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May 07, 2021



Despite the unbelievable puffery pbs is doing



Any news on where the spaceship is going to crash? DC might be helpful.


I remember the kerfluffle over skylab



Next orbit goes over Florida… maybe the one after that?


Predictions are varying. Last 2 I saw wer North Atlantic. And off the coast of Portugal.


Apparently parts of the last one crashed into the ivory coast


Does insurance cover falling booster debris.


Dis guy named Canaan have a son named Mahalo. He Noah’s fo’ oh five great granddaddy.

No wondah Noah name one a his sons Ham.


Good night everyone!


Read what the REEEEETARD Warren Wilhelm De Tardio blames for this animal shooting 2 women and a child.

Hint: He blames "Illegal guns".





It was actually his sock puppet



Thats the second one after they dismissed frank reagan i mean ray kelly.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Michael Smith
𝐒𝐤𝐲𝐆𝐨𝐯 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐃𝐞𝐦𝐨𝐜𝐫𝐚𝐭 𝐓𝐞𝐫𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐚𝐭𝐨𝐫𝐬
SkyGov became self-aware 57 years ago today.

A couple of months ago, I was part of a discussion in which one of the participants, a very smart lady, said the reason conservatives lose is not just that we are not particularly good at playing the game, it is that we do not even know what game we are playing.

I think one of the biggest mistakes, one that is somewhat less evident in local contests and more so in national ones, is that we assume the elections are a dichotomous event, that there are only two warriors, only two tribes – but that is not true, and it has not been true for a long time.

There are three players in every election – the two candidates and the state.

Call it the “deep state” or just government, it is the same entity. It will naturally favor and protect one party over the other, not necessarily because it believes in any particular set of principles, but because the actions of that party aid and abet the only principles the state knows – that of survival and expansion.

In the original Terminator movie, SkyNet became self-aware at 2:14 a.m., EDT, on August 29, 1997.

We can also pinpoint when our own SkyNet – call it SkyGov – became self-aware.

Think it is not self-aware?

Try to shut it down.

When we had government “shutdowns” during the pillow fights over the approval of spending bills (we have not had an actual budget in two decades), something like 86% of government continued to operate because those parts have been made mandatory.

We did not shut anything down; we just gave it a tummy ache.

Kyle Reese, soldier of the Resistance and father of John Conner, described it this way:
“Listen and understand. That terminator is out there. It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead.”

Money is power and in government, spending other people’s money is power. We can track SkyGov’s growth by tracking federal spending.

If one looks at the charts of federal spending showing government size as a percent of GDP and in real dollars spent, one can see two things: federal spending took a substantial jump as President Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society programs kicked in and our society became significantly more socialistic as the more liberal (socialistic) Baby Boomers began to take control of government. The only period where federal growth as a share of GDP slowed was when the Clinton administration had to cut budget deals with the Republican controlled Congress in 1994. Bush elevated the curve and during his second term, it reclaimed its post-1960’s explosive growth under the Democrat controlled Congress from 2006, a trend that continued with Obama and has simply exploded under Biden.

SkyGov became self-aware with the passage of Lyndon Johnson’s first “Great Society” policy packages on May 7, 1964. On this date, its creators and collaborators set in motion the destruction of the American Republic.

Just as there were humans in the Terminator saga who believed technology was the answer to all of man’s problems, there are those today who believe government is that solution.

It is a common truism that science fiction often becomes science fact, leaving one to wonder – in the next several years will the Resistance consist of classical liberals, living in ruined tunnels under ruined cities, being hunted to extinction by SkyGov and its collaborators?

You might say that is impossible.

Of those people who think so I would ask this – if I came to you in the year 2000 and factually described the events of 2020 and 2021, would you have believed me? If I had told you that massive electronic media entities would censor and control what you say, hear and see with algorithms designed to eliminate certain views, would you have thought that impossible? If I had told you that our own government would become our enemy, hunting down people who oppose its policies, would you have thought me insane?

Well, here we are.

SkyGov is self-aware.

And the Harris-Biden administration and the Democrat Party are working for it.

Where is the GOP? It is clear some of them believe SkyGov can be bargained and reasoned with, but they do not get that it doesn’t feel pity, remorse, or fear and that it absolutely will not stop, ever, until we are dead.

Where are the people like Kyle Reese, Sarah and John Connor in the GOP?


Don’t forget atmospheric “bounce”. Adds infinite range for that mass. Conic range is tight, where gravity finally meets that cone is the real surprise.


Matt gaetz and marjorie greene there are a few others goemert gosar


Really if its a low orbit would it tumble and then crash.


Stephanie, how could the GOP possibly win, when their opponents, lie cheat, steal, bribe generations of disadvantaged with "crumbs" h/t Pelooooser, but when it comes down to the throw down. Our SPEAKER, the GOP SPEAKER does not fight them, because THAT'S NOT WHO WE ARE.
As they load his family into the boxcars for their new home in CALIFORNIA'S HIGH DESERT re-education camps, and ours as well, he bleats like the money grubbing pig he is.....BUT BUT BUT BUT, I NEVER SAID MEAN THINGS TO YOU PEOPLE.


Stephanie...Which GOP big wigs live with the same FEARS, HOPES, DREAMS, VALUES and REAL PATRIOTISM that you and I do?? Very few SENATORS in particular, want to SHIT on the INSTITUTION, that gives them their SECURITY and SENSE of EXTREME IMPORTANCE and POWER. Who among them is willing to get SHITCANNED for being HONORABLE?? Not many.
Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson, is an honorable man.
He is under fire from the COMMIES. He has less than 2 terms in, and he earned his wealth by running a successful business. He doesn't have what you'd call FUCK YOU money, but he's not waivered. I don't ALWAYS agree with him, but I know him a bit, and I respect him A LOT.


Very few gus, very few.


Narciso. I do not trust GAETZ. Don't know why, just an intuition. I never trusted Florida's own RICKY RICARDO/DONDI. I do trust TOM COTTON and JOSH HAWLEY. I somewhat admire TED CRUZ, but I do not feel a kinship, and he is very very full of himself. Mitch the Bitch McCakehole, can blow me.
I can't name 10 GOP Senators that I would lead into battle. Because they are SENATORS and could never lead me into battle.
Bottom line. We are in the fight of our LIVES.
Who has stepped up to the plate to lead??


Hes the son of a former house speaker like 20 years ago, hes had some scrapes but nothing like they carp theyve occused her

Oh lauren boebert is another we found just in the last four months allies are fickle not to say treacherous

Dave (in MA)

Chart of SNL ratings compared to cocaine use from 1975-present pic.twitter.com/syF8Vto3PP

— Jack Posobiec (@JackPosobiec) May 9, 2021
Dave (in MA)

Shift knob Update,

As recently as 2019, she co-sponsored a bill with Cheney to keep 10,000 troops in the region for a year and stop troop reduction.


— Ann Coulter (@AnnCoulter) May 9, 2021

jim nj


China rocket debris likely plunged into the Indian Ocean near the Maldives, says China's space agency

The US Space Command said the Long March 5B had reentered Earth over the Arabian Peninsula.


It's quite easy.
Do you want LIZ CHENEY being a GOP leader??
Answer either YES or NO.
So 80% say NO.
Ask yourself, do you want STEFANIK to be a GOP LEADER. 65% say yes, with the OPTION of changing their minds in one year, if Stefanik turns out to be a pile of shit.
Win win.

jim nj


Cause union leaders are basically ethical people, right?


J H CRIPES. I just clicked on a POLITICO LINK.

I need to go to the bathroom to puke. I'll be back.

jim nj


New York State Attorney General probes top Cuomo advisor overseeing the handling of vaccines


Jim, SLOPPY JOE BIDEN is all in. He gets to pretend to be President, just as long as he signs zeeee papers, when and where he is told to.
Biden has NEVER been an honest man. NEVER. And after 50 years of being in EXTREME POWER as a UNITED STATES SENATOR, and VICE PRESIDENT, he has far more BULLSHIT on his record, including lies that were easy to prove, than he has successes.
He is EXACTLY what is wrong with WASHINGTON D.C. and the FEDERAL GOVT. He is also a corrupt dishonest hack. Until the RIGHT makes it clear and relentlessly points out BIDENS CORRUPTION, LIES, MOAR! LIES, and his UKRAINE and CHINA corrupt ties, he will continue to sign the EO's and EXECUTIVE MEMO'S, that his HANDLERS put in front of him. THIS WILL NOT END WELL.

jim nj


"Declining demand for Covid-19 vaccines in the US is causing states across the country to refuse their full allocations of doses from the federal government, despite concerted efforts to raise national take-up rates...But on Saturday, hours before a pre-recorded message from Biden to a Global Citizen Vax Live event, it was reported that the nation’s vaccination rate dropped to 2m shots a day – a 20% decrease from the week before."

So they're going to adopt the Whitmer plan and move from the pro-rated per-capita distribution to now favor higher-demand states. Like there really are some of those left by now. If there really are, I don't have a problem with that. Increasing efficiency in the distribution of the vaccines would be a good thing.

I have two questions.

1) What are they going to do with the doses that apparently can't be consumed in a timely manner? Some of the states indicate that they are refusing doses because they already have a stockpile. So is a stockpile going to grow at the federal level, and, if so, to what purpose?

2) How many people are sitting back waiting for the bidding wars to begin? Gov. Phil Murphy tells me I can have a beer with my shot courtesy of some local craft breweries. Can I get two beers? How about some money instead? Once we go that route - how much should I hold out for?


Jim nj. Letitia James is A.G.

I'm quite sure she is taking a stern look at CATCHERS MITT FACE. I'm SURE.

jim nj

Should I call it the Vaccine ZIRP plan? I mean it sounds like our current monetary regime. If FREE isn't a suitable enough incentive for me take action, what negative cost to the government will induce me to accept their vaccine offer?

I've been getting calls from my health insurer and local pharmacies that have my number suggesting that I should get the vaccine or that it's available to me. Maybe the proper response is to ask, "How much." "It's free, sir." "No, no, how much will you pay me?"

I read that one locale is offering $50 to people for every person they sign up and bring in. Must be a democrat enclave because it sounds like either "bundling" or "slave-trading."


Jim nj. Your questions will never ever be addressed. This is a DOG and SLOPPY JOE LYING PONY SOLDIER deal.
There is no end game to this GIGANTIC LIE. The BABY KILLING COMMIE LEFT, does not recognize it's own stench. They are PRO-CHOICE??? RIGHT????
And when the AMERICAN PEOPLE don't choose CORRECTLY, they FORCE the CHOICE on them.
None of this has anything to do with the CHINESE VIRUS. It's all about CONTROL. They have NEVER EVER had the CRISIS TO NOT ALLOW TO GO TO WASTE before. THIS IS COMMUNISM and TAKE OVER PERSONIFIED. The CHINESE VIRUS, is not a threat anymore. This is akin to THE FRAUD of GLOBAL WARMING/CLIMATE CHANGE. It is an opportunity to DESTROY AMERICA as we've ever known it.


Jim, I work with a lot of 28-40+ jack asses. I hear them compare which VACCINE they have gotten or are getting. It's as if this if fun. These people have been co-opted for so long, that they believe and trust a government than did NOTHING to stop the CHINESE VIRUS from coming here, because SLOPPY JOE told them that it was XENOPHOBIC and RACIST.
In short those early 40's down to early 20-ish, have NO CLUE, who and what the FULL COMMIES are attempting. They know nothing otherwise.
My 20 year old came home from University about 2 hours ago. He gets it, but the everyday propaganda, has him spinning in circles.


Oh, and Jim, the people I see on a daily basis so happy to chat about MODERNA, PFIZER, JOHNSON and JOHNSON and STALIN LABS VACCINES. Are far MOAR likely to get an STD or HERPES SIMPLES UMPTEEN, than to have anything MOAR, than a symptom or 2 as we have always experienced from THE FLU.
How do you think they've been programmed to enjoy this and FEAR IT????

It's not hard to figure out.

jim nj


In NJ the AG is appointed. In NY they are elected.

Letetia James isn't a part of Cuomo's team. Cuomo has been in office for 11 years. He's made enemies and blocked other politicians that want to move up.

I'm having some fun watching this.

It so mirrors his father's career. Mario was cast adrift when Reagan left office and Mario had no one else to blame for his failures. With Trump gone Andrew's in the same position.


I get all of that JIM. Is Letitia going to take down CUOMO??? Not a chance. Letitia James has gotten by for decades. She will not rock the CUOMO BOAT at 62 or so.
I'm just pointing out, that the FULL COMMIES do not break ranks. This is much ado about NADA.


Good morning!


Gus, this will be of particular interest to you. Video at the link.

Scotland’s first minister Nicola Sturgeon said she would push ahead with plans for a second independence referendum after pro-independence parties won a majority in Scotland's parliament https://t.co/OCubljll8j pic.twitter.com/3YHQ3jZV55

— Reuters (@Reuters) May 9, 2021


Girls school in Afghanistan bombed, many victims between 11 and 15.



They SAY most debris burned up on re-entry.

Excuse me if I would like independent verification.


I see that Frank Luntz is now saying Tucker Carlson will run for president.

Frank needs to sit down and shut up.


Page Six
Lauren Lane of 'The Nanny' claims Wallace Shawn stuck his tongue in her ear https://trib.al/7G2ks4o

Pretty slim basis for scandal, as far as I am concerned.



This is a breakdown of the candidates. I don't know if they have held the convention yet or not. It strikes me as absurd that a member of the Carlyle group is running as an outsider.

I tend to favor the Hispanic guy, myself, even though he's not being given much of a chance. He's former military and could shut Terry McAuliffe up about immigration and racism.


The Hill

Philadelphia DA candidate addresses woman found dead in his home on website's "The Girl in my Bathtub" section http://hill.cm/wlCf8oB



Signed into law on Friday.


The Panic
Based on China’s cavalier reply to the world’s concerns about its uncontrolled re-entry of a giant-sized chunk of its launch vehicle, and the fact that they have 11 more missions planned (next one in 2 weeks), is this uncontrolled re-entry going to be their norm?





NEW YORK—Top U.S. fuel pipeline operator Colonial Pipeline has shut its entire network, the source of nearly half of the U.S. East Coast’s fuel supply, after a cyber attack that the company said was caused by ransomware.

The shutdown has raised fears of a price spike at the gas pumps ahead of peak demand summer driving season if it persists, and has drawn attention to how critical U.S. energy infrastructure is vulnerable to hackers.

(More at the link.)


Poland’s InPost is planning to invest $139 million expanding the number of automated lockers used by online shoppers that it owns in the U.K.


I posted about this young guy a few weeks ago. He is the one who started the program to help young black boys without father figures to learn how to do basic life skills from changing a tire to tying a necktie, as well as working on reading. He got an interview on Fox, and I am so happy he has gotten national attention.

This thread has 2 videos covering his interview on Fox.




Clarice’s Pieces!


Here is a brewery to cross off your list. They have created a purposefully nasty-tasting beer called "Torched Earth Ale" to demonstrate how global warming will affect the production of beer.




Thanks for posting Clarice's Pieces, which is a real tour-de-force this week! Must read!

Clarice, American Thinker may want to know that although I follow them on Twitter, their articles never appear on my Time Line unless someone else retweets them with a comment.


Financial Times
May 7
German and US regulators tighten focus on booming crypto market

James D.

Lauren Lane of 'The Nanny' claims Wallace Shawn stuck his tongue in her ear https://trib.al/7G2ks4o

Pretty slim basis for scandal, as far as I am concerned.

No basis at all...but since he's a hardcode vocal progressive, if he gets swallowed up in the feeding frenzy he's helped for years to create, I have no problem with it.


James D.,

Thanks. I actually had no idea who either of those people are. LOL!



As the resident Climate Cassandra, this is worth paying attention to if you are contemplating planting tender annuals or tomatoes next weekend (the traditional safe date here in Indiana).

I sincerely hope this prediction is wrong, because we are scheduled to have our garage sale on Friday and Saturday and the ad is already in the Johnson County paper (where my sister lives).


.@CIA releases yet another woke recruitment ad. pic.twitter.com/uEd2ycKEtN

— Katie Daviscourt🇺🇸 (@KatieDaviscourt) May 7, 2021

I ;listened to the entire video I posted at 8:14.

It's time to get rid of these agencies.



The Camel walks out of her virtual meeting with Mexico’s president.


Comfortably Smug burns the Lincln Project:


Good morning, JOM, and thanks.


Short of getting his head blown off, Zuckerberg won’t pay any price for corrupting our election process.

Where is Chris Kyle when you need him?

Oh, that’s right, he’s dead. Our liberties will be joining him soon.


April showers bring forth flowers🌼
May time blizzard makes us shiver. 🥶 #shepherdess #snow #yorkshire #snowing #weather pic.twitter.com/p3pfih7BUg

— YorkshireShepherdess (@AmandaOwen8) May 8, 2021

Short video of Yorkshire weather today.



The husband's connections help explain a lot of Cheney's actions.


Happy Mother's Day all. Mine was actually celebrated yesterday, so I am spending today puttering around the house.

I turned up a pair of my daughter's old glasses with Prada frames in the original case. Should be good for a couple of bucks, since new lenses could be put in and someone would have designer frames at small cost.

I have posted enough for a while. Time to get moving! We are having heavy rain and it's in the 40's, so if I don't get going I will be tempted to get back into bed!


Lauren Lane of 'The Nanny' claims Wallace Shawn stuck his tongue in her ear

Did it go all the way through?

[I don’t know who she is, and guess Shawn is the dude in "Princess Bride" but I don’t think either of them or the MSM know what the word "news" means.]


May 6


Data analyst Phin was curious to know what the snowfall trend was in this era of “extreme global warming.” Luckily, NASA covertly provides all the data to figure this out.


Jim Eagle

No one plays the “race” card as well as Michèle Obama!



She was the blonde who was the second most annoying person in the series


Ugh carlyle group snyder is another problematic one.


Remember lopez obrador had two elections stolen from him, so she couldnt handle thr truth.




But how Madeleine Zima turned out....


In the 30s half of the top staff in washingtom including donovan, dulles draper forrestal had german connections the other half had soviet ones


Just like at the beginning of the last engagement about half had some saudi tie.



This is rather a pedantic article analyzing why Trump failed to "drain the Swamp". I am not sure that members of the State think of themselves as a religion as much as they wish to convince us that they are.

Some appointments, IN HINDSIGHT, were a mistake, such as General Mattis, whom almost all people thought was an excellent choice.

Other appointments may have been because few people wanted to take the risk and give up cushy seats or corporate positions. Some were recommended by insiders who presented the appointments as a way to unify the GOP. Who knows?

Assuming the author is 100% correct, how should things have been done differently?
Analysis is fine, but we need solutions!


Yes they were entrnched this layers in pompeo was good but many people like haskell were part of the coup chess moves took general flynn and his entire support staff out


Haspel who was selected because of her part in overseeing interrogations

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki


I'm pretty sure "rules" is not the correct descriptor of things that those whom they are presumably supposed to constrain can waive at will.
How about "suggestions"?
No. "Window dressing" seems more like it.


Yeah. How about that.


Kentucky Derby winner Medina Spirit tests positive for steroid


Maria is great today. Ron Johnson is on. It is clear why the left is going after me. Seems like he’s doing the most of anyone in office to reveal the democrats.


New thread!!!

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