but not mentioning it is in no way justified if one os trying to raise understanding of what it going on.
Biden's tendency to make everything a personal dick measuring contest is extraordinarily dangerous and when you're as big a dick as he is...well, good luck world.

Manuel Transmission

Gee, lookie what I found.


Thanks Clarice.



It's Richard BARIS, aka The People's Pollster.
What is apparent to me is that we need new blood in leadership, since when the particulars of HR1 are explained, very few Americans support it.

Old Lurker

Jane "Then China sent in a virus..."

Way, way too passive, blaming it all on a boogey man.

Though China's role is crystal clear, this was a coordinated attack by the Globalist Left on the rights of men everywhere, especially when those men expressed a propensity to be free from their government overlords (USA to Brexit). That is especially obvious seeing that Fauci gave them US dollars to run the germ lab in China. And it is especially obvious when one recalls predictions by the Left that a "Pandemic" was going to come along to change everything.

Half of Americans are completely responsible for what changed in 2020.




Mo Brooks on Bannon now discussing his Senate run and discussing Trump's endorsement.

He says that the GOP needs to fight every step of the way. He says Republicans need to be much bolder in opposing things.

It seems to me that the GOP needs to explain the hidden details much better, on every front and on every bill. Yes, Americans need to bear responsibility, but I daresay if they knew the details, they would be much less inclined to just say "Oh, well."

One of the reasons I promote Bannon's program is that he gives detailed information, much of it useful to opposing democrats. If people don't know what's going on (due to crap media) they are unable to make a decision. Either they will stay home on voting day, or simply vote the way they always have because that's how the union tells them to vote, or it's how their parents voted.


From previous thread...Steph - I'm not joining you in Fla. quite yet! I'm just moving into my parents' house and (hopefully) taking advantage of the housing sales right now to sell mine. When I retire in a few years, I will consider leaving Ga. - especially if Stacey A. is in charge!

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Thanks Momto2... Stacey A is already defacto in charge. I'd get out now while the getting is good. Kemp is damaged, Raffensturd is beyond compromised, and the rest of the GA contingent is sniveling cowards.

Florida is promoting people who have spines in addition to DeSantis. Gaetz, Sabatini and others.

Every weekend the Trumpsters around here put their flags on their pickup trucks and drive around in defiance of the assholes in DC. Still lots of Trump signs everywhere. It is very refreshing.

I haven't had a mask on in quite a while. Very liberating.


There is a less than 1-in-10,000 chance of catching COVID-19 from surfaces, according to a Monday update from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The CDC has made clear that COVID-19 is a respiratory disease transmitted mainly through human-to-human interaction but noted last spring that "it may be possible that a person can get COVID-19 by touching a surface or object that has the virus on it and then touching their mouth, nose or possibly their eyes."



Nice essay ManTran. I will note the urban exodus is bringing Karens and crowding to my rural eden. Not remote enough.


Midwin Charles, CNN and MSNBC legal analyst, dead at 47

A prominent Brooklyn defense attorney and MSNBC legal analyst has died, her family said.

Midwin Charles, who also appeared on CNN and contributed to Essence magazine, died at the age of 47, her family said Tuesday. No cause of death was provided.


We can thank #nevertrump for letting the UN set minimum tax rates for us. I guess that “no taxation without representation” thing is raysiss or something.


G-20 to seek agreement on global minimum tax rate by mid-2021






So our Gracious host has told us that DeSantis is not the 2nd coming, nor the Anti-Christ.

Our Gracious host did not HOWEVER, give any opinion, factual or not, on what he thinks of DeSantis.

Maybe the NEW YORK SLIMES, all the NEWS THATS SHIT to PRINT, hasn't given our GRACIOUS HOST his talking points yet.


#UPDATE: Tiger Woods Driving 83 MPH in a 45 Zone at Time of Crash, Speed Was Cause



Not the brightest lightbulb Narciso. A self hating Jewess, libtard, FULL COMMIE LEFTIST.
What does any of her BIGOTED nonsense have to do with reopening schools.


Like that freighter doing 17 knots in a seven knot canal


13 knots.

It was under 2X recommended speed.


In a neighborhood. He'll prolly get a ticket.

Manuel Transmission


I was reminded this morning that about 10 yrs ago we were in the thick of a property rights campaign here on our rock and a lady from Santa Rosa came up with her wife to tell us about the fight she was in down home. In response to the Agenda 21 nonsense, her county was tearing up all the asphalt on the county roads to ‘encourage’ the folks in the hinterlands to move back to town.

Of course that works both ways. Fewer interlopers bothering to trek out to your humble abode.

Dave (in MA)

Non-linked Marketwatch story,

    The U.S. government, until Reagan, used to do big things. Biden thinks it still can
    Published: April 7, 2021 at 12:13 p.m. ET
      Channeling FDR, the president aims to help average Joes who have been left out of America’s ascent
The foremost examples of an average Joe ascending and government doing Big Things is Average Joe.



To your comment above, I have been working on a 2020 book from MIT Press called Behavioral Insights and its applicability not just the education learning standards but also the global plans for us generally It goes back to Cass Sunstein's work and this https://www.instituteforgovernment.org.uk/sites/default/files/publications/MINDSPACE.pdf 2010 report from the UK.

"Influencing Behavior Through Public Policy" certainly sounds familiar from the past year doesn't it? The BI book itself though says the alternative discussed acronym that tied to the same areas to be used (notice too how much the media uses these same leverage points) was PANDEMICS, but that was not a prudent acronym to be hyping.

All of this too involves people with ties, as does Fauci, to Imperial College London, whose ridiculous model was used to justify the global shutdowns last March.


Can’t wait SBW. Make sure you post a link - and congrats!


Xiden to erase moar of the Constitution via EO. Expect courts to rule in a couple decades, it’s not like we need our freedoms today.



Excellent ManTran/! You rock and I hope you are right!


Ghost guns. Sloppy Joe wants to act on GHOST GUNS.

Which urban negro murderer is using ghost guns.
And what back ground check do urban negro murderers pass.
And where do this bLACK people get their guns??


I have heard about zero litigation challenging any of Biden’s illegal EO’s. Has anyone else?


DAVE, SLOPPY JOE in merely concerned with what he's told to do, and the SKIM.


Don't knowingly advertise you're going around the Patriot Act::

FBI raids private security vault company in Beverly Hills where rich people were stashing stuff for upcoming petrodollar crash….



Sick, forced tp wear a mask.

One call that's all


Must be a white nationalist.


No charges for Georgia lawmaker arrested for knocking on governor's door during voting bill signing

Dave (in MA)

Gus, I've been using the same disposable mask for a year now. 800-OLD-MASK. I was toying with the idea of getting one of these, but I don't know how much longer the charade will be going on.


She was trying to create an insurrection Henry.
That is for certain.


No that was mostly peaceful






That would be noodle head ned






Can anyone point me to a reasonable article about the Boogaloo bois?


The boogaloo boys killed Lincoln, and Kennedy, and McKinley and Garfield, and Freddie Mercury. Those are the 7 best Presidents of all time.


Trump hasn't turned his back on Gaetz. Kills NYT lie that he was asked for a pardon.



They shouted out “who killed the Kennedy’s?” It was you and me!


Mr. Nelson, was George Floyd, in fact, a doctor:

BOMBSHELL: George Floyd quoted on tape: "I ate too many drugs." Just pointed out by Chauvin attorney Eric Nelson.



Abraham Lincoln Jesuit Hunter:

“So many plots have already been made against my life that it is a real miracle that they have all failed, when we consider that the great majority of them were in the hands of the skillful Roman Catholic murderers, evidently trained by Jesuits.”

Dave (in MA)
    Can anyone point me to a reasonable article about the Boogaloo bois?


a rick roll, of sorts


Pin, not so cut and dried. Sounds like maybe he said it.

If people aren’t following Branca’s daily trial synopsis on Legal Insurrection you are missing out. Yesterday two prosecution witnesses were totally dismantled on cross. To the point that Nelson told the judge he would be calling them back as defense witnesses.

Once the prosecution is done I would like the judge to dismiss saying that they have not made their case on any of the charges. Would save the jurors from potential harassment and or risk.


Hey JohnH, please allow me to introduce myself, I'm a man of wealth and taste


How I feel about masks:


Mexico's president says spoke to U.S. Vice President Harris http://reut.rs/3rZ1oUG


He doesn't look particularly happy about it, either.

matt - deplore me if you must

My brother still has this quote up in his office:

“Aviation is not in itself inherently dangerous. But to an even greater extent than the sea, it is terribly unforgiving of any carelessness, incapacity, or neglect.”

If United or Delta want to grade Harvard style they will soon be like some of those 3rd World airlines where an unqualified pilot does exactly the wrong thing at the wrong time and gets a lot of people killed.

It is interesting to note that the issues with the 737 Max were related to training issues that most pilots would have through their prior training been able to deal with.

Airbus dumbed down their cockpits because some airlines don't hold to the same standards as ours have in the past.

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