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June 19, 2021


Jack Lillywhite



Democrats monetize racism. From slavery, Jim Crow, affirmative action, and CRT.


TWIP ahoy!



Headline: Thoughts on motte and bailey tactics

Many on the radical left claim to encourage discussions but undermine them with rhetorical games that schools seldom teach students to defend against.

In Middle Age universities students would be taught to recognize the "motte and bailey fallacy"—a bait and switch equivocation popular with those in today’s sound-bite media pushing hot-button topics.

Across Northern Europe in the 10th century a popular castle plan consisted of an easily defensible stone keep called a "motte" surrounded by a much larger courtyard or bailey. In rhetoric, the "motte" is an easily defended and often common sense statement and a "bailey", a much harder to defend controversial statement. The arguer conflates the two, but when challenged insists that only the easier to defend was claimed.

To use "motte and bailey" arguments ignores the weakness of their own positions, is malicious, or disrespects your ability to identify the fallacy—or a combination of the three.

Arguers also invoke the companion "strawman fallacy" where they exaggerate or incorrectly paraphrase what was stated. Aristotle considered that inappropriate and it, too, exposes ignorance, malice, or disrespect.

While other states moved to ban Critical Race Theory, but we urged exposing it for much more than what the New York Times calls “classroom discussion of race, racism.” When chief advocate Ibram Kendi has a kiddy book on the market. Such books for schools and pre-schoolers push postmodern word revision that flows from CRT as indoctrination, not education.

In his article “How to Be an Antiracist” Kendi practices: 1) illogic, 2) redefinition of words through hermeneutic sleight of hand, and 3) manipulating the scope of action.

He writes “If discrimination is creating equity, then it is antiracist.” First he claims that discrimination isn’t discrimination. Then, he substitutes “equity” for “equality” as if the identical outcomes are necessary rather than comparable opportunities to achieve. No reason to read further, but let’s press on.

Kendi implies an “overrepresented racial group” is inappropriate. That suggests that arbitrary classification of humanity is scientifically, culturally, or politically significant. After that, he presumes that based on different outcomes, bias had to have happened.

So, because of one group’s sheer size, unspecified, undefined, and indefinable equity is called for—simply because he asserts it—until equity is reached, as if, in the dynamics of society, equity ever could be reached. In Kendi’s belief, discrimination must always continue to be required.

Kendi’s purposeful misunderstanding of the dynamics of culture and society conveniently fits his desire to centrally manage it forever, ignoring that larger government often creates more problems than it solves.

Besides, Kendi doesn’t care for the downtrodden. He cares for an arbitrary slice of it that he chooses to define by race. How dare he be so cynical.

No wonder parents need to know what is being taught in schools. That is the heart of whether education belongs to the politically active, the government or to the individual.


Kendo cares for the cash flow from his con. QED


Kendi… auto cucumber protects the grifters. (As does its creator, big tech).


Henry rodgers is his original name.


Welcome to minitrue



Any approved wisdom is oftem garbage




The Fed Ed Equity Summit next week has the subtitle "Building Equitable Learning Environments in Our Schools". For a definition of what that means we have the Building Equitable Learning Environments website https://belenetwork.org/

It, in turn, has a series of quotes that make it clear that Equity is about changing the nature of what constitutes an education. The 3rd in the series is from Kendi and asks:

"What if we measured intelligence by how knowledgeable individuals are about their own environment? What if we measured intellect by an individuals desire to know?"

Now are there ties to Boston with the BELE Network since that is where Kendi is and has been based. Why, yes, the Barr Foundation is a major funder. https://www.barrfoundation.org/bios/amos-hostetter

Apparently a similar philanthropy to that city to what the Woodruff is to ATL.


From that site--

Equitable learning is when each student’s unique needs and circumstances are met and they are challenged academically and intellectually within a supportive environment. The BELE Network is rethinking everything from curriculum, how teachers give feedback, and what disciplinary methods are used, to create learning communities that can help students, especially those of color, grow intellectually, emotionally, and culturally. For more information on how to create a more equitable learning environment, visit equitablelearning.org.


What is the BELE Network Theory of Change?

The BELE Network is driving strategic demand to inspire adults to act and providing them with the policy agendas, tools, and measures they need to create a better student learning experience and schools that produce equitable student learning and developmental outcomes. The BELE Network is intentionally creating equitable learning environments for students by shaping their experiences based on their needs and voices in a way that equips them for life beyond the classroom.

This would be why I get so annoyed at the think tanks pumping out the CRT=Equity video or papers. There is actually something far more insidious going on under the banner of Equity.


Its the top of the iceberg, the firsr tripwire.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Kendi implies an “overrepresented racial group” is inappropriate.--

Hmmm...so does that mean white people are going to be required to kill about ten times as many people as they do now in order to reach "appropriate" equity?
Cuz if so, I've got a list I could get started on and it's pretty long.


Well its tails you lose (economic advantage) heasa they win (largwr criminal cohort)


That's a slight change of venue:



This Facilitating Necessary Conversations Toolkit https://equitablelearning.org/pages/Xwb0fLT8 came out of Chicago for use nationwide with the following verbiage--

GUIDANCE FOR ADULTS ON FACILITATING NECESSARY SPACES:Classroom Discussion Resources for Empathetic Listening, Processing, and Togetherness

PLEASE READ THIS (2 min):​ A Note to Educators + School Leaders
Our nation sits at an important inflection point--we are a nation in anguish, disbelief, disconnection,and division. For some of us, the murder of George Floyd was a starting point, a wakeup call, a catalyst. Welcome to the work. For others of us, the murder of George Floyd and the murders of Tony McDade, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, David McAttie, and James Scurlock are recent losses in a long legacy of violence against Black and Brown people in our nation that dates all the way back to our inception.

Violence and terror against people of color in the United States is a part of our history, our systems and structures, and the social fabric of society--with an absence of systemic accountability along the way. We must acknowledge where we have been and come from as a nation if we have any chance of moving forward, of ​changing-forward​ together. And, we must hold space for the young people that we serve to process, listen, and reflect together.

We must show up for young people as anti-racist educators committed to the lives, futures, and souls of Black and Brown people in this country.This guide is ​a ​tool, ​a ​starting point. It requires ​you ​as its facilitator to engage in deep self-awareness, attunement to group dynamics, and commitment to safety for your entire classroom community. ​If you cannot commit to these things, please only utilize the check-in suggestions provided.

Please commit to spending 20-30 minutes reviewing the ​For Educators​ tools at the beginning of this toolkit. ​Holding necessary space is hard; doing so during a global pandemic, in a virtual classroom,during a rapidly changing climate of fear, conflict, and anguish is even more difficult.

Nary a mention of 'White Supremacy' or the 1619 Project although it is certainly implied. Will state legislation block such a toolkit?

Don't we need to be discussing the actual remedies being sought instead of erecting Strawmen that leave unchallenged these very real attacks via the schools on consciousness itself?


Is Kendi the guy the head of the Navy is idolizing? Dot must be beside himself!


Yes its in there, like the old ragu soaghetti sauce.


Yes indeed jane,


So where are the real darkseid syndicate located yes the mispelling is intentional


It really is ridiculous


However jim crow defacto undid most of this


That's not ridiculous. This is:



PA, with the highest state gas tax of 58.6¢/gal, is talking about raising gas tax by $4.2¢/gal



Severe storm in Ellettsville and may impact Bloomington.
Posted by: MissMarple2 | June 18, 2021 at 10:29 PM"

Indeed it was MM. I think we got about 6.5 inches of rain and lost power shortly after you posted that for about 6 hours.

Hope you are feeling better.


does this still work?



get well soon miss marple.


why is biden lover tm complaining about crt and the lab leak of the chinese virus? dumbass that is what you voted for.

James D.

TM, you bought into the racist Floyd narrative, and the pandemic narrative, when you absolutely knew better, because Orange Man Bad. It's a little late to start noticing now.


no more mean tweets though.

it is don't miss reading for the conservative inc take tm provides

waiting for the conservative case for us government funding bio hazard level 4 labs in china ... because it is just and moral.

matt - deplore me if you must

"What if we measured intelligence by how knowledgeable individuals are about their own environment?"

This is called situational awareness and is a small part of the fight/flight mechanism in the brain. It is not by any means a part of intellect.


To mentally disturb.. To remove the leaf of a door or a window from its supporting hinges.

The etymology of the word is lost in history but is pretty clear in practice. Be be unhinged is to have lost the ability to function because there is no anchor. This is the basis of all modern leftist thought.

It is a lack of rationality, of logic, of empiricism or foundation.

For people like Kendi and the BLM and Antifa crowds theirs is an unhinged logical fallacy. There is no foundation for the arguments contained in the 1619 fantasy or the statistics on police shootings of African Americans. It is wishful thinking of the worst kind.

One of the earliest references to the word:

"The wisest and best Poets doe loue sometimes to play the foole, and to leape out of the hindges."
— ?1608, Of Wisdome i. xiv. 62, S. Lennard, trans. P. Charron

They have leapt out of the hinges like poets engaged in fantasy.

Tell them to come back when they have some facts and a clue.


Reckoning With Race is an initiative of the Closing the Gaps Network, a ten-year initiative that brings together leaders from cities across the country who are committed to imagining what an anti-racist society might look like, and to playing an important role in building it through the transformation of government policies, practices and operations.

Within the network, six cities—Albuquerque, NM; Austin, TX; Memphis, TN; Minneapolis, MN; Rochester, NY; and St. Paul, MN—are participating in a Year of Reckoning Cohort. Through this deep, year-long experience, public servants leading anti-racism work are supported to organize within local government and shift power to communities of color.

An important step in Year of Reckoning cities' journey is taking the time to learn about their histories, how their cities were designed to create inequitable outcomes, and who has been organizing for racial justice throughout. This process of reckoning with the history of race—in part by engaging with the Reckoning With Race stories and storytellers—is directly informing the way that cities are being assisted to transform government policies and practices.


It's actually a project of Living Cities, which began with an initiative of the Big Oil/Banking + Model T Foundations, but is now tied to the philanthropic arm of virtually every major commercial and investment bank in US.


https://livingcities.org/category/blog/operationalize-racial-equity/ is another handy illustration of the revolutions hidden in that word.

Hint: the revolutions are the whole point.


Andrew Sullivan: "Don't ban CRT. Let’s use liberal means to beat this illiberal menace in the field of public opinion."

Unwoke Duffy: "You couldn't convince voters in most states (not even California) via liberal means to redefine marriage in opposition to the way God (the same God you claim to believe in) defines it, and were exultant when the courts did it anyway. While doing this you blustered in hysterical rants that your opponents, whose arguments utterly demolished your own, were 'Christianist bigots' who couldn't be reasoned with just must be defeated etc. Lmao. It's just absurd."

Jim Eagle

I see someone's pet rock decided to share their immense IQ with us at 3;27:)


Why criticize people who are coming around? That’s the easiest way to change their minds back. I have no idea who TM voted for, but I truly appreciate him hosting us for a very long time.


A reminder that sullivans cookbook has some nasty recipes.


Sullivan is at times dishonest but almost always inconsistent.


Sullivan thinke hes orwell but more often hes syme. When did he really stand fast in the last few years against this plague 9f unreason.



Are you still on the feet coast?


I'm still in HI/ Leave for home tomorrow.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

That 3:27 seems right on the money to me.

--Don't ban CRT. Let’s use liberal means to beat this illiberal menace in the field of public opinion.--

Randy Andy thinks the captive audiences in public schools are where public opinion is shaped or the monopolistic marble halls of Leviathan?
What a ding dong.


I know who MAGUIRE voted for. Everyone here knows.


Paging colonel bearclaw


Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Michael Smith
I had three hours masked up on a plane yesterday, so technically not within my self-isolation period. This is a result of having seen every movie in the Southwest library.

Cultural Mimicry of China
China is the genus Thaumoctopus of human culture, a hollow imitation of a superstate.
In the natural world, the physically weak are overcome by the physically strong. That is an observable and provable law.

But even that law has its exceptions and variations. Those not possessing physical strength (power, speed) find safety in other mechanisms, ranging from excreting poisons thereby making themselves taste bad or in some cases, deadly to consume) to deception (camouflage), evolving to mimic characteristics of the strong as a defense.

There are at least a half dozen categories of mimicry in nature, such the Hawk-cuckoo, a cuckoo that has feather and wing patterns like a hawk; the False Cobra, which has the same distinctive hood as the Indian Cobra; many insects copy the African monarch butterfly due to its legendary bad taste; and in a very impressive display of mimicry, octopuses of the genus Thaumoctopus (e.g. the Mimic Octopus) can change color and shape to resemble a poisonous lionfish or even sea snakes.

The point has been made that the weaker of cultures are eventually subsumed by the stronger cultures. History also proves that cultures mimic invading (or superior) cultures to survive. A good example of this is how the nations and areas conquered and colonized by the British Empire adopted all things British – everything from fashion to etiquette.

Japan is an interesting study in how a virtual colonization, a colonization of the mind, can take place. The wariness of outsiders has always been a Japanese trait, choosing to maintain isolation from the outside world. Portuguese traders visited Japan as early as the mid 1600’s and even thought that contact changed the way internal wars were fought – they introduced the Japanese warlords to guns and gunpowder - Japan maintained its feudal, Shintoism culture and societal system largely unaltered. That all changed on July 8, 1853, when Commodore Matthew Perry of the United States Navy, commanding a squadron of two steamers and two sailing vessels, sailed into Tôkyô harbor aboard the frigate Susquehanna.

By the late 1800’s the upper classes in Japan had adopted Western dress, styles and mannerisms and Christianity had gained a foothold.

Humans are hardly exempt from, as Jefferson put it, “Nature and Nature’s God”.

The point being, when physical confrontation (who wins or loses in a direct contest) is eschewed as a determinant in a struggle for domination, one could reasonably deduce the progress of the fight by which entity begins to mimic the other as a defense mechanism.

When one entity begins to adopt the trappings of the other, it is often a sign that the physical battle for supremacy is lost, and the weaker entity is signaling it can no longer expect to win and end the predation and is merely looking for a means to survive in an environment in which it can no longer hope to dominate.

I have been thinking about this natural occurrence as it pertains to the rise and fall of great powers, especially in the current cold conflict between the United States and China and considering if it will morph into a hot war of dominance – or one will begin to signal defeat through the mimicry of the other.

Mimicry, when viewed as an intra-species event is interesting when compared to inter-species occurrences, because mimicry among human cultures can, and does, take many forms and purposes.

During the periods of world dominance by Pax Britannia and then Pax Americana, both Japan and China used mimicry of clearly advanced cultures to gain advantage. Japan’s ended in the direct conflict with Western powers in World War II, but China is a study in how things can change. Initially, under the leadership of Chang Kai-Shek, China was seemingly headed toward a Western style of self-government. Then came the isolation when Mao’s revolution succeeded. For decades, China isolated itself in communism until Richard Nixon, like Commodore Perry, sailed in. Almost immediately, the Chinese communist leadership saw an opportunity to maintain political control over their country while learning how to profit from the rest of the word.

That was the moment they kicked off their R&D (Rip-off and Duplicate) programs and drove them into high gear, creating a mimicry for a purpose more than just a mechanism for survival, it was a way to skip several steps in their evolution, learning though replication.

Now they have decided it is time to let their mask of mimicry to fall away to reveal the new world power – and there are many powerful people in America who claim the Chinese model of state capitalism is the next evolution for human civilization, a “new” epoch to replace Western civilization with Chinese civilization as a model for the future.

I would argue they are wrong. Dead wrong, as a matter of fact. Those who claim this are cowards, afraid or unwilling to fight.

The weakness in the “Chinese model” is found in its mimicry. The Chinese “great leap forward” through duplication has taught them the “how” to build everything from dishwashers and cars to aircraft carriers and satellites, but they have no sense of the “why”. Their rapid expansion has been built upon mercenary motives, not from fulfilling needs of their own people, something necessarily for viscerally understanding the “why”.

Contemporary Chinese culture is hollow, the communist party crushing any creativity that is not blessed by the leadership. They are an imitation of a modern culture, driven by ancient desires for domination but lacking the soul required for success.

This does not mean they are not dangerous or that they cannot project power, but it does mean that they are vulnerable to a stronger culture, which America and the West clearly is. Something Charles Krauthammer said about America’s purported decline, that it is a choice not an inevitability, applies to the coming Sino-American conflict.

We have a choice, a say in this matter.

I choose America, I hope you do as well.

matt - deplore me if you must

The moms and dads are beating you to it, Andy.

They are sick and tired of race hustlers and radicals trying to do away with a decent education. From trying to close charter schools to elimination advanced classes to outright anti-American propaganda all the way through these monsters are doing their best to ensure our country's incompetence and instill victimhood as a national trait.

A radical response to the teacher's unions is in order. Protests outside of principals and administrators and school board members homes are in order. After their blatantly political end run around the Constitution with Covid and their North Korean levels of indoctrination of children the majority of them should be despised as worms (worms at least do something useful).


Boy Stephanie, I sure hope Smith is right!


Shant Mesrobian
The online Left is the dominant culture of social media. The reason that this isn't obvious is because it's designed to look countercultural, subversive, and disruptive. But it's the culture through which the next generation of professional class elites now impose their values.


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

That an interesting point by Smith.
I have noted before their same dilemma of always being behind if they count on stealing whatever we develop, just as the Soviets were.
Did China lose when Deng croaked and the politburo clowns all started wearing Brooks Brothers? Did we win when Seahag Hillary and her Mao-Mao jackets lost?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

The left is the reactionary Establishment they always and everywhere pine for and we are the subversives and the real Resistance.

So lets quit being so gloomy. It's a lot more fun being a subversive than The Man with an ideological stick in the ass.


The problem is, we are all - every conservative in the country, being targeted as “white supremists”. Biden says we are the biggest threat to the country. Getting us is Garland’s # 1 goal. And every elected democrat is on a mission to arrest us, Jail us and get rid of us.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Perhaps someday Jane.
But their hold on power is tenuous and not ready to be consolidated.
They may jail a few but mostly they want to ostracize, silence and render us politically powerless.
If they accomplish that then they can begin to consolidate power and then is when people will have to choose between liberty and death. It is still possible to avert that choice, just barely.


I wish I was that optimistic Iggy. I haven’t declared defeat, but I certainly no longer think we have free speech - and if you stand up for your rights, you will be targeted. The problem is, I certainly don’t see elected republicans even acknowledge the issue.


Well jane we have a margin of safety in florida its not absolute you see the roundup of the delta house crew on dubious grounds.


Yeah Narc. I’m very grateful to live in Florida.


The rebels is the escambray mountains held out for four years had the btigade been able to land at trinidad instead of giron beach they would have linked up with thr underground







I hope all my fellow Ice Volk had a fun Summer Kwanza here on the “dying of the light” event horizon.


They do occassionally let the truth through



Theres stoll olenty of category error though



The answer is no


You know rufo was a city council candidate in seattle just a few years ago


But of course



Reinaldo arenas a real stand up guy called it unasco a loathing



Something different



Over the target



Hi gang!

Still in hospital. Have Oxygen back up to normal but they have diagnosed arrhythmia . Cardio doc will stop by tomorrow. Son and family had left for SC on vacation. Daughter and sisters have checked in, fed cats and visited.
Neighbor and a friend have called too.

Feeling better. No cigs for 4 days, so I guess I hsve to have medical intervention to quit addictions like I did alcohol. 😁

My teacher sister says the Chinese think they are a superior race a like the Ferenghi on Star Trek. They think they have a right to steal. Because we are eventually to be slaves. Maybe Senger isn’t sure about which way this will go, but I think people thinking they are copying us out of a more sguifed idea of biological mimicry are foolish.

Meds kicking in.. Got to go.


Good to hear miss marple.


The middle kingdom has been around for a very long time thousamds of yearsm



Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Powell Just Made A Huge Error: What The Market's Shocking Response Means For The Fed's Endgame
"...a far more appropriate question is whether we are on the precipice of non-transitory runaway inflation as the Fed's hands will soon be tied and its attempt to stem soaring prices will push the US into economic depression?"





Not this again



Grains charts and lumber charts look identical?

How did that happen?

Not only transitory, but just a trade for a select few.

Dave (in MA)

Curt Schilling@gehrig38
Saw this and wanted to ask it myself. Where are they putting the statues of the pregnant woman George Floyd robbed and held prisoner with a knife to her throat? Next to his statue or in its own place?

Dave (in MA)

Do you remember where you were when you heard that Fred Barnes has retired?

Me neither.


I will vote GOP again when they pass a bill to make Toby Keith pay reparations for refugee resettlement.


MM, I am glad your doctors agree with my diagnosis! ;-)

I posted this yesterday on the other thread for you--

I have had eleven nurses, doctors, respiratory therapists, and med techs in here since 4:30 this morning. No one seems to know why my O2 goes up and down, and thus my heart rate ( although I think the last was because i was talking to my nurse sister about. Biden and got worked up and started to cough) Ha! Anyway, I have to stay one more day and then I will have to go home wearing a heart monitor for 30 days. Blech!

That's weird, because I can tell you what is going on---- ;-)

I actually think it's the opposite of what you wrote--your arrhythmia is causing the low O2 readings, in the face of your underlying lung issue. (Yes, I am talking the smoking damage here.) Or they would be doing something for your lungs, not sending you home on the Holter monitor. It's the heart they are focusing on.

Not that I would ever practice medicine in a state I don't hold a license in---but I'd do the magnesium water thing, plus get your fanny up every thirty minutes during the day--set a timer--and move and deep breathe. And of course, junk those coffin nails.

you can do these moves here:


Start with just ten each if you get winded; work your way up.

and this won't hurt a thing, and may help:



There’s Nothing New About the Effort to Propagandize the Military
By Clarice Feldman

Jack Lillywhite

Bravo Zulu, Clarice. Spot on article. CRT in the military would be more malignant tha if the ChiComs infiltrated the JCOS level.


And from the creators of the pandemic with God knows how many deaths:

Shenzhen Airport Cancels Hundreds Of Flights Amid New COVID Cases



They have me on potassium/magnnesium pills,. No smoking any more..besides this it’s too expensive!

Waiting for coffee. Back later.


Newsome bailed out weed industry?




Excellent pieces today!


Happy Father's Day to all of the JOM dads!

Hope that you will bounce back better than ever MM - Good for you on tossing the cigs.


Welcome back clarice


Bernard B. Kerik
Pennsylvania poised to begin Arizona-style election audit with subpoena power washingtonexaminer.com/news/pennsylva…


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

This comment by Charles Murray from narc's link upthread is why he continues to piss me off;
--The second thing of which I am certain is that Donald Trump’s election and the lessons of his term in office changed the parameters of what is politically possible in America. Someone can win the presidency without having been a governor, a senator, or a general. Someone can win it without any experience in public service at all and without any other relevant experience. Someone can win with a populist agenda. Someone can govern without observing any of the norms of presidential behavior. Those lessons have not been lost on the politically ambitious of either the left or the right. All over the country, people at the outset of their political careers see a new set of possibilities. They include many who are as indifferent to precedent and self-restraint as Donald Trump was and who are more serious students of the uses of power than Trump was. It is increasingly possible that, the next time around, someone who is far more adept than Donald Trump can govern by ignoring inconvenient portions of the Constitution.--

Just exactly what portions of the constitution did Trump ignore? None that I'm aware of. If anything he bent over backwards in trying to adhere to what he was told he had to. And the criticism also ignores his efforts to reinstate the constitution where it has already been shredded. And yet this supposed libertarian sits around worried about populist bogeymen without a peep about the Dem party's abolition of most of the constitution already.
Earth to Chuck; we're already facing an existential threat from people who could run rings around not only Trump but Rasputin in how to undermine a country for their own interests.
Moreover the real lesson any thinking person should take from his term in office is that the Dems will pull any dirty trick and illegal act to get their way and that fastidious dumbshits like Murray will take it with a smile so long as they don't get associated with the people getting shafted.


I think that might have been dreher, who robert mccain pegged in his full blancmange a dozen years ago.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

And while we're at it can we stop saying "mean tweets"?
They weren't mean. They were hilarious. The only people who think they were mean are humorless imbeciles who are mainly humorless about what imbeciles they are.
"Mean" is political dirty tricks that make Nixon look like Buster Brown. Mean is not one but two impeachments based on what they knew to be lies. Mean is what those damned animals did to the US to regain power last year.
The government's power over our lives decreased slightly while Trump was in office [until he was suckered by the progs and the CCP over the Wuflu].
That was nice.
The government's power over our lives has increased vastly with progs, as it always does.
That is the opposite of nice. That is mean.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

No, that was Dreher quoting Murray's new book.


We put in quotes to shoe the ridiculous nature of that matter.


Ah danny boi



Murray is too obtuse to see that what he decries is what required Trump in the first place.


Glad to have you and your pithy, focused essay back, Clarice!


Theirs is a decentralized slow motion multi-front political movement of stale and unworkable ideas designed to destabilize the one nation in modern history that has been successful because it prizes individuals over their government and a competitive economy based on free-market capitalism.

They can’t admit that individuals are humble enough on their own to respect and value society with others as that would remove the rationalization they need to cover their lust for control.

They won’t win because, as always, centralized control values power, not creativity, ideas, or innovation. It will fail, but not before causing devastating economic and social damage to all, including the downtrodden they claim to serve but use instead.

They weaponize government agencies, destabilize commerce, gut urban areas, warp schools, co-opt commercial enterprise, manipulate media—running roughshod over all our institutions. Ample evidence shows their double standards, toleration of civil unrest, suppression of criticism, blatant propaganda, manipulation of words and labels—all to foment jealousy and anger as they subvert language, reason, and discussion.

It will fail because mothers protect their children, because decent people in their hearts reject double standards of justice, because so many recognize what their parents and grandparents lived and died for, and because real courage springs from simply discovering what matters and why.

Selfish political movements like theirs push people to individually re-validate accessible, useful concepts like a sense of respect for others who respect us, and a sense of our place in the dynamic flow of time. They expose the sheer nakedness of pseudo-scientific, centralizing social movements.

In sunshine and laughter these movements shrivel to dust and blow away, leaving us to wonder how they gained traction in the first place.


Excellent sbw. There is a discussion in the comments on my blog I put up this morning on where these anti-CRT statutes that codify making History or Action Civics about Ideals r Founding principles actually get us to. I don't think it's an accident either as I recall from where the model student privacy statute too us.

Have you ever heard of the Cambridge School of History? It's about Ideas and how it is being used to take poli sci or philosophy theories and hide them in 'history' or 'literature' classes that end up being normative in the vision being pushed in ways not initially visible to someone who simply assumes that they are just like what courses with those names used to be. Good way to gain implementation and psychological change in a single stroke.


Exactly it look this chenga setup plus lawfare to topple netanyahu who was the x variable in israeli politics

Jack Lillywhite

I just spent the last hour in Apple hell trying to reset my login password which for some reason I had forgot even writing it down on a notepad I keep in my desk.

I ended up exploring every part of the Apple catacombs before I was able to reset it.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

There's a certain truth to the idea something is always the last place you look because once you find it you quit looking.
But how often is something the last place we looked out of all the possibilities of places to look? More than seems attributable to chance.

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