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May 01, 2021



Great line from an old guy questioned on Midsomer Murders:

“Yesterday is another country, and the border is closed.”

Dave (in MA)

The guy from the Avenatti/Airport channel, what's his name -- oh, yeah--Jim Acosta, called Fox News the "bullshit factory" today. I guess he watches when Juan Williams is on.


Sunny, warm, breezy. Exploring new bass effect pedals... funny to compare to Amazon reviews. Do youth not know what the gain knob does? “This thingy has hum”... only if you turn the knob to produce some. Their loss. A couple more pedals should arrive next week. Figure those out... then go for Bootsy Collins. Bass playing should be good for hand/ finger rehab. :)


Industrial quantity





Dave (in MA)

Delightful to see/hear.


There must be a 100 different people posting videos and articles about Romney being booed on Utah.

I cannot see any replies supporting Romney except a couple who are obvious democrats.

What really steamed me was his pecksniffian moral superiority, criticizing Trump’s character and telling the crowd they should be embarrassed.






sbw, one additional note on Ruby on Rails. Rails implements a “Model View Controler” architecture. (Tech jargon warning).

That is fine for small scope applications, but very cumbersome for anything with breadth (say an HR/Payroll, full business accounting suite, or full on manufacturing ERP). In that way it is similar to the Zend PHP SDK MVC implementation. I’m very familiar with the second... as much as I like Zev and Andy,, MVC is not a fit for what my firm does... it is an impediment. We do very broad apps based on APIs with HATEOS MicroServices under the covers and JScript templates on top. Eventually ZendDesk provided an API focused SDK (which someone else bought and is currently jacking pricing on). So I now convert to an open PHP SDK based on my customers not wanting to pay Zend’s current owners prices. Nothing in tech sits still.

As far as Ruby on Rails, I shrug because no MVC is attractive to me.

Dave (in MA)


I am embarrassed.

I voted for him for Governor, Senator and President.


I dont know this man, better check the cables.

Dave (in MA)

10 years ago right now... Freedom was defended.

— Robert J. O'Neill (@mchooyah) May 2, 2021

Thank you, Henry, for sharing your experience.


Cleaning house, I just found my 1973(?) Dutch fuel coupons.

Personenauto’s/Benzine, licht gewicht. 24 coupons left. I used one back then to fill my Citroën 2CV Deux Chevaux.

Great car.



Don’t feel bad. I voted for him for president

The consolation we have is that we now know how smarmy and money-grubbing most of that lot are. Under their veneer of moral superiority they really are despicable people.


I admitted did not vote for him in the primary.


Dave, it boils my blood that I was upset that he lost to Obama.

What a huge disappointment he is.


And as you typed that Jack, Inspector Barnaby passed a Citroen on the road!


I didnt expect the spanish inquisition



ManTran at 1:39am. Key Largo. Great movie. Rottin’ Johnie Rocco! I watched it in high school I think!


And bullitt is on the movies channel


Miss M on jom2 books we discussed a Richard Russo book, Straight Man. One of the characters says, “You Judas Peckerwood!”

Seems to work for Romney:-)


Today was the steve mcqueen marathon



Great description of him! I am currently reading a mystery in which the pets comment to each other about the goings on.


Carrying over from the grant discussion well the credit mobilier scandal involved many oncluding future gop nominee blaine who like romney didnt have the commom touch harrison made him secrerary of state and he was kind of a pill in that office as well jose marti thought he was very arrogant. The recession of 1873 the unrest that stemmed from it. The fatigue the north had with being an occupation force in the south


MissM, I’m so happy to hear you are enjoying Midsomner Murders I have watched only the early seasons and I loved it. Some of the characters make me think of my wealthy eccentric customers. My husband didn’t understand, but my brother laughed and said it’s one of his favorite shows. Inspector Barnaby is great!


Well i noticed the thread, the narrative is that between lincoln and tr was kind of a wasteland k8nd of the way between reagam amd trump, well the credentialed idios would never make that connection



Would that be the guy whose opponents said, “Blaine,Blaine, James G.Blaine, the continental liar from the State of Maine”?

I had a great American history teacher in high school.


So Narc, that type has been around forever. So has the current admin type.

My impression today, and I worked the register all day, is that people are fed up, at least with the mask bs. It takes a bit here in MA for reality to hit.

My favorite t-shirt of the day: “I used to be a people person, but then people wrecked it for me.” LOL.


Thats the one, he could aggravate people in.mamy languages probably the chinese had a similar refrain from him

matt - deplore me if you must

Just made $30 on the Kentucky Derby! I have got to remind myself not to spend it all in one place. Turns out that my daughter's friend from HS & college is the son of the trainer.

I picked Medina Spirit simply because he was a thousand dollar colt and the odds looked good to place. Great afternoon with the kids!



I am now on Season 8. I enjoy the architecture, gardens, and antiques as well as the character and plots.


Matt, that’s great! Not quite the KD. We used to go to Saratoga to watch the races with friends. We would bring our own folding table, umbrella, chairs, food, and beer. The first year the crew bitched at me for making them drag all this equipment along, but they soon changed their tune!

My first bet ever there I was extremely hungover, but I won a trifecta! I had no idea what was going on, but I was happy, and then I bought some ice cream.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Key Largo and Bullitt - pretty high cool factor there in both, even the villains.

I may pop in The Palm Beach Story this evening.
Not sure how high Rudee Vallee's cool factor is but he's pretty funny.


A loser showed up at the @UtahGOP Convention today—well deserved! pic.twitter.com/3gNcebZZLm

— Dan Scavino🇺🇸🦅 (@DanScavino) May 1, 2021

Video at the link.




⚠️#TDSWarning pic.twitter.com/SUshlvbkS2

— Dan Scavino🇺🇸🦅 (@DanScavino) April 30, 2021

Video at the link.


MissM, if things ever slow down I will catch up. I only made it through the first few seasons. After that my cable co stopped playing the series. So then I needed to isolate to watch, as it was only available on apps; or figure out how to merge it with my big screen. That is something I can do and we talk about figuring it out. But we barely watch tv. Anyway, one of my favorite shows! You and I think alike, LOL!


I have to say, Scavino is really good at making these videos. Very hopeful and inspirational, unlike Romney.


Yikes henry about your dupytrens do you use dragon to type.


I didnt know midsomers was basex on a book series by carolyn graham.


Maybe i should watch more chess



Narciso, I can still type. Just not as fast. I will be left handed point and click for after the surgery.


For a while


How long has this been going on,

jim nj


A huge rocket from China's space-station launch could fall back to Earth totally uncontrolled

And there will be 10 more of these launches to complete their space station?


Its that the way night of the living dead started


I remember when i saw the rock they made references to bullitt



Oneida Casino in Green Bay. Multiple people shot. No other real information yet.


Narciso, I noticed it about ten years ago... didn’t really affect me until this past year.



— GuidoFawkes (@GuidoFawkes1976) May 2, 2021

Memorial Day Boat Parade for Trump, Jupiter, Florida. Screen cap of announcement at the link.


Sorry to hear that,


These peopld saw jack and the bean stalk as a cautionary vehicle.


Red Eagle Politics

· 15m
GOP up 61-38 rn in TX-06 with some GOP vote outstanding.

Trump only won this district by 3 in 2020.

jim nj


How did you spend your week? NASA pretended to crash an asteroid into Earth.

This was interesting until I got to the part about how they would communicate with the public about what to do:

"Experts pointed to painfully fresh examples of the difficulties of evaluating uncertain risks and communicating that information to the public. "We've seen the spread of misinformation during this pandemic, whether it's the conspiracy theories about COVID-19 — does it exist at all? — right up to today — anti-vaxxers, vaccine hesitation and so on," Martin Nesirky, director of the United Nations' Information Service said.

"You need a common voice who can speak on behalf of the system, if you like," he said. "Who's going to be the Dr. Tedros?" (That would be Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the director-general of the World Health Organization who led much of the global communication as the COVID-19 pandemic was emerging in early 2020.)'

We're doomed I say. Doomed.


Well the metropolitan police and the gendarme would be surprised




Additional details: 7 shot and suspect in custody,


Youre creating the scenario and you cant tell us the size speed or trajectoru of the object jason isaacs knew


So was the shooter Rogers? The MSM says he’s tired of Green Bay.


Theo was the one who told us china said 'it would be fine' right.



I just discovered that You Tube has complete episodes of Midsomer Murders, I think I will put one on full screen and head to bed.

Good night, everyone!


If they said we need a michael mann i would have lost it, you need someomlne roughly competent on the subject zombie carl sagan say.

jim nj


Delayed census data kicks off flood of redistricting lawsuits

Litigation is already piling up before new maps are even drawn.

Kind of like a brush-back pitch before the ballgame has even started. I guess the usual bickering over redistricting will have a constrained timeline this time around.


They took their sweet time about it, now they have to rush the countm

jim nj


Biden met with Mossad director in D.C. to discuss Iran

President Biden met on Friday with the director of Israel's spy agency Mossad, Yossi Cohen, and discussed Iran, a source familiar with the details tells Axios.

Worth noting: The White House kept the meeting, first reported by Channel 12 news in Israel, a secret and didn't issue a statement.


Well thats got to be an awkward meeting


Ok then


jim nj


Powerful teachers union influenced CDC on school reopenings, emails show

I don't find that surprising.


Well neither knows anything so its a perfe ct fit.


That scenario about an asteroid really hot me thinking if they totally generated random parameters how could anyome know how to react. By contrast they had rough guidelines how this virus would react since theyve been studying it since 2012.

jim nj


The views of rock-strewn mountains covered in lush greenery are spectacular from the 1693 foot crossing, but the see-through metal grid pathway that wobbles with every step might give many walkers pause.

No. No No. Not gonna happen. Ain't going anywhere near that even if I win the lottery. It looks like a birdcage.

jim nj

Actually, I was wondering about that myself. It's not like people are going to start swinging telescopes around to look for an imaginary asteroid and then be able to contribute anything after not spotting it.

I guess it's something they do to raise awareness and get people thinking.

What are we going to do if this happens? Well, apparently, there's not much we can do right now except figure out where it's going to hit.

We need to build an Earth Lives Matter movement.


You could model a scenarip (get imperial college to do it, sarc) where a certain sized asteroid or one travelling at a certain speed or trajectory could be approaching of course other telescopes might spot it first considering the law of averages. But what do i know. We're farked

jim nj


One of my favorite sayings. I don't think he fully grasps the concept.

We don't know, beforehand, who needs to succumb in order to break the logjam and advance science. It's only in hindsight that we realize that someone was a zealot, or idiot, for continuing to defend the indefensible beyond reason.

And it's only after that person dies that it becomes obvious that they supported their theory by relentlessly attacking anyone who opposed them by wholly unscientific hyperbole.

Kind of like Bill Nye. Were I an acquaintance of his his I might whisper to him "sepuku."

Manuel Transmission

Jim nj,

My version of that logjam is that we don’t have any Einsteins anymore. That is, no one blossomed on their own. All the players in the last half century, or more were nurtured by their prof/mentor and never managed to break the chain of whatever incrementalism they were taught was the True Path. Feynman may have been the last.

My fave example is/was Hap Arp and his argument that quasars are birthed out of the cores of certain energetic galaxies and not at the edge of the visible universe. The argument against it is their extreme redshift which ‘everybody knows’ means they are further away, because redshift only means velocity which means further away. QED, or something.


The Gospel According to St. John, read by Sir David Suchet:



The Never-ending Hunt for a Trump Crime
By Clarice Feldman



Thank you for the link at 6:43_am to David Suchet reading the gospel of St. John. The text is not the one that I learned, but the reading is excellent – beautiful.


…we now know how smarmy and money-grubbing most of that lot are. Under their veneer of moral superiority they really are despicable people.

Posted by: MissMarple2 | May 01, 2021 at 08:56 PM

Miss Marple,

It may be the only true service that they have done for this country, albeit unintentional.

Tom Bowler

Excellent Pieces, Clarice.



True. You know, I am often amazed at how gullible I was. (And perhaps, still am.)

Looking back on Romney's candidacy, and his later senatorial run, it's odd that we didn't hear anything about his family, almost like he was standing on a street corner, waving his arms and saying "Look at me! Look at me!" while across the street others were robbing the bank. Normally, with a Republican, every questionable action down to traffic tickets unpaid by relatives and partners would be held up for public scrutiny. Not a word. Why was that?

This whole affair has made me look more closely at not only candidates, but think tanks, non-profits, and conservative media,
It's enlightening but not exactly inspiring.


Maybe it’ll land on Biden.




· 32m
NEW - Iran's leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, will deliver an "important" televised speech to the nation today.

Old Lurker

From Bongino about who pays the taxes:




My questions on this:

1. Why waste money and time on this? Isn't this a larger version of remote-controlled boats kids have used in ponds for years?

2. If this is for cargo ships, how safe would you feel shipping merchandise on one of these? What's to stop a bomb exploding and sinking a shipment, or pirates re-directing the navigation and stealing a bunch of cars, chemicals, weapons, etc?

3. Who is behind the scenes skimming money off this project?



I just listened to a few verses of the John reading. I think it is King James Version, as I would expect from an Anglican.

It is what I grew up hearing in the Methodist church.



Your Pieces is excellent. It helped outline who was doing what for the last few years.

I still think we need patented white board charts we could hang on the wall and draw lines between people who are connected.



That video supports my contention that the left would be powerless without their legions of morons and ignorant fools.


Mike of SE Texas
I’m selling dimebags of $Lumber

DM for orders


That automated ship will bump into The Laws of The Sea but quick when some smart daredevil claims salvage rights, because there's no one on board.



And that is why I continually am here griping about what kids don't know (including my daughter).

If they are never even given the information, how can they be expected to make intelligent decisions? That is why the documentation and warnings rse provides are important.

Most of the people in that interview aren't inherently stupid. They seem stunned that they didn't know the true figures. Whose fault is that? Public education, deliberately ignoring some facts in order to fill time with efforts to nurse grudges between groups.

And if you believe you have learned all relevant facts, you won't even know to look them up!



Another good point! I had forgotten about that.

So the questions remain: Why even do this? How much money has been invested in what is hardly needed or workable?



My youngest cat has learned how to remove Kleenex one sheet at a time and shred it. SUCH a mess when I got up this morning!


Preface: I started following this guy several years ago because he happened to be covering popular toys of the 70's and I was trying to identify some items I had picked up at auction.
I have continued to follow him because he often finds gems like this video, which is a little over a minute in length:

Let me translate this Minnesota Fats interview with Howard Cosell for those who may struggle to find the thesis. What he’s saying is “Don’t be a pussy.”


— Super 70s Sports (@Super70sSports) April 30, 2021
Old Lurker

Buckeye, that is why they made them like that in the first place.

OK, so those were folks just walking down the street.

You would be amazed how many wives of good friends think exactly like that. And who knows about their men.



It is worse than simply not providing children with information. Intellectual curiosity and critical thinking are discouraged.

Has a huge negative consequence, in a number of different ways.


Great Pieces Clarice!



The girls who come work for me stil are curious, and always want me to tell them about the "olden times" like I am that old lady in "The Stand." LOL!

Serously, though, they not only didn't know about ancient Greece, they didn't know where Greece was or WHAT it was!

THAT is a serious and deliberate removal of geography and history in the curriculum. These are 7th and 8th graders.



There are "modernized" words and phrases in this version that differ from the original perhaps to make the wording more easily understandable to 20th-21st century ears. Regretfully, they've done the same thing with the psalms (check out the beautiful original 23rd Psalm in comparison to today's version).

To be sure, a lot of "thees" and "thys" and "spakeths" don't trip easily off the modern tongue nevertheless they are part of a beautifully written document that has sustained us for generations down the years. IMO they shouldn't make such alterations. Imagine doing the same thing to Shakespeare, poetry, and the Declaration of Independence just because the language is centuries old?

When I was in the 3rd grade, I played the Angel Gabriel who opened our little Christmas play. I began by reciting the introduction to the Gospel of Saint John and have never forgotten it. When I hear or read a new version of it or any modernized version of the Bible however close to the original I learned years ago, there's a cringe factor like fingernails across a chalkboard.


Public education, the fishwrap news its all designed to disinform the peoplr since they rely more and more on press releases from biased sources


Likr the campaign legal center which created the witchhunt against parnas and co, the folks who pitched mccain feingold we found out what a joke that was


This outfit


He was mccains finance chair and lerners boss at the fec


Rant following, so sroll down if you don't want to listen to me preach.

How damn hard is it to make school interesting? Not at all if you have a modicum of knowledge and make the effort. I therefore conclude they don't WANT to make it interesting. My retired teacher sister says it is because they are "teaching to the test" on which reviews and possible advancement as department heads is based.

I think it's much more sinister, as rse has outlined.

Kids are fascinated by oddities of nature, archaeological discoveries, kings and queens, how different countries/cultures operate, all SORTS of things. Why is this stuff not being presented?

Instead, they are being taught that they are either victims or oppressors, depending on their race. What good is that, except to create a culture full of people who will not try because they are told the system is stacked against them, or who will not try because they don't want to look like they are better than anyone else.

The result is a culture of mediocre drones.

It gets my BP up, even on Sunday morning!

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