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May 01, 2021



Jane - I bet it's gorgeous! I have a visit to Monet's house on my long list of places I'd like to visit.

I missed the education discussion last night. Just to add a small anecdote - my private school is already full with a long waiting list for next year. I've taught there for 11 years and we typically fill most spots after open house and still have a handful of openings until mid-summer. This year, we were already at this year's capacity before open house. They decided we could take about 20 more students and those spots were gone in a few days. We started the waiting list then and it grows weekly. We are located in a county ranked in the top 1% of public schools in Georgia. People* are fed up!


Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Anecdote here:

Ariel has been on a waiting list for preK preschool since the week we closed on our house.

They can't get any teachers to take the jobs to open more spaces for kids. They interviewed 10 people for 4 positions in April and ZERO would take the jobs.

It's still paying better to interview and not contract for the positions and hang on unemployment.

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