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July 17, 2021



Court packing threats followed by Roberts calling DACA a tax. This speed bump of narrative caused by following law will be smoothed over.

Old Lurker

They just invent speed bumps so the deplorables think that perhaps hope exists.




They hate him almost as much as Trump. LOL!



I tried to follow your link on Twitter and got this:

Secure Connection Failed

An error occurred during a connection to go.shr.lc. SSL received a record that exceeded the maximum permissible length.


The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified.
Please contact the website owners to inform them of this problem.


Interesting, MM. I click on the links and they work.


I wonder if it is Firefox, sbw.


Navarro is hosting Bannon’s show and is going after Bill Barr. Yay!


MM, I’m using Firefox. Durned computers!


This is a regime alien to the bill of rights (3rd amendment on tap) to biology to our traditions, it proffers criminals and trespassers over law abiding citizens it genuflects to the dragon and lion, the crescent not the cross.


I can't get TM's DACA link to work.

Julie Kelly doing the work the MSM used to do:https://amgreatness.com/2021/07/15/the-capitol-cover-up/

matt - deplore me if you must

That's funny. The Capitol Police and their attorneys said that they can't release the footage because it might expose sensitive images for future rioters.

As far as I can recall, the Capitol, with the exception of the dining rooms, gym, cloakrooms and a few other spaces has been generally open to the public for 150 years or so.

Most of the rioters just sort of milled around the public spaces with the exception of the Speaker's office and the House chamber.


It's a preposterous claim, Matt. Any judge who can't see thru that is an idiot or a liar.



Gas-fired stoves are emerging as a burning issue as American cities consider phasing out natural-gas hookups to homes and businesses to reduce carbon emissions



I’m a devout follower of Julie Kelly. She has done a great job.

Had a conversation with 2 Democrats at the pool. They told me all the
‘Rioters” at the at the capital were armed. They said Biden was working for the middle class and Trump was only for the rich. And Hunter was just a kid and had nothing to do with the father. 2 people who don’t hang out together spouting the same stories. Amazing!


As in we should be cooking with electric coils or convection instead of my far easier to control the temp gas cooktop?


Yes, Henry, apparently electricity generated by natural gas at a distant location you cannot see pollutes less.


The woman ( congress) who marched on the capital yesterday had the same violation as the Jan 6 marchers. She compared herself to MLK, and was immediately released.


THEJudge issued a stay on the DACA ruling, I assume as it goes thru the courts. But no new applications will be allowed.


I've been a customer of Black Rifle Coffee since 2017 - a monthly subscriber. I sent an email asking for an explanation. (After all, it is the New York Times!)

Unless they have a good one, I will be cancelling my subscription.


Certainly more difficult to regulate individual Nat gas use than electricity through a politically mandated “Smart” meter. Bad thoughts online? No more power for you until you repent.


Xi Jinping has made the use of force an integral element of Chinese foreign policy. That use of force is not limited to the “grey zone” “below threshold,” using the “salami-slicing” tactics that the U.S. foreign policy establishment insists are China’s modus operandi. The centenary speech objective is conquest: China will absorb Taiwan by military means if necessary and will accept the confrontation this will trigger between it and the United States. Xi said it. That he means it is beyond issue.

So useful for them then to have a vassal as the current US President followed in succession by others with corrrupting financial ties. https://www.hudson.org/research/17080-xi-means-what-he-said-about-taiwan


Has this been linked yet?


James D.

Any judge who can't see thru that is an idiot or a liar.

Well, based on the behavior and rulings of pretty much every federal judge we read about, most of them are both.


I did my good deed for the day at Hobby lobby🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🤙🤙 pic.twitter.com/SVyMASAp0V

— joe (@jmilitare77) July 17, 2021

Photo at the link. Ha!


Floor wax desert topping.


Wait what



Anything happen on that data between 1915 and 1917?

I’m not going to look.


I see the ufcw nor the teamsters are signed up by the socialist rifle club is


Biden vs Facebook https://mobile.twitter.com/DylanByers/status/1416180144516042754

matt - deplore me if you must

The sheer idiocy of the NG bans is shocking. What could possibly possess them except a Luddite desire for peat fired hearths and thin gruel, preferably garnished with arugula?

The fastest way to change San Francisco, Oakland and Berkeley is to give the left what they want, blow the Hetch Hetchy Dam. Let them hold the Folsom Street fair by the light of bicycle generated CFL bulbs.

Alice Waters can cook using free range chicken fat to power her stove.

Given another year or so the entire Bay Area will decrepitate into a morass of gelled hobo blankets, meth pipes and feces.

matt - deplore me if you must

Would it be considered trans-phobic if I suggested that when the New Zealand weightlifter gets up on the platform to play The Bee Gees "More than A Woman"?

Jack Lillywhite

The most efficient fuel - BTU to generation output is Nuclear with coal a close second. Without considering environmental issues coal has clos to 85% efficiency depending coal type. Brown coal (Lignite) clocks in pretty low since it takes twice as much to produce the same BTUs as black (bituminous).

Roughly 60to70% of electric rates is for the environmental quality controls.

Go nuclear or go broke paying for outdated technology.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Are you new here, JiB?
The left decided we're all going for broke a long long time ago. And as for outdated technology, all I can say is...windmills.


Windpower was insufficient when it waa 3% of our current population, now its obacene

matt - deplore me if you must

I can't wait to watch the video of some poor schmucks out in Nantucket Sound trying to repair a 200' windmill with 20 mph winds. OL will be out there waving a stick at them as well.


Remember, it would be wrong to laugh.https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9798517/Maskless-Texas-Democrats-test-positive-COVID-19-packing-private-jet.html

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

If laughing at those dumbasses is wrong, I don't wanna be right.


I tried not to, but I couldn’t help but laugh.


Ah snorfle with their kumbaya flight.

Jack Lillywhite

Mohawk and Mohican nation’s have that covered already, Matt.

matt - deplore me if you must

Just harvested another 25 lbs of tomatoes, Japanese eggplant, zucchini, grapes and peppers from the garden.

Bumper crop this year. Looks like a lot of spaghetti sauce to make and freeze.

Going to have to go out and get some burrata now.


And another freezwe,Matt.


s/b freezer.


Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma


D= Deny
A= Attack
RVO= Reverse Victim and Offender

Repeat ad nauseum and that is the progs game plan.

After awhile, the rest of us just ignore.


The Scottish Variant - at least you can hear it coming!



They were all vaccinated and they hung around dc, including harris


How does that work





matt - deplore me if you must

I know what's missing from the White House press briefings!

Jen Psaki needs an armband. Red will do. Hammer & sickle or swastika doesn't really matter.

And JiB, not sure if there are going to be enough Mohawks to service those windmills. When they break, they break good. The desert near Palm Springs is littered with them.


Mission accomplished


Jack Lillywhite

Guess who?



I read a great piece yesterday about how Hitler, Mao and Stalin’s rise to power all became possible by never letting a crisis go to waste, they used each crisis to take control. Lockdowns, masks censorship, fits the bill perfectly.

I looked to find the article and failed. If anyone else read it let me know.

Jack Lillywhite


Are you kidding? Those guys walk 8 inch wide strutculal beams 1,000's of feet in the sky:)


Not recently



Hitler took advantage of the depression but was aided by stalin in getting rid of the social democrats lenin took advantage of the war and kerenskys stupidity, and stalin took advantage of lenins injury


Stalin staged the kirov hit whicb paved for the first set of purges and continued training german troops which was the pretext for the next set thats very shorthand

jim nj


Digging a secret tunnel part 4


Stalinist publications like the nation were surprised at the nazi victory in 33, they were supposed to beneficiaries of taking out social democrats hence frankfurt school about authoritarianism psychosexual mumbo jumbo et al


Jfk jr was a typical democrat but unlike his siblings he didnt seem doctrinaire about it, as close to apolitical as you can get in that crowd i guess thats the q fixation that he could have broken through if he had lived i find it unlikely.


Hoping but hoping isnt a strategy



This is what plasma rifles are made for



Shorthand we must in the hive, otherwise we will release what a bunch of feltercarb she is peddling.


Vive le france


My best friend in law school called me the other night to tell me Brittany Spears new lawyer was in our class. Neither he or I could remember him. How weird.


Otoh brittaney behaved foolishly in her youth otoh if one was to have a guardian for every idiot in hollywood or the music industry youd run out of guardians


So my fishwrap says there have been 871 variant cases (are they dialing the gage up again) but only one hospitalized currently and 8 dead





Hot take



Blackburn has seen through steele and his partner burrows before they protected islamists from scrutiny back in the 00s in london


We have the raunchiest porn stars, don’t we folks:

“CPAC bans Nick Fuentes but allows journalists from Salon.

TPUSA bans Nick Fuentes and his supporters, but allows in a literal porn star.”—Nicholas J. Fuentes, Telegram


One of them was the fellow who revealed unindicted oathkeeper insurrectionist stewart rhodes was roaming the halls


Something completely different


Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Interesting. I have a Michael Smith that won't post.


Let me try

Often people like me get tagged as sensationalists who are given to hyperbole.
Guilty as charged.
But the reason is this – how many of us, when we heard a car alarm going off a decade ago thought, “Somebody’s car is getting broken into”? I would say most of us – but today, how many people think that when they hear a car alarm? I usually write it off as someone sitting on their keys and squishing the panic button.
Sometimes you must use hyperbole to get attention.
To paraphrase Dementia Joe, “This ain’t hyperbole.”
I am going to ask you to read through what follows with the following in mind: the 1/6 “insurrection”, BLM and ANTIFA riots, Critical Race Theory, censorship in social media, de-platforming of conservatives, the Democrat rhetoric about vaccinations, masks, and lockdowns, the complicit and compliant leftist media, the Biden administration’s war on “misinformation”, the Psaki Bomb admitting the White House is telling social media what they want deleted, and the corruption of our military leadership.
Think about this real history and simply replace “Germans” with “Conservatives” or “Republicans” and you will see


what I mean when I say Biden is Woodrow Wilson.
I do compare Biden to Woodrow Wilson a lot – there is one big difference, of course. Wilson was mentally incapacitated at the end of his terms and Biden is incapacitated at the beginning of his, but other than that, if there is a parallel to be drawn it is more accurate to compare him to Woodrow Wilson than FDR.
Wilson was a lawyer who never held a real job outside academia and politics – just like Biden.
Biden also exhibits the same disdain for the Constitution that Wilson did and he shows the same distaste for dissent that Wilson did when Wilson pushed the Espionage Act of 1917 and the Sedition Act of 1918 through Congress to suppress anti-British, pro-German, or anti-war opinions.
Over 2000 anti-war citizens and pacifists were rounded up and imprisoned under these two statutes for crimes consisting of actual espionage to simply speaking favorably of Germany in front of the wrong people.
Biden only wishes that he could round up his opposition like Wilson did in the Palmer Raids. The Palmer raids were a series of violent, abusive, and unconstitutional law-enforcement raids resulting from a bombing that took place inside the Capitol boundaries in front of Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer’s home in Washington, D.C. The anarchist planting the bomb, Carlo Valdinoci, was the only casualty of the explosion.
World War I was very unpopular in the US and even Wilson ran for his second term based on the slogan that he had “Kept us out of war”, but his real agenda was a little different, he looked to engage in the war, so he could not afford weak public opinion toward such an action, so Wilson tapped noted journalist George Creel to mount an unprecedented media blitz aimed at marketing the war to ordinary citizens.
The Missouri newspaperman was named head of the newly formed Committee of Public Information (CPI), a vast government propaganda bureau staffed with spin-doctors, copywriters and Madison Avenue advertising executives, many of whom would later go on to establish the burgeoning field of public relations. They even established a cadre of “4 Minute Men”, an all-volunteer society that fanned out across the country to stump for the war effort.
The speeches were not exceeding four minutes – because this was the guestimated as the attention span of the average American. Speakers were selected to invoke “trust”, so they were typically middle-aged males that were too old to fight, but who had experience working crowds. Ideal candidates were typically lawyers, doctors, preachers, and small-town politicians.


Hows that

But there was also “fake news”, the CPI was front and center in creating images of the Germans as bloodthirsty brutes, often using the imagery of a rampaging ape carrying a blood-soaked club or bayonet in one arm and a dainty damsel with exposed breasts in the other. Government artists in the Division of Pictorial Publicity cranked out 1438 unique poster designs, many of them depicting German people as bloodthirsty monsters.
The CPI was the Facebook/Twitter/YouTube of the day. They issued 6,000 press releases. There were 75,000 four-minute men who delivered 7.5 million speeches in front of an estimated 300 million people. The CPI sent periodicals to more than 600,000 teachers for their use in their classrooms. Trusted and venerated organizations like the Boy Scouts of America were used to deliver Wilson's addresses door-to- door. The CPI was also responsible for making movies. There was an official newspaper delivered daily to 100,000 people.
Of course, this level of gaslighting lead to vigilante violence and while Creel and Wilson publicly deplored the violence, they never did anything to stop it.
History dot com notes:
“Even the most casual expression of doubt about the war could trigger a beating by a mob, and the humiliation of being made to kiss the flag in public. Americans who


Even state and local governments and countless private institutions got into the act, firing German aliens, suspending performances of German music, and banning the teaching of German in schools. The Department of Justice created lists of “dangerous people”.
Not really that surprising, this was Obama’s playbook. Such brazenness got knocked down after WWII but came back, inch-by-inch, beginning with Johnson. Clinton took it a little farther but was generally kept in check by Newt Gingrich, George W. Bush, a supposed Republican, set the table for Obama with the Patriot Act and the expansion of both the Deep State and the surveillance state, which Obama promptly weaponized to his benefit. It is so pervasive now, that Biden can say the silent part out loud and nobody cares.
The Wilson presidency is getting a remake in the Biden White House - and as remakes go, they are almost always worse than the original. This one promises to be a doozy.


I remember reading dos passos usa series which has written in that staccato newreel style which is very aggrevating james ellroy as did norman mailer about the early 20th century largely putting a beed on wilson, but as a progressive ut was odd because this is what they wanted now the anarchist though differently but he was on about suppressing of popular voices of course the chill progs talk about is those people who wont keep their trap for five minutes

Those that have a fresh persoective they get deplatformed or worse.


Hey, Pin--

Great crop! Is that baby goat now a grown-up goat?

Poor Brittany Spears--the only education she ever got was in the worse-than-rough and tumble of stardom--no wisdom usually left on the other side of that experience other than a deep-laid cynicism. She should listen to her advice from Mel Gibson.

narc, Wilson was a monster for this country, but I look to his drab style as an explanation for why no one could quite believe it at the time and so the horrible constitutional violations just kept rolling. People screamed on the right, but as today there's only so much you can do. The stroke--has anyone analyzed whether Edith's governance was worse or better than that of her incapacitated husband?


Hence hardings appeal to normalcy. Its hard to say i think the antibolshevik push was more under ediths aegis was she less racist than the guy who gave the klan a new lease on life through his friend thomas dixon


Of course they couldnt leave well enough alone and you get the inquiry which helped formulate versailles and the cfr among one of the rising stars in that crew was allem dulles who failed upwards from when he chose a tennis doubles match with two ladies over watching lenin in zurich


Hoover also started his career in that era he did deport a whole bunch of folk including emma goldman so there is that.


Wilson drank from the well of german philosophy at john hopkins worse than md 20 20, (ive never consumed, but thats what ive heard) kant and hegel through locke through a plate glass window there are no inalienable rights so the atate can do anything

It does seem they are labeling those in the Capitol gulag as unlawful enemy combatants without spelling it out

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Right click for a full view of Qanon;


Hoover didnt think much about blacks but frankly did anybody in high office except possibly harlan fiske stone did. A security service which is what the bureau concerned itself along with bankrobbery and other offenses focuses on dissent


Heading to bed.

Good night, all!


It does seem that applies abroad as well whether it was constant and francois who ran the security service and did favors for the colombians or guy phillippe or this latest bunch of katzenjammer kids


And thats just in one country since they used colombian merc they point a figure at who trained them, they cant complain about the school of the americas that ended in the bush administration


Who am i kidding, of course the guerillas who were empowered by pastrana and were rubbished by uribe were given fresh life by santos


Well with 12 members on the coen bros militia being agents they may have a point.

jim nj


Want to Save America? Don't Act Like a Conservative
Chest-Thumpers and ‘Aw, Shucks’ Conservatives Personify the Right’s Love Affair with Losing

I do not think you know the meaning of this word.

jim nj


eye on the news
Going All In
The NEA pledges to bring critical race theory to a public school near you.
Christopher F. Rufo

"On June 30, members of the National Education Association, the nation’s largest teachers’ union, voted to approve a plan to promote critical race theory in all 50 states. Union delegates representing 3 million public school employees approved funding for three separate items related to “increasing the implementation” of “critical race theory” in K-12 curricula; promoting critical race theory in 14,000 local school districts; and attacking opponents of critical race theory, including parent organizations and conservative research centers."

I think the unions and that Virginia PTA VP are being very helpful in being upfront about what they want to do and how they plan to stick it to us.

jim nj


A quiet revolution for our times may have begun

I hope more and more people will find the courage to speak the truth as they see it


Infiltrators unmask themselves in their hubris, but they aren’t the marionette masters. That’s another business.

And business is business….

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Thanks narc.

I've been scheduling a trip to Disney (fist one in 10 years!!!) what the hell happened to my 3 times Disney a year. Oh yeah, we started doing 2 weeks in the Keys.

We are taking Ariel for 2 days one night at Disney in September. Same park (unusual for us as we normally park hop all day) but MK has so much to do for her height and when she gets tired we can do whatever is left the second day. First time not staying on property, but I used hotel rewards for a free night across the street from Disney Springs at a partner hotel. She is just tall enough to ride everything except Space Mountain.

Damn the planning you have to do now to go to WDW. Evidently, our do whatever you feel like is no longer operative. If you don't make dining reservations 60 days out, there isn't a damned thing left to reserve. And OMG the value resorts now cost what the Deluxe resorts did last time we were there.


Youre welcome

Thats absolutely nuts you probably have to take out a loan to stay at then

jim nj


Georgia Secretary Of State Explains Why He’s Just Now Discovering More Than 10,000 Illegal Votes Cast In 2020
The tangled web of voter reform laws, the Trump voter fraud accusations, and the Secretary of State Office's findings show why we need more digging on what happened in Georgia.

Margot Cleveland published an article Wednesday. This updates that and includes a belated response from the Georgia SOS.

Still very lame.

jim nj

"Infiltrators unmask themselves in their hubris, but they aren’t the marionette masters. That’s another business.

And business is business…."

Yeah, there is a lot of money in play on CRT. They don't just want to indoctrinate kids, they want to get rich doing it.

What happens with CRT will effect whatever they had planned to roll out next. That's more money to lose.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Michael Smith
Every horror from movies like Soylent Green, Fahrenheit 451 and 1984 to Mad Max and Blade Runner is happening right before our eyes.
As they say, science fiction eventually becomes science fact.

A lot of it is out in the open, in your face and in "Ima gonna do this, just try and stop me" Obama style. One of the most amazing things is when they speak of the worst violations of our Bill of Rights in such of a matter of fact style, it sounds as mundane as if they are reading off items from a grocery list.

And most of the media sits in rapt, adoring attention with their thumbs up their nether regions, ignoring the constant inversions of reality as they daydream about writing the next hard-hitting article about Biden's visit to the local ice cream shop.

Congressional Democrats clap like trained seals as the cabal behind our senile president guide us toward Cuba at best, South Africa at worst.

More horrific than what they are saying out loud, as with an iceberg, only 10% of what they are doing is visible, the rest is under the surface.

Makes one wonder just how bad it really is because the 10% is pretty damn bad.

This administration is worse than Wilson, FDR, Johnson and Obama all rolled together.

This is bad, people. Really, really bad.

The Democrats and the American left personalized politics for politicians, beginning with calling Barry Goldwater a racist in 1964 - but now they have politicized culture and race to the point there is no going back.

When you see a PTA official setting up a straw man, an evil caricature of her opponents and then wishing death on them, that is something hard to walk back. When you hear people claim that whites are irredeemably racist because it is in our DNA and the only way to remedy it is to teach white children how evil and inferior they are, that is a hard pill to swallow.

Yesterday, I posited we have already witnessed secession, at least on a mental level. It seems clear to me that both sides of this chasm intuitively know we are now a divided nation.

A decade ago, I noted "One thing that I have learned from studying history and reading philosophy – peace is the most fragile and temporary of all human conditions."

I think about the conversations that we have here – there is little chance that we on the right will abandon our positions and it is equally as unlikely that the left will abandon theirs – so what happens when the irresistible force meets the immovable object?

How is it possible to resolve the differences with enough unanimity to move forward?

While I am not advocating that there be armed conflict to resolve our differences, we would be exhibiting ignorance of history to think that it wasn’t at least a possibility. We Americans have already had one nation dividing Civil War and it is possible that we are running down the path to another such conflict.

Throughout history when two sides reach a point where there can be no resolution and when there is no capitulation by either side, one or the other imposed their will via physical combat – to the point where the loser could neither continue the combat or they decided that the cost of continuance is more than they are willing to bear and voluntarily agreed to abide by the dominant force’s ideology and political processes.

Of course, there have been cases in history where diplomacy has altered the course of history but in reality, those have been few and far between and they have also been temporary at best. It must also be noted that peaceful agreement does not always end the internecine conflicts and one can broker a deal and still get the wrong result. Diplomacy is more often than not about achieving agreement rather than achieving a correct solution, sometimes to the point that the solution is sub-optimal for both sides.

When political systems reach a boiling point, there must be a safety valve or the end result is the violent imposition of one will over another. It is simply not credible to think that any group of people with strong beliefs will allow themselves to be subjugated by another through simple political tyranny.
I think we have achieved such a boiling point in America.

I’ve long said that communism is a failure because it is not scalable beyond smaller groups, it fails simply because the span of control is too great. There is absolutely no way short of totalitarian rule that a country as geographically vast and with a population as demographically and culturally diverse as the United States can be controlled by a central entity. It is becoming apparent that my scalability thesis is being proven as the adoption of communist/collectivist central controls are testing the limits of traditional American rugged individualism and it is putting our Republic on the same path to rigid central control that produces intractable problems. The resulting tyranny will lead to eventual self-destruction, the same as other large scale communist systems have self-destructed…ergo the “boiling point”.

This “boiling point” is exactly what the idea of federalism was…and is… intended to address. Through distributed control that can be tailored to smaller governmental units and political boundaries, the rhetorical temperature can be reduced. Federalism is the answer to a small, powerful group or even a bare majority imposing control over the other half of the country that has evolved differently in culture and political aims.

Federalism is what makes the republican form of government both scalable and workable.
Since the Constitution has been corrupted to remove the safety valve of federalism, we are headed for the same fate as all large scale socialist states.

It doesn’t have to be this way but the weight of socialist class envy, the welfare state and the resulting over-taxation, anti-Christian/anti-religion policies and a simple Hobbesian disdain of freedom and self government by our “elite” political class have all lead us to this tipping point – and even though its mention is scoffed at by the “smart” people on both left and the right, secession may be the only remaining non-violent opportunity for resolution, the last option before there is war.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Michael Smith
The beauty of America is that it promised a passive existence.

That does not mean you could just sit around and everything would be given to you, it means that you had a right to be left alone, to not be forced to do something to prove you were worthy of citizenship.

If you think about it in computer terms, our constitution was the first antivirus software. It was designed to run in the background, watching our processes based on the rules it was given but never kicking in until something threatened the security of our system, and when it defeated the virus, it faded back into the background and started its passive monitoring again.

The Bill of Rights was a major patch, and the subsequent amendments represent the updates, the new versions, of the software.
What that translates into in human terms is the guarantee of the necessary freedom to not be forced to believe or support things with which we disagree – or simply do not want to be involved.

For example, just not being a racist was enough, we did not have to actively be “anti-racist” to not be considered racist. We did not need to prove we were not racists because our thoughts, values and beliefs were our own. Americans could hold ideas not approved by the majority or the government if they did not interfere with other Americans who were doing the same thing.

But that was not enough.

We now live in an age where there is an “official truth” and anything else is “misinformation” for which we must be shunned or punished. Remarkably, we have just had a presidential spokesperson suggest that they will determine what 2+2 is and if they determine it is 5, those who disagree will be punished.

How Orwellian of us.

We have entered an age of active existence where we are required to say, do, and believe things that are approved by our ruling class.
You can no longer just “not be” something, you have to do something to prove you are not that thing, and the danger in that is the standards to “not be” that thing are malleable, they keep changing to fit the needs of the antagonist. As with the contemporary idea of racism, certain races can never do enough to prove they are not racist – in a way it is the futility of disproving a negative, if you never did a thing, there is no evidence you did not do it – simply because you did not do it.

I know that is enough to make your head spin, but alas, that is where we are.

Following that “logic” government cannot run in the background now, it must now “do things” as a function of patching societal and cultural ills of the past by changing the code of today. It is no longer enough for it to recognize the threats, it must repair old code, even if that code has been rendered obsolete by adaptions in the hardware of America.

In a sense, the antivirus has become the virus.

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