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April 04, 2021


Manuel Transmission

First and Happy Easter!


Tom McGuire,

Thank you for the information. However, The New York Times is a subversive publication, thus I don't believe anything their so-called reporters write.

Oh, and Happy Easter!


Meanwhile between 125 to 200 million wemt in the dnc coffers from thousamd curremts but lets not talk about that.


The ones who get nonplused about the destruction of mainstreet but insame ovee a little delta house stunt that went awry.

Comanche Voter

Forget it Jake. It's the New York Times.

I would not believe an anti Trump story in the New York Times. Sorry but those sumbitches have lost all credibility.

Next they'll tell me that Trump has copied Biden and likes to pull the tail of his dog--that Trump doesn't have.

As for shenanigans with campaign donations or dark money or whatever--politicians as a class all do that, and I'm not going to get het up over a story of more of the same.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Sweet Jesus [yes, I know it's Resurrection Day], seems like TM is trying to kill whatever brand he has.
First, both sides did it but there's not even a question raised about Xiden's culpability for doing the exact same thing while TM speculates as to whether it will end Trump, and he clearly believes it should.
Second, earth to TM, a scandal is when you DON'T refund money that people complain they didn't intend to donate, not when you do.
Third, it's the NYT, so whatever truth is in the story it is subsumed in a thick blanket of lies and innuendo, but apparently TM ascribes to the idea that if the NYTimes 'fool him once shame on them, fool him twice shame on him, fool him 426 times, shame on Trump'.

And just for the record, sites with boxes checked by default are ubiquitous and having to uncheck them is hardly rocket science to anyone sentient.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

From Mel on the last thread;
--The problems arise when you get speculators betting against other speculators. --

I would say the problems really arise when innocent third parties are tapped for hundreds of billions or trillions of dollars to intervene because...SYSTEMIC RISK!
Let the speculators die and let the bottom feeders suck up the left overs.


Isnt it wonderful how we grovel to china in ways not seen since madame butterfly how we are paying to destroy highways

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Great line from Pieces;
--As an aside, I abhor the corporate use of the term “stakeholders” to cover the reality of partisan pressure.--

You want to be a stakeholder in something, buy a stake in it. Otherwise you're a bitchholder.


France, Brussels have agreed on Air France-KLM refinancing - minister http://reut.rs/3fFGcAl


Plain talk from Maria Bartiromo and Chad Wolf. Video at the link, about 2 minutes.

.@MariaBartiromo talks to @ChadFWolf about the crisis on the southern border. pic.twitter.com/FsgjL9yMdH

— The Dirty Truth (Josh) (@AKA_RealDirty) April 4, 2021

Dave (in MA)

Show us on the doll where the bad orange man hurt you.

Dave (in MA)

Just after posting “He is Risen,” Congresswoman @mtgreenee has been suspended today. pic.twitter.com/cYfhXfj47k

— Sebastian Gorka DrG (@SebGorka) April 4, 2021

Easter greetings from President Trump:

(Courtesy of RSBN. I am sort of fond of how he phrased this, although I am pretty sure our host wouldn't care for it.)


Only the State must be venerated also myriad babylonian phoenician and aztec dieties.


Did the Dems do the usual and turn of verification of country / citizenship on their money laundry campaign site? The are big on no ID to maintain their power.


I don't know when this was recorded. Outdoor concert, Luciano Pavarotti, Eric Clapton, and the East London Gospel Choir. 5 minutes, video at the link.


— David Horowitz (@horowitz39) April 4, 2021
matt - deplore me if you must

The only deity the Left worships is Pretzelogicus,the fool god of the Marxalonians.

Happy Easter to all. He is Risen.

TM, reading The NY Times and regurgitating their bile on Easter is a venial sin.


Flying spaghetti monster, which is close enough to quetzacoatl for confort


They are certifiable



TM: I believe this unbelievable NY Times story

Again, TM. I understand you believe what you read in the NYTimes.

But you need to slowly back away from your copy and consider alternatives.

Donald Trump is not a significant problem. A far greater problem are those conned into believing he is.


Those auto boxes ARE ubiquitous. I have contributed on numerous political and go fund me type things and they are usually there. I had no trouble navigating the Trump site to avoid that, maybe people who read the NYT are less savvy.



Absolutely a plumb hit!


Only takes the one NYSlimes writer to “test the system” once, becomes “all” in “edit”.

Nice Pieces, Clarice. I only put my good and dear friend Larry Fink above all the other CEOs because his firm, BlackRock, is their largest shareholder, by magnitudes. He uses ISS (Institutional Shareholder Services, I believe) as his errand boy to convey the party line lest Larry vote against the board, hard. It’s his little baton to make all others dance to his own ESG model, a k a “Corporatism 2020!”, right out of Benito’s tool box, but rechromed for today.


It’s the leverage that those speculators use, from all the TBTFs, that takes all participants to the cleaners, cyclically, as of late.


Well, I am done with yard work for today. It's a shame, because it's beautiful ouside. However, while I was trimming back a scrub tree that had grown up on the fenceline, I suddenly had no depth perception. Why?

One of my lenses had popped out of my glasses! I fortunately had taken my phone outside with me so I called my daughter and she came to the front yard to help me look (since it's sort of difficult to see with bright sunshine and no depth perception). Fortunately we found it.

She's going to take me after her work hours and get the frames fixed. They are loose, probably from me falling asleep while reading in bed and lying on them.


Tom Maguire, the poor man's Rick Wilson. Sad.
Tom, you were once almost average.


I talked to a democrat today who hates Trump. I asked her why and she said: I’ve hated him since his TV program. She also said because he didn’t serve in the military. I asked her if Biden served. She said she didn’t know. I asked her if she was okay with what’s going on at the border. She said she wasn’t paying attention. She’s a retired cop Btw. This is what we are dealing with.


From the chief political correspondent for the Jerusalem Post:

Gil Hoffman
BREAKING: Senior Likud source tells @Jerusalem_Post he knows for a fact that there's a majority in the new Knesset to elect @netanyahu president, which could end the 2.5 year political mess:


Biden had asthma. He didn't serve.
But he was able to play football at DELAWARE.

Oooops, that was just another Biden lie.
But Biden did take dudes behind the gym and beat them up.
Oooops another Biden lie.


Clinton, he served if I remember clearly?
Nah, he was stoned.
Obama, that man was a SEAL TEAM MEMBER.
Jane the clown you were talking to is completely UNINFORMED. Typical LIBTARD.

matt - deplore me if you must

Somehow I stumbled upon a Gourds concert recording from the Oughts. Quite chaotic, but very enjoyable. Setting the tome for this afternoon's Easter Dinner.


I will admit that I didn't notice the checked boxes and got hit for multiple donations. But it wasn't a big deal. I contacted them and they refunded the extra unintended donations. So what?

Jim Eagle

Our Easter dinner is in the slow cooker and I have no idea what it is but smells great. It is Belgian after all.


I have been giving monthly donations to Trump for years and have no intention of stopping. It was completely clear what I was doing when I set up the recurring donation.

Yet another non-story.

Glad you are enjoying the Gourds, Matt!

A blessed and happy Easter to all, even the haters and the losers! (a little Trump joke from days of yore)

Dave (in MA)

No politician has ever gotten a dime from me, but we get a regular supply of free GOP parrot toilets addressed to the Mrs.

Dave (in MA)

I guess it looks like the local nine aren't doing anything to discourage a boycott.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Michael Smith
This up now at Substack - will be posted here as well. I really need your help to gain momentum with a larger audience, so please read it over there, even if you read it here and do not sign up to receive email notices from Substack.

History is replete with people who, in word and deed, proposed that acquiescence to an enemy will lead to peace. Perhaps the most memorable was Neville Chamberlain – and his “Peace in our time” statement after meeting with Hitler in Munich.

From a second-floor window at 10 Downing Street, Chamberlain addressed the crowd and invoked Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli’s famous statement upon returning home from the Berlin Congress of 1878 saying to the crowd below, “My good friends, this is the second time in our history that there has come back from Germany to Downing Street peace with honor. I believe it is peace for our time.”

To jubilant applause and cheers, Chamberlain then added, “Now I recommend you to go home and sleep quietly in your beds.”

As the British people slept, the German army rolled into Czechoslovakia in “peaceful conquest” of the Sudetenland.

America is surrendering today. Some examples:
-City officials have apologized for policing as their downtowns are occupied and burned (in 2018, the Baltimore police chief apologized for 200 years of policing).

-Starbucks apologizes to blacks and closes for a day of “unconscious bias” training.

-California cities apologize to illegal aliens for our laws.

-Universities apologize to student mobs for allowing conservative thought on campus.

-Critical Race Theory is adopted and hundreds of thousands of white people are taught they are “White Devils” and must surrender to blacks (not all minorities, just blacks)

-Tech Oligarchs censor speech on social media and internet platforms.

-CEOs decry voter “suppression” without reading the laws.

No, we are not kowtowing to Nazi Germany for “peace for our time”, but we are cowering in the face of other dangers, our own subversive internal authoritarian movements seeking the power to shut down their opposition by making opposition illegal (including speech they do not like) – and in some cases, attempting to exterminate their opposition.

America is suffering from Chamberlain Syndrome.

Far too many are bending the knee to the newest ideological movement designed to destroy the American Republic – I call it the New Woke (“new” because “woke” has taken many forms in history). The New Woke movement shares much with German Nazism – the idea of racial superiority (except this time is ABW (Anybody But White) superiority rather than Aryan), the idea of institutional oppression (Hitler convinced Germans that the other European nations were taking unfair advantage of Germany through the Treaty of Versailles) and the fascist/socialist idea of “democratic socialism”.

America fought a Civil War and underwent a Civil Rights movement to end racial discrimination, it produced myriad laws and regulations to end institutional oppression, and as F.A. Hayek notes, socialism and fascism are twin sons of different mothers - and both end in failure:

“To those who have watched the transition from socialism to fascism at close quarters, the connection between the two systems is obvious. The realization of the socialist program means the destruction of freedom. Democratic socialism, the great utopia of the last few generations, is simply not achievable.”

None of these movements – BLM, ANTIFA, MeToo, Women’s March, Fight for 15…and a myriad of others – are all part of the New Woke, and none are about freedom. They are founded on the idea that “we are good because we believe you are bad and therefore, we have a right to close you down” – except they are not good, at least in traditional terms, they merely seek unelected power over others.

Many of our liberal/progressive/socialist/Marxist/friends propose that we need to bend to the will of democratic socialism; all that we need to do is to eliminate the bourgeois and cleave to the will of the dictatorship of the proletariat – but you do not need me to prove the idea of a “democratic” socialist (or Marxist) state is impossible, history does that for us. Most of our current problems are this incompatibility of “what must be true” for a socialist/Marxist/communist system to function and the individual freedom that is the basis for America.

Professor Hayek sums it up quite well:
“There is no justification for the widespread belief that, so long as power is conferred by democratic procedure, it cannot be arbitrary; it is not the source of power which prevents it from being arbitrary; to be free from dictatorial qualities, the power must also be limited. A true “dictatorship of the proletariat,” even if democratic in form, if it undertook centrally to direct the economic system, would probably destroy personal freedom as completely as any autocracy has ever done.

Individual freedom cannot be reconciled with the supremacy of one single purpose to which the whole of society is permanently subordinated. To a limited extent we ourselves experience this fact in wartime, when subordination of almost everything to the immediate and pressing need is the price at which we preserve our freedom in the long run. The fashionable phrases about doing for the purposes of peace what we have learned to do for the purposes of war are completely misleading, for it is sensible temporarily to sacrifice freedom in order to make it more secure in the future, but it is quite a different thing to sacrifice liberty permanently in the interests of a planned economy.”

No matter how hard the New Woke tries to claim it, the fact remains that the poorest and most oppressed people in the world are not living in capitalist countries. It is no coincidence that as America becomes more socialist, government involvement, control and power grow as well, and it is also true that in every historical case, countries with the social, political, and economic systems most closely matching the Marxist ideal have also been the most autocratic and totalitarian.

The fact progressives of the New Woke continue to pursue these ends indicate that the real goal is the total control, and a totalitarian, dictatorial government in America to back them up.

The New Woke is the Nazism of our time.

As it was in the time of Neville Chamberlain, there is no peace in surrender.

Dave (in MA)

Happy Easter from the fans of chopping up inconvenient babies.

#EASTER: President Biden and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden release Easter message. pic.twitter.com/AvhNa1TQdp

— Forbes (@Forbes) April 4, 2021

Dave (in MA)


Dave (in MA)

But doing the wave with Castro in Cuba is cool, right? https://t.co/Yd2diMTYFV pic.twitter.com/WuqOPkvhqe

— Logan Ratick (@Logan_Ratick) April 3, 2021

Heh dave, its almost close enough to reality not to be satire

Dave (in MA)
    I talked to a democrat today who hates Trump. I asked her why and she said: I’ve hated him since his TV program
I never thought much of the guy over the years, since I first heard of him. A few decades back I worked with a guy who had pictures of him in his office the way someone might hang up pictures of sports or entertainment stars, and I thought what a nitwit.

I never saw his show, but the concept sounded stupid, plus there's no reality show I'd ever bother to watch anyway.

I still think he can be a jerk from time to time, and he's often his own worst enemy, but he's the best or 2nd best President in my lifetime, though to some extent that's not saying much.


Found at Ace:

If I had wanted to be a snake handler I would have joined a circus.



Found at Eater:

"One-Horse Town -What’s a year of social distancing when you’re Elsie Eiler, the longtime sole resident (and best burger chef) in America’s smallest small town?


Dave (in MA)

MLB boycotts Georgia, signs new deal with Chinese firm that dropped NBA over exec’s Hong Kong support https://t.co/ftyFk4RvIG #FoxNews

— Mollie (@MZHemingway) April 4, 2021
Dave (in MA)


Hunter Biden Admits He Smoked Parmesan Cheese After Mistaking It for Crack https://t.co/llKyZ54hyt

— Tammy Bruce (@HeyTammyBruce) April 4, 2021


I totally agree Dave, on everything. Never watched his show, took a while to support, and think he and Reagan are the best presidents in my lifetime.


So my FedEx overnight that they lost last Wednesday, found Saturday, and was supposed to be delivered at Walgreens today was not delivered and FedEx says that is because the location is closed today.

Funny, said I, the clerk I talked to at the open store said FedEx hadn’t delivered today.

FedEx says they had called the wrong number and that they would me call back in half an hour.

A handbasket isn’t big enough for all the things that have gone to Hell.


JOM doesn't like my First Half Flight post!

Jim Eagle

LOL, Dave,

We need more parody of the Biden's. An American Embarrassment.

matt - deplore me if you must

Thank you Clarice for some wonderfully cogent thought in the face of a bunch of brainless morons.

The key is to hit them in the purse. Bad publicity for Coke should be ramped up. Delta's and American's tax preferences in their respective states should be challenged.

MLB, the NBA, the NCAA and the rest of the leagues need to have their tax exempt status challenged.

They are deeply offending more than 50% of their clientele and this shit has to stop.

Have a Coke and a shot of racism. this Crud's for you and on and on.

Jill Biden dressed like a Tijuana streetwalker and mangled the Spanish language the other day and the media is silent.

Time to post photos and video clips of these tone deaf, evil bastards.

Time to nail Biden for the hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants flooding across the border. Time to nail Schumer for his ruthless hypocrisy. Time to demand that every time Pelosi appears in public, protesters show up. Time to Mau Mau Maxine.

We are equal opportunity hecklers.


Yes that was just terrible matt, theu dont even try to be accurate


How many illegals have to be raped, killed, or left to die of thirst to support the Biden administration.


Hes gone full goodell


matt - deplore me if you must

Think about this.

Chine has crushed perhaps the freest place on earth, Hong Kong. This year.

They are exterminating the Uighers.

And the West, most notably Joe Biden, the ostensible leader of the free world, has done nothing.

Rather, they are importing China's thugocracy to the West.

We will soon be one nation under surveillance.


And yet too many find a way to look away


SJW is a mind virus. (Book review)



Ive called it mind arson, did i coin i dont remember


Happy Easter all.





Happy Easter Rocco!


Althouse has decided to blow up her blog. Turns out she really hates all the right-wingers that dominate the comments, so she's shutting down commenting more or less entirely. No reason to go there any more.


Happy Easter Rocco.

Jim Eagle

I haven't been to Outhouse in years. Another poor choice by Glenn Reynolds. I have a hard time believing in any law professors. Especially him and glib promotions of his wife and opinions. Call me callussed.


This showed up on my Twitter feed. It's a detail from a mosaic floor, a portion of which wound up in the Vatican museums. The title is "The Unswept Floor". The level of artistry in portraying the mouse is quite superior:

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Althouse is just reacting to the current authoritarian zeitgeist as all mushy moderates do; they make their kow-tow.
They convince themselves the mob is right and those being attacked by the mob deserve it. The reality is they are succumbing to peer pressure and deep down want neither the shame of being associated with the new outcasts, nor more importantly, the likelihood of the same treatment the outcasts get if they don't disown them.
Authoritarians have a way of separating the wheat from the Good Germans.




Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

This guy who I had never read before had a good take on Althouse.


BBee. On early Covid retrictions.





The Jerusalem Post
#QueenNoor, widow of the late King Hussein of #Jordan, described as "wicked slander" on Saturday allegations by the authorities against her son, the former Crown Prince Hamza, of actions that undermined the stability of the kingdom.


Rasmussen Reports
2020 Election Integrity: Georgia - Easter Surprise- Georgia Secretary of State Moves Court Filing to Prevent Forensic Audit of Actual 2020 Physical Ballots. What?



This court filing by Raffensburger seems not very popular with Georgians.


Easter Bonnets at Lucianne.





To see Davod's picture,go here and scroll down to the bottom:



Tammy Bruce

Hunter Biden Admits He Smoked Parmesan Cheese After Mistaking It for Crack


Dave (in MA)



This ia not the first time prince hanza got too big for his britches re 2004.



-168 Farenheit on 12/29/18. Interesting discussion of how the temperatures were recorded.

However, here is the money quote:

“We found that these really cold temperatures seem to be becoming more common – with the same number of extremely cold temperatures in the last three years as in the 13 years before that,” said Dr. Simon Proud of the U.K.’s National Centre for Earth Observation.


Isn't QUEEN NOOR a JERSEY chick? And long in the tooth??


More of dc chick her father was halaby who was faa director.


MM2. I thought the Lucianne Easter bonnets looked great.


Chairman and ceo of panam for a spell


Scott Adams
Does anyone think our electoral process will have better outcomes if the people who can’t master the art of getting an ID add their combined wisdom to the process?


Boy do I have a great governor. He was just on Levin - who is now moving to FLORIDA. will be repeated next Sat. That’s how every governor should govern.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Michael Smith:

You guys catch what Stacey Abrams said?

"To our friends across the country, please do not boycott us. I understand the passion of those calling for boycotts of Georgia following the passage of SB 202, but here's the thing. Black, Latino, AAPI, and Native American voters whose votes are most suppressed under SB 202 are also the most likely to be hurt by potential boycotts of Georgia."


Shows how fast the woke retreat when they feel the sting of their own actions and lies. That's the key to stopping this - speak out, organize and make them feel the consequences of their actions.


Jane - Levin's bunker may cost a lot to move.


Native anericams i thoughr they had all moved to tennessee, what is tank blatbering on about now.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Jessie Smart
The Smart Report
Coca cola requires shareholders to show not only personal I.d. but also a permission slip to take part in shareholder meetings. How incredibly racist of them. Why in the world would they chime in on Georgia's voter i.d. law which only requires either an i.d., utility bill or social security card?


He can stay here Davod - as long as he doesn’t bring Hannity with him!


Americans blathering


Dave(in MA),

I thought I would bring that photo over for those who don't use Twitter:

I would like to also point out that the bottom 4 inches of that skirt are transparent. And I don't like the witch shoes, either.

"Where have you gone, dear Melania,
A lonely nation turns it's eyes towards you, Boo,hoo,hoo..."



"MM2. I thought the Lucianne Easter bonnets looked great."

I did, too. And a heck of a lot better than Dr. Jill's slut-witch get-up!






Another Bob

Jill Biden??



Crossing the streams



The horde has wisely continued its gallery of the first lady and kate middleton


MM, I think the bottom part of Jill's dress is leather and reflective, not transparent.

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