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June 08, 2021



According to Hannity, Hunter called Obama the “n” word.


No way Jane. That's unpossible.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Personally I am shocked and appalled that Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have completely failed to even consider a commission to cover the June 1st 2020 insurrection when the exact same gawdamned fence was erected to keep violent rioters who injured brave DC coppers from attacking and damaging the White House, the very seat of our democracy. It was the worst insurrection and attack on the White House since the bloody limeys burnt it down in 18frickin12.
And this commission should further probe not only the dangerous white communists attacking the citadel of our freedoms but the nefarious and traitorous rhetoric emanating from the two dumb shits I'm calling on to form this commission and their imbecilic henchmen that instigated the crime of, not the century, but two or three of them, to begin with.
Moreover who began the fake news and blatant dis and misinformation campaign, The Big Lie, intended to deflect from their connection to and cause of this violent insurrection that blamed this ugly chapter in our history on the poor innocent President Trump?
With these latest revelations I'm sure it's only a moment or two before Mittens and Lisa issue a proclamation demanding accountability.

What's sad is, there probably isn't a Rep in congress with the nuts or brains to say or even think of the above.


This is a goody:

" ‘This is art’: A woman attempted to troll Gov. Greg Abbott over the Texas Revolution, fails SPECTACULARLY:
Posted at 1:21 pm on June 9, 2021 by Greg P.





So miss powell is undewrwriting propublica no fooling.

Dave (in MA)

Jane, until the Herald mentioned that he was an illegal alien, he kept getting referred to as a "Dorchester Man".


Heading to bed.

Good night, everyone!


So say we all


matt - deplore me if you must

Santa Anna was roundly hated by his own people. There were other revolutions in other northern states that weren't successful.

Dumbass Latinx, whatever the hell that is.


Every time he fought a war he lost territory we probably would have sonora if hed have a third round.


And george washington snuck up on the british army how unsporting of him.


Thad Jones -Pepper Adams Quintet
“Mean What You Say”



Well thats a much better track,

jim nj


The price of goods leaving China's factories is rising at its fastest pace in 13 years

"The country's producer price index — which measures the cost of goods sold to businesses — soared 9% in May from a year ago, according to government data released Wednesday. That is the fastest increase since September 2008, when China was grappling with the consequences of an overheating economy after several years of annual GDP growth of more than 10%."

I suspect some of this is a result of the sanctions against Australian imports, like coal and beef, coming back to bite the Chinese on the ass.


An earlier entry reminded me of this






Or loss of subsidization.

Dave (in MA)

We really are watching a Woodrow Wilson rerun https://t.co/CKqMyDUkaU

— David Reaboi (@davereaboi) June 9, 2021

Fox News has rehabilitated Glenn Beck more times than Betty Ford.


He went on a bender around 2015,


Heck its not like people need it or anything






What do you think



Beck put this up today



So former PM Tony Blair supposedly converted to Catholicism AFTER leaving office because he didn’t think religion had a place in government.

Now he’s taken a seat on the board of the ADL, because religion obviously has no place in government.

Despite the fact that the ADL is completely hand in glove with the FBI and every major police department in America.

Despite the ADL’s history of spying and holding dossiers on American citizens.

The ADL is an anti-Christian anti-American anti-White hate group.

jim nj


Yet Another Media Tale -- Trump Tear-Gassed Protesters For a Church Photo Op -- Collapses
That the White House violently cleared Lafayette Park at Trump's behest was treated as unquestioned truth by most corporate media. Today it was revealed as a falsehood.


And he was? On the board of petrosaudi the company of nawaf obaids brother tarek who was all up in the imdb business, both robert harris and david hare painted blair as a villain with pierce brosnan and ralpffiennes as thinly disguised manques


Is this your card


jim nj

Got a text on my phone today.

There's a problem with your Wells Fargo account. Please tap on this link to resolve the problem and unlock your account.

Hmm, no I don't think so, even if I actually had a Wells Fargo account. Which I don't.

Hell, I don't even believe e-mails from my real credit card company. Said company sent me an e-mail at the end of last month telling me I'm late and owe them an amount I don't recognize. Huh, I always pay in full whenever I use my card.

Go look at checkbook and bank statement. Yeah, I paid. In full. I didn't forget. WTF?

Paper statement came in the mail a few days later. While they had cashed my check they hadn't applied it to my account. I owe the the original amount, a late fee and interest.


Whole lot of kevin bacon



I know we got a letter saying a company that sold windows and doors had us in their list and they found out about through krull ans associates weve never dealt with this company.


Jbs apparently paid 11 million to the hackers what could go wrong.

jim nj

Call customer service at my credit card company and explain the problem.

I get a full credit issued while they investigate. I may get an e-mail or letter. I get a letter. They need a copy of the check. Both sides.

Nice people at my local bank branch are only too happy to help. The check is in the mail, so to speak. Meaning the bank gave me a copy of the check, both sides, and I mailed it to the credit card company.


Their card tricks are just getting more slippery well we had thar pfishing exercise last augusts.


When you didnt get ppp monies others did, in spades (from a year ago)

Other lobbying firms that received loans included APCO Worldwide,(yes the folks that lobbied for uranium one) Banner Public Affairs, the Conafay Group, Miller & Chevalier; Kasowitz Benson Torres, Wiley, Kelley Drye & Warren and Van Ness Feldman. Public affairs and strategic communications firms that received loans included Firehouse Strategies, Nahigian Strategies, Keybridge Communications, ROKK Solutions, Purple Strategies, FP1 Strategies, the DCI Group, Hilltop Public Solutions, Adfero, Gunster Strategies, Hamilton Place Strategies, the Glen Echo Group, the Clyde Group, the Herald Group, the Messina Group, LEVICK, Civitas Public Affairs and Locust Street, to name only a few.

— Consulting firms that bear the names of

jim nj

I found the whole process a little odd.

I understand that credit card companies may not process all of their payments themselves. They may use multiple lockbox locations local to their customers instead of one national collection point so as to shorten the float.

But send us a copy of both sides of the check so we can resolve the problem is really old school.

Nobody sends checks to the regional Federal Reserve bank for clearing anymore. They image the check and then route the image electronically for processing. It's not like that regional Federal Reserve bank still physically receives my check and flies it to Teterboro Airport so that the Rutherford, NJ, branch of the NY Fed can physically present it to my bank.

It's no longer a physical thing. It's an electronic image. It doesn't now only reside at my end of this. What? The bank at their end of the transaction no longer has the image they created? Or the paper check? They shredded both? Already?

jim nj

I suppose there is something in the Uniform Commercial Code that needs to be updated.

In olden days a company requesting a copy of a cancelled check to resolve a payment dispute was making a reasonable request. They weren't required to make a copy of the check before presenting it for payment. Now, they, or someone they employ, does.

What might have been a reasonable request to jump through our hoop or lose for not complying seems, well, dated.


Narciso's link to that Jill Biden photo is very unnerving.

It is from Jill Biden's tweet which says "Prepping for the G7" and her tweet is subheaded "United States Government official".

Here's the pic with it:

She is NOT a US government official. The FLOTUS position is not an official position. She is not elected, only her husband is (sort of).

WHY is she "prepping"? Is SHE going to the meetings? Are those papers confidential or classified? Would Mrs. Boris Johnson be going through such papers and prepping?

What in the heck is going on?


jim nj,

I really sympathize with your dilemma. I went back to paying by check because I had more control than paying online. Even then there is some occasional mix-up,due to mail delivery.

I don't have a credit card,but I pay utility companies which are local (except the local electric company just got taken over by some sort of consortium). Still, it's disturbing that the bill payment system is not as dependable as it should be.

My local friend's mail was really late a couple of days ago. The postman told my friend that the clerks who do the package sorting at our local PO got in a snit and walked off, so after delivering his route he was going to have to go back and help sort packages and then deliver to those which were on his route.

I wonder how many of those packages were for prescriptions or other important items.


NEW: CDC Advisory Committee on Immunization finds a higher number of observed than expected myocarditis/pericarditis (heart inflammation) cases in 16-24-year-olds 30 days after receiving either the Pfizer or Moderna COVID-19 vaccines - CNN



This is a long thread with numerous articles linked saying that large pension funds and institutional investors are buying up single family homes and in some cases, whole neighborhoods, converting them to rentals. The effect will be closing home ownership to young people and much of the middle class.


China's top banking regulator warns of bad debt, local real estate bubbles http://reut.rs/355XIaD


Sen. @JohnKennedyLA just absolutely wrecked Fauci:

"Dr. Fauci needs to cut the crap...I am sorry if his feelings were hurt. Maybe he ought to buy an emotional support pony... the American People are going to end up trusting Dr. Pepper more than Dr. Fauci." pic.twitter.com/n3gt9fF2Ul

— Benny (@bennyjohnson) June 10, 2021

Video at link. Almost 4 minutes.



Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Biden Should Bypass Capitol Hill And Push Forward Student Loan Reforms



The Congressional Black Caucus Is Blocking A Black Republican From Joining The Group


John Cardillo
Study shows hydroxychloroquine and zinc treatments increased coronavirus survival rate by almost three times

Fauci should die in prison for this alone. He blocked HCQ because it would have taken his power away.

What an evil man.



This made me laugh:

Radieschen Clinking beer mugs Radish
Also I was finally able to use both hands to get up off the floor.

(I am not going back down there. Down there you can see things that need to be cleaned. )



· 9h
JUST IN: White House budget office approves Biden administration plan to retract insulin, epinephrine discounts - Fox Business


UNLIKELY FRIENDS! 🐻🐺 Rare, amazing video sent in from a @WINKNews viewer showing a bear & coyote walking together last week in South Naples, Florida! pic.twitter.com/K7Gn8Rtikj

— Matt Devitt (@MattDevittWINK) June 9, 2021

Short video at the link.


Well, this isn't exactly a good sign.

After 24,000 years in deep freeze in the vast permafrost lands of Siberia, a microscopic organism called the bdelloid rotifer has wriggled back to life and reproduced asexually https://t.co/Y1PhYJuKa7 pic.twitter.com/Z1yENmRo52
— Reuters (@Reuters) June 10, 2021

Short video pic at the link.


Today on C-SPAN:
10am - FBI Director Chris Wray testifies @HouseJudiciary

2pm - @POTUS
#G7 News Conference


Going outoside to pull a few weeds before it rains.


It will be fine:



French Interdiction on the High Seas? Will wonders never cease?

Première saisie de stupéfiants pour la FREMM Languedoc, récemment arrivée en Océan Indien. 👇

#FFEAU #NotreDéfense

@CMF_Bahrain @MarineNationale


First seizure of narcotics for fremm Languedoc, recently arrived in the Indian Ocean. 👇 #FFEAU #NotreDéfense @CMF_Bahrain @MarineNationale

Armée française - Opérations militaires @EtatMajorFR
#NARCOPS | Dimanche 6/06, la frégate Languedoc, sous commandement de la CTF 150, a arraisonné un boutre en haute mer, dans le golfe d’Oman.

Bilan : 409 kg de drogues qui n’alimenteront pas les réseaux terroristes. #NotreDéfense



They use to frag these remfs



They should have shot marcuse bell the whole lot



But it is core CPI that is the huge outlier, soaring 3.8% YoY - the hottest level of inflation since 1992...



Juanita Broaddrick
If you drank Boones Farm wine as a teenager .... you’re immune to all viruses.
I am waiting to see if this tweet gets taken down for "misleading medical information".


If you believe inflation is only 4% i have a bridge to sell you


That french proverb again:


Is there anything they didnt lie omit



Did they learn from last year?


Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Michael Smith
So much of the ridiculousness in our society today can be laid at the feet of an ignorant, incurious, and biased press. If you think most of our “free press” are either highly paid preening peacocks of progressivism or nubile young “investigative reporters” with a journalism degree and a brain filled with mush who could not form a rational line of thought if you gave them a million dollars, you would not be far from wrong.

That is why absurdist theorists, like Ibram X. Kendi (aka Ibram Henry Rogers) and Anthony Fauci, can go on TV and never get challenged for statements they make with confidence but that are clearly and demonstrably known to be wrong.

Often the consumers of the news, the public at large, are assumed to be the problem, lacking the capacity of thinking critically – and while that may have some Creedence, humans have some degree of logic built into our DNA, sort of an epigenetic capacity the same as the way baby animals born in nature possess survival skills from the moment of birth. As Oliver Wendell Holmes said: “Even a dog distinguishes between being stumbled over and being kicked”, I believe the same goes for humans – most of humanity has a bullshit detector encoded at the genetic level – functioning at varying degrees, of course, but independent of formal education and always active.

It is not so much that the bullshit detector of the people is not working, it often gets overridden. Many, especially if they watch local news or the Alphabet Networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS), never hear both sides of any story and therefore never have enough information to form alternate hypothesis for themselves.

There are so few reporters and editors belonging to any “news” outlet that have the will or capacity to examine situations in a critical way, form probing consequential questions and challenge the “newsmaker” on their premises, positions, and pronouncements.
When examining people or events fitting their perspectives and biases, they play softball, when grilling that and whom with which they disagree, their questions are equally as absurd, better fitting the “gotcha” category or taking the form of a statement rather than a question.

Even comedians fit this description. There once was a time when comedians would skewer politicians and others in the public eye for their idiocy, using sarcasm and parody to get at the truth. No more. Now it is one-way, politically motivated smugness, snark, and anger, 99% of which is directed at the Republican side of any issue.

Back when there were only three major news outlets (the over the air broadcast networks), the public was exposed to public intellectuals like William F. Buckley and comedians like Johnny Carson, both who could cut through the miasma of bullshit and distill the facts.
Running from 1966 to 1999, Buckley’s Firing Line program was legendary for its probing debates – the current iteration, resurrected in 2018 and moderated by Margaret Hoover is an embarrassment, a PBS’s cookie cutter version of any talk show on CNN.

Similarly, Carson’s “Tonight Show” brought forward the issues of the day through comedy and taught us how to bring down the high and mighty with mirth that cut to the heart of every matter. The late night “comedy” shows of today occupying the old “Tonight Show” time slot – Colbert, Kimmel, Fallon – are all in-kind contributions to the Democrat Party.

PBS has always catered to the left leaning tote bag carrying, socks with Birkenstocks crowd but even they were once capable of producing fair, thought-provoking programs that promoted critical thought. In 1980, PBS produced what is perhaps one of the most important and consequential series in television history. “Free to Choose” starring 1976 Nobel Prize winning Milton Friedman and his wife Rose Friedman, and equally gifted economist, presented the case for the Austrian School style of free market economics, that ran directly counter to the prevailing Keynesian economic “wisdom” of the times.

41 years on, those programs are still available on YouTube and for purchase and are some of the most succinct and powerful cases for free market economics ever produced. It is unlikely we will ever see the likes of such programming from PBS or any broadcast network again and for that reason, those ten hours of programming should be required viewing for every high schooler in America.

Add to the presentation of only one side of any position, an equal danger is how the mainstream media simply ignores any story not helpful to their allies or supportive of their narratives. Hunter Biden’s Laptop, the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine, spying on the Trump campaign by Obama’s DOJ, exculpatory evidence in the Mueller “investigations”, the examples are legion – and since only right leaning outlets on cable and on the Internet even consider such things, the mainstream brands anything opposing their biases as “conspiracy theories”.

But the media has long seen itself as the gatekeeper for what people should be allowed to hear. I recall the late, great Tony Blankley writing in 2004 about how the mainstream media simply ignored the John Kerry “Swift Boat” story:

“According to Editor and Publisher, the respected voice of official big-time journalism: ‘Chicago Tribune managing editor James O’Shea tells Joe Strupp the Swift Boat controversy may be an instance of a growing problem for newspapers in the expanding media world — being forced to follow a questionable story because non-print outlets have made it an issue. “There are too many places for people to get information,” says O’Shea. “I don’t think newspapers can be gatekeepers anymore — to say this is wrong, and we will ignore it. Now we have to say this is wrong, and here is why.”

Now, there are two revealing statements there. First, it is odd to see Mr. O’Shea, an official, credentialed seeker of truth, complaining about “too many places for people to get information.” He sounds like a resentful old apparatchik glaring at a Xerox machine in the dying days of the Soviet Union.

The second noteworthy statement is the hilarious complaint that they can no longer merely think a story is wrong and ignore it:
“Now we have to say this is wrong, and here is why.” It apparently escaped his thought process that if he hadn’t yet investigated the story, it might not be “wrong.” A seeker of truth in a competitive environment might have phrased the sentence: “Now we will have to report it to determine if it is right or wrong.”

In the shadows of Obama and Hillary’s Benghazi scandal, Pat Cadell, long time pollster for the Democrats, was far harsher:

“First of all, we’ve had 9 days of lies…If a president of either party…had had a terrorist incident and gotten on an airplane [after remarks] and flown off to a fundraiser in Las Vegas, they would have been crucified…it should have been, should have been, the equivalent, for Barack Obama, of George Bush’s ‘flying over Katrina’ moment. But nothing was said at all. Nothing will be said. […] It is [unacceptable] to specifically decide that you will not tell the American people information they have a right to know. [The MSM] has made themselves the enemy of the American people. It is a threat to the very future of the country; we’ve crossed a new and frightening line on the slippery slope, and it needs to be talked about.”

The founders created the First Amendment guaranteeing a free press -and it was first for a reason, it was due to the recognition that the public needed an oversight role. The people should know the facts and be free to choose (no pun intended), it was known that a captive and biased press would do little more than run interference and provide cover for elected officials – and they were right.

Pat Caddell hit the nail on the head when he said that the mainstream media has made themselves the enemy of the people.


The problem with the swift boat story is it showed john kerry to be a treacherous asshat something he proved as recently as last year.


LOL, and SloJoe wants moar union workers to be exploited.



Second UAW president sentenced to 28 months in prison in union corruption probe cnb.cx/2REHRN0



Coincidence, henry



Nuland is back, well thats possibly the least worst option.


I don't remember peoples taxes being leaked during DJT's tenure. WHO VOTED FOR THIS DEMENTED WEASEL ANYWAY?
I'm giving the finger to those who have said there is no DEEP STATE.


Apparently, the only good thing that can be said about Kamala's trip below the border is that they treated Kamala better than Nixon in 1958.


That was siz years in neo



The june 18th link of my defunct blog has all the details you wont hear in the commemoration of the pulse attack.


In short he was an islamist who worshiped at a mosque whose guest imam was homocidally antigay, whose chief imam recruited terrorist who was trained by the blind sheikhs bodyguard who went to mecca in 2015, paid for by nypd funds


Well the check cleared thats the important thing



If you believe inflation is only 4% i have a bridge to sell you

They will mumble again about "base effects" because the CPI bottomed out a year ago, but it had recovered by September, and the last three months it's been over 8%, whether or not you exclude food and energy prices.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Wow, the replies to that Chuck Ross tweet. If your eyes have been closed to the insanity of the left they will be opened. The dept of the Interior IG, under Biden and Harris both of whom despise Trump, concludes the protesters were routed from Lafayette Park for their threats to the WH and public safety and the progs claim it's all a whiitewash and they done seen what dey done seen.
Let's face it there really are such things as lying eyes and those who whine most confidently of 'conspiracy theories' are projecting their own behavior onto their betters.


Ig, they've gotten away with it for so long, and enjoyed much $kim, that they don't think they can be caught and punished.
There will come a day, when they get their heads blown off.


Like zombies with less selfawareness

You know im even auspicious why those two police officers 'suicided' themselves after confronting some extras from that dragnet film


Like the yoots captain oveur wants to release



We know how to pick them dont we


They are the pashtun crowder clan


Huge Cartel Marijuana Farm (70 individual greenhouses) Bulldozed 300 Miles Inside California

matt - deplore me if you must

the cartels have been doing this for a long time. We had a problem in the canyon because the illegals running these operations were jamming our emergency radio channels and mocking locals,. They suck up water and destroy the canyons.

This is a new one. Antelope Valley is the Palmdale/lancaster area, which is pretty barren but is growing very rapidly with urban sprawl. Plenty of room to Sheriff's Dept or AF (Edwards) helicopters to patrol.

The law tracks water and electricity usage so I am wondering how long this was going on.

Good for LASD!

matt - deplore me if you must

UK papers are expressing outrage at Biden for stepping into the UK-EU dispute on the side of the EU, basically telling Boris to piss off.

My how things have changed. We would have had a FTA with the UK by now under Trump. Another Biden fuckup.

Dave (in MA)

Cookie (Kookie?) Puss:



There are many of those cartel farms. They say they are going after all of them.


Saw an article yesterday saying cartels have their own special ops groups. A Mexican source I know says they have a training Camp high in the mountains. The locals are kept away by talk of witches and evil spirits.


new post



This is great!

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