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June 10, 2021



Their 4 currencies wouldn’t be surging unless the demand for both Yuans and HK currencies weren’t through the roof.

Somewhere, someone is trying to manipulate the trading through the press. Since commodities have been frozen from trading, I suspect the US$ based trades have been liquidated from the “Wealth Products” and now they’re stuck at the institutions in the thick of the scam.

Can’t imagine what might come next….

jim nj


No, That Crazy Price Carvana Offered For Your Car Isn't Too Good To Be True

That hard-to-believe instant-cash offer telling you your car is somehow worth more than you paid for it? You might be able to get even more.

jim nj


I've been looking around and there just isn't a lot of publicly available information on what I think are dislocations in Chinese finance.

China cracked down on the on-line micro-lenders and tech firms. Then crypto-currency. It already stress-tested its largest banks and now wants "living wills" for the rest of the industry.

They're acting like they've lost control of the monetary system. They push on the balloon in one place and watch it bulge in another.


Why has commodities trading been suspended what is mandarin for duke and duke


1.29 trillion dollar infrastructure even le chiffre bluffed better.

jim nj




Well think of an inkind disruption by another faction the opec countries the enbargo flooded a whole host of countries with cash they recycled into petrodollars but it had massive impacts not only in the middle east but even in latin america.


Venezuelan banked its whole welfare system on the price of crude and when that collapsed around 1985 ragnarok.

The sauds new found wealth created the backlash of the grand mosque ans attempts to appease that faction at home amd abroad brought al queda to life.


Even mexico which was a minor player had the dance of the millions which crashed in 1982 and hence lead to the first huge refugee outflow followed up with 1990 and subsequent events


You get where im going wirh this, the factions in china may not immediately present themselves but they will be there nonetheless.

jim nj


"There are only two choices. The wisest choice, where public schools are concerned, is to simply depoliticize public education. Get back to an academic emphasis with very generalized instruction in values on ideals that unite Americans such as honesty, hard work, equality, and love of country.

The second choice is more likely. The tactics of public schools are bonding together a sufficient number of families who want alternatives to the chaos reigning in their local schools. And a political and legal tipping point is fast approaching at which some form of educational choice where public funds follow the parents will be enacted by legislation or by litigation."





Narciso. 11:11 wouldn't the LIES about TRUMP being a RUSSIAN AGENT have the same effect with EASTERN EUROPEAN AMERICANS and SOVIETS???
So we get a bunch of bLACKS beating up ASIANS. It would occur to me, that these ignorant bLACKS, did this because of their FEAR of COVID. And the bLACKS that I know, including a 30+ year friend ARE AFRAID. WHO MADE THEM AFRAID???
Whitey is blamed for everything, except there is NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER that WHITEY is responsible for ANY of this. CRIME STATS BEAR THIS OUT. It's not WHITEY who is violent.


Yes there is a particular logic behind this, from the mind of henry rodgers* he says asians are 'white adjacent' so they deserve what they get, in shorthand

*he goes by the name of ibrahim kendi


He thinks hes eldridge cleaver but hes as street as wally cleaver


I think this works



Humble he is:



I agree Jim Nj. If we could only get back to the 4 R'S, we'd be much better.
Racism, whitey is the devil.
Not only has PANDORA'S box been opened, but Pandora is being screamed at......WHITE PEOPLE ARE EVIL, CRUCIFY THEM. There is only ONE possible explanation for illiterate black chicks telling grown ups to check their WHITE PRIVILIGE.


jim nj


Teacher Dana Stangel-Plowe Speaks Out About Dwight-Englewood School

At a school in Englewood, New Jersey, Dana Stangel-Plowe is working to advance civil rights and liberties, and promote a common culture based on fairness, understanding and humanity.

Another private school teacher goes public over CRT.

I would have skipped over this, but it's in my old hometown and I know the history of the school.


When I was a kid they were known as the Dwight School for Girls and the Englewood School for boys. Both private schools located in the rich East Hill section of town. They competed with the third East Hill school


for students. All three of the schools were niche products that mainly served a very well-to-do, but low-density, child-scarce section of the city.

Englewood had built four elementary schools in the other three wards of the city by the 1930's. It wasn't until the end of the 50's that the school board finally built a school in that ward because there was enough demand for one.

This is mainly to set the stage for the idea that these schools probably would have faded into history, but for one thing. A botched school desegregation in Englewood's elementary schools circa 1964-5.

Next door Teaneck had become the first in the nation, the year before, to voluntarily desegregate their elementary schools. Never mind that both districts already had had integrated junior and senior high schools for decades.

So Englewood was pressured to follow along. It was a poorly thought out plan. When white parents decided it wasn't good for their children, what private schools do you think saw an increase in new students?

Dwight-Englewood got so many new students they merged and grew. I guess they are now doing penitence for their racist renaissance.

jim nj

Looking at well-known alumni of Elizabeth Morrow and Dwight-Englewood I noticed that Larry Kudlow was an alumni of both.

Hmm. I guess they had a more conservative curriculum back then.


Jim, nj. my STATE DEPT, youngest and most favored brother had both his kids in NJ PUBLIC schools for a couple of years. What you and I have to realize quite simply, is that FULL COMMIE ENTRENCHED SERIOUS MARXISTS, get themselves elected to school boards, BECAUSE THEY WANT IT. And Conservatives, even in CONSERVATIVE PLACES LIKE OCONOMOWOC WISCONSIN , end up with monied, and hell bent school board members, who HATE US, and want to be part of the REVOLUTION.
For CHRIST'S sake, why would a normal person, go to the trouble of getting elected in a Conservative suburb, only to say FUCK YOU; to the PEOPLE, the PARENTS, and the entire SCHOOL SYSTEM? The answer is THEY DON'T CARE. They ran for school board, being funded by LIBTARD CAUSES, and joined a COMMIE LIBTARD BOARD, that actually BELIEVES that MEN who want to win in TRACK, can be GIRLS, simply by saying they SELF IDENTIFY as GIRLS. IT IS BEYOND CRAZY. The LIBTARDS who are the SCHOOL BOARD RUBBER STAMP THIS SHIT, and the PUBLIC who does not pay attention, goes back to sleep.


btw Jim Nj. My brother actually lived in ENGLEWOOD. In those days, his 2 kids went to ST CECILIAS, if I am not mistaken. I think Vince Lombardi came out of that Catholic school.


Jim, a large part of what we face, is that SNOWFLAKE ANGRY MOMS, are militant. The husbands or "partners" are effete pussies. WHO CREATED THIS DYSPHORIA and ANGER.
My wife is normal, Catholic loving and beautiful.
She raised my FANTASTIC SON, equally with me.
Our society has created mean angry libtards.
It did not have to be this way.



The Farris that wrote that piece for National Review is the same Michael Farris https://hslda.org/bio/michael-farris who has headed the Home School Defense Legal Association for years, which old-timers have always thought had a rather suspect agenda. He certainly is not neutral on public schools.

Secondly, using the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which the US was never willing to ratify, as the basis for the rights of parents basically brings all of its other provisions in as well. The fact that the Heritage Foundation would love that is not news to me, but it probably is to their small donors.

I was on a Heritage phone call yesterday insisting basically that neither Marx nor the members of the Frankfurt School in their prolific writings on point are relevant to what Marxism is. Only Heritage employees and the writers they push can dictate the tenets.


More ransomware inbound.



This came out this morning, also from heritage, https://www.dailysignal.com/2021/06/10/texas-1836-project-law-aims-to-promote-informed-patriotism/

foolishly proclaiming that "We are all the children of slaves and slaveholders." Factually that's not true. Writing a book about Howard Zinn does not convert a long-time English professor into a 'historian'. The frogs in boiling water metaphor is quite telling, but it seems to be so-called Think Tanks on the Right getting parents all upset all of a sudden about CRT.

If history gets to now be about 'Principles,' who gets to define what those abstractions actually are to mean. Generally, profs at elite schools already have and the moral revolution gets to occur then unimpeded as parents are relieved there will be no discussion of the 1619 Project.

I just finished George Will's The Conservative Sensibility yesterday and I have a sick feeling that the 1836 Project's curriculum will fit his definition of a 'useable past,' which is the aspiration he closed his book with.



Raffensburger is claimig death threats. I think this sounds bogus, and the article is heavily slanted.



Of 29 unmates who have escaped over the last 18 monthe, half are still at large.

The rest is behind their paywall, so I don't have further details.


That should be "inmates".


Catturd ™
Today would be a great day to arrest Fauci.


The Spectator Index
JUST IN: US President Biden and German Chancellor Merkel set to meet at the White House on the 15th of July
Doesn't this seem strange since she was at Cornwall, or should have been. This is only 4 days from today.


Never mind. It's JULY, not June. Need more ccffee.


Is this dog looking at Janice or the dog?



Near Shapiro's deli, for those who know the city.


Its dissapearing that they pack much category error in just a few paragraphs sigh. Yes the un declaration is a non starter.








Sorry, I don't have a subscription. Will see if more information shows up.



Partnered with Simon Properties, the shopping mall company started by Mel and Herb Simon here. Diane Simon (married to one of the brothers) was noe of Biden's largest donors.



My youngest granddaughter had no prom last year. This year they had it on the football field.





Cerno had laufmans no, but i had to figure out why he was sketchy



Video at the link. A little over one minute and good points made:

I can’t disagree with one single word. Well said Mr Russell Brand 👏👏👏👏 pic.twitter.com/uokD5DICwh

— Lee (@VictoryDay_Hope) June 8, 2021

Welcome to the party russell




I am not sure how I feel about this. Of course, I want killers caught; however, I am also uncomfortable with how this could be falsified, manipulated, and used to make false accusations.


Any investigative tool must be used sparingly






Yez emmett farkin sullivan who i compared to the corrupt patriarch in emperor of ocean park, and apelbaum agreed.


No thats not the lesson



AntifaBook.com @JackPosobiec

BREAKING: Labour Party member comments “At least Trump was attentive,” says Biden can’t keep up with G7 events or follow note cards, per WH official to @HumanEvents



Just means hes over the target



We'll see




The former Chair of Harvard University’s Chemistry and Chemical Biology Department was indicted today on charges of making false statements to federal authorities regarding his participation in China’s Thousand Talents Program.

Dr. Charles Lieber, 61, has been indicted by a federal grand jury on two counts of making false statements and will be arraigned in federal court in Boston at a later date. Lieber was arrested on Jan. 28, 2020, and charged by criminal complaint.
He was arrested under the Trump Administration. He also is connected to the Wuhan Lab and the Thousand Talents program.


Laufman was one of the original architects of "Lawfare, Inc." in the DoJ. Penultimate "Fixer".

Lookie here what he was a fixin':






Yes in deed, but i had to put all the chenga pieces together melinda other people are not that diligent


He goes back to the iran contra investigation


Senator Ron Johnson @SenRonJohnson

YouTube’s arrogant Covid censorship continues. How many lives will be lost as a result? How many lives could have been saved with a free exchange of medical ideas? This suppression of speech should concern every American. @FDRLST



The legal representative for OTC arms sales of "US things that fell off a truck" in Langley and that 5 sided thingie.

I'm sure he's squeezably soft around the middle.


The life of a #nevertrump

Jay Weber @JayWeber3

Syke's penance for abandoning conservatism is that he's got to sit on-set with dopes like Yamiche,Joy Reid & Joe and Mika and pretend they are making good arguments.

I'm serious. Sykes prizes intellect above all, & he set himself up to be surrounded by-& associated with- idiots.



Related, narc::

Ken Shain
Replying to @DoItForMaMa
Willie Geist ran a CIA adoration party this AM on MSNBC. Liberals swooned over leadership lessons to be learned. Meanwhile, CIA Prosciutto over on CNN ran a story turning Raytheon Missile salesman Schiff into a sympathetic operative.


[Scroll up]


gotta cover their tracks somehow.

🇺🇸Kyle Bass🇺🇸 @Jkylebass

US intelligence experts expect China to inject new variants into bats and point to them to show the virus 🦠 wasn’t a lab leak. Almost on cue, Chinese researchers are “finding” bats with new coronaviruses. Yet another page out of the CPC’s playbook. #china rss.cnn.com/~r/rss/cnn_top…


Do not underestimate trader humor!

🇺🇸Kyle Bass🇺🇸
IMHO, @JeffreyToobin got off too easy.



about time, too. This covered privgate schools as well as the public BLM indoctrination centers.

MacIver Institute @MacIverWisc

Important ruling from the WI Supreme Court - Supreme Court strikes down Dane County health department order to close schools madison.com/wsj/news/local… via @WiStateJournal



What I don't understand is why, if CNN wanted to bring Toobin back, couldn't they have just put him on in legal commentary again and NOT MENTION IT?

Why did they have to have that icky personal interview reminding people of what he did and go on and on about it? Seems to me that HIGHLIGHTED it and made it even creepier!


Um the graymail is before the conviction duh



Its the mcgreevey/spitzer therapeutic gambit miss marple


Angry parent at a school board meeting. I mean, she's not wrong. Having a sex book for little kids is absolutely appalling. She’s also right about all the hyper-sensitive fictional issues about “oppressive white ppl” pic.twitter.com/Rpzln7qPvu

— Anthea (@Anthea06274890) June 11, 2021

Fearless mom going after school board for detailed (and appalling) sex "education" books (which look to me like grooming manuals). Video at the link.


Ah you reminded of how 500 million went to syrian islamist rebels like the godfather of jaysh al sunna


Well, looks like I am going to have to break down and turn on the air conditioning today.

I was trying to put it off but the humidity is too much.


These chaps






It'll be fine



You didnt see this coming


matt - deplore me if you must

I thought that human meat was haram.


About the bats daszak has moved his show to singapore,


Former Vice President Mike Pence and his wife, Karen, have put their Washington, DC, days behind them and are living in a $1.93 million Indiana home they purchased last month. Property records reveal that Pence, 62, bought a seven-bedroom, 7½-bathroom house in the upscale location of Carmel — known as the luxury pinnacle in his state of Indiana.


Closed your zipper yet neil



Really frau merkel


Dave (in MA)
    says Biden can’t keep up with G7 events or follow note cards
Should have brought along some Biden cookies.

From the horses mouth




That is the county just north of Indianapolis. They didn't buy in his home town, Columbus, maybe because his brother is now the rep down there.


It's come to this ...

Fact check: Donald Trump wore pants properly, images and videos show


The footage of his pants doesn't indicate they were backward.



Loved that Julie Kelly article. She’s one of my favorites.


That there is media attention to Trump’s sartorial preferences is a damning indictment of the judgment of the MSM.


Neo, all that was accomplished was making a whole bunch of leftists stare at President Trump’s crotch for hours.



David Sirota
The government appears to be directing more resources at finding the leaker than at reviewing the tax records showing moguls evading billions of dollars of taxes.

Laura Davison @laurapdavison
There are now at least four separate investigations into the source of the ProPublica tax story.


[I don't think Mr. Sirota believes that anyone he doesn't like deserves the Same 4th Amendment rights he enjoys.]


North of the border



Remember sirota and the boston bombing he got shin splits from jumping to conclusions


Draft editorial:

Thoughts on reclaiming the subject of History

To be worthwhile, history needs to be taught as a body of knowledge students can explore for value on their way to reach their full potential as individuals. Instead, authorities that control school History curricula morphed the subject into Social Studies to mold students to their view of what makes a good citizen.

Not a subject itself, Social Studies incorporates material from the subject areas of history, geography, economics, and smatterings from other areas like civics, sociology, ethics, psychology, philosophy, anthropology, art, and literature presented in just enough depth to appear sophisticated but that muddies important understandings about society with others.

Great Britain began teaching Social Studies in the 1820s to promote its version of social welfare. In the early 1900s American John Dewey sought to shape thinking rather than explore what others had learned from experience. Over the next hundred years state and federal authorities assumed almost total control over curricula.

Ask your school superintendent if they have any say in curricular matters. Ask school board members, too. Ask state regents how they are at the mercy of an entrenched bureaucracy authorizing school texts drumming their credentialed views.

What is taught has been perturbed with redefined ideals and abstractions that has morphed equality into equity, liberty into conformity, and justice into validating political double standards. Civics now encourages theatric political activism against whatever authorities perceive to be injustice.

Education may never recover. Even if the New York Times’ “1619 Project” is prevented from being taught as history—it cherry-picked what it chose to report; even if claims of “systemic racism” are discounted—few if any of its claims are verifiable; even if Critical Race Theory (CRT) is laughed out of town—it isn’t critical, isn’t science, and defines “racist” to be any criticism of it—even if all that happens, students are at risk because proper education cannot be reclaimed so long as State and Federal “experts” impose “standards” that misdirect, restrict, trivialize, and confine.

Those “experts” presume to direct what will be taught, how, and by whom—even in charter schools and home schools.

Authorities collect taxes from you they then use to force communities to sculpt consciousness in K-12 classrooms. Comprachicos—child-buyers—is what Ayn Rand called such progressive educationists—a mythical allusion to those who, for nefarious ends, would manipulate the minds of children.

Their version of “citizenship” stifles developing individuals to the best of their ability. They reject that individuality values community, preferring a slow march towards their collectivist vision of Marxian Human Development Society—an engineered society managed by those whose hubris lets them believe they are our betters.

A number of states already have banned teaching Critical Race Theory. Don’t expect New York State’s bureaucratic educational jungle to follow. Banning wouldn’t stop educationists’ desire to rewire of the brains of all children to the “benefit” of “society” in ways absolutely contrary to developing strong individuality humble enough to value society with others.

If banned, teachers in K-12 would likely still be required to teach kids the ways of thinking to become Critical Race Theorists with a lens that devalues science, analytical thinking, and judgment to manipulate the commonly understood meaning of words. Under their postmodernism, words like "voices," "decolonize," "transformative," and "diverse" perversely build in privilege for select identity groups and demand racial equity or racial justice that undermines the concept of justice for all.

They don’t care that individuals are the smallest minority. Simple respect for individual humanity calls for us to reclaim the purpose of education to develop individuals who think clearly and speak well.

Leftists may give up on the name Critical Race Theory, but they will not give up their mission to salt the earth with children unable to think for themselves.

Education in this country, once the province of local schools, offered choice and competition for quality. Schooling now belongs to those with political power.

Parents and local officials may not have the authority to change curricula, but they certainly have the obligation to speak out against those who would pervert even Mathematics to rewire the minds of our children.


Excellent sbw.


Walls are white supremacy, right?


Very nice, sbw.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--The government appears to be directing more resources at finding the leaker than at reviewing the tax records showing moguls evading billions of dollars of taxes.--

Tax evasion is a crime. Tax avoidance is a legal and honorable practice indulged by every American including David f*cking Sirota. Do those records demonstrate criminal conduct? If not, and I was one of those billionaires I'd have a real inclination to make his life pretty difficult.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

You know if CRT ended up dismantling public education or transferring its administration to sane parents George Floyd's OD suicide would all have been worth it...except for Derek Chauvin and the other three guys about to get railroaded.



Video of the first people entering the capital on 1-6. BLM or Antifa, not Trump supporters. Gee, I’m shocked - not.


Excellent SBW! As always!


In stunning, revelatory interview, ex-Mossad chief warns Iran, defends Netanyahu



You may want to call attention to this recent inetrview with LDH, https://ncee.org/2021/06/linda-darling-hammond/ , especially as NCEE is based at U-Rochester. She makes the Equity= Malleability of the Brain argument quite graphically.

https://5bde8401-9b54-4c2c-8a0c-569fc1789664.filesusr.com/ugd/eb0b6a_38d9ed572e634257855b13069b3bad4d.pdf from the SoLD Alliance that she is involved with also came out this week.

That way there is no question as to what is going on. You may also want to look up Mary Helen Immordano-Yang at USC's Rossier Graduate Ed School and see what she is pushing in the name of Affective Neuroscience.


Three links in one post seemed to be asking to offend the typepad good, but this https://fordhaminstitute.org/national/events/seeking-truce-civics-history-wars-educating-american-democracy-answer was the confirmation the pincer action I had intuited was in play.



Are you around? I just sent you 2 text messages that didn’t get delivered. Is it me or you?

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